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Casualty Records

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Private Toft 8970North Staffordshire Regiment05/09/1915 (aged 25)
Pioneer George Page 315261Royal Engineers15/07/1919 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Cecil Walter Harris Swayne Somerset Light Infantry25/05/1917 (aged 21)
Private John Spurdle 7259Somerset Light Infantry02/01/1919 (aged 32)
Private Henry Smith 240127Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)01/11/1918
Corporal Albert John Noble 266014Royal Sussex Regiment16/07/1917
Lieutenant William David Kenny 39th Garhwal Rifles02/01/1920 (aged 20)
Captain Eustace Jotham 51st Sikhs (Frontier Force)07/01/1915 (aged 31)
Second Lieutenant Nelson Downie Indian Army Reserve of Officers17/05/1917
Farrier Serjeant Crack 26558Royal Field Artillery01/01/1917 (aged 34)
Private John Thomas Coward DM2/156889Army Service Corps07/07/1916 (aged 41)
Major Frederic Cecil Currer Briggs The King's (Liverpool Regiment)22/11/1919 (aged 29)
Captain Henry John Andrews Indian Medical Service22/10/1919 (aged 48)
Captain Percy Hume Allfrey Anderson 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers05/09/1915
Gunner Allen 170420Royal Garrison Artillery17/09/1919
Lieutenant Daniel Adamson Royal Engineers07/06/1919 (aged 23)
Gunner Stent 257110Royal Field Artillery27/09/1920 (aged 20)
Second Lieutenant Cecil Frederick Manners Army Service Corps17/06/1917 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Colonel George Edward Douglas Elsmie 25th Indian Cavalry (Frontier Force)18/06/1917 (aged 50)
Corporal Frederick Dyer 38241Royal Garrison Artillery17/12/1919 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Arthur Cecil Burrows Cheshire Regiment05/06/1916
Lance Corporal Albert Brixey 615521st (Empress of India's) Lancers14/05/1916 (aged 31)
Private Frank Bell 23176Norfolk Regiment03/08/1917
Private Newman Wilkinson M2/167646Army Service Corps06/06/1916
Private Edgar Wardle 34920Bedfordshire Regiment30/01/1918 (aged 35)
Lieutenant Stephen John Turnbull Royal Army Ordnance Corps19/04/1920
Lieutenant Michael Henry Tisdall Royal Air Force, 48th Sqdn.23/12/1919
Private George Arthur Thompson 9551Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)27/05/1919
Serjeant Henry James Sydenham 1273Somerset Light Infantry12/10/1915
Private Caleb Snashall 8647North Staffordshire Regiment04/11/1915 (aged 30)
Staff Nurse Ethel Saxon Territorial Force Nursing Service03/09/1917 (aged 26)
Private Joseph Robert 164225Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)19/10/1918
Private Rayment 46950Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)06/07/1919
Major Herbert Mullaly 9th Gurkha Rifles19/01/1920 (aged 36)
Sister Letetia Gladys Moreton Australian Army Nursing Service11/11/1916 (aged 26)
Private Moir 586Seaforth Highlanders21/09/1914
Private Mellis 119084Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)30/10/1918 (aged 29)
Staff Serjeant Frederick Luxford 13446Royal Field Artillery21/12/1919 (aged 42)
Private Lemar 114181Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)14/10/1918 (aged 33)
Captain Kemp 9th Gurkha Rifles17/05/1919
Private Johnston 8776North Staffordshire Regiment08/11/1918
Private Jervis 164256Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)28/11/1919
Corporal Henry Hurrell 33178Royal Garrison Artillery18/10/1918
Private Reginald Huband 177101Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)21/11/1919
Private Harwood T/202483The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)14/06/1917
Matron Frances Mary Hall Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service07/07/1919 (aged 45)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Edward Hall 7395Royal Warwickshire Regiment19/07/1920 (aged 39)
Serjeant Haines 200228Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)27/05/1919 (aged 23)
Private George Gibbs 201742Dorsetshire Regiment23/05/1918 (aged 24)
Private Herbert H. Gayler 740705London Regiment (Cyclists)23/06/1917
Private Edward Furnandiz M2/081198Army Service Corps06/06/1916 (aged 41)
Private Samuel Walter Dudgeon 5094933Royal Warwickshire Regiment07/07/1921 (aged 28)
Major Mcveagh Crichton 103rd Mahratta Light Infantry19/12/1919 (aged 43)
Private Edward Thomas Cooper 3844Hampshire Regiment08/05/1916
Private Arthur Chilvers 8408Durham Light Infantry04/08/1917 (aged 39)
Sepoy Murad Ali 520106th Hazara Pioneers01/07/1916
Labourer Babu 16750Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhagan 11946Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bhulai 20034Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhup Singh 2366Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Budhu 13047Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Jemadar Bwagwan Singh Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chambar 6533Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chamman Singh 1909Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chhadams 16873Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chreddi 20079Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Clevaly 8261Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Darya 16589Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Devi 1109Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Devi 16209Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dhani Ram 6603Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Duzaz 19723Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Faqira 11255Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ganga 19520Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ghariba 20094Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gopal 3176Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hansa 2708Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Havildar Harnam Singh 983Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hattai 13884Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jag Osh 6964Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jhunna 19196Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jiwan 21161Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jugtiroka Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Kallu 191866Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Kauri Haisaki 08145Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khalil Ali 2346Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kodai 20060Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kundian 16507Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lala 16164Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Manda 8962Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mauraj 3625Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mohan 16826Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mula 15957Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nanhe 13595Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nanwan 17496Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nija 12460Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nimar 21428Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pancham 19177Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Puran 18819Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ragdas 198661Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Lagan 703Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ramman Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ramshar 18394Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ramshar 120069Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ravati 13262Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rewati 23286Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sadha 13215Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sakhari 2321Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sibba Singh 18225Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Sila Barak Nanial 17770Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sita Ram 18064Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Slakur 2003Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Surji 19172Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tilak 2262Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tilak 8180Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tubia Ekhia 6328Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Umarai 13893Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abbas 5781Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Faqir 1343Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Gabli 2440Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Ghafub 22531Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Hakim 209Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Hamid 2836Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Jatil 2483Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Karim 1666Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Karim Husain 263Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdullah 44Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdullah 252Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Abdullah Khan Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Majid 2838Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Abdul Munim Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Abdul Rakhanan Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Salat 312Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abdul Sitar 352Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Abid Ali 1121Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Adam 632Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Adhar Singh 17173Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Adhi Khan 6892Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Naik Adnarayan 1573Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Agani 21680Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Agani 22439Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ahmad 64Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ahmad 100Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Ahmad 1158Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Ahmad Din 115783Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ahmad Kati 524Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ahmad Khan 524Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Akali 2231Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Supervisor A. K. Datta 620Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Aklu 610Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Akram Ali 1894Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Mate Alah Rakkha Khan 115735Indian Labour Corps22/01/1920
Labourer Ali Ahmad 136Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ali Bahadur Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Alif Shah 1690Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Ali Sher 114853Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Allis 25Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Amabahadurthakuli 2194Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Amar Chand 6360Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Amik Munda 104494Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Amir Ali 17591Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Amir Singh 2505Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Amjed Mian 2101Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Amzad Mian 2011Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Anandakirpal 101Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Anand Masim 107791Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Andapal 105858Indian Labour Corps01/01/1920
Labourer Andrias Munda 107861Indian Labour Corps29/11/1919
Labourer Angu 85Indian Labour Corps04/07/1917
Labourer Anjaney 22459Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Anpa Tudu 305113773Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Naik Ansaru Dayal 577Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Arab Ali 2616Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Aram Subhag 22681Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Arjundas 100937Indian Labour Corps27/11/1919
Labourer Arshad Ali 724Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Arthi Pari 4srIndian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Asa 417Indian Labour Corps21/05/1918
Labourer Ashraf Ali 4544Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Artisan Ata Muhammad 17953Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Atar Ali 472Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Atar Ali 899Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Atchuddan 4565Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Atchutan Nai 423Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Athlin 608Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Atra 11419Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Naik Attindi Basik 101787Indian Labour Corps28/12/1919
Labourer Ausruddin 209Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ayapan 567Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Havildar Azim Shah 108232Indian Labour Corps01/09/1920
Naik Azimuddin 199Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Babulwa 5878Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Babu Ram Tuda 78Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Badal 7108Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Badan Hembraon 107375Indian Labour Corps20/07/1920
Labourer Badianatu Manjhi 1010Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Badjandan 107Indian Labour Corps13/05/1918
Labourer Badlu 19089Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Badru 6577Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bagga 8112Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Baglir Lama 2095Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bahadur Chettri Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bahadur Khan Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bahadur Singh 3288Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bahala 4994Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bahner 126Indian Labour Corps23/03/1918
Follower Baigan Hansda 148rIndian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Baij Nathhanesdala 6113472Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Baiju 14754Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Baiju Tudu 1416Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Bajan Bisra 103150Indian Labour Corps28/08/1919
Labourer Bakta 12659Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bala 6160Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Balakrishna Nayar 585Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bala Mark 145Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Balasar 21832Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Balbir 4078Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Balbul 5817Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Baldeo 1476Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Baldeo 14755Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Baldeo 24569Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Balgovind 116896Indian Labour Corps11/11/1920
Labourer Bali Bhadrejaisi 2593Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Baljit Singh 18853Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Balku Kiyar 106674Indian Labour Corps17/07/1920
Gangman Balunath Malya 107041Indian Labour Corps03/12/1919
Labourer Balva Bansda 230/13697Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bandhu 107086Indian Labour Corps12/07/1920
Labourer Bandhu Kachap 107078Indian Labour Corps30/07/1920
Labourer Bandhu Kishan 106879Indian Labour Corps05/07/1920
Gangman Bandhu Kujur 107736Indian Labour Corps23/12/1919
Labourer Bandi 18572Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bansinalk 102849Indian Labour Corps26/12/1919
Labourer Bariur Humbrom 199/13665Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bariur Marandi 260/13727Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Barju 107485Indian Labour Corps28/07/1920
Labourer Barsati 5328Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Basakha 115421Indian Labour Corps08/01/1920
Labourer Basantok Nath 324Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Basat Ali 247Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Basdeo Bhakta 105390Indian Labour Corps10/09/1920
Labourer Basraj 10295Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Basti 106803Indian Labour Corps08/12/1919
Labourer Bastullah 4484Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Batia Sahu 104816Indian Labour Corps05/08/1919
Labourer Baula Manjhi 909Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Baula Mukhi 960Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bawani Shankar Jaisa 2249Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bayan 1408Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bazgul 3921Indian Labour Corps03/12/1919
Labourer Begum Hansda 1502Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Bejai Singh 105432Indian Labour Corps31/03/1920
Labourer Bhadaisi 8890Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Bhade Majhi 103013Indian Labour Corps22/04/1920
Gangman Bhagan Murmu 104978Indian Labour Corps30/11/1919
Labourer Bhagan Murmu 304/13772Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhagati 2876Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhagat Murmu 1366Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhagdu Murmu 214/13681Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhagri Manjhi 1031Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhagwan 4573Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bhagwan 105845Indian Labour Corps29/11/1919
Labourer Bhagwan Din 22521Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhagwan Murma 214Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Bhaigo Patha 103929Indian Labour Corps23/06/1919
Labourer Bhaiya Murmu 420/13888Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhalla 7561Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhasing Kaidrum 2731Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Bhater Murmoo 104134Indian Labour Corps01/04/1920
Labourer Bhawani 9306Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhawan Singh 6922Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhawati 20495Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhazan Singh 159Indian Labour Corps05/05/1918
Labourer Bhenra Tudu 104625Indian Labour Corps14/11/1919
Labourer Bhiju Baski 107396Indian Labour Corps15/07/1920
Labourer Bhikha Cochhait 103245Indian Labour Corps03/02/1920
Labourer Bhim Singh Sarki 2174Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhola 4994Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhola Jhala 101251Indian Labour Corps10/01/1920
Gangman Bhola Rai 104411Indian Labour Corps22/11/1919
Labourer Bhollan 5681Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhowar Nag 105484Indian Labour Corps29/11/1919
Labourer Bhubana Dhal 4583Indian Labour Corps19/07/1920
Labourer Bhukan 8851Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhule 409Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bhuman 9263Indian Labour Corps27/12/1919
Labourer Bhupindra 68Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bhura Indian Labour Corps29/11/1919
Labourer Bhusi 5698Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bidhi 4940Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Bigna 105819Indian Labour Corps22/07/1920
Labourer Bihar 9348Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bihari 15993Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bihari 18398Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bija Dhar 2439Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bikhari 5562Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bimal Gape 100319Indian Labour Corps04/01/1920
Mate Bimlacharan Mukarji 106224Indian Labour Corps30/01/1920
Labourer Binda 7783Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bipur Singh 4439Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Bira Majhi 107662Indian Labour Corps22/06/1920
Labourer Biran 685Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bir Badi 1770Indian Labour Corps25/12/1919
Labourer Bir Bahadur 3697Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Birbal Hansda 286/13753Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Birbal Rai 2804Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Artisan Birhal 17607Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Biria Soren 105625Indian Labour Corps28/11/1919
Labourer Birmin Lama 1921Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Birsa 106097Indian Labour Corps01/12/1919
Labourer Birsa Kachap 107122Indian Labour Corps10/08/1920
Labourer Bisahu 170Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Boas Kachua 107590Indian Labour Corps12/05/1920
Labourer Bodha Bhandari 105327Indian Labour Corps15/03/1920
Labourer Bodhu Rai 175Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Boya Singh 104715Indian Labour Corps01/04/1920
Follower Boz Indian Labour Corps02/08/1919
Labourer Brij Nath 15111Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Brisette Simmanna 6872Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Budai Baski 105373Indian Labour Corps25/07/1919
Gangman Budan Murmoo 107005Indian Labour Corps14/07/1920
Labourer Buddhu 5653Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Budhagena 10971Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Budhan 601Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Budha Sanga 105801Indian Labour Corps04/01/1920
Labourer Budho 18Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Budhon Soran 1380Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Budh Ram 836Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Budhu Kachua 107087Indian Labour Corps21/07/1920
Gangman Budi Hansdak 103405Indian Labour Corps28/06/1919
Labourer Bukram Thapa 2250Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bulla 15182Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Bur Bahadur 6402Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Burka Muhmur 409Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chabbi 22814Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Chade Kisku 107025Indian Labour Corps29/11/1919
Labourer Chaitu 496Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chaitu Lal Dagi 3721Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chaitu Lama 2085Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chajdheri Thari 1378Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chajju 7127Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chakku 407Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chaku Hansda 577/14389Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chamali Manjhi 838Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chamar Singh 8024Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chami 6839Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chamku Tiga 106662Indian Labour Corps07/07/1920
