Indian Military Works Services

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Labourer Abdul Aziz 2211Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Turi Indian Military Works Services18/10/1918
Follower Kala Mattau Cal/1112Indian Military Works Services01/03/1917
Artisan Maiku WD/17240Indian Military Works Services23/04/1920
Follower Surayan Singh WD/12908Indian Military Works Services24/04/1919
Follower Athan 8722Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ram Rachha 647Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Atma Singh 6524Indian Military Works Services19/01/1918
Artisan Bawa Singh WD/6884Indian Military Works Services01/11/1918
Follower Ganu Raoji Indian Military Works Services14/09/1917
Follower Gokal Chand WD/6134Indian Military Works Services24/01/1920
Follower Harsavai WD/14661Indian Military Works Services01/11/1919
Artisan Khuda Bakhsh WD/8667Indian Military Works Services02/05/1916
Artisan Maula Singh 1077Indian Military Works Services27/12/1916
Artisan Nayan WD/11908Indian Military Works Services17/09/1919
Artisan Kai Yai 701Indian Military Works Services01/07/1916
Artisan Tam Chee 434Indian Military Works Services13/10/1916
Follower Rajhu 8686Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sub-Conductor Kent Indian Military Works Services17/03/1918
Artisan Churai WD/8537Indian Military Works Services10/11/1918
Artisan Dan Chattar 3125Indian Military Works Services23/10/1917
Artisan Sher Singh WD/7774Indian Military Works Services08/06/1919
Conductor Mathew Indian Military Works Services29/07/1921
Artisan Ali Muhammad WD/4439Indian Military Works Services05/08/1917
Driver Dulla Mihan 67Indian Military Works Services01/09/1916
Follower Hasan Din MTCD/5573Indian Military Works Services14/12/1917
Artisan Ishar Singh Lahore/867Indian Military Works Services02/01/1917
Wireman Kesar Singh WD/4889Indian Military Works Services28/01/1918
Artisan Nur Muhammad WD/14523Indian Military Works Services11/01/1919
Follower Kuppuswami 772Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Karan Singh 2298Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Hidayat Beg 562Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Lim Kok 675Indian Military Works Services21/11/1916
Sepoy Indar 10729Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ranji Rama Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Santu Pillai 6323Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Da Costa WD/11994Indian Military Works Services07/10/1918
Artisan Kiru WD/2010Indian Military Works Services03/09/1917
Follower Maneval 109268Indian Military Works Services20/04/1921
Artisan Fauja Singh WD/12053Indian Military Works Services02/02/1919
Artisan Hab Bullah WD/15818Indian Military Works Services05/12/1919
Artisan Syam Singh WD/5292Indian Military Works Services08/12/1917
Follower Chumma 60124/990Indian Military Works Services10/11/1919
Sepoy Chandraya 8982Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Labourer Mamal 764Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sibba LKO/20833Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Abdullah WD/5299Indian Military Works Services31/12/1917
Artisan Khushi Muhammad WD/7635Indian Military Works Services20/06/1919
Artisan Laddhu WD/10115Indian Military Works Services25/03/1919
Artisan Salig Ram 073Indian Military Works Services02/01/1917
Artisan Yee Ah Tong 684Indian Military Works Services24/08/1916
Sepoy Khair Din 8022Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Chamman Singh 2128Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Second Lieutenant Julian Walter Leslie Hartle Indian Military Works Services10/03/1920
Artisan Basakhi WD/15617Indian Military Works Services22/07/1919
Fitter Dasaundha Ram WD/15909Indian Military Works Services11/11/1918
Artisan Mustafa 13402Indian Military Works Services29/04/1919
Artisan Nur Muhammad 72Indian Military Works Services21/04/1917
Sepoy Mehar Din 8708Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Narayan Swami 2935Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Fitter Budhu 34Indian Military Works Services06/01/1917
Follower Louis MAD/624Indian Military Works Services16/07/1917
Fireman Muhammad Hanif WD/5669Indian Military Works Services04/12/1917
Artisan Paul 10378Indian Military Works Services31/08/1919
Sepoy Bacha Gadu 8970Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Charanji 8527Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Karam Singh WD/6401Indian Military Works Services04/03/1919
Artisan Lal Singh 1720Indian Military Works Services13/08/1917
Artisan Thakur Singh WD/7326Indian Military Works Services30/05/1919
Artisan Waryam Singh WD/6508Indian Military Works Services25/10/1918
Artisan Tam Ching 165Indian Military Works Services16/10/1916
Artisan Wong Do Yee 680Indian Military Works Services22/06/1916
Storekeeper Francis 72Indian Military Works Services10/07/1917
Follower Adiluddin WD/8174Indian Military Works Services07/07/1918
Wireman Atar Singh WD/10720Indian Military Works Services12/07/1919
Follower Deoki Singh WD/8600Indian Military Works Services29/05/1919
Artisan Lum Chow 368Indian Military Works Services01/12/1916
Wireman Abdus Samand Indian Military Works Services18/06/1916
Artisan Mohan Singh WD/10215Indian Military Works Services17/10/1918
