8th Gurkha Rifles

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Captain Hugh Stafford Northcote Wright 8th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914 (aged 35)
Major Hugh St. Aubyn Wake 8th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914 (aged 44)
Captain Edward Hugh Bagot Stack 8th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914 (aged 29)
Captain Hayes-Sadler 8th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Captain Barry Hartwell 8th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914 (aged 33)
Captain Douglas Byres Davidson 8th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914 (aged 29)
Lieutenant Colonel Morris 8th Gurkha Rifles26/09/1915
Lieutenant Moran 8th Gurkha Rifles24/09/1915
Rifleman Budasing Gurung 46478th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Chabilal Thapa 33518th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Gambhir Sing Thapa 46908th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kulbahadur Gurung 33568th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Manbahadur Pun 49128th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Maniram Thapa 40148th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Lance Naik Sahabir Pun 43048th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Sankiram Pun 36578th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Lieutenant Charles William Maxwell 8th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914 (aged 25)
Rifleman Parbal Rana 31818th Gurkha Rifles17/10/1915
Rifleman Ranjit Thapa 428th Gurkha Rifles17/10/1915
Rifleman Ransar Rana 228th Gurkha Rifles17/10/1915
Rifleman Balbir Pun 43458th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Rifleman Kamansing Thapa 44498th Gurkha Rifles04/11/1914
Rifleman Asu Chale 39828th Gurkha Rifles29/06/1915
Rifleman Damarsing Gurung 34678th Gurkha Rifles29/06/1915
Rifleman Haste Gurung 47528th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Kharka Bahadur Rana 41058th Gurkha Rifles17/04/1915
Rifleman Sarbasar Rai 10338th Gurkha Rifles22/08/1915
Sepoy Tank Bir Bisht 15618th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1920
Naik Balbahadur Rana 38748th Gurkha Rifles23/05/1915
Follower Banwari 828th Gurkha Rifles27/06/1915
Rifleman Bombahadur Thapa 44628th Gurkha Rifles06/05/1915
Rifleman Churamani Rana 48088th Gurkha Rifles04/01/1915
Lance Naik Dal Bahadur Gharti 32288th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1915
Rifleman Debi Sing Thapa 43328th Gurkha Rifles28/11/1914
Rifleman Harka Bahadur Rai 16448th Gurkha Rifles27/04/1915
Rifleman Narbahadur Gurung 46448th Gurkha Rifles02/05/1915
Lance Naik Nar Bahadur Rani 33438th Gurkha Rifles26/09/1915
Rifleman Pantha Ram Burathoki 38878th Gurkha Rifles09/05/1915
Rifleman Santa Bahadur Gurung 16558th Gurkha Rifles16/06/1915
Rifleman Tikaram Ale 24268th Gurkha Rifles18/10/1915
Havildar Tirthabir Thapa 33868th Gurkha Rifles28/08/1915
Rifleman Balbahadur Gurung 48798th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Balbahadur Thapa 47328th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Bhabesor Gurung 44398th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dalbahadur Gurung 42288th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dhanlal Gurung 48448th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dilasing Pun 49138th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dirgasing Gurung 43598th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Ganjaman Pun 46978th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Harkaman Gurung 43008th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Hastabir Thapa 49268th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Jagbahadur Pun 47868th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Lalbir Gurung 47588th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Nahakul Thapa 47278th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Partarsing Thapa 43488th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Bhajir Thapa 48328th Gurkha Rifles05/12/1915
Rifleman Kharu Thapa 45578th Gurkha Rifles04/10/1915
Rifleman Bagdal Pun 678th Gurkha Rifles24/09/1916
Rifleman Bhupal Thapa 29148th Gurkha Rifles04/11/1916
Rifleman Birbhal Gharti 48018th Gurkha Rifles21/03/1917
Rifleman Budha Sing Pun 36038th Gurkha Rifles19/09/1916
Rifleman Chandrajit Pun 47738th Gurkha Rifles26/03/1917
Rifleman Daljit Gurung 39428th Gurkha Rifles17/05/1916
Rifleman Dhanraj Gurung 35668th Gurkha Rifles05/11/1916
Rifleman Dhansing Gurung 39448th Gurkha Rifles20/03/1916
Rifleman Dhansing Thapa 618th Gurkha Rifles04/07/1916
Rifleman Gopalsing Thapa 49528th Gurkha Rifles07/07/1916
Lance Naik Haribal Gurung 978th Gurkha Rifles03/02/1917
Rifleman Jasbahadur Gurung 40498th Gurkha Rifles02/02/1916
Rifleman Jasbahadur Rai 41948th Gurkha Rifles03/01/1917
Rifleman Jitbahadur Pun 49708th Gurkha Rifles18/07/1916
Rifleman Karbir Thapa 38808th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kishnbir Thapa 49838th Gurkha Rifles01/10/1916
Rifleman Lachhiram Pun 46368th Gurkha Rifles26/05/1916
Rifleman Lalbahadur Thakur 47158th Gurkha Rifles04/10/1916
Rifleman Lankajit Thapa 47098th Gurkha Rifles19/09/1916
Rifleman Manbir Thapa 49578th Gurkha Rifles19/10/1916
Rifleman Naine Gurung 35818th Gurkha Rifles06/07/1916
Rifleman Nandu Gurung 49718th Gurkha Rifles18/01/1917
Rifleman Randhoj Thapa 44418th Gurkha Rifles06/03/1917
Havildar Ratan Bahadur Thapa 24888th Gurkha Rifles22/08/1916
Rifleman Sahabir Thapa 49978th Gurkha Rifles05/02/1917
Rifleman Sarbajit Thapa 36758th Gurkha Rifles11/02/1917
Rifleman Setia Ghale 1068th Gurkha Rifles14/04/1916
Rifleman Setia Gurung 37808th Gurkha Rifles03/05/1916
Rifleman Teklal Gurung 38208th Gurkha Rifles22/06/1916
Rifleman Tikaram Ghale 47618th Gurkha Rifles24/02/1917
Rifleman Tilbikaram Thapa 658th Gurkha Rifles22/05/1916
Lance Naik Tilbir Thapa 1228th Gurkha Rifles09/06/1916
Rifleman Harkbir Thapa 48258th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Hustram Rawa 40728th Gurkha Rifles02/12/1914
Rifleman Maite Thapa 44308th Gurkha Rifles25/10/1915
Rifleman Kubir Gurung 33588th Gurkha Rifles18/10/1916
Rifleman Ambar Singh Khatri 498th Gurkha Rifles24/11/1917
Rifleman Badrabir Thapa 35948th Gurkha Rifles27/06/1918
Rifleman Bhimsing Thapa 49558th Gurkha Rifles13/05/1917
Rifleman Biraj Gurung 33598th Gurkha Rifles30/04/1918
Rifleman Gabir Gurung 68th Gurkha Rifles31/07/1918
Rifleman Kabiram Pun 37448th Gurkha Rifles04/05/1917
Rifleman Keharsing Thapa 8th Gurkha Rifles16/07/1917
Rifleman Kharag Bahadur Gurung 48818th Gurkha Rifles11/11/1917
Rifleman Lal Bahadur Gurung 48198th Gurkha Rifles06/03/1918
Rifleman Nath Chand Thakur 46668th Gurkha Rifles30/05/1917
Rifleman Padamsing Gurung 49748th Gurkha Rifles01/08/1918
Rifleman Partiman Pun 38968th Gurkha Rifles30/05/1917
Rifleman Puniram Thapa 30498th Gurkha Rifles27/06/1918
Lance Naik Ranbir Thapa 42658th Gurkha Rifles31/05/1918
Rifleman Tekbahadur Gurung 31928th Gurkha Rifles27/06/1918
