98th Indian Infantry

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Captain Balfour 98th Indian Infantry05/09/1917
Lieutenant Colonel Colin Campbell Renton 98th Indian Infantry02/09/1915 (aged 48)
Major George Darling Wright 98th Indian Infantry26/05/1920 (aged 40)
Follower Abdul Ghani 498th Indian Infantry19/02/1920
Sepoy Abdul Samad 403798th Indian Infantry18/02/1920
Follower Abdullah 98th Indian Infantry16/06/1920
Sepoy Alahdin Khan 430398th Indian Infantry20/10/1918
Sepoy Amar Singh 261598th Indian Infantry24/10/1918
Sepoy Amichand 98998th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Sepoy Amjad Ali 326398th Indian Infantry01/02/1920
Sepoy Asa Ram 48298th Indian Infantry28/01/1920
Sepoy Asa Ram 163798th Indian Infantry20/12/1919
Sepoy Asa Ram 282598th Indian Infantry11/08/1919
Sepoy Azam Ali Khan 373198th Indian Infantry01/03/1920
Sepoy Aziz Khan 326898th Indian Infantry15/05/1919
Sepoy Badlu 34298th Indian Infantry10/10/1918
Sepoy Badlu 38198th Indian Infantry22/12/1919
Sepoy Badlu 71098th Indian Infantry17/10/1918
Sepoy Bahadur Khan 459498th Indian Infantry05/02/1920
Sepoy Bala Ram 77298th Indian Infantry20/01/1919
Sepoy Balle 12598th Indian Infantry23/10/1918
Sepoy Balu Singh 72798th Indian Infantry27/01/1920
Follower Bedasahai 2198th Indian Infantry12/10/1918
Sepoy Bhagat Ram 82398th Indian Infantry19/10/1918
Lance Naik Bhagwan Singh 481298th Indian Infantry19/02/1920
Sepoy Bhika Ram 163098th Indian Infantry22/12/1919
Sepoy Bhim Singh 36498th Indian Infantry07/10/1918
Sepoy Bhoja Singh 101198th Indian Infantry29/10/1918
Sepoy Bhola 93798th Indian Infantry29/10/1918
Sepoy Bhola 495898th Indian Infantry07/02/1920
Sepoy Bhulotan Singh 270798th Indian Infantry01/08/1919
Lance Naik Bhup Singh 437998th Indian Infantry09/10/1918
Sepoy Bhura 488998th Indian Infantry23/10/1918
Sepoy Bhura Singh 74798th Indian Infantry15/04/1920
Sepoy Bhure Khan 433998th Indian Infantry05/11/1918
Sepoy Bihari 102898th Indian Infantry31/10/1918
Sepoy Bihari Singh 45298th Indian Infantry06/10/1918
Sepoy Birju Lal 57798th Indian Infantry09/10/1918
Sepoy Bishn Singh 203998th Indian Infantry19/01/1920
Sepoy Bodan Singh 31498th Indian Infantry19/02/1920
Sepoy Bohuru 52798th Indian Infantry22/02/1920
Sepoy Budhan 495798th Indian Infantry13/04/1919
Muleteer Bunda 233898th Indian Infantry04/08/1914
Sepoy Chahat Khan 98198th Indian Infantry18/07/1918
Sepoy Chandru 499298th Indian Infantry20/10/1918
Sepoy Changa Ram 55498th Indian Infantry25/10/1918
Follower Chattar Singh 10098th Indian Infantry13/10/1918
Sepoy Chhaju Ram 42298th Indian Infantry15/10/1918
Sepoy Chheda Singh 38798th Indian Infantry10/10/1918
Follower Chhedi 98th Indian Infantry15/02/1920
Sepoy Chirangi Lal 90598th Indian Infantry24/01/1919
Sepoy Chuni Lal 29298th Indian Infantry10/10/1918
Sepoy Chunni Lal 79998th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Lance Naik Dalu Ram 440298th Indian Infantry18/10/1918
Sepoy Deosaran Singh 13598th Indian Infantry20/01/1920
Sepoy Dewak Ram 52398th Indian Infantry06/10/1918
Sepoy Dhana 8998th Indian Infantry10/11/1918
Sepoy Dhaneshar Singh 287198th Indian Infantry02/12/1919
Sepoy Dhonat Ali 96598th Indian Infantry09/07/1918
Sepoy Dhunda 73298th Indian Infantry22/10/1918
Sepoy Dig Ram 67498th Indian Infantry23/01/1919
Sepoy Dungar Singh 49398th Indian Infantry07/10/1918
Follower Faiz Ali 98th Indian Infantry16/01/1920
Sepoy Fakira Singh 50898th Indian Infantry01/02/1920
Sepoy Fateh Singh 49098th Indian Infantry21/10/1918
Sepoy Fateh Singh 305398th Indian Infantry24/06/1919
