34th Sikh Pioneers

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Captain George Henry Vaughan-Sawyer 34th Sikh Pioneers27/10/1914 (aged 38)
Captain Masters 34th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Captain James Fergus Mackain 34th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914 (aged 29)
Lieutenant Colonel George Henry Fitzmaurice Kelly 34th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914 (aged 44)
Captain Cecil Edwin Hunt 34th Sikh Pioneers19/12/1914 (aged 34)
Sepoy Jawala Singh 407334th Sikh Pioneers14/04/1920
Sepoy Hira Singh 246634th Sikh Pioneers25/11/1914
Sepoy Kartar Singh 307334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Mangal Singh 161234th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Sant Singh 300334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Jemadar Sundar Singh 34th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Bagga Singh 197134th Sikh Pioneers22/11/1915
Sepoy Ran Singh 237534th Sikh Pioneers10/04/1915
Muleteer Bahadur 3534th Sikh Pioneers13/01/1915
Sepoy Basant Singh 290534th Sikh Pioneers14/05/1915
Sepoy Hardit Singh 296134th Sikh Pioneers27/11/1914
Sepoy Karam Singh 302334th Sikh Pioneers29/11/1914
Havildar Narayan Singh 145234th Sikh Pioneers26/11/1914
Naik Natha Singh 175534th Sikh Pioneers13/12/1914
Sepoy Waryam Singh 285634th Sikh Pioneers30/10/1914
Sepoy Gopal Singh 275734th Sikh Pioneers04/06/1916
Follower Banwari 34th Sikh Pioneers16/11/1914
Sepoy Channan Singh 275934th Sikh Pioneers03/11/1915
Sepoy Partab Singh 230734th Sikh Pioneers08/11/1914
Sepoy Sadhu Singh 261034th Sikh Pioneers24/11/1914
Follower Budhu 34th Sikh Pioneers13/03/1915
Sepoy Mangal Singh 271434th Sikh Pioneers14/03/1915
Follower Mani Ram 10134th Sikh Pioneers18/07/1918
Sepoy Ram Singh 472434th Sikh Pioneers14/06/1918
Sepoy Gopal Singh 385834th Sikh Pioneers22/07/1918
Sepoy Kehar Singh 425434th Sikh Pioneers14/07/1918
Sepoy Surta Singh 331634th Sikh Pioneers15/07/1918
Sepoy Amar Singh 54734th Sikh Pioneers24/12/1919
Sepoy Assa Singh 106334th Sikh Pioneers11/02/1920
Sepoy Badan Singh 314234th Sikh Pioneers31/05/1921
Sepoy Badhawa Singh 684134th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Bagga Singh 24634th Sikh Pioneers19/02/1920
Naik Bagga Singh 44134th Sikh Pioneers18/01/1920
Bugler Bahir Singh 48334th Sikh Pioneers18/04/1921
Sepoy Bhagat Singh 10634th Sikh Pioneers09/04/1921
Lance Naik Bhagat Singh 510634th Sikh Pioneers15/12/1919
Sepoy Bir Singh 261934th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Bishan Singh 96834th Sikh Pioneers07/01/1920
Sepoy Bishan Singh 144034th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Buta Singh 773234th Sikh Pioneers07/01/1920
Sepoy Channan Singh 35034th Sikh Pioneers20/12/1919
Lance Naik Channan Singh 45234th Sikh Pioneers17/12/1919
Sepoy Chetan Singh 20134th Sikh Pioneers17/01/1920
Sepoy Chet Singh 98934th Sikh Pioneers07/01/1920
Sepoy Chinta Singh 18534th Sikh Pioneers02/03/1920
Sepoy Chuhar Singh 703834th Sikh Pioneers25/12/1919
Sepoy Dara Singh 319034th Sikh Pioneers15/05/1919
Lance Naik Dhera Singh 44734th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Dhunda Singh 134134th Sikh Pioneers04/08/1914
Lance Naik Dogar Singh 47434th Sikh Pioneers30/12/1919
Sepoy Faqir Singh 51634th Sikh Pioneers04/08/1914
Sepoy Faqir Singh 672634th Sikh Pioneers04/08/1914
Sepoy Gajjan Singh 207234th Sikh Pioneers29/05/1920
Sepoy Ganda Singh 69734th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Gujjar Singh 20434th Sikh Pioneers02/03/1920
Sepoy Gurditt Singh 751334th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Hari Singh 49234th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Indar Singh 760634th Sikh Pioneers14/02/1920
Sepoy Ishar Singh 10534th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Naik Jagat Singh 122234th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Jagat Singh 754334th Sikh Pioneers17/12/1919
Sepoy Juma Singh 34034th Sikh Pioneers20/12/1919
Sepoy Kaka Singh 690034th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Kartar Singh 102334th Sikh Pioneers07/01/1920
Sepoy Kathu Singh 537734th Sikh Pioneers24/11/1919
Sepoy Kehar Singh 144834th Sikh Pioneers29/08/1920
Sepoy Khushia Singh 715734th Sikh Pioneers17/12/1919
Sepoy Kirpa Singh 150034th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Kishun Singh 26634th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Kishun Singh 151334th Sikh Pioneers17/12/1919
Sepoy Lal Singh 47334th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Maghar Singh 89234th Sikh Pioneers14/12/1919
