Date of death: Monday 3 July 1916

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Lieutenant Cadwaladr Glyn Roberts Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Roberts 23907Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Benjamin Brettell 11751Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Charles Duncan Mccammon Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Benjamin Lewis 13685Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Walter Edward Jenkins 24280Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Thomas John Hughes 13198Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Thomas Harries 13164Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private John Henry Williams 24633Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Serjeant Herbert Williams 13570Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Glyn Williams 11966Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal West 15939Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Serjeant Frank White 8012Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Victor H. Weaver 15078Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Horace Trickett 23333York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Cecil Tickle 13510Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Sharman 14462Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Leonard Rossell 13795Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private John Melia 19880South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Corporal Albert Maunton G/934Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Second Lieutenant William Lawton North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal John Kirby 33193The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Alexander L. Kerr 27132Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Herbert Houghton G/8224The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Edwin Charles Holmes 19027Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Hubert Holdstock G/506Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Captain James Linton Lawrence Royal Scots03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Captain John Lloyd William Howard Abell Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Arthur Percy Baker G/10573Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private George Arnold 24486Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Second Lieutenant Thomas Beven South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Edward Bennett 10951Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Captain Elliott Hampden Crooke Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Captain Tuck Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry03/07/1916
Serjeant Reginald Dunk 14/140York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private William John Summers 15071Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Alfred William Gates South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lieutenant James Hawthorne Simpson Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Sub-Lieutenant John Henry Howell Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Astraea03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Fred Crossland Brearley 4563Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Serjeant Thomas H. Anger 6201Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private John Cameron 13543Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Richard Andrews G/4957Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 42)
Private William Wilson 2703Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Lieutenant Colonel George Arthur Royston-Pigott Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 41)
Lance Serjeant Arthur Jenner G/534Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Hemsley G/1322The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Dunn 20575Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Bugden G/5794The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant Adams 12709Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Acting Bombardier Wadsworth 28096Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Town 5/4316Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Cooper 21223King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Alexander Hunter Witherow Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916
Lance Corporal James William Skinn 2224King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Rifleman Edmund Wilson S/11484Rifle Brigade03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Albert Breakspear 13714Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Gerald Heber Webster 13065Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Serjeant Lafferty 12056Grenadier Guards03/07/1916
Private Pinnick 15982Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Tart 14312North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Able Seaman Hoffman 195940Royal Navy, HMS Euryalus.03/07/1916
Lieutenant Michele Amoroso Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal William Pitches 18969Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Bernard William Pigg Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private William Mellor 14480Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Serjeant Harry Guthrie Whishaw 10/154Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Wilfred Ernest Wagener 12/3181Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private Bertram Frank Hopping 23/786Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Captain Thomas Errol Guthrie 3/1735New Zealand Medical Corps03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Albert Henry Mcavoy 11859Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Gunner Flack 65776Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916
Private George William Heptinstall 17179Royal Scots Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Captain Wright The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 49)
Corporal Henry Smith G/94Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Henry Edward Victor Morris Russell 15746Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Rose 10748Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Oscar William Roberts 16574Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Alec John Partridge Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Fred Norton 16783Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Captain Reginald Blockley Lucas Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916
Private George King 16447Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Serjeant Percy William Hemming 21396Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Robert Wall Frost Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant John Leslie Fish Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Launcelot Lindsay Brook Dunlop Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Captain Gerald William Deighton Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Robert Moodie Collyer 3487Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Second Lieutenant Cuthbert Charles Corbett Buckle Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Captain Humphrey Robertson Barkworth Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Clyde Fairbanks Maxwell Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Captain William John Mason Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Archibald Grant 13179Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant John Arbuckle Brown Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lowndes Aspinall Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 47)
Second Lieutenant Garratt Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private John Robert Hockley 1498Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Townson 5982Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Guy Bracher The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Donald Jervis Gordon Gordon Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Alan William Wright 15103The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Serjeant Joseph O. Steele 2387York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Robertson 19168King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Captain Thomas Murray Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Serjeant Sayers 13/841York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Arthur Harold Crompton Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Ernest Land 15695Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Tattersall 17232Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Luke Barker 21441York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Captain Gerald Douglas Brooke Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Frederick Walter Clark G/1289The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Corporal John Glanville Hughes 5096The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Thomas Franklin 21526York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Drummer James Dixon Nicholson 17488Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Hall 21/1734Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private David Best 22/1744Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Serjeant Grigg 15505Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Watts G/5428The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Charles Samuel Adlam 7131Dorsetshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Parrott 12978Grenadier Guards03/07/1916
Private George Oaksbury Bailey 18160Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Bombardier Ross 63636Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private Edwin Benjamin Phipps SD/1434Royal Sussex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Hazlehurst 14198Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Benjamin Eastwood 5881Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Hunwick G/7729The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Hall The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lieutenant Cecil Argo Gold Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Serjeant James Henry Wells G/385The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Walter Jowitt Cash 15279Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Bombardier John Bramble 100825Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Captain Frank Bradbury Robinson Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Corporal William Henry Whiting 11129Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Samuel White 10053Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Henry Wharton 312784Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Percy Watchus G/5792The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Second Lieutenant Francis Purcell Warren South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant Esmond Hallewell Rogers Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Fred Peach 19219South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Parker 17298North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Richard Parker 17735York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edgar James Palmer 6394Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Serjeant Herbert Noble 17132Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Wallace C. Marsh 13654Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Lieutenant Cecil Henry Gosset Lushington Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Second Lieutenant Hugh Latimer Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Charles Judd 8429Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Maurice Freshfield Jones 23799Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Corporal Ernest Henry Jones 8019Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Edward Joseph Jones 9771Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Serjeant Frederick Charles Octavius Horton 5793Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Evan Hopkins 17624South Wales Borderers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Charles Henry Hooper 15693Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private George William Hooks 23134York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Robert Hitchen 20968Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Second Lieutenant Fawcett Hilton Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Corporal William Hill 11034South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harold F. Griffiths 11420Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Alan Edward Grieve South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edwin Gray 18028Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Lane 25066Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Private Archibald Allen 5439Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Frederick Samuel Balderson 13725Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private James Baker 12386Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Frank Gordon Bedford 22264Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Frederick Barker 21365Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private James Bird 10620Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Arthur John Berryman 13860Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal Victor Bennett 15109Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Henry Bradshaw 14612Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Joseph Bodfish 5316Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Bernard Harry Fairfax Brough 12974Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Wilfred Brinkworth 13656Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William John Butt 4704Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Frederick Henry Butler 4161Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Thomas A. Burns 13438Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Frederick P. Click 13053Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Frederick Clarke 7219Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Frank Alfred Courtier 10688Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edward Gauton 18490King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Matthew Collins 21587Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Bertram Curry 4990Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Ellis Fenton 21383York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Charles Gara 19751York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Sidney Freemantle G/9234The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Frederick William Franklin 3/8993Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Ernest Foxall 7996Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private William Harold Woolley G/8044The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Jackson 3150Royal Sussex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Denis Davies 2752South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Lance Corporal Johnson 10471Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Whiting 21192Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Nunn 20635Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Lewis 12957Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Johnson G/3157The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Giblin G/11107Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Elliott G/6668Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lieutenant Richard William Jennings Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private John Cooper Cunliffe 28343Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Frank Gurr Softley SD/3958Royal Sussex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private Robert Turnbull 13657Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Captain Henry Lynn Shaw Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 44)
Private Allamby 12740Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Gunner Holt 7730Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Reginald Henry Jackson 3151Royal Sussex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Gerald St. John De La Perrelle L/10966The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private O'keefe 11277South Wales Borderers03/07/1916
Private Albert Ernest Jenner SD/3608Royal Sussex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Frederick Suddes 2226Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Edward Erskine Poynton 2767Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Edward Delaney 1777Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Thomas Joseph Carlon 1635Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Reginald Patrick Burleigh 1626Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Bradley 2386Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Private Smoothy 3924Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Reeves SD/2386Royal Sussex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Rodwell 15478Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Jones 4257Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Rifleman George Mccracken 18242Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private William Thomas Smith 3473London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private Robert James Stringer 21358Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private George Shipgood 24160Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick John Read 20889Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Ernest Edward Rachael 14441Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Alfred Pritchard 2389Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Andrew Pickering 11854Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Company Serjeant Major Thomas Neale 3318Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 41)
Lance Corporal John Moores 14/173York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Henry Chattaway 28102Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Arthur Cashmore 9844Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Wilkin 17442Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Harry Hyman Baum 22701Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal Ward 2724York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Norris Haigh 22728Machine Gun Corps03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Carter Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Frank Daniels 18561Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Henry George Honey 1410The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Fred Lilliman 18114Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Mcwhannel Wiltshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Sargeant 11008Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Smith 221Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Vernon 11770Wiltshire Regiment03/07/1916
Gunner Percy Watson 9084Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Joseph White 3137Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Norman Bateman 21845The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Serjeant George William Holt 10398Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Serjeant John Percy Holt 10650Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Private Jackson 4/6722Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Knowles 11702Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Murdoch 7375Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Saw 1405The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private William Stanton 21156South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Evans 1420Welsh Regiment03/07/1916
Private Percy Lambert 9360Welsh Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Powell 43053Welsh Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Tracey 10534Welsh Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Thomas Mitchell 5618The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Second Lieutenant William Bell Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private James Edward Carr 888York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Alfred George Cook 17899Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Henry Sidney Finch 24694Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Henthorn 19364East Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Gerald Holt 29395Lancashire Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lieutenant John Stamper Millican Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private John Allan Pearson 18589King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916
Private Richardson 4086Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Jesse Baker 16891Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Michael Broderick 808Newfoundland Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Edwards 19993King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Arthur William Finbow 19630Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Johnston 2375Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Long 22995Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Mcgee 4082Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Archibald Mark Newman 487Newfoundland Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Robert Thomas Taylor 3718Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Frank Trevor Wilkins Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private John Varley Cowlishaw 18334South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Cunnington 16485Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Gunner John Goodwin Hardwick 63882Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Sapper Robert Lemon 155971Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Second Lieutenant James Hunter George Murdoch Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Gunner George Jenkyn Thomas 13304Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Cartwright 32115Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Edward Elliott 10802Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Lance Corporal Harold Freeman 15127Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal George Luck G/452The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private John Addison Oldridge 1813East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private James Shrubsole G/8144The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private John Rush 18459King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private James Edward Hardon 33018Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Corporal Frank Walter Lawrence-Harding 3940Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Rifleman Clarke 17/1042Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916
Private Stanley Allan Claydon G/2114East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant Rex Sherwell Royal Flying Corps, 25th Sqdn.03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Second Lieutenant Stewart Royal Flying Corps, 25th Sqdn03/07/1916
Private John Edward Wesson 23446South Wales Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal Philip George Fred Grigg 931Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private John James Nelson Luke 586Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private James Semple 2223Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Edward James Brownfield 4147Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Henry Drummond 4174Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Ben Duffy 3306Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Vere Nelson Harvey 2886Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Henry Girling Lott 3954Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private John Meehan 1580Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Ina Moore 4256Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Horace George Nicholass 3100Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Claude Ernest Oscar Rich 3482Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Alfred Edward Robinson 2633Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Benjamin Shaw 3609Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Stevens L/10984The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Carlisle 29818Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Herbert Colin Ditcher 11136Machine Gun Corps03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Jeffray Douglas Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 47)
Lance Corporal Farnsworth 26283Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Foley 12018Royal Dublin Fusiliers03/07/1916