Sepoy Fattu 80098th Indian Infantry20/10/1918
Sepoy Ganeshi Lal 96798th Indian Infantry31/10/1918
Sepoy Ganga 11398th Indian Infantry24/12/1919
Sepoy Ganga Ram 157198th Indian Infantry17/01/1920
Sepoy Ganga Singh 58998th Indian Infantry11/10/1918
Follower Gayadin 1398th Indian Infantry20/10/1918
Sepoy Gesukh 36898th Indian Infantry08/10/1918
Sepoy Ghanandi 37198th Indian Infantry04/10/1918
Sepoy Ghasi Ram 54798th Indian Infantry14/10/1918
Follower Ghazi Khan 898th Indian Infantry27/10/1918
Sepoy Ghisa Ram 84398th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Sepoy Ghosi Khan 56898th Indian Infantry28/12/1919
Sepoy Gokal 475698th Indian Infantry08/11/1918
Sepoy Gopal 84498th Indian Infantry20/01/1919
Sepoy Gopal 86298th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Sepoy Gopal 98098th Indian Infantry25/01/1919
Sepoy Challu Singh 392898th Indian Infantry04/08/1914
Captain Hall 98th Indian Infantry04/11/1914
Sepoy Abdul Hamid Khan 365098th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Amnol Singh 394298th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Aulad Husain Khan 390698th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Bugler Bangaru 344798th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Bhawani Singh 340498th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Bishnath Singh 355898th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Lance Naik Chowerja Singh 356898th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Duniya Singh 379198th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Durgabakhsh Singh 401798th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Ghandka Singh 372298th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Gulab Kahn 317198th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Follower Gullu 98th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Hasan Muhammad Khan 384698th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Inderpal Singh 356798th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Subadar Jaipal Singh 98th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Havildar Jangbehari Singh 301398th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Naik Jowlabakhsh Singh 356198th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Lance Naik Kailas Singh 385998th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Mahabir Singh 377998th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Havildar Mahipal Singh 351098th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Lance Naik Muhammad Sayid Khan 402698th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Lance Naik Nur Muhammad Khan 405598th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Sardha Singh 385698th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Shahzadi Singh 379498th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Sheodulare Singh 378598th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Sirdar Singh 361798th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Sitlabakhsh Singh 401998th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Havildar Sripal Singh 343998th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Sukram Singh 396698th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Surajbakhsh Singh 395898th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Umar Muhammad Khan 383698th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Wazir Khan 318198th Indian Infantry03/11/1914
Sepoy Abhai Singh 398398th Indian Infantry14/12/1915
Sepoy Abul Jabar Khan 391198th Indian Infantry05/06/1916