Rifleman Talbir Gurung 32578th Gurkha Rifles16/04/1918
Rifleman Tilbahadur Gurung 35658th Gurkha Rifles28/05/1917
Rifleman Tulbir Gurung 38598th Gurkha Rifles02/09/1917
Rifleman Dalbahabur Thapa 47258th Gurkha Rifles16/03/1917
Lance Naik Tulbir Gharti 40238th Gurkha Rifles13/02/1917
Lieutenant Robert Williams Ryall 8th Gurkha Rifles11/10/1915 (aged 23)
Lance Naik Jute Gurung 35408th Gurkha Rifles12/10/1917
Rifleman Ajit Gurung 218th Gurkha Rifles06/10/1915
Rifleman Balbir Thapa 37688th Gurkha Rifles28/09/1915
Follower Banshi 818th Gurkha Rifles13/09/1915
Rifleman Bhagirhat Ali 39938th Gurkha Rifles29/09/1915
Rifleman Chandra Singh Gurung 37018th Gurkha Rifles30/07/1915
Rifleman Hangu Rai 16668th Gurkha Rifles03/07/1915
Rifleman Jahar Singh Rai 16498th Gurkha Rifles27/09/1915
Rifleman Ranbahadar Pun 48318th Gurkha Rifles26/09/1915
Rifleman Santibir Thapa 38588th Gurkha Rifles29/09/1915
Jemadar Tane Bura Thoki 25848th Gurkha Rifles01/10/1915
Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Angell 8th Gurkha Rifles13/05/1915 (aged 20)
Rifleman Aitibir Thapa 208th Gurkha Rifles26/10/1915
Subadar Parmansing Lama 8th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Balasing Gurung 40428th Gurkha Rifles19/04/1915
Rifleman Kharak Bahadur Gurung 38668th Gurkha Rifles28/06/1915
Rifleman Kul Bahadur Pun 37778th Gurkha Rifles28/06/1915
Rifleman Lok Bahadur Thapa 33098th Gurkha Rifles17/03/1915
Naik Narcha Gurung 37388th Gurkha Rifles16/05/1915
Second Lieutenant Borrett 8th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Captain Clement Selby Moore 8th Gurkha Rifles19/07/1920
Rifleman Partab Roka 8378th Gurkha Rifles24/09/1918
Rifleman Manbahadur Basnale 49268th Gurkha Rifles01/11/1918
Major Lancelot Hugh Baldwin 8th Gurkha Rifles06/11/1914
Captain Miles Arthur Claude Kennedy 8th Gurkha Rifles02/11/1918
Rifleman Balbahadur Thapa 11138th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Balbir Pun 4438th Gurkha Rifles01/07/1918
Lance Naik Baliram Rana 49858th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Balu Gurung 9978th Gurkha Rifles14/09/1918
Rifleman Bandhan Kachari 8348th Gurkha Rifles03/12/1918
Rifleman Basanta Rabha 8598th Gurkha Rifles02/12/1919
Rifleman Bhagaram Madasi 10408th Gurkha Rifles30/11/1918
Havildar Bhagatbahadur Rai 12458th Gurkha Rifles30/07/1920
Naik Bhimbahadur Gurung 1168th Gurkha Rifles18/01/1919
Rifleman Bungshberry 13078th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Chakrabahadur Pun 20858th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Chunniram Rabha 7618th Gurkha Rifles03/10/1918
Rifleman Dalbir Gharti 9758th Gurkha Rifles04/06/1919
Rifleman Dhanbahadur Thapa 19318th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Dhanraj Rana 3548th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Dhan Sing Buda 2158th Gurkha Rifles07/03/1920
Havildar Dhansing Ghale 128th Gurkha Rifles23/09/1918
Rifleman Dharsingh Burathoki 2158th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Bugler Gajbir Rana 1328th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Subadar Gange Gharti 8th Gurkha Rifles29/08/1916
Rifleman Gauricharan Rajbansi 10548th Gurkha Rifles01/10/1919
Rifleman Gauri Gurung 50008th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Hajurman Lama 13558th Gurkha Rifles11/06/1919
Rifleman Harkbahadur Rai 10218th Gurkha Rifles24/09/1918
Rifleman Jagbahadur Sahi 13118th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Jagdeo Pun 19378th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Kale Gurung 5468th Gurkha Rifles01/11/1916
Rifleman Khan Bahadur Thapa 4218th Gurkha Rifles07/12/1919
Rifleman Liley Thapa 17798th Gurkha Rifles15/06/1919
Rifleman Manbahadur Gurung 35128th Gurkha Rifles05/05/1916
Rifleman Manbir Thapa 19868th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Mansur Gurung 9138th Gurkha Rifles29/11/1919
Naik Motichand Thakur 1648th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Nandalal Thapa 9648th Gurkha Rifles11/05/1918
Rifleman Narayan Singh Thapa 1678th Gurkha Rifles20/09/1918
Rifleman Naresar Rana 48968th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Nityananda Khettri 8308th Gurkha Rifles09/05/1919
Lance Naik Partap Singh Rana 47008th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Ranbir Pun 7868th Gurkha Rifles13/12/1919
Havildar Rase Gurung 46098th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Rathobir Thapa 20278th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Rukmagat Thapa 42068th Gurkha Rifles01/12/1916
Rifleman Salbo Rai 14988th Gurkha Rifles12/06/1919
Rifleman Sarbajit Pun 47298th Gurkha Rifles27/06/1917
Lance Naik Sasbahadur Thapa 40418th Gurkha Rifles22/06/1916
Rifleman Shamsher Gurung 33278th Gurkha Rifles14/06/1916
Rifleman Take Gharti 9608th Gurkha Rifles17/11/1918
Rifleman Tekbah Dur Dongal 11448th Gurkha Rifles08/04/1919
Rifleman Tika Ram Khatri 11818th Gurkha Rifles12/06/1919
Captain John Jervis Hewetson 8th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1921
Lieutenant Charles Lund 8th Gurkha Rifles19/02/1920
Captain Lawrence Hugh Rutledge 8th Gurkha Rifles10/01/1921 (aged 32)
Lieutenant Mark William Tryhorne 8th Gurkha Rifles12/12/1920
Rifleman Amaram Thapa 1758th Gurkha Rifles07/07/1918
Rifleman Bale Thapa 1878th Gurkha Rifles25/12/1915
Lance Naik Bale Thapa 37178th Gurkha Rifles01/09/1918
Rifleman Bhairabahadur Thapa 41658th Gurkha Rifles09/04/1919
Naik Bhanjansing Thakur 37148th Gurkha Rifles13/08/1918
Rifleman Bhimbahadur Rana 56988th Gurkha Rifles25/08/1918
Rifleman Bura Thapa 6708th Gurkha Rifles19/09/1918
Rifleman Dhanbahadur Gurung 3048th Gurkha Rifles20/02/1916
Rifleman Dhanbir Thapa 41988th Gurkha Rifles20/09/1918
Rifleman Gumansing Chettri 49468th Gurkha Rifles08/07/1918
Rifleman Haste Gurung 55658th Gurkha Rifles15/12/1918
Rifleman Hemlala Thapa 3828th Gurkha Rifles06/11/1918
Rifleman Indrabahadur Gurung 5518th Gurkha Rifles01/09/1918
Follower Jamesdal 248th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Kale Thapa 47938th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1919
Rifleman Kalu Chettri 47548th Gurkha Rifles30/04/1918
Lance Naik Kalu Ghale 36398th Gurkha Rifles14/07/1918
Rifleman Karnabir Thapa 12898th Gurkha Rifles27/11/1918
Rifleman Khetbahadur Khattri 49668th Gurkha Rifles15/07/1918
Rifleman Lachhmansing Gurung 49568th Gurkha Rifles09/03/1916
Rifleman Manbahadur Rana 36538th Gurkha Rifles14/09/1918
Rifleman Manbir Chettri 51318th Gurkha Rifles21/08/1918
Rifleman Phalle Roka 51348th Gurkha Rifles12/11/1918
Rifleman Puranbahadur Chettri 40258th Gurkha Rifles29/06/1918
Rifleman Puransing Thapa 55578th Gurkha Rifles07/07/1918
Rifleman Ransur Thapa 41898th Gurkha Rifles21/06/1918
Rifleman Ratanbir Thapa 52778th Gurkha Rifles20/09/1918
Rifleman Siblal Pun 50968th Gurkha Rifles09/04/1919
Naik Tahalsing Rana 29618th Gurkha Rifles23/07/1918
Rifleman Thamman Thapa 52228th Gurkha Rifles18/03/1919
Follower Nabi Ahmad 8th Gurkha Rifles12/03/1915