Artisan Phaga Singh 4512Indian Military Works Services27/07/1916
Artisan Ramratan 92Indian Military Works Services17/03/1917
Follower Syam Singh WD/6138Indian Military Works Services20/09/1919
Follower Umar Din WD/14121Indian Military Works Services29/03/1919
Artisan Chin Nee 77Indian Military Works Services14/03/1917
Follower Mali Singh 8764Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Kanaran 8409Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Santram Nayar 283Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Badan WD/14780Indian Military Works Services24/06/1919
Artisan Ghulam Nari WD/13910Indian Military Works Services27/07/1919
Follower Gul Muhammad WD/8685Indian Military Works Services23/12/1919
Artisan Hanif Gul WD/46Indian Military Works Services10/02/1917
Artisan Kala Singh 3792Indian Military Works Services30/12/1918
Artisan Khuda Bakhsh WD/359Indian Military Works Services14/04/1917
Follower Nand Lal WD/6136Indian Military Works Services19/05/1919
Tally Clerk Savarimuttu WD/10560Indian Military Works Services19/06/1919
Follower Shiu Dayal Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Kama 2214Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Krishna Nayar 8480Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Bihari WD/1583Indian Military Works Services26/06/1917
Artisan Bishna MD/781Indian Military Works Services25/10/1916
Clerk Seshagiri Rao WD/9637Indian Military Works Services30/05/1919
Sepoy Kuppuswami 771Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Achhar Singh WD/7784Indian Military Works Services27/05/1919
Follower Lachhman Gupta WD/667Indian Military Works Services29/04/1917
Wireman Ujagar Singh WD/4155Indian Military Works Services02/09/1917
Artisan Viranna 8582Indian Military Works Services20/05/1918
Artisan Fateh Singh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Bhaidhasi Pande Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sagar Mal Pitam MTCD/110Indian Military Works Services28/05/1918
Artisan Santa Singh MTCD/5980Indian Military Works Services23/06/1917
Artisan Venkatesan WD/17339Indian Military Works Services01/01/1920
Follower Daniel MAD/23674Indian Military Works Services28/06/1921
Major Brand Indian Military Works Services06/08/1918 (aged 53)
Sepoy Fateh Muhammad 373Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Ghulam Muhammad 2557Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Muneswar 2364Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sita Ram 18553Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Rasik Chachadji WD/4810Indian Military Works Services31/08/1917
Follower Yohan 52770Indian Military Works Services14/06/1918
Clerk Christian Daniel Indian Military Works Services12/11/1918
Artisan Daniel Christian Indian Military Works Services12/11/1918
Captain Hugh Frank Glacken Indian Military Works Services16/01/1918
Artisan Sadha Shive 10135Indian Military Works Services24/02/1920
Follower Chand Miha WD/9066Indian Military Works Services10/07/1919
Artisan Lalu 1220Indian Military Works Services19/04/1917
Artisan Mit Singh WD/14277Indian Military Works Services13/12/1919
Follower Nabi Rasul WD/8318Indian Military Works Services30/05/1919
Follower Syam Lal WD/8270Indian Military Works Services19/06/1919
Artisan Arumugam WD/9665Indian Military Works Services25/08/1918
Artisan Azam Din WD/55Indian Military Works Services31/08/1919
Follower Dukhi Bhagan Indian Military Works Services12/07/1916
Artisan Ganpat Cal/212Indian Military Works Services11/12/1916
Fireman Ghisu WD/8929Indian Military Works Services17/06/1919
Follower Hari Lal WD/8198Indian Military Works Services18/03/1919
Artisan Lakha WD/22587Indian Military Works Services08/04/1920
Artisan Miran Bakhsh WD/6009Indian Military Works Services13/03/1918
Artisan Nagji 96Indian Military Works Services15/11/1916
Artisan Pars Ram WD/14338Indian Military Works Services11/07/1918
Artisan Tam Wing 311Indian Military Works Services10/08/1916
Follower Ahmad Ali WD/8296Indian Military Works Services16/07/1918
Artisan Ayyalu WD/18213Indian Military Works Services25/04/1920
Artisan Jawand Singh 1601Indian Military Works Services01/03/1917
Follower Makhan Pande 2490Indian Military Works Services30/12/1917
Artisan Mewa WD/3793Indian Military Works Services16/02/1918
Artisan Muhammad Shafi 492Indian Military Works Services08/06/1916
Foreman Lok Foo 133Indian Military Works Services20/10/1916
Follower Joseph K/28Indian Military Works Services06/05/1921
Follower Abdullah Indian Military Works Services08/10/1918
Fitter Basakha Singh WD/11258Indian Military Works Services08/11/1919
Follower Ganga Singh WD/5689Indian Military Works Services05/10/1918
Follower Mir Hamza WD/23305Indian Military Works Services13/12/1919
Stoker Mir Muhammad Shah Gul 200Indian Military Works Services28/09/1916
Follower Suhbat Indian Military Works Services25/12/1917
Follower Khair Din 8022Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ram Nai 7839Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Bisesur WD/17652Indian Military Works Services26/11/1919
Artisan Dalip Chand WD/5150Indian Military Works Services09/11/1917
Artisan Ibrahim WD/7816Indian Military Works Services31/10/1919
Follower Jaipal Singh WD/6128Indian Military Works Services08/10/1918
Follower Kan Khewan 234Indian Military Works Services29/07/1916