Corporal Richard William Harding 6562Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Rifleman Victor Edward Burgess 5824London Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Arthur Clifford Allen 9275Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private George Baker 16190Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Serjeant Ernest Stephen Brereton 59053Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Leonard Radcliffe Brittain 7648Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Edmund Harry Dixey Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Edge 6240Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Goddard 15628Royal Scots Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Ralph Jacobs G/3111East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Murray Jamieson 7402Machine Gun Corps03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Arthur Horace Jervis 23049Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Corporal John Herbert Judson 20707Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Charles Henry Leonard 7632Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Edmund Chas Pratt G/6209East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Serjeant John Reynolds 9243Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Richard Royle 25510Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Willie Joseph Seal 11169Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Steer 14022York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Stewart 21/1099Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Waldock 22501Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred John Whiffen G/4754East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private White 23335Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Castle Robinson 2677Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John William Scruton 27990Lancashire Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Archibald Barker 4/8503West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Fred Bowers 7944Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Carr 20/1421Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Company Serjeant Major Connelly 13704Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private William Henry Crabtree 15037York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Crawford 22497Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Fleming 19141York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Garritty 17045Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Harry Greatwich 2622West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Green 8402Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Fred Horton 29639Lancashire Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Jordan 12769Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Loughton 2780Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Private Mitchell 1436West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916
Driver North L/19771Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private James Edward Procter 14890Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Rushton 15313Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Eric Rushton 1880West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Smart 7060Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private George William Smith 16415Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private John William Wardell 1235West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Herbert Walter Carr 14555Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Thomas Mclean 2040The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Sapper Frederick John Bird 372Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Kelly 20031Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Mcgiffen 14647Border Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Hallam William Pegg East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Nathan Starling 3234London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)03/07/1916
Private James English Orton 77609th (Queen's Royal) Lancers03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Thomas Edward Appleton G/5553The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Frederick Leonard Balls G/2842The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private John William Blaylock 23/614Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Colvin 22956The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Alfred William Davis 8125Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Private Dickens 17816Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Gardiner Alexander Elrick 12559Gordon Highlanders03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Stanley Victor Garton 22085The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Corporal Arthur Golder 5342Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Serjeant Gray 13696Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Greatbatch 25396King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Arthur Hall 20429Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Hillen 12845Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Private Clarence Lea 23886West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Constant Clifford William Meyer Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Pearson 4013Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant Pringle 15872Somerset Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Quarton 17736Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Robbins 17207Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Sawyer 18409Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Tilforth 21208Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Ernest Tims 20544Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Young 20297Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Gradidge 29302Machine Gun Corps03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Horace Baldwin 26331Machine Gun Corps03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Alfred Brown 18/431West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Vincent Cure 18/1211West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Fenner 1901Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Private Robert Fish 29361Lancashire Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Herbert Flint 15708Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Albert William Garrod 1401Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Company Serjeant Major Harry Gill 15/374West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private Gilhooley 1385Seaforth Highlanders03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Bernard Haller 16458Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Company Serjeant Major Alfred Arthur Howe 9120King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Joyce 18/1523West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Clarence Wilfred Kisby 3768Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Walter Miller 14288Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Purvey 801Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Rollo 2551Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Patrick Spence 3649Lancashire Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Tundervary 15952Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frank Wain 2423Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private William Watson Wild 1281King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private John Wynne Williams 1327Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private William Wright 11484Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Rankin 3142Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Bonsfield 5595Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Lieutenant Colonel William Burnett North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Byfleet 1681Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Carlisle 18767The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Gunner John Reginald Evans 67989Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Freakley 3098South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Thomas Green 493South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Hill 4060North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Hollick 4108Leicestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal James Candy Lapham 3886London Regiment (The Rangers)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Rifleman Mathers R/9140King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916
Private Henry Alfred Monk 4316London Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Walter Francis Joseph Murphy 2052Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Sapper George Parkinson 43055Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Alfred Patrick 3157London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Corporal Charles Richard Pell 2315Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Mccormack G/9139Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Gray G/11608The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Robert Watson 1212Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Arthur James Baker G/9924Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private John Thomas Cayley 10075Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Edward Arthur Davies 18/1323Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Corporal Leonard Frank Dowsett 3/1495Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Ernest Jebson 1344York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Leonard Lambert 2854London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Gunner Callow 42606Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private Cooper 16754Somerset Light Infantry03/07/1916
Corporal Stanley Pink 52710Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Lynch 57458Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916
Private Arthur Stanley Child 3812London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal George Howard Elliott R/4109King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Rifleman Wilfred Bertram George Jones 3555Monmouthshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 16)
Lance Corporal Banks 18282Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Rifleman Brown 17318Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Cooper 13502Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Gelder 3558King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Rifleman Samuel Ernest Hadden 1697Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Gunner Hubbard L/5280Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Rifleman William Lamont Hughes 17/816Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Jacob Laughlin 13593Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Russell 14659Royal Irish Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Burt 23023Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Charles Robert Evans 13079Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Fisher 3/18057ALIAS03/07/1916
Private Heale 843Newfoundland Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Neill Royal Scots Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Sutton 3/18057Lancashire Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 40)
Private Thwaites 24156Lancashire Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Serjeant Bertram Pamplin 12623Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Alfred Stephenson 2/25200South Wales Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private William Watson Atkinson 21/316Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant David Burrows Machine Gun Corps03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Corporal Sidney Grimster 12765Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private William Kirkham 12/427York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Wilfrid Denison Lumb 15/603West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private James Alexander Kippen 3507Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Rifleman John Reginald Cavell 4745London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Sergeant John Henry Thomas Lucas 1175South African Medical Corps03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Walter Bates T4/126946Army Service Corps03/07/1916 (aged 46)
Gunner Charles Davis 2958Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal George Winchester Harley 12724King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Nichol 1374Canadian Army Medical Corps03/07/1916
Private James Flynn 20417Grenadier Guards03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Rifleman Collins A/106King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916
Rifleman Shayler R/12267King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Herbert Reginald Thorogood 12494Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal George Gee 1536Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private John Benedict Mcgurk 26/1136Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal William Manning 12944Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Henry Riddick 16314Somerset Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Joseph Scott 20661East Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Sapper Scott 134254Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Samuel Simkins 15947Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Sapper William Speake 99742Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal William Charles Vincent Taylor 1941Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Follower Moonsamy 88Indian Veterinary Corps03/07/1916
Private Bowtle 4274London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Doherty Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Norman Dowse 18/47Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Gatehouse 16/1577West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Jackson 11118King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)03/07/1916
Air Mechanic 2nd Class Sanders 7181Royal Flying Corps, 4th Sqdn.03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Charles Henry Stone 15290Somerset Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Francis James Taylor 2653London Regiment (The Rangers)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Tinsley 7785Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Horace Birkett 18793Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Frederick James Cole 24305York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Cranidge 8412Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Francis Curry 17/1174Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Serjeant Duggan 27/171Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Corporal Elijah Gent 13589Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Broughton Hurdus 19609King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Iceton 20709Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Patterson 27/1498Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Robertson 22208Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Scott 18520East Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Small 19365Royal Scots03/07/1916
Private William Wigham 10118Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Abbott 15975Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Buckner 9384Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Deakins 17097Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Henry Painter 10784Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private William Rowe 8223Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Rifleman Mccormick 6101Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916
Captain John Stewart Powell Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Second Lieutenant David Bertram Corbett Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Charles Frederick Craig Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Rifleman James Mccoy 6226Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 53)
Private Hostler 2294Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916
Private Boar G/11057Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Bosworth 9205Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Corporal John William Dyson SR/7619Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Harrison G/10691Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Lipscombe G/6512Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Mant G/4027Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Bombardier Massey 12507Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Corporal Ovenden G/696Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private James Pairman 26988Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Terry G/5768Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Thompson 13802Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Serjeant Ward G/1290Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Bombardier Wilson 33986Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Bryant 19549Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Corsan G/1049The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Henry George Cox The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Dawson 9556Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Drake G/6419Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lieutenant Conrad William Fitch The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Hoggart 12438Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Lawrence G/1044The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Miles G/5841East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916
Private Plant 51074Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Rump 17092Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916
Captain Ralph Baillie Rutherford The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Shepherd 11009Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Wright 6456Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Burns 16603Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Cole Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916
Private Dawson 4576York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Fred Lloyd 14444Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Blacklock 7759Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Arthur Samuel Boyer 9637Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Brumpton 15838Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Burns 7513Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Clarkson 13254Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Crofts 13465Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Frederick Ellis 17945Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Fowkes 18763Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Franklin 11242Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Edward Elmer Hance 12356Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Harrison 14410Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant James Lyle Hay Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Captain Herapath Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private John William Houghton 19323Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Humphries 10533Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Jackson 20045Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Nicholson 21943York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Nokes 7843Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Archie Paling 8258Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Pattison 11257Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Alfred James Poynter 18904Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Scott 15190Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Smith 12577Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Stanley 17087Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Symons 16197Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Turner 13400Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private West 19119Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Whaley 18100Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Sydney Crampton White 1454Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private James Otho Henry Nicole 4256Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private William Botsford 1340Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Cheatle 8280East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Cyril Daking 12/2987Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Dunmore M2/718168Army Service Corps03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Corporal Knight 17347Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Gunner Thomas Phillips 27103Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Sansom 20483Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Rifleman Daniel Samuel Stroud 23/922New Zealand Rifle Brigade03/07/1916
Private Bean 6895Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916
Private Phillip Burns 3099Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Serjeant Green 1499King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Walter Hodgson 14767Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Captain Andrew Donald Hutton Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lieutenant Archibald Lyall Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Lieutenant James Thomson Lyall Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 41)
Private Mcaleese 13303Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Serjeant Mccormick 15510Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Sapper Mcewan 134164Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private John Mcquade 1086Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Paterson 13376Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Ben Wainwright 5277Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private William Ralph Sugden Watson 5537Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Bates 18317Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916
Private Baxter 63421Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Corporal Bonallo 9318Royal Scots03/07/1916
Sapper Percy John Francis 32431Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Sapper Hubert Thomas John Keevil 48479Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Macrae 23233Royal Scots03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private James Gourlay Sinclair 18372Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Corporal Colin Campbell S/7103Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Carr 13972Royal Scots Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Fraser S/6634Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Mcfarlane 15896King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private John O'neil 19212Royal Scots Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private John James Stewart 16798Royal Scots Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Brown 17441North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Lee 15370North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Rifleman Chapman C/3986King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916
Private Cutts 31303Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Leslie Sills 28944Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Corporal Smith 17891Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Duncan Gunn 13325Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Irvine 1258South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Wilfred Albert Ball 1314Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Charles William Bell 2191Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Charles Alfred Birch 3011Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Walter Edward Alfred Parker 3612Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Jerome Ross 1706Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Sydney Brookes Smith 2475Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Charles Baird Taggart 2904Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Wilson 2191ALIAS03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal George Allgood 15813Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Baker 18890Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ball 28664Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Barron 1807Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916
Private Broadhead 14805King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916