Labourer Champu Bakhata 106577Indian Labour Corps15/05/1920
Labourer Chamra Uraon 104282Indian Labour Corps22/01/1920
Labourer Chamru 7824Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chanaika Ram 2446Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Chandan Abdusa 1028Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Chandar Hansdak 103733Indian Labour Corps12/07/1919
Labourer Chandar Hansdak 104862Indian Labour Corps25/07/1919
Labourer Chandra Behra 1028Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chandra Mandal 2186Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chandriya 3603Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chandul 600Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chanka Marandi 237/13704Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Charan Lohar 104274Indian Labour Corps08/11/1919
Labourer Charan Murmu 1481Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Charka 108057Indian Labour Corps05/07/1920
Labourer Charlese 23Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chato Khidia 104193Indian Labour Corps20/11/1919
Labourer Chattari 458Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chattri 104952Indian Labour Corps21/07/1919
Gangman Chatur Kisku 108370Indian Labour Corps02/07/1920
Labourer Chaudra Tudu 184/13650Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chaukhat 4019Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Cherriah 1257Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chhaku Hansa 517Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Chhiddu 111235Indian Labour Corps02/09/1919
Labourer Chhitar 15187Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Chijar Mirdha 104631Indian Labour Corps08/11/1919
Labourer Chinna 7725Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Chinta 115806Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chintamani 1436Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chirkut 9639Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chonneyr 22419Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Chumka Hembraon 106894Indian Labour Corps01/07/1920
Labourer Chumka Marandi 107943Indian Labour Corps07/12/1919
Labourer Chuna 830Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chuni 6078Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chuni Rai 291/12759Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Chunna 15144Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Chunu Baski 103092Indian Labour Corps18/01/1920
Follower Dadan Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Daggu Khan 4570Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Daiso Humbran 492/4363Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dallua 185Indian Labour Corps05/05/1918
Labourer Damsi 731Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Damu Marandi 13766Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dandu Marandi 1507Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Darsan 7783Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Darsan Mukhi 1040Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dasanaik 101778Indian Labour Corps21/10/1919
Labourer Dasappan 7224Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dasaundha Singh 577Indian Labour Corps17/05/1918
Labourer Dayal 21021Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Dema 100332Indian Labour Corps26/12/1919
Labourer Deo Lalsarki 2190Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Devi 4585Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Devi Singh 8321Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Devi Singh 15163Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Dewan Tudu 104234Indian Labour Corps05/11/1919
Labourer Dhadru Munda 101129Indian Labour Corps31/01/1920
Labourer Dhagi Marandi 101132Indian Labour Corps11/03/1920
Labourer Dhana Basra 105324Indian Labour Corps31/07/1919
Labourer Dhan Bir Thapa 251Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dhani Ram 1451Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dhani Singh 6438Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dhan Lal 7233Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Dhan Singh Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dhan Singh 6627Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dharma Gumasi 3096Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dharmi Nand 7089Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Dhoba Kondha 104484Indian Labour Corps07/08/1919
Labourer Dhodhi Das 2183Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dhudu Tudu 104626Indian Labour Corps24/11/1919
Labourer Dhui Dhani 21365Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Dhuka Buspu 1852Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dhuki 5783Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Dhyan Singh 166Indian Labour Corps07/09/1919
Foreman Dildar Khan 2054Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dina Bandhur 982Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dipa 8978Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Disari Danial 6160Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dodi 18465Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Dori 116653Indian Labour Corps31/12/1916
Labourer Dost Muhammad Ghaus 620Indian Labour Corps16/05/1918
Labourer D'souza 1035Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dubi Murmu 1331Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Dudha 115972Indian Labour Corps31/12/1919
Labourer Dudhai 5476Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Dukha Behara 103928Indian Labour Corps17/06/1919
Labourer Dukhan Rai 1557Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dukhi 832Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dukhi 14935Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Dukhu Mohuli 104663Indian Labour Corps11/11/1919
Labourer Dula Murmu 1588Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dulla 858Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dulla 7382Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Duman 22336Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dumar Kadas 573Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dunda 4791Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dwarka 251Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dwarka 21629Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Dyed Din 2718Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Elias Guria 106019Indian Labour Corps22/07/1920
Artisan Enjahir Molla 193341Indian Labour Corps07/07/1919
Follower Faqir 959Indian Labour Corps27/06/1919
Labourer Faqiruddin 4514Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Farman Ali 4585Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Fateh Murmar 239Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Fateh Murmu 13706Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Fauj Uddin 2795Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Foya 475Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gada Baira 105163Indian Labour Corps22/07/1919
Labourer Gaggu 20913Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gahu 113930Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gainda Gorlu 191398Indian Labour Corps08/09/1919
Gangman Gamaha Kisan 105405Indian Labour Corps13/04/1920
Labourer Ganda Marandi 13509Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Clerk Ganda Ramdat 43Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ganda Umbao 104153Indian Labour Corps01/11/1919
Labourer Ganga Dhar 107160Indian Labour Corps04/07/1920
Labourer Ganga Din 4750Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ganga Din 8715Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ganga Maji 1007Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ganga Ram 2027Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Gangu 11325Indian Labour Corps30/11/1919
Labourer Ganpat 6647Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ganpata Middha 13546Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gariba 17500Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Gatai Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Gela Marandi 103545Indian Labour Corps15/03/1920
Labourer Gena 116908Indian Labour Corps12/10/1920
Labourer Ghaji 2591Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ghamendi 2Indian Labour Corps25/04/1918
Labourer Ghanzi 4591Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ghasita 14732Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ghazi 2501Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ghhedi 21604Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Girdhari 18641Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Girwi Singh 18984Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Gokal Pachman 100878Indian Labour Corps25/01/1920
Labourer Gona Malik 105172Indian Labour Corps03/08/1919
Follower Gopal 471Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gopal 6714Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gopalan Nayar 627Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gopalan Nayar 834Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gopal Basti 13933Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gopa Marandi 535/14407Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gopi 3056Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gopi Manjhi 949Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gopi Nath Tuddu 52113515Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gothali Reddy 6318Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Goti 907Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Govinda 1475Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Govind Hansda 13627Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Govind Nayar 380Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Govind Nayar 538Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Govind Nayar 604Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Govind Singh 6171Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Gulab 18523Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gulab 22489Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gulzar 6819Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gulzari 9915Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gupta 4625Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Gura Manghi 101420Indian Labour Corps09/02/1920
Labourer Gura Mia 167/13633Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Gurdayal 8673Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Habi Bakhsh 15271Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Habil Nunda 104184Indian Labour Corps18/02/1920
Labourer Hafiz Ullah 2819Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Haidar Hasan 106Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Haju Mandal 2213Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Halu 538Indian Labour Corps15/07/1919
Labourer Hambu 886Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hans Bir 1281Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Hanya 100962Indian Labour Corps29/10/1919
Labourer Hapu Mulk 213Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Harai 18119Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hara Mun 5645Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hardin 6Indian Labour Corps24/05/1918
Labourer Hargyan 113432Indian Labour Corps30/05/1919
Labourer Hari 2562Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Haria Pitra 857Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Harihar Rai 2026Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hari Lal 6470Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hari Shankar 1320Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Harka Hansda 274/13741Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Harmu Marandi 107401Indian Labour Corps19/07/1920
Labourer Harpal 22641Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Har Persad 175Indian Labour Corps22/06/1918
Labourer Hashmat Ali 2861Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hathwa 4470Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Clerk H. C. Chakrawarti 17536Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Himmatwa 6250Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Hindu Lakra 10711Indian Labour Corps24/12/1919
Labourer Hindu Lakra 107118Indian Labour Corps25/12/1919
Labourer Hira Lal 6603Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hira Singh 5644Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Holasi 14079Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Holasi 21907Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Hora Singh 104730Indian Labour Corps20/07/1919
Labourer Hukke 6165Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Hukna 355Indian Labour Corps17/05/1918
Labourer Husain Ali 2490Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Husaini 19217Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ibrahim 622Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ibrahim 7361Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ilali Bakhsh 2340Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Iltaf Ali 658Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Imam Bakhsh 14730Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Imamun Mian 1069Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Imtiaz Ali 18200Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Indra Hansda 1509Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ishahak Bhyraj 107295Indian Labour Corps09/12/1919
Follower Ishar 6998Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ismail Ali 1935Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jadu 10450Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jafar 1678Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jafar Ali 745Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jafar Sahib 1155Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jagan 18127Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jagan Nath 579Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jagannath Tirki 107803Indian Labour Corps10/10/1920
Labourer Jagat Narayan 22462Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Headman Jagat Singh 2Indian Labour Corps27/09/1917
Gangman Jagat Singh 116050Indian Labour Corps27/12/1919
Labourer Jagdeo 9182Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jagesar 164Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Jagesar 1031Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Jagesar 18486Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jagia Uraon 107141Indian Labour Corps19/07/1920
Labourer Jag Mohan 2181Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Jahan Muhammad 105826Indian Labour Corps21/12/1919
Labourer Jaherya 8269Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jaiban 8190Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jai Lal 6922Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Mate Jailal Hara 102350Indian Labour Corps05/01/1920
Labourer Jai Singh 26359Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jaita Marandi 123113590Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jaita Marandi 363/13831Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jaita Murmu 174/13640Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jaladar Samadar 1828Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jalha Marandi 213Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jalhatunda 27Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jalpa Hasra 270Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Jalpa Marandi 108606Indian Labour Corps25/02/1920
Havildar Jamal Uddin 22707Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jamna 19596Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Janar Mian 805Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jangu 2500Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jannat Ali 103Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jara Kol 1263Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jasaf Tuti 105495Indian Labour Corps25/04/1920
Labourer Jash Rashan 21624Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jaswant 9811Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jatha Marandi 21/13480Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jat Rai Manjhi 1622Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jatru Mirdha 104961Indian Labour Corps16/08/1919
Follower Jawahir 19392Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jawahir 22416Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jawala 466Indian Labour Corps04/05/1918
Follower Jawala 1622Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jawala 7753Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Jawala Singh 8153Indian Labour Corps08/11/1919
Labourer Jenni Musalaik 79Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jetha Hembraon 105617Indian Labour Corps23/12/1919
Labourer Jetha Murram 174Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Jetha Soren 108604Indian Labour Corps31/05/1920
Labourer Jetri Majhi 1590Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Jhade Kisku 103057Indian Labour Corps19/01/1920
Labourer Jhades 311Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jhadulay 14579Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jhakari 5887Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jhaloo Singh 771Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jhandu 2584Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jandhu Singh 2404Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jhangu 542Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jhari 8161Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jhari 8481Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jholore 5877Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jiramani 218Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jit Singh 7946Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jitu Kirkitta 106090Indian Labour Corps16/07/1920
Labourer Jiwan 2466Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jiwana 45Indian Labour Corps01/03/1918
Labourer Joseph 5065Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Joseph Uraon 104493Indian Labour Corps04/07/1919
Labourer Jugal 6417Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Juma 19506Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kacheru 10894Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kadalai 19635Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kailan 813Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kaiwi Kun 5344Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kajheokara 100578Indian Labour Corps22/12/1919
Labourer Kala Mian 503Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kali Baski 116Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kali Charan 6074Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kali Das Murmu 132/135098Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Kal Khan Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kallu 8258Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kallu 18518Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kalu 306Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kalu 7600Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kalu 14497Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kalu Kalma Mallaik 4047Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kanapan 459Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kanbir 6380Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kandan 280Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Kanda Singh 107045Indian Labour Corps15/12/1919
Labourer Kandhai 9287Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kandhai 22613Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kandhai Umsai 19337Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kandra Hansda 1451Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kanhaiya 638Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kanhaiya 1474Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kanhaiya 101526Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Kanhaiya 116038Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Kanhaiya Lal 983Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Kanhaiya Hgnthi 160442Indian Labour Corps12/12/1919
Labourer Kanjan 461Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Karan Murmu 298Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Karan Murmu 332/3799Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Karan Sovu 287/13755Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Kare 15671Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Karela 14701Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Karercy 100Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Karim Bakhsh 15106Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kario Murmu 945Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Karochermon 10354Indian Labour Corps28/06/1919
Labourer Karoo Baski 105156Indian Labour Corps24/07/1919
Gangman Kartar Lohar 104474Indian Labour Corps04/01/1920
Gangman Karu Hembraon 103361Indian Labour Corps28/06/1919
Labourer Karu Tudu 303/13791Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kasi 15707Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kasi Ram 106Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Kaso Tudu 105114Indian Labour Corps21/07/1920
Labourer Kasrai Baski 1505Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Kasutam 354Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Katha Parmal 6893Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kesaran 392Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kesar Singh 6534Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Keswanand 2524Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kewal 17103Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khacheru 504Indian Labour Corps22/02/1918
Labourer Khaddi 18228Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Khair Muhammad Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khanjan 4860Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kharananda Jisu 1976Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kharka Bahadur 1200Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khatmal Ali Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khaxhira 17467Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Artisan Khayali Ram 6884Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khayaluddin 26Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khedan 10534Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khedu 82Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khem Singh 7855Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khettau 180Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Khudabad Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khuda Bakhsh 505Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khudalias 505Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khunu Soren 107014Indian Labour Corps11/07/1920