Lance Naik Nainasing Thapa 35008th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Nainsing Gurung 37938th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Nainsing Gurung 46438th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Nainsing Gurung 48478th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Nainsing Thapa 45288th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Nandalal Pun 34368th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Narbahadur Gurung 47888th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Rifleman Narbahadur Thapa 42168th Gurkha Rifles01/05/1915
Rifleman Narbahadur Thapa 48078th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Narbir Pun 41458th Gurkha Rifles27/03/1915
Rifleman Narjit Gurung 36878th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1915
Rifleman Narsing Burathoki 26338th Gurkha Rifles12/03/1915
Rifleman Narsing Gurung 39558th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Narsing Gurung 48058th Gurkha Rifles15/05/1915
Rifleman Narsing Thapa 43258th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Rifleman Nathu Gurung 578th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Nathu Gurung 40348th Gurkha Rifles17/05/1915
Subadar Padamdhoj Rana 8th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Rifleman Pahale Sarki 42088th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Pahalman Gurung 47638th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Subadar Pahalsing Gurung 8th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Pahalsing Rana 44508th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Parjit Pun 38158th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Parshad Gurung 44578th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Partabsing Gurung 47918th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Pasbir Gurung 47608th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Jemadar Phande Burathoki 8th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Pirthilal Gharti 42758th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Puranbir Pun 42488th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Puransing Gurung 41508th Gurkha Rifles18/06/1915
Rifleman Purne Gurung 34258th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Putke Thapa 47628th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Rabibhan Thapa 33938th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Rabilal Gurung 49388th Gurkha Rifles05/12/1914
Rifleman Rajbir Gurung 40238th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Rajman Pun 37768th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Naik Rambahadur Thapa 37788th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Naik Ramdal Rana 27308th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Ram Ghale 37468th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Ranbahadur Gurung 34158th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Ranbahadur Rana 46558th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Havildar Ranbahadur Thapa 37748th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Havildar Ranbahadur Thapa 42788th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Ranbal Thapa 36718th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1915
Rifleman Ranbir Thapa 35018th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Ranjit Thapa 40938th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Ransing 42798th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Ransing Gurung 35398th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Ransing Gurung 37828th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Ransing Rana 608th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Ransur Rana 43208th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Ratansing Gurung 47658th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Naik Sahabir Pun 34908th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Sahabir Pun 48128th Gurkha Rifles28/11/1914
Rifleman Samsher Rana 40058th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Santbir Gurung 16568th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Subadar Sarbajit Gurung 8th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Havildar Sarbajit Gurung 38468th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Sarabjit Pun 49068th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Naik Sarabjit Rana 35888th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Sarabjit Thapa 34078th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Havildar Sarjan Gurung 37578th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Sasiram Pun 42848th Gurkha Rifles16/08/1915
Rifleman Sasram Pun 418th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Satbir Pun 41428th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Sawal Sing Pun 36018th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Naik Sherbahadur Gurung 39948th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Sherbahadur Gurung 48498th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Sherbahadur Thapa 42158th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Siblal Thapa 24398th Gurkha Rifles18/04/1915
Rifleman Sukraj Pun 40398th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Sukram Gurung 34748th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Sursing Rana 38078th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1915
Naik Tarajit Gurung 37948th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Tekbahadur Mal 39858th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Naik Tekbahadur Sahi 39488th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Tekbahadur Sahi 47958th Gurkha Rifles12/03/1915
Rifleman Tekbahadur Thapa 878th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1918
Subadar Trindhoj Limbu 8th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Tula Gurung 44408th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Tulamani Pun 45938th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Havildar Tulbir Thapa 33438th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Tulbir Thapa 41568th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Hangsbir Thapa 47668th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Harakbahadur Gurung 48348th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Hari Parshad Pun 38148th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Harkabahadur Gurung 34618th Gurkha Rifles12/03/1915
Rifleman Harkabir Pun 35058th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Havildar Harkabir Thapa 32998th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Rifleman Harkaman Pun 438th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Harnamsing Rana 48098th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Hastabir Thapa 44428th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Hastabir Thapa 47648th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Hastalal Pun 48378th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Hastasing Pun 46798th Gurkha Rifles27/06/1915
