90th Punjabis

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Sepoy Badal Din 403290th Punjabis25/10/1918
Sepoy Allah Baksh 175990th Punjabis04/09/1915
Captain Morris 90th Punjabis11/09/1916
Captain Prothero 90th Punjabis11/08/1918
Sepoy Balli Ram 136090th Punjabis05/10/1919
Sepoy Basawa Ram 97890th Punjabis04/08/1914
Sepoy Bhagwati Misr 67890th Punjabis02/06/1920
Sepoy Bishnath Tiwari 448190th Punjabis04/08/1914
Sepoy Bishn Lal 108090th Punjabis23/02/1920
Sepoy Chanda Singh 208590th Punjabis17/12/1916
Sepoy Chatri 2390th Punjabis02/07/1920
Sepoy Chhajja Singh 258190th Punjabis12/08/1915
Sepoy Dayal Singh 282490th Punjabis04/08/1914
Sepoy Dwarka 18290th Punjabis13/09/1920
Sepoy Fazl Dad 129590th Punjabis11/07/1920
Sepoy Fazl Din 368590th Punjabis28/02/1918
Sepoy Fazl Khan 473290th Punjabis04/08/1914
Sepoy Gayadin Dube 206290th Punjabis28/03/1916
Sepoy Gopal Singh 98690th Punjabis30/01/1921
Sepoy Hardial Chaube 29190th Punjabis24/12/1920
Sepoy Hari Ram 110190th Punjabis12/08/1920
Naik Harnam Singh 157790th Punjabis07/03/1917
Sepoy Indarpal Pande 299290th Punjabis23/03/1918
Sepoy Jagannath Dube 18490th Punjabis04/12/1920
Sepoy Jagat Pal Singh 191090th Punjabis14/11/1915
Sepoy Jagdamba Singh 375790th Punjabis31/10/1919
Sepoy Khair Shah 123290th Punjabis01/12/1920
Sepoy Muhammad Qasim 462690th Punjabis04/11/1919
Sepoy Mukh Deo Singh 135390th Punjabis05/10/1919
Follower Nagesar 90th Punjabis04/08/1914
Sepoy Nand Kishor Pande 301990th Punjabis14/05/1916
Lance Naik Nimar Sukal 17090th Punjabis26/06/1920
Sepoy Qasim Ali 251890th Punjabis06/10/1916
Sepoy Raju Ram 7190th Punjabis23/05/1920
Sepoy Ram Balas Singh 135590th Punjabis05/10/1919
Follower Ramjan 90th Punjabis04/08/1914
Sepoy Ram Pyare Misr 28090th Punjabis02/10/1919
Sepoy Ram Raj Dube 525390th Punjabis26/04/1919
Sepoy Sher Alam 537590th Punjabis04/08/1914
Sepoy Siripal Singh 454790th Punjabis05/10/1919
Sepoy Surajbali Singh 430790th Punjabis04/08/1914
Sepoy Tara Singh 230390th Punjabis28/03/1918
Sepoy Tirbhan Dat Tiwari 26890th Punjabis18/10/1919
Sepoy Arjun Singh 29690th Punjabis25/09/1918
Sepoy Karm Singh 214590th Punjabis11/11/1914
Captain Cecil Stephen Bignold Martin 90th Punjabis02/03/1916 (aged 33)
Sepoy Abdul Karim 384790th Punjabis24/10/1918
Naik Achhar Singh 145290th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Amar Singh 239990th Punjabis12/05/1918
Sepoy Amar Singh 302490th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Arjun Singh 230790th Punjabis17/06/1916
Sepoy Arjun Singh 250090th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Arjun Singh 258390th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Arjun Singh 292690th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Auhernadin Misr 620990th Punjabis03/07/1919
Sepoy Bachan Singh 240090th Punjabis29/09/1917
Naik Baga Singh 182090th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Baldeo Parsad Tiwari 319390th Punjabis28/09/1917
Sepoy Baqir Khan 295690th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Benimadho Singh 447590th Punjabis15/10/1919
Sepoy Bhagoti Parsad Pande 264590th Punjabis25/10/1915
Naik Bhagoti Singh 156590th Punjabis17/03/1917
Sepoy Bhagoti Singh 359190th Punjabis10/11/1918
Sepoy Bhagwan Parsad Tiwari 305090th Punjabis20/12/1917
Sepoy Bhola Khan 376290th Punjabis16/10/1918
Havildar Bhola Singh 119990th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Bindesvari Misr 574390th Punjabis16/10/1918
Sepoy Bishn Singh 251790th Punjabis30/09/1917
Havildar Bur Singh 109590th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Chandki Ram 317790th Punjabis12/09/1916
Lance Naik Channan Singh 211590th Punjabis18/10/1919
Sepoy Chattarpal Singh 237190th Punjabis01/09/1915
Sepoy Chet Singh 337390th Punjabis13/10/1918
Sepoy Danpal Singh 277590th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Daulat Singh 234490th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Din Dayal Tiwari 404090th Punjabis18/10/1919
Sepoy Faqir Singh 217890th Punjabis11/03/1916
Sepoy Fazl Husain 274690th Punjabis07/02/1917
Sepoy Fazl Ilahi 280490th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Gajjan Singh 338890th Punjabis07/10/1918
Sepoy Ganda Singh 240290th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Gangan Singh 341190th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Gauhar Singh 286190th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Gheba Khan 281490th Punjabis25/02/1919
Lance Naik Ghulam Ali 160890th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Gokal Singh 328790th Punjabis18/10/1919