Artisan Murugesa WD/9506Indian Military Works Services14/08/1918
Artisan Saudagar Singh WD/7083Indian Military Works Services23/06/1918
Artisan Sohan Singh 804Indian Military Works Services21/03/1917
Sub-Overseer Waryam Singh WD/4088Indian Military Works Services13/12/1918
Driver Husain Bakhsh 1159Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Kampa Nayar 783Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sub-Conductor George Hamilton Ricketts Indian Military Works Services04/10/1914
Follower Nirahu Indian Military Works Services25/02/1917
Follower Phangan 4005Indian Military Works Services27/01/1917
Sepoy Fateh Din 8203Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Ragahavaluc 10034Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Sami Nathan Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sheikh Ghafur 1279Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Chhaju Singh Delhi/1549Indian Military Works Services07/12/1916
Artisan Sundar Singh 8021Indian Military Works Services05/02/1918
Artisan Hoo Moon T4847Indian Military Works Services16/06/1919
Driver Saiyid Ahmad Husain Indian Military Works Services07/11/1918
Follower Chokhai 7387Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan See Sen 11Indian Military Works Services04/08/1918
Sub-Overseer Hari Ram Indian Military Works Services08/04/1920
Artisan Dhanna Singh Lahore/825Indian Military Works Services10/01/1917
Artisan Jamaldin WD/7805Indian Military Works Services29/12/1919
Artisan Lal Singh WD/7307Indian Military Works Services08/08/1918
Artisan Mehar Singh Lah/2009Indian Military Works Services21/05/1917
Artisan Natha Singh 1146Indian Military Works Services01/02/1917
Follower Nadu 177Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Captain Roffey Indian Military Works Services16/10/1916
Follower Sadhu LKO/72Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Nur Din 53Indian Military Works Services17/05/1919
Artisan Laddhaji Indian Military Works Services28/08/1916
Follower Mamraj Roorkee/1Indian Military Works Services17/10/1918
Engine Driver Padma Nath WD/16145Indian Military Works Services04/02/1919
Follower Lethuria 6816Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Diwan Chand 230Indian Military Works Services15/10/1916
Fitter Mare WD/I512Indian Military Works Services08/10/1918
Follower Parma MTCD/3323Indian Military Works Services27/07/1918
Follower Praddu WD/8324Indian Military Works Services21/08/1918
Follower Krishna 1954Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Bakhshi Singh WD/12532Indian Military Works Services29/07/1919
Follower Banta WD/15694Indian Military Works Services28/10/1918
Artisan Ishar Singh 5487Indian Military Works Services07/06/1919
Follower Mohan Singh WD/12904Indian Military Works Services26/04/1919
Artisan Rahmat Shah WD/1858Indian Military Works Services23/04/1917
Engine Driver Sambaswami WD/170210Indian Military Works Services03/02/1920
Artisan Subha Singh WD/10288Indian Military Works Services10/04/1919
Artisan Thummu Ram 774Indian Military Works Services02/09/1916
Follower Ganga Singh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Fitter Abdur Rahim 3977Indian Military Works Services25/07/1918
Artisan Bhagat Singh WD/3989Indian Military Works Services16/04/1918
Follower Dharma Peshawar/630Indian Military Works Services22/08/1919
Artisan Dhumman Singh WD/12076Indian Military Works Services09/12/1918
Artisan Jagmohan 55Indian Military Works Services31/03/1917
Artisan Muhammad Qasim 12090Indian Military Works Services15/03/1919
Follower Mukhtar Rahman WD/9032Indian Military Works Services28/10/1918
Artisan Sakharam Ganes 102Indian Military Works Services28/10/1916
Follower Sultan Muhammad WD/23154Indian Military Works Services11/11/1919
Artisan Tak Chew 588Indian Military Works Services15/07/1916
Follower Abdus Samand WD/1251Indian Military Works Services20/05/1917
Follower Chhanga WD/14818Indian Military Works Services17/02/1920
Artisan Kalu WD/13141Indian Military Works Services10/01/1919
Follower Nabi Niwaz WD/8529Indian Military Works Services05/03/1918
Follower Sadhu Chaudhari WD/8547Indian Military Works Services03/10/1918
Follower Sheikh Mustafa KRKCD/2300Indian Military Works Services25/10/1918
Engine Fitter Sundar Singh WD/12439Indian Military Works Services15/04/1919
Foreman Leong Sing 134Indian Military Works Services13/06/1916
Artisan Allah Din 13984Indian Military Works Services23/03/1919
Artisan Kalana Aissmi Asni 1239Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Lineman Bhama Singh WD/6119Indian Military Works Services01/01/1918
Artisan Surayan Singh 12290Indian Military Works Services14/01/1919
Artisan Govind Dadan 10333Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Kiran 6244Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Hasan Din Lahore/567Indian Military Works Services20/02/1917
Artisan Imam Din WD/7441Indian Military Works Services28/09/1919
Wireman Jawahir Lal WD/3308Indian Military Works Services02/05/1918
Artisan Udho Ram WD/6923Indian Military Works Services09/07/1919
Artisan Atma Ram Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Babudalvi 2726Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Emmanuel Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Naik Shadi Parsad LKO/24Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Alah Bakhsh WD/13066Indian Military Works Services14/03/1919