Sepoy Maghar Singh 691734th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Mal Singh 34th Sikh Pioneers04/08/1914
Sepoy Mal Singh 134134th Sikh Pioneers20/02/1920
Sepoy Mangal Singh 134934th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Mit Singh 398234th Sikh Pioneers17/02/1920
Driver Mitu Khan 219634th Sikh Pioneers01/03/1920
Jemadar Nanak Singh 34th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Nanak Singh 6234th Sikh Pioneers19/02/1920
Sepoy Nanak Singh 130834th Sikh Pioneers04/08/1914
Havildar Nidham Singh 199434th Sikh Pioneers19/12/1919
Sepoy Nika Singh 75734th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Pakhar Singh 141634th Sikh Pioneers14/01/1920
Sepoy Pala Singh 60434th Sikh Pioneers30/12/1919
Sepoy Partap Singh 488334th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Prem Singh 27134th Sikh Pioneers08/05/1920
Naik Prem Singh 153134th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Rala Singh 83734th Sikh Pioneers14/01/1920
Sepoy Ram Rakha Singh 52734th Sikh Pioneers17/12/1919
Sepoy Ram Singh 32034th Sikh Pioneers07/01/1921
Sepoy Ram Singh 74834th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Ranga Singh 712934th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Raunak Singh 160834th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Rulia Singh 125434th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Sadhu Singh 666034th Sikh Pioneers30/11/1919
Sepoy Santa Singh 153934th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Sundar Singh 31634th Sikh Pioneers30/01/1920
Sepoy Surain Singh 188434th Sikh Pioneers14/05/1919
Driver Suraj Bali 111534th Sikh Pioneers25/01/1921
Sepoy Surayan Singh 714334th Sikh Pioneers18/12/1919
Naik Tahil Singh 105034th Sikh Pioneers04/11/1920
Lance Naik Tara Singh 43234th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Sepoy Tara Singh 678434th Sikh Pioneers03/02/1920
Subadar Uttam Singh 34th Sikh Pioneers17/12/1919
Sepoy Waryam Singh 4834th Sikh Pioneers04/08/1914
Sepoy Waryam Singh 15734th Sikh Pioneers30/11/1919
Sepoy Waryam Singh 751934th Sikh Pioneers21/12/1919
Lieutenant John Philip Bayley 34th Sikh Pioneers13/01/1920 (aged 20)
Captain Holt 34th Sikh Pioneers31/01/1920
Captain Humphrey Richard Locke Lawrence 34th Sikh Pioneers30/12/1915 (aged 27)
Sepoy Gurmukh Singh 449034th Sikh Pioneers14/07/1918
Sepoy Jagat Singh 103134th Sikh Pioneers18/08/1919
Sepoy Kartar Singh 423134th Sikh Pioneers14/07/1918
Sepoy Kehar Singh 428134th Sikh Pioneers10/11/1919
Sepoy Kesar Singh 468534th Sikh Pioneers25/05/1919
Sepoy Kunda Singh 429234th Sikh Pioneers06/09/1919
Sepoy Mal Singh 315334th Sikh Pioneers14/07/1918
Sepoy Pala Singh 407534th Sikh Pioneers14/07/1918
Sepoy Sant Singh 414734th Sikh Pioneers14/07/1918
Sepoy Shiu Singh 412834th Sikh Pioneers14/07/1918
Lance Naik Nagina Singh 198434th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Lance Naik Narain Singh 287934th Sikh Pioneers12/02/1915
Sepoy Natha Singh 271934th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Subadar Natha Singh I 34th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Lance Naik Nidhan Singh 187234th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Partap Singh 305234th Sikh Pioneers19/12/1914
Sepoy Punjab Singh 259734th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Subadar Ram Singh 34th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Ram Singh 278434th Sikh Pioneers13/03/1915
Sepoy Sadhu Singh 239134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Sadhu Singh 252134th Sikh Pioneers04/11/1914
Sepoy Sadhu Singh 301234th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Sadhu Singh 306134th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Sant Singh 219334th Sikh Pioneers19/12/1914
Sepoy Sant Singh 264734th Sikh Pioneers19/12/1914
Sepoy Sant Singh 281534th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Lance Naik Sant Singh 306334th Sikh Pioneers29/05/1915
Sepoy Sham Singh 189134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Sham Singh 214634th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Sucha Singh 306934th Sikh Pioneers21/08/1915
Sepoy Sundar Singh 196334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Naik Sundar Singh 208334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Sundar Singh 218334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Sundar Singh 235034th Sikh Pioneers18/12/1914
Sepoy Surain Singh 298434th Sikh Pioneers22/06/1915
Sepoy Takhat Singh 292434th Sikh Pioneers25/11/1914