Corporal Burland 8737East Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Bryne 24/1505Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Castle 13478Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Chalk 9283The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Connor 14286Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Cook 3/7364Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Cosgriff 22655The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Dale 13059Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Llewellyn Denmead 22/831Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private John James Emmerson 22/101Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Emms 19760Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal Farnaby 16439Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Fleet 12752Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Corporal Frederick Fry G/16The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Green 16178The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Hall 20492Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Hall 16989York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Harding 18107Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Holland S/430The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Howell 15330North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Leonard Jackson 28806Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Serjeant Jamieson 7823Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Thomas Kimpton 17925Wiltshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private King S/11819Gordon Highlanders03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant King Wiltshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Kirton 12081Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Maguire 17770Wiltshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Marshall 22/659Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Mullaney 24314York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Nutt 11956Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ormiston 21/679Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Pearce 12428Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Private Penny 20313Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Private Piesley 2958The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Lionel Bertie Prestwood 15302Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Reeves 5512East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal James Thomas Robbins 18017Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal Aked Alexander Robinson 18019Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Sadler 15023King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Sheldrake 12915West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916
Private Coldron Slater Singleton 576Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Walter Smith 17722King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private South 21447York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Andrew Ritchie Spalding S/3496Gordon Highlanders03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Trainer 10926King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Wainwright 13881South Wales Borderers03/07/1916
Private Alfred William Wall 7448Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Wilson 12310West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private John Wesley Withington 17268Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Robert Bertram Aldridge 12/2930Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Gordon David Anderson 10/2514Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private John Rankin Baillie 12/1545Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Albert John Barrington 12/880Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private Bernard Billing 12/2952Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Gunner Frederick William Brook Bowen 11/1881New Zealand Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Henry Grey De Ruthyne Bridges 2/1901Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private Robert Butterworth 12/2969Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Charles Henry Carter 12/1169Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Richard Walter Chisnall 10/3508Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Corporal Arthur Wilfred Davitt 12/2684Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Corporal Alfred Lee Dixon 12/2996Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Arthur Frederick East 12/3001Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private William Arthur Egerton 12/1853Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Ernest Walter Gambling 12/3020Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal James Joseph Harding 12/558Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Patrick Hennessy 12/1079Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private William George Hill 12/555Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Harold Edward Houston 12/3362Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Oscar Herman Johanson 12/2347Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Corporal Michael Kelly 10/3314Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Lance Corporal George Wilbert Kerridge 6/1595Canterbury Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private Cyril Vernon King 9/1881Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private Robert Mcdonald 8/1874Otago Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Christian Mack 12/3084Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private John Matheson 10/3645Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private John Dalrymple Muir 12/3432Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Lieutenant Kenneth Munro 10/1930Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Vincent Murphy 12/1038Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Frederick John Newton 12/2797Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Richard Hensleigh O'connor 10/2261Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Patrick O'donnell 12/3117Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Lloyd Russell 12/3148Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Edward Norman Richard Schumacher 12/2835Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Gerald Edwin Shaw 12/2898Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private Herbert Stanley Sing 12/1097Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private Charles Mathew Smith 12/4090Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private Thomas Douglas Dempster Smith 10/698Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private William Edward Urwin 12/3176Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private William Edward Vause 12/3177Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Private John Bruce West 8/3431Otago Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Walter Henry Holmes White 12/3192Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Harry Oliver Wilcox 12/1526Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916
Major Albert Edward Wolstenholme 26/1New Zealand Rifle Brigade03/07/1916
Private Greig Cumming 23/1962Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Ernest George Mcgoverne 10/3670Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 41)
Private Richard Stent 24/1489Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Second Lieutenant Robert Neville Caldecot Marsh King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Robert Edward Mcneil 12/2776Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Cryer 6228Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Howard 4536Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Jones 3536Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Rifleman Bailey A/2436King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Frederick Pitham Facer R/1246King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Rifleman Ernest Gregg R/14406King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Charles William Baker 106Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Driver Otha Eveleigh Bassett 2465Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Micheal Green 3766AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Edwin Greenhalgh 2428Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private James Alfred Ireland 4491Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Albert George Johnson 1347Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Corporal Frederick Perkins 787Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John Francis Wait 4620Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Corporal Edward Alfred Harris 1652Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Sergeant Harry Henderson Harte 2865Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Charles Herbert Jones 2816Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Stanley Reeves 4581Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private John Thomas Smith 3969Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 43)
Private Axelby G/1547Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
2nd Corporal Russell 58824Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Private Horan 19681York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Tarr 16048Somerset Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Rifleman Ward 1921London Regiment (The Rangers)03/07/1916
Gunner Bradley 9882Australian Field Artillery03/07/1916
Gunner Thomas Dobson 12280Australian Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private Houston 1561Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery03/07/1916
Gunner Legg 11922Australian Trench Mortar Battery03/07/1916
Driver James Patrick Mcgarrigle 4981Australian Trench Mortar Battery03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Purcell 3926Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery03/07/1916
Gunner Alfred John Saunders 10539Australian Trench Mortar Battery03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Sergeant Bernard Richard Ward 3299Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Major Francis Fitzgerald Waldron Royal Flying Corps, 60th Sqdn.03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Driver Crook 8908Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private Ellis 16899The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Knowlson 8207Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Shone 15808The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Browne 4852Royal Irish Regiment03/07/1916
Driver Fulton 1242Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Sapper William John Knox Hamilton 1115Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Kerbotson 21/663West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916
Serjeant Lyon 1082Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Newsome 21/651West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Stokes 12833King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Colocott 622856Canadian Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Serjeant Toms 3023Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Charles Donald Smale 7457Devonshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Herbert Hallsworth 2847Derbyshire Yeomanry03/07/1916
Rifleman Lawrence R/23529King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916
Private Foster G/26195Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 45)
Lieutenant John Welsh Royal Navy, HMS Vernon03/07/1916 (aged 56)
Corporal Allan Mcdougall 6694Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private O'neill 440858Canadian Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Herbert Micheal Flynn 3643South African Infantry03/07/1916
Private James Douglas Thistle 418758Canadian Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private Fredrick Ernest Smith 2261Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Harry Branson 4633Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Engineman Boast 485/ESRoyal Naval Reserve, HMS Vivid03/07/1916
Rifleman Bowack 1196London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)03/07/1916
Private Warner 5180The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Frank Chamberlain 5068Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Rifleman William T. Procter 4312London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)03/07/1916
Honorary Captain Endre J. Cleven Canadian Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 42)
Sapper Burns 502441Canadian Engineers03/07/1916
Sapper Cunningham 541720Canadian Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Frank Norman Hansen 1197Welsh Guards03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal William Thomas 1298Welsh Guards03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Ivor Llewellyn Witts 1537Welsh Guards03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Swift 1114815th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion03/07/1916
Sapper Leonard Charles Askew 61863Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Casey 2810Irish Guards03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private James Chilcott 15804King's Shropshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Thomas Davies 185Welsh Guards03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal Harold Dix 17503Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Pallas 7/3488Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Lewis Francis Herbert Braine 15469Grenadier Guards03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private John Holmes 22375Grenadier Guards03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Tetlow 11337Grenadier Guards03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Addley G/5490The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Aslett 1210The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant Charles George Long 132Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Hunt 24817Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Frank Walter Page 18277Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Watson 407062Canadian Infantry03/07/1916
Private Brown G/10062Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant William Ewart Gladstone Grey G/6535Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Williams G/8664Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Connelly A/40459Canadian Infantry03/07/1916
Private Forbes 472230Canadian Infantry03/07/1916
Private Nolan 8541Irish Guards03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Campbell 22126Machine Gun Corps03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Clarkson 2528West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Second Lieutenant Colquhoun Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Major George Harry Melville Dunlop Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Kiernan 9030Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Charles Norton Turner 1620Royal Sussex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Warner 775The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Lance Corporal John Sidney Crane 11436North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Dunbar 3/7229Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)03/07/1916
Sapper Dunkley 139644Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private George William Fenton 23349Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Folkes 9744Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Driver Garner 62581Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private Lisle Frank Loveridge 2558Devonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Frederick Charles Adams 12185Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private William Alderson 4121West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Francis Anderson 17320Royal Irish Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Second Lieutenant Baker Somerset Light Infantry03/07/1916
Gunner Fredrick Brandon 30549Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Rifleman Thomas Brown 4970Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Sydney Herbert Caddy 13841Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal Chambers 12486York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Chantrey 15616Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Conlon 24/241Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Crawford 16209Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Alfred Crease 13693Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal Dove 8489West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Frederick John Freeman West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private John William Godley 17100York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Rifleman Gordon 17733Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John James Hardwick 2366West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Robert Hawkshaw 4132King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Richard Hill 3/8451Dorsetshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Cecil Horsman 1883King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Thomas George Hunt 9222Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Charles Lee 16326Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Rifleman Alexander Hamilton Mcmullan 13136Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Robert Mcmullan 27192Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Nicholson 13402Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Owen 23163York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Serjeant Charles Thomas Paice 2641King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private John W. Pillans 15502Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Sydney Ratcliffe 5392Machine Gun Corps03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Revill 962King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916
Lance Corporal George Henry Skinner 13505Dorsetshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private Taylor 27/718Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Rifleman James Totten 8418Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal Turnbull 23/1527Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Turner 4/7417West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Wainwright 5337West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Alfred Wilkinson 4435West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private George Frederick Wilson 8714Devonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Young 7285Dorsetshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Briggs 6347Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal James Bruce S/12039Gordon Highlanders03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private George Graham Crosbie 1447Newfoundland Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private Durose 17610Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Private Henry Gilling 3/9770West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private James Gilman 11815Manchester Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private William Aaron Hillyer 1726The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 40)
Private Devonshire 14282Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Downs 18466Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Harden 14621Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Serjeant William Oswald Redgrave 14860Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Richards 3/10099Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Whalen 22234The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Hogg 1474Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Tanner 24425Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Serjeant Gilbert La'barte Waddell 14206North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Major Cecil Wedgwood North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 53)
Private Gill 18/783West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916
Private John Bright Robertson 16/123West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Armitage 5/4841Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Ball 18238South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal Button 2587King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916
Rifleman Carson 725Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916
Private Dean 17168South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Etchells 15442South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Gladstone Gibson 5/2865Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Knife 5/4794Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Morrison 5/3116Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Captain William Newcombe 1st (Royal) Dragoons03/07/1916 (aged 44)
Private Alfred Nicklin 19158South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Edwin Norton 5/2219Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John Perry Pilkington 15604South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Plant 15515South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Samuel Randles 10317South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Richards 15192South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Saint 19553South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Hugh Shaw 15445South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private William Mellor Shufflebotham 15417South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Southall 5/3704Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Staff Serjeant Stokes S3/025639Army Service Corps03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Corporal Harold Albert Edward Tucker L/25663Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Samuel Walker 7/2897Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Withers South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Bradley 4625Connaught Rangers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Harris 2669Royal Irish Rifles03/07/1916
Company Serjeant Major Annett 4890Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Attrill 8329South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Captain Alexander Macpherson Blair South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 41)
Private John Duff Brown 24320Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Corporal Cliffe 19370South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Cross G/347Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Dempsey 2217South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Eades 16744Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edwards 14168South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Fisher 16904Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Foster 11210South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Goods 3510South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Grant 1/15350Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Roland Green 12683Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Handrick 16355Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Clifford Hankey 15529Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private James Thomas Harper 2397South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 42)