Labourer Khushal 2700Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Khushali 15464Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Khushali 17330Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kishan 157Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kishan Singh 4222Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kishna Nayar 768Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kishnu 1181Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kituwa 8285Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Klazar 6446Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kohar Kolna 7557Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Koka 108452Indian Labour Corps20/07/1920
Labourer Kondareddy 6369Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kothiah 7088Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kowar 310Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Krishnan 1246Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Krishnana 459Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Krishna Nayar 128Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Naik K. R. Joseph 5875Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kuber 15723Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kulai 5757Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kullu Ram 1789Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kulman Gurung 2279Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Kunhamed 83Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kunhi Kundan 581Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kunjan 128Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kunji Chambai 4221Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kunjuvarid 310Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kunni Karman 987Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kunnu 7661Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kunri Kuthi 404Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kuttan Nair 882Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Kuttu 18663Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lachhia 8763Indian Labour Corps15/12/1919
Labourer Lachhman 669Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lachhman 2503Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lachhman 5725Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lachhman 21173Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lachhman Singh 7971Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lachhmiga 8866Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lachhmi Narayan 4522Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ladar Khan 17692Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ladga Marmunz 273Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ladu Rai 104849Indian Labour Corps12/08/1919
Follower Lakha 2218Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lakham 645Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lakhu Marandi 232/13699Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lala Manu 254081Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lal Bahadur 4166Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lal Bhogia Murum 420Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lal Budhi 10014Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lal Din 2733Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lal Khan 2761Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Lal Ragbir 5243Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Lalsher Khan Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Subadar Lal Singh Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Subadar Lal Singh Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lal Singh 6423Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Laltu 2664Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lalu 24424Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Lalu Marandi 108592Indian Labour Corps05/09/1920
Labourer Langoa 108320Indian Labour Corps27/06/1920
Labourer Latif Haji 768Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lekhan 103Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Libra Uraon 106841Indian Labour Corps06/12/1919
Labourer Lila Dhar 7561Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Lodhia Hembraon 105899Indian Labour Corps04/01/1920
Labourer Lodo Hembraon 104641Indian Labour Corps12/11/1919
Labourer Lohari Singh 21030Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lonam 5944Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Lukas Munda 105486Indian Labour Corps27/08/1920
Labourer Lurhu 107534Indian Labour Corps22/09/1920
Gangman Madan Rai 105267Indian Labour Corps09/09/1919
Labourer Madari 22486Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Madhu 5417Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Madhu Singh 6871Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Madhvannayar 416Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Madu Marandi 1395Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Maghran 106840Indian Labour Corps05/12/1919
Labourer Magin Naik 1248Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mahabir 1244Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mahabir 1431Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mahabir 2496Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mahabir 4425Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mahabir 4430Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mahabir 19096Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mahabir Dustdh 100541Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mahadeo Kachap 107742Indian Labour Corps20/07/1920
Labourer Mahandar Data 570618Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Mahoo 114955Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mahouti Singh 101272Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Maidan 277Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Maiku 9314Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Majheta Tiga 106840Indian Labour Corps05/12/1919
Labourer Makhindru Naik 103238Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Makka 4059Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Malkan 114526Indian Labour Corps11/11/1919
Labourer Malu 754Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mana 308Indian Labour Corps24/05/1918
Labourer Mana Singh Gurung 2148Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mandu 1346Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mangal Humbran 458/13926Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mangal Singh 1581Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Manga Paulus 104157Indian Labour Corps21/11/1919
Labourer Mangli 106047Indian Labour Corps17/07/1920
Labourer Mangra Topo 107530Indian Labour Corps21/07/1920
Gangman Mangra Uraon 104279Indian Labour Corps04/11/1919
Labourer Mangri 5752Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mangu 22256Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mani 7320Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mania Nag 105499Indian Labour Corps22/04/1920
Labourer Mani Kuthi 329Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Manihi Kisku 104894Indian Labour Corps23/07/1919
Gangman Manna Murmu 105881Indian Labour Corps24/11/1919
Labourer Manohar 597Indian Labour Corps18/07/1917
Labourer Mansa Marandi 215/13682Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Mansa Tudu 105642Indian Labour Corps18/12/1920
Labourer Mansidh 106037Indian Labour Corps10/07/1920
Labourer Man Singh Tudu 490/14362Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mansu 20505Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mansukh Nag 107302Indian Labour Corps10/07/1920
Labourer Manu 8702Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mare 15209Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Martu 174Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Masaid Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Maslamani 471Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mathoni 8991Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mathra 21924Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mathra 22009Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mathui 9910Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mathurai Hembraon 104759Indian Labour Corps21/07/1919
Labourer Matla Saran 99Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Matla Soran 496/14368Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Matru Rai 1574Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Matura Hansdak 108579Indian Labour Corps11/07/1920
Labourer Mauthi Kican 124894Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Mawasi 123Indian Labour Corps08/09/1919
Labourer Meda 384Indian Labour Corps01/03/1918
Labourer Meghu Uraon 107236Indian Labour Corps17/11/1919
Labourer Mehar Lal 2753Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Melan 230Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mewa 9608Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mickael 108555Indian Labour Corps01/07/1920
Labourer Mirandi Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mirh Baz 158Indian Labour Corps07/03/1917
Labourer Mirza 698Indian Labour Corps21/05/1918
Labourer Mobru 488Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mogo Bengra 106069Indian Labour Corps20/07/1920
Labourer Mohalia 5417Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mohan 3047Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mohan 9357Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mohan Bisra 1404Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mohan Hembraon 104963Indian Labour Corps12/11/1919
Labourer Mohan Ji 157Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mohanji 70352Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Mohan Marandi 105344Indian Labour Corps03/03/1920
Labourer Mohar Rai 105365Indian Labour Corps24/07/1919
Labourer Moli Bissoy 4808Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mongir Murmu 299/J3767Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Moral Murmu 108377Indian Labour Corps28/07/1920
Gangman Moti 114161Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Motilal Rai 256Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Muhammad 694Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Muhammad Ali 115714Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Muhammad Din 8005Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Muhammad Keya 263Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Muhammad Mulla Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Muhammad Murrad 1380Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Keyman Muhammad Sher J/5637Indian Labour Corps24/12/1919
Labourer Muhammad Zaman Khan 22899Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mukha D/215Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mukha 6664Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mukka Singh 2165Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Mula 19133Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Muna Hansda 211Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Munda Minar 470Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Muntan 6344Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Murugesam 6286Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Musai Singh 5584Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Muttappa 1174Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nagar Basi 352Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nahibur 5069Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Naika Hans 108022Indian Labour Corps12/04/1920
Foreman Najat 2053Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Naka Kiska 361Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nakshid 14239Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nanak 22259Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nanbu 11763Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nanda 851Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nanda 1358Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nandi Ram 94Indian Labour Corps15/05/1918
Labourer Nand Kishor 2144Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nand Ram 6331Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nanhu 20505Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nanhua Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narah 340Indian Labour Corps01/03/1918
Labourer Narayan 8945Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Narayan 108338Indian Labour Corps21/07/1920
Labourer Narayan 18648Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narayan 21207Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narayanan 1015Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narayana Nayar 1117Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narayana Nayar 5219Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narayan Nari 1006Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narayan Nayar 432Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narrayan Nayar 5649Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narayan Swami 6228Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narotam 7873Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narpat 8512Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nar Singh 2263Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Narwa 2418Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nathai 5638Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nathan 4Indian Labour Corps01/06/1918
Labourer Nathu 7018Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nawab Ali 1085Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nawaran Manjhi 2516Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nazar Ullah 2534Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nazir Muhammad 14796Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nija 540Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nilik 2747Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Nudhu Humhoan 104906Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nuna Herboni 19Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nunka Murmu 105155Indian Labour Corps28/11/1919
Follower Nurani Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nur Muhammad Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nur Muhammad Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Nur Singh 18848Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Orematdam Chetri 1750Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Padmanabhan 417Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pagon Sordan 316Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pairag Rai 292/13760Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pakhapal 210Indian Labour Corps24/02/1918
Labourer Palpanawan Menon 556Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Paltu 4946Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Panchna Dehuri 103673Indian Labour Corps24/10/1919
Follower Panchu 103622Indian Labour Corps04/06/1920
Gangman Panchu Naik 106457Indian Labour Corps17/05/1920
Labourer Panchu Singh 100419Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Pandu Sadhu 107450Indian Labour Corps15/12/1919
Labourer Pandu Tudu 105331Indian Labour Corps22/07/1919
Labourer Panna 57Indian Labour Corps15/03/1918
Labourer Parachan 5612Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Parbasia 105950Indian Labour Corps20/01/1919
Mate Parbhu Sahai 107291Indian Labour Corps04/03/1920
Labourer Parhadi 2041Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Paron Hebraon 107959Indian Labour Corps25/12/1919
Follower Parsa Ram 13969Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Pata Bhakto 1021Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Pathras Santu 105788Indian Labour Corps19/05/1920
Labourer Pehap 9792Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pekan 631Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Phagan Rista 4Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Phagu Marandi 104231Indian Labour Corps19/12/1920
Gangman Phagu Soren 105891Indian Labour Corps27/06/1920
Labourer Phalbahadur Pun 1812Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pherai 18429Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Phillip 24Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Piman 2052Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pir Achan 5642Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Piraner 104Indian Labour Corps15/05/1918
Labourer Pirli LKO/CD/2587Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Piru Marandi 104667Indian Labour Corps30/06/1919
Labourer Pittia Jena 983Indian Labour Corps20/04/1918
Labourer P. Kuttapa 1174Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pokaba Murnroo 101140Indian Labour Corps17/02/1920
Labourer Pokhan Dhamik 100469Indian Labour Corps25/09/1919
Labourer Poli 119Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Prem Bullabas 7225Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pui Dhokha Kand 104484Indian Labour Corps08/07/1919
Labourer Pullu 22537Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Puna 13902Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Punjan 5667Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Punni 9091Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Punnu 1076Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Puram 4408Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Puran 13920Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Purandhar Chosa 1158Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Purlai Tudu 104682Indian Labour Corps19/07/1919
Labourer Purmea Kishan 754Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pusu 18206Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Pyare 115044Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Pyaru 2052Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Qandhay 104862Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Raappa 7262Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Raghbir 22114Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Raghu 1016Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Raghunandan Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Raghwan Adhiyedi 528Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Raija Dhar 2430Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rajab Ali 1894Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rajab Ali 1994Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Raja Ram 467Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Raja Ram 2587Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Raja Ratnam 7338Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rajda Tudu 350/6828Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Raj Kumar 5587Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Raju Tudu 103098Indian Labour Corps30/06/1920
Labourer Rakhman 19238Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Rama 116Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Rama Maruti 108027Indian Labour Corps22/02/1920
Labourer Ramantar LKO/4081Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Barij 787Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Bhajan 19368Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Chandar 6068Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Charan 18602Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Ramcharan Rai 104690Indian Labour Corps10/07/1919
Labourer Ram Dalari 2161Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Das 533Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Das 1952Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Dayal 58Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Dayal 90Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Dayal 9273Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Dayal 15473Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Dhan 21530Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ramesar 6990Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ramesar 7324Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ramesar 14605Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Harak 8477Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Ram Hari Patter 104724Indian Labour Corps27/07/1919
Labourer Ram Lal 74Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Lal 746Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Lal 1884Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Naik Ram Lal 7104Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Lal 7249Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Lal 8243Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Marya 1340Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Murma 106/13572Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Nath 5635Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ramparsad Bhayan 104212Indian Labour Corps27/11/1919
Labourer Ram Phul 18292Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Ram Ratan 3611Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ramsai Tudu 104788Indian Labour Corps23/11/1919
Artisan Ram Sanchi 17615Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Sarup 6062Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Sohan 5051Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ram Soren 108355Indian Labour Corps04/07/1920
Labourer Ramuni 359Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ramzan 21367Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rangaswami 7588Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rangia Bisra 1408Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Ranibhman Singh 101333Indian Labour Corps03/12/1919
Labourer Ranjit Singh 8361Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rao Rajhal 28Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rapheal 286Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rara Basra 409/13877Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Raska Soren 108607Indian Labour Corps03/07/1920
Labourer Rathi 15418Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ratnu Din 2780Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rattan Singh 6628Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rauli Tudu 1518Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ravunni 1127Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rawan 1051Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Rengta Maghi 107654Indian Labour Corps12/07/1920