Havildar Thakur Singh 91134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Bugler Thakur Singh 225434th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Thakur Singh 284734th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Lance Naik Tota Singh 277534th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 270734th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 290434th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Ushnak Singh 236934th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Wadhawa Singh 179434th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Hardit Singh 183934th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Naik Hari Singh 166234th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Harnam Singh 175634th Sikh Pioneers24/11/1914
Sepoy Harnam Singh 236034th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Harnam Singh 289334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Harnam Singh 299534th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Havildar Hira Singh 176134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Hira Singh 188534th Sikh Pioneers25/10/1914
Sepoy Indar Singh 159234th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Indar Singh 282134th Sikh Pioneers25/10/1914
Sepoy Indar Singh 282634th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Naik Ishar Singh 224634th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Naik Ishar Singh 234534th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Bugler Ishar Singh 274034th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Lance Naik Jai Singh 250034th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Jetha Singh 258134th Sikh Pioneers03/12/1914
Sepoy Jiwan Singh 111434th Sikh Pioneers19/12/1914
Sepoy Jiwan Singh 219134th Sikh Pioneers29/11/1914
Sepoy Jiwan Singh 319534th Sikh Pioneers18/04/1916
Sepoy Joban Singh 263134th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Jota Singh 312234th Sikh Pioneers27/10/1915
Sepoy Kaka Singh 172934th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Kala Singh 288034th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Karm Singh 302534th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Katha Singh 304334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Kehr Singh 189334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Havildar Kesar Singh 207334th Sikh Pioneers01/11/1914
Sepoy Kirpa Singh 308034th Sikh Pioneers09/09/1915
Lance Naik Kunda Singh 190434th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Labh Singh 206734th Sikh Pioneers18/12/1914
Sepoy Lachhman Singh 283834th Sikh Pioneers24/11/1914
Sepoy Lehna Singh 208134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Lehna Singh 234834th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Maghar Singh 269734th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Maghi Singh 260534th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Modan Singh 186634th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Mota Singh 171834th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Mota Singh 298234th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Havildar Mundar Singh 171534th Sikh Pioneers26/11/1914
Sepoy Mundar Singh 259334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Ajaib Singh 276934th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Amir Singh 290734th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Lance Naik Arjan Singh 232434th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Arjan Singh 249534th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Attar Singh 264134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Badan Singh 278734th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Naik Baisakha Singh 164934th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Basant Singh 192134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Bela Singh 170834th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Bhagat Singh 224734th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Naik Bhagat Singh 260634th Sikh Pioneers24/11/1914
Sepoy Bhagat Singh 277734th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Bhagat Singh 285334th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Bhag Singh 301434th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Lance Naik Bhagwan Singh 242934th Sikh Pioneers06/04/1915
Sepoy Bhagwan Singh 283034th Sikh Pioneers01/11/1914
Sepoy Bhagwan Singh 290134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Bhajan Singh 281834th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Bhola Singh 263834th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Bhola Singh 291534th Sikh Pioneers05/12/1914