Follower Ramji Lal MTCD/326Indian Military Works Services10/11/1918
Artisan Shiu Ram WD/15955Indian Military Works Services24/10/1919
Artisan Wong Lam 207Indian Military Works Services27/11/1916
Lineman Bhawani Singh WD/11895Indian Military Works Services14/10/1918
Artisan Ghulam Nabi WD/16972Indian Military Works Services30/11/1919
Overseer Kartar Singh 4106Indian Military Works Services10/05/1919
Follower Suba WD/8336Indian Military Works Services08/05/1919
Artisan Sundar Singh 1134Indian Military Works Services26/10/1916
Follower Adam Khan Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Ganga Singh 465Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Gopal Singh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Matir 845Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sadaya Sawande 82Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Chiragh Din WD/3969Indian Military Works Services10/10/1918
Artisan Santa Singh WD/6892Indian Military Works Services30/11/1918
Follower Shabrati 158Indian Military Works Services08/01/1917
Follower Pallu WD/12342Indian Military Works Services12/08/1918
Follower Firoz Din 945Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Driver Abdul Bashir WD/8975Indian Military Works Services02/03/1920
Driver Bas Miha WD/8637Indian Military Works Services12/08/1918
Artisan Jagat Singh WD/7324Indian Military Works Services27/10/1918
Fireman Sikandar WD/12929Indian Military Works Services23/06/1919
Artisan Kia Tzu 742Indian Military Works Services24/07/1916
Artisan Wong Hai 168Indian Military Works Services04/05/1916
Follower Ayub Khan Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Govind Nayar 1085Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Raman Nayar 353Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Clerk Mot Ram Indian Military Works Services15/10/1918
Artisan Atma Ram WD/13419Indian Military Works Services25/10/1919
Follower Devi Din Indian Military Works Services30/12/1918
Clerk Hiranand WD/169Indian Military Works Services10/09/1919
Clerk Muhammad Piruddin Indian Military Works Services25/02/1917
Follower Panduranga 20Indian Military Works Services03/05/1917
Follower Phandi Bhusai Karnadkar WD/8275Indian Military Works Services09/04/1919
Artisan Puran WD/6689Indian Military Works Services28/10/1918
Follower Sheikh Nasruddin WD/8390Indian Military Works Services15/04/1919
Follower D'filoz WD/3041Indian Military Works Services15/07/1917
Private Franks 3637Indian Military Works Services15/12/1917
Sub-Overseer Rahim Bakhsh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Puran 971Indian Military Works Services03/04/1917
Artisan Rangi 8909Indian Military Works Services21/05/1918
Follower Tirumalai WD/9062Indian Military Works Services24/07/1918
Artisan Venkata Pillai WD/11470Indian Military Works Services07/01/1919
Follower Nagli 9232Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sita Ram 7365Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Achutha 778Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Hazari 921Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Isa 761Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Pusari 1584Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Sultan Shah 175Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Captain Whittington Indian Military Works Services06/11/1916
Artisan Bihari WD/1407Indian Military Works Services14/04/1917
Artisan Dalip Singh Bombay/1634Indian Military Works Services06/03/1917
Artisan Imam Beg WD/9481Indian Military Works Services11/09/1919
Artisan Mande WD/23454Indian Military Works Services07/12/1919
Artisan Ram Jivz 1692Indian Military Works Services21/05/1917
Artisan Waryam Singh Delhi/1115Indian Military Works Services15/02/1917
Sepoy Veriri 648cIndian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Mala Singh WD/6662Indian Military Works Services06/06/1918
Artisan Muahmmad Din WD/14915Indian Military Works Services22/04/1919
Follower Sheikh Thathi WD/8604Indian Military Works Services26/10/1918
Electrician Bastian John Indian Military Works Services28/11/1918
Follower Devi Chand LKO/24124Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Akalu WD/1340Indian Military Works Services24/06/1917
Follower Chaudhari WD/4650Indian Military Works Services25/08/1917
Artisan Ghulam Hasan WD/7633Indian Military Works Services03/07/1919
Artisan Sibba WD/8371Indian Military Works Services11/10/1918
Artisan Dewan Singh 10712Indian Military Works Services27/03/1920
Follower Budha Singh 2389Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Hushyar 200Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Clerk Tripura Charan Acharji 16496Indian Military Works Services19/05/1919
Follower Abdur Rahman Indian Military Works Services16/12/1917
Artisan Atar Singh WS/7834Indian Military Works Services06/10/1918
Follower Gauhar 1191Indian Military Works Services12/07/1917
Lineman Ghisiavan WD/5303Indian Military Works Services28/07/1919
Follower Kishora Lal MTCD/2998Indian Military Works Services07/07/1917
Follower Pancham 4319Indian Military Works Services30/12/1917
Follower Shabrati Indian Military Works Services01/12/1916
Follower Rala Singh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Conductor Holmes Indian Military Works Services26/06/1916
