South Staffordshire Regiment

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Private Neville Oliver John Attewell 46666South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 18)
Lieutenant Gerald Howard Smith South Staffordshire Regiment29/03/1916 (aged 36)
Private George Cox 24909South Staffordshire Regiment08/11/1916 (aged 28)
Second Lieutenant Bussy South Staffordshire Regiment03/01/1916 (aged 29)
Private Frederick Bryan 15574South Staffordshire Regiment11/02/1916 (aged 22)
Serjeant Samuel Barnes 8399South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private John Banks 9407South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1914
Private Joseph Rudge 8622South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914
Private George Neale 8008South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914
Private Charles Fred Boyden 3061South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1916 (aged 20)
Serjeant Aston 240147South Staffordshire Regiment02/06/1918 (aged 25)
Lieutenant Colonel William Allsop Wistance South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1918
Private Alfred Bromley 235279South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 32)
Private Edwin Devey 9715South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915
Private William Goodall 8931South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Harold Baker 40841South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917
Private James Arthur Cotterill 32321South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 19)
Private Abraham Nicklin 31220South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1917 (aged 23)
Private Leonard Ruff 202159South Staffordshire Regiment23/09/1917 (aged 20)
Captain Wansbrough South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916
Private Joseph Sanders 16635South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916
Private George Rochelle 11628South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1916 (aged 27)
Private Simmons 38357South Staffordshire Regiment06/12/1917
Private Samuel Charles Mousley 45500South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 26)
Private Arthur Barnwell 16439South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1916
Serjeant Edward Beresford 14215South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916
Private Edward Callaghan 9392South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Bussy South Staffordshire Regiment20/09/1916
Captain Ferdinand Eglington South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Charles Corns 9788South Staffordshire Regiment15/01/1918 (aged 40)
Second Lieutenant Alfred Edward Flaxman South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 36)
Second Lieutenant Fawcett South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Alfred Beckett 42120South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 19)
Private Albert Atkin 32296South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1917
Private Harold Abell 43040South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 35)
Captain William Millner South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 38)
Private John William Lewis 3715South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Lieutenant John Owen Iles South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 22)
Second Lieutenant Tom Vincent Dann South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Private Frederick Percy Cliff 2192South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 20)
Private George Bernard Bushnell 9440South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Private Walter James Armstrong 9657South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Lieutenant Stanley Owen Allday South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 19)
Private Cyril Archibald Adey 2390South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 19)
Private Joseph Caddick 31873South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 28)
Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Henry Daukes South Staffordshire Regiment07/08/1915 (aged 45)
Private George Frederick Sadler 10369South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915 (aged 36)
Lieutenant Richard Wilfrid Fawcett South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1915 (aged 23)
Lieutenant Henry Joseph Burke South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 21)
Private Richardson 46462South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1918
Private Danks 9417South Staffordshire Regiment16/09/1915
Private Swann 30262South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917
Corporal Handy 200088South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917
Captain Horace Walter Smeathman Hatton South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1918 (aged 29)
Corporal Albert Edwin Wade 7012South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1918 (aged 33)
Lance Corporal Horace Edwin Gordon 2960South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Bradshaw 42114South Staffordshire Regiment15/02/1918
Lance Corporal Ryan 201341South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1917
Lance Corporal Powell 40105South Staffordshire Regiment05/04/1918 (aged 33)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Southwell 15204South Staffordshire Regiment01/04/1916 (aged 21)
Corporal Cash 9487South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Lloyd 36250South Staffordshire Regiment16/09/1917
Private Clark 32586South Staffordshire Regiment29/03/1917 (aged 23)
Private Bust 28229South Staffordshire Regiment04/04/1917 (aged 30)
Corporal Frank Edward Willmore 202973South Staffordshire Regiment24/07/1918 (aged 25)
Second Lieutenant George Jones South Staffordshire Regiment21/05/1918 (aged 27)
Captain Mansell South Staffordshire Regiment16/04/1918
Private Sadler 3751South Staffordshire Regiment07/09/1915
Private Leonard Morris 7822South Staffordshire Regiment30/08/1915 (aged 25)
Lance Serjeant Daniel Bratt 7737South Staffordshire Regiment30/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Biddleston 15956South Staffordshire Regiment01/06/1916 (aged 39)
Private Jones 17013South Staffordshire Regiment16/03/1918
Captain Charles Herbert Thomas South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1914 (aged 34)
Private Chinn 11371South Staffordshire Regiment10/09/1915 (aged 20)
Private William Churm 37057South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917
Private Eastelow 8294South Staffordshire Regiment30/10/1914 (aged 24)
Serjeant William Tibbs 14742South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1916 (aged 35)
Private Beddows 3440South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1915
Captain Matthew William Lister South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1917 (aged 38)
Private Downes 7993South Staffordshire Regiment17/07/1915 (aged 19)
Private Walter Smith 42536South Staffordshire Regiment12/06/1918 (aged 30)
Private Frederick Godley 34086South Staffordshire Regiment01/05/1921 (aged 36)
Corporal Victor Albert Brown 203205South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1918 (aged 21)
Private Hill SS/19978South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1918 (aged 42)
Captain George Norman Adams South Staffordshire Regiment20/10/1918
Corporal Alfred Tonks 1336South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1918 (aged 25)
Private Robottom 30195South Staffordshire Regiment04/03/1917
Private Bithell 40429South Staffordshire Regiment18/10/1917 (aged 28)
Private David Martin Bishop 12271South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Eric Lewin Naylor South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1917 (aged 19)
Serjeant Sydney Hibbett 8830South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 22)
Second Lieutenant Edwin Lloyd Instone South Staffordshire Regiment04/08/1917 (aged 30)
Private Vaughan 8457South Staffordshire Regiment08/11/1914
Second Lieutenant Laurence Henley Lycett South Staffordshire Regiment31/05/1918 (aged 20)
Private Hill 201723South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1918 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Sidney Fothergill 242042South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 20)
Private Elks 37996South Staffordshire Regiment13/04/1918 (aged 23)
Private William Charles Durrant 8346South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1915 (aged 18)
Private Foster 241054South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917
Captain Arthur Forbes Gordon Kilby South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 30)
Private Harry York 15234South Staffordshire Regiment01/08/1916 (aged 33)
Corporal Horace Jordan 35447South Staffordshire Regiment25/03/1918 (aged 20)
Private John Jones 19752South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916 (aged 20)
Serjeant William Albert Haycock 203479South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Jones 40171South Staffordshire Regiment27/11/1916 (aged 21)
Private Francis Charles Williams 28527South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917 (aged 40)
Lieutenant Bernard William Theodore Wickham South Staffordshire Regiment14/04/1917 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Edward Whateley 14040South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916
Corporal Weaver 8084South Staffordshire Regiment28/10/1914 (aged 25)
Second Lieutenant Edward Leslie Ward South Staffordshire Regiment14/07/1916 (aged 20)
Captain John Franks Vallentin South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 32)
Captain Townsend South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Frederick Roger John Tomlinson South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1914 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Lothian Basil Stevens South Staffordshire Regiment09/05/1915 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant John Stanley Stephens South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Gerald Stanway South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1917 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant John Samuel Smith South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1917
Second Lieutenant Basil John Harrison Scott South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1914 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Colonel Francis Savage Nesbitt Savage-armstrong South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 36)
Lieutenant Colonel Philip Charles Lytton Routledge South Staffordshire Regiment17/05/1915 (aged 41)
Lieutenant Francis Edward Robinson South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Augustine Robinson South Staffordshire Regiment15/03/1915 (aged 31)
Captain Henry Mitchell Powell South Staffordshire Regiment09/12/1914
Captain Gilbert Dennis Perrin South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1916 (aged 24)
Private Lewis John Parry 20498South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 33)
Lieutenant Hugh Wharton Myddleton Parr South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1915 (aged 35)
Lieutenant Leslie Claude Moor-radford South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1914 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Harry Leith Mackintosh South Staffordshire Regiment05/03/1915 (aged 25)
Captain Harry Warwick Macgeorge South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Second Lieutenant Macfie South Staffordshire Regiment16/06/1915
Major Cuthbert Edward Lord South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1915 (aged 46)
Major John Frederick Loder-Symonds South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1914 (aged 40)
Private William Little 41596South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 32)
Captain Kinnaird South Staffordshire Regiment06/06/1915
Private Samuel Charles Jones 14746South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1916 (aged 29)
Second Lieutenant Hussey South Staffordshire Regiment06/08/1918
Lieutenant Charles Geoffrey Hume South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1914 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Jack St. Clair Gainey Harris South Staffordshire Regiment22/02/1915 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal James Gorick 240462South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Walter Henry Fox South Staffordshire Regiment16/06/1915 (aged 20)
Captain William Augustus Portman Foster South Staffordshire Regiment11/11/1914 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Fitzpatrick South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914
Captain Julian Silver Strickland Dunlop South Staffordshire Regiment24/10/1914 (aged 38)
Lieutenant Cecil Francis Crousaz South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1914 (aged 25)
Lieutenant Henry Raymond Syndercombe Bower South Staffordshire Regiment18/12/1914 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Charles Reginald Chamberlin Bean South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1914 (aged 21)
Lieutenant George Archer-shee South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1914 (aged 19)
Second Lieutenant Cyril Stuart Embrey South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Frederic Hampson Cotterell South Staffordshire Regiment16/12/1916 (aged 27)
Major Robert George Raper South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1916
Private Cope 19803South Staffordshire Regiment23/02/1916
Private Arthur Wall 4345South Staffordshire Regiment14/05/1916 (aged 22)
Private Nabbs 8494South Staffordshire Regiment07/02/1915
Serjeant Williams 9152South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916 (aged 22)
Second Lieutenant William Wright South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917 (aged 28)
Second Lieutenant Sergius Holland Smith South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Private George Sargent 6745South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 24)