Rifleman Hembahadur Gurung 49818th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Hiramani Thapa 42538th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Icharam Burathoki 40698th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Indrabir Pun 49728th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Subadar Indrabir Thapa 8th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Indrabir Thapa 39828th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Rifleman Jagbir Thapa 288th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Jahsur Gurung 40098th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Jangbir Gurung 33208th Gurkha Rifles09/02/1916
Rifleman Jange Pun 42988th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Jasbahadur Gurung 31808th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Jasbahadur Gurung 35088th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Jasbir Ale 42768th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Jasbir Rana 36778th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Naik Jasbir Thapa 30058th Gurkha Rifles22/06/1915
Rifleman Jasman Thapa 41708th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Bugler Jasraj Gurung 44038th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Jasram Thapa 49278th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Jitbahadur Ghale 49708th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Lance Naik Jite Gurung 38208th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Jite Gurung 44528th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Jitsing Bisht 44808th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Havildar Judhbir Ale 34298th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kabiraj Thapa 47398th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Kabiram Gurung 47568th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Havildar Kalachand Thakur 27028th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kamansing Gharti 42448th Gurkha Rifles25/04/1916
Rifleman Kangsabir Thapa 198th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kanharam Pun 36968th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kanhbir Pun 46768th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Karbir Rana 45458th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Karnabahadur Rana 858th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Karnabir Gurung 30338th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Naik Karnabir Gurung 37288th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Karnabir Thapa 36818th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Karnasing Thapa 36168th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Lance Naik Kasiram Thapa 38978th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kasiram Thapa 47408th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Khamansing Gharti 37938th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Khambhasing Gurung 46758th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kharkasing Gurung 48598th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Kharak Sing Thapa 38008th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Khark Rana 32048th Gurkha Rifles13/02/1915
Rifleman Khatabir Bura 39618th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kirparam Rana 35128th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kirparam Thapa 36928th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kirparam Thapa 39768th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Kishnbahadur Thapa 708th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Krishna Gurung 48438th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Jemadar Kulbahadur Gurung 8th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Rifleman Kulbir Rana 30808th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Lance Naik Kulman Thapa 30958th Gurkha Rifles10/05/1915
Rifleman Kumbhasing Gurung 968th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Lance Naik Lachhiman Thapa 38228th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Lalbahadur Gurung 48298th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Rifleman Lalbahadur Khattri 41168th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Lalbahadur Pun 44838th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1914
Lance Naik Lalbahadur Thapa 34348th Gurkha Rifles10/11/1915
Bugler Lalbahadur Thapa 48048th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Lance Naik Lalbir Gurung 30898th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Lance Naik Lalbir Thapa 30908th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Lalsing Gurung 48358th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Lalu Gurung 27378th Gurkha Rifles10/11/1915
Rifleman Lankbahadur Pun 38688th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1915
Rifleman Lilbahadur Mal 25698th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Lildhoj Ale 49778th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Ludras Thapa 36248th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Lance Naik Madbar Gurung 38028th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Jemadar Mahabir Rana 8th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Mahabir Rana 33998th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Mahalsing Pun 47698th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Manbahadur Gurung 35738th Gurkha Rifles16/04/1915
Rifleman Manbahadur Gurung 37638th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Manbahadur Gurung 38338th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Manbahadur Gurung 38958th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Lance Naik Manbahadur Gurung 41408th Gurkha Rifles24/06/1915
Havildar Manbahadur Rana 34028th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Manbir Gharti 45088th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Manbir Pun 41918th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Manbir Rana 30728th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Mandhar Pun 34828th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1915
Rifleman Mangalsing Gurung 38418th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Mangalsing Gurung 41098th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Maniram Pun 31228th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Mansing Gurung 45618th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Matbar Gurung 46588th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Havildar Aibir Thapa 35808th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Ambarsing Gurung 47788th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Anand Gurung 46418th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Angasbir Thapa 44468th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Asaram Gurung 46998th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Havildar Aspur Pun 31288th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Atbal Gurung 34248th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Badalsing Gurung 49038th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Badalsing Thapa 39578th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Bahadur Gurung 42468th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Bahadur Thapa 33228th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Bakhtbahadur Gurung 36658th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Balbahadur Gurung 37928th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Balbir Burathoki 38058th Gurkha Rifles26/06/1915