Follower Gopalan 260Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Chanda Ram 1596Indian Military Works Services29/05/1917
Follower Hira Singh 2309Indian Military Works Services09/05/1919
Artisan Muniswami WD/17745Indian Military Works Services12/12/1919
Follower Thummu WD/17308Indian Military Works Services22/09/1919
Follower Lal Mandhar 6455Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Waryam Singh 1431Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Chandra Singh WD/10286Indian Military Works Services14/02/1919
Follower Churai Singh WD/8753Indian Military Works Services07/03/1918
Follower Muniswami Indian Military Works Services16/08/1918
Wireman Narayan Singh Indian Military Works Services01/12/1916
Follower Pancham 6831Indian Military Works Services26/03/1918
Artisan Paul Victor WD/9673Indian Military Works Services25/07/1918
Follower Tawakkal Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Dalu 14116Indian Military Works Services17/05/1919
Follower Venkata Chalam 1328Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Khalasi Jiwan Khola 207Indian Military Works Services18/11/1918
Artisan Ganda Singh WD/14204Indian Military Works Services13/07/1919
Artisan Maya Singh 273Indian Military Works Services18/07/1917
Artisan Nur Khan WD/14845Indian Military Works Services04/10/1919
Follower Sukh Lal Gorakhpur/163Indian Military Works Services24/12/1916
Artisan Sundar Singh MTCD/506Indian Military Works Services03/11/1918
Artisan Tejmal Cal/747Indian Military Works Services29/09/1916
Artisan Lee Sing 471Indian Military Works Services05/06/1916
Artisan Silva 95841Indian Military Works Services19/02/1919
Artisan Munshi Singh 13328Indian Military Works Services22/03/1919
Sub-Overseer Abdul Aziz WD/3404Indian Military Works Services01/08/1918
Artisan Dayal Singh Lahore/584Indian Military Works Services29/01/1917
Artisan Kirpa Singh WD/5309Indian Military Works Services05/06/1918
Artisan Krishna 877Indian Military Works Services01/12/1917
Follower Puran Chand Indian Military Works Services24/09/1919
Follower Sulaiman Baqir Indian Military Works Services22/07/1917
Artisan Wadhawa Singh WD/10041Indian Military Works Services13/09/1918
Artisan Kwan Kan 653Indian Military Works Services03/07/1916
Artisan Leong Tuck 187Indian Military Works Services10/07/1916
Follower Shera Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Labourer Munal 764Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Velaya Khan 1676Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Atma Singh WD/12581Indian Military Works Services03/12/1919
Follower Ghulam Nabi WD/17712Indian Military Works Services18/01/1920
Artisan Hira Singh WD/9426Indian Military Works Services20/01/1919
Artisan Jalal Din WD/21608Indian Military Works Services05/12/1919
Follower Kirti Parsad WD/1446Indian Military Works Services14/02/1917
Artisan Mare Mehta WD/10651Indian Military Works Services29/10/1918
Artisan Nur Muhammad WD/7685Indian Military Works Services01/11/1918
Artisan Radha Ram WD/12555Indian Military Works Services23/06/1919
Follower Seshachalam Ponnambala Indian Military Works Services12/03/1918
Cook Chin Meng Han 15096Indian Military Works Services18/09/1919
Artisan Wong Fook 14840Indian Military Works Services16/06/1919
Artisan Bhola Singh Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Conductor Hambleton Indian Military Works Services24/08/1915
Artisan Anant 10036Indian Military Works Services22/02/1920
Follower Jagan Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Kanhaiya Ram 717Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ramdu 736Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Bhagwan Din Lhr/5787Indian Military Works Services18/05/1919
Follower Muhammad Ali WD/9099Indian Military Works Services16/05/1918
Artisan Naurang Singh WD/4390Indian Military Works Services09/09/1918
Follower Santokh Singh 925Indian Military Works Services01/09/1917
Follower Sheikh Muharram WS/8572Indian Military Works Services07/10/1918
Follower Chauri 1003Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Govindan 634Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Maula Bakhsh 2232Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Roshan Din 2835Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Nadasa Katha 16636Indian Military Works Services08/03/1919
Artisan Bishan Singh WD/12057Indian Military Works Services05/07/1919
Artisan Fazl Ilahi WD/1291Indian Military Works Services15/11/1918
Follower Joseph Pinto Indian Military Works Services11/08/1917
Follower Nayudu WD/8380Indian Military Works Services12/02/1917
Artisan Sarati Banaji WD/17407Indian Military Works Services30/12/1919
Artisan Lee Kim Wing 202Indian Military Works Services11/10/1916
Artisan Yeong Lai 173Indian Military Works Services09/08/1916
Follower Kunji Ram 717Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Raman 280Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Govind Nayar 237Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan John 635Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Rama Swami 6727Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Saiyid Dad Shah 245Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Fauju WD/17562Indian Military Works Services29/04/1920
Artisan Harnam Singh WD/3580Indian Military Works Services23/11/1917