Private John Parton 9441South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Corporal Walter Bowen 241632South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 26)
Private William Adam Simpson 203269South Staffordshire Regiment28/06/1917 (aged 19)
Private James William Cartwright 40761South Staffordshire Regiment23/09/1917 (aged 33)
Second Lieutenant Lewis South Staffordshire Regiment08/07/1915
Lieutenant Francis Lennox Holmes South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Frank Hodgkiss 8796South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 23)
Private Harrison 242568South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Barratt 17114South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917 (aged 22)
Second Lieutenant Hugh Jones South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1916
Private Timothy Taylor 9523South Staffordshire Regiment16/05/1915 (aged 24)
Private Arthur Reeves 7486South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916
Private John Thomas Evans 32597South Staffordshire Regiment13/05/1917
Private Thomas Godley 34880South Staffordshire Regiment18/02/1918 (aged 21)
Private Roberts 34090South Staffordshire Regiment25/06/1917
Private Stanley James Grail 2807South Staffordshire Regiment05/06/1915 (aged 18)
Private Kaye 40786South Staffordshire Regiment23/09/1917
Captain Frank Pitchford Silvers South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918 (aged 25)
Private Tom Drury 15996South Staffordshire Regiment06/07/1918 (aged 49)
Lance Corporal James Dawson 9451South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1916 (aged 24)
Captain Henry Joseph De Trafford South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 38)
Private William Bailey 6418South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1914 (aged 30)
Captain Edward Arthur Cresswell South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 32)
Private Alfred Steenton 5947South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1914
Private Hugh Eland Clatworthy 43564South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918 (aged 19)
Second Lieutenant John Bonshor South Staffordshire Regiment26/07/1918 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal James Ball 43047South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 29)
Private William Hakes 49891South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1917
Private Harry Walter Belcher 6538South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private George Mitchell Hawkins 18448South Staffordshire Regiment05/07/1916 (aged 34)
Second Lieutenant Neville Miller South Staffordshire Regiment28/06/1917 (aged 37)
Serjeant Roland Davis 11416South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 25)
Captain Douglas-Willan South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917
Serjeant Alfred Cleveley 9627South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1917
Private Herbert Charles Body 45349South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1917
Private Fairchild 23099South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917
Serjeant George Fredrick Aitken 8738South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Private Reuben Davies 45044South Staffordshire Regiment30/05/1918 (aged 26)
Private Frederick Hawker 12792South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915
Serjeant William O'connell 11030South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915 (aged 40)
Private James Townsend 9292South Staffordshire Regiment30/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Hugh Gramshaw South Staffordshire Regiment28/02/1916 (aged 29)
Private Robert Henry Lee 235125South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1918 (aged 25)
Private William Andrew Jones 37795South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1917 (aged 21)
Private Grove 39461South Staffordshire Regiment20/11/1917
Private Clarke 8771South Staffordshire Regiment17/08/1915 (aged 21)
Private Herbert Glover 17524South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1916 (aged 20)
Private Appleby 29450South Staffordshire Regiment09/10/1916
Private Bates 20601South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Hodson 45065South Staffordshire Regiment14/12/1917 (aged 19)
Private Collins 1219South Staffordshire Regiment20/07/1916 (aged 40)
Second Lieutenant Cecil Frederic Holcombe Calvert South Staffordshire Regiment14/09/1915 (aged 21)
Private Fallows 40347South Staffordshire Regiment19/04/1917
Serjeant Faulkner 7820South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1916
Captain Charles Roy Limbery South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private John Donlon 4901South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1916 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal William Leonard Colledge 16774South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1916 (aged 19)
Private Edward Wain 203355South Staffordshire Regiment22/05/1917 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant Cyril Teague South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Frank Leonard Downey 23090South Staffordshire Regiment02/10/1917 (aged 39)
Private John Henry Dickinson 242571South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1917 (aged 33)
Lance Corporal Gough 202108South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917
Private Gordon 30936South Staffordshire Regiment12/09/1917
Private Ricketts 2861South Staffordshire Regiment14/04/1915 (aged 19)
Second Lieutenant William Morton South Staffordshire Regiment16/11/1918 (aged 24)
Lieutenant Whitcut South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918
Private Collins 9663South Staffordshire Regiment15/07/1918
Private Alfred Edge 240771South Staffordshire Regiment17/04/1918 (aged 42)
Private Samuel Cooper 12924South Staffordshire Regiment05/04/1916
Private Ogden Pateman 32349South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1918 (aged 21)
Corporal Holdcroft 13627South Staffordshire Regiment03/03/1920
Private Russell 12394South Staffordshire Regiment13/04/1920
Private Dolman 18773South Staffordshire Regiment09/03/1920 (aged 59)
Private Wilkinson 240865South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1921
Private Price 8335South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1916
Private Potter 11328South Staffordshire Regiment05/01/1918
Private Owen 817South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917
Second Lieutenant Alfred Moorcroft South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1918 (aged 27)
Corporal Middleton 8966South Staffordshire Regiment01/08/1918
Private Hill 10132South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1917
Corporal Hewitt 241594South Staffordshire Regiment16/04/1918
Private Alfred Goodwin 9692South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1920 (aged 24)
Private Duckworth 9767South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1915
Lieutenant Kenneth Davies South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1918 (aged 26)
Private Davies 9256South Staffordshire Regiment02/10/1916 (aged 42)
Private John Edward Chadwick 9768South Staffordshire Regiment31/12/1915 (aged 37)
Private Bullock 25246South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1918
Corporal William Buckerfield 9804South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1920
Private William Henry Brittain 241258South Staffordshire Regiment06/04/1920 (aged 42)
Corporal Joseph Barnsley 13082South Staffordshire Regiment14/12/1915 (aged 32)
Corporal Harry Francis Gully 9388South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1918 (aged 21)
Private Cooper 241118South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1918 (aged 21)
Private Samuel Stevens 2338South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1915 (aged 22)
Private Smith 20087South Staffordshire Regiment29/11/1920
Private Potts 16099South Staffordshire Regiment07/04/1919 (aged 41)
Private Phipps 8940South Staffordshire Regiment29/12/1914
Private Oulton 11801South Staffordshire Regiment16/04/1920 (aged 24)
Private Hilton 8389South Staffordshire Regiment19/10/1918
Private Stringer 36924South Staffordshire Regiment13/05/1918 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Norman Sydney Smith 16751South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1917 (aged 32)
Serjeant Thomas Salt 8062South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1916 (aged 24)
Private Reynolds 200343South Staffordshire Regiment10/06/1921 (aged 27)
Serjeant Ernest Partridge 11417South Staffordshire Regiment21/02/1920 (aged 28)
Private Mills 242492South Staffordshire Regiment15/06/1917
Private Merrick 9412South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1918
Private Ledwidge 7882South Staffordshire Regiment21/10/1915
Private Johnson 17093South Staffordshire Regiment15/05/1918
Private John Thomas Gisbone 17306South Staffordshire Regiment28/02/1919 (aged 28)
Private Farmer 4905149South Staffordshire Regiment03/09/1920 (aged 24)
Private Edwards 1324South Staffordshire Regiment16/07/1916
Private Harold Enoch Burton 9224South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1918 (aged 25)
Second Lieutenant Raymond Charles Page South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1918 (aged 41)
Private Wilkins 32386South Staffordshire Regiment20/06/1917
Private John Hunt 29863South Staffordshire Regiment29/05/1917 (aged 35)
Private Hall 17644South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 27)
Private Edward Day 5930South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1914 (aged 32)
Private John Jones 48768South Staffordshire Regiment20/01/1919 (aged 24)
Private George Thomas Sishton 11374South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1916 (aged 20)
Private Davies 17449South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1917
Private Morris 18659South Staffordshire Regiment11/11/1918 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal Webb 11229South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1920
Private Samuel Walton 12417South Staffordshire Regiment16/08/1918 (aged 38)
Private Sellman 37608South Staffordshire Regiment03/06/1918 (aged 26)
Private Magness 16426South Staffordshire Regiment27/01/1919
Lance Corporal Ernest Giles Horseman 10124South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1915 (aged 23)
Private Benjamin Higginson 15500South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1916 (aged 29)
Private Gethings 203469South Staffordshire Regiment08/07/1917 (aged 20)
Private George Dickenson 240964South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1918 (aged 34)
Private William Henry Cox 15565South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1916 (aged 37)
Private Cooper SS/12896South Staffordshire Regiment04/03/1919 (aged 27)
Private Clews 2379South Staffordshire Regiment30/10/1916
Private Chinn 10106South Staffordshire Regiment20/06/1918
Private William Bullock 6800South Staffordshire Regiment07/07/1918 (aged 34)
Private Bromley 9232South Staffordshire Regiment18/06/1917
Private William Reeve Hamilton 41489South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1919 (aged 40)
Private Rochell 10592South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Private Evans 15396South Staffordshire Regiment28/11/1915
Private Bayliss 4545South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1916
Private Mason 18249South Staffordshire Regiment20/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Henry John Clark 235056South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1919 (aged 25)
Private Walton 40084South Staffordshire Regiment06/02/1917 (aged 20)
Captain Alexander Downing Johnson South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Private Kimberley 9276South Staffordshire Regiment20/04/1917
Private Cristoe 17239South Staffordshire Regiment28/02/1918
Private Cyril Charles Hawes 42898South Staffordshire Regiment03/09/1918 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Cecil Ernest Philcox South Staffordshire Regiment24/05/1917 (aged 21)
Private Holmes 10617South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1915
Private Beresford 10189South Staffordshire Regiment13/01/1916 (aged 29)
Captain Joseph Leslie Dent South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 28)
Company Serjeant Major Bird 13211South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Beresford 10043South Staffordshire Regiment13/03/1915
Private Isaiah Marsh 203103South Staffordshire Regiment09/10/1918 (aged 26)
Private Joseph Francis Bayley 202924South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917 (aged 25)
Private Fred Antill 29876South Staffordshire Regiment02/01/1918 (aged 33)
Private Weaver 241705South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 32)
Lance Serjeant Thomas Griffiths 201709South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918 (aged 24)
Private Horace Walter Powell 241481South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 21)
Private Harry Alfred Wilkes 15290South Staffordshire Regiment08/10/1917
Private Alfred Griffiths 46454South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918 (aged 25)
Private Thomas Dawson Scarlett 41851South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917 (aged 21)
Private Peter Donlon 17441South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 31)
Serjeant Albert William Rigby 6879South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1915 (aged 25)
Private Edwin Cheadle 41475South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Arthur Pugh 240805South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918
Captain Clement Gascoyen Ransford South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1914 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Williams 10454South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 28)
Private George William Gould 13779South Staffordshire Regiment15/02/1916 (aged 20)
Private George Brander 7493South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Edward John Allen 18146South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917 (aged 36)