Sepoy Aharwabakhsh Singh 458598th Indian Infantry04/11/1914
Sepoy Arjun Singh 366498th Indian Infantry08/05/1916
Havildar Babu Lal 389798th Indian Infantry20/10/1915
Sepoy Balkhshn Singh 389198th Indian Infantry09/08/1916
Sepoy Bhabut Singh 385798th Indian Infantry05/10/1915
Sepoy Bhagwant Singh 354398th Indian Infantry19/11/1916
Colour Havildar Bhole Khan 282498th Indian Infantry04/11/1914
Sepoy Bishunath Singh 325498th Indian Infantry16/08/1916
Lance Naik Debi Bakhsh Singh 355798th Indian Infantry23/06/1916
Sepoy Dhan Pal Singh 324998th Indian Infantry11/09/1915
Sepoy Dungar Singh 392798th Indian Infantry22/07/1916
Sepoy Jit Ram 421898th Indian Infantry06/09/1915
Sepoy Johar Singh 344298th Indian Infantry22/11/1916
Sepoy Kallu Singh 381198th Indian Infantry15/01/1916
Sepoy Kanhaya 357598th Indian Infantry17/08/1916
Sepoy Mahadeo Singh 343898th Indian Infantry04/11/1914
Sepoy Mahipal Singh 367798th Indian Infantry14/12/1915
Sepoy Mangal Singh 338998th Indian Infantry04/11/1914
Sepoy Mata Badal Singh 395998th Indian Infantry26/11/1914
Sepoy Mehrban Khan 383798th Indian Infantry11/09/1916
Sepoy Mustafa Khan 422098th Indian Infantry08/04/1916
Sepoy Nage Singh 327798th Indian Infantry15/09/1916
Sepoy Nanhe Khan 408598th Indian Infantry11/11/1916
Sepoy Pati Singh 322798th Indian Infantry22/08/1916
Sepoy Ramharak Singh 400598th Indian Infantry18/11/1915
Sepoy Ramjith Singh 334398th Indian Infantry31/10/1916
Havildar Sayid Abdul Karim 317298th Indian Infantry25/10/1915
Sepoy Shankar Singh 417698th Indian Infantry01/09/1916
Naik Surajpal Singh 351298th Indian Infantry13/11/1915
Follower Tukki 21598th Indian Infantry25/11/1916
Sepoy Ujagar Singh 355198th Indian Infantry15/08/1916
Sepoy Umrao Singh 458898th Indian Infantry06/12/1915
Sepoy Wajid Khan 374198th Indian Infantry15/08/1915
Sepoy Yad Ram 417498th Indian Infantry25/08/1916
Sepoy Asha 1063798th Indian Infantry04/08/1914
Sepoy Bilotan Singh 270798th Indian Infantry11/06/1919
Naik Bobad Singh 437698th Indian Infantry29/07/1916
Sepoy Chet Ram 31298th Indian Infantry22/07/1918
Havildar Daya Kishan 413298th Indian Infantry16/03/1918
Jemadar Faqir Bakhsh Singh 98th Indian Infantry25/07/1918
Lance Naik Fateh 305398th Indian Infantry24/06/1919
Sepoy Ghaus Khan 46898th Indian Infantry04/08/1914
Sepoy Gumba Khan 48298th Indian Infantry04/08/1914
Sepoy Indraj 44298th Indian Infantry22/03/1918
Sepoy Jaigovind 32098th Indian Infantry16/01/1920
Follower Jaikushan 15298th Indian Infantry04/08/1914
Sepoy Jai Sukh 56898th Indian Infantry08/10/1918
Sepoy Jiya Ram 17698th Indian Infantry21/10/1918
Sepoy Johar Singh 459998th Indian Infantry02/07/1918
Sepoy Lachhmanji 372998th Indian Infantry19/06/1918
Havildar Mamchand 365598th Indian Infantry31/01/1919
Lance Naik Manohar Singh 460098th Indian Infantry20/12/1919
Sepoy Mehar Chand 494398th Indian Infantry28/04/1918
Sepoy Muhammad Bakhsh 15498th Indian Infantry14/09/1918
Subadar Muhammad Chani Khan 98th Indian Infantry21/12/1919
Sepoy Nasib 48198th Indian Infantry27/12/1919
Sepoy Nathu 434198th Indian Infantry20/05/1918
Sepoy Nathu Singh 61998th Indian Infantry14/07/1918
Sepoy Nathu Singh 338198th Indian Infantry08/06/1918
Sepoy Pahlad 451398th Indian Infantry25/05/1918
Sepoy Ram Chandar 31898th Indian Infantry10/06/1919
Sepoy Ranjit Singh 492898th Indian Infantry18/05/1918
Follower Serarim 10198th Indian Infantry07/10/1918
Sepoy Shafi Husain 316798th Indian Infantry06/01/1920
Sepoy Shiu Lal 477698th Indian Infantry06/06/1918
Sepoy Shiu Lal 492098th Indian Infantry17/05/1918
Sepoy Sohan Singh 20898th Indian Infantry04/08/1914