Labourer Rithi 19289Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rith Mimda 104195Indian Labour Corps11/11/1919
Labourer Roshan 7660Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ruhia Singh 104559Indian Labour Corps12/02/1920
Labourer Rupa 14737Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Rupa 21410Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sabha 4983Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sadhu Hembraon 104786Indian Labour Corps10/08/1920
Labourer Sadin 7686Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sagram Kisku 555/3823Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sahtu 5655Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Saia Kisan 105652Indian Labour Corps10/12/1919
Labourer Sakhti 711Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Saktu 711Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Naik Salim 577Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Sama Mandi 104138Indian Labour Corps07/09/1919
Gangman Samra Sindwar 106689Indian Labour Corps21/07/1920
Follower Samrat 6637Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Samu Uraon 106847Indian Labour Corps25/05/1920
Labourer Sanathan Sui 104213Indian Labour Corps19/08/1919
Labourer Sanehi Kahun 5521Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sanga Ramaji 103979Indian Labour Corps25/06/1919
Labourer Sankaran 311Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sankaran 482Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sankar Pattar 104717Indian Labour Corps05/10/1919
Follower Sanli 1869Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Saona Munda 108513Indian Labour Corps19/07/1920
Labourer Sardar Rana 10147Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sarup 5849Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sasi Bhusan 1856Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Satrai Mangi 104952Indian Labour Corps22/07/1919
Labourer Saudagar 102080Indian Labour Corps02/07/1919
Risaldar Sayadat Ali Khan Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shah Nuz 2133Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Naik Shambhu Dayal 18117Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sham Lal 2700Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sham Singh 6608Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shamu Murmu 1442Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shankar 15832Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shankarchamar 11137Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shankar Maji 992Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shanker Nayar 582Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Sharrif Muhammad 105252Indian Labour Corps07/12/1919
Labourer Shashi Bagh 1979Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shaukin 10369Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sheikh Abdul 882Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Sheikh Abdul 7067Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sheikh Hashir 1926Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sheikh Hukamah 959Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sheikh Kafil 2346Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sheikh Mulla 4826Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sherawa 6891Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Sher Bhagan 1979Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sher Muhammad 1471Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sher Singh 8063Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Shibda 113520Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shiu Govind 21625Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shiu Pal 1298Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Shiu Ram Tiwari 22174Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Shubodh 4881Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Siba Tupu 107081Indian Labour Corps29/11/1919
Labourer Sidho Baski 250113717Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sikandar Ali 40Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Driver Sima 3979Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sis Ram 7716Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sita Ram 2625Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sk Judbi 103913Indian Labour Corps19/07/1919
Labourer Soda Bihari 6214Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sogwa 5005Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Soju 1432Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Soman 21878Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sompath 4672Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Somsire 39073Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sondale 5116Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sonia 857Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sorabir 22121Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer South 1856Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sri Krishn 8603Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sri Muthi 500Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Srinath Bakta 104363Indian Labour Corps05/02/1920
Labourer Subhaug 1111Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Subramaman 934Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Subrati Ram 8981Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Suchet 22590Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Suga Nisku 1590Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sukbir 6826Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sukha 5746Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sukha 6728Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sukha Naik 104580Indian Labour Corps04/08/1919
Labourer Sukhi 5757Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sukh Lal 5784Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sukh Lal Singh 5565Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sukhl Mahanti 10499Indian Labour Corps31/12/1919
Gangman Sukhu Tirki 106659Indian Labour Corps12/07/1920
Labourer Sukkal Mussar 140347Indian Labour Corps25/09/1920
Labourer Sukra Kujur 106593Indian Labour Corps25/09/1920
Labourer Sukru Chik 105391Indian Labour Corps03/07/1920
Labourer Suleman Lakra 105808Indian Labour Corps22/07/1920
Labourer Sundar 2768Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sundar Marandi 939Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sundar Marandi 949Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sundar Singh 22445Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Sunia 1522Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Suraj 2246Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Suraj Bhan 848Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Surjamal 224Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Surji 21505Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Surju Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Surju Marandi 330/13798Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Surju Murmu 576/14368Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Swamber 2562Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Syzuddin 2718Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tahir Ali 137Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tahir Ali 2076Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Gangman Tai Bengraj 107609Indian Labour Corps20/07/1920
Labourer Tai Khan 272Indian Labour Corps12/05/1918
Labourer Tania 2147Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tannu Muelaya 79Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tara Chand 182Indian Labour Corps06/05/1918
Labourer Tarya Dum 6344Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Teja Singh 18850Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Subadar Tej Ram Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Teka Mangali 101426Indian Labour Corps22/02/1920
Labourer Tek Bahadur Chettri 1118Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tek Chand 356Indian Labour Corps14/05/1918
Gangman Tenka Soren 107003Indian Labour Corps10/02/1920
Labourer Terbeni 13788Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Thakuda Mangi 102426Indian Labour Corps20/02/1920
Gangman Thakur Hansdak 108415Indian Labour Corps29/01/1920
Labourer Thakur Murmu 1538Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Thanga Walu 18Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Thatu Hansdak 106994Indian Labour Corps27/11/1919
Labourer Thayyan 751Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Theyi 1154Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Thomas 7353Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Thouthi Chamar 8193Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tika 4320Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tiraram Thapa 4335Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tilai 22067Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Timu Maghi 907Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Tittar Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tone 61Indian Labour Corps24/06/1919
Labourer Toti 24754Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Trevadi 896Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tuilu Nag 105226Indian Labour Corps18/07/1919
Labourer Tula 9361Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tulki 107735Indian Labour Corps21/12/1919
Labourer Tunu Manjhi 907Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Tura Hansda 1552Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Turi 7815Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Turi Appan 38Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Udai 107525Indian Labour Corps21/07/1920
Labourer Ude Bir 1670Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Umrao 650Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Usman Bail 181Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Vankalswami 5209Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Vatu 1778Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Vellu 36Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Venkian 6286Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Villu 152Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Vira Swami 222Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer V. P. Narayana Nambiyar 898Indian Labour Corps06/05/1917
Labourer Vurguese 6940Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Wali Mian 658Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Waliula 15105Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Wasal Fakir 576Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Yaqub 5984Indian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Follower Abdul Majid Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Abdul Qadir KRK/13412Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Artisan Abdul Rahman 21713Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Acheha Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Adhin 20637Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Alah Diya 5740Followers Central Depot14/04/1918
Follower Amir Khan 38Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Angeni KRK/10741Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Appalaswami Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Appa Swami KRK/17209Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Arekiswami EPF/1265Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Badam 1308Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Badlu LKCD/896Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Baiju 12908Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bakhtawar 27213Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Baldeo 2380Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Baldhi 20594Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Balkrishan KRK/12331Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Balkrishna 12431Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Balsher 18044Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Banwari 15008Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Basakha Singh LHR/1694Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bazbul LKCD/13921Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Besi 20971Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bhabhuti 19534Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bhagat Ram 17Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bhagwan Din 19400Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bhawani 14350Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bhikham MT/27259Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bhola 20083Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bihari 18666Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bihari 31056Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bishasher 12599Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Bishasher 19436Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Artisan Budha AMR/1090Followers Central Depot10/01/1920
Follower Budhai 27180Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Budhu KRK/11979Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Budhu 18348Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Carjan 19135Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chagtu 5529Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chansyam LKCD/9101Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chavdu KRK/CD/13906Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Cheecha Rubya 17658Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chidda Khan 24687Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chika Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chiman Narsuja 13001Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Artisan Chiragh Din 381Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chitari KRK/12070Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chitari 20495Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chung Chung Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chunma 22204Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Chunni 28275Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Dayal 10393Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Devi Din 15058Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Dhani Ram Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Dilbahadur 1795Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Dilparsad RPCD/2029Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Dilsukh MTCD/33057Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Din Muhammad AMR/CD/6181Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Doraswami EPF/1447Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Dubar Singh 1649Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Faqir Muhammad 25461Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Fateh Muhammad RPCD/294Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Fazl Din 4419Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Fazl Khan Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Fernandez EPF/1063Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Gairda 12513Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Gajadhar 21356Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ganga Singh LKCD/18797Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ganpat Narayan KRK/1844Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Gathiya 47Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ghariba MTCD/8226Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ghasi 1893Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Gangman Gujhu 100759Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Gulzari KRK/10738Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Gunia KRK/8250Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Hardwar 19969Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Harparsad MTCD/2544Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Hira Lal 30523Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Hirji KRK/2411Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Hulasi LRCD/19476Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Hulla 18372Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Hussen Rai 11518Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ilahi Bakhsh 18716Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Imam Din Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Imam Saheb KRK/12190Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Imrat 32209Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Isha 18957Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ismaiil EFP/1362Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ismail Muhammad KRK/9345Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Jagdi 20047Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Jagnandan 21251Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Jamda LRCD/11979Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Jan Muhammad Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Jawan 18465Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Jhamai 18043Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Jita Ram 28253Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Jiwan 19199Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Jutawa Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kali Charan 11682Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kalka Baddi KRK/11799Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Artisan Kallu 100287Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kalu 1292Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kam Ali 20481Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kandhai 21515Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kapal Dee 20336Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kedar 21640Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kekri MTCD/28844Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kesha 2129Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Khadaru 20556Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Khimman MTCD/31211Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Khunni MTCD/31197Followers Central Depot25/10/1919
Follower Kotaya KRK/16268Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Artisan Krishna Swami KRK/1056Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Kundan MTCD/27547Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Lachhman 107Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Lakhan 18723Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Lallu KRK/CD/2438Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Assistant Storekeeper Lal Singh 4495Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Lekha 24650Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Lekha Ram LKCD/19691Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Lila 4357Followers Central Depot26/01/1918
Follower Madari 21469Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Maley Khan 30853Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Malhari PNA/5089Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Malli Bagga Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Mandbag Lama LKCD/2156Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Mangal 19385Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Mangru 18317Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Manikam KRK/2411Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Matri 27152Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Lance Naik Maulabu 40106Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Mausura 23766Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Mena MTCD/26081Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Manol RPCD/599Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Michel EPF/865Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Mohandar 18710Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Muhammad Husain 195Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Muhammad Raffi 195Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nakli MTCD/28951Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nand Ram MT/24036Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nanhe 18127Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nanku 18853Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nannu 22944Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Narayan MT/29790Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nathu MTCD/817Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nawab 2680Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nihal 27986Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nur Khan Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Nurulhaq 19259Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Pakhaji AMR/CD/12194Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Panamal Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Paras Ram 18693Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Parshettam 20564Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Phagan AGR/262Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Phalla KRK/12421Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Pirbu 325120Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Pumaya KRK/14086Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Puran 21072Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Putti 21294Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Radha 14461Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Rahmat Ali 21780Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Rahmatullah Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Raj Deo Singh 18808Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Rajdeo Singh 18898Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ralla Singh 2354Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ramai 19974Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ram Brich 17478Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ram Brich 18980Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ramchandar Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ram Charan LKCD/19546Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ram Dayal MTCD/28129Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ramkishan 19413Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ram Lotam LKCD/6941Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ramnal Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Ram Ratan 18562Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Storekeeper Ranjit Singh 18609Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Rola MT/33630Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Roshan 20180Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Runsahai 21395Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Safar Ali 5616Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sahib Dayal 10443Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Saiyid Mohind Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sang Darzi 14064Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sanwalya 6122Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sarju 18714Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sebha 20271Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Shama 315810Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Shamlal MT/7540Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Shanadu KRK/13906Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sheenandan 18308Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sheikh Abdul 17066Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sher Dil 8684Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Shiu Ram RKK/1199Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sitaram 19173Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sobha Ram 20649Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sukha 616Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sukha Karim KRK/8981Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sunari 32945Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sundar AMR/22392Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sundar 123192Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Sundar Lal 20165Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Suraj Bali 19967Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Tasu 28Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Thaman 6938Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Tinda Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Williams James 70Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Yatuttak Khan RPCD/242Followers Central Depot04/08/1914