Private Sidney Robert Aldin 6739South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private John Stephen Rowley 241695South Staffordshire Regiment14/07/1917 (aged 36)
Serjeant Charles David Morling 8437South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Leonard Vincent Warner 8653South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 23)
Private James Stephen Grogan 9192South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Frederick Charles Banting 3736South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1916
Private George Edwin Whitfield 36001South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 25)
Private Henry Arthur Alexander Lines 8495South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915 (aged 24)
Private George Bagshaw 45514South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918
Private George Henry Moore 10762South Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1915 (aged 30)
Company Serjeant Major George Bricknell 10088South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 37)
Private Walter William Shutt 18604South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Ernest Whittaker 43179South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1916 (aged 30)
Private Albert Joseph Marston 24365South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1916 (aged 26)
Private Henry Jones 19621South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 36)
Second Lieutenant George Henry Tinkler South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1917
Private John Edward Walton 23131South Staffordshire Regiment28/11/1917 (aged 34)
Private William Ernest Banks 24375South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1916 (aged 21)
Private Bertram Lonsdale Bedward 16654South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1916 (aged 22)
Private Luke Boyle 11026South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916 (aged 29)
Second Lieutenant John Potter South Staffordshire Regiment24/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Henry Platt 223South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1921 (aged 17)
Private Walter Joseph Crisp 14260South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 26)
Private Ernest Adkin 31706South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Corporal Ernest Charles Whale 7991South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 27)
Private Edwin Whale 10972South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 37)
Private Isaac Hayward 9000South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal Frederick Crutchley 16093South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 18)
Lance Serjeant Cecil Richard Trevor Chard 8791South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Serjeant Edward Henry Bishton 2876South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 22)
Private William Henry Bedward 16653South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 23)
Private Samuel Bagshaw 1784South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Private Leo Bagshaw 3277South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 24)
Private Barber 32504South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917 (aged 23)
Private John Willie Charlesworth 42685South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918
Private Vernon Clifton 12033South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915
Captain The Hon. Gerald Legge South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915 (aged 33)
Private Alfred Parkes 18329South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915 (aged 24)
Lieutenant Shaw-Hellier South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915
Lieutenant Charles Nigel Gordon Walker South Staffordshire Regiment07/08/1915 (aged 26)
Private John William Townend 10363South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915
Second Lieutenant Winter South Staffordshire Regiment17/12/1915
Captain Edward Archibald Hume South Staffordshire Regiment27/08/1915 (aged 36)
Private Harry Goodwin 13182South Staffordshire Regiment21/12/1916 (aged 34)
Second Lieutenant Arthur George Hutchinson South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1918 (aged 31)
Private Robert Henry Grimes 42050South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1918 (aged 34)
Private Herbert John Balls 238007South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private John Edward Hinks 10974South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1915 (aged 19)
Private George 10971South Staffordshire Regiment19/05/1915 (aged 21)
Corporal Jarvis 15293South Staffordshire Regiment24/08/1915
Second Lieutenant Edmund Sacheverell Wilmot South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1916 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Cuthbert Andre Patmore Taunton South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1915 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Harold Summerton South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1915 (aged 21)
Private Turner 242505South Staffordshire Regiment23/07/1917 (aged 25)
Private Denis Davies 2752South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 39)
Lance Corporal Rowley 16495South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1917
Private Neville 19639South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1917
Private Richards 3570South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Private Meeson 40204South Staffordshire Regiment09/12/1917
Private Badger 30223South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1917
Private Macdonald 241404South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1917 (aged 33)
Serjeant Harris 200904South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1918
Second Lieutenant Alexander Gissing South Staffordshire Regiment09/10/1918 (aged 29)
Second Lieutenant Cecil Goblet Weitzmann South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 31)
Private Till 12343South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1916
Private Albert John Walker 15588South Staffordshire Regiment07/05/1918 (aged 27)
Serjeant Alfred Round 2720South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1916 (aged 21)
Captain Harold James Bristol South Staffordshire Regiment04/05/1918 (aged 21)
Private Henry Churchill 40828South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1917 (aged 35)
Serjeant Barratt 12726South Staffordshire Regiment26/02/1916 (aged 34)
Private Harold Kirk 32251South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1917 (aged 19)
Private Jack Gilbert Harker 8935South Staffordshire Regiment06/08/1915 (aged 21)
Private Herbert Pears 7721South Staffordshire Regiment18/11/1914 (aged 26)
Private Westwood 30441South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917
Private Harold Thomas Gretton Peace 20175South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1917 (aged 25)
Lance Serjeant Frederick Alfred Maull 7406South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1914 (aged 29)
Private Noah Hickinbottom 15571South Staffordshire Regiment17/08/1915 (aged 24)
Corporal Bertie Crick 9362South Staffordshire Regiment17/07/1917
Private Lees 13144South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917
Private Charles Wilkins 8922South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Benjamin Callear 59544South Staffordshire Regiment17/11/1918 (aged 19)
Private Flowers 204658South Staffordshire Regiment24/01/1920 (aged 23)
Private William Arnold Tomlin 203280South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1917
Private Scarlett 6293South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1915 (aged 31)
Corporal Arthur Edward Peters 6207South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1918 (aged 34)
Private Howes 9890South Staffordshire Regiment11/03/1916
Serjeant Vincent 8696South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1918 (aged 27)
Private Ford 10419South Staffordshire Regiment07/04/1919
Private Steele 344South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1915
Private John Snelson 20297South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1917
Private Walker 28789South Staffordshire Regiment08/11/1918
Private Clutton 20421South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1916
Lance Corporal Daker 4905129South Staffordshire Regiment11/07/1921
Private Horace Wright 59157South Staffordshire Regiment23/11/1918 (aged 18)
Captain Arthur Robert Katon South Staffordshire Regiment06/09/1915
Private Alfred Murrell 20154South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1918 (aged 47)
Private Ernest Wootton 10020South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917 (aged 25)
Private Wood 16767South Staffordshire Regiment06/02/1918 (aged 21)
Corporal Turner 14995South Staffordshire Regiment25/12/1916 (aged 32)
Private Albert Smith 5691South Staffordshire Regiment27/06/1916 (aged 33)
Private Henry Brown 9351South Staffordshire Regiment22/01/1915 (aged 48)
Private Wardle 28186South Staffordshire Regiment12/01/1917
Private Samuel John Lewis 11268South Staffordshire Regiment17/04/1919 (aged 28)
Private Hindley 17130South Staffordshire Regiment15/02/1915 (aged 28)
Private Squire 32179South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Watts 30997South Staffordshire Regiment01/05/1917
Private William Arthur Summers 33561South Staffordshire Regiment13/02/1917 (aged 30)
Private Snell 17771South Staffordshire Regiment08/12/1917
Private Henry Alfred Morris 4905221South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1921 (aged 21)
Private Dean 32113South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917 (aged 31)
Private Brice 9353South Staffordshire Regiment05/03/1915 (aged 49)
Corporal Bloomer 4259South Staffordshire Regiment05/09/1916
Private William Henry Worthington 4630South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1915 (aged 43)
Lance Serjeant Thomas William Tomkinson 9974South Staffordshire Regiment25/06/1916 (aged 41)
Private French 203029South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1917 (aged 19)
Private Hughes 35871South Staffordshire Regiment03/03/1917 (aged 29)
Serjeant Wise 11369South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1918
Private Wright 17009South Staffordshire Regiment05/06/1915 (aged 34)
Private Hallum 46489South Staffordshire Regiment12/01/1919 (aged 21)
Private Edge 10748South Staffordshire Regiment16/12/1914 (aged 20)
Private Clarke 580South Staffordshire Regiment21/01/1916
Private Brookes 17291South Staffordshire Regiment17/12/1915
Private Ernest James Parker 49090South Staffordshire Regiment08/03/1921 (aged 30)
Private Kendall 203165South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1917 (aged 21)
Private John Bill 46421South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1917 (aged 18)
Private Williams 11186South Staffordshire Regiment21/07/1919
Private Segar 2955South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1915
Private Laffey 18849South Staffordshire Regiment30/05/1921
Private Alfred Thomas Goodridge 3275South Staffordshire Regiment21/12/1918 (aged 31)
Private Wyatt 20564South Staffordshire Regiment11/11/1918
Private Wood 1932South Staffordshire Regiment20/12/1916 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Charles Frederick Parr 2458South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1915 (aged 33)
Lance Serjeant Thomas Stansfield 12982South Staffordshire Regiment23/12/1916
Private Lansley 15277South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1916
Private Alfred Oscar Conyers 10591South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1914 (aged 43)
Private Shutt 16671South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Lieutenant Arthur Leslie George Hider South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1917 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Herbert James Streeter 8972South Staffordshire Regiment15/10/1915 (aged 22)
Second Lieutenant Frederick Howard Kendrick South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1915 (aged 26)
Private Henry Dimbylow 9651South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 32)
Private Bagnall 10070South Staffordshire Regiment06/07/1916 (aged 40)
Lance Corporal Peter Donald Treussard 27025South Staffordshire Regiment06/06/1917 (aged 40)
Second Lieutenant Gerald Alexander Dutton South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1916
Private Wright 10492South Staffordshire Regiment07/03/1916 (aged 46)
Second Lieutenant Bertram Whitmore-Searle South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1915
Private Bailey 241254South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1918 (aged 44)
Company Serjeant Major Richard Poole 14389South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1915 (aged 42)
Private Joseph Bateman 200945South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1917
Private Davies 60398South Staffordshire Regiment17/07/1920
Private Amison 11316South Staffordshire Regiment01/05/1917
Private Harry Thompson 3071South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Corporal John Alfred Shipley 9169South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Lance Corporal Arthur Henry Paddock 7788South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Lance Corporal Harry Stretch 201212South Staffordshire Regiment28/06/1917 (aged 20)
Private Frank Lawley 241792South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1917 (aged 30)
Private Horace Shatwell 43211South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 23)
Private James Platt 18202South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Henry Darby 38119South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1917
Serjeant Victor Caine 11309South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 19)
Private William Tudor 8857South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 22)
Private Samuel George Richards 203268South Staffordshire Regiment28/06/1917 (aged 26)
Private Percy Fox 7635South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1916 (aged 27)