Private Alexander Henderson 13491Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Higham 12264South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Hizzey G/617The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Hoverd 18903South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Howarth 18755South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Hughes 11971South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Kettle 15529ALIAS03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal John Lavelle 16926Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Lewis 19635South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Lilley 2740South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Logie 1099Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Mclean 3104Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Francis John Marshall G/8706The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Meadows 15881South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Miller G/97Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Moore G/7644The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Moore 19020South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Murray 89371Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Thomas Herbert Osborne 16710Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Parker 16902Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant George Phillips 12723Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Philpott G/8226The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Serjeant Arthur Hardy Platt 24528Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Richardson S/427Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Matthew Rogerson 18764South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Stroud G/8677The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private John Taylor 16868Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Joseph Thompson 10544South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Walter Halton Thomson Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Tuley G/10842Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Walker 9920South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Washer 14685Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Whittall 3376South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Yearsley 2441South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Gunner Lownie 6355Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private Roberts 7327Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private David Hume Calvert 1380Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Alfred Hunt 33595Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Harold Samuel Huxford 156Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Bombardier Percy Fredrick Ingram 19316Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Percy Potter 15649Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Wildman 9336Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal Fred Searby 12894Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Welsh 9065Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Burrows 240982Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Carver 203623West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Alan Edward Aldous Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Alexander G/15438The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Alfred Algar 18564Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Allden 17558Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest Allen 17348Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private William Alston 23807Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private Francis Charles Ansell 21608Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Walter Frederick Avann 17193Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Baitrum G/4745The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Leonard Henry Batson The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Battersby 19314Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Walter Sam Bennett A/10457Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Herbert Bird 20425Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Corporal Blackley 9078Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Bliss G/14926East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916
Private Bone 20211Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Boreham 7503Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Stanley Botwright 15925Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Brewer S/8278The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Brinklow 19349Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Brookes 18758Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harold Broomfield L/10083Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private George Ernest Brown G/4753Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Brown G/5522The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Buckle 9042Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Henry Burnham 23475Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Lieutenant Geoffrey Walter Melvin Burton The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Joseph Ralph Burton 21108Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Rupert Percy Butler 12033Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal Carpenter L/6594Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Abram Fred Carter 18898Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Caswell 16498Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal George Godfrey Catt G/2824The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Church 24026Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Clements 15549Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Coford 11125Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Coldrick 11469Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Cook 12803Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Coombes 16600Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Cooper 24195Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Cuthbert 16071Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Henry Charles Davis G/8014Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Serjeant Dawes 1927Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Harold William Dee G/9The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Dennett G/637The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Digby 12574Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Corporal Harry Osman Digby 12000Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private James William Durrant 9126Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Easter 9232Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Eastwood 11544Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ebenezer Edwards 15681Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Etherington G/2294The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Arthur James Evans 21106Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Second Lieutenant Edward Juson Evans Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Ernest Evans 10425Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Lance Corporal John Evans L/8988The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Flanagan S/10674The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant George Major Solloway Foster Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Frost L/11097The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Victor Galloway G/662The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Garton G/66The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Ernest Alfred Gibbs L/7617The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Sidney James Gibbs G/388The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Sydney Claude Gilbert 15550Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Goodhill 9240Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Goward 18543Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Green 15654Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Hart 11211Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Havis 9489Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Hawkins G/1070The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Albert Henry Heath G/14502Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Hemmings 18368North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Siegfried Thomas Hinkley The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Serjeant Hobbs 9127Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Ernest William Hobbs 12179Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Hogben G/8367The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Holmes 12517Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Hope G/8983The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal Hoskins 19363Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Howe G/593The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Hughes Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Johnson 16645North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Stanley Fred Jones 15839Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Arthur William Kemp 12413Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Langan 11257Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Lanham 16597Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Lawrence G/488The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Captain John Charles Thomas Leigh The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Captain Crawford Randolph Logan Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Mcnamee 9029Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Maitland G/8944The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Matten 18181Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Matthews G/825The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Ivan Arthur Mead 22414Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Merry 18301Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Milliers G/11787Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Minns 9271Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Mower 20631Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Leonard Edward Neat 12085Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Second Lieutenant Walter Fredrick Noble Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Henry John Oakley G/11123Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Ockenden G/1087The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Parker 23735Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Parson 12379Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Paskell L/11228The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant William James Pennell L/9396The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Perkins 17494Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Popejoy 16753Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Poston 11346Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Quinton 22506Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ralph 15767Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harold Thomas Redler G/10524Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Reed G/9795Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Richards L/5794Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Richings 21311Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Ridgeon 23681Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Robinson 6994The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Rollins G/223Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Corporal Rudd 18021Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Rundle G/227Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Russell G/6614Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Fredrick William Savory 24045Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Sheldrake 3/2106Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Skeggs G/10849Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Smart 22792Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Smith 10425ALIAS03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Smith 9431Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Henry Smith 20935Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Smith 15123Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Smith G/16387Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Snell 23989Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Spearpoint G/7806The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private George William Steggles 23444Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private St. Thomas Stovold G/878The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal Swift 15783Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant Charles Frederick Sworder Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Captain Richard Greaves Tasker Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Major Frederick St. George Tucker Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Tunstall 10185North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Turrell 23470Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Tutt G/4207The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Tyte 18166Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walker G/1113The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Tom Edmund Reginald Wallis 22820Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Warner L/5699Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Warren G/776The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Warwick 24049Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Watts 9626Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Webb 10284Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Webber 17887Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Wenman G/8118The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Lance Corporal Frank Whayman 18731Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Wilkin 9134Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Willett 9225Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Willis 17693Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Serjeant Wood G/439Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Wood L/10987The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Woods Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Edwin Stanley Wright Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Serjeant Joseph Henry Young 6649Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Stanley James Guest 4241The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Broddle 13106Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916
Private William Claude Coggins G/5948The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Captain Crosse Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Innocent Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Harold Harding Linzell Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Rogers 17913Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Sharp 12338Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lieutenant Eric Graham Fletcher South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Griffiths 18922Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Smith 11299Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Lowe 10762The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Scott 10173Welsh Regiment03/07/1916
Private Boardman 16628North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Flynn 27273The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Albert Worthington 27240Army Cyclist Corps03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Ezra Ewart Owen 120517Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Cooper 3609South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Price 4268Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Rifleman Frederick Archer Wigley 12543King's Royal Rifle Corps03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Arthur Eldred Bentall 2843London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Tomkinson 26187Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Tuckwell 9159Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Zeder Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry03/07/1916
Captain Alexander Reginald Thomas Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Noel Peter Coupe 7763Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private Ledwith 17646South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Palmer 12273Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Meehan 5571Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private John Henry Barlow 33425Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Albert Richard Barnard 18652Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Captain Lascelles De Barry Barnett Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private Charles Edward Beaumont 10222Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal John Brown 13616Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private James Burns 20445Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 42)
Private James Gadd G/5724Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Frank Godsell 11995Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Edward Grisdale 14364Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Harding L/10401Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Henry Hargreaves 13195Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private James William Harrison G/10891Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private James Howard 16722Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Constantine Howat 14129Royal Scots03/07/1916
Serjeant Harry St. Ronan Hundleby G/166Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Thomas William Jenner G/5673The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Richard Leopold Kent 16824Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Frank Anning Kirby G/6452Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Leonard Jaques Lawcock 2007Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Robert Speedon Macfarlane Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Peter Mcusbie 13109Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Adrian Mellody 16823Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private William Millichip 18236Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Albert Henry New 17009Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private John William Nichols 7859Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Read S/8313The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private James Rawson Rimmer 13829Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Peter Robertson 13564Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private John Santer G/2738Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Samuel Middleton Scaife 146Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Alexander Smith 27123Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Serjeant Frederick Springett 10653Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Vale 24545Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Fred Whyte 27017Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Captain George Edward Cockerill London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private George William Wright 4206Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Buckingham SS/17601Army Service Corps03/07/1916
Sapper George Gentle 87799Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Driver Bailey 17872Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Private Beales 18102Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Boot 17742Leicestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Campkin S/10242Seaforth Highlanders03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Carberry 21615King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Godwin 9501Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Gresty 4/19790South Wales Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Jones 39780Welsh Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Latta 26416Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Mcmillan S/13913Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Marsden 6181The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal O'neill 11714Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Paul 10979Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Powell 12423Welsh Regiment03/07/1916
Gunner Slater 75079Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Corporal Thomas Turner 22382Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Harold Wiseman 15869The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Corporal Pedler 3972Somerset Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private Phillips 1466Somerset Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Alfred John Bridges 8660Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Corporal William Edward Donohoe 7452Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Gunner Smith 855378Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private Frank Warner 1183Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Lieutenant Douglas Huon Gray Royal Flying Corps, 24th Sqdn.03/07/1916
Private Frederick Moor Gibson 14420Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Serjeant Mason 535Army Veterinary Corps03/07/1916
Trimmer Playford 2658Royal Naval Reserve, H. M.S. Atherstone03/07/1916
Stoker 1st Class Frederick Jeremiah White K/18490Royal Navy, HMS Lion03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant Henry Thomas Ross Kerr Cameron Highlanders03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Frederick William Killick G/3545The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Andrews G/14621Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frank Bristow 9909Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Richard Cyril Carey Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Bertram Cartwright 1852Royal Scots03/07/1916
Private John James Cowley 31536The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal William H.p. Garner 13555Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private George Gaskell 14598Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert George Gay 21113Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 43)
Private John George 15237Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Joseph George 7288Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916
Private Walter Gibbons 26006South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Henry Gibbs L/11210The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Albert Edward Gibson 10543Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Edwin Gibson 1998Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Corporal John William Gibson 1791Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant Howard Arthur Purser Gilbert 8320Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Edward Victor Giles Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Giles 10259Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Henry Gilfellon 19605Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Robert Gill 14217Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Thomas William Gillson 12036Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Percy James Tussell Golding G/8804Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Arthur George Golds G/5939The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Ernest Goldsmith G/9369The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private George William Good 16197Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Samuel Goodier 17047Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Frank John Goodwin S/8309Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private John Goodwin 17692Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Wilfred Goodwin 19043Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Mark Gordon 1039South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal George Thomas Floyd G/3510The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private George Ford 13225Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Bert Fordham 20471Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Gilbert Harry Foss Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Leonard Foster L/11130The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Charles Selwyn Foster 15604Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Wallwyn Foster 19102South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal Samuel Fowler 18460Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Frederick Barber Fox S/63Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Thomas Francis 7898West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916
Private Frederick John Franks 14843Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Rueben Freedman 19786Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Bertram Frith 11738Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Horace William Frost 18123South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Froud 21534Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Bertram Albert Fry 12005Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Fry G/15498The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Bennett Fuller 11773Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Gilbert Sims Gadney Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Thomas Gage L/11015Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Thomas Gair 12871Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Gallon 27895Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Galt 13443Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Frederick Garfoot 15055Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Herbert Everett 8611Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Joseph Henry Everist G/226Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Herbert Edwin Ewen 23826Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private James Frederick Fairhall 14153Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 16)
