27th Punjabis

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Sepoy Lal Khan 265227th Punjabis23/10/1918
Sepoy Rang Ali 131127th Punjabis15/03/1920
Sepoy Yason Khan 265127th Punjabis25/09/1918
Lance Naik Bal Singh 499227th Punjabis09/02/1919
Sepoy Fateh Muhammad 229127th Punjabis01/10/1918
Sepoy Habib Shah 14427th Punjabis18/10/1915
Naik Kehar Singh 428127th Punjabis02/12/1915
Sepoy Lal Khan 45027th Punjabis29/10/1915
Sepoy Lai Man 30327th Punjabis22/11/1915
Havildar Megha 441027th Punjabis03/11/1915
Lance Naik Aghar Singh 455927th Punjabis14/10/1915
Sepoy Bakhsh Singh 51327th Punjabis24/10/1915
Sepoy Kishan Singh 389027th Punjabis04/11/1915
Sepoy Pir Bakhsh 123227th Punjabis04/01/1918
Sepoy Ali Shan 90327th Punjabis23/11/1918
Sepoy Gulab Singh 121027th Punjabis29/11/1918
Sepoy Hari Singh 153027th Punjabis09/02/1919
Sepoy Jahangar Khan 63127th Punjabis13/12/1918
Sepoy Mohin Khan 17027th Punjabis15/02/1919
Jemadar Nand Singh 27th Punjabis21/02/1919
Sepoy Kanhaiya 71427th Punjabis26/10/1919
Sepoy Jhanda 29127th Punjabis29/09/1920
Sepoy Lal Shah Gul 130827th Punjabis26/12/1919
Sepoy Mangta Singh 375627th Punjabis29/12/1919
Sepoy Mehar Khan 171727th Punjabis06/11/1918
Sepoy Nawab Kahn 31827th Punjabis25/03/1920
Sepoy Said Hussain Shah 248727th Punjabis29/10/1918
Sepoy Saleh Muhammad 163427th Punjabis05/11/1918
Sepoy Surain Singh 140027th Punjabis24/10/1918
Havildar Mian Nur 428927th Punjabis07/01/1917
Sepoy Ali Bakhsh 325327th Punjabis11/06/1919
Sepoy Banta Singh 86927th Punjabis14/07/1919
Sepoy Fateh Din 23227th Punjabis04/07/1919
Sepoy Ghulam Husain 348227th Punjabis22/04/1920
Sepoy Gopal Singh 206227th Punjabis14/07/1919
Sepoy Gopi Singh 97227th Punjabis20/06/1919
Sepoy Karim Bakhsh 326527th Punjabis15/11/1919
Sepoy Murad Ali 331127th Punjabis28/01/1921
Havildar Sher Khan 1027th Punjabis22/06/1919
Sepoy Sher Singh 74727th Punjabis14/07/1919
Sepoy Udham Singh 74227th Punjabis14/07/1919
Sepoy Ali Shan 212927th Punjabis26/11/1918
Sepoy Amar Singh 250927th Punjabis19/09/1918
Sepoy Bahadur Singh 491327th Punjabis21/08/1915
Sepoy Bal Singh 198027th Punjabis26/09/1918
Sepoy Bela Singh 50527th Punjabis16/10/1918
Naik Bela Singh 483227th Punjabis19/09/1918
Jemadar Bhagat Singh 27th Punjabis19/09/1918
Sepoy Bhana Singh 103127th Punjabis04/03/1919
Sepoy Daulat Singh 157527th Punjabis26/06/1918
Sepoy Gajjan 23327th Punjabis03/12/1919
Sepoy Harnam Singh 447027th Punjabis28/12/1915
Sepoy Hira 42827th Punjabis15/05/1915
Sepoy Husain 244327th Punjabis29/08/1918
Sepoy Jag Singh 453627th Punjabis31/03/1915
Sepoy Jalal Din 189727th Punjabis29/08/1918
Sepoy Kanhaiya 71427th Punjabis26/12/1919
Sepoy Kwaja Singh 188127th Punjabis05/04/1920
Sepoy Labh Singh 45827th Punjabis19/09/1918
Sepoy Lal Singh 490727th Punjabis09/02/1915
Follower Madho 27th Punjabis18/10/1915
Sepoy Mangta Singh 275627th Punjabis29/12/1919
Sepoy Maula Bakhsh 277927th Punjabis14/05/1920
Havildar Miyan Nur 428427th Punjabis07/01/1917
Sepoy Muhammad Bakhsh 187827th Punjabis17/11/1918
Sepoy Sarfaraz 400527th Punjabis16/11/1914
Sepoy Shaunka 111127th Punjabis12/05/1919
