74th Punjabis

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Sepoy Feroz Khan 256574th Punjabis11/01/1919
Sepoy Ghulam Mohiuddin 253974th Punjabis11/12/1918
Sepoy Mahbab 360274th Punjabis16/01/1919
Sepoy Varman Khan 271174th Punjabis12/01/1919
Sepoy Walayat Khan 357474th Punjabis16/10/1919
Sepoy Jahan Khan 264074th Punjabis15/11/1919
Follower Sheikh Ahmed 74th Punjabis14/05/1920
Sepoy Thainu 401774th Punjabis03/01/1920
Sepoy Jalla Rain 198674th Punjabis17/11/1920
Sepoy Abdulla Khan 130274th Punjabis07/08/1915
Sepoy Jodha 156174th Punjabis02/08/1915
Naik Lal Singh 26174th Punjabis04/08/1915
Colour Havildar Rama 26874th Punjabis05/08/1915
Sepoy Ram Singh 158474th Punjabis13/09/1915
Sepoy Santu 64074th Punjabis10/09/1915
Sepoy Bogha 248874th Punjabis28/06/1918
Bearer Summai 822474th Punjabis07/09/1914
Bugler Tulsa Singh 181274th Punjabis29/01/1915
Sepoy Karam Khan 166274th Punjabis19/03/1916
Major Cowan 74th Punjabis01/06/1915
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 114574th Punjabis26/09/1915
Sepoy Punnu 77374th Punjabis04/10/1915
Sepoy Shahamad 131474th Punjabis04/10/1915
Major Harold Hamer Grey Stansfeld 74th Punjabis25/09/1915 (aged 45)
Captain Miller 74th Punjabis18/04/1916
Sepoy Lal Khan 214874th Punjabis17/09/1917
Sepoy Fakir Muhammad 355674th Punjabis05/11/1918
Sepoy Sarwar Din 338574th Punjabis04/09/1918
Sepoy Muhammad Alam 349074th Punjabis15/11/1918
Sepoy Jahan Khan 154774th Punjabis04/02/1915
Sepoy Lal Khan 168274th Punjabis13/12/1919
Sepoy Bahadur Khan 241774th Punjabis13/10/1918
Sepoy Bihari 202074th Punjabis25/06/1920
Sepoy Ladha Khan 358874th Punjabis14/03/1919
Sepoy Ram Ditta 215474th Punjabis27/09/1916
Sepoy Sarwar Khan 288374th Punjabis25/06/1919
Sepoy Shah Nawaz 199374th Punjabis31/12/1917
Sepoy Sunka 434574th Punjabis02/02/1921
Havildar Udham Singh 23274th Punjabis29/09/1918
Sepoy Udham Singh 59874th Punjabis01/02/1920
Sepoy Waryam Singh 162874th Punjabis10/05/1919
Sepoy Buta Singh 216674th Punjabis31/07/1919
Sepoy Chiragh Din 276274th Punjabis15/04/1918
Sepoy Dhera Singh 100674th Punjabis03/03/1920
Sepoy Farman Khan 271174th Punjabis12/11/1919
Sepoy Fazl Khan 331074th Punjabis06/06/1918
Sepoy Ismail Khan 400974th Punjabis31/10/1920
Sepoy Khuda Bakhsh 232574th Punjabis24/04/1919
Sepoy Mehr Muhammad 257474th Punjabis17/09/1918
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 435474th Punjabis22/12/1920
Sepoy Piruji 2708574th Punjabis24/01/1919
Follower Shah Muhammad 10674th Punjabis06/12/1920
Sepoy Suleman 288974th Punjabis23/07/1918
Sepoy Tikam Das 343574th Punjabis06/01/1920
Sepoy Yaqub Khan 239574th Punjabis25/11/1918
Sepoy Nanak 66474th Punjabis09/05/1915
Sepoy Nur Shah 168974th Punjabis25/09/1915
Colour Havildar Painda Khan 15474th Punjabis25/09/1915
Sepoy Ram Ditta 28474th Punjabis07/06/1915
Sepoy Rikhia 177874th Punjabis25/09/1915
Sepoy Sher Zaman 194474th Punjabis25/09/1915
Subadar Hari Singh 74th Punjabis25/09/1915
Havildar Harjalu 29974th Punjabis19/04/1915
Sepoy Musharraf Khan 190074th Punjabis25/09/1915
Captain Herbert Wardlaw Milne 74th Punjabis27/09/1915 (aged 32)
Sepoy Diwan Chand 171774th Punjabis25/09/1915
Sepoy Faiza Khan 155774th Punjabis25/09/1915
Sepoy Gheba Khan 111074th Punjabis25/09/1915
Naik Ghulam Muhammad 80574th Punjabis25/09/1915
Second Lieutenant Clarke 74th Punjabis30/07/1918
Sepoy Mataba 300574th Punjabis06/04/1920
Second Lieutenant Henry Graham 74th Punjabis28/06/1917
Sepoy Abdullah Khan 154074th Punjabis15/03/1917
Naik Amar Singh 41574th Punjabis15/03/1917
Sepoy Babu Singh 239874th Punjabis24/02/1917
Sepoy Bhagat Singh 100774th Punjabis16/03/1917
Sepoy Bir Singh 134174th Punjabis24/02/1917
Sepoy Daula Singh 208374th Punjabis24/02/1917
Sepoy Ghulam Muhammad 45274th Punjabis24/02/1917
Havildar Haidar Khan 56374th Punjabis24/02/1917
Sepoy Hayat Muhammad 115174th Punjabis24/02/1917
Naik Jafar Khan 147374th Punjabis26/02/1917
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 142074th Punjabis24/02/1917
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 209374th Punjabis16/09/1916
Sepoy Nawab Khan 174874th Punjabis24/02/1917
Sepoy Nizam Din 250674th Punjabis24/07/1917
Naik Nur Khan 114874th Punjabis24/02/1917
Lance Naik Nur Khan 164774th Punjabis21/12/1916
Sepoy Pahar Singh 176274th Punjabis01/03/1917
Sepoy Rahmat Khan 217474th Punjabis24/02/1917
Sepoy Raja Khan 108274th Punjabis24/02/1917
Naik Sher Singh 116774th Punjabis24/02/1917
Sepoy Ghulam Muhammad 232274th Punjabis26/05/1918
Sepoy Taja Khan 234174th Punjabis19/06/1918