Private Arthur Thomas Faith 8769East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Ernest Harold Farley Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private George Farmer 13282Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private John Farquhar 13348Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private John Farr 10629Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frank Farrow 9157Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Feary 12552Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Corporal Alfred Charles Fergusson 20305Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Sidney George Fern 10699Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Alfred William Filce 11545Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Wallace Finn G/3002The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Richard Charles Firmin 12242Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Firth 22326Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Bert Fisher 10262Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Fisher G/5500The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Arthur Fisher 13588Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private George Frank Fishpool 24753Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private George William Fitchett 13356York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private John William Fitchett 16783Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private John E. Fitzgerald G/15500The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Corporal Maurice Fletcher 12164York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant William George Fletcher North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Albert G. Flight 13933Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred David George Flint 11047Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Benjamin Dutnall L/10616Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Rifleman Daniel Dyer 3807West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Ernest Dyer G/4596Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private James Eadon 18080King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal George William Eagle 12262Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private John Earl 21628Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Michael Earles 11848Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private James Edmunds 173Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Alec Edwards 16425Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Henry Edwards 17939Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Edwards 16444Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Percy Edwards 17167King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private James Elder 12218East Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Ellice 13353Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Frederick Elliott 16084Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private John Ellis 23482Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Thomas Ellis 11218Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Victor James Elsden 16107Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Alfred Elve G/4579Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Robert Elvin G/10995Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal George English 12414Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Arthur Enoch 19433Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Evans 18007Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private David Evans 22167Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Frederick Evans G/4583Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Thomas Evans 12866Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Edward Digney 2385South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private John Dilworth 23931The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal George Dix G/845Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Edmund Lawrence Dixon 15031Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Dixon 22951Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Serjeant Walter Dixon 15122Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Thomas Dodd 8190South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant William Robert Dodd 2102York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private Robert George Albert Doel G/5537The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Patrick Donnelly 18693Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private John Donovan 18128Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Fred Downes 13942Border Regiment03/07/1916
Lieutenant William Arthur Clarence Dowse Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private William John Draper 13238ALIAS03/07/1916
Private Thomas Drew 17459Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Archibald G. Drinkwater 12286Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Arthur James Driscoll 8995Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Alexander Rae Arthur Dryden 16967Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John Dryden 6282King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Francis Stuart Duhy 10731Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal George Frederick Dunn 19303Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Dunn 4093York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Harry Dunshee 19242Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Sapper Philip Dunstan 100983Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Private Arthur Darking 18063Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal Horace Davenport 9006Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Corporal Albert Davies 15108Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Benjamin Davies 36281Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private John Evan Davies 19177Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Joseph Davies 10498South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Corporal Thomas Davies 13736Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Thomas Picton Davies 30919Welsh Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private Alfred Charles Davis 2396Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Richard Vince Davis G/8661The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Charles Dawson G/140Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private George Hewitt Dawson 12279Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Lance Corporal William Richard Dawson 19531Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Frank Deakin 5189York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private William Denham G/8959The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Victor Harold Denton 12506Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Henry Derry G/1297Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Lawrence Devaney 18139South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Dewberry 24550Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Jack D'hooghe 19053Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Serjeant Edward Dicker 12231Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Company Serjeant Major Harry Dickinson 7791Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Captain Harleigh Cox Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private William Cox 17044Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Arthur Cracknell 23495Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Charles Cracknell 12046Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant George L. Crawford 968Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Percival Crawley 10749Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Richard Cripps 16030Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Peter Critchley 4124Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Ewart Gladstone Crompton 15617Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private William Cross 13796Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Cullum 23082Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Albert Currin 24649Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Lancelot Curteis Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Corporal William Arthur Frederick Cuthbert 8593Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private James Cutter 23878Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Daldry 12770Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Henry George Danzey S/9206Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Henry E. Collins 17451Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James John Collins 16976Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Connor 24493Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Connor 26602Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Thomas Conroy 19394South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert John Cook 12098Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Francis Henry Cook 24661Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Harry Cook 12021Wiltshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Kenrick Watkyn B. Richard Cook 16826Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private William Macdonald Cook 1163Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Henry Cooke 13391Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Cooke 19738York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Augustus Cooper 26016Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Arthur Edward Cooper 18687Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest George Cooper 7273Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916
Private Henry Charles Cooper 19615Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Joseph Cooper 16959Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Thomas Edward Cooper S/495Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Cooper 15506Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Norman Coppin L/10393Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Joseph Corden 2276Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant Daniel Joseph Cosgrave 12993South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Corporal Joseph A. Cotes 11743Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Richard Henry Courtney 17026Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles William Cowland G/6353The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Charles Arthur Churchill 15770Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Clapham 15839Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Ernest Clapton 11166Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest William Clark G/5910Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private John Clark 10499Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Thomas James Clark G/1670Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Arthur Clarke S/10231The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Charles Frederick Clarke 20175Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Frank Arthur Clarke 16907Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Frederick Clarke 12431Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private George Clarke 18050Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Cecil Clarke 10632Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Reginald William Clarke 12199Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private William Clarke 18818Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Samuel Clay 18158Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Walter Clayton 31035Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Michael Cleary 14553Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Raymond Cleveland 13893Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Clunie 16101Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas William Cobbold 13120Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private George Owen Cobley G/6408Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private George William Cockcroft 66Royal Army Medical Corps03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Frank Cole 19250Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Sydney Cole 10817Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Henry Thomas Coleman G/3594The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant Samuel James Coleman 11443Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Colgrave 4258York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal William Collette 13189Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private George Collier 2705Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Robert Buckley 15918Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Budd G/564The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private James F. Budding 11962Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Bernard Ebenezer Bumpus Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private James Albert Bunn 10496Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Lawrence William Bunney 266422Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private William Burden G/5163Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 43)
Private Ernest Burgess 7269Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916
Private William Burgess 2488Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private William Robert Burgess 16221Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Henry Burgwin 11616Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal James Burnett 13285Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Edward Burree G/4669The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Arthur Robert Burt G/9518Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Herbert Harold Burton 26136Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal William Burton L/12897Middlesex Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Stanley Bush 3/9328Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur John Butcher 20460Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Frank Morris Butcher 11078Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Aubrey Edward Walter Butler Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Cornelius Butler 15662South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Ernest Butler 16098Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frank Butler G/31Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Frederick Henry Butler 13543York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Stephen Butler 17293Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Harry Butler 12176Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal William Henry Butler 18909North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private James Byrne 14620North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Joseph Cable 9981Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Serjeant William Walter Cable 11441Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Thomas Callaghan 13409South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Charles Camp G/5372The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Brett 6834Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Brewster 9147Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant John William Briers 19385South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Edmund Briggs 1899Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Alfred Brimfield 20252Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private John Henry Briscoe G/6870The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George Hoskin Brock 12885Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal John Brock 16846Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Charles Brocklesby 18224Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Leslie Charles Archer Bromhall 884East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Brooks 14557Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Brooks 19255Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Corporal Thomas Brooks 17750York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Joseph Broomhall 6120Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Philip Broomhall 10983Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal Herbert Broughton 12903Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Serjeant Albert Brown 2765Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Brown G/1235Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Bernard John Brown 12480North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Bertram E. Brown G/1299The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Brice Brown 16618Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Fred Brown 11158Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Joseph Harold Brown 32817The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Robert Brown 18713Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Brown 13237Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Corporal Wilfred Brown 10835Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Bruffell 17998Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Corporal Kenneth Mcp Buchanan 14047Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private James Buckingham 15446Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Joseph Bloomer 15692Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Bloomfield G/10564Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private John Bloor 31500Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Serjeant Frederick Blows 9309Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Joseph Henry Blythe 8339Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private James Daniel Bones 311607Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Boreham G/9112Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Noel Walter Boreham 12339Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Joseph Botfield 8806Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Corporal Arthur Walford Botham 6755Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Sydney Bourne G/6308The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Wilfred Bourne 19314Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Albert Edward Bowell 12479Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Bert George Bowers 22134Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Adolphus Bowley 21050Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private George Brader 6953Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Bradshaw 17338North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Nicholas Bradshaw 22936The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Charles Hugh Brambley 10520Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Bray 10199Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private Elijah Beeton 12843Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private David Bell 1102Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private John Bell 24692The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George Benfield 10338South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Albert Bennett G/5973Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 45)
Lance Corporal Charles Bennett 10865Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Archie Benson 14579Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Sidney Berry G/32The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lieutenant Edward Douglas Bestall Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Frank Ramsden Biggins 19330Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Corporal Raymond Hall Bindley 17148Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Bingley 5525Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Harold Binns 4655York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Birchall 585South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Bird 24659Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Stephen Bird 19536South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Walter Bird 23223Border Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Percy Coral Birks 2785York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Thomas Blake 31943Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private George Blamire 18293Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Horace Bleaney 22762Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Eli Bannister 15538Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Frederick Bannister 11254Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Barker 12935South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Arthur Barlow 15981York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Robert Barlow 9389ALIAS03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Corporal Henry Barnes 20660Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Company Serjeant Major Sidney Barnett 7246Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private James Edward Barrett 9460Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private William Louis Barrett 9041Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Thomas Barrow 11709South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Barrow 2519South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Frederick John Batchelor G/1059Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Serjeant Arthur Sefton Bate 16542Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private George Harry Bateman G/8378The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private William Robert Bates 208360Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Baty 13128Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Herbert Henry Baverstock 11022Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Charles Bax G/9596Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Thomas Baxter 16594Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Herbert Bayliss 14313Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Albert Beachill 21330York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Beadsmore 17989Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private William H. Beard 15907Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Fred Bearman 12488Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Richard James Beavan G/9652Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Ernest Beavis 13319Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Charles Edward Beckwith 12477Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Beech 20878King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Albert Arnold G/15453ALIAS03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant James Ormrod Ashton Army Cyclist Corps03/07/1916
Private Stanley James Ashton G/6275Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George Ashworth 2713South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Harry Aspey 11788Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private John Astbury 18229North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Francis Bernard Astley 17111South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Attenborough 22462Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private William Avis G/887Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Jack Aylward G/1322Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Francis Henry Badman 15930Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Frederick Bailey 12320Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Harry Bailey 13028Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Edward Baillie 13780Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant John Hugh Baines Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Benjamin Charles Baker 16038Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private James Arthur Baker 14239North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Peter Baker 12261Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Thomas William Balderson 15133Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Frank Baldwin 11966Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Henry Baller 16662Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private John Balsillie 16326Royal Scots03/07/1916