Lance Naik Balbir Gurung 37128th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Balbir Thapa 33858th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Balbir Thapa 41468th Gurkha Rifles15/11/1914
Rifleman Balu Thapa 47048th Gurkha Rifles10/05/1915
Rifleman Bane Pun 46228th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Jemadar Barne Thapa 8th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Barsing Thapa 25768th Gurkha Rifles10/05/1915
Rifleman Besar Thapa 33968th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Bhabesor Gurung 378th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Bhabesur Rana 37628th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Havildar Bhagtabir Rana 33528th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Bhajbir 38218th Gurkha Rifles05/04/1918
Rifleman Bhakhat Gurung 45548th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Naik Bhaktabir Gurung 39778th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Bugler Bhaktiram Thapa 39178th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Bhimraj Gurung 34638th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Bhimraj Thapa 43608th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Subadar Birbahadur Rana 8th Gurkha Rifles12/03/1915
Rifleman Birbahadur Thapa 30668th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1915
Rifleman Birbahadur Thapa 38668th Gurkha Rifles18/04/1915
Rifleman Bire Lama 33948th Gurkha Rifles13/03/1915
Rifleman Budhasing Ghale 48288th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Budhibal Thapa 35368th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Budhiman Gurung 47088th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Bugler Chakrabir Gharti 39258th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Chamu Pun 36568th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Chandrabir Rana 32848th Gurkha Rifles08/08/1915
Rifleman Chandradhoj Rai 3778th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Chandrasing Gurung 37878th Gurkha Rifles28/07/1915
Rifleman Chandrasing Gurung 46528th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Chandrasing Thapa 33138th Gurkha Rifles23/12/1914
Rifleman Chandre Thapa 43148th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Chhabilal Gurung 41398th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Chitrabir Rana 37298th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Chuman Pun 37438th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Churamani Rana 42938th Gurkha Rifles22/06/1915
Naik Dalaram Thapa 38358th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dalbahadur Gurung 41638th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dalbahadur Gurung 42478th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dalbahadur Lama 39948th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Dalbahadur Rana 39848th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Dalbahadur Thapa 38288th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Dalipsing Khattri 46618th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dalraj Thapa 42968th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dambarsing Gurung 49208th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Dambarsing Thapa 40158th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Debising Gurung 8th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Debising Rana 35548th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dewansing Gurung 37668th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Dhanbahadur Gurung 38348th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Dhanbahadur Gurung 47148th Gurkha Rifles28/11/1914
Rifleman Dhanbahadur Gurung 49228th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Havildar Dhanbir Gurung 38448th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Dhanbir Rana 32428th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Dhanbir Thapa 35108th Gurkha Rifles22/04/1917
Rifleman Dhanparshad Gurung 46398th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Havildar Dhanpati Pun 33368th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Havildar Dhanpati Thapa 33248th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Dhansing Gurung 108th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Dhansing Gurung 47448th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dilbahadur Gurung 44588th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dilbahadur Pun 41658th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Dilbahadur Rana 47508th Gurkha Rifles17/12/1915
Rifleman Dilbahadur Thapa 30848th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1915
Rifleman Dilbahadur Thapa 37758th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Havildar Dilu Thapa 25498th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Rifleman Dirgasing Gurung 39538th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Durge Thapa 42928th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Gagansing Gurung 40648th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Gagansing Gurung 47128th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Gajal Pun 38678th Gurkha Rifles10/11/1915
Rifleman Gambirsing Gurung 44618th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Gangabir Thapa 41358th Gurkha Rifles21/12/1914
Rifleman Gangaprasad Pun 528th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Ganjaman Ghale 45528th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Ganjaram Pun 47718th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Ganjasing Gurung 40268th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Gobindi Rana 648th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Gopal Gharti 34048th Gurkha Rifles19/09/1915
Rifleman Gore Pun 43318th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Rifleman Gore Thapa 48528th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
Rifleman Gujarsing Thapa 38388th Gurkha Rifles29/05/1915
Rifleman Gumansing Thapa 35158th Gurkha Rifles05/09/1915
Major Dashwood William Harrington Humphreys 8th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917 (aged 45)
Second Lieutenant Wilfred Bernard O'shea 8th Gurkha Rifles23/05/1916 (aged 20)
Rifleman Agamdhoj Rai 32968th Gurkha Rifles16/05/1916
Rifleman Aimansing Thapa 2838th Gurkha Rifles20/04/1917
Rifleman Aku Suba 41818th Gurkha Rifles03/05/1917
Rifleman Amrit Burathoki 4878th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Follower Anto Ram 288th Gurkha Rifles09/09/1916
