106th Hazara Pioneers

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Sepoy Murad Ali 520106th Hazara Pioneers01/07/1916
Lance Naik Khuda Rahim 1552106th Hazara Pioneers14/10/1915
Sepoy Ghulam Haidar 2381106th Hazara Pioneers29/08/1918
Sepoy Abbas 3071106th Hazara Pioneers16/09/1917
Sepoy Abdul Hali 3481106th Hazara Pioneers09/07/1919
Havildar Ali Jan 288106th Hazara Pioneers18/02/1915
Sepoy Ali Nazar 1282106th Hazara Pioneers19/07/1916
Sepoy Ali Sher 2467106th Hazara Pioneers19/07/1916
Sepoy Ali Sher 2521106th Hazara Pioneers21/07/1916
Sepoy Ata Muhammad 2537106th Hazara Pioneers12/06/1917
Sepoy Barat Ali 2466106th Hazara Pioneers01/08/1916
Sepoy Dad Muhammad 4952106th Hazara Pioneers10/07/1919
Sepoy Ghilam Shah 4507106th Hazara Pioneers01/06/1919
Sepoy Ghulam Ali 1478106th Hazara Pioneers20/07/1916
Sepoy Hasan Khan 4250106th Hazara Pioneers15/06/1919
Sepoy Ibrahim 2280106th Hazara Pioneers22/07/1916
Sepoy Muhammad Isa 2433106th Hazara Pioneers01/07/1919
Sepoy Muhammad Nabi 3506106th Hazara Pioneers15/06/1919
Sepoy Quarban Ali 2796106th Hazara Pioneers04/08/1914
Sepoy Rustam 3231106th Hazara Pioneers18/07/1919
Sepoy Said Ahmad 2528106th Hazara Pioneers21/07/1916
Captain Elmes Pollock Henderson 106th Hazara Pioneers29/06/1916 (aged 31)
Major Richard Henry Hedges Manners 106th Hazara Pioneers29/11/1919
Sepoy Ali Husain 1464106th Hazara Pioneers23/05/1915
Lance Naik Kalbi Raza 430106th Hazara Pioneers10/08/1918
Sepoy Muhammad Husain 1401106th Hazara Pioneers01/11/1918
Sepoy Ali Bakhsh 2301106th Hazara Pioneers30/10/1918
Sepoy Ali Beg 2444106th Hazara Pioneers07/10/1920
Sepoy Ali Husain 3015106th Hazara Pioneers18/08/1918
Sepoy Ali Juma 2341106th Hazara Pioneers20/05/1919
Lance Naik Ali Muhammad 3307106th Hazara Pioneers07/09/1917
Sepoy Ali Raza 4117106th Hazara Pioneers05/07/1919
Sepoy Ali Shafa 2040106th Hazara Pioneers12/06/1917
Sepoy Ali Shafa 2374106th Hazara Pioneers17/01/1920
Sepoy Amir Muhammad 5116106th Hazara Pioneers05/07/1921
Sepoy Ghulam Haidar 3001106th Hazara Pioneers24/01/1920
Sepoy Ghulam Husain 283106th Hazara Pioneers18/12/1916
Lance Naik Ghulam Husain 690106th Hazara Pioneers22/01/1916
Sepoy Ghulam Husain 2929106th Hazara Pioneers12/05/1918
Sepoy Ghulam Raza 2863106th Hazara Pioneers03/02/1917
Sepoy Haidar Ali 3026106th Hazara Pioneers07/05/1918
Sepoy Haidar Ali 3888106th Hazara Pioneers27/06/1918
Sepoy Husain 1685106th Hazara Pioneers12/06/1916
Sepoy Husain Ali 2395106th Hazara Pioneers16/07/1916
Sepoy Husain Ali 3031106th Hazara Pioneers08/12/1920
Follower Jhanda Singh 37106th Hazara Pioneers17/08/1919
Sepoy Kalbi Husain 3163106th Hazara Pioneers04/04/1920
Follower Khuda Bakhsh 106th Hazara Pioneers18/04/1918
Sepoy Khuda Rahm 3004106th Hazara Pioneers30/06/1921
Naik Malik 3906106th Hazara Pioneers22/10/1918
Sepoy Muhammad 4191106th Hazara Pioneers17/04/1921
Sepoy Muhammad Afzal 2654106th Hazara Pioneers25/06/1917
Sepoy Muhammad Juma 2998106th Hazara Pioneers13/03/1918
Sepoy Muhammad Rahim 1763106th Hazara Pioneers07/02/1916
Lance Naik Nur Ali 1866106th Hazara Pioneers15/05/1918
Sepoy Qurban 1926106th Hazara Pioneers02/01/1916
Follower Sadhu Singh 106th Hazara Pioneers18/11/1918
Sepoy Saiyid Ahmad 3129106th Hazara Pioneers28/02/1919
Sepoy Shambe 3976106th Hazara Pioneers12/08/1918
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