Follower Zafar Ali PC/3076Followers Central Depot26/08/1919
Senior Assistant Surgeon Arawpa Indian Medical Department04/08/1914
Waiter Bruz POONA/343Indian Medical Department04/08/1914
Senior Assistant Surgeon Datta Ram Indian Medical Department04/08/1914
Senior Assistant Surgeon Dhyan Singh 909Indian Medical Department20/12/1919
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Mirza Muhammad Yusuf Beg 631Indian Medical Department19/04/1919
Senior Assistant Surgeon Narayan Nayar 1451Indian Medical Department04/08/1914
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Mohan Lal 263Indian Medical Department28/06/1919
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Krishna Singh 1438Indian Medical Department04/01/1916
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Sheikh Abdullah Sheikh Rahim 335Indian Medical Department27/01/1919
Follower Abdullah 14006Army Hospital Corps14/12/1919
Follower Alah Ditta Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Alah Ditta 585Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Ambrose 10025Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Arumugam 99113Army Hospital Corps09/09/1920
Follower Babi Lal 14363Army Hospital Corps09/12/1919
Follower Badah 2148Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Badal 888959Army Hospital Corps09/08/1921
Follower Badda 555797Army Hospital Corps22/08/1921
Follower Baldeo 8019Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bal Kishen 77146Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Basakha 1708Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Beli Army Hospital Corps10/07/1917
Follower Bhauian 11100Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bhawani 224Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bhikha 5478Army Hospital Corps06/07/1917
Follower Bir Chand 4375Army Hospital Corps02/08/1917
Follower Bir Singh 3475Army Hospital Corps08/01/1921
Follower Bishambhar 1254Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Chandan 9856Army Hospital Corps08/07/1917
Follower Chinnatambi 9162Army Hospital Corps28/12/1915
Follower Chunni Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Dalla 57124Army Hospital Corps13/08/1921
Follower Dayal 15233Army Hospital Corps14/02/1918
Follower Devi Army Hospital Corps30/08/1920
Follower Dharma Bindu 4341Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Dhyana Nand 399Army Hospital Corps24/04/1921
Follower Duraiswami 9922Army Hospital Corps06/03/1918
Follower Faiz Bakhsh 8438Army Hospital Corps28/03/1917
Follower Fateh Ali Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Driver Fems 76674Army Hospital Corps30/07/1917
Follower Gainu 1103Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Gangu 1185Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Gariba 5067Army Hospital Corps28/11/1917
Follower Gariba 5657Army Hospital Corps21/05/1919
Follower Ghanda Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Hamid Bakhsh 77132Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Hira 5205Army Hospital Corps13/03/1918
Follower Iman Din 2719Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Indar Army Hospital Corps18/03/1920
Follower Ismail 2969Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Jagtu Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Jai Lal Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Jodh Singh 15151Army Hospital Corps01/07/1917
Follower Joseph 9859Army Hospital Corps19/06/1919
Follower Jumman Khan 2059Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Kandi Dondi 6648Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Karim Bakhsh 77044Army Hospital Corps09/02/1919
Follower Kishan 15788Army Hospital Corps04/09/1919
Follower Lachhman 99170Army Hospital Corps20/06/1918
Follower Laljit 44484Army Hospital Corps29/11/1919
Follower Latif Muhammad 256Army Hospital Corps06/08/1921
Follower Loongisan Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Madurai 9198Army Hospital Corps23/10/1918
Follower Mahi Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Makhli 3535Army Hospital Corps29/12/1920
Follower Malia 77043Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Mam Raj 14877Army Hospital Corps21/07/1920
Follower Manesar 55977Army Hospital Corps04/03/1921
Follower Manga 3614Army Hospital Corps16/12/1916
Follower Manikkam 9432Army Hospital Corps22/04/1917
Follower Mithu 1057Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Mohan 2061Army Hospital Corps12/01/1917
Follower Moti Dali 6406Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Muhammad Amir 2288Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Muniswami 9114Army Hospital Corps14/06/1915
Follower Nanda Ram 331484Army Hospital Corps14/06/1919
Follower Nanga 5206Army Hospital Corps10/07/1917
Follower Nanku 55537Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nannu LKOCD/20502Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nara 361Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nathu 817Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nuniswami 85702Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Panjab Singh 258Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Pavaday 9307Army Hospital Corps01/07/1917
Follower Raghubir 355243Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Rag Nath Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Ramautar 5343Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Rustam 3863Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Saffri 3505Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Sajawal Khan Army Hospital Corps03/03/1921
Follower Samundar Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Santa Bir 14040Army Hospital Corps03/08/1920
Follower Sant Saran 3182Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Shankar Singh 4565Army Hospital Corps25/07/1920
Follower Shiu Narayan 55164Army Hospital Corps23/02/1920
Follower Shuri 51220Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Sukhu 5271Army Hospital Corps03/12/1916
Follower Sundaram MTN/25Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Surjoo 1160Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Thakuri 44397Army Hospital Corps17/10/1919
Follower Thippiah 99067Army Hospital Corps04/02/1920
Follower Topan Ram Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Havildar Zarifullah 1859Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Follower Zulali Din 134Army Hospital Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Abdullah 99433Army Bearer Corps04/11/1918
Bearer Abdur Rahman 666433Army Bearer Corps05/10/1919
Bearer Achhru 30195Army Bearer Corps28/10/1919
Follower Alah Ditta 3577Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Alah Ditta 11325Army Bearer Corps30/06/1919
Bearer Ali Ahmad 17502Army Bearer Corps02/07/1916
Bearer Alibakhsh 17305Army Bearer Corps18/12/1915
Bearer Alimsher 1279Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Follower Alwar 99001Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Amira 19087Army Bearer Corps02/06/1920
Bearer Anganu 881443Army Bearer Corps08/10/1919
Bearer Angatia 881271Army Bearer Corps27/07/1920
Bearer Ant Ram 332156Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Asa Ram 1630Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Asa Ram 111025Army Bearer Corps24/08/1919
Bearer Badal 332936Army Bearer Corps17/12/1919
Bearer Bahadur Karki 14021Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Balbahadur 19814Army Bearer Corps08/02/1921
Bearer Baldeo 2031Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Baldeo 7882Army Bearer Corps28/04/1916
Bearer Baldeo 17739Army Bearer Corps05/05/1917
Bearer Bali Ram 17165Army Bearer Corps15/11/1918
Bearer Balwant Singh 2545Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bans Gopal 881018Army Bearer Corps26/08/1919
Bearer Bansi 777501Army Bearer Corps28/04/1921
Bearer Bansi 881049Army Bearer Corps11/07/1919
Bearer Basant 88165Army Bearer Corps09/12/1919
Bearer Bashir Beg 4944Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bekhari 30198Army Bearer Corps20/10/1919
Bearer Beli Ram 11136Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Beni 9271Army Bearer Corps12/10/1918
Bearer Bhagalu 4951Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bhagoti 14983Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bhagwana 777291Army Bearer Corps30/04/1920
Bearer Bhagwan Din 8281Army Bearer Corps18/11/1919
Bearer Bhagwan Din 331658Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bhagwan Din 889972Army Bearer Corps18/02/1920
Bearer Bhan Singh 332091Army Bearer Corps22/04/1921
Bearer Bharati 771182Army Bearer Corps18/12/1920
Bearer Bhawan Din 3390Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bhawani 2518Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bhim 11712Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bhim Sen 7335Army Bearer Corps25/11/1919
Bearer Bhola 3936Army Bearer Corps29/12/1916
Bearer Bhumanna 99358Army Bearer Corps28/10/1918
Bearer Bhundar 881354Army Bearer Corps06/12/1919
Bearer Bhure Shah 77501Army Bearer Corps11/09/1917
Bearer Bhur Singh Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bihrri 7994Army Bearer Corps01/05/1916
Bearer Binda 33243Army Bearer Corps25/10/1919
Bearer Bishan 777064Army Bearer Corps15/06/1917
Bearer Bishan Datt 3426Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Bishan Nath 333233Army Bearer Corps15/10/1919
Bearer Buddan 99340Army Bearer Corps25/10/1918
Bearer Buddao 1069Army Bearer Corps21/06/1917
Follower Bukridie 3193Army Bearer Corps08/01/1920
Bearer Bulandar 1645Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Buta 13477Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Chaggan 111109Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Chait Ram 30118Army Bearer Corps10/02/1920
Bearer Chandan 77838Army Bearer Corps30/10/1918
Bearer Chandra Dhoj Rai 9865Army Bearer Corps24/07/1915
Bearer Changu Ram 30228Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Chattar 771338Army Bearer Corps18/08/1921
Bearer Chattar Singh 7923Army Bearer Corps23/12/1920
Bearer Chaturi 226768Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Chedi 223881Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Chedi 881833Army Bearer Corps23/12/1920
Bearer Chet Ram 7059Army Bearer Corps11/04/1920
Bearer Chheda 17697Army Bearer Corps08/09/1919
Bearer Chhotu 7380Army Bearer Corps14/12/1919
Bearer Chhotu 8202Army Bearer Corps26/11/1919
Follower Chinnappan 9594Army Bearer Corps24/09/1919
Bearer Chiragh Din 332473Army Bearer Corps18/10/1919
Bearer Chithundu 9678Army Bearer Corps05/11/1915
Bearer Chota 333663Army Bearer Corps28/05/1919
Bearer Chotay 889639Army Bearer Corps20/05/1921
Bearer Chuna 11654Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Chuna 111397Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Chunni Lal 22192Army Bearer Corps09/01/1920
Bearer Churai 77629Army Bearer Corps05/12/1920
Bearer Churai 332601Army Bearer Corps01/01/1920
Bearer Dallu 23016Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Dalpati 7787Army Bearer Corps20/10/1917
Bearer Dal Singh 331316Army Bearer Corps13/06/1919
Bearer Dasow 11344Army Bearer Corps22/11/1918
Bearer Dattu 30060Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Daya Shankar 889924Army Bearer Corps28/02/1920
Bearer Deomani Kami 88468Army Bearer Corps03/02/1920
Bearer Devi Chand 333815Army Bearer Corps17/05/1919
Bearer Dewa Mula 5697Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Dhani 11215Army Bearer Corps26/07/1918
Bearer Dhani 77602Army Bearer Corps15/02/1920
Bearer Dhan Singh 331Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Dhan Singh 33543Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Dhan Singh 777280Army Bearer Corps16/10/1917
Bearer Dhan Singh 888161Army Bearer Corps08/09/1917
Bearer Dharji Sirba 9832Army Bearer Corps22/08/1915
Bearer Dhellugher 22485Army Bearer Corps26/10/1918
Bearer Dhyan Singh 17321Army Bearer Corps08/04/1920
Bearer Dina 1476Army Bearer Corps16/06/1919
Bearer Din Ahmad 99485Army Bearer Corps30/08/1920
Bearer Duraiswami 19195Army Bearer Corps10/03/1917
Bearer Durga 33824Army Bearer Corps30/08/1920
Bearer Duri 77166Army Bearer Corps23/12/1916
Bearer Duryswami Pillai 99058Army Bearer Corps18/02/1921
Bearer Faiz Talab 2956Army Bearer Corps28/06/1919
Follower Fazal Husain 3320Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Fazl Bakhsh 8434Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Firoz 1889Army Bearer Corps17/12/1917
Bearer Gandla Mysannah 9189Army Bearer Corps01/11/1918
Bearer Ganeshi 70853Army Bearer Corps28/06/1917
Follower Ganga 891185Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Ganga Din 1730Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Ganga Din 17045Army Bearer Corps30/10/1919
Bearer Ganga Ram 777260Army Bearer Corps09/09/1917
Bearer Gapal 17829Army Bearer Corps28/06/1919
Bearer Gauri Singh 333154Army Bearer Corps17/02/1920
Bearer Gaya Din 111537Army Bearer Corps20/10/1918
Bearer Ghafur 77151Army Bearer Corps10/07/1917
Bearer Ghasi Ram 77819Army Bearer Corps16/02/1919
Bearer Ghulam 17042Army Bearer Corps29/03/1916
Bearer Gian Singh 224147Army Bearer Corps20/04/1920
Bearer Gorey Lama 888181Army Bearer Corps08/10/1917
Bearer Govind 7635Army Bearer Corps16/01/1917
Bearer Govinda 16401Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Govind Singh 17802Army Bearer Corps23/08/1917
Bearer Gul Muhammad 111023Army Bearer Corps06/05/1920
Bearer Gumani 17812Army Bearer Corps30/11/1917
Bearer Gunai 33584Army Bearer Corps20/11/1919
Bearer Gundia 9525Army Bearer Corps27/10/1918
Bearer Guptar 881457Army Bearer Corps25/11/1919
Bearer Harbilas 7716HArmy Bearer Corps25/03/1920
Bearer Hardatt 331843Army Bearer Corps22/06/1919
Bearer Harkes 11748Army Bearer Corps21/12/1919
Bearer Harpal 11313Army Bearer Corps17/11/1917
Bearer Har Parsad 17169Army Bearer Corps22/06/1921
Bearer Harphul 17365Army Bearer Corps08/05/1921
Bearer Har Sukh 771158Army Bearer Corps01/04/1919
Bearer Hasan 2907Army Bearer Corps29/06/1917
Bearer Hinanti 14027Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Haraji 111602Army Bearer Corps24/12/1919
Bearer Hira 889650Army Bearer Corps17/02/1920
Bearer Hira Lal 777340Army Bearer Corps15/10/1917
Bearer Hira Singh 77635Army Bearer Corps21/10/1919
Bearer Hori 77778Army Bearer Corps08/07/1920
Bearer Ismail 331801Army Bearer Corps18/08/1920
Bearer Isring Nina 9695Army Bearer Corps28/05/1916
Bearer Itbari 7436Army Bearer Corps20/02/1920
Bearer Jan Muhammad 12033Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Jasbir 33143Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Jaswant Singh 214185Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Jawala 22341Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Jiwan Lal 111473Army Bearer Corps11/11/1919
Bearer Joru 1302Army Bearer Corps01/02/1920
Bearer Kali 17771Army Bearer Corps17/11/1917
Bearer Kalicharan 77852Army Bearer Corps14/07/1919
Bearer Kalka 30255Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Kall Din 11629Army Bearer Corps18/10/1918
Follower Kallu 8944Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Kallu 331122Army Bearer Corps28/05/1919
Bearer Kallu Lama 8899Army Bearer Corps26/07/1917
Bearer Kalu 881243Army Bearer Corps10/10/1919
Bearer Kaman Thapa 888012Army Bearer Corps18/06/1919
Bearer Kami 11791Army Bearer Corps08/09/1919
Bearer Kandhai 777113Army Bearer Corps02/10/1919
Bearer Kannu 22805Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Kanwar 11499Army Bearer Corps25/12/1919
Bearer Karamat Ullah 17832Army Bearer Corps26/12/1916
Bearer Karam Sher 2940Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Kasiram 889564Army Bearer Corps20/12/1919
Bearer Kaur Singh 77434Army Bearer Corps21/02/1917
Bearer Keing-Ay 9643Army Bearer Corps20/11/1915
Bearer Kesang 2006Army Bearer Corps12/05/1919
Bearer Khandai 44279Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Khara Manda 9775Army Bearer Corps06/07/1915
Bearer Khetal 77935Army Bearer Corps14/12/1917
Bearer Kipah Singh 9828Army Bearer Corps01/09/1915
Bearer Komil 771216Army Bearer Corps07/11/1919
Bearer Komil 777461Army Bearer Corps20/04/1921
Bearer Kundan 2492Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer K. Uniyan Kutty 99258Army Bearer Corps08/01/1920
Bearer Kura 14706Army Bearer Corps27/11/1917
Bearer Lachhman 888010Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Lachhmana 9221Army Bearer Corps30/08/1916
Bearer Lakha 332620Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Lakhan 17804Army Bearer Corps06/01/1918
Bearer Lala 881507Army Bearer Corps21/12/1919
Bearer Lallu 17298Army Bearer Corps05/11/1917
Bearer Lalta 18213Army Bearer Corps18/02/1920
Bearer Lekh Rai 111596Army Bearer Corps22/11/1918
Bearer Lila 14629Army Bearer Corps18/06/1917
Bearer Lila 777091Army Bearer Corps31/10/1917
Bearer Lop Singh 22956Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Lop Singh 223271Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Loshang 9882Army Bearer Corps28/05/1919
Bearer Mahabir 55253Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Mahabir 332947Army Bearer Corps30/12/1919
Bearer Makkhan Singh 7512Army Bearer Corps05/05/1916
Follower Makridi 3190Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Malu 33917Army Bearer Corps07/12/1919
Bearer Malua 11046Army Bearer Corps28/10/1918
Bearer Man 77058Army Bearer Corps17/10/1919
Bearer Manaria 18057Army Bearer Corps03/01/1917
Bearer Manbahadur 11424Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Manbar Singh 17444Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Mangal 44404Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Mangal 333230Army Bearer Corps09/12/1919
Bearer Mangali 777084Army Bearer Corps24/09/1918
Bearer Mangrai 30267Army Bearer Corps28/12/1919
Bearer Mankali 19400Army Bearer Corps17/08/1919
Bearer Manohar 777423Army Bearer Corps01/08/1919
Bearer Man Singh 99438Army Bearer Corps24/10/1918
Bearer Man Sing Lama 888223Army Bearer Corps17/11/1919
Bearer Maula 9238Army Bearer Corps24/05/1915
Bearer Maula 19424Army Bearer Corps20/06/1919
Bearer Maula Bun 88878Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Meghi 7832Army Bearer Corps20/07/1917
Bearer Megh Raj Singh 881474Army Bearer Corps11/01/1920
Bearer Merai 7160Army Bearer Corps20/07/1918
Bearer Minar 30134Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Mingoo 9693Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Mirmu 13884Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Mohan 77753Army Bearer Corps29/06/1917
Bearer Mohan 111655Army Bearer Corps20/11/1919
Bearer Mokham 17735Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Moti 7170Army Bearer Corps23/04/1916
Bearer Moti Ram 1167Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Moti Singh 3189Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Muhammad 405Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Follower Muhammad Afzal 1191Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Muhammad Alam 2766Army Bearer Corps30/07/1919
Bearer Muhammad Ismail 8782Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Muhammad Khan 22454Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Muhammad Qasim 9240Army Bearer Corps01/10/1917
Bearer Mukhtiar Khan 2452Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Mula 7591Army Bearer Corps20/07/1916
Bearer Mulu 77114Army Bearer Corps05/07/1917
Bearer Muniswami 9437Army Bearer Corps11/06/1919
Bearer Muniswami 19315Army Bearer Corps04/11/1916
Follower Murad Bakhsh 3625Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Murli Das 223802Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Nabi Bakhsh 7915Army Bearer Corps23/06/1920
Bearer Nabi Bakhsh 77266Army Bearer Corps14/09/1918
Bearer Nadar Khan 224325Army Bearer Corps14/02/1921
Bearer Nagman 6630Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Najju 17399Army Bearer Corps26/12/1915
Bearer Nanbhai 332879Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Nandabir 888291Army Bearer Corps01/11/1917
Bearer Nanhe 77170Army Bearer Corps22/06/1917
Bearer Narayan Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Narayan 7352Army Bearer Corps25/06/1917
Bearer Narayan 77457Army Bearer Corps06/12/1917
Bearer Narayan 111672Army Bearer Corps08/03/1920
Bearer Narayan 223878Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Nare 14736Army Bearer Corps01/07/1917
Bearer Nar Singh 881275Army Bearer Corps24/11/1919
Bearer Nathaji 111365Army Bearer Corps04/11/1918
Follower Nihala 2844Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Nima 9679Army Bearer Corps03/12/1915
Bearer Nima Lama 19849Army Bearer Corps05/02/1918
Bearer Nordhoj 888188Army Bearer Corps30/07/1917
Bearer Pahli 888441Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Paidi Ram 881016Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Pal Too 44731Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Pancham 13670Army Bearer Corps15/10/1919