Sepoy Bhola Singh 293434th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Bishn Singh 177734th Sikh Pioneers19/12/1914
Sepoy Bishn Singh 288134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Budha Singh 186334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Bugler Budh Singh 226334th Sikh Pioneers11/03/1915
Sepoy Bur Singh 302134th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Buta Singh 279834th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Buta Singh 306234th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Chamba Singh 306534th Sikh Pioneers07/12/1914
Sepoy Chanda Singh 151934th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Channan Singh 292934th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Daulat Singh 279634th Sikh Pioneers03/12/1914
Sepoy Dayal Singh 237134th Sikh Pioneers19/12/1914
Sepoy Dayal Singh 278134th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Naik Dewa Singh 216534th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Sepoy Diwan Singh 124934th Sikh Pioneers11/03/1915
Sepoy Fateh Singh 185434th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Ganga Singh 238334th Sikh Pioneers25/10/1914
Sepoy Ghasita Singh 252234th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Gurdit Singh 230934th Sikh Pioneers26/10/1914
Sepoy Gurmukh Singh 272334th Sikh Pioneers23/11/1914
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cobb Lye 34th Sikh Pioneers27/06/1917 (aged 52)
Sepoy Indar Singh 263034th Sikh Pioneers30/04/1915
Havildar Mal Singh 160734th Sikh Pioneers28/04/1915
Naik Natha Singh 273134th Sikh Pioneers29/04/1915
Sepoy Teja Singh 291034th Sikh Pioneers01/05/1915
Sepoy Teja Singh 305934th Sikh Pioneers26/04/1915
Sepoy Amar Singh 393334th Sikh Pioneers15/01/1917
Lance Naik Arjun Singh 237034th Sikh Pioneers25/03/1917
Sepoy Asa Singh 230134th Sikh Pioneers02/08/1916
Sepoy Bachan Singh 382634th Sikh Pioneers19/01/1917
Sepoy Bara Singh 383434th Sikh Pioneers11/01/1917
Sepoy Bega Singh 296334th Sikh Pioneers09/01/1917
Sepoy Bhagat Singh 406334th Sikh Pioneers25/03/1917
Sepoy Bhan Singh 392234th Sikh Pioneers25/03/1917
Sepoy Budha Singh 373634th Sikh Pioneers09/01/1917
Sepoy Buta Singh 333434th Sikh Pioneers08/12/1917
Jemadar Chanda Singh 34th Sikh Pioneers28/11/1916
Sepoy Chet Singh 372334th Sikh Pioneers25/03/1917
Lance Naik Dayal Singh 279534th Sikh Pioneers25/03/1917
Sepoy Didar Singh 387634th Sikh Pioneers03/01/1917
Sepoy Ganda Singh 363634th Sikh Pioneers09/01/1917
Sepoy Hari Singh 377334th Sikh Pioneers18/01/1917
Havildar Harnam Singh 281634th Sikh Pioneers25/03/1917
Sepoy Harnam Singh 385734th Sikh Pioneers20/06/1919
Sepoy Harnam Singh 395434th Sikh Pioneers16/01/1917
Sepoy Hazara Singh 390934th Sikh Pioneers25/03/1917
Lance Naik Isar Singh 270934th Sikh Pioneers03/01/1917
Sepoy Jagat Singh 356934th Sikh Pioneers25/03/1917
Sepoy Jaimal Singh 384434th Sikh Pioneers04/01/1917
Havildar Kesar Singh 176434th Sikh Pioneers27/09/1915
Sepoy Kishan Singh 347534th Sikh Pioneers15/01/1917
Sepoy Kishan Singh 352434th Sikh Pioneers06/01/1917
Sepoy Labh Singh 360134th Sikh Pioneers14/01/1917
Sepoy Mangal Singh 357634th Sikh Pioneers30/12/1916
Sepoy Mangal Singh 358434th Sikh Pioneers24/05/1917
Sepoy Mit Singh 329134th Sikh Pioneers04/04/1919
Sepoy Nand Singh 352734th Sikh Pioneers26/06/1919
Lance Naik Narayan Singh 227034th Sikh Pioneers03/01/1917
Sepoy Narayan Singh 351734th Sikh Pioneers16/01/1917
Sepoy Partap Singh 352934th Sikh Pioneers25/03/1917
Jemadar Prem Singh 34th Sikh Pioneers02/01/1917
Sepoy Ram Singh 385534th Sikh Pioneers16/01/1917
Sepoy Rur Singh 227634th Sikh Pioneers28/01/1916
Sepoy Samman Singh 359734th Sikh Pioneers02/01/1917
Sepoy Santa Singh 357734th Sikh Pioneers04/01/1917
Sepoy Sant Singh 239434th Sikh Pioneers16/01/1916
Lance Naik Sant Singh 264634th Sikh Pioneers25/11/1917
Sepoy Sawan Singh 355634th Sikh Pioneers01/01/1917
Sepoy Shah Nawaz 433334th Sikh Pioneers17/06/1916
Havildar Sher Singh 208434th Sikh Pioneers08/06/1916
Sepoy Sher Singh 291434th Sikh Pioneers16/01/1917
Sepoy Sucha Singh 476434th Sikh Pioneers12/02/1919
Havildar Sundar Singh 186234th Sikh Pioneers08/09/1916
Sepoy Tulsa Singh 317434th Sikh Pioneers20/11/1916
Lance Naik Ujagar Singh 275334th Sikh Pioneers01/10/1916
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 348934th Sikh Pioneers05/04/1917
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 391534th Sikh Pioneers19/01/1917
Sepoy Arjan Singh 240334th Sikh Pioneers24/11/1914
Sepoy Sundar Singh 71234th Sikh Pioneers07/06/1915