Sepoy Tulsi Ram 458698th Indian Infantry25/07/1918
Sepoy Udmi Singh 118798th Indian Infantry08/02/1919
Lieutenant Frederick James Pibworth 98th Indian Infantry20/12/1919 (aged 23)
Sepoy Hargyan Singh 329598th Indian Infantry30/03/1918
Lance Naik Hukma 402098th Indian Infantry30/03/1918
Sepoy Kishan Lal 499798th Indian Infantry30/03/1918
Sepoy Mahadeo Singh 387298th Indian Infantry30/03/1918
Havildar Mohan Singh 369398th Indian Infantry30/03/1918
Sepoy Rup Chand 22398th Indian Infantry31/03/1918
Sepoy Sher Singh 22098th Indian Infantry30/03/1918
Sepoy Nanak Ram 68698th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Sepoy Nasib Khan 48198th Indian Infantry27/12/1919
Sepoy Nathai Singh 99198th Indian Infantry17/12/1919
Sepoy Nathi Ram 107098th Indian Infantry19/01/1919
Sepoy Nathu Ram 42798th Indian Infantry07/10/1918
Sepoy Nathu Ram 78598th Indian Infantry29/01/1919
Sepoy Natru 75998th Indian Infantry18/10/1918
Naik Nawal Khan 427898th Indian Infantry10/11/1918
Sepoy Nawaz Khan 35298th Indian Infantry24/10/1918
Sepoy Net Ram 34998th Indian Infantry07/10/1918
Sepoy Net Ram 95098th Indian Infantry23/01/1919
Sepoy Pahlad Singh 287798th Indian Infantry25/01/1920
Sepoy Parwesh Singh 58398th Indian Infantry23/06/1920
Sepoy Phul Khan 482698th Indian Infantry16/10/1918
Sepoy Phusa Ram 40198th Indian Infantry11/10/1918
Sepoy Pirbhu 39098th Indian Infantry27/01/1919
Sepoy Puran 66098th Indian Infantry23/01/1919
Sepoy Rachpal 79198th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Sepoy Rachpal 94098th Indian Infantry28/01/1919
Sepoy Radhakishn 36798th Indian Infantry09/10/1918
Sepoy Rahim Khan 4398th Indian Infantry20/05/1920
Sepoy Rahman Khan 66598th Indian Infantry04/08/1914
Sepoy Rahman Khan 346698th Indian Infantry19/09/1919
Sepoy Rais Alam 86798th Indian Infantry30/10/1918
Sepoy Raja Ram 85698th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Sepoy Raje Ram 111798th Indian Infantry19/02/1920
Havildar Ram Narayan 345398th Indian Infantry20/01/1919
Sepoy Ram Parsad 353998th Indian Infantry17/01/1919
Naik Ram Parsad 413598th Indian Infantry05/10/1918
Sepoy Ram Partab 50398th Indian Infantry11/10/1918
Sepoy Ram Singh 75498th Indian Infantry27/01/1920
Sepoy Ram Singh 115998th Indian Infantry28/10/1918
Sepoy Raman Singh 75398th Indian Infantry03/07/1920
Sepoy Rambiyas Singh 59998th Indian Infantry17/01/1920
Sepoy Ramcharan 31998th Indian Infantry10/06/1919
Sepoy Ramdayal 78798th Indian Infantry18/07/1919
Sepoy Ramdhan 79098th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Sepoy Ramjilal 45098th Indian Infantry22/10/1918
Sepoy Ramjilal 110298th Indian Infantry29/01/1919
Sepoy Ramjilal 134998th Indian Infantry25/12/1919
Sepoy Ramjiwan 44598th Indian Infantry26/01/1919
Sepoy Ramjiwan 99598th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Sepoy Ratan Lal 74898th Indian Infantry01/02/1920
Sepoy Roshan Singh 71298th Indian Infantry28/01/1920
Sepoy Rup Chand 302098th Indian Infantry24/08/1919
Sepoy Sadhu Ram 38798th Indian Infantry10/10/1918
Sepoy Saku 76998th Indian Infantry06/06/1920
Sepoy Samai Khan 48298th Indian Infantry21/12/1919
Sepoy Sardar Singh 18598th Indian Infantry04/02/1920
Sepoy Sarfaraz Khan 422698th Indian Infantry10/03/1919
Sepoy Sawant 60998th Indian Infantry19/10/1918
Follower Sewa Ram 10198th Indian Infantry07/10/1918
Sepoy Shafi Husain 316798th Indian Infantry15/01/1920
Havildar Shahdat Khan 409598th Indian Infantry05/01/1920
Sepoy Shamsher Khan 76398th Indian Infantry12/06/1920
Sepoy Shamshuddin 87498th Indian Infantry21/01/1920