Bearer Partab 11054Army Bearer Corps11/09/1919
Bearer Pasupathi 99456Army Bearer Corps24/08/1918
Follower Pattu Lal 8000Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Phurba Isring 9799Army Bearer Corps15/12/1917
Bearer Pirumal 9667Army Bearer Corps06/06/1916
Bearer Pirumal 9534Army Bearer Corps19/06/1919
Bearer Pitam 22951Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Pohap Singh 77502Army Bearer Corps26/11/1919
Bearer Prag Singh 9915Army Bearer Corps16/06/1917
Bearer Pudan 30168Army Bearer Corps04/11/1919
Bearer Puran 8694Army Bearer Corps31/05/1917
Bearer Puran 17924Army Bearer Corps01/02/1917
Bearer Puran 771195Army Bearer Corps14/04/1920
Bearer Purni 111085Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Pyare 7079Army Bearer Corps01/08/1918
Bearer Pyare 77882Army Bearer Corps13/06/1917
Bearer Qasim 190890Army Bearer Corps02/04/1920
Bearer Raghubir 8653Army Bearer Corps17/06/1917
Bearer Railia 30340Army Bearer Corps07/12/1919
Bearer Ramaswami 9264Army Bearer Corps06/08/1916
Bearer Ramaya 666542Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Ram Charan 11917Army Bearer Corps17/10/1917
Bearer Ramcharan 77543Army Bearer Corps26/11/1917
Bearer Ram Dayal 77127Army Bearer Corps17/06/1917
Bearer Ramdhan 9920Army Bearer Corps28/02/1920
Bearer Ramghulam 77267Army Bearer Corps15/11/1917
Bearer Ram Lal 1733Army Bearer Corps27/10/1919
Bearer Ramlal 9795Army Bearer Corps25/07/1915
Bearer Ram Lal 77709Army Bearer Corps08/09/1919
Bearer Ram Lal Singh 30227Army Bearer Corps20/12/1919
Bearer Ram Nath 22962Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Ram Parsad 17971Army Bearer Corps21/02/1918
Bearer Ramphal 9163Army Bearer Corps30/06/1918
Bearer Ram Sahai 1355Army Bearer Corps16/12/1920
Bearer Ram Sarup 77294Army Bearer Corps08/12/1917
Bearer Ramzan 111088Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Ratan Singh 332394Army Bearer Corps25/01/1921
Bearer Rupa Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Rupan 223457Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Saha Bir 777874Army Bearer Corps22/03/1921
Bearer Samulla Khan 9988Army Bearer Corps14/05/1918
Bearer Sana Pati 111543Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Sanga Lama 22962Army Bearer Corps09/07/1919
Bearer Sangiah 99137Army Bearer Corps18/10/1918
Bearer Sangi Lania 223208Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Sant Bir 11210Army Bearer Corps14/10/1919
Bearer Santu 333278Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Sardar Aei 8583Army Bearer Corps18/03/1916
Bearer Sarju 30085Army Bearer Corps27/10/1919
Bearer Sarma 777953Army Bearer Corps08/08/1919
Bearer Shai Mal 88111Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Shamai 11187Army Bearer Corps12/09/1917
Follower Sham Lal 7540Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Shankar 111211Army Bearer Corps10/11/1918
Bearer Sharwar Khan 9732Army Bearer Corps06/10/1918
Bearer Sheikh Bahadur 11419Army Bearer Corps22/01/1920
Bearer Sheikh Manu 99439Army Bearer Corps19/10/1918
Bearer Shera 17565Army Bearer Corps15/01/1917
Bearer Shiudarsan 9354Army Bearer Corps04/04/1920
Bearer Shiu Ratan 33146Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Shukhai 2532Army Bearer Corps04/10/1919
Bearer Singh Bir 332356Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Sital 3947Army Bearer Corps21/06/1919
Bearer Sita Ram 223957Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Siva Raman 667798Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Sonbir 14278Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Suban Singh 331029Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Subbiah 9233Army Bearer Corps22/04/1916
Bearer Sukha 7571Army Bearer Corps15/04/1917
Bearer Sukhai 11046Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Sukhai 33438Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Sukh Nandan 13500Army Bearer Corps03/08/1919
Bearer Supsang 222371Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Suran 1234Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Surju 224524Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Tam Singh 1668Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Tashi 22958Army Bearer Corps22/06/1919
Bearer Teja Bhuta 19996Army Bearer Corps02/08/1918
Bearer Tej Ram 232828Army Bearer Corps11/05/1920
Bearer Thakur 6562Army Bearer Corps14/10/1919
Bearer Thakuri 7472Army Bearer Corps01/01/1917
Bearer Thapur Das 777546Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Tika 14625Army Bearer Corps01/01/1918
Bearer Tika Ram 1107Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Tota Singh 17440Army Bearer Corps28/10/1920
Bearer Tulsi 777857Army Bearer Corps09/11/1919
Bearer Udham Singh 437Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Umde 223159Army Bearer Corps04/08/1914
Bearer Umrao Persad 17614Army Bearer Corps12/09/1917
Bearer Umrao Singh 11631Army Bearer Corps07/01/1921
Bearer Vedamuttu 99320Army Bearer Corps18/06/1919
Bearer Venkanna 9292Army Bearer Corps16/10/1918
Bearer Yellannah 9458Army Bearer Corps30/03/1920
Bearer Zahiri 7027Army Bearer Corps30/05/1919
Follower Chunaya 3971Indian Army Remount Department15/11/1919
Follower Jauhari 18113Indian Army Remount Department04/08/1914
Follower Kunj Ahmad 4022Indian Army Remount Department17/07/1919
Follower Ram Sahai 5077Indian Army Remount Department01/02/1920
Follower Venkayya 3974Indian Army Remount Department04/08/1914
Follower Bal Kishan 904Indian Ordnance Department04/08/1914
Follower Budhai 326Indian Ordnance Department04/08/1914
Follower Chanda Singh 338Indian Ordnance Department04/08/1914
Follower Ghulam Ali 272Indian Ordnance Department07/06/1919
Follower Ghulam Nabi 182Indian Ordnance Department06/06/1919
Follower Gulab 247Indian Ordnance Department07/06/1919
Follower Mahtab Din 3636Indian Ordnance Department28/10/1919
Follower Mathura 288Indian Ordnance Department04/08/1914
Follower Raghunandan 235Indian Ordnance Department29/01/1915
Armourer Rama 473Indian Ordnance Department17/12/1919
Follower Ram Chandar 143Indian Ordnance Department22/06/1919
Follower Ramcharan 299Indian Ordnance Department04/08/1914
Follower Ramchand Sakharam 143Indian Ordnance Department22/06/1919
Follower Srinivasa 929Indian Ordnance Department04/08/1914
Follower Suba 3674Indian Ordnance Department25/10/1919
Follower Surajpal 234Indian Ordnance Department18/06/1915
Follower Autar 17Indian Veterinary Corps21/11/1916
Follower Dannu 48Indian Veterinary Corps21/07/1918
Follower Dighe 58Indian Veterinary Corps23/09/1916
Follower Gaman 63804Indian Veterinary Corps04/08/1914
Follower Ganga 935Indian Veterinary Corps04/08/1914
Follower Kallu 36Indian Veterinary Corps04/08/1914
Follower Khushali 4630Indian Veterinary Corps04/08/1914
Follower Madurai 78Indian Veterinary Corps31/01/1917
Follower Maliya 68Indian Veterinary Corps18/10/1917
Follower Mathuri 2850Indian Veterinary Corps04/08/1914
Follower Muhammad Abbas 10195Indian Veterinary Corps04/08/1914
Follower Piranu 2361Indian Veterinary Corps04/08/1914
Follower Pirbal 61Indian Veterinary Corps22/02/1917
Follower Rahman 1184Indian Veterinary Corps04/08/1914
Follower Sahib Din 2469Indian Veterinary Corps04/08/1914
Follower Viramal 80Indian Veterinary Corps20/07/1915
Labourer Abdul Aziz 2211Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Achutha 778Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Adam Khan Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Labourer Ahmad 282Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Labourer Ala Bakhsh 8570Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Labourer Allvi 647Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Athan 8722Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Atma Ram Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ayub Khan Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Babudalvi 2726Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Bacha Gadu 8970Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Bhola Singh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Bhulaiti Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Budha Singh 2389Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Chamman Singh 2128Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Chandraya 8982Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Chandu 8352Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Charanji 8527Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Chauri 1003Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Chekltoy 6360Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Chokhai 7387Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Devi Chand LKO/24124Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Emmanuel Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Fateh Din 8203Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Fateh Muhammad 373Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Fateh Singh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Driver Fazl Ilahi Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Firoz Din 945Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ganga Singh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Ganga Singh 465Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Ghasita 8591Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Ghulam Muhammad 2557Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Gopalan 260Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Gopal Singh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Govindan 634Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Govind Dadan 10333Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Govind Nayar 237Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Govind Nayar 1085Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Hazari 921Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Hidayat Beg 562Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Driver Husain Bakhsh 1159Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Hushyar 200Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Inam Shah Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Indar 10729Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Isa 761Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Jacob 3103Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Jagan Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Jalal Din Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan John 635Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Kalana Aissmi Asni 1239Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Kama 2214Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Kampa Nayar 783Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Kanaran 8409Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Kanhaiya Ram 717Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Kiran 6244Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Krishna Nayar 8480Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Kuppuswami 771Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Labourer Mamal 764Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Matir 845Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Maula Bakhsh 2232Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Mehar Din 8708Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Labourer Munal 764Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Muneswar 2364Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Narayan Swami 2935Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Nargan Nan 6711Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Pusari 1584Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Ragahavaluc 10034Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sub-Overseer Rahim Bakhsh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Raman 73Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Raman Nayar 353Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Rama Swami 6727Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ram Dayal 196Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ramdu 736Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ram Nai 7839Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ram Rachha 647Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ranga 398Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ranji Rama Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Roshan Din 2835Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sadaya Sawande 82Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sadhu LKO/72Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Saiyid Dad Shah 245Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Sami Nathan Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Sankaran 1673Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Santram Nayar 283Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Santu Pillai 6323Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Sardar Ata AMR/CD/8473Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Naik Shadi Parsad LKO/24Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Shakli 7549Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sheikh Ghafur 1279Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sibba LKO/20833Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sita Ram 18553Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sultan Shah 175Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Ujagar Singh 2244Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Lance Naik Valandi 259Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Velaya Khan 1676Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Venkata Chalam 1328Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Veriri 648cIndian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Waryam Singh 1431Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Jemadar Abdus Satar Military Accounts Department, India25/09/1920
Subadar Sundaram Military Accounts Department, India03/08/1919
Jemadar Subrahmanya Military Accounts Department, India26/01/1919
Havildar Banaji 1919Military Accounts Department, India04/08/1914
Havildar Ramaswami Military Accounts Department, India06/05/1919
Follower Abdul Sattar 1181Indian Postal and Telegraph Department13/07/1918
Follower Baghali 208Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Sarwan Bahadur Khan 2134Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Lineman Bahram Q/61Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Lineman Beagu 281Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Follower Bechujiwa 607Indian Postal and Telegraph Department24/01/1918
Jemadar Birendra Nath 206Indian Postal and Telegraph Department18/11/1920
Jemadar Muniswami Nayadu Indian Postal and Telegraph Department17/12/1916
Follower Deo Narayan Lal 896Indian Postal and Telegraph Department03/10/1918
Follower Dhanbir 132Indian Postal and Telegraph Department13/10/1917
Lineman Dhaneswar Rai Q/448Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Follower Dharam Das Indian Postal and Telegraph Department20/04/1918
Follower Din Muhammad 319Indian Postal and Telegraph Department19/12/1918
Follower Faqir Khan 1191Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Havildar Ghulam Din Indian Postal and Telegraph Department17/06/1919
Follower Ghulam Muhammad 927Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Follower Girdhari Lal 518Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/03/1918
Follower Gobindaswami Pillay Indian Postal and Telegraph Department25/04/1918
Follower Guman Singh Indian Postal and Telegraph Department31/10/1916
Follower Hakim Khan 1817Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Havildar Hansraj Indian Postal and Telegraph Department01/08/1916
Havildar Harichand 522Indian Postal and Telegraph Department30/11/1919
Follower Hari Khabar Indian Postal and Telegraph Department05/01/1917
Follower Jahandad 3202Indian Postal and Telegraph Department15/06/1917
Follower Jam Indian Postal and Telegraph Department14/02/1917
Follower Jata Singh Indian Postal and Telegraph Department17/11/1915
Follower Lachhman Singh 223Indian Postal and Telegraph Department28/05/1920
Follower Lakha Vasta 1067Indian Postal and Telegraph Department17/03/1918
Follower Lal Muhammad 1075Indian Postal and Telegraph Department03/01/1919
Havildar Madusudan Karmarkar 565Indian Postal and Telegraph Department27/09/1918
Follower Mahadeo Babaji 1518Indian Postal and Telegraph Department15/08/1919
Follower Mahmud Khan 2277Indian Postal and Telegraph Department24/11/1919
Artisan Mauladad Indian Postal and Telegraph Department27/03/1918
Follower Mohanlal Dayaram Indian Postal and Telegraph Department14/06/1917
Follower Muhammad 470Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Follower Muhammad Indian Postal and Telegraph Department05/10/1918
Follower Muhammad Haji 169Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Follower Mumin Khan 1533Indian Postal and Telegraph Department18/06/1919
Sub-Post Master Narayan Indian Postal and Telegraph Department31/05/1917
Jemadar Narayan Annaji Indian Postal and Telegraph Department24/11/1915
Follower Nathe Karimdad Indian Postal and Telegraph Department20/05/1918
Follower Prabhudayal Indian Postal and Telegraph Department21/09/1915
Havildar Purusottam Mudaliar 1452Indian Postal and Telegraph Department13/11/1918
Havildar Ramchandar Shama 497Indian Postal and Telegraph Department08/07/1919
Havildar Saiyid Mumtaz Ali 509Indian Postal and Telegraph Department19/05/1919
Follower Sarib Din 16Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Jemadar Sasi Mohan Das Indian Postal and Telegraph Department29/04/1919
Follower Sharaf Khan 603Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Follower Shavati 1591Indian Postal and Telegraph Department09/07/1919
Follower Sher Baz 1853Indian Postal and Telegraph Department23/11/1919
Jemadar Sital Chandar Havaldar Indian Postal and Telegraph Department02/08/1919
Follower Subatab Khan 53Indian Postal and Telegraph Department04/08/1914
Havildar Subhai Kumar Guha 1761Indian Postal and Telegraph Department22/01/1920
Lance Naik Ghulam Ram 1252Indian Political Department04/08/1914
Sepoy Arbi Singh 682Indian Survey Department23/06/1919
Jemadar Badya Datta Indian Survey Department28/08/1919
Sepoy Gobardhan Singh Indian Survey Department28/10/1918
Sepoy Karamdad A/20Indian Survey Department08/11/1916
Sepoy Mat 28Indian Survey Department10/07/1916
Jemadar Muhammad Abdul Wadud Indian Survey Department28/07/1915
Sepoy Muhammad Husain Indian Survey Department25/10/1918
Sepoy Nari 538Indian Survey Department22/11/1918
Sepoy Padam Narayan 603Indian Survey Department11/11/1918
Sepoy Rahim Ali A/59Indian Survey Department30/08/1918
Sepoy Ram Charan Indian Survey Department26/08/1919
Subadar Saiyid Razi Hasan Indian Survey Department10/07/1919
Follower Aram Gul Indian Railways04/08/1914
Fireman Ashpur Khan Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Barkat Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Bhagwan Singh Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Bhim Singh Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Bhinsam Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Budhu Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Dharma Nand Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Durga Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Faqir Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Fateh Muhammad Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Ghasi Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Habat Din Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Hala Singh Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Imam Din Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Jai Ram Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Jai Singh Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Kalu Indian Railways04/08/1914
Driver Kirpa Ram Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Mir Ahmad Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Muhammad AMR/CD/13110Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Muhammad Ghani Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Musa Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Nanga Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Nanga Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Nur Muhammad Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Panu Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Phina Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Piranditta Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Piru Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Rahmat Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Ranak Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Satir Pal Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Sumara MTCD/31082Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Sundar Das Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Tulsi Indian Railways04/08/1914
Follower Dalgaddu Indian Signal Corps19/03/1920
Naik Abadi Khan 241Supply and Transport Corps08/06/1919
Follower Abbas Khan SO/7484Supply and Transport Corps26/07/1920
Follower Abdul DH/10072Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Abdul Karim 321Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1919
Follower Abdul Karim SO/44265Supply and Transport Corps06/08/1920
Driver Abdul Karim SO/47051Supply and Transport Corps15/12/1920
Driver Abdul Karim 63081Supply and Transport Corps01/12/1919
Driver Abdullah 1622Supply and Transport Corps09/01/1921
Follower Abdullah LO/72155Supply and Transport Corps06/08/1920
Follower Abdul Latif 5010Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Abdul Nabi 369Supply and Transport Corps28/11/1920
Naik Abdul Qasim 61664Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Abdul Rashid Supply and Transport Corps16/06/1919
Naik Abdur Rahman 1081Supply and Transport Corps02/10/1918
Follower Abdul Azi 515Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Acmanna 61373Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Afzal Supply and Transport Corps16/06/1919
Lance Naik Ahmad 63Supply and Transport Corps19/06/1919
Driver Ahmad 137Supply and Transport Corps07/06/1919
Driver Ahmad 335Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Sarwan Ahmad 903Supply and Transport Corps06/01/1921
Sarwan Ahmad 1084Supply and Transport Corps01/01/1921
Driver Ahmad 1451Supply and Transport Corps12/06/1919
Sarwan Ahmad Din 736Supply and Transport Corps24/12/1917
Sarwan Ahmad Din 1183Supply and Transport Corps16/04/1918
Follower Ahmad Din SO/1289Supply and Transport Corps31/08/1921
Driver Ahmad Khan 958Supply and Transport Corps27/05/1919
Sarwan Ajba 2135Supply and Transport Corps08/01/1920
Driver Ajodhya 35559Supply and Transport Corps15/01/1919
Follower Akbar 2112Supply and Transport Corps04/07/1917
