Indian Medical Department

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Muhammad Ahmad 1241Indian Medical Department11/10/1917
Follower Bhola Nath 3442Indian Medical Department15/02/1920
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Hart Indian Medical Department31/08/1915 (aged 35)
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Fisher Indian Medical Department27/01/1916
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Ephraim Indian Medical Department24/08/1916
Major Thomas Indian Medical Department09/12/1920
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Trinotker Indian Medical Department24/01/1918
Assistant Surgeon D'cruz Indian Medical Department02/02/1916 (aged 26)
Military Asst. Surgeon Edward Richardson Indian Medical Department02/10/1917
Lieutenant Wood Indian Medical Department03/02/1918
Senior Assistant Surgeon David Ernest Barrett Indian Medical Department08/10/1918 (aged 37)
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Appaluarasimhulu Nayadu 1389Indian Medical Department29/07/1917
Follower Deveaj 3229Indian Medical Department07/11/1918
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Zaversingh Barisingh Bailiff 403Indian Medical Department12/03/1917
Senior Assistant Surgeon Arawpa Indian Medical Department04/08/1914
Waiter Bruz POONA/343Indian Medical Department04/08/1914
Senior Assistant Surgeon Datta Ram Indian Medical Department04/08/1914
Senior Assistant Surgeon Dhyan Singh 909Indian Medical Department20/12/1919
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Mirza Muhammad Yusuf Beg 631Indian Medical Department19/04/1919
Senior Assistant Surgeon Narayan Nayar 1451Indian Medical Department04/08/1914
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Mohan Lal 263Indian Medical Department28/06/1919
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Krishna Singh 1438Indian Medical Department04/01/1916
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Sheikh Abdullah Sheikh Rahim 335Indian Medical Department27/01/1919
Assistant Surgeon Bedell Indian Medical Department18/10/1918
Captain Corridon Indian Medical Department19/11/1917
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Govind Dinkar Paranjpe Indian Medical Department09/02/1915
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Hakim Rai 828Indian Medical Department23/11/1914
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Kishan Chand 1299Indian Medical Department05/05/1915
Assistant Surgeon Mcgrath Indian Medical Department22/02/1917
Assistant Surgeon Ross Indian Medical Department05/06/1921
Captain Mcardle Indian Medical Department28/08/1921
Captain O'brien Indian Medical Department03/06/1920
Captain C. C. Augustus Wale Indian Medical Department04/04/1920
Assistant Surgeon Chambers Indian Medical Department26/08/1921
Lieutenant Culpeper Indian Medical Department09/05/1920
Assistant Surgeon Fox Indian Medical Department19/10/1918
Major Greenwood Indian Medical Department10/06/1919
Surgeon Linton Indian Medical Department18/10/1918
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Ambar Datta 1404Indian Medical Department07/01/1917
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Asa Singh Sodhi 1440Indian Medical Department09/12/1916
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Balwant Yeshwant Mahajani 397Indian Medical Department11/02/1916
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Benjamin Reuben 217Indian Medical Department28/01/1917
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Bishan Singh 1143Indian Medical Department29/04/1917
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Etherajulu Nayadu 1457Indian Medical Department21/11/1918
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Gauri Shankar 641Indian Medical Department19/10/1917
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Ghosal Indian Medical Department17/08/1920
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Govind Dinkar Paranjape 283Indian Medical Department19/02/1915
Surgeon Hiralal Purusottam Das Seth 475Indian Medical Department20/07/1919
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Jamal Din Indian Medical Department05/07/1921
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Jatendra Nath Neogi 1369Indian Medical Department08/12/1919
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Natha Singh 1140Indian Medical Department12/10/1918
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Rala Ram 743Indian Medical Department09/06/1919
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Ram Parsad Sharma Indian Medical Department29/11/1918
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Roshan Lal 1364Indian Medical Department17/12/1919
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Sarma 902Indian Medical Department03/09/1920
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Sheikh Ghulam Mustafa 315Indian Medical Department29/04/1917
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Siddhi 349Indian Medical Department27/11/1915
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Tek Chand 988Indian Medical Department21/02/1919
Sub-Asst. Surgeon Yeshwant Narayan Deuskar 322Indian Medical Department02/09/1915
Major Arthur George Brown Indian Medical Department20/03/1921 (aged 49)
Follower Mohanda Indian Medical Department04/08/1914
Major Gonsalves Indian Medical Department15/03/1921
Assistant Surgeon C. Joseph Lincoln Indian Medical Department23/07/1921
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Tuesday 4 August 1914500
Monday 23 November 1914100
Tuesday 9 February 1915100
Friday 19 February 1915100
Wednesday 5 May 1915100
Tuesday 31 August 1915100
Thursday 2 September 1915100
Saturday 27 November 1915100
Tuesday 4 January 1916100
Thursday 27 January 1916110
Wednesday 2 February 1916100
Friday 11 February 1916100
Thursday 24 August 1916100
Saturday 9 December 1916100
Sunday 7 January 1917100
Sunday 28 January 1917100
Thursday 22 February 1917100
Monday 12 March 1917100
Sunday 29 April 1917200
Sunday 29 July 1917100
Tuesday 2 October 1917100
Thursday 11 October 1917100
Friday 19 October 1917100
Monday 19 November 1917100
Thursday 24 January 1918100
Sunday 3 February 1918100
Tuesday 8 October 1918100
Saturday 12 October 1918100
Friday 18 October 1918210
Saturday 19 October 1918110
Thursday 7 November 1918100
Thursday 21 November 1918100
Friday 29 November 1918100
Monday 27 January 1919100
Friday 21 February 1919100
Saturday 19 April 1919100
Monday 9 June 1919100
Tuesday 10 June 1919110
Saturday 28 June 1919100
Sunday 20 July 1919100
Monday 8 December 1919100
Wednesday 17 December 1919100
Saturday 20 December 1919100
Sunday 15 February 1920100
Sunday 4 April 1920100
Sunday 9 May 1920100
Thursday 3 June 1920100
Tuesday 17 August 1920100
Friday 3 September 1920100
Thursday 9 December 1920100
Tuesday 15 March 1921110
Sunday 20 March 1921100
Sunday 5 June 1921100
Tuesday 5 July 1921100
Saturday 23 July 1921100
Friday 26 August 1921100
Sunday 28 August 1921100
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ParishDioceseCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
LuttonSouth Holland100