Sepoy Gujar Singh 218090th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Gujar Singh 230890th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Gurdit Singh 148690th Punjabis11/09/1916
Naik Halim Khan 155090th Punjabis24/11/1916
Havildar Hamid Shah 98290th Punjabis07/02/1916
Naik Harnam Singh 178290th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Hasan Din 340690th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Hasan Din 355590th Punjabis17/12/1917
Sepoy Imam Din 179790th Punjabis13/04/1915
Sepoy Jagat Singh 224590th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Jagat Singh 254790th Punjabis25/10/1918
Sepoy Jarbandhan Sukul 264790th Punjabis07/01/1917
Sepoy Jasodha Nandan Misr 211190th Punjabis25/06/1916
Sepoy Jhanda Khan 336690th Punjabis18/08/1917
Sepoy Kaka Singh 289790th Punjabis07/02/1916
Lance Naik Kame Khan 156490th Punjabis28/08/1915
Sepoy Kapur Singh 296190th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Kehr Singh 337290th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Kishn Singh 209290th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Lachhman Singh 252290th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Lala Tirbedi 310390th Punjabis08/02/1917
Sepoy Lal Khan 234790th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Mal Singh 269190th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Manbahadur Singh 242190th Punjabis15/03/1916
Sepoy Mata Parsad Pande 417190th Punjabis21/12/1918
Jemadar Mewa Singh 90th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Muhammad Azam 274090th Punjabis16/04/1916
Naik Muhammad Khan 114390th Punjabis28/09/1917
Sepoy Munnath Singh 113490th Punjabis20/10/1918
Sepoy Murli Singh 574990th Punjabis22/04/1917
Sepoy Nabi Bakhsh 273090th Punjabis07/02/1916
Follower Nanku 4690th Punjabis25/05/1919
Sepoy Narayan Singh 267990th Punjabis28/09/1917
Sepoy Narayan Singh 318290th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Nika Singh 244690th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Nika Singh 293090th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Nur Din 279390th Punjabis30/11/1915
Havildar Nur Mahi 132290th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Nur Muhammad 238490th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Painda Khan 281190th Punjabis22/04/1917
Sepoy Pandi Khan 175390th Punjabis07/06/1917
Sepoy Phula Singh 393290th Punjabis10/10/1918
Sepoy Piran Ditta 278890th Punjabis26/03/1916
Sepoy Raja Ram Singh 315190th Punjabis01/01/1917
Sepoy Raj Karn Singh 271890th Punjabis27/04/1916
Follower Raju 90th Punjabis19/02/1916
Sepoy Rajwali Khan 226190th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Ram Lal Tiwari 310590th Punjabis27/05/1917
Sepoy Ram Nidh Misr 235590th Punjabis21/10/1918
Sepoy Rampal Singh 277590th Punjabis12/09/1916
Sepoy Ram Pal Sukul 269890th Punjabis06/02/1918
Sepoy Ram Samajh Singh 327790th Punjabis29/09/1917
Follower Ramzan 5590th Punjabis16/07/1916
Sepoy Ranjit Singh 253490th Punjabis07/01/1917
Naik Richpal Singh 151590th Punjabis11/09/1916
Sepoy Sahib Singh 230590th Punjabis25/02/1916
Sepoy Samagh Singh 327790th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Samund Singh 187990th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Sawar Khan 284690th Punjabis01/07/1916
Sepoy Sham Singh 372890th Punjabis21/01/1919
Sepoy Sher Singh 289090th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Shiv Raj Upadhya 398790th Punjabis13/10/1918
Sepoy Sohan Singh 288690th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Sohan Singh 293390th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Sohan Singh 314490th Punjabis29/09/1917
Havildar Sukh Deo Sukul 154390th Punjabis28/09/1917
Sepoy Sundar Singh 217690th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Sundar Singh 222690th Punjabis13/03/1916
Sepoy Tara Singh 328190th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Tilok Singh 273690th Punjabis07/02/1916
Havildar Tota Singh 163690th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Udham Singh 276290th Punjabis07/02/1916
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 248590th Punjabis23/06/1915
Sepoy Unpurana Pande 394590th Punjabis15/10/1918
Sepoy Usman Khan 349490th Punjabis09/09/1918
Sepoy Uttam Singh 223390th Punjabis04/07/1916
Sepoy Yusuf Khan 128190th Punjabis11/03/1916
Sepoy Harnam Singh 229390th Punjabis11/05/1915
Lance Naik Sarbang Singh 141990th Punjabis14/05/1915
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CemeteryCountryCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
HELLES MEMORIALTurkey (including Gallipoli)200
KIRKEE 1914-1918 MEMORIALIndia100