Private Frederick Proud Herd 40775South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Thomas Frederick Dennis 9424South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Thomas Bull 7138South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915 (aged 37)
Private Harold Pooler 8943South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916
Lance Corporal James William Needham 18190South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917 (aged 30)
Private Gordon Moule 201990South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 23)
Private Albert Victor Daykin 47101South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1918 (aged 26)
Private Richards 8416South Staffordshire Regiment03/08/1915 (aged 17)
Private Albert Botfield 12772South Staffordshire Regiment18/10/1916 (aged 28)
Private Turley 16798South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Private Baldock 17760South Staffordshire Regiment10/06/1917
Private Bull 241697South Staffordshire Regiment20/07/1917 (aged 29)
Private Oscar Duffield Bowman 40541South Staffordshire Regiment22/02/1917 (aged 29)
Private Bradshaw 242079South Staffordshire Regiment08/09/1918
Private Harry Dickens 201575South Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1918 (aged 24)
Private Fredrick John Green 42945South Staffordshire Regiment06/05/1918 (aged 25)
Private William Marwick 43403South Staffordshire Regiment05/09/1918 (aged 39)
Private Plant 45731South Staffordshire Regiment04/09/1918
Private Walters 13147South Staffordshire Regiment25/03/1918 (aged 23)
Lance Serjeant Barratt 12540South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1915
Private Belcher 5299South Staffordshire Regiment22/10/1914
Private Bentley 242633South Staffordshire Regiment20/04/1917
Private Birch 125South Staffordshire Regiment12/12/1915 (aged 25)
Private Joseph Bradley 13033South Staffordshire Regiment11/10/1915 (aged 28)
Private Brawn 22066South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1917
Private Charles 17386South Staffordshire Regiment25/03/1918
Private Walter Elon Clarke 55South Staffordshire Regiment25/11/1915 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Thomas Claypole 9149South Staffordshire Regiment17/05/1915 (aged 19)
Private William Henry Davies 14599South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1915 (aged 20)
Lance Serjeant Hartill 12411South Staffordshire Regiment18/12/1915 (aged 40)
Private Thomas Alfred Jervis 241768South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1917 (aged 30)
Serjeant Banks 7674South Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1916
Private Leslie Charles Covill 24237South Staffordshire Regiment03/09/1916 (aged 27)
Private Percy Herbert Hoggins 6135South Staffordshire Regiment30/07/1916 (aged 35)
Lance Corporal Arthur Hornblower 16627South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1916 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal Potter 5943South Staffordshire Regiment30/07/1916
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Marrion 746South Staffordshire Regiment20/08/1915
Private Page 9560South Staffordshire Regiment26/05/1915
Lance Corporal Pardoe 9765South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917
Private Pearson 9415South Staffordshire Regiment30/08/1915
Private Peplow 203261South Staffordshire Regiment01/09/1917
Captain John Henry Warburton Wilkinson South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1917 (aged 23)
Private Robert Affleck 40648South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1917 (aged 26)
Serjeant William Allchurch 12803South Staffordshire Regiment10/10/1917 (aged 32)
Private Bennett 235036South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1917
Private Frederick Bissell 16865South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1917 (aged 19)
Corporal Thomas Albert Brown 8806South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1917 (aged 26)
Private Clarke 24225South Staffordshire Regiment19/10/1917
Private Davis 19183South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917
Private Sydney Dean 42697South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Edge 39309South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1918 (aged 37)
Private Albert Edward Kemp 41747South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 19)
Private Lewis 235070South Staffordshire Regiment08/10/1917 (aged 29)
Private Edward Harold Moore 203581South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1918 (aged 30)
Private Frank Rooney 8710South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1917 (aged 24)
Private Walter Charles Sage 235046South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1917 (aged 32)
Private Sinclair 235074South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917
Private Smith 40519South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1917
Captain Charles Dutton South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916 (aged 35)
Private Mcdonald 7486South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1916
Private Rodgers 20519South Staffordshire Regiment08/08/1916
Private Tebbutt 24406South Staffordshire Regiment07/08/1916
Private William Henry Bills 10706South Staffordshire Regiment18/08/1916 (aged 18)
Corporal Farnell 12413South Staffordshire Regiment09/11/1916 (aged 35)
Corporal Job Hesson 13333South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1916 (aged 32)
Private Isaiah Partridge 14243South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1917 (aged 26)
Private Poynton 24701South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1916
Private Samuel Smith 40513South Staffordshire Regiment07/02/1917 (aged 33)
Private Ash 9631South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1915
Private William Baker 10012South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1915 (aged 34)
Private Barnett 16333South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Private Bates 10086South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1915
Private Bird 16205South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1915
Private Bradbury 201769South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1918 (aged 21)
Private Bromley 9704South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1915
Private Clark 15241South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Lieutenant Clements South Staffordshire Regiment06/09/1915 (aged 38)
Private William Connell 9377South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1915
Second Lieutenant Draycott-Wood South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1915
Private Duncombe 9440South Staffordshire Regiment19/06/1915 (aged 25)
Private Evans 8686South Staffordshire Regiment29/01/1916
Private Fox 13996South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Lance Corporal Gorton 9304South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Private Joseph Harper 16184South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 34)
Private Harper 18698South Staffordshire Regiment25/11/1915
Private Harrison 9938South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Lance Corporal Haynes 6165South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1915
Private Hopwood 9755South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Private Jackson 10006South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Private Luke Kennedy 8232South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1915 (aged 36)
Corporal Mccarthy 7725South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Private Mole 17315South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Private Price 16515South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Private George Purchase 9691South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1915
Private Reynolds 18795South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Lance Corporal Rooker 9217South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1915
Private Smith 9433South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Private Smith 11076South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1915
Private Steele 10065South Staffordshire Regiment02/04/1916
Private Teece 9099South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Corporal Tranter 242524South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918
Private George Truman 9331South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1915 (aged 21)
Private Tudor 16350South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1916
Private Upton 16127South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Private Frank Alexander Wall 8682South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Drummer White 7588South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Private Windmill 16332South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Lance Corporal Yates 17479South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1915
Private Ash 242379South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1917 (aged 28)
Private Worth 28888South Staffordshire Regiment19/02/1917 (aged 33)
Private Alfred Walton 20219South Staffordshire Regiment01/08/1916 (aged 37)
Private Bell 32203South Staffordshire Regiment19/03/1917 (aged 27)
Private Broome 37492South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1918
Private George Henry Caswell 24099South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1916 (aged 26)
Private Coley 17244South Staffordshire Regiment25/12/1917
Private John Robert Ferry 29942South Staffordshire Regiment23/12/1916 (aged 28)
Private Hazard 27634South Staffordshire Regiment24/12/1916
Private Hill 14244South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1916
Private Homer 36040South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1918
Lance Corporal James Hughes 203612South Staffordshire Regiment28/01/1918 (aged 30)
Private Kitson 32412South Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1918
Private James Davidson 11347South Staffordshire Regiment09/07/1916
Private Alfred Enoch Ross 12630South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private John Varley Cowlishaw 18334South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Morgan 32024South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private Hopkin Morgan 19293South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 18)
Private Percy Weston 24902South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1918 (aged 25)
Private Wilkes 15557South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 21)
Private Williams 31633South Staffordshire Regiment15/10/1918 (aged 29)
Private Arnold 41681South Staffordshire Regiment28/10/1917
Private Bradshaw 6210South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1914
Serjeant Swan 8583South Staffordshire Regiment19/05/1915
Private George William Pearce 8920South Staffordshire Regiment08/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private James Francis Henry Probert 8349South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1914 (aged 26)
Serjeant Joseph Thomas Reynolds 7496South Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private Herbert Rhodes 202891South Staffordshire Regiment19/04/1917 (aged 31)
Private David Ridding 10287South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1915 (aged 27)
Private Rides 5420South Staffordshire Regiment27/06/1915
Private Sheppard 8348South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1915
Private Simkin 10490South Staffordshire Regiment29/11/1915 (aged 29)
Corporal Sinnett 10176South Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1918
Private Thomas Stockley 10776South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private James Henry Sutton 5960South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Edgar James Truman 16897South Staffordshire Regiment22/12/1916 (aged 19)
Private Edward Turner 10069South Staffordshire Regiment10/01/1915
Private Eric Ward 241557South Staffordshire Regiment06/05/1918 (aged 23)
Private Samuel Watts 9591South Staffordshire Regiment08/06/1915 (aged 30)
Private Albert Willis Wells 19460South Staffordshire Regiment07/08/1916 (aged 18)
Private Joseph Wesson 13489South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1916 (aged 21)
Corporal James William Williams 21251South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1916 (aged 36)
Private David Wood 32485South Staffordshire Regiment09/05/1917 (aged 32)
Private Wood 11855South Staffordshire Regiment09/03/1916 (aged 39)
Corporal Ernest Yates 11389South Staffordshire Regiment19/09/1916 (aged 29)
Private Yates 6717South Staffordshire Regiment10/11/1914 (aged 31)
Private Benjamin Walpole Gates 41525South Staffordshire Regiment19/04/1918 (aged 33)
Private Samuel Charles Grundy 6932South Staffordshire Regiment19/12/1914
Private John Hickinbottom 9575South Staffordshire Regiment26/05/1915
Lieutenant Philip Gregory Hickman South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1917 (aged 20)
Private Harry Haywood 8276South Staffordshire Regiment28/12/1914 (aged 25)
Private Albert Hartshorne 11912South Staffordshire Regiment10/02/1915 (aged 34)
Private Harvey 9899South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1916
Private Hodson 16204South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1916
Private Joseph Ingles 12949South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1915 (aged 26)
Private Francis Albert Jones 7002South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private John Jordon 8626South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1914 (aged 26)
Private Marshall 203533South Staffordshire Regiment03/05/1918
Private William Henry Matthews 9192South Staffordshire Regiment12/03/1915
Lance Corporal Joseph Micklewright 11066South Staffordshire Regiment25/01/1915 (aged 33)
Private Leonard Organ 15185South Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1916 (aged 19)
Private Joseph Owen 40685South Staffordshire Regiment01/02/1918 (aged 53)
Private Thomas Bagnall 241819South Staffordshire Regiment15/05/1917 (aged 22)