Serjeant William Banks 13168Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Arthur Leonard Victor Abbott G/9221The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Reginald Abrahams 18707Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Horace Adams 16610Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Adams 16465North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Adamson 18513Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Donald Aitken 22562Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private William Aldcroft 17473South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred V. Alder 12889Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Henry Alderthay 16949Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frank Aley 14846Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Thomas Allen 8660South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter John Allen 17487North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William John Amos G/15475The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Second Lieutenant Leigh Courtney Andrews Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Frederick Charles Ansell 3/2481Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Thomas Anson 13022Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Archer 13300Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private John Archer 25147Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Robert Leonard 14103The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Benjamin Gorton 17262Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Sidney Gough G/8132The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Douglas Gould 15525Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Gould G/3Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Ernest Gower 12649Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Arthur Graham 5686Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Joseph Graham 18776Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Robert J. Graham 27027Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private William Graham 13369Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Walter Frederick Gray 24052Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Tertius Green 8818Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Edward Green 20270Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Robert Green 12739Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Samuel Rose Green 15531Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private James Edward Greenfield 15671Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Greenwood 4776York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal William Arthur Gregory G/635Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private William Ernest Grewcock 12663Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Amos Griffiths 12620North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Arthur Grigg 14459Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Wilfred Grimshaw 26004Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private George Henry Grimwood 9371Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Ernest Grindle 12630North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private William C. Grinter 26135Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Grisedale 20933Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 41)
Private Archibald Grove 11029Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Sidney Gunns 14741Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Edward George Louis Haase Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Cyril Vernon Hadley Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Henry Colin Hagger G/6763Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George Haigh 3/10599Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private John Haley 20344King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Arthur Hall L/10374Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Arthur Thomas Hall 10935Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Henry Hall 16886Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Formby Halsall 24876The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Serjeant George Hambridge 18662Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Samuel Hancock 17241North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Henry Hancock 19149Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Patrick Hanlon 17029Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Alfred John Harding L/10087Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Harold Alfred Harding 18375Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Caleb John Hardy 33004Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Charles Hardy 15629Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Donald Hardy G/6860Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Walter Hare 8334Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Thomas William Hargreaves G/7785The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Charles Wentworth Harley L/10696The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Henry Daniel Harling 18564Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Charles Harman 10423Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Harris G/11395Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Captain Herbert Cecil Harris Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private John Harris S/202The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Thomas W. Harris 24733Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Trevor George Harris 12257Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Cyril John Harrison 15815Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private William Harrison 23061Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal George Philimore Harrold 19268York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private William Harrop 4322York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Albert Hart G/8870The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Charles J. Harvey 23628Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Harvey 13658Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private William Robert Harvey 18314Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Francis Hassan 11727Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916
Private Arthur Frank Hatson 19749Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916
Private James Haverty 16769Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal William John Hawes 10936Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Reginald Haycock 19053North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alexander Henry Hayes 8077Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harold Hayes 2408Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Henry Hayes 16737York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur P. Hayling 11201Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private James Haynes S/9076Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Thomas George Haynes 12589Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Pioneer John Herbert Hays 159320Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private George Hayward 10743Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Ernest Hazelwood 16009Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private John Head 15479Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Heald 3591Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George William Heath 8097Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Heaton G/801The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private John Thomas Hemmings 16362Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Serjeant James Hennessey 13235Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edward Henry 3326Royal Scots03/07/1916
Private John Lee Henshall 13605Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private George Heritage 16711Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Heskins 18647Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Albert Benn Hibbard 15521Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Francis Wilfred Hicks 18543Wiltshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Harry Hill 19608Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Corporal William Hill 10211South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Company Serjeant Major William Edward Hill 10540Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Lawrence Clifford Hills Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal William Thomas Hilsdon 10285Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Hastings Hindley 3301South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Hine 16932Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Geoffrey Hingley 17775Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private William Edward Hingley 19177Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Thomas Hirst 25/998Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Albert Hitchings 22738Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Henry Hivey 16085The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private George Harold Hoare 23547Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harold Hodson 18904South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Serjeant William Charles Holland 15820Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Serjeant Harry Holloway 14683Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Holmes 16081Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Thomas Holmes 18425Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Thomas Hooper 13325Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Henry Hornby 7783Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Alfred Hough 16941Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private George Henry Howard G/15842The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private John Thomas Howden 18776York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Howe 4548York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Howick S/8108Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal James Hoy 9384Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Edward Hughes 20578Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John Hughes 15257South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Charles Edward Hulatt 25464Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Richard Hume 12564Royal Scots03/07/1916
Private Thomas Allun Humphries 20438Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James William Hunt G/6076The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Corporal Norman William Hunt 22731The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Norris Hunt 6452Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private William Arthur Hunt 18133Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Hubert Oscar Hunter 8806Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal Frederick Hutton 12290Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Michael Joseph Hyland G/34The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Henry Ibison 19433South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal George Robert Ingle 9389Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private John Henry Ingram G/992The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Inkpen G/74The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Albert Ivin 24349Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Jackson 24233York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Robert Jackson 21175South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Jackson 22007Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry James 14104Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Herbert Jarman 23858Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Jenkinson 14914York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Jepson 2721York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Johnson 10676Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred George Johnson L/10932The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Charles Johnson 12124Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Richard Johnson 11148Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Johnson 18285Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Edward Johnson G/15415Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private William Johnston 13620Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private James Mckenzie Joiner 29965Royal Scots03/07/1916
Private William Jollands 19074Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur S. Jones 11674Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Douglas Norman Jones 9185Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Jones G/109Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George Jones 25614Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Henry Jones 36403Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Harold Jones 18966Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Jones 16573Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Jones 3418South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Jones 34393The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Tom Jones 23290Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Jones 14390York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant William Jones 13664Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Robert Just 12918Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest Kearse 19679Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Henry Keates 14317Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Keating 12205Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916
Private John Keene 15258Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal James Kelly 767South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Kelly 33622Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Corporal Joseph Bernard Kelly 12135Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Kelly 7199South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Kelly 13418Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Kendall 15578South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private John William Kendrick 4819York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Kent 13238Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Frederick Kenyon 26285South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private Michael Kerrane 19363York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Edward Kiely G/687The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Charles Victor Kilworth 12181Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Percival Eustace Kimbrey 19722Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Captain Thomas Harry Kinder Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Albert Stanley King 17933Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Archie Richard King 18866Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Arthur James King 17025Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry King 14207Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private James William King 18231Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private Thomas Henry Charles King G/15453The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Serjeant William James King 8215Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Roy Kingston 14960Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Edward Kirby 7297Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916
Private Francis George Kirby 23471Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Richard Kirkham 2929South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Kirlew 14758Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Kirton 19084Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Frederick Knight 18401Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Henry Knight 10859Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Henry Knott 14655Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Albert Knowles 30149Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Arthur William Ladbrook 19475Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Alfred Lamb 15164Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private George Lamb 23060Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Bertie Lambert 6580Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private George Lambert G/5907The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Harry Gordon Lambley 13862Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant John Lamen 2867South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Eric Clifton Lamonby 14320Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Bombardier Samuel Land L/24968Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Harry Joseph Lansdowne G/10980Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Percy Latham 15358Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Ernest Latter G/4103Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Ernest Law 23259York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private George Law G/11122Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Alfred Livingstone Lawrence 21037Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Bertie Lawrence 23011Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private William John Lawrence G/8091The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Fred Leach 13938York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Lear 19283South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal James J. Leask 13177Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Albert Edward Lee 24530Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Harry Lee 4422York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Lefley 23714Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal William Herbert Lemon 23141Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Harry Leonard 14223Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Serjeant Walter Edward Leonard 12345Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Charles William Levick 4033York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Edward Lewin 17737York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alexander William Lewis G/15476The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Reuben Lidster 10349East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Lilley 7590Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Robert Edward Lightfoot 17981Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Leonard Lilley 19097Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Clifford Walter Lilly 16654Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Harry Linley 4645York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Lisle 12640Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Joseph Wilson Little 1631South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Serjeant Ernest William Lloyd 10734Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Joseph Lloyd 15983South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Richard Lloyd 10922Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private James Lochead 3116Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private William Lochhead 14037Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Isaac Lockhart 15739Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Locking 19362Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Herbert Longford 12296Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Joseph Longstaff 5467Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Arthur Ernest Lovett 10682Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alexander Lyon 13588Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Thomas Mccarthy L/10761The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private David Mccathie 2977South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 41)
Serjeant Thomas Mccaw 13184Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private James Edward Mcclatchie G/6702The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Thomas Mcculloch 13797Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private George Mccullock 3389South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Mcdonald 11978South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal John Mcfadyen 13462Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private John Mclachlan 13563Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private John Mclean 3295Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Serjeant Neil Mclean 13306Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private William Maclean 13219Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private James Mcwilliams G/8134The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Joseph Maher 1270Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Thomas Maher 16748York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Peter Mahon 18689Border Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Robert Mansfield 18601Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Edward Manton G/3993The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Joseph Henry Maplethorpe 12560Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Arthur Henry Marlow 10232Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Marriott 13689Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Marsh 21080Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Marshall 21120King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916
Private George Marshall 12431Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Charles Martin G/3838Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal James William Martin 20940Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private John Martin 13379Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Peter Watt Martin 25286Royal Scots03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Driver William G. Martin 23219Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private Ernest Mason 24531Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Henry Mason 10804Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private James Christopher Mason 18566Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 16)
Private Joseph Mason 12447South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Thomas Mansell Mason 24919Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Captain Myles Lewis Wyan Matthews Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal William Matthews 25820Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Thomas Maw 22780Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Frederick George May L/6569The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Henry Mayer 2316Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Bertie Mead 22416Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Meadows 11554Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Samuel James Meadows 15825Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Meadows 24393Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Oswald Meek G/2959The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Bertie Mercer 12472Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Francis Messenger 15666Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private William Metson 8927Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Nicholson 20765Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private John Thomas Nield 2953Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Serjeant George Edward Nixon 12647Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Norfolk 21153Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Alfred Norman 8469East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Thomas Norse 13501Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Arthur North 12668Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Ver Norwood 19445Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Horace Reginald Nunn 9/546The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private James Nutt 18471Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private James Nyland 13666Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John O'brien 19092York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private John O'connell 7007Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916