Sepoy Shankar 65698th Indian Infantry23/01/1919
Naik Shankar 454198th Indian Infantry23/01/1919
Sepoy Sher Singh 90898th Indian Infantry27/01/1919
Sepoy Shibba 89898th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Sepoy Shimbu Singh 109798th Indian Infantry16/02/1920
Lance Naik Shiu Lal 492398th Indian Infantry28/12/1919
Sepoy Shiudan 93298th Indian Infantry19/01/1919
Sepoy Shiudan Singh 128798th Indian Infantry15/12/1919
Sepoy Shiuji Singh 78398th Indian Infantry13/08/1918
Sepoy Shiunandan Singh 289198th Indian Infantry05/11/1919
Sepoy Shiunarayan Singh 289698th Indian Infantry30/01/1920
Sepoy Sita Ram 91398th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Sepoy Sitab Khan 72198th Indian Infantry16/10/1918
Sepoy Sohan 62998th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Sepoy Sohan 87398th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Sepoy Sohan 93598th Indian Infantry29/10/1918
Sepoy Sohan 112498th Indian Infantry04/02/1919
Sepoy Sohan 126698th Indian Infantry10/02/1920
Naik Sohan 409398th Indian Infantry10/10/1918
Sepoy Sohan Singh 488398th Indian Infantry06/11/1918
Sepoy Srinath Singh 66298th Indian Infantry23/09/1919
Naik Sukh Lal 420898th Indian Infantry25/01/1919
Sepoy Sukha 99898th Indian Infantry25/01/1919
Naik Sukhdeo Singh 61498th Indian Infantry28/04/1920
Sepoy Sukhdeo Singh 431298th Indian Infantry22/10/1918
Naik Sukhnandan Singh 64598th Indian Infantry01/02/1920
Lance Naik Suraj Bhan 455298th Indian Infantry26/01/1919
Sepoy Surjan Singh 65998th Indian Infantry29/01/1919
Sepoy Taru Singh 436898th Indian Infantry31/10/1918
Sepoy Tek Chand 77398th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Sepoy Thana Ram 85798th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Sepoy Thirka Ram 43198th Indian Infantry25/12/1918
Sepoy Toda 106998th Indian Infantry11/11/1918
Sepoy Tota Ram 77498th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Sepoy Tula Ram 77998th Indian Infantry23/01/1919
Sepoy Ude Singh 127298th Indian Infantry19/02/1920
Sepoy Umar Khan 84898th Indian Infantry07/11/1918
Sepoy Umed Khan 104398th Indian Infantry18/02/1920
Sepoy Umrao 97498th Indian Infantry01/11/1918
Sepoy Usman Khan 322798th Indian Infantry09/01/1920
Naik Yad Ram 36198th Indian Infantry23/01/1919
Sepoy Yar Muhammad Khan 399598th Indian Infantry23/01/1920
Sepoy Yusuf Khan 104598th Indian Infantry17/12/1919
Sepoy Zorawa 69898th Indian Infantry28/10/1918
Sepoy Habru 41798th Indian Infantry14/02/1918
Follower Hali 2098th Indian Infantry27/10/1919
Naik Hardayal 389898th Indian Infantry28/10/1918
Sepoy Hari Lal 159998th Indian Infantry18/01/1920
Sepoy Harnarayan 38698th Indian Infantry11/10/1918
Sepoy Harnarayan 86498th Indian Infantry23/01/1919
Sepoy Harphul 40398th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Naik Harphul 406598th Indian Infantry19/01/1919
Sepoy Harshankar 66598th Indian Infantry01/02/1920
Sepoy Hayat Muhammad Khan 299598th Indian Infantry28/01/1920
Sepoy Hazari 45598th Indian Infantry09/10/1918
Sepoy Het Ram 105698th Indian Infantry15/02/1920
Sepoy Het Ram 116798th Indian Infantry21/01/1920
Sepoy Himta 30898th Indian Infantry07/10/1918
Sepoy Hukamchand 71698th Indian Infantry30/01/1920
Sepoy Iman Khan 46498th Indian Infantry14/10/1918
Sepoy Ismail 96998th Indian Infantry05/11/1918
Sepoy Itwari Singh 115998th Indian Infantry11/09/1919
Sepoy Jagdeo Singh 58898th Indian Infantry04/02/1920
Sepoy Jagu Khan 56198th Indian Infantry11/11/1918
Sepoy Jahar Singh 102798th Indian Infantry31/10/1918
Follower Jai Kishn 15398th Indian Infantry19/12/1919