Private Frederick William Bailey 7389South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1914 (aged 34)
Private John William Bailey 9119South Staffordshire Regiment14/12/1914
Private Joseph James Bailey 9475South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1915 (aged 20)
Private Harry Leonard Beck 6474South Staffordshire Regiment16/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Bird 14442South Staffordshire Regiment18/03/1915
Private Thomas Percival Blakeman 6356South Staffordshire Regiment24/02/1915 (aged 28)
Private Bolstridge 6891South Staffordshire Regiment16/11/1914
Lance Corporal William Caddick 6060South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1914 (aged 32)
Private Alfred Isaac Davies 12130South Staffordshire Regiment22/01/1917 (aged 20)
Serjeant Draper 12013South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1917
Private Edwin Dudfield 6588South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1914 (aged 29)
Private William Edwards 8985South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1914 (aged 24)
Private Frank Ellis 8893South Staffordshire Regiment11/11/1914 (aged 21)
Private Isaac Richard Farnsworth 12665South Staffordshire Regiment12/12/1915 (aged 20)
Private Charles Ferguson 28774South Staffordshire Regiment15/05/1918 (aged 26)
Private Hayward 30578South Staffordshire Regiment17/04/1917
Private Silvester 19884South Staffordshire Regiment17/04/1917
Lieutenant Gillender South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1917
Private James Benton 31366South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1917 (aged 22)
Private Dodge 40390South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1917 (aged 19)
Private Gee 199South Staffordshire Regiment04/04/1916
Private William George Hopcutt 32150South Staffordshire Regiment01/05/1917 (aged 28)
Private Moses Johnson 9693South Staffordshire Regiment31/03/1916 (aged 35)
Private Allsop 203575South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1917
Private Ashby 242422South Staffordshire Regiment10/02/1918
Corporal Baldwin 200451South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1917
Private Barton 37211South Staffordshire Regiment04/02/1918
Second Lieutenant Ronald Terence Bloor South Staffordshire Regiment23/01/1918 (aged 20)
Private Lewis Blower 28503South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1918 (aged 25)
Private John Brindley 242458South Staffordshire Regiment08/12/1917 (aged 25)
Private Broad 242620South Staffordshire Regiment28/08/1917
Private Joseph Norman Butler 202226South Staffordshire Regiment30/10/1917 (aged 24)
Corporal William Butler 200957South Staffordshire Regiment15/08/1917 (aged 33)
Serjeant Carson 240414South Staffordshire Regiment20/08/1917
Private Arthur Caswell 31530South Staffordshire Regiment20/03/1918 (aged 20)
Private Coleman 200481South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1917
Private Creamer 201847South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1918 (aged 27)
Private Davies 200576South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1917
Private Dixey 260010South Staffordshire Regiment28/08/1917 (aged 29)
Private Eccleston 39817South Staffordshire Regiment10/02/1918 (aged 33)
Private Edwards 240671South Staffordshire Regiment13/08/1917
Second Lieutenant Bernard Ryland Joseph Gilbert South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Charley Gully 203417South Staffordshire Regiment21/11/1917 (aged 25)
Private Haden 241846South Staffordshire Regiment13/08/1917 (aged 28)
Serjeant Hartshorn 201038South Staffordshire Regiment21/10/1917
Lance Corporal George Joseph Haywood 202956South Staffordshire Regiment17/08/1917 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal George Arthur Hill 17754South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1918 (aged 20)
Corporal Hughes 200810South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1917
Private Hunt 9660South Staffordshire Regiment28/06/1918
Private Charles Joseph Bayliss Jennings 242624South Staffordshire Regiment20/08/1917 (aged 26)
Serjeant Kelly 240729South Staffordshire Regiment30/12/1917
Private Kemp 25401South Staffordshire Regiment16/06/1918
Private John William Kirk 33054South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1917 (aged 21)
Private Robert Leighton 202758South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1917 (aged 39)
Private Walter Lloyd 17084South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1917 (aged 35)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Thomas Avery Bunt 240639South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918 (aged 25)
Private Job Cooper 16708South Staffordshire Regiment06/05/1918 (aged 23)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Francis 240523South Staffordshire Regiment07/05/1918
Private Gatliffe 15951South Staffordshire Regiment26/05/1916
Lance Corporal William Henry Hart 1709South Staffordshire Regiment21/10/1915 (aged 19)
Private Hughes 11154South Staffordshire Regiment04/04/1916 (aged 33)
Private Hughes 32149South Staffordshire Regiment27/04/1917
Private Pardoe 24522South Staffordshire Regiment06/05/1918
Private Perry 14575South Staffordshire Regiment13/03/1916
Private Samuel Edward Saunders 37422South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1918 (aged 19)
Private John Taylor 8793South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1917
Private Walker 15896South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918
Private Wassell 200994South Staffordshire Regiment20/02/1918
Private Westwood 36981South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918 (aged 23)
Private Benjamin Witton 242463South Staffordshire Regiment30/06/1917 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Cox 13935South Staffordshire Regiment30/08/1918
Private William Herbert Dearmer 42934South Staffordshire Regiment21/05/1918 (aged 19)
Private George Hill 28514South Staffordshire Regiment09/05/1918 (aged 41)
Private Leese 40367South Staffordshire Regiment19/04/1918 (aged 37)
Private Henry John Ward 42910South Staffordshire Regiment13/05/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal John Websdale 201402South Staffordshire Regiment19/04/1918 (aged 21)
Private Ernest Yeomanson 40419South Staffordshire Regiment09/05/1918 (aged 21)
Private Agger 11499South Staffordshire Regiment25/01/1916 (aged 33)
Private Clinton 15957South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1915
Private Edward Fellows 18689South Staffordshire Regiment27/01/1916 (aged 36)
Private Hancock 13942South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1915
Private Mcgrady 13553South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1915
Private Martin 15822South Staffordshire Regiment25/01/1916
Serjeant James Moreton 15261South Staffordshire Regiment13/02/1916 (aged 35)
Private Webster 14482South Staffordshire Regiment13/02/1916 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Whitehouse 14552South Staffordshire Regiment13/02/1916 (aged 32)
Private Smith 15819South Staffordshire Regiment13/01/1916
Private Mchale 10619South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1915 (aged 36)
Private Morrall 9800South Staffordshire Regiment19/05/1915
Private Mossom 11140South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915
Private Nicholls 9434South Staffordshire Regiment17/05/1915
Private O'neil 5527South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915
Corporal Pilkington 6928South Staffordshire Regiment17/04/1915 (aged 36)
Private Silver 10816South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1915
Private Smith 8780South Staffordshire Regiment16/05/1915
Private Stokes 7033South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1915
Private John Thomas Trubshaw 5929South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 35)
Corporal William Edwin Vincent 9314South Staffordshire Regiment19/05/1915 (aged 33)
Private Westwood 7888South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1915
Private Percy Baker Williams 7878South Staffordshire Regiment10/06/1915 (aged 25)
Private John Yates 12689South Staffordshire Regiment12/03/1915 (aged 23)
Lieutenant Leslie Farquhar Yeo South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Adams 9350South Staffordshire Regiment17/05/1915
Lance Corporal Blount 12575South Staffordshire Regiment02/09/1915
Lance Corporal Jack Bowyer 10090South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1915 (aged 29)
Private John Henry Brown 38991South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1917 (aged 19)
Corporal Brown 9251South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Serjeant Bunce 6724South Staffordshire Regiment16/05/1915
Private Cooper 9984South Staffordshire Regiment17/05/1915 (aged 37)
Private Coyne 12149South Staffordshire Regiment19/05/1915
Lieutenant Bruce Francis Sholto Douglas South Staffordshire Regiment14/04/1915 (aged 18)
Private Downing 9587South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1915
Private John George Gibbons 6732South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 33)
Corporal Albert Gudgeon 202349South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1917 (aged 32)
Private Hammond 9279South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1915 (aged 22)
Private Joseph Hateley 10125South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1915 (aged 33)
Lance Corporal Walter Hawkins 242473South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1917 (aged 26)
Private Richard Haycock 7356South Staffordshire Regiment11/02/1915 (aged 29)
Serjeant Harold Hodgson 240101South Staffordshire Regiment22/08/1917 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Daniel Inskip 6160South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 37)
Private Jones 18860South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 26)
Private Leonard King 16291South Staffordshire Regiment15/08/1915 (aged 18)
Corporal Lewis 8893South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1915
Captain John Alexander Green South Staffordshire Regiment18/08/1918 (aged 23)
Serjeant Bailey 2626South Staffordshire Regiment29/03/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Bate 9676South Staffordshire Regiment03/04/1916
Private Samuel Bates 938South Staffordshire Regiment04/04/1916 (aged 35)
Private James Bird 957South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1916 (aged 24)
Private Brettle 56South Staffordshire Regiment22/03/1916 (aged 27)
Private Herbert Sydney Cope 2716South Staffordshire Regiment08/04/1916 (aged 22)
Serjeant Walter Neville Court 2886South Staffordshire Regiment02/04/1916 (aged 20)
Private Dawes 95South Staffordshire Regiment03/04/1916
Corporal Green 3644South Staffordshire Regiment20/04/1916 (aged 27)
Corporal Knight 9004South Staffordshire Regiment03/04/1916
Private Mcneil 886South Staffordshire Regiment03/04/1916
Lieutenant Charles Hugh Pearson South Staffordshire Regiment18/03/1916 (aged 34)
Private Archie William Price 9254South Staffordshire Regiment04/04/1916 (aged 18)
Private Samuel Henry Pugh 3355South Staffordshire Regiment29/03/1916 (aged 28)
Lieutenant Alfred Archibald Smith South Staffordshire Regiment02/04/1916 (aged 26)
Private Leonard Sutton 554South Staffordshire Regiment04/04/1916 (aged 18)
Private Wooldridge 976South Staffordshire Regiment03/04/1916
Private Arthur William Bromley 9753South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916 (aged 38)
Second Lieutenant William Charles Carbonell South Staffordshire Regiment01/09/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Thomas Joseph Eaton 17666South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1916 (aged 33)
Company Serjeant Major Lichfield 7458South Staffordshire Regiment10/08/1916 (aged 28)
Private Smallwood 16428South Staffordshire Regiment02/08/1916
Private Bailey 11204South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1916
Lance Corporal George Everill 43018South Staffordshire Regiment16/12/1916 (aged 21)
Private Summerhill 11643South Staffordshire Regiment30/05/1916
Private Murray 30965South Staffordshire Regiment14/12/1917 (aged 35)
Lance Corporal David Pearson 11056South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 20)
Corporal Plant 16325South Staffordshire Regiment20/03/1918 (aged 22)
Private John William Potts 260057South Staffordshire Regiment08/12/1917 (aged 35)
Private Poxon 201405South Staffordshire Regiment26/08/1917 (aged 41)
Private James Thomas Rabone 40166South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1918 (aged 41)
Lance Corporal Arthur Edward Reeve 241795South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917 (aged 30)
Private Richards 39415South Staffordshire Regiment18/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Arthur Rogers 201601South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1917 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Sydney Richard Shaylor 240454South Staffordshire Regiment10/06/1918 (aged 27)
Private Walter Elliot Skevington 242149South Staffordshire Regiment15/08/1917 (aged 18)
Serjeant Skinner 235028South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1917
Private Smith 202251South Staffordshire Regiment09/03/1918
Second Lieutenant Harold Swindells South Staffordshire Regiment15/08/1917 (aged 21)
Corporal Thompson 40609South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1918
Private Wilkes 30120South Staffordshire Regiment30/10/1917
Private Wilson 201822South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 27)
Private Wise 242521South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1917
Lance Corporal Wootton 242530South Staffordshire Regiment22/01/1918 (aged 20)
Private Albert Youngjohns 241334South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private James William Hinsley 35679South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal Herbert Milner 43292South Staffordshire Regiment17/10/1918 (aged 27)
Lieutenant John William Youngs South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1918 (aged 21)
Private John Cameron Buchanan 32581South Staffordshire Regiment12/01/1917 (aged 22)