Private William Henry Oglesby 11088Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Frederick Olden G/5784The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private James Oliver 16374South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Francis Joseph O'neary 12066Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Orbell 18034Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Edgar Matthew Charlton Osborne 14801Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Herbert Osborne G/9286The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Frederick Charles Overton 11164Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Daniel Owen S/9061Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant William Henry Owen 6514Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private William Owens 12746South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Corporal Robert Oxby 14462Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private Maurice Theodore James Packer 15772Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Christopher John Painting 19257Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private John Herbert Palfreyman 12967North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Sidney James Pallett 10596Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Corporal Frank Palmer 11327Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frank Palmer 11642Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Serjeant Henry Palmer 6789Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Sidney Palmer 19132South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Matthew St. Lawrence Parfitt 11967Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Arthur Parker G/560The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Charles Parker 11199Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George William Gardiner Parker G/9297The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private James Parker 19776Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Parkinson 13697Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Parkinson 24396York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Herbert Parr 12166Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Harry Parry 19739Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Parry 12202Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Thomas Parsons G/378The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Frank Partridge 22696Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Frederick William Partridge 16228Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Stanley James Patey 9657Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal Ralph Pattison 11946Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private James Henry Payne 22757Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Sidney Payne 18518Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916
Private Frederick Peachey 16930Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Edward Peacock 16924Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Sidney Alick Peacock 15639Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Herbert Parker Peacocke South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Captain Henry Arthur Wyatt Peake Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Wilfred Pearce 15256Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant John Robert Pearson 14074Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private William Peck 12400Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Peddlesden G/1441Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Henry George Peel 20642Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal William Reuben Pegg 5032Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Ernest Pell 18911Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Alexander Robinson 5600Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Charles Alfred Robinson G/7029The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private James Robinson 20640Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Thomas Robinson 20703Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private David Robson 27846Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Thomas Robson 22110Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private William Roe 17327Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Rogers 16536Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Corporal Thomas Rooks 9633Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Stanley Rose G/10999Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Harold Rosier 15694Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles William Ross 21378Border Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Gwilliam Emanuel Henry Ross Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Alfred Rowell 14317Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Wilfred Rowlands 15334Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Harold E. Rowley 13793Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Rowley 4699Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private William Jim Rowson 10886Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Albert Ruby 11225Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Charles Rudkin 11117Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private Thomas William Rush 8586Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Charles Russell 16337Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private James Russell G/8031Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Sydney Rutterford 18173Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private John Riley Salisbury 22716Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Edward Samuels 14936Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Sapper Albert Edward Sanders 1251Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Private Frederick Sanderson 10187South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private William George Sanger L/6834The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Frederick A. Sargeant 19420Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Sargeant 12840North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Corporal Vincent Elijah Saunders 16036Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private Walter Scarlett 16270East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick G. Schofield 29135The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Cecil Scoltock 7956Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Willie Scothern 3512York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private David Scott 1023Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private George Scott 10826Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Robert Scott 22276Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Joseph Scott 6420South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Serjeant Jack Scruby G/1128The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Corporal William Seager L/5118The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Alfred Searle G/658The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Alfred Percy Self 12410Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry William Self 20943Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Selvey 15374Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Sessions 15235Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frank Seymour 10653Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Stanley Shankster Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Horace Silverton Sharman 18119Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private Harry Sharp 2224Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest Sharpe 12316Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alexander George Smith 24533Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Alfred Jesse Smith 10549Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Andrew Smith 7899Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Smith 6465Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Henry Smith 21459York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Charles James Smith 18445Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 44)
Private Fred Smith 19419Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Smith 20732Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Harry William Smith G/4991Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private James Smith 16562York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Smith 24467Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal John Percival Smith 13438Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Smith 20064Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Richard Smith 11010Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Stanley Smith 16097Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Thomas John Smith G/744The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Smith L/10539Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private William Smith 15432Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Henry Smith S/379Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Henry Thomas Sneesby 21326Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Arthur John Soames 9237Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John G. Soames 13323Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George South 21475York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Sowden 25376Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Frederick Reginald Sowter 10809Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Arthur Spacksman 18127Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal Arthur Speck 14301Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal David Law Sturgeon 317794Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alfred Styles G/53Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Serjeant George Styles 13896Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Robert Styles G/17911Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Frederick Joseph Sullivan 17100South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private William Sullivan G/5181The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George William Sumner 7796Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private Herbert Surtees 3527Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Frederick Swales 13664Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Henry Swan 21045Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Harry Swan G/991Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Swann 18947South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant William Henry Switzer 3446South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Richard Symonds 18466Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Robert John Tait 14972Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Leonard Tandy 17918Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Tanner 10862Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Tarrant 18742Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Sidney Tasker G/5066The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Thomas William Tatler 15179Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Taws 11327Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Charles Taylor 7072Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick George Taylor G/8878The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Harry Taylor 2357York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Henry Taylor 7334Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private James Taylor S/357Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Serjeant John Taylor 13313Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Patrick Taylor G/2051Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Samuel Taylor 14009Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Terry Taylor 12170Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Thomas Taylor 24325Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Tear 13171Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Nathaniel Wield Templeton 15828Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Richard Charles Thomas G/4577The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Thomas 17627South Wales Borderers03/07/1916
Private William George Thomas 15041South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Berry Thompson 22871Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Claude Thompson 7690ALIAS03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private James Thompson 17273Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Iron Thompson 16556Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Corporal Nathaniel Thomson 4602Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal William Thomson 8618Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Samuel Thornhill 3561South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private John Thornton 23942Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Serjeant John Thomas Thornton 14313Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Freeman Threadgold 9716Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest Tickner G/949Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Tidbury 19583Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Serjeant Alfred Hugh Tidey 12617Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Michael Tiernan 18548South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Reginald Tillett 12500Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Michael Timlin 11334Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Robert John Titchener G/4393Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Herbert J. Todd 23845The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Patrick James Todhetly 10054Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private James Tolley 19384Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Jacob Tomlinson 12822Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Toole 14100Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Arthur Toyne 13469Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Trevor 15908Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Trigg 3206York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Thomas Tring 3/2454Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 40)
Private G. Eniss Trott 11055Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private George Arthur Trudgett 12480Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Charles Trussler G/319The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Arthur Tubb 19590Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Frederick H. Tudor 10564Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Christopher Burrows Turner 22039York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private James H. Turner 13430Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private Sidney George Turner 16890Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Douglas William Tween 10532Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Joseph Tyldsley 19145South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert James Upson 18025Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Serjeant Herbert Utting 10852Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Herbert Uttley 15484King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Sidney Valentine 12758Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Walter Veitch G/16688Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Victor Venner G/540Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Ernest Victor 15258Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Serjeant George Vidler 8285East Surrey Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Vowles 5268Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Captain Percival Beckwith Wace Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Edward West Wackrill 19034Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Frederick Johnson Wakefield 1749Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Walden 21421Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private William John Waldron 15707The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Fred Walker 18682Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private John Walker 3262Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John William Walker 18635North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Jonathan Edward Walker 14867Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Joseph Walker 23543Royal Scots03/07/1916
Private Thomas Walker 18039Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private William Walker 20597Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private John Wall 46Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Oliver Wall 16591Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Wallace 9642Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Joseph Wallbanks 12944North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Norman Vincent Patrick Waller G/15469The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Sidney John Walmsley 13022Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Harold Walters 17946Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Thomas Richard Walton 10456Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Harry Warboys S/6757The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Arnold Ward 3/3188York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Serjeant Arthur Ward 11672Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Charles William Ward 20531Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private John Henry Ward 14458Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Mark W. Ward 17359Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Ward 16126Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Sapper William Henry Ward 85608Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Private Edward Warner 15082Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Warren G/8328Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George Watkins 15509Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Company Serjeant Major William Charles Watkins 9711Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Harry Watling 20053Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Watson G/10928Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Alexander Watt 1016th Dragoons (Inniskilling)03/07/1916
Private James Watt 22467Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Edgar Joseph Watts 17837Hampshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Corporal William Wayman 16982Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private David Webb 13322Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Ernest Arthur Webb 10510Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Harry Webb S/6767The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Thomas Henry Webb G/2668Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Corporal George Webster 2023York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private George Webster G/5180Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Cecil Wedlake 17726Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal William Weller S/266Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Gilbert James Wellman 6525Dorsetshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private George Wells 18111Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Charles Wells 7941Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Patrick Welsh 1973South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Angus West G/1071The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Jack Westcott G/5489Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Ernest Wheaton 23701Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Ernest Wheeler G/126Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Walter Wheeler 24060Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Frank Edward White G/141Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private James White S/404The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Captain Stewart Alexander White Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Sidney Whitehead 12533Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Charles Whitehorn 17476Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Lance Serjeant William Whitehouse 5118Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Percy Atkinson Marsh Whiteley 18290King's Own Scottish Borderers03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Albert E. Whittingham 13404Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest Alfred Whittingham 6466Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Richard Whybrow 8264Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 42)
Captain Lister Darell Wickham Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Wignall 4559West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Albert Wilcox 15518Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Alfred Herbert Wilcox G/8005The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Edward Wilkinson 23775Northamptonshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George William Wilkinson 19318Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Percy Wilkinson 3769York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private David Williams 22897The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private David Lawrence Williams 12930North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edward Williams 17972Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edward Williams 36054Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Robert Williams 21115Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Thomas Williams 13727Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private Thomas Edward Williams 23115Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private William Williams 27435Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Henry Willis G/40The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Arthur Wills 12299Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Richard Wilmer 10895Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Arthur Wilson 19760Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private David Wilson 16232Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Henry Wilson G/303The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Joseph Wilson 4061York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Second Lieutenant Robert Wilson Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Wilson 9656Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 41)
Private William Wilson G/5558Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Thomas Wimpress 18169Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Winder 26237South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Windle 3835York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Wing 24572The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private John Radfield Winn 22483Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private William George Winstanley 18521South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Albert Winwood 7716South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Labourer Fateh Din 1942Indian Labour Corps03/07/1916
Shoeing Smith George Hakin 111284Royal Field Artillery03/07/1916
Private William Devlin 8635Royal Dublin Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Corporal William Alexander Pilkington 16734Canadian Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 47)
Serjeant Mcneil 5/8040King's African Rifles03/07/1916
Sepoy Sankaranarainapillai 357880th Carnatic Infantry03/07/1916
Sepoy Jhanda Singh 114124th Punjabis03/07/1916
Sepoy Nawab Ali 223493rd Burma Infantry, Indian Army03/07/1916
Private Tucker 4233Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Sowar Ganpat Singh 11923rd Lancers (Skinner's Horse)03/07/1916
Private Thomas Brocklebank 3033Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Alfred Adams 3768Dorsetshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Dennis Cannon 10718South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edward Charles Cannon 19682Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Canovan 13612Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant George G. Capon 13538Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Edward Capp 17064Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Edward Carew 1783Manchester Regiment03/07/1916