Sepoy Shiu Ram 86827th Punjabis19/09/1918
Sepoy Sohan Singh 425427th Punjabis29/04/1915
Lance Naik Surjan Singh 454327th Punjabis19/09/1918
Sepoy Tulsi Ram 167227th Punjabis18/11/1918
Naik Uttam Singh 474527th Punjabis19/09/1918
Sepoy Nanak Singh 465927th Punjabis12/10/1915
Sepoy Natha Singh 409927th Punjabis30/09/1915
Sepoy Pahlwan 23127th Punjabis26/10/1915
Sepoy Prem Singh 29827th Punjabis06/11/1915
Sepoy Santa Singh 927th Punjabis07/10/1915
Sepoy Santa Singh 35327th Punjabis22/12/1915
Sepoy Sarfaraz Khan 40127th Punjabis27/10/1915
Sepoy Shah Bahram 398327th Punjabis09/11/1915
Sepoy Sher Jang 52527th Punjabis27/10/1915
Sepoy Sukh Dayal 11327th Punjabis07/10/1915
Sepoy Sundar Singh 375427th Punjabis21/10/1915
Sepoy Teja Singh 46227th Punjabis09/10/1915
Sepoy Uttam Singh 474527th Punjabis02/10/1915
Sepoy Hari Singh 11727th Punjabis06/10/1915
Sepoy Jagat Singh 486227th Punjabis06/12/1915
Sepoy Khan Mast 478327th Punjabis09/10/1915
Sepoy Lachi Muhammad 34127th Punjabis07/10/1915
Sepoy Madah Ali 22827th Punjabis27/10/1915
Sepoy Mehr Khan 451727th Punjabis16/10/1915
Sepoy Akbar Khan 53627th Punjabis16/10/1915
Follower Amar Ali 27th Punjabis28/11/1915
Sepoy Bangar 12127th Punjabis26/10/1915
Sepoy Fateh Khan 47027th Punjabis25/11/1915
Sepoy Gulaba 483627th Punjabis12/10/1915
Lieutenant Colonel George Henry Bell 27th Punjabis03/09/1916 (aged 47)
Lieutenant Robert Stanley Bullock 27th Punjabis17/04/1916 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Colonel Erskine Magniac 27th Punjabis28/04/1917 (aged 34)
Sepoy Abdul Karim 64027th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Abdul Makhmud 122027th Punjabis28/02/1917
Follower Abdul Ramzan 27th Punjabis07/01/1917
Sepoy Ahmad Khan 62227th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Alah Bakhsh 107527th Punjabis05/04/1917
Follower Alah Ditta 27th Punjabis05/09/1916
Sepoy Alif Khan 49127th Punjabis20/01/1917
Lance Naik Amar Singh 1027th Punjabis15/04/1916
Havildar Arjun Singh 385727th Punjabis17/04/1916
Lance Naik Arjun Singh 434727th Punjabis27/01/1916
Naik Audin 418627th Punjabis17/04/1916
Follower Bahadur 27th Punjabis07/02/1917
Sepoy Bahadur Khan 63927th Punjabis25/06/1916
Lance Naik Bakar Khan 485727th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Batan Singh 57427th Punjabis15/04/1916
Sepoy Biru 69127th Punjabis23/02/1917
Sepoy Budhi Singh 32027th Punjabis27/04/1916
Sepoy Bur Singh 29327th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Chaukas 22327th Punjabis19/03/1916
Follower Chiragh 27th Punjabis26/03/1916
Sepoy Dalip Singh 319827th Punjabis11/04/1916
Sepoy Daulat Khan 52727th Punjabis19/01/1917
Sepoy Dharam Singh 7127th Punjabis17/04/1916
Follower Fazl Din 27th Punjabis05/09/1916
Sepoy Fazl Ilahi 38627th Punjabis05/06/1916
Sepoy Fazl Khan 26227th Punjabis07/08/1916
Sepoy Gakhar Khan 78527th Punjabis27/02/1916
Havildar Ganda Singh 420427th Punjabis21/02/1917
Sepoy Ghulam Muhammad 62527th Punjabis13/04/1916
Sepoy Gulab Khan 400127th Punjabis31/03/1916
Sepoy Gul Daraz 123027th Punjabis20/01/1917
Lance Naik Gul Khan 450427th Punjabis19/01/1917
Sepoy Hakim Shah 122227th Punjabis06/03/1917