Private Joseph Proctor 28048South Staffordshire Regiment17/04/1917 (aged 39)
Private Horace Riley 24104South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private Smith 23180South Staffordshire Regiment28/11/1916
Private Barnett 17489South Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1916 (aged 18)
Private Duffield 17787South Staffordshire Regiment10/09/1916
Private Love 16986South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1916
Private Joseph Wyke 16578South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1916 (aged 34)
Private Valentine Byrd 5511South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1914
Private Joseph Capewell 9344South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Cross 9187South Staffordshire Regiment13/02/1915
Private Moses Gibbons 17885South Staffordshire Regiment14/07/1916 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal Jackson 14696South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1916
Private Roberts 13881South Staffordshire Regiment16/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private Frederick Dennis 19545South Staffordshire Regiment04/07/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Charles Evans 11848South Staffordshire Regiment12/07/1916 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Henry Lowbridge 17895South Staffordshire Regiment06/07/1916 (aged 38)
Private John Summerhill 19791South Staffordshire Regiment05/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Daniels 5263South Staffordshire Regiment10/11/1916
Private East 30621South Staffordshire Regiment23/12/1917
Private Gilbert Ernest Charles Hawkins 235040South Staffordshire Regiment10/11/1917 (aged 21)
Private Hawkins 241169South Staffordshire Regiment08/12/1917
Private Hill 30820South Staffordshire Regiment23/07/1917
Private Jakeman 20669South Staffordshire Regiment15/12/1916
Private George Ernest Baker 12008South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1916 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Bennett 24400South Staffordshire Regiment16/12/1916 (aged 25)
Private Fletcher 13246South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1916 (aged 26)
Private Green 18072South Staffordshire Regiment16/11/1916 (aged 36)
Private Fredrick Hattersley 9249South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1916 (aged 23)
Private Jackson 9930South Staffordshire Regiment28/11/1916
Private George Jones 40199South Staffordshire Regiment29/11/1916 (aged 20)
Private Pascall 17773South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1916 (aged 31)
Private Payne 11943South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1916 (aged 25)
Private Groves 8605South Staffordshire Regiment18/06/1916
Private Titus Overend 45722South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Poole 4709South Staffordshire Regiment17/07/1916
Private John Alfred Whistance 20049South Staffordshire Regiment30/12/1916 (aged 21)
Private Tom Yates 38983South Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1918 (aged 27)
Private William Parker 13203South Staffordshire Regiment27/11/1915 (aged 28)
Private Robson 31769South Staffordshire Regiment18/04/1918
Private John Rowley 8435South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1914 (aged 25)
Private Joseph Henry Seaborn 7496South Staffordshire Regiment30/10/1914 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal John Noel Smale 9708South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1915 (aged 38)
Lieutenant William Benjamin Timmins South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1915 (aged 24)
Private George Arthur Frederick Tivey 41533South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1917 (aged 30)
Corporal George Veasey 37525South Staffordshire Regiment22/04/1918 (aged 31)
Corporal Frank White 12371South Staffordshire Regiment21/05/1915
Serjeant Bettam 17628South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1918
Private Gill 20075South Staffordshire Regiment22/10/1917
Private Hilton 241613South Staffordshire Regiment21/12/1917
Lance Corporal Charles Reeves 14819South Staffordshire Regiment21/11/1918 (aged 26)
Private Roberts 4352South Staffordshire Regiment27/11/1917
Private Skidmore 10351South Staffordshire Regiment07/03/1919
Private Smith 12124South Staffordshire Regiment28/11/1918
Private Wall 15986South Staffordshire Regiment08/11/1918 (aged 30)
Lieutenant Wesley South Staffordshire Regiment06/02/1919 (aged 29)
Private John Frederick Wilson 202215South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1918 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Martin 201745South Staffordshire Regiment08/10/1917
Private Preston 18005South Staffordshire Regiment08/10/1917
Private Ernest Smith 31864South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1917 (aged 36)
Private William Albert Henry Waters 242245South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1917 (aged 30)
Private Whitehouse 241494South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917
Private John Thomas Whitehouse 37443South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917 (aged 24)
Private Williams 18550South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Arkinstall 4751South Staffordshire Regiment18/08/1916 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Bennett 2656South Staffordshire Regiment21/12/1916
Corporal Brown 8878South Staffordshire Regiment05/07/1916 (aged 25)
Private Edward Henry Clemmens 6843South Staffordshire Regiment16/12/1916 (aged 27)
Private Colbourne 240502South Staffordshire Regiment09/02/1917 (aged 20)
Serjeant George Fleming 200960South Staffordshire Regiment22/03/1917 (aged 21)
Private Freakley 3098South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916
Private Gillin 1112South Staffordshire Regiment06/02/1917 (aged 32)
Private Girling 9585South Staffordshire Regiment04/07/1916
Serjeant Thomas Green 493South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Hawkins 3490South Staffordshire Regiment04/07/1916 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal Frederick Hawthorne 9541South Staffordshire Regiment11/08/1916 (aged 22)
Private Joseph Vincent Heywood 1847South Staffordshire Regiment09/10/1916 (aged 21)
Private Holland 8032South Staffordshire Regiment16/12/1916
Private Thomas Holland 2018South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1916 (aged 17)
Lance Corporal Richard Thomas Ivens 3036South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private James 1066South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1916
Serjeant Joseph Maiden 7981South Staffordshire Regiment15/10/1916 (aged 23)
Private Mansfield 242552South Staffordshire Regiment02/03/1917
Private Martin 5314South Staffordshire Regiment18/08/1916 (aged 31)
Private Price 5478South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1916
Private Joseph Spencer Rea 200141South Staffordshire Regiment09/02/1917 (aged 22)
Private Read 10056South Staffordshire Regiment11/10/1916 (aged 35)
Private Smith 955South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1916
Serjeant Smith 200805South Staffordshire Regiment08/02/1917 (aged 23)
Private John William Smith 241807South Staffordshire Regiment15/02/1917 (aged 21)
Private Talbot 200614South Staffordshire Regiment18/03/1917
Lance Corporal William Taylor 8956South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1916 (aged 21)
Private Vaill 2614South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1916
Private Tom Henry Walters 2820South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Wheeldon 203286South Staffordshire Regiment16/03/1917
Private Ernest Wynn 240395South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 28)
Private George Sutton 27301South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1917 (aged 28)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Frederick Richard Bicknell 241209South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1918 (aged 28)
Private Harold Caddick 42270South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1918 (aged 19)
Serjeant Thomas William Carter 238005South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1918 (aged 33)
Private William Gledson 42712South Staffordshire Regiment16/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Arthur Charles King 242250South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1918 (aged 26)
Private Smith 39193South Staffordshire Regiment27/04/1918
Private Wilson 203560South Staffordshire Regiment14/04/1918
Private Jones 11326South Staffordshire Regiment27/08/1916 (aged 34)
Private Ferguson 45299South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918
Corporal Bolt 13336South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1915
Private Booth 13287South Staffordshire Regiment14/12/1915
Private Buckley 12564South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1917
Private James Burrows 32506South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1917 (aged 26)
Private Cartwright 12012South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1915
Private Davis 8/12632South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1916 (aged 35)
Private Dicken 13460South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1915
Private Evans 29703South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1917
Private William Evans 12560South Staffordshire Regiment22/12/1915 (aged 22)
Corporal Harry Farr 12780South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1915 (aged 29)
Serjeant Felton 10137South Staffordshire Regiment28/11/1915
Private Grogan 14006South Staffordshire Regiment19/12/1915 (aged 21)
Private Hale 13614South Staffordshire Regiment29/11/1915
Lance Corporal Hall 14267South Staffordshire Regiment11/11/1915
Private Hart 8/14012South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1916
Private Holland 14784South Staffordshire Regiment26/11/1915
Corporal Sidney Cornelius Horton 12882South Staffordshire Regiment16/11/1915 (aged 25)
Private Ingers 11507South Staffordshire Regiment19/12/1915
Private William John King 13524South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1915 (aged 24)
Private Lane 235071South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917 (aged 26)
Private Layzell 14974South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1915 (aged 22)
Private Lees 18920South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1915 (aged 24)
Private Mason 13247South Staffordshire Regiment19/12/1915
Private Mills 8/11506South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1916
Private Millward 13173South Staffordshire Regiment16/11/1915
Private Murphy 9977South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1916
Lance Corporal Owen 18736South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1915
Private Price 13852South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1915
Private Rowland 10411South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1916
Private Sharp 13350South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1915
Private John James Simpson 41429South Staffordshire Regiment18/10/1917 (aged 41)
Private Smith 13622South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1915
Private Sumner 13309South Staffordshire Regiment19/12/1915
Private Frank Taylor 12732South Staffordshire Regiment21/12/1915 (aged 43)
Private Thomason 15637South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1917
Private Treadgold 16209South Staffordshire Regiment02/01/1916
Private Unitt 15057South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1917
Private Wearing 15604South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1916
Private Wilson 40987South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917
Private John Walters Beamond 10111South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 23)
Serjeant Howard Bird 9075South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Frank Foster 41519South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Charles Eli Fox 24654South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private George Harrison 40477South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Thomas Hawkins 40135South Staffordshire Regiment11/10/1917
Private Albert Ernest Hill 45307South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917
Private Edward Leslie Humble 41976South Staffordshire Regiment21/11/1917
Private Albert Ernest Lovatt 30557South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 29)
Private Archibald Moore 40498South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 31)
Private James Neale 10590South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Sidney Clifford Payne 23013South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Frederick George Rogers 30553South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Samuel Christian Short 25733South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Lance Serjeant George Michael Wallis 19743South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917
Private Bernard Brownlow 8636South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 22)
Private Joseph Arthur Lee 242060South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917 (aged 20)
Private Marshall 45083South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917
Private Edward Cecil Parish 202137South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917 (aged 19)
Private Augatheaus 29505South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1916
Private William Bickley 17214South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1916 (aged 39)
Corporal Parton 9070South Staffordshire Regiment16/08/1915 (aged 27)
Private John Chilcott 32208South Staffordshire Regiment16/01/1918 (aged 37)
Private Jesson 45120South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1917
Private George Henry Lowe 43189South Staffordshire Regiment23/02/1917 (aged 29)
Private Bartlett Thomas Merry 20982South Staffordshire Regiment24/04/1917 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Albert Ernest Wootton 20863South Staffordshire Regiment22/02/1917 (aged 33)
Private Robert Alban Burch 42613South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1918 (aged 20)