Lance Naik Jai Lal 429498th Indian Infantry19/11/1918
Sepoy Jaigovind Singh 32098th Indian Infantry16/01/1920
Sepoy Jaisukh 36898th Indian Infantry08/10/1918
Sepoy Jaswant Singh 109498th Indian Infantry23/01/1920
Sepoy Jita Ram 167198th Indian Infantry17/01/1920
Sepoy Jodha 303398th Indian Infantry23/01/1920
Sepoy Kalu Singh 74798th Indian Infantry14/10/1918
Naik Kaluram 397698th Indian Infantry21/12/1919
Follower Kalwa 8198th Indian Infantry16/02/1920
Sepoy Kanchan Singh 60198th Indian Infantry19/06/1920
Sepoy Kanhai Ram 18098th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Sepoy Kanhai Ram 48998th Indian Infantry20/01/1919
Sepoy Kanoji 88598th Indian Infantry02/02/1920
Lance Naik Kapildeo Singh 278698th Indian Infantry17/10/1919
Sepoy Karangi Singh 88398th Indian Infantry02/02/1920
Follower Kasam Singh 7298th Indian Infantry30/10/1918
Sepoy Khimand 60498th Indian Infantry09/10/1918
Lance Naik Khub Ram 103998th Indian Infantry25/01/1919
Jemadar Khubi Ram 98th Indian Infantry30/01/1919
Sepoy Khusal 79698th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Sepoy Khusi Ram 6698th Indian Infantry06/11/1918
Sepoy Kishn Lal 44698th Indian Infantry20/09/1918
Sepoy Kundan Singh 50898th Indian Infantry28/01/1919
Sepoy Kure Das 3198th Indian Infantry22/11/1919
Sepoy Ladu 54098th Indian Infantry02/12/1919
Sepoy Lalman 50198th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Sepoy Lekh Ram 56298th Indian Infantry17/02/1920
Sepoy Lekha 102298th Indian Infantry30/10/1918
Follower Mahanga 8598th Indian Infantry20/10/1918
Sepoy Mahant 11198th Indian Infantry27/01/1920
Sepoy Man Singh 93998th Indian Infantry22/01/1919
Follower Mangal 98th Indian Infantry20/01/1919
Sepoy Mangal 86898th Indian Infantry09/10/1918
Sepoy Mangal 90198th Indian Infantry17/01/1919
Sepoy Mangtu Ram 38998th Indian Infantry10/10/1918
Sepoy Mani Lal 44198th Indian Infantry03/10/1918
Sepoy Manilal 46698th Indian Infantry09/10/1918
Lance Naik Manohar Singh 460098th Indian Infantry20/12/1919
Sepoy Mardan Khan 422798th Indian Infantry31/01/1920
Sepoy Maru 35498th Indian Infantry12/10/1918
Sepoy Misri Singh 288498th Indian Infantry09/11/1919
Sepoy Mohan Singh 3698th Indian Infantry09/10/1918
Sepoy Mohar Singh 50998th Indian Infantry14/02/1920
Sepoy Mohru 53898th Indian Infantry21/01/1920
Sepoy Moji Singh 56398th Indian Infantry27/01/1920
Lance Naik Moti Ram 73298th Indian Infantry06/11/1919
Naik Muhammad Amin Khan 404598th Indian Infantry13/11/1918
Sepoy Muhammad Sher Khan 316898th Indian Infantry06/01/1920
Lance Naik Muhammad Yaqub 353698th Indian Infantry21/10/1918
Sepoy Muhammad Yar Khan 408398th Indian Infantry23/02/1920
Naik Muhammad Yusuf 384198th Indian Infantry05/11/1918
Sepoy Mukh Ram 43798th Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Naik Mustafa Khan 347598th Indian Infantry24/12/1919
Captain Douglas Raymond Montford 98th Indian Infantry30/03/1918 (aged 29)
Sepoy Dula Ram 462398th Indian Infantry26/02/1917
Sepoy Gopal Singh 446398th Indian Infantry30/11/1916
Sepoy Isar Singh 447598th Indian Infantry16/06/1917
Sepoy Jumman Khan 463098th Indian Infantry21/07/1919
Sepoy Lalbahadur Singh 355098th Indian Infantry06/01/1917
Sepoy Mani Singh 467298th Indian Infantry22/02/1917
Lance Naik Mehar Chand 461198th Indian Infantry01/03/1918
Sepoy Mohan Lal 458998th Indian Infantry23/12/1916
Sepoy Rachpal 427998th Indian Infantry08/05/1916
Sepoy Donkal 37098th Indian Infantry05/11/1918
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JERUSALEM MEMORIALIsrael and Palestine (including Gaza)100
KARACHI 1914-1918 WAR MEMORIALPakistan111