Follower Akbar RP/6039Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Akbar Ali SO/1961Supply and Transport Corps05/09/1918
Follower Ala Ditta 492Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Ala Ditta 1004Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Ala Ditta LNR/6007Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Alah Bakhsh 102Supply and Transport Corps08/05/1917
Driver Alah Bakhsh 104Supply and Transport Corps21/01/1919
Sarwan Alah Bakhsh 1039Supply and Transport Corps12/11/1918
Sarwan Alah Bakhsh 3751Supply and Transport Corps26/01/1920
Driver Alah Bakhsh 84247Supply and Transport Corps16/02/1921
Driver Alah Dad 1086Supply and Transport Corps16/05/1918
Sarwan Alah Ditta 1144Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Alah Ditta 1613Supply and Transport Corps18/06/1919
Sarwan Alah Ditta SO/4967Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1918
Sarwan Alah Diya 352Supply and Transport Corps18/11/1917
Naik Alah Rakha Supply and Transport Corps12/10/1918
Driver Alah Rakkha 1419Supply and Transport Corps20/09/1920
Sarwan Alah Yar 124Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Sarwan Alah Yar 688Supply and Transport Corps24/12/1920
Driver Alah Yar 82084Supply and Transport Corps12/06/1919
Sarwan Alam 1106Supply and Transport Corps19/11/1916
Driver Ali 37161Supply and Transport Corps11/10/1918
Sarwan Alia 740Supply and Transport Corps05/09/1917
Lance Naik Ali Akbar 1919Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Ali Bahadur RP/5037Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Naik Ali Bahadur 19308Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Alif 924Supply and Transport Corps11/05/1918
Lance Naik Ali Gauhar 27Supply and Transport Corps15/06/1919
Driver Ali Gauhar SO/7309Supply and Transport Corps31/10/1918
Driver Ali Haidar 1311Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1917
Sarwan Ali Haidar 1671Supply and Transport Corps05/01/1920
Follower Ali Husain 253Supply and Transport Corps26/06/1919
Sarwan Ali Khan 1162Supply and Transport Corps12/06/1919
Driver Ali Muhammad 767Supply and Transport Corps13/04/1921
Sarwan Ali Muhammad 826Supply and Transport Corps02/02/1920
Driver Ali Muhammad 21007Supply and Transport Corps10/03/1920
Lance Naik Ali Sher 240Supply and Transport Corps14/01/1920
Driver Alwal 63975Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Amar Din 673Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Naik Ami Chand 665Supply and Transport Corps05/06/1919
Sarwan Amir 1386Supply and Transport Corps01/11/1919
Lance Naik Amir Ali 632Supply and Transport Corps24/06/1919
Sarwan Amir Dad 951Supply and Transport Corps08/01/1917
Sarwan Amir Khan 1386Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Amir Khan 1502Supply and Transport Corps26/07/1917
Follower Amrit Ram Supply and Transport Corps24/09/1917
Driver Anganu 32517Supply and Transport Corps01/07/1920
Follower Angoni 10341Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Anu 97298Supply and Transport Corps07/08/1921
Driver Asa Ram 37300Supply and Transport Corps24/11/1919
Sarwan Ashraf 440Supply and Transport Corps28/02/1918
Driver Ata Muhammad 1155Supply and Transport Corps22/09/1919
Lance Naik Atar Singh 541Supply and Transport Corps17/07/1919
Follower Atu 5453Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Atwar Singh 20116Supply and Transport Corps09/12/1919
Follower Awaz Ali 1141Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Follower Azad Khan 515Supply and Transport Corps06/06/1919
Driver Azim 551Supply and Transport Corps13/11/1919
Sarwan Azim 1263Supply and Transport Corps29/10/1918
Driver Azim 7086Supply and Transport Corps10/11/1919
Driver Aziz Khan 3634Supply and Transport Corps13/12/1919
Follower Baber Akkar Dhan Pesh/1971Supply and Transport Corps08/05/1918
Driver Babu SO/40556Supply and Transport Corps19/02/1919
Driver Badal SO/2218Supply and Transport Corps14/12/1918
Driver Baga 32638Supply and Transport Corps31/08/1919
Driver Bagga 598Supply and Transport Corps06/06/1919
Driver Bagh Ali 400Supply and Transport Corps26/12/1920
Sarwan Bagu 360Supply and Transport Corps25/08/1917
Sarwan Bahadar Khan 251Supply and Transport Corps03/03/1918
Driver Bahadur 724Supply and Transport Corps18/12/1919
Lance Naik Bahadur 751Supply and Transport Corps21/03/1920
Lance Naik Bahadur SO/839Supply and Transport Corps31/01/1918
Sarwan Bahadur 1159Supply and Transport Corps03/11/1918
Sarwan Bahadur 1302Supply and Transport Corps03/02/1917
Naik Bahadur Ali 376Supply and Transport Corps20/01/1921
Lance Naik Bahadur Ali 1014Supply and Transport Corps01/10/1918
Lance Naik Bahadur Khan 623Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bahadur Shah 1261Supply and Transport Corps14/07/1919
Sarwan Bahadur Singh 242Supply and Transport Corps29/07/1918
Sarwan Bahawal 1999Supply and Transport Corps07/02/1921
Follower Bahram 33792Supply and Transport Corps26/11/1919
Driver Baiji SO/43221Supply and Transport Corps16/10/1919
Driver Baiju SO/4367Supply and Transport Corps23/11/1919
Driver Baillu 407Supply and Transport Corps03/01/1918
Lance Naik Bairi Sher 663Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1919
Driver Bakar 342Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bala Datt 61593Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Baldeo 38309Supply and Transport Corps16/09/1920
Driver Bali 69930Supply and Transport Corps16/01/1921
Driver Balleo 69163Supply and Transport Corps19/04/1921
Lance Naik Ballu M/582Supply and Transport Corps13/01/1920
Follower Ballu RPCD/926Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ballu 1306Supply and Transport Corps21/10/1917
Driver Baqir Muhammad 281Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Baraj Dinad 2611Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Baru Khan 805Supply and Transport Corps07/03/1918
Driver Barup 84136Supply and Transport Corps04/01/1921
Driver Baru Singh 74388Supply and Transport Corps16/07/1921
Driver Basant 37030Supply and Transport Corps18/02/1920
Driver Baseman 086143Supply and Transport Corps11/07/1919
Follower Basu 13272Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Baz 1416Supply and Transport Corps05/06/1919
Lance Naik Baz Khan 48Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Driver Baz Khan 5031Supply and Transport Corps30/01/1919
Driver Bed Ram 32590Supply and Transport Corps08/06/1919
Naik Beli Ram 14Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bennu Supply and Transport Corps20/03/1917
Sarwan Bhab 854Supply and Transport Corps12/11/1916
Driver Bhagat Singh 061718Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhagatu 61452Supply and Transport Corps11/05/1919
Follower Bhagwana MTCD/27495Supply and Transport Corps13/08/1921
Driver Bhagwan Das 2453Supply and Transport Corps21/04/1918
Driver Bhagwan Din 21280Supply and Transport Corps16/11/1919
Driver Bhai Ram Singh 51199Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhawani 4947Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhawan Singh 1195Supply and Transport Corps27/08/1919
Sarwan Bhawar Singh 2465Supply and Transport Corps29/06/1921
Artisan Bhikha 363Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bholai Pasi 31109Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Follower Bhola Nath SO/10916Supply and Transport Corps13/07/1921
Driver Bhola Singh 1655/1074Supply and Transport Corps27/06/1918
Follower Bhundu Jubb/426Supply and Transport Corps02/01/1921
Follower Bhuriya MTCD/31203Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bichand 90275Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Bikhan 310Supply and Transport Corps27/09/1918
Driver Bindesari SO/43946Supply and Transport Corps04/01/1920
Sepoy Bishan Das 51261Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Naik Bishan Sahai 61219Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bostan SO/411894Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1920
Artisan Braganza 3010Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Budha 4482Supply and Transport Corps19/12/1919
Driver Budha 91658Supply and Transport Corps19/04/1921
Driver Budhu 3362Supply and Transport Corps20/06/1918
Driver Budhu 21278Supply and Transport Corps07/11/1919
Sarwan Bunja 429Supply and Transport Corps05/01/1918
Lance Naik Chajja 21262Supply and Transport Corps23/06/1919
Sepoy Chanda Singh 053139Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Chandman 4172Supply and Transport Corps30/12/1919
Driver Chand Muhammad 101150Supply and Transport Corps08/12/1919
Driver Chandu 7809Supply and Transport Corps06/07/1920
Driver Chania 1228Supply and Transport Corps18/11/1919
Sarwan Charag Din 1846Supply and Transport Corps27/12/1920
Driver Charan 32416Supply and Transport Corps13/07/1920
Driver Charanji 6r635Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Mangat 88946Supply and Transport Corps23/06/1919
Driver Mangat Ram 3001Supply and Transport Corps19/07/1920
Follower Manglu MTCD/29654Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Mangta 19056Supply and Transport Corps04/05/1921
Driver Mangu 1802Supply and Transport Corps23/10/1919
Driver Manichu 101397Supply and Transport Corps03/10/1919
Driver Manika 9734Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Mani Ram MTCD/29899Supply and Transport Corps26/10/1919
Sarwan Mansab 116Supply and Transport Corps14/12/1919
Driver Maqbul 33506Supply and Transport Corps07/12/1918
Driver Mare 92809Supply and Transport Corps13/06/1919
Driver Maula Bakhsh 1326Supply and Transport Corps25/11/1919
Sarwan Mawaz 169Supply and Transport Corps28/01/1917
Sarwan Mawaz Khan 656Supply and Transport Corps17/06/1919
Follower Meda 2531Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Medhikhan 1326Supply and Transport Corps02/05/1921
Sarwan Medhi Khan 1450Supply and Transport Corps25/03/1921
Sarwan Mehar Singh 89Supply and Transport Corps25/10/1918
Follower Mehdi PSH/253Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Mehdi 625Supply and Transport Corps11/12/1919
Driver Mehdi 1634Supply and Transport Corps26/02/1921
Driver Mehdi Khan 1681Supply and Transport Corps01/12/1918
Sepoy Mehman Singh 11001Supply and Transport Corps09/07/1921
Driver Mehnga 692Supply and Transport Corps18/06/1919
Driver Mehnga Singh 1296Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Mehra 613Supply and Transport Corps13/04/1921
Sarwan Mehr Din 1580Supply and Transport Corps01/12/1920
Driver Mehrullah 1123Supply and Transport Corps07/05/1919
Driver Mehta 1565Supply and Transport Corps22/06/1919
Naik Mendi 91862Supply and Transport Corps13/05/1920
Driver Mihrban 160940Supply and Transport Corps21/01/1921
Driver Miran Bakhsh 7015Supply and Transport Corps14/06/1920
Driver Miraza 1259Supply and Transport Corps12/06/1919
Driver Mir Dil 1689Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Mirza 43Supply and Transport Corps02/10/1918
Sarwan Mirza 681Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1919
Naik Mirzaman 867Supply and Transport Corps12/06/1919
Sarwan Misiri 4542Supply and Transport Corps25/02/1920
Driver Mitha 493Supply and Transport Corps01/12/1919
Driver Miyan Khan 644Supply and Transport Corps01/12/1919
Follower Mohan Lal Suri Supply and Transport Corps20/06/1919
Driver Mohansur 995Supply and Transport Corps24/05/1920
Sarwan Mohar Singh 1646Supply and Transport Corps01/01/1921
Sarwan Mota Singh 746Supply and Transport Corps12/12/1919
Sarwan Muhabbat Khan 3778Supply and Transport Corps25/12/1920
Driver Muhabbat Khan 054226Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Muhabbat Khan 054266Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Muhammad 625Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1919
Sarwan Muhammad 1033Supply and Transport Corps10/02/1918
Saddler Muhammad 1104Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Muhammad 1356Supply and Transport Corps02/07/1918
Sarwan Muhammad 1809Supply and Transport Corps28/12/1920
Follower Muhammad Alam Khan MTSTTC/177Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Muhammad Aziz 052116Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Muhammad Bakhsh 159Supply and Transport Corps29/10/1917
Sarwan Muhammad Bakhsh 1036Supply and Transport Corps25/10/1918
Follower Muhammad Din 136Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Muhammad Din 1182Supply and Transport Corps11/11/1920
Driver Muhammad Din 1446Supply and Transport Corps22/06/1919
Driver Muhammad Din SO/1792Supply and Transport Corps13/12/1917
Sarwan Muhammad Din 3222Supply and Transport Corps21/11/1919
Lance Naik Muhammad Husain 326Supply and Transport Corps25/11/1919
Lance Naik Muhammad Husain 570Supply and Transport Corps13/07/1920
Lance Naik Muhammad Ji 108Supply and Transport Corps07/06/1919
Sarwan Muhammad Khan 605Supply and Transport Corps13/06/1919
Naik Muhammad Khan 676Supply and Transport Corps17/08/1919
Driver Muhammad Khan 926Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Muhammad Khan 1332Supply and Transport Corps19/11/1920
Driver Muhammad Khan 1359Supply and Transport Corps08/12/1919
Sarwan Muhammad Khan 1504Supply and Transport Corps18/02/1921
Sarwan Muhammad Khan 1897Supply and Transport Corps19/04/1919
Driver Muhammad Khan 1971Supply and Transport Corps08/04/1918
Follower Muhammad Khan 4952Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Muhammad Shafi 276Supply and Transport Corps21/06/1919
Sarwan Muhammad Sher 88Supply and Transport Corps01/06/1915
Driver Muhammad Sidiq 38751Supply and Transport Corps29/08/1920
Sarwan Muhammad Yar 792Supply and Transport Corps10/07/1918
Sarwan Muhammad Yar 1493Supply and Transport Corps05/06/1920
Driver Muhammad Zaman 51999Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Mula Singh 2999Supply and Transport Corps11/01/1921
Follower Munawar Din 889Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Munawwar 507917Supply and Transport Corps07/01/1919
Driver Murli SO/44421Supply and Transport Corps09/12/1920
Driver Musadi 36486Supply and Transport Corps04/10/1919
Follower Musahi Ali LKO/5036Supply and Transport Corps13/03/1921
Follower Musa Khan Supply and Transport Corps02/11/1919
Driver Musa Singh 1382Supply and Transport Corps26/12/1919
Lance Naik Muslim Shah 315Supply and Transport Corps26/01/1920
Follower Nabi Bakhsh JUB/407Supply and Transport Corps05/04/1921
Driver Nabi Bakhsh 35488Supply and Transport Corps13/10/1918
Sarwan Nabu 132Supply and Transport Corps05/05/1920
Driver Nadir 1421Supply and Transport Corps01/01/1921
Driver Nadir Khan 1548Supply and Transport Corps17/01/1921
Follower Nagail 592Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nain Sukh MTCD/27726Supply and Transport Corps04/02/1921
Lance Naik Najib Shah 1151Supply and Transport Corps20/06/1919
Follower Nakli MTCD/29941Supply and Transport Corps30/10/1919
Sarwan Nanak 652Supply and Transport Corps16/11/1919
Driver Nanak Chan 057255Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Nanak Khan 868Supply and Transport Corps23/11/1919
Sarwan Nanda 43Supply and Transport Corps14/12/1919
Sepoy Nand Lal 136Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Nand Singh 620Supply and Transport Corps29/03/1921
Follower Nand Singh 877Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sepoy Nand Singh 11266Supply and Transport Corps22/06/1921
Driver Nandu 1395Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Nandu 1396Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Nanhe SO/43986Supply and Transport Corps02/12/1919
Driver Narayan 94452Supply and Transport Corps12/07/1919
Follower Narayan Chandar Banarji Supply and Transport Corps22/07/1917
Driver Narayan Kumar 39591Supply and Transport Corps27/11/1919
Driver Narayan Singh SO/5410Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1918
Follower Narayan Swamy NR/9517Supply and Transport Corps18/06/1919
Sarwan Nari 485Supply and Transport Corps11/03/1918
Follower Nasir 393Supply and Transport Corps02/02/1916
Driver Nathe 291Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Nathu 1468Supply and Transport Corps23/10/1918
Driver Nathu 21187Supply and Transport Corps12/06/1919
Follower Nathu MTCD/27949Supply and Transport Corps22/10/1920
Driver Nathu Khan 2007Supply and Transport Corps02/02/1919
Follower Nathu Ram 1232Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Nawab 442Supply and Transport Corps14/06/1921
Driver Nawab 660Supply and Transport Corps21/12/1919
Lance Naik Nawab 1170Supply and Transport Corps22/06/1921
Sarwan Nawais Ali 1625Supply and Transport Corps05/09/1918
Sarwan Nawaz 278Supply and Transport Corps14/01/1921
Sarwan Nawaz Ali 1142Supply and Transport Corps05/09/1918
Lance Naik Nawazish Ali 314Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Driver Nazif SO/405Supply and Transport Corps15/10/1919
Clerk Chattarji SO/10322Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Nidhan Singh 675Supply and Transport Corps19/08/1917
Follower Nihal MTCD/29592Supply and Transport Corps09/01/1921
Follower Nihal MTCD/30097Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Nihal 33449Supply and Transport Corps19/08/1921
Sarwan Niyaz Ali 1415Supply and Transport Corps20/09/1919
Driver Niyaz Ali SO/8083Supply and Transport Corps18/07/1920
Driver Nizam Din 1015Supply and Transport Corps17/06/1919
Driver Nizam Din 36124Supply and Transport Corps22/02/1920
Naik Nodar 305Supply and Transport Corps03/06/1919
Driver Nur Ahmad 1350Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Nur Ahmad SO/6236Supply and Transport Corps30/11/1919
Driver Nur Alam 1590Supply and Transport Corps30/04/1920
Follower Nuraz JUBB/361Supply and Transport Corps22/10/1920
Lance Naik Nuraz Khan 96505Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nur Din AMRCD/11716Supply and Transport Corps10/12/1920
Follower Nur Din SO/46245Supply and Transport Corps18/03/1920
Driver Nur Din SO/47737Supply and Transport Corps14/12/1919
Follower Nurjang 5808Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Nur Khan 548Supply and Transport Corps15/10/1919
Driver Nur Khan 1206Supply and Transport Corps21/06/1919
Driver Nur Khan 1730Supply and Transport Corps18/03/1921
Driver Nur Khan 18561/883Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Nur Muhammad Supply and Transport Corps09/11/1919
Driver Nur Shah 640Supply and Transport Corps28/04/1920
Driver Padu Mala 36227Supply and Transport Corps12/06/1919
Driver Pahlad 21437Supply and Transport Corps20/01/1920
Driver Pahlwan 1377Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Pahlwan Khan 1611Supply and Transport Corps09/01/1921
Sarwan Painda Khan 661Supply and Transport Corps27/06/1919
Driver Pamia Dhimar 35235Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1919
Driver Pancham 104694Supply and Transport Corps27/12/1920
Driver Pandu Bahadur Chand 832Supply and Transport Corps09/07/1917
Follower Panju AMRCD/10566Supply and Transport Corps05/07/1921
Sarwan Panna Lal 7847Supply and Transport Corps04/06/1921
Driver Paramesh Warran SO/46788Supply and Transport Corps10/11/1919
Lance Naik Paras Ram 398Supply and Transport Corps15/06/1919
Driver Parbat 2029Supply and Transport Corps16/06/1919
Driver Parsad 36012Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1919
Kot Daffadar Pat Ram Supply and Transport Corps04/11/1918
Follower Peruin 18521Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Phulla 12420Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Phullia 863Supply and Transport Corps21/10/1918
Driver Pinnu 39182Supply and Transport Corps22/11/1919
Driver Pira AMRCD/1109Supply and Transport Corps25/08/1921
Naik Piran Ditta 174Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Piranu 88Supply and Transport Corps28/10/1918
Sarwan Pirthi 3983Supply and Transport Corps26/01/1920
Driver Pirthi 37031Supply and Transport Corps02/06/1920
Follower Prabh 21853Supply and Transport Corps17/11/1919
Driver Prem Das 32191Supply and Transport Corps18/10/1918
Driver Prem Singh 958Supply and Transport Corps31/08/1918
Driver Puche Appan 1363Supply and Transport Corps20/12/1919
Driver Puhp Singh 135Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Punaya 101779Supply and Transport Corps16/06/1920
Follower Puran 38818Supply and Transport Corps12/01/1919
Driver Qadir Bakhsh 38809Supply and Transport Corps07/08/1920
Driver Qadir Bakhsh 052056Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Qadir Nawaz AMRCD/11545Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Qaim Din 754Supply and Transport Corps18/01/1920
Sepoy Rahim Bakhsh 063103Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Rahmat 6330Supply and Transport Corps12/05/1921
Sarwan Rahmat Ali 6502Supply and Transport Corps12/05/1921
Sarwan Rahmat Ullah 2063Supply and Transport Corps18/05/1921
Driver Rahmat Ullah 36443Supply and Transport Corps06/01/1921
Sarwan Rahu 483Supply and Transport Corps04/03/1918
Driver Raja 1273Supply and Transport Corps01/12/1919
Driver Raja 62468Supply and Transport Corps31/08/1921
Follower Raja Ratnao 25560Supply and Transport Corps15/11/1919
Driver Raj Bali 101200Supply and Transport Corps22/01/1921
Driver Raju Gopal 34336Supply and Transport Corps12/01/1919
Driver Rama Din 32686Supply and Transport Corps20/11/1919
Driver Rama Panika 89984Supply and Transport Corps19/11/1919
Driver Ram Bharam Singh 102761Supply and Transport Corps26/11/1920
Driver Ram Bharosa 91049Supply and Transport Corps18/01/1921
Driver Ram Bichitar Pande 101601Supply and Transport Corps11/12/1919
Driver Ram Bilas 101914Supply and Transport Corps23/10/1920
Driver Ram Chandar 33888Supply and Transport Corps28/03/1919
Driver Ram Charan 36817Supply and Transport Corps13/10/1919
Driver Ram Datt 35428Supply and Transport Corps29/07/1919
Driver Ram Dayal MTCD/28189Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ramgurian 38442Supply and Transport Corps17/11/1919
Sarwan Ramji Lal 2907Supply and Transport Corps05/01/1921
Sarwan Ram Kunwar 4477Supply and Transport Corps14/01/1920
Driver Ram Lachhman 20953Supply and Transport Corps05/11/1919
Driver Ram Lakhan SO/43892Supply and Transport Corps04/02/1919
Driver Ram Lal SO/5148Supply and Transport Corps17/06/1919
Sarwan Ram Narayan 7785Supply and Transport Corps19/07/1921
Driver Ram Phal 101276Supply and Transport Corps01/06/1920
Sepoy Ram Sajan 64283Supply and Transport Corps01/06/1921
Driver Ram Samram Singh 3576Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Ram Singh 541Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ram Singh 47400Supply and Transport Corps15/11/1920
Driver Ram Utar 101993Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1920
Driver Ramzan 99Supply and Transport Corps25/05/1920
Sarwan Ramzan 706Supply and Transport Corps10/04/1921
Sarwan Ranga Singh 7787Supply and Transport Corps02/08/1921
Driver Rangaswami 387Supply and Transport Corps16/06/1919
Naik Rang Baz Supply and Transport Corps01/07/1919
Sarwan Ranjha 854Supply and Transport Corps13/06/1919
Driver Ranjit Singh SO/3514Supply and Transport Corps05/01/1920
Follower Rash Bihari Ganguli LKOSupply and Transport Corps09/09/1920