Major James Carnegy North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Ernest Carr 11728North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal James Carr 7649North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private John Carr 14402North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Joseph Carroll 22637The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant Charles Carter 6695Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Fred Carter 17023South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Jonathan Carter G/10585Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Sidney Carter 24614Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Cartwright 19058Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Stanley Caselton G/7706The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Fredrick Holness Castle G/8455The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Peter Cave 29648The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Theodore Wilson Chalk Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private William Chamberlain 9314Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Frank Chandler 3018South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edward Chaplin 24479Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Charles William Chapman 11044Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest Chapman 27390Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Horace James Chapman 11691Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Ernest Chapman 19276Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Charles 16749Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Henry James Charman G/5646The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Tom Chester G/7019Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal William Francis Chesterton 20219Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private Thomas Henry Chilton 19620Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 33)
Private Charles Edward Miller 2649King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)03/07/1916
Private John Henry Miller 16747York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Richard Minns 23841Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John Mitchell 24259Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Pioneer John Mitchell 130389Royal Engineers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Arthur Mizen 19274Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Moore 12155Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Bertram Moore 2814South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal John Moore 7325Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private John Thomas Moore 10940Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas W. Moore 8721Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Arthur Morris 22779The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Harold Morris 22177The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private John Charles Morris 16849Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private John William Morriss 7591South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George E. Morse 24671Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal James Morse 12302Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Thomas James Mortlock 10972Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private George Alfred Moss 15881Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 36)
Private William Ernest Moyses 4404York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edgar Mudd 5581Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Corporal Claude Thompson Muldownie 7690South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private William Munn G/5079Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private George Murfin 11192Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph James Murphy 23877The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Charles Frederick Muttock 23680Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Frank Myers 5584Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Naylor 11211Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916
Private Frederick Nelmes 17220Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Nelson 13582Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harold Percival Nevard 10632Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Henry Newland G/139The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Arthur Newton 15677Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private David Newton 21012Royal Scots03/07/1916
Lance Corporal George Newton 2789York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Charles Henry Nicholas 23949Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Nichols 5792Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private Harry John Percy 16952Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Pethers G/9429Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Adam S. Pettigrew 13016Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private George Pettitt 17963Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Arthur Henry Petts 12478Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 40)
Private Heymond Petty 5493Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Frederick Phelps 13789Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal Walter P. Phillips 22175Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Stephen Edward Phyall G/386Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Victor Pickard S/8576Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Fred Pickering 15954Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Pierce 2381York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Alexander Pilkington 2691South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Lockart Pinkerton 22217The King's (Liverpool Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Peter Piper G/8979Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Edward Pitcher G/140The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George Plant 13435North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Corporal William Plant 13705North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Francis Plant 15287Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private George Plumb 11923Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Harry Plummer 18848Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Alfred Plumridge G/852Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Alexander Pocock L/10897Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Albert Pollard 19222Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Arthur Powell 20473Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Douglas Powell 12274Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Thomas E. G. Powney 11270Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Price G/7614The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private John Price 15797Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Henry Price 7936Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Christopher B. Privett 13861Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Protherough 24225Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Serjeant Ernest J. Prust 17612Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Ernest John Pullen 13019South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Thomas Charles Purdy G/9196Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Private William Samuel Pursglove L/10655The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private William Pye 14194South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Corporal Robert Quickfall 6199Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private John Charles Quinn 18944South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Radford 13708Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Bertie Radley 11138Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Allen Ramsay 13490Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Frederick Ramsay 13167Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private George Thomas Rance 19661Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George Ranns 13801Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 17)
Private Edward Rawlings 24533Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private William Rea 15139Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Redfern 3236Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private Albert Redford G/8700The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private John Redshaw 17481South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Herbert George Reed G/391Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Thomas Reed 147096Royal Engineers03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Corporal William Edward Reeves 15832Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal George Reid 14058Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Private William James Reid G/6255The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Joseph Reilly 18294South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Alfred Henry Price Reynolds 24417Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Rice 11269Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916
Private Arthur Richardson 16121Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Serjeant Harold Richardson 8434Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Private John Ringwood 19087Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Rivers 19106Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 49)
Private George Rix 15743Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Albert Frank Roberts 16480York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Daniel Roberts 16552Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Harrison Roberts 11683Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private John Roberts 3670Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Robert Roberts 13033Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Serjeant Frederick James Shaw 27716Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Private James Shaw 11945South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal John Shaw 15605South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal William C. Shaw 13059Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Arthur Cecil Shears Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Samuel George Shemmings 23737Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal William Shenow 17259Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest Shilton 19254Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Arthur Shipley 14211Yorkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Albert Shortland 14738Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Sidey 21225Durham Light Infantry03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Sidney Albert Sillett 13098Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Harry Silverstone 3/2743Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 40)
Private James Simm 15885South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Charles Simmons 15684Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Corporal Frederick Charles Simmons G/789The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Arthur Simpkin 9052Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private William James Sims 18172Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Ernest William Sinclair G/6703Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 18)
Serjeant Richard Skinner 15521Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Joseph Henry Skoyles 10769Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private James Edward Slade 19004Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Albert George Slaughter 19720Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert George Slaughter 7050Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Slaven 14463Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916
Private Arthur Slinger 13868York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Smedley 3/3051York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Corporal Edward Charles Spicer G/13The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Winfrey Stannard 12025Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Henry Stapley 5000Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Henry Starling 24116Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Norman Staveley 13556Border Regiment03/07/1916
Private Stanley Stedman G/996Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Samuel Steer 5515Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Allan Stanley Stevens G/3809Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Samuel Stevens 31112Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private William H. Stevens 12971Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private James Stevenson 14093Highland Light Infantry03/07/1916
Captain Humphrey Stewart Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Albert Edward Stiff L/9385The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Corporal Henry Stanley Stocker L/12974Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private William Charles Stockley L/11217The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George William Stone 12770Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Serjeant Tom Gillan Storey 15787Border Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Frederick Wixey 12904Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Serjeant Oscar John Wolff 7712South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Basil Vaughan Wood Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Charles Wood 12148Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private David Wood 14549Royal Scots03/07/1916
Corporal Frederick Arthur Wood 16531Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private George John Wood 21724Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 16)
Private Harry Francis Augustus Wood G/6474Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Joseph Wood 4734Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Percy Oliver Wood 23035Essex Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Richard Wood 23250Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal William Wood 12192Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Raymond Woodcock 15834Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Herbert Woodhouse 16687Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Charles Woodley 5752Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Alfred George Woodman 19786Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Richard Woods 3307South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Walter Woods 6755Norfolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Thomas Wooligan 10561South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Edward Woolley L/10581Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private John Worrall 13085Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Christopher Wren 23378Bedfordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Charles Wright 15805Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Charles Wright 18963Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Frederick Wright 16463Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private John Wright 1081South Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Reginald George Wright 12068Suffolk Regiment03/07/1916
Private Sydney Arnold Wright 14624Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private William Wright 8035Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Sydney J. Wyatt 24251Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Robert Wilson Wyer 12129Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Bertie Wyeth 19723York and Lancaster Regiment03/07/1916
Private Harry Augustus Chambers Yarnall 15496Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Joseph Alec Yeadon 105Army Cyclist Corps03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private John Yeomans 19376North Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private Walter Yeomans G/737Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Ernest Young 16963Essex Regiment03/07/1916
Private Ernest Young 24190East Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Ernest Randall Young 15740Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Eustace Young G/572The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916
Private Harry Victor Young 13816Gloucestershire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private John Young 22/1326Northumberland Fusiliers03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Thomas Frederick Young G/169Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 31)
Second Lieutenant John Francis Pembroke Boxwell Quinlan Royal Flying Corps, 4th Sqdn.03/07/1916
Lance Corporal William Rice 2687Devonshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Gunner Budhu 1875Indian Royal Artillery03/07/1916
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 2226110th Mahratta Light Infantry03/07/1916
Sepoy Sohan Singh 240189th Punjabis03/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Ralph Cyril Stoddard Royal Flying Corps, 4th Sqdn.03/07/1916 (aged 21)
Sepoy Isar Singh 4518124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry03/07/1916
Sepoy Ishar Singh 4516124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry03/07/1916
Rifleman Bal Bahadur Rana 44262nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)03/07/1916
Follower Saudagar 2356th Punjabi Rifles (Frontier Force)03/07/1916
Sepoy Suleman Khan 340856th Punjabi Rifles (Frontier Force)03/07/1916
Driver Mahani Mahipal 107Indore Transport Corps03/07/1916
Private Alexander Robertson S/6700Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders03/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Apsley Arthur Stevenson G/8382The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Daniel Blythe 10086Lincolnshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Thomas 39555Welsh Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 30)
Quartermaster Sergeant William Wallace Williamson 683Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Lance Corporal Johnson 2627Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)03/07/1916
Private George Osman Kirkwood 22847Royal Berkshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 37)
Private Harden James Sims 4362Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private Lewis 7536The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916
Serjeant Samuel Butterworth 7691The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 32)
Artisan Ho Ah Kin 583Indian Military Works Services03/07/1916
Artisan Kwan Kan 653Indian Military Works Services03/07/1916
Artisan Kwong Kon 654Indian Military Works Services03/07/1916
Private John Webster 32698Royal Fusiliers03/07/1916
Gunner Charles Henry Appleton 70310Royal Garrison Artillery03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Charles Wilfred Yates 1320London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)03/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Fred Griffiths 17974Cheshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Harbison 17891Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1916
Ersatz-Reservist Leo Bruder German Army03/07/1916
Infanterist Heinrich Eichhorn German Army03/07/1916
Kriegsfreiwilliger Otto Hawkins German Army03/07/1916
Vizefeldwebel Josef Hermann German Army03/07/1916
Musketier Wilhelm Hog German Army03/07/1916
Ersatz-Reservist Georg Grupp German Army03/07/1916
Offizierstellvertreter Paul Maison German Army03/07/1916
Musketier Ferdinand Martin German Army03/07/1916
Sergeant Fritz Peper German Army03/07/1916
Private Norman Alexander Mcleod 4542Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916
Private William Mcleod 3422Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/07/1916 (aged 29)
Private Arthur Daffern 14897Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private Ernest Stimpson 23290Worcestershire Regiment03/07/1916
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CemeteryCountryCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
HONG KONG MEMORIALChina, (including Hong Kong)300
KIRKEE 1914-1918 MEMORIALIndia110
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Suffolk Regiment161
Lincolnshire Regiment156
Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)145
South Lancashire Regiment123
Worcestershire Regiment120
Essex Regiment119
Royal Berkshire Regiment101
Cheshire Regiment98
The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)95
Gloucestershire Regiment92
York and Lancaster Regiment82
The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)80
Highland Light Infantry73
Northumberland Fusiliers63
Border Regiment60
Royal Warwickshire Regiment54
Australian Infantry, A.I.F.53
Royal Welsh Fusiliers45
North Staffordshire Regiment40
Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)33
The King's (Liverpool Regiment)32
West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)31
Manchester Regiment28
Royal Fusiliers28
Royal Engineers27
Royal Field Artillery24
Yorkshire Regiment21
Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)19
Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)19
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry18
Norfolk Regiment18
Royal Irish Rifles18
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers16
East Surrey Regiment16
Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)15
Bedfordshire Regiment15
Northamptonshire Regiment15
Royal Scots14
Hampshire Regiment13
King's Own Scottish Borderers12
Middlesex Regiment10
King's Royal Rifle Corps10
Royal Garrison Artillery10
Durham Light Infantry10
Royal Army Medical Corps10
Welsh Regiment9
German Army9
Somerset Light Infantry8
Canadian Infantry8
Machine Gun Corps8
King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)7
South Wales Borderers7
London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)7
Lancashire Fusiliers7
Wiltshire Regiment7
Royal Sussex Regiment7
Royal Scots Fusiliers6
Grenadier Guards6
Dorsetshire Regiment6
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment6
Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry6
South Staffordshire Regiment5
Devonshire Regiment4
Army Service Corps4
Welsh Guards4
Gordon Highlanders4
Newfoundland Regiment4
East Lancashire Regiment4
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)3
London Regiment (The Rangers)3
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders3
Australian Trench Mortar Battery3
Indian Military Works Services3
Army Cyclist Corps3
Royal Flying Corps, 4th Sqdn.3
Irish Guards2
Australian Field Artillery2
Seaforth Highlanders2
Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery2
Canadian Engineers2
56th Punjabi Rifles (Frontier Force)2
London Regiment2
Leicestershire Regiment2
London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)2
New Zealand Rifle Brigade2
East Yorkshire Regiment2
124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry2
Royal Irish Fusiliers2
Royal Dublin Fusiliers2
Indian Veterinary Corps1
Royal Navy, HMS Vernon1
South African Infantry1
New Zealand Field Artillery1
Royal Flying Corps, 60th Sqdn.1
3rd Lancers (Skinner's Horse)1
London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)1
Indore Transport Corps1
South African Medical Corps1
Derbyshire Yeomanry1
Royal Naval Reserve, H. M.S. Atherstone1
New Zealand Medical Corps1
Cameron Highlanders1
89th Punjabis1
1st (Royal) Dragoons1
King's Shropshire Light Infantry1
Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Astraea1
5th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion1
110th Mahratta Light Infantry1
Royal Flying Corps, 24th Sqdn.1
London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)1
King's African Rifles1
Indian Labour Corps1
Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Vivid1
6th Dragoons (Inniskilling)1
2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)1
Royal Irish Regiment1
Royal Flying Corps, 25th Sqdn1
Canadian Army Medical Corps1
Monmouthshire Regiment1
Royal Navy, HMS Euryalus.1
80th Carnatic Infantry1
Royal Flying Corps, 25th Sqdn.1
Indian Royal Artillery1
Royal Navy, HMS Lion1
Army Veterinary Corps1
9th (Queen's Royal) Lancers1
London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)1
Rifle Brigade1
93rd Burma Infantry, Indian Army1
Connaught Rangers1
24th Punjabis1
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ParishDioceseCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Bury St EdmundsWest Suffolk550
FolkestoneFolkestone and Hythe440
Old Monkland340
Sundridge with Ide HillSevenoaks320
NewmarketWest Suffolk330
Inverness and Bona311
Stow HillNewport330
CinderfordForest of Dean330
AlfordEast Lindsey330
KendalSouth Lakeland330
GainsboroughWest Lindsey330
GoudhurstTunbridge Wells210
WithersfieldWest Suffolk220
NorthwichCheshire West and Chester220
Market DeepingSouth Kesteven210
CheadleStaffordshire Moorlands220
HorncastleEast Lindsey220
MacclesfieldCheshire East221
Saffron WaldenUttlesford220
DissSouth Norfolk220
KidderminsterWyre Forest210
ColytonEast Devon210
CreweCheshire East220
Brandon and ByshottlesCounty Durham210
Great ShelfordSouth Cambridgeshire221
UlverstonSouth Lakeland210
EckingtonNorth East Derbyshire220
NewarkNewark and Sherwood230
GooleEast Riding of Yorkshire222
StowmarketMid Suffolk220
BurwellEast Ca