Artisan Kanhaiya Lal WD/1402Indian Military Works Services05/02/1917
Follower Niranjan Singh WD/11124Indian Military Works Services16/12/1918
Fitter Radha Singh WD/11511Indian Military Works Services08/10/1919
Captain Joseph Darby Indian Military Works Services27/06/1916
Sepoy Chekltoy 6360Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Ujagar Singh 2244Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ramparsad Indian Military Works Services24/02/1919
Artisan Nizam Din Lahore/31Indian Military Works Services16/12/1916
Artisan Sher Singh WD/6147Indian Military Works Services18/02/1918
Artisan Leong Mou Ni 15079Indian Military Works Services29/03/1920
Follower Muhammad Husain Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Bhulaiti Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Ghasita 8591Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Lieutenant William Henry Griffith Indian Military Works Services14/12/1917
Follower Mulu WD/23111Indian Military Works Services22/11/1919
Artisan Puran WD/1752Indian Military Works Services05/05/1917
Artisan Sarajuddin Khan WD/7589Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ranga 398Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Harnam Singh Lahore/839Indian Military Works Services17/01/1917
Artisan Jalu WD/12205Indian Military Works Services22/12/1918
Follower Muhammad Jafar WD/6816Indian Military Works Services14/07/1918
Follower Muna WD/8452Indian Military Works Services15/10/1918
Artisan Ram Singh WD/8009Indian Military Works Services11/07/1919
Follower Sachindra Nath Chaudhari WD/2067Indian Military Works Services04/04/1917
Artisan Ho Ah Kin 583Indian Military Works Services03/07/1916
Labourer Ahmad 282Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Alah Din WD/13000Indian Military Works Services07/01/1919
Follower Barkat Ali WD/13710Indian Military Works Services15/06/1919
Artisan Bhana Singh WD/5509Indian Military Works Services18/10/1918
Follower Bhora WD/11921Indian Military Works Services11/10/1919
Follower Piruji Burnia Poona/2674Indian Military Works Services25/10/1918
Sub-Overseer Saiyid Ahmad Husain Indian Military Works Services11/06/1918
Artisan Chhanga Ram 765Indian Military Works Services24/07/1916
Fitter Chiragh Din WD/10494Indian Military Works Services09/07/1919
Fireman Gul Nazar WD/9827Indian Military Works Services29/05/1919
Artisan Kehar Singh 11360Indian Military Works Services02/09/1919
Sub-Overseer Nand Lal Varma Indian Military Works Services07/11/1916
Follower Velayudhan 736Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Driver Hasan LHR/2506Indian Military Works Services18/02/1919
Artisan Fernandez 10582Indian Military Works Services31/12/1918
Artisan Bansi Ram 11751Indian Military Works Services05/03/1919
Labourer Ala Bakhsh 8570Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Engine Driver Abdullah WD/3936Indian Military Works Services10/01/1920
Follower Guman WD/17276Indian Military Works Services25/09/1919
Wireman Harnam Singh 600Indian Military Works Services29/07/1917
Artisan Jaga Rao WD/9483Indian Military Works Services14/12/1918
Follower Karama WD/9360Indian Military Works Services08/11/1918
Artisan Kirpa Singh 7171Indian Military Works Services11/03/1918
Follower Kuram 1064Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Fireman Nur Muhammad Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Labourer Allvi 647Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Jalal Din Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Sardar Ata AMR/CD/8473Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Krishna 16502Indian Military Works Services06/03/1920
Artisan Amar Singh WD/7121Indian Military Works Services07/11/1918
Artisan Karamdin WD/9411Indian Military Works Services01/12/1918
Follower Myu Ah Yin 639Indian Military Works Services15/06/1916
Assistant Director Syam Sundar Lal Indian Military Works Services22/10/1916
Sepoy Faiz Ali Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Driver Fazl Ilahi Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Nargan Nan 6711Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Driver Babu Lal WD/16904Indian Military Works Services11/04/1920
Artisan Ilam Din WD/1369Indian Military Works Services25/02/1918
Follower Kala WD/6326Indian Military Works Services08/10/1918
Artisan Kala Singh 1182Indian Military Works Services27/10/1916
Leading Wireman Lachhman Singh WD/4387Indian Military Works Services13/11/1917
Follower Nazar Muhammad WD/14527Indian Military Works Services31/08/1919
Follower Ram Lochan WD/1448Indian Military Works Services30/01/1917
Artisan Chun Sin 146Indian Military Works Services05/09/1916
Sub-Conductor Frank Edward Chapman Indian Military Works Services30/03/1919 (aged 37)
Follower Inam Shah Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Ram Dayal 196Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Follower Shakli 7549Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Conductor Sullivan Indian Military Works Services11/06/1919
Wireman Bhag Singh WD/10481Indian Military Works Services01/02/1919
Follower Bindachalam WD/17634Indian Military Works Services03/03/1920
Artisan Fazl Din 2247Indian Military Works Services01/04/1917
Artisan Hasani WD/5102Indian Military Works Services05/12/1917
Follower Janga WD/1319Indian Military Works Services10/02/1918