Driver Rasila Ram Supply and Transport Corps01/06/1919
Follower Rasul Shah Supply and Transport Corps17/11/1919
Sarwan Ratan Singh 3850Supply and Transport Corps22/01/1921
Driver Ribna 65185Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Driver Roshan 1757Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ruldu 30091Supply and Transport Corps15/04/1920
Driver Rup Narayan 82283Supply and Transport Corps12/06/1919
Driver Rup Ram 43151Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Rup Singh 1488Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Rup Singh 2062Supply and Transport Corps09/02/1919
Driver Rushtan 347088Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Rustam Sheikh SO/7279Supply and Transport Corps30/03/1919
Driver Sada 1151Supply and Transport Corps13/06/1919
Sarwan Sadat Ali 338Supply and Transport Corps01/11/1918
Driver Sadhu 34371Supply and Transport Corps16/05/1919
Driver Sadiq MO/87264Supply and Transport Corps26/09/1920
Follower Sa'dullah AMB/26Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Daffadar Sahib Din Supply and Transport Corps11/06/1917
Sepoy Sahib Gul 149Supply and Transport Corps06/07/1921
Driver Saidar Ali 21181Supply and Transport Corps20/11/1919
Driver Saif Ali 1238Supply and Transport Corps05/07/1921
Driver Saiyid Ahmad SO/827Supply and Transport Corps11/04/1918
Sarwan Saiyid Ahmad 1017Supply and Transport Corps19/06/1919
Naik Saiyid Akbar 1919Supply and Transport Corps01/10/1919
Follower Saiyid Manzur Husain 10280Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Saiyid Muhammad 535Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Saiyid Muhammad 922Supply and Transport Corps15/08/1918
Driver Saiyid Qutb Shah 742Supply and Transport Corps21/06/1919
Driver Saiyid Yaqub 33591Supply and Transport Corps11/12/1919
Follower Saju MTCD/3140Supply and Transport Corps24/12/1920
Driver Sakhi Ram 61341Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Sakti Singh 6531Supply and Transport Corps02/01/1921
Follower Saligram KRK/1342Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Salik Singh 106269Supply and Transport Corps25/01/1921
Driver Sameley 82671Supply and Transport Corps28/12/1919
Driver Samundar 726Supply and Transport Corps16/06/1919
Driver Sankaralingam 34345Supply and Transport Corps16/10/1918
Follower Santram Supply and Transport Corps29/06/1917
Follower Sant Singh Supply and Transport Corps29/06/1917
Driver Sarab Jit 103091Supply and Transport Corps13/10/1920
Driver Sarain Singh 1050Supply and Transport Corps11/11/1919
Driver Sar Buland 1056Supply and Transport Corps26/06/1919
Driver Sardar 54590Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Sardar 812Supply and Transport Corps27/12/1917
Driver Sardar Khan 1135Supply and Transport Corps07/09/1920
Driver Sardar Khan 1528Supply and Transport Corps12/02/1918
Driver Sarfaraz 1555Supply and Transport Corps21/11/1920
Driver Saudagar Singh 79058Supply and Transport Corps04/07/1921
Driver Sawar Khan SO/48047Supply and Transport Corps29/06/1920
Driver Shabat Din SO/9692Supply and Transport Corps16/11/1919
Sarwan Shadi 3099Supply and Transport Corps30/07/1920
Driver Shadi Gul 1161Supply and Transport Corps06/07/1921
Driver Shadman 1119Supply and Transport Corps06/04/1920
Sarwan Shah Ahmad 748Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Shah Ahmad 1378Supply and Transport Corps21/01/1920
Driver Shah Alam 230Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Shah Din 82251Supply and Transport Corps12/06/1919
Driver Shah Mijhammad 1999Supply and Transport Corps28/12/1919
Driver Shah Zaman 1387Supply and Transport Corps18/02/1917
Driver Shaku 46854Supply and Transport Corps12/07/1920
Driver Shama 1861Supply and Transport Corps20/07/1917
Jemadar Shams Din Supply and Transport Corps14/06/1919
Follower Shams Din 72006Supply and Transport Corps01/12/1919
Lance Naik Shankar Singh 35622Supply and Transport Corps18/12/1919
Driver Sharif 1604Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Naik Sheikh Muhammad Husain 49Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Sher 545Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1919
Lance Naik Shera 277Supply and Transport Corps20/05/1917
Sarwan Shera 645Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Sarwan Shera 766Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Driver Shera 65374Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1919
Sarwan Sher Ahmad 1075Supply and Transport Corps25/08/1920
Follower Sher Dad 5111Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Sher Dil RP/5711Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Sher Jang 786Supply and Transport Corps04/12/1919
Lance Naik Sher Khan 492Supply and Transport Corps07/06/1917
Follower Sher Muhammad 12Supply and Transport Corps09/06/1919
Naik Sher Muhammad 61Supply and Transport Corps10/06/1919
Sarwan Sher Muhammad 610Supply and Transport Corps13/05/1919
Lance Naik Sher Muhammad 825Supply and Transport Corps01/02/1919
Follower Sher Shah 928Supply and Transport Corps05/07/1917
Driver Sher Singh 062027Supply and Transport Corps12/12/1920
Driver Sher Zaman 21022Supply and Transport Corps03/06/1919
Driver Shibu MO/87015Supply and Transport Corps20/01/1920
Driver Shiu Deo 101913Supply and Transport Corps30/12/1920
Driver Shiu Ram SO/5033Supply and Transport Corps08/07/1918
Driver Shiu Ram 20762Supply and Transport Corps15/02/1920
Driver Shiu Ram 38034Supply and Transport Corps03/12/1920
Naik Sikandar 950Supply and Transport Corps06/07/1919
Driver Sita Ram SO/46701Supply and Transport Corps28/09/1919
Driver Sitaram Singh SO/46717Supply and Transport Corps28/11/1919
Driver Sohaj 1440Supply and Transport Corps18/11/1919
Sarwan Sohan 248Supply and Transport Corps15/12/1919
Sarwan Sohana 1667Supply and Transport Corps18/04/1919
Driver Sohna 67Supply and Transport Corps18/01/1920
Sarwan Sri Ram 592Supply and Transport Corps23/01/1917
Sarwan Suba Ram 6990Supply and Transport Corps15/01/1920
Driver Subhan Sheikh SO/7050Supply and Transport Corps19/07/1918
Sarwan Suhrab 894Supply and Transport Corps24/11/1919
Driver Sukhdeo LO/70723Supply and Transport Corps17/12/1919
Driver Sukhi 86317Supply and Transport Corps15/10/1919
Driver Sukhi 104407Supply and Transport Corps16/02/1921
Driver Sukh Lal SO/2781Supply and Transport Corps01/10/1920
Driver Sukhu SO/43945Supply and Transport Corps18/06/1919
Sarwan Suleman 619Supply and Transport Corps10/11/1919
Driver Sultan 1067Supply and Transport Corps11/03/1919
Sarwan Sultan 1338Supply and Transport Corps20/12/1917
Driver Sumera 33662Supply and Transport Corps18/01/1920
Sarwan Sundar Ram 2739Supply and Transport Corps30/12/1920
Driver Sundar Singh 36194Supply and Transport Corps13/02/1920
Follower Taj Muhammad 5002Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Driver Taki Bahadur 82245Supply and Transport Corps11/06/1919
Driver Tara 1793Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Taraknath Das Supply and Transport Corps26/08/1919
Sarwan Telu Ram 1124Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Naik Thomas 398Supply and Transport Corps09/09/1919
Sarwan Tilok Singh 941Supply and Transport Corps27/11/1917
Sepoy Tola Ram O/062032Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Tor Gul 1121Supply and Transport Corps19/06/1919
Driver Tulsi 104490Supply and Transport Corps17/01/1921
Sarwan Turra 462Supply and Transport Corps13/07/1918
Sarwan Turra Baz 162Supply and Transport Corps08/10/1917
Naik Turra Baz Khan 38687Supply and Transport Corps07/06/1919
Follower Ude Bhan DIK/179Supply and Transport Corps26/02/1921
Sarwan Ude Ram 403Supply and Transport Corps16/11/1919
Sarwan Ude Ram 802/831Supply and Transport Corps06/07/1921
Driver Ujagar 37776Supply and Transport Corps19/01/1920
Driver Umar Din 147Supply and Transport Corps01/11/1918
Sarwan Umed Khan 3631Supply and Transport Corps24/10/1920
Sarwan Wahid Bakhsh 1329Supply and Transport Corps18/10/1918
Daffadar Wais Muhammad 1040Supply and Transport Corps22/06/1919
Driver Waryam Singh 17493Supply and Transport Corps14/04/1921
Follower Wazir 1066Supply and Transport Corps04/08/1914
Follower Webster SO/10073Supply and Transport Corps02/04/1921
Driver Yusuf Khan 1740Supply and Transport Corps05/07/1921
Driver Zahur 32608Supply and Transport Corps27/11/1919
Sarwan Zaman Shah 3870Supply and Transport Corps25/10/1919
Driver Abba 87638Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Abbas Khan 1112Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Abdul Aziz 746Mule Corps04/08/1914
Quartermaster Abdul Ghani 500Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Abdul Karim 219Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Abdullah 285Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Abdullah 1618Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Abdullah Jan 430Mule Corps22/09/1918
Driver Abdul Iatif 116Mule Corps16/12/1919
Driver Abdul Majid 919Mule Corps04/08/1914
Daffadar Abdul Nabi 229Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Abdur Rahman 117Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Abdur Rahman 530Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Abdur Rahman 4374Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Acchar Singh 433Mule Corps24/03/1918
Follower Adai 831Mule Corps06/08/1917
Driver Adam Khan 618Mule Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Adam Khan 1278Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ahad Keian 9147Mule Corps22/12/1919
Driver Ahmad 1142Mule Corps20/11/1919
Daffadar Ahmad Din 842Mule Corps23/11/1918
Saddler Ahmad Din 1040Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ahmad Din 62529Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ajab Khan 1873Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alah Dad 1798Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alah Din 196Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Alah Din 250Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Alah Din 2088Mule Corps18/04/1919
Lance Naik Alah Din 5399Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alah Din 100398Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alah Ditta 297Mule Corps30/01/1920
Lance Naik Alah Ditta 725Mule Corps14/10/1917
Driver Alah Ditta 878Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alah Ditta 961Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alah Ditta 1205Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alah Ditta 1302Mule Corps04/08/1914
Naik Alah Ditta 38868Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Alah Yar 082094Mule Corps04/08/1914
Daffadar Alam Din 613Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alam Gul 843Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alam Gul 1587Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ali Ahmad 18508Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ali Akbar 56Mule Corps04/08/1914
Naik Ali Bahadur 192Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ali Bakhsh 155889Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alif Din 805Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alif Din 890Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Alif Khan 675Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Ali Husain 273Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ali Khan 423Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Ali Khan 26694Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Ali Muhammad 406Mule Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Ali Muhammad 1202Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Ali Sher 246Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ali Sher 1007Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ali Sher 1040Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ali Zaman 50126Mule Corps03/07/1921
Driver Aman 2971Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Amar Singh 8661Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Amin Lal 509Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Amir Baz Khan 63174Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Amir Chand 670Mule Corps20/02/1917
Driver Amir Khan 6493Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Amirullah 1177Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Anantu 1089Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Anup MT/089803Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Asa Ram 100112Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Asa Singh 2004Mule Corps23/10/1918
Driver Asa Singh 25842Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Asa Singh 31557Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Asmabullah 825Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Asmatoli 825Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Assa 3341Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Assim Khan 1140Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Assu Ram 10112Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ata 26025Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Ata Muhammad 667Mule Corps04/09/1919
Driver Atamuhammad 5188Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Atar Khan 810Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Atma Ram 1075Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Atma Ram 8680Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Atma Ram 090874Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Atma Singh 62944Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Azad 2709Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Azam 7088Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Aziz Wali 168Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Babu Bitu 8865Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Babu Lal 103089Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Badal Khan 507Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Badez 436Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Badi 70491Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bagga Khan 853Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bahadur 361Mule Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Bahadur 474Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bahadur 1141Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Bahadur 082245Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bahadur Ali 1647Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bahadur Ali 1863Mule Corps20/07/1918
Naik Bahadur Khan 692Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bahal Singh 871Mule Corps27/12/1919
Driver Baisati 261Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Bajraj 36935Mule Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Bakar 1684Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bakar Khan 780Mule Corps15/05/1919
Driver Bakhshi 152Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bakhtawar Singh 8712Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bakredi 1068Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bakridi 144Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Baldeo 5Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Balkishan 2398Mule Corps08/04/1918
Driver Balku 2295Mule Corps22/08/1921
Driver Bal Singh 815Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bana 335Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bangali 1263Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Banu 1463Mule Corps09/02/1920
Driver Barh Khan 778Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Barisher 1057Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Barkat 6404Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Barkat Ali 13Mule Corps27/11/1916
Lance Naik Barkat Ullah 1687Mule Corps16/02/1919
Driver Basala Singh 18632Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Beli 1387Mule Corps18/07/1919
Driver Beli Ram 44665Mule Corps12/12/1919
Driver Bellu 965Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhagat 926Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhagat Ram 679Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhaggu 598Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhagtu 732Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhairu 2851Mule Corps08/11/1918
Driver Bhanu 62Mule Corps14/07/1918
Driver Bherrij 63233Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhikha 850Mule Corps03/11/1918
Driver Bhima 875Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhunjan Din 36415Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhura Sheikh 238Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhuri 5863Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bhuri 5869Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bir Singh 839Mule Corps19/09/1917
Driver Bir Singh 7936Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bishan Das 18644Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bishan Singh 7182Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bishan Singh 18630Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bishan Singh 61106Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bishna 7999Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Bostan 406Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Bostan 702Mule Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Bostan 1246Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Bostan 44894Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Brancha 17089Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Buderi 47350Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Budha 1277Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Budha 90667Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Budh Ram 782Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Budhu 5142Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Budhu 5324Mule Corps25/12/1920
Follower Budhu 7991Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Budhua 423Mule Corps04/06/1919
Driver Buland Khan 1056Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Buta 1569Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Buta Khan 1080Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Buta Ram 19103Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chabandi 33191Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chabandi 86100Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chamman Singh 2659Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Champat 59Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chanda Khan 2099Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chanda Singh 832Mule Corps09/07/1917
Naik Chanda Singh 3387Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chandia Singh 3337Mule Corps04/08/1914
Naik Chandi Din 699Mule Corps27/01/1920
Driver Chand Muhammad LKO/1477Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Chandrabar Chhetre 3745Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chandu 1486Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Channan 1208Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chatu 43944Mule Corps06/12/1919
Follower Chete 1632Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chetu 105Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Chhanga 800Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chhedi 70144Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chimatambi 1549Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Chiragh Din 559Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chiragh Din 21134Mule Corps02/01/1920
Driver Chiragh Din 41428Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Chiragh Din 41507Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Chohru 12585Mule Corps04/08/1914
Havildar Chumi Lal 138Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Dadu 333Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dahurwa 102739Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dalipa 7932Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dallu 443Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dallu 43160Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dal Singh 760Mule Corps18/11/1919
Driver Damru 33074Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dandhe 21915Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dargai 752Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Darpat 89459Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dastgir 86578Mule Corps28/12/1918
Driver Dasu 296Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Datta 643Mule Corps04/08/1914
Daffadar Datta Ram 13Mule Corps04/09/1919
Driver Daulat Khan 902Mule Corps04/08/1914
Sarwan Daulat Ram 1848Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Daulat Ram 46185Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Daulat Singh 89951Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Dayal Singh 565Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dewan Singh 1104Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Desakoo 301Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Devi Singh 71096Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dhankal 94969Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Dhan Shoi 1168Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Dhan Singh 672Mule Corps24/12/1919
Driver Dharam Jit 39287Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dhir Singh 161645Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dhuman 874Mule Corps04/08/1914
Naik Dilawar Khan 6058Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dil Bahadur 1071Mule Corps12/08/1920
Driver Dil Muhammad 914Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dilsukh 628Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Din Dayal 1376Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Din Dayal 50280Mule Corps17/02/1921
Lance Naik Din Muhammad 806Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Din Muhammad 21142Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Diwan 72876Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Diwana 1363Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Diwan Ali 920Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Diwan Singh 421Mule Corps07/06/1918
Driver Dost Muhammad 774Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dost Muhammad 1031Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dost Muhammad 1059Mule Corps04/08/1914
Naik Dulla 278Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dulla 6543Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Dullak 846Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Durjan 1070Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Faiz Ali 45655Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Faqir Din 708Mule Corps04/08/1914
Lance Naik Faqir Muhammad 13Mule Corps04/08/1914
Naik Faqir Muhammad 680Mule Corps04/08/1914
Follower Faqir Muhammad 1116Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Faqir Muhammad 1140Mule Corps04/08/1914
Driver Faqir Muhammad 1647Mule Corps25/02/1916