Private Evans 240220South Staffordshire Regiment18/10/1918
Private Gapp Campbell Mackman 43649South Staffordshire Regiment17/10/1918 (aged 19)
Lance Serjeant Abraham Malcolm Morgan 240698South Staffordshire Regiment08/10/1918 (aged 21)
Lance Serjeant Pilkington 37517South Staffordshire Regiment14/05/1918
Serjeant Archibald George Worboys 241905South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1918 (aged 31)
Private Allen 16509South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 36)
Private Bayliss 8477South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1914
Private Bradley 3170South Staffordshire Regiment06/06/1915
Private Callaghan 15481South Staffordshire Regiment20/07/1917
Private Samuel Cox 9615South Staffordshire Regiment31/07/1915 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Darby 19947South Staffordshire Regiment20/07/1917
Private Edmonds 41709South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917
Lance Corporal Edwards 8407South Staffordshire Regiment24/08/1915
Private William Gordon Freestone 235062South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1917 (aged 25)
Private Harding 9532South Staffordshire Regiment24/08/1915 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Harold Huggett 41740South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1917 (aged 19)
Company Serjeant Major Stephen Jackson 11990South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 27)
Private George William Jenkins 8558South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Kenniwell 40935South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1917
Private Knight 5594South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1915
Private Thomas Mincher 7197South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1914 (aged 29)
Private William James Mitchell 235073South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1917 (aged 19)
Private Oakley 9313South Staffordshire Regiment24/08/1915 (aged 33)
Lance Corporal Ernest Ralph Parker 41673South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1917 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Sherwin 8298South Staffordshire Regiment31/07/1915
Private Tomlinson 8355South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1914
Lance Corporal Westley 40981South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917
Private Wilkinson 8536South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1915
Private Cawthorn 21317South Staffordshire Regiment18/09/1917
Private Figg 40830South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917
Private Bywater 6744South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914
Private Hogg 7225South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914
Private George William Guest 18502South Staffordshire Regiment09/06/1917 (aged 41)
Private Todd 11297South Staffordshire Regiment09/06/1917
Private Garratt 235101South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1917 (aged 31)
Private Herbert Whayman Mower 41768South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1917 (aged 19)
Private John Jefford Stones 10265South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1917 (aged 38)
Private Frederick Tester 39346South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918 (aged 40)
Private Wigglesworth 27618South Staffordshire Regiment08/01/1919 (aged 25)
Private Cartwright 13252South Staffordshire Regiment20/09/1915
Private Edward Harris 10353South Staffordshire Regiment27/08/1915 (aged 34)
Private Harris 9785South Staffordshire Regiment08/09/1915 (aged 47)
Private Lloyd 10484South Staffordshire Regiment02/08/1915
Private William Pritchard 18474South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1915 (aged 17)
Corporal Herbert Walter Henry Shaw 15127South Staffordshire Regiment26/11/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Thompson 8917South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1916
Private Shemwell 19010South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1916
Private Joseph William Bolton 9509South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917 (aged 21)
Private Albert John Francis 32502South Staffordshire Regiment15/01/1917 (aged 23)
Private Homer 7149South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1916
Private Turner 18723South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1916
Private Job Whitehouse 19190South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1916
Private Robert Buckler 11370South Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1916
Private Lee 15159South Staffordshire Regiment05/09/1915
Private Atterbury 15439South Staffordshire Regiment09/11/1915
Private Neville Swift Potts 17624South Staffordshire Regiment10/11/1915 (aged 27)
Private Brevitt 1911South Staffordshire Regiment09/07/1916 (aged 20)
Quartermaster Serjeant Joseph Holmes 7853South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1915 (aged 31)
Lieutenant George Leonard South Staffordshire Regiment01/09/1916
Lance Corporal Pitt 8745South Staffordshire Regiment20/10/1915 (aged 47)
Lance Corporal Ross 17478South Staffordshire Regiment20/07/1915 (aged 20)
Private Selvey 9735South Staffordshire Regiment12/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Thompson 13248South Staffordshire Regiment22/09/1915 (aged 25)
Private Albert Tortoishell 9466South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1915 (aged 29)
Private Martin Luther Turner 7391South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1916 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal Ball 8484South Staffordshire Regiment14/05/1918
Private Samuel Davies 241852South Staffordshire Regiment24/05/1918 (aged 29)
Corporal Herbert Gladstone Dunn 42510South Staffordshire Regiment22/06/1918 (aged 30)
Private George Frederick Eaton 242543South Staffordshire Regiment21/05/1918 (aged 30)
Private Frank Farrance 40733South Staffordshire Regiment30/05/1918 (aged 23)
Private Frank Ernest Game 46587South Staffordshire Regiment07/06/1918 (aged 21)
Private Gunn 241933South Staffordshire Regiment31/05/1918
Private Cecil Hadley 15722South Staffordshire Regiment16/05/1918 (aged 24)
Private Frederick Heath 14638South Staffordshire Regiment03/06/1918
Private James Harold Lowe 18725South Staffordshire Regiment10/05/1918 (aged 21)
Private Robert Edward Metheringham 40734South Staffordshire Regiment11/06/1918 (aged 20)
Private Leonard Wood Morgan 201820South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Victor Albert Myatt 203252South Staffordshire Regiment11/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Thomas St. Clair Palmer 202658South Staffordshire Regiment13/07/1918
Private Ray 241384South Staffordshire Regiment29/05/1918 (aged 28)
Corporal Horace Arthur Rochelle 242187South Staffordshire Regiment05/06/1918 (aged 20)
Private John William Shaw 42470South Staffordshire Regiment13/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Shipside 32667South Staffordshire Regiment24/07/1918
Private Harold George Snape 240224South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Reginald John Theobald 241882South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918 (aged 25)
Private Thomas William Turton 241868South Staffordshire Regiment30/05/1918 (aged 31)
Private Arthur White 16094South Staffordshire Regiment31/05/1918 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal John Musgrave 13707South Staffordshire Regiment13/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Powell 9133South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1916
Private Herbert Ernest Bloom 40597South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1918 (aged 21)
Corporal Joseph Chevins 26240South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1917 (aged 24)
Private Harry Dean 40088South Staffordshire Regiment09/09/1917 (aged 34)
Private John William Maxwell 201129South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1918 (aged 20)
Private Alfred A. Fowler 43567South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Edward Albert Holdom 43583South Staffordshire Regiment30/04/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal Thomas Edward Long 200638South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1917 (aged 22)
Private Marshall 39564South Staffordshire Regiment30/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Mayes 43646South Staffordshire Regiment30/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Bertram William Mozley 43650South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918 (aged 19)
Private Parker 27379South Staffordshire Regiment22/03/1918
Serjeant Pettitt 28826South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1917 (aged 35)
Private James Stubbs 48198South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918 (aged 18)
Private Swain 43695South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal Benjamin Taylor 200712South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1917 (aged 38)
Private Arthur Harold Holehouse 15212South Staffordshire Regiment20/04/1917 (aged 21)
Private Albert Lee 3120South Staffordshire Regiment03/09/1915 (aged 23)
Private Byrnes 16843South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1917
Lance Corporal James Handley 10728South Staffordshire Regiment20/08/1917 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Hutchinson 24199South Staffordshire Regiment17/08/1917
Private Joseph Thomas Lawton 31225South Staffordshire Regiment21/09/1917 (aged 19)
Private Mann 17298South Staffordshire Regiment21/08/1917 (aged 36)
Lieutenant Pollock South Staffordshire Regiment18/06/1915
Private George Henry Cross 40663South Staffordshire Regiment12/09/1917 (aged 22)
Private Dawson 40668South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1917 (aged 21)
Private Edward Godson 29329South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1917 (aged 32)
Private Smith 40621South Staffordshire Regiment21/08/1917
Private William Ellacott 41372South Staffordshire Regiment20/10/1917 (aged 39)
Private Francis 13884South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1915
Private Ginns 28824South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1917
Serjeant Glennon 11167South Staffordshire Regiment09/02/1916
Private Green 14217South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1916 (aged 31)
Private Griffiths 40187South Staffordshire Regiment11/06/1917
Private Thomas Harper 8024South Staffordshire Regiment26/08/1915 (aged 19)
Corporal John Henry Henshaw 12415South Staffordshire Regiment01/08/1917 (aged 31)
Private Alfred Hilditch 10386South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1917 (aged 22)
Private Hollyhead 30992South Staffordshire Regiment17/06/1917 (aged 34)
Private Samuel James Howell 15900South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1917 (aged 21)
Private Francis Hubball 31655South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 33)
Private Jarrett 12289South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1916 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal William Herbert Kendrick 9131South Staffordshire Regiment13/07/1915 (aged 24)
Private Kilpin 41749South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1917
Private Hubert Knowles 202827South Staffordshire Regiment16/09/1917 (aged 25)
Private Lane 14999South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1917
Private George William Moore 40743South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917 (aged 19)
Private Arthur William Morley 16957South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1916 (aged 19)
Private Gordon Morley 28832South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1917 (aged 29)
Private North 11794South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1915 (aged 19)
Private Parsons 19866South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1917
Private Levi Perry 19935South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917 (aged 19)
Private John Rawlin 43679South Staffordshire Regiment01/05/1918 (aged 19)
Private Walter Robinson 15576South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1915 (aged 20)
Private Rowson 12802South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1915 (aged 32)
Second Lieutenant William Alfred Sifton South Staffordshire Regiment25/12/1915 (aged 20)
Private Smith 13865South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1916
Private Smith 18681South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1917 (aged 36)
Private Tarver 14085South Staffordshire Regiment02/01/1916
Private Taylor 38196South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1917
Private William Edward Thompson 41801South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 19)
Serjeant John Thornewell 17020South Staffordshire Regiment08/01/1916 (aged 42)
Private Wantling 11194South Staffordshire Regiment26/08/1915
Private Webb 24554South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917
Private Horace Williams 13734South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1916 (aged 19)
Private William Wilson 42832South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private William Henry Wood 13274South Staffordshire Regiment13/02/1916 (aged 39)
Private Young 13901South Staffordshire Regiment26/08/1915
Private Mark Devey 13992South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1916 (aged 31)
Private Lewis 14090South Staffordshire Regiment29/02/1916
Private Pitt 18385South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1917 (aged 32)
Lance Serjeant Price 16940South Staffordshire Regiment07/08/1917
Private Stretton 23130South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1917 (aged 36)
Private Vaughan 31413South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 20)
Private William Henry Walters 203838South Staffordshire Regiment23/11/1917 (aged 22)
Second Lieutenant Cecil Augustus White South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 34)
Lieutenant Horace Alexander Collins South Staffordshire Regiment18/09/1917 (aged 22)
Company Serjeant Major Flowers 8152South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1917