Havildar Asiram Pun 27018th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Rifleman Aspur Gurung 45558th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Atal Rana 42788th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Badalsing Thapa 42198th Gurkha Rifles11/08/1916
Rifleman Badanahai Sahi 39358th Gurkha Rifles07/07/1916
Rifleman Bahadur Pun 35448th Gurkha Rifles23/05/1916
Follower Bahadur Thapa 8th Gurkha Rifles14/11/1917
Follower Bakht Bahadur Gurung 8th Gurkha Rifles04/06/1916
Lance Naik Balbahadur Sahi 36198th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Basanti Thapa 34228th Gurkha Rifles05/06/1916
Rifleman Batanbir Thapa 44558th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Subadar Bhairab Sahi 8th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Lance Naik Bhaktaram Gharti 32508th Gurkha Rifles12/08/1916
Rifleman Bhanichand Thakur 3978th Gurkha Rifles07/07/1917
Rifleman Bhawamlal Chettri 49338th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Bhimbahadur Rana 13288th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Bhimbal Thapa 41518th Gurkha Rifles26/04/1916
Rifleman Binuram Ale 49448th Gurkha Rifles11/06/1917
Rifleman Birbahadur Ale 41968th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Havildar Birbhan Gurung 31678th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Lance Naik Birman Gurung 32668th Gurkha Rifles03/09/1917
Rifleman Budhabir Gurung 40278th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Chandabir Rana 7928th Gurkha Rifles19/05/1917
Follower Chandrabir Thapa 8th Gurkha Rifles04/06/1916
Rifleman Chandrabir Thapa 44528th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Chandrabahadur Sahi 2988th Gurkha Rifles30/05/1917
Rifleman Chandre Pun 32828th Gurkha Rifles05/06/1916
Rifleman Cheme Gurung 47548th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1916
Naik Chintabir Thapa 33798th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Chitrabahadur 41708th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Rifleman Chuman Burathoki 42468th Gurkha Rifles26/05/1916
Rifleman Churamani Sarki 48708th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Churamani Thapa 13788th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Naik Dalbahadur Pun 31468th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Naik Dallu Pun 34568th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Dambarsing Chettri 48428th Gurkha Rifles18/02/1917
Rifleman Debi Pun 5608th Gurkha Rifles01/04/1917
Jemadar Dewansing Gurung 8th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Lance Naik Dewansing Gurung 39688th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Dewansing Gurung 47038th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Follower Dhanbahadur Rana 168th Gurkha Rifles04/06/1916
Havildar Dhanbir Gurung 28598th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Dhanbir Gurung 36898th Gurkha Rifles08/08/1916
Rifleman Dhanbir Pun 39568th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Dhanbir Thapa 43478th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Dhansing Rana 4908th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Naik Dharmsher Gurung 33338th Gurkha Rifles09/09/1916
Follower Dilbahadur Gurung 8th Gurkha Rifles04/06/1916
Rifleman Dilbahadur Rana 49128th Gurkha Rifles18/05/1917
Rifleman Dilbahadur Sahi 2778th Gurkha Rifles30/08/1916
Rifleman Dilbir Thapa 52978th Gurkha Rifles29/07/1917
Rifleman Dilpun 4798th Gurkha Rifles07/12/1916
Naik Fateh Rana 40438th Gurkha Rifles12/10/1916
Rifleman Fatehsing Thapa 42188th Gurkha Rifles27/02/1917
Rifleman Gagansing Thapa 41278th Gurkha Rifles20/02/1917
Follower Gaiban Naga 308th Gurkha Rifles08/06/1916
Rifleman Gajbir Thapa 5728th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Rifleman Gambhirsing Hamal 47748th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Gambhirsing Thapa 47868th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Ganeshbahadur Chettri 49728th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Gangabir Thapa 49458th Gurkha Rifles14/11/1916
Rifleman Gangadhar Rana 11698th Gurkha Rifles25/01/1918
Naik Gangaparsad Pun 34038th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Rifleman Gangaram Sahi 43378th Gurkha Rifles19/04/1916
Rifleman Gangasing Gurung 35188th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Lance Naik Gangu Pun 2808th Gurkha Rifles28/05/1916
Rifleman Gangu Pun 32808th Gurkha Rifles28/05/1916
Follower Ghissu 8th Gurkha Rifles11/04/1916
Rifleman Gopi Rawat 39648th Gurkha Rifles01/06/1916
Rifleman Hangbahadur Rai 43748th Gurkha Rifles26/07/1916
Rifleman Hariparsad Burathoki 47988th Gurkha Rifles20/03/1917
Rifleman Harkadhoj Sunwar 43238th Gurkha Rifles05/04/1916
Rifleman Harkbahadur Gurung 41258th Gurkha Rifles13/06/1916
Rifleman Harkbahadur Gurung 42858th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Harke Thapa 41788th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Harki Gharti 47388th Gurkha Rifles03/12/1917
Rifleman Hastabir Gurung 40378th Gurkha Rifles06/09/1916
Rifleman Hitbahadur Chettri 49528th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Follower Indradeo Ram 188th Gurkha Rifles09/07/1916
Follower Jamesdal 2438th Gurkha Rifles25/08/1917
Naik Jangi Thapa 35358th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Jasbir Gurung 44728th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Havildar Jhuthe Gurung 25408th Gurkha Rifles30/04/1916
Havildar Jita Gurung 33068th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Judbir Thapa 2428th Gurkha Rifles15/05/1917
Rifleman Judhabir Thapa 41348th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Judhabir Thapa 43258th Gurkha Rifles19/07/1916
Rifleman Juthe Gurung 29758th Gurkha Rifles02/06/1916
Rifleman Kabiram Thapa 43128th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Havildar Kabiran Pun 32038th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Kale Khattri 47678th Gurkha Rifles15/03/1917
Rifleman Kalu Gharti 41288th Gurkha Rifles05/01/1917
Rifleman Kaluram Thapa 4638th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Kaman Sing Thapa 42938th Gurkha Rifles23/06/1917
Rifleman Karagbahadur Gurung 34728th Gurkha Rifles20/04/1916
Rifleman Karanasing Thapa 48578th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Karnabahadur Thapa 44318th Gurkha Rifles22/04/1916
Naik Karnabir Thapa 30868th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Follower Kasiram Upadhya 148th Gurkha Rifles16/07/1916
Havildar Katak Bahadur Rana 40868th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Kati Ram Mech 16358th Gurkha Rifles04/06/1916
Follower Kharak Bahadur Gurung 8th Gurkha Rifles04/06/1916
Rifleman Kharakbahadur Gurung 32618th Gurkha Rifles27/10/1917
Rifleman Kharakbahadur Rana 44018th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Kharakbahadur Thapa 40008th Gurkha Rifles22/04/1916
Rifleman Kharakbir Pun 45028th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Khargabahadur Thapa 39528th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Kirtiman Gurung 42608th Gurkha Rifles02/08/1916