Follower Man Singh MTCD/3900Indian Military Works Services07/03/1918
Artisan Kwong Kon 654Indian Military Works Services03/07/1916
Sepoy Chandu 8352Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Lieutenant Thomas Indian Military Works Services01/08/1919
Engine Driver Amir Ali WD/20758Indian Military Works Services21/01/1920
Artisan Natha WD/4220Indian Military Works Services26/08/1917
Artisan Santa Singh WD/12130Indian Military Works Services06/08/1919
Artisan Shankar WD/17082Indian Military Works Services05/09/1919
Follower Sharaf WD/16865Indian Military Works Services02/02/1920
Artisan Jacob 3103Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Sepoy Raman 73Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Artisan Sankaran 1673Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Lance Naik Valandi 259Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
Driver Ahmad Din WD/22157Indian Military Works Services03/04/1920
Artisan Badam Singh WD/10257Indian Military Works Services20/08/1918
Artisan Haveli Ram 506Indian Military Works Services19/07/1916
Follower Jodha Ram WD/14692Indian Military Works Services19/09/1919
Artisan Rur Singh Delhi/1238Indian Military Works Services03/01/1917
Follower Teja WD/6325Indian Military Works Services19/11/1918
Follower Abdul Hashim WD/1711Indian Military Works Services09/05/1917
Artisan Amir WD/7647Indian Military Works Services10/02/1920
Armourer Darbara Singh WD/6915Indian Military Works Services25/01/1919
Follower Durwan Juman Ibn Nadir Indian Military Works Services02/09/1917
Artisan Naurang Singh Delhi/1206Indian Military Works Services30/01/1917
Follower Ram Ghulam WD/1114Indian Military Works Services20/05/1917
Artisan Ratan Singh WD/14656Indian Military Works Services17/02/1919
Artisan Wazir Singh WD/357Indian Military Works Services02/10/1918
Follower Stona 732Indian Military Works Services04/08/1914
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Tuesday 4 August 191412400
Sunday 4 October 1914100
Tuesday 24 August 1915100
Tuesday 2 May 1916100
Thursday 4 May 1916100
Monday 5 June 1916100
Thursday 8 June 1916100
Tuesday 13 June 1916100
Thursday 15 June 1916100
Sunday 18 June 1916100
Thursday 22 June 1916100
Monday 26 June 1916100
Tuesday 27 June 1916110
Saturday 1 July 1916110
Monday 3 July 1916300
Monday 10 July 1916100
Wednesday 12 July 1916100
Saturday 15 July 1916100
Wednesday 19 July 1916100
Monday 24 July 1916200
Thursday 27 July 1916100
Saturday 29 July 1916100
Wednesday 9 August 1916100
Thursday 10 August 1916100
Thursday 24 August 1916100
Monday 28 August 1916100
Friday 1 September 1916100
Saturday 2 September 1916100
Tuesday 5 September 1916100
Thursday 28 September 1916100
Friday 29 September 1916100
Wednesday 11 October 1916100
Friday 13 October 1916100
Sunday 15 October 1916100
Monday 16 October 1916200
Friday 20 October 1916100
Sunday 22 October 1916100
Wednesday 25 October 1916100
Thursday 26 October 1916100
Friday 27 October 1916100
Saturday 28 October 1916100
Monday 6 November 1916100
Tuesday 7 November 1916100
Wednesday 15 November 1916100
Tuesday 21 November 1916110
Monday 27 November 1916100
Friday 1 December 1916300
Thursday 7 December 1916100
Monday 11 December 1916100
Saturday 16 December 1916100
Sunday 24 December 1916100
Wednesday 27 December 1916100
Tuesday 2 January 1917200
Wednesday 3 January 1917100
Saturday 6 January 1917100
Monday 8 January 1917100
Wednesday 10 January 1917100
Wednesday 17 January 1917100
Saturday 27 January 1917100
Monday 29 January 1917100
Tuesday 30 January 1917200
Thursday 1 February 1917100
Monday 5 February 1917100
Saturday 10 February 1917100
Monday 12 February 1917100
Wednesday 14 February 1917100
Thursday 15 February 1917100
Tuesday 20 February 1917100
Sunday 25 February 1917200
Thursday 1 March 1917200
Tuesday 6 March 1917100
Wednesday 14 March 1917100
Saturday 17 March 1917100
Wednesday 21 March 1917100
Saturday 31 March 1917100
Sunday 1 April 1917100
Tuesday 3 April 1917100
Wednesday 4 April 1917100
Saturday 14 April 1917200
Thursday 19 April 1917100
Saturday 21 April 1917100
Monday 23 April 1917100
Sunday 29 April 1917100
Thursday 3 May 1917100
Saturday 5 May 1917100
Wednesday 9 May 1917100
Sunday 20 May 1917200
Monday 21 May 1917200
Tuesday 29 May 1917100
Saturday 23 June 1917100
Sunday 24 June 1917100
Tuesday 26 June 1917100
Saturday 7 July 1917100
Tuesday 10 July 1917100
Thursday 12 July 1917100
Sunday 15 July 1917100
Monday 16 July 1917100
Wednesday 18 July 1917100
Sunday 22 July 1917100
Sunday 29 July 1917100
Sunday 5 August 1917100
Saturday 11 August 1917100
Monday 13 August 1917100
Saturday 25 August 1917100
Sunday 26 August 1917100
Friday 31 August 1917100
Saturday 1 September 1917100
Sunday 2 September 1917200
Monday 3 September 1917100
Friday 14 September 1917100
Tuesday 23 October 1917100
Friday 9 November 1917100
Tuesday 13 November 1917100
Friday 23 November 1917100
Saturday 1 December 1917100
Tuesday 4 December 1917100
Wednesday 5 December 1917100
Saturday 8 December 1917100
Friday 14 December 1917200
Saturday 15 December 1917100
Sunday 16 December 1917100
Tuesday 25 December 1917100
Sunday 30 December 1917200
Monday 31 December 1917100
Tuesday 1 January 1918100
Wednesday 16 January 1918100
Saturday 19 January 1918100
Monday 28 January 1918100
Tuesday 5 February 1918100
Sunday 10 February 1918100