Lance Corporal Longdon 17228South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1917
Private Morris 40376South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1917 (aged 29)
Private Harold Barnbrook 39403South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917 (aged 19)
Private Brace 13095South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917
Private Currie 202710South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917
Corporal Dyke 11936South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917
Private Greenaway 41547South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917 (aged 37)
Private Hadley 20319South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917 (aged 39)
Private Frederick Hardy 5/203785South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917 (aged 32)
Private Harper 39522South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917 (aged 23)
Private Radford 3/19839South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917 (aged 21)
Private Smith 45753South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917
Private Watts 24876South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917 (aged 27)
Private Wild 45269South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1917
Private Thomas Henry Ashton 17081South Staffordshire Regiment26/07/1917 (aged 39)
Second Lieutenant Marshall South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917
Private Underwood 40614South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917
Private Andrews 4607South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914
Private Stanley Bennett 8521South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 25)
Private Walter Bennett 41685South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917
Private Best 8542South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914
Private Broadhurst 9462South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914
Private Charnell 8072South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1914
Private James Patrick Daniels 5732South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 33)
Private Percy Richard Harper 8615South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private John James Holder 8933South Staffordshire Regiment24/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Marshall 8650South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914
Private Marshall 8701South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914
Private Mundy 41769South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917
Private Pugh 9270South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1914
Private Fredrick Slater 9011South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 22)
Private Charles Arthur Smith 8936South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 27)
Private Southwell 8854South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 22)
Private Suffolk 8497South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 22)
Private William Henry Sutton 9050South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 28)
Private Lewis Winfield 8596South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Copeland 202645South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917 (aged 32)
Serjeant Evans 201856South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917
Private Ronald Frederick Collett 242228South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1917 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Helyar 242340South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917
Private Parker 201840South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917
Private Wales 29402South Staffordshire Regiment10/11/1918
Private Arbon 42879South Staffordshire Regiment16/04/1918
Private Dungworth 42693South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal Gill 31966South Staffordshire Regiment16/04/1918
Private Hodson 39083South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Hunt 46975South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918
Lieutenant Laver South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1918
Private Archer 9560South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1915
Private Percy Blunt 203203South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1917 (aged 18)
Private Douglas P. Bowers 3140South Staffordshire Regiment15/10/1915 (aged 20)
Private Boydall 15752South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915
Private Bradshaw 241728South Staffordshire Regiment04/07/1917 (aged 30)
Corporal Thomas Burton 17477South Staffordshire Regiment17/08/1915 (aged 19)
Captain Leslie Cozens South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1915 (aged 21)
Private Crump 201554South Staffordshire Regiment13/12/1917 (aged 19)
Private Edwards 9278South Staffordshire Regiment18/08/1915
Serjeant Evans 200611South Staffordshire Regiment04/01/1918
Private Fisher 7514South Staffordshire Regiment19/03/1915
Serjeant Griffiths 8860South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1915 (aged 25)
Corporal Handley 8443South Staffordshire Regiment19/05/1915
Private Hewitt 10688South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1915
Private Charles Holder 7053South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1915 (aged 30)
Lance Serjeant Irons 201480South Staffordshire Regiment13/12/1917
Private Jones 9627South Staffordshire Regiment28/11/1915
Serjeant Judd 6469South Staffordshire Regiment23/07/1915 (aged 32)
Private Keel 5525South Staffordshire Regiment22/05/1915
Private Owen 12602South Staffordshire Regiment22/03/1918 (aged 44)
Private Pardoe 8725South Staffordshire Regiment22/05/1915
Private Pettiford 9608South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Lance Corporal Plant 9444South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915
Private William Thomas Revell 41059South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1918 (aged 19)
Private Roberts 16072South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1915
Private Shelton 9847South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Tandy 2795South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1915
Private Thompson 7064South Staffordshire Regiment12/02/1915
Lance Corporal Towler 2990South Staffordshire Regiment17/10/1915
Corporal Tudor 8491South Staffordshire Regiment16/05/1915
Private Whitehouse 14376South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1915 (aged 42)
Private Wingfield 16219South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1915 (aged 33)
Private Yates 201546South Staffordshire Regiment29/11/1917
Private Joseph Mark Bicknell 40428South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1917 (aged 37)
Private Arthur Dent 14830South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917 (aged 24)
Private William Edwards 30675South Staffordshire Regiment22/05/1917 (aged 38)
Private Arthur Ernest Fletcher 8/43098South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1917 (aged 27)
Private Gripton 30558South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1917
Lance Corporal Hayden 43142South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1917 (aged 35)
Serjeant Jackson 10226South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918
Private Kimberley 15623South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Private Arthur Millward 13154South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1916 (aged 21)
Private Joseph Nicholls 7614South Staffordshire Regiment15/08/1916 (aged 28)
Private Joseph Thomas Priest 10207South Staffordshire Regiment03/04/1915 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal Reddle 3402South Staffordshire Regiment04/11/1915
Private Revill 17501South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1916
Private James Robinson 11448South Staffordshire Regiment21/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Frederick Till 19459South Staffordshire Regiment03/08/1916 (aged 25)
Private Tuplin 29486South Staffordshire Regiment02/10/1916
Private Turton 16722South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1915
Company Serjeant Major John Thomas Upton 4692South Staffordshire Regiment23/07/1916 (aged 38)
Lieutenant Norman John Wragg South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Pyatt 12561South Staffordshire Regiment27/08/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Thornes 17655South Staffordshire Regiment17/11/1916
Private Willetts 12578South Staffordshire Regiment24/08/1916 (aged 19)
Private Frederick George Friend 9310South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1918 (aged 24)
Private George Smart 23346South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1918 (aged 35)
Private Stimpson 201827South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1918 (aged 26)
Private George Harry Beach 20487South Staffordshire Regiment06/07/1916 (aged 34)
Private Vincent 17596South Staffordshire Regiment06/03/1916
Private Thomas John Williams 13426South Staffordshire Regiment05/07/1916 (aged 22)
Private Ainge 37234South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1918 (aged 19)
Private William Hannon 40043South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1917
Private Jones 15562South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1917
Private Lowbridge 202046South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private Page 31215South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1918 (aged 20)
Second Lieutenant Edward Douglas Rawson South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Timmins 10409South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1917
Private Joseph Twells 32718South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1918 (aged 32)
Serjeant William Thomas Vale 200137South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918 (aged 41)
Private Walker 15415South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1917 (aged 22)
Private Walkling 43615South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1918
Private Nixon 40096South Staffordshire Regiment05/01/1917
Private Henry Taylor 9345South Staffordshire Regiment27/11/1916 (aged 45)
Company Serjeant Major Craddock 17778South Staffordshire Regiment06/05/1918
Private Hughes 241135South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Pepper 32711South Staffordshire Regiment22/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Linney 10771South Staffordshire Regiment15/05/1916
Private Price 10010South Staffordshire Regiment06/04/1916
Lance Corporal Allaway 29897South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918
Private Bird 200236South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918 (aged 22)
Private Clifford 43631South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918
Private Mchale 40790South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918
Private Middleton 202189South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918
Second Lieutenant Butler South Staffordshire Regiment16/11/1916
Private Caswell 23832South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917
Private Archibald Cornbill 23848South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917 (aged 32)
Private John Deasington 40344South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917 (aged 19)
Corporal Albert Fletcher 9831South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917
Private Harding 23113South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917 (aged 37)
Private Maskery 40371South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917
Private Parker 23639South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917
Private John William Pote 6302South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Robson 18184South Staffordshire Regiment15/03/1917
Private Cecil John Slack 32292South Staffordshire Regiment17/09/1917 (aged 30)
Private Blackburn 32389South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1917
Private John Thomas Eastham 29874South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1917 (aged 38)
Private Fellows 16176South Staffordshire Regiment12/12/1917
Private Hollier 32405South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918
Lance Serjeant John Williams 12915South Staffordshire Regiment03/09/1918 (aged 30)
Private Alfred Wray 203705South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918 (aged 28)
Captain Edward Charles Christian South Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1916 (aged 21)
Private Kay 32413South Staffordshire Regiment16/03/1917
Captain Harold Paul Worcester South Staffordshire Regiment10/09/1916 (aged 22)
Private Joseph Thomas Glaze 17085South Staffordshire Regiment16/12/1916 (aged 22)
Private Bayliss 10057South Staffordshire Regiment24/01/1915
Private Butwell 9381South Staffordshire Regiment12/01/1915
Private Henry Hill 11098South Staffordshire Regiment27/02/1915
Private Ernest Parker 10679South Staffordshire Regiment17/01/1915 (aged 18)
Private Charles Edward Asplin 15856South Staffordshire Regiment23/12/1915 (aged 20)
Private Samuel Bennett 15360South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1915 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Charles Joseph Chapman 14472South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1915 (aged 20)
Private Hibbard 15978South Staffordshire Regiment18/11/1915
Private Titley 3391South Staffordshire Regiment15/10/1915
Private Joseph Haynes 240192South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917 (aged 36)
Private Walters 202975South Staffordshire Regiment30/08/1917
Corporal Ward 200184South Staffordshire Regiment30/08/1917 (aged 23)
Private Grainger 19090South Staffordshire Regiment18/02/1916
Lance Corporal Noakes 6387South Staffordshire Regiment18/02/1916
Corporal Frederick Ridgway Smith 2843South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 28)
Private Nicholls 11152South Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1915
Private Joseph Hough 42724South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 19)
Serjeant Parkes 6790