Lance Naik Kishnabahadur Gurung 45138th Gurkha Rifles15/03/1917
Rifleman Kishnabahadur Mahat 48448th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Kulmansing Rana 36668th Gurkha Rifles12/08/1916
Jemadar Lachhman Khattri 8th Gurkha Rifles14/07/1917
Rifleman Lachman Nagarkoti 39788th Gurkha Rifles17/06/1917
Follower Lachhman Thapa 88th Gurkha Rifles02/06/1917
Rifleman Lachhman Thapa 2578th Gurkha Rifles01/06/1917
Rifleman Lakbahadur Sahi 3418th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Lakpa Lama 13348th Gurkha Rifles13/12/1916
Rifleman Lalbahadur Gurung 37528th Gurkha Rifles24/05/1916
Rifleman Lalbahadur Thapa 39678th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Lalbir Gurung 35378th Gurkha Rifles02/05/1916
Rifleman Lalbir Rai 2128th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Lalbir Thapa 32308th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Rifleman Lalpati Gurung 13328th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Lalsing Rana 13678th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Lilambar Thapa 42398th Gurkha Rifles08/12/1916
Rifleman Lilbir Thapa 6448th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Lokbahadur Chettri 47238th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Makansing Gurung 2688th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Lance Naik Makardhoj Rai 43738th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Manbahadur Mal 44808th Gurkha Rifles19/07/1916
Rifleman Manbahadur Pun 38638th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Subadar Manbahadur Thapa 8th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Havildar Manbahadur Thapa 32918th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Rifleman Manbahadur Thapa 33308th Gurkha Rifles05/06/1916
Rifleman Manbir Rana 4898th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Manbir Thapa 6838th Gurkha Rifles29/04/1917
Rifleman Mandhai Gurung 31178th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Maniraj Thapa 47888th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Lance Naik Mansur Pun 38118th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Lance Naik Matbarsing Thapa 3178th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Motilal Gharti 39418th Gurkha Rifles31/07/1916
Rifleman Muktasing Gurung 38718th Gurkha Rifles27/05/1916
Rifleman Munbir Rana 42748th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Follower Napley Naga 278th Gurkha Rifles26/04/1916
Rifleman Narbir Thakur 48798th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Narbir Thapa 52958th Gurkha Rifles30/09/1917
Lance Naik Nime Rana 38868th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Lance Naik Padamdhoj Mal 34338th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Lance Naik Pahalman Gurung 40338th Gurkha Rifles26/07/1916
Rifleman Pemba Lama 12368th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Punaram Rana 41638th Gurkha Rifles11/09/1916
Lance Naik Punbahadur Gurung 40858th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Puranbahadur Khattri 4518th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Purubahadur Khattri 4338th Gurkha Rifles03/12/1916
Rifleman Puskare Gharti 48368th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Rabilal Chettri 39988th Gurkha Rifles07/09/1916
Lance Naik Ragbir Gurung 36588th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Ranbir Thapa 3068th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Randhoj Sahi 40198th Gurkha Rifles09/08/1916
Rifleman Ratanbir Gurung 35998th Gurkha Rifles10/06/1916
Rifleman Ratanbir Thapa 44558th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Rudrabir Gurung 43608th Gurkha Rifles22/05/1916
Rifleman Rukmaji Thapa 42038th Gurkha Rifles01/12/1916
Rifleman Rupsing Thakur 3308th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Sahabir Thapa 42518th Gurkha Rifles07/09/1916
Rifleman Sahiram Thapa 43938th Gurkha Rifles20/02/1917
Rifleman Saktiram Thapa 41838th Gurkha Rifles06/11/1916
Rifleman Samardhoj Sahi 43618th Gurkha Rifles22/05/1916
Havildar Santbir Gurung 32758th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Sante Mal 49598th Gurkha Rifles31/08/1917
Rifleman Santhir Gurung 4098th Gurkha Rifles08/09/1916
Rifleman Saruni Pun 37918th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Rifleman Sasidhar Sahi 45768th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Sasiram Thapa 44258th Gurkha Rifles04/10/1916
Rifleman Setumatra Chettri 48438th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Sibi Thapa 49998th Gurkha Rifles15/01/1918
Rifleman Singraj Gurung 47818th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Rifleman Sobhan Gurung 2758th Gurkha Rifles17/02/1917
Follower Sohalsing Pun 8th Gurkha Rifles04/06/1916
Rifleman Srilal Rana 43858th Gurkha Rifles19/02/1917
Rifleman Tekbahadur Rana 42918th Gurkha Rifles23/05/1916
Rifleman Tekbahadur Thakur 44628th Gurkha Rifles03/05/1917
Rifleman Tikan Sing Rana 35978th Gurkha Rifles11/01/1916
Rifleman Tikaram Gurung 45388th Gurkha Rifles24/05/1916
Rifleman Tikaram Gurung 50988th Gurkha Rifles15/07/1917
Naik Tilbikaram Rana 36678th Gurkha Rifles22/02/1917
Rifleman Tilbirram Thapa 0658th Gurkha Rifles10/06/1917
Rifleman Tilbir Thapa 13458th Gurkha Rifles10/07/1916
Rifleman Tularam Pun 43808th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Rifleman Tulbahadur Ale 48548th Gurkha Rifles21/04/1917
Rifleman Udesing Thapa 6438th Gurkha Rifles14/03/1917
Follower Bala Bakhsh 8th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Bhajbir Gurung 38128th Gurkha Rifles05/04/1918
Rifleman Bhanu Gurung 48518th Gurkha Rifles17/05/1918
Havildar Dalbir Pun 32818th Gurkha Rifles11/12/1914
Rifleman Durgasing Gurung 36978th Gurkha Rifles11/04/1915
Rifleman Kesabadur Gurung 48728th Gurkha Rifles28/11/1914
Rifleman Lal Bahadur Ghale 44988th Gurkha Rifles07/02/1915
Rifleman Maite Gurung 43058th Gurkha Rifles06/12/1914
Rifleman Mansing Gurung 48278th Gurkha Rifles13/11/1915
Rifleman Tek Bahadur Thapa 29838th Gurkha Rifles12/03/1915
Follower Bali Bura Thakur 8th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Follower Banwari Lal 8th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Follower Naresut Rana 8th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Parmarath Pun 18818th Gurkha Rifles04/08/1914
Rifleman Budhiman Gurung 9618th Gurkha Rifles21/06/1918
Lance Naik Ditte Thapa 28288th Gurkha Rifles07/07/1918
Subadar Jaichand Thakur 8th Gurkha Rifles30/10/1914
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CemeteryCountryCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
RAMLEH WAR CEMETERYIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)300
BEIRUT WAR CEMETERYLebanese Republic100
Loading list of dates
Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Tuesday 4 August 19142500
Friday 30 October 191410677
Wednesday 4 November 1914100
Friday 6 November 1914100