Sepoy Harbhaj 29127th Punjabis21/06/1916
Sepoy Harnam Singh 27th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Hazara Singh 11127th Punjabis14/04/1916
Sepoy Isar Singh 129927th Punjabis29/09/1917
Sepoy Jahan Dad 1107/127th Punjabis09/03/1916
Sepoy Jiwan Singh 36427th Punjabis27/02/1916
Subadar Kahan Singh 27th Punjabis19/04/1916
Sepoy Kartar Singh 43327th Punjabis15/04/1916
Havildar Kesar Singh 363327th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Khan Zaman 427327th Punjabis15/04/1916
Sepoy Khazana 39027th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Khazana 398727th Punjabis04/08/1916
Havildar Kirpa Singh 388727th Punjabis23/04/1916
Sepoy Kishan Singh 31027th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Kishan Singh 136227th Punjabis19/01/1917
Sepoy Lachhman Singh 84527th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Lakha Singh 27127th Punjabis18/04/1916
Sepoy Lal Khan 62627th Punjabis07/08/1916
Sepoy Lal Singh 10027th Punjabis16/07/1916
Sepoy Legha 62327th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Man Singh 16027th Punjabis17/03/1916
Sepoy Mehar Bakhsh 435127th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Mehdi Khan 6327th Punjabis05/09/1916
Sepoy Miraj Gul 33627th Punjabis22/03/1916
Sepoy Miran Bakhsh 427th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Mughal Singh 127727th Punjabis28/01/1917
Sepoy Muhammad Ali 463927th Punjabis17/04/1916
Lance Naik Muhammad Khan 12027th Punjabis18/04/1916
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 26127th Punjabis19/04/1916
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 78427th Punjabis19/04/1916
Sepoy Musaddi 449627th Punjabis13/04/1916
Sepoy Natha Singh 727th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Nur Khan 69827th Punjabis24/03/1916
Sepoy Pahlwan 110727th Punjabis09/11/1916
Sepoy Prem Singh 82227th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Puran 142927th Punjabis05/04/1917
Sepoy Raju Ram 135027th Punjabis04/06/1917
Subadar Roshan Khan 27th Punjabis16/04/1916
Sepoy Rup Singh 89427th Punjabis21/07/1916
Sepoy Saif Ali 145327th Punjabis03/10/1917
Follower Saiyid Muhammad 27th Punjabis05/09/1916
Sepoy Saiyid Shah 132327th Punjabis08/02/1917
Sepoy Shiu Diyal 38827th Punjabis14/04/1916
Sepoy Shiv Shah Gul 13127th Punjabis13/03/1916
Sepoy Sohan Singh 71227th Punjabis06/04/1917
Subadar Sohnu 27th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Teja Singh 43927th Punjabis20/05/1916
Sepoy Udham Singh 2627th Punjabis18/03/1916
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 45427th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 47127th Punjabis20/01/1917
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 58727th Punjabis17/04/1916
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 495827th Punjabis15/04/1916
Sepoy Wadhawa Singh 92227th Punjabis19/01/1917
Jemadar Wali Dad 27th Punjabis28/04/1916
Sepoy Wali Muhammad 393527th Punjabis20/04/1916
Sepoy Zamir Khan 19827th Punjabis22/03/1916
Lance Naik Gulzada 5927th Punjabis23/09/1918
Sepoy Sham Singh 28027th Punjabis10/10/1915