Saturday 16 February 1918100
Monday 18 February 1918100
Monday 25 February 1918100
Tuesday 5 March 1918100
Thursday 7 March 1918200
Monday 11 March 1918100
Tuesday 12 March 1918100
Wednesday 13 March 1918100
Sunday 17 March 1918100
Tuesday 26 March 1918100
Tuesday 16 April 1918100
Thursday 2 May 1918100
Thursday 16 May 1918100
Monday 20 May 1918100
Tuesday 21 May 1918100
Tuesday 28 May 1918100
Wednesday 5 June 1918100
Thursday 6 June 1918100
Tuesday 11 June 1918100
Friday 14 June 1918100
Sunday 23 June 1918100
Sunday 7 July 1918100
Thursday 11 July 1918100
Sunday 14 July 1918100
Tuesday 16 July 1918100
Wednesday 24 July 1918100
Thursday 25 July 1918200
Saturday 27 July 1918100
Thursday 1 August 1918100
Sunday 4 August 1918100
Tuesday 6 August 1918100
Thursday 8 August 1918100
Monday 12 August 1918200
Wednesday 14 August 1918100
Friday 16 August 1918100
Tuesday 20 August 1918100
Wednesday 21 August 1918100
Sunday 25 August 1918100
Monday 9 September 1918100
Friday 13 September 1918100
Wednesday 2 October 1918100
Thursday 3 October 1918100
Saturday 5 October 1918100
Sunday 6 October 1918100
Monday 7 October 1918200
Tuesday 8 October 1918400
Thursday 10 October 1918100
Friday 11 October 1918100
Monday 14 October 1918100
Tuesday 15 October 1918200
Thursday 17 October 1918200
Friday 18 October 1918200
Friday 25 October 1918300
Saturday 26 October 1918100
Sunday 27 October 1918100
Monday 28 October 1918300
Tuesday 29 October 1918100
Friday 1 November 1918200
Sunday 3 November 1918100
Thursday 7 November 1918200
Friday 8 November 1918100
Sunday 10 November 1918200
Monday 11 November 1918100
Tuesday 12 November 1918210
Friday 15 November 1918100
Monday 18 November 1918100
Tuesday 19 November 1918100
Thursday 28 November 1918100
Saturday 30 November 1918100
Sunday 1 December 1918100
Monday 9 December 1918100
Friday 13 December 1918100
Saturday 14 December 1918100
Monday 16 December 1918100
Sunday 22 December 1918100
Monday 30 December 1918200
Tuesday 31 December 1918100
Tuesday 7 January 1919200
Friday 10 January 1919100
Saturday 11 January 1919100
Tuesday 14 January 1919100
Monday 20 January 1919100
Saturday 25 January 1919100
Saturday 1 February 1919100
Sunday 2 February 1919100
Tuesday 4 February 1919100
Friday 14 February 1919100
Monday 17 February 1919100
Tuesday 18 February 1919100
Wednesday 19 February 1919100
Monday 24 February 1919100
Tuesday 4 March 1919100
Wednesday 5 March 1919100
Saturday 8 March 1919100
Friday 14 March 1919100
Saturday 15 March 1919100
Tuesday 18 March 1919100
Saturday 22 March 1919100
Sunday 23 March 1919100
Tuesday 25 March 1919100
Saturday 29 March 1919100
Sunday 30 March 1919120
Wednesday 9 April 1919100
Thursday 10 April 1919100
Tuesday 15 April 1919200
Tuesday 22 April 1919100
Thursday 24 April 1919100
Saturday 26 April 1919100
Tuesday 29 April 1919100
Thursday 8 May 1919100
Friday 9 May 1919100
Saturday 10 May 1919100
Saturday 17 May 1919200
Sunday 18 May 1919100
Monday 19 May 1919200
Tuesday 27 May 1919100
Thursday 29 May 1919200
Friday 30 May 1919300
Saturday 7 June 1919100
Sunday 8 June 1919100
Wednesday 11 June 1919100
Sunday 15 June 1919100
Monday 16 June 1919210
Tuesday 17 June 1919100
Thursday 19 June 1919200
Friday 20 June 1919100
Monday 23 June 1919200
Tuesday 24 June 1919100
Thursday 3 July 1919100
Saturday 5 July 1919100
Wednesday 9 July 1919200
Thursday 10 July 1919100
Friday 11 July 1919100
Saturday 12 July 1919100
Sunday 13 July 1919100
Tuesday 22 July 1919100
Sunday 27 July 1919100
Monday 28 July 1919100
Tuesday 29 July 1919100
Friday 1 August 1919100
Wednesday 6 August 1919100
Friday 22 August 1919100
Sunday 31 August 1919300
Tuesday 2 September 1919100
Friday 5 September 1919100
Wednesday 10 September 1919100
Thursday 11 September 1919100
Wednesday 17 September 1919100
Thursday 18 September 1919100
Friday 19 September 1919100
Saturday 20 September 1919100
Monday 22 September 1919100
Wednesday 24 September 1919100
Thursday 25 September 1919100
Sunday 28 September 1919100
Saturday 4 October 1919100
Wednesday 8 October 1919100
Saturday 11 October 1919100
Friday 24 October 1919100
Saturday 25 October 1919100
Friday 31 October 1919100
Saturday 1 November 1919100
Saturday 8 November 1919100
Monday 10 November 1919100
Tuesday 11 November 1919100
Saturday 22 November 1919100
Wednesday 26 November 1919100
Sunday 30 November 1919100
Wednesday 3 December 1919100
Friday 5 December 1919200
Sunday 7 December 1919100
Friday 12 December 1919100
Saturday 13 December 1919200
Tuesday 23 December 1919100
Monday 29 December 1919100
Tuesday 30 December 1919100
Thursday 1 January 1920100
Saturday 10 January 1920100
Sunday 18 January 1920100
Wednesday 21 January 1920100
Saturday 24 January 1920100
Monday 2 February 1920100
Tuesday 3 February 1920100
Tuesday 10 February 1920100
Tuesday 17 February 1920100
Sunday 22 February 1920100
Tuesday 24 February 1920100
Tuesday 2 March 1920100
Wednesday 3 March 1920100
Saturday 6 March 1920100
Wednesday 10 March 1920100
Saturday 27 March 1920100
Monday 29 March 1920100
Saturday 3 April 1920100
Thursday 8 April 1920200
Sunday 11 April 1920100
Friday 23 April 1920100
Sunday 25 April 1920100
Thursday 29 April 1920100
Wednesday 20 April 1921100
Friday 6 May 1921100
Tuesday 28 June 1921100
Friday 29 July 1921100
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East Kilbride100