Sunday 15 November 1914100
Monday 23 November 19141310
Saturday 28 November 1914400
Wednesday 2 December 1914100
Saturday 5 December 1914100
Sunday 6 December 1914100
Friday 11 December 1914100
Monday 21 December 19141200
Wednesday 23 December 1914100
Monday 4 January 1915100
Sunday 7 February 1915100
Saturday 13 February 1915100
Friday 12 March 1915600
Saturday 13 March 1915100
Wednesday 17 March 1915100
Saturday 27 March 1915100
Sunday 11 April 1915100
Friday 16 April 1915100
Saturday 17 April 1915100
Sunday 18 April 1915200
Monday 19 April 1915100
Tuesday 27 April 1915100
Saturday 1 May 1915100
Sunday 2 May 1915100
Thursday 6 May 1915100
Sunday 9 May 1915100
Monday 10 May 1915300
Thursday 13 May 1915110
Saturday 15 May 1915100
Sunday 16 May 1915100
Monday 17 May 1915100
Tuesday 18 May 1915800
Sunday 23 May 1915100
Saturday 29 May 1915100
Wednesday 16 June 1915100
Friday 18 June 1915100
Tuesday 22 June 1915200
Thursday 24 June 1915100
Saturday 26 June 1915100
Sunday 27 June 1915200
Monday 28 June 1915200
Tuesday 29 June 1915200
Saturday 3 July 1915100
Wednesday 28 July 1915100
Friday 30 July 1915100
Sunday 8 August 1915100
Monday 16 August 1915100
Sunday 22 August 1915100
Saturday 28 August 1915100
Sunday 5 September 19151300
Monday 13 September 1915100
Sunday 19 September 1915100
Friday 24 September 1915111
Saturday 25 September 191511900
Sunday 26 September 1915311
Monday 27 September 1915100
Tuesday 28 September 1915100
Wednesday 29 September 1915200
Friday 1 October 1915100
Monday 4 October 1915100
Wednesday 6 October 1915100
Monday 11 October 1915110
Sunday 17 October 1915300
Monday 18 October 1915100
Monday 25 October 1915100
Tuesday 26 October 1915100
Wednesday 10 November 1915300
Saturday 13 November 1915100
Sunday 5 December 1915100
Friday 17 December 1915100
Saturday 25 December 1915100
Tuesday 11 January 1916100
Wednesday 2 February 1916100
Wednesday 9 February 1916100
Sunday 20 February 1916100
Thursday 9 March 1916100
Monday 20 March 1916100
Wednesday 5 April 1916100
Tuesday 11 April 1916100
Friday 14 April 1916100
Wednesday 19 April 1916100
Thursday 20 April 1916100
Saturday 22 April 1916200
Tuesday 25 April 1916100
Wednesday 26 April 1916200
Sunday 30 April 1916100
Tuesday 2 May 1916100
Wednesday 3 May 1916100
Friday 5 May 1916100
Tuesday 16 May 1916100
Wednesday 17 May 1916100
Thursday 18 May 1916100
Monday 22 May 1916300
Tuesday 23 May 1916310
Wednesday 24 May 1916200
Friday 26 May 1916200
Saturday 27 May 1916100
Sunday 28 May 1916200
Thursday 1 June 1916100
Friday 2 June 1916100
Sunday 4 June 1916700
Monday 5 June 1916300
Thursday 8 June 1916100
Friday 9 June 1916100
Saturday 10 June 1916100
Tuesday 13 June 1916100
Wednesday 14 June 1916100
Thursday 22 June 1916200
Tuesday 4 July 1916100
Thursday 6 July 1916100
Friday 7 July 1916200
Sunday 9 July 1916100
Monday 10 July 1916100
Sunday 16 July 1916100
Tuesday 18 July 1916100
Wednesday 19 July 1916200
Wednesday 26 July 1916200
Monday 31 July 1916100
Wednesday 2 August 1916100
Tuesday 8 August 1916100
Wednesday 9 August 1916100
Friday 11 August 1916100
Saturday 12 August 1916200
Tuesday 22 August 1916100
Tuesday 29 August 1916100
Wednesday 30 August 1916100
Wednesday 6 September 1916100
Thursday 7 September 1916200
Friday 8 September 1916100
Saturday 9 September 1916200
Monday 11 September 1916100
Tuesday 19 September 1916200
Sunday 24 September 1916100
Sunday 1 October 1916100
Wednesday 4 October 1916200
Thursday 12 October 1916100
Wednesday 18 October 1916100
Thursday 19 October 1916100
Wednesday 1 November 1916100
Saturday 4 November 1916100
Sunday 5 November 1916100
Monday 6 November 1916100
Tuesday 14 November 1916100
Friday 1 December 1916200
Sunday 3 December 1916100
Thursday 7 December 1916100
Friday 8 December 1916100
Wednesday 13 December 1916100
Wednesday 3 January 1917100
Friday 5 January 1917100
Thursday 18 January 1917100
Saturday 3 February 1917100
Monday 5 February 1917100
Sunday 11 February 1917100
Tuesday 13 February 1917100
Saturday 17 February 19175300
Sunday 18 February 1917100
Monday 19 February 1917100
Tuesday 20 February 1917200
Thursday 22 February 1917100
Saturday 24 February 1917100
Tuesday 27 February 1917100
Tuesday 6 March 1917100
Wednesday 14 March 19171200
Thursday 15 March 1917200
Friday 16 March 1917100
Tuesday 20 March 1917100
Wednesday 21 March 1917100
Monday 26 March 1917100
Sunday 1 April 1917100
Friday 20 April 1917100
Saturday 21 April 19172500
Sunday 22 April 1917100
Sunday 29 April 1917100
Thursday 3 May 1917200
Friday 4 May 1917100
Sunday 13 May 1917100
Tuesday 15 May 1917100
Friday 18 May 1917100
Saturday 19 May 1917100
Monday 28 May 1917100
Wednesday 30 May 1917300
Friday 1 June 1917100
Saturday 2 June 1917100
Sunday 10 June 1917100
Monday 11 June 1917100
Sunday 17 June 1917100
Saturday 23 June 1917100
Wednesday 27 June 1917100
Saturday 7 July 1917100
Saturday 14 July 1917100
Sunday 15 July 1917100
Monday 16 July 1917100
Sunday 29 July 1917100
Saturday 25 August 1917100
Friday 31 August 1917100
Sunday 2 September 1917100
Monday 3 September 1917100
Sunday 30 September 1917100
Friday 12 October 1917100
Saturday 27 October 1917100
Sunday 11 November 1917100
Wednesday 14 November 1917100
Saturday 24 November 1917100
Monday 3 December 1917100
Tuesday 15 January 1918100
Friday 25 January 1918100
Wednesday 6 March 1918100
Friday 5 April 1918200
Tuesday 16 April 1918100
Tuesday 30 April 1918200
Saturday 11 May 1918100
Friday 17 May 1918100
Friday 31 May 1918100
Friday 21 June 1918200
Thursday 27 June 1918300
Saturday 29 June 1918100
Monday 1 July 1918100
Sunday 7 July 1918300
Monday 8 July 1918100
Sunday 14 July 1918100
Monday 15 July 1918100
Tuesday 23 July 1918100
Wednesday 31 July 1918100
Thursday 1 August 1918100
Sunday 4 August 1918100
Tuesday 13 August 1918100
Wednesday 21 August 1918100
Sunday 25 August 1918100
Sunday 1 September 1918200
Saturday 14 September 1918200
Thursday 19 September 1918100
Friday 20 September 1918300
Monday 23 September 1918100
Tuesday 24 September 1918200
Thursday 3 October 1918100
Friday 1 November 1918100
Saturday 2 November 1918110
Wednesday 6 November 1918100
Tuesday 12 November 1918100
Sunday 17 November 1918100
Wednesday 27 November 1918100
Saturday 30 November 1918100
Tuesday 3 December 1918100
Sunday 15 December 1918100
Saturday 18 January 1919100
Tuesday 18 March 1919100
Tuesday 8 April 1919100
Wednesday 9 April 1919200
Friday 9 May 1919100
Wednesday 4 June 1919100
Wednesday 11 June 1919100
Thursday 12 June 1919200
Sunday 15 June 1919100
Monday 4 August 1919100
Wednesday 1 October 1919100
Saturday 29 November 1919100
Tuesday 2 December 1919100
Sunday 7 December 1919100
Saturday 13 December 1919100
Thursday 19 February 1920100
Sunday 7 March 1920100
Tuesday 18 May 1920100
Monday 19 July 1920100
Friday 30 July 1920100
Sunday 12 December 1920110
Monday 10 January 1921110
Thursday 21 April 1921100
Loading parish list
ParishDioceseCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Storrington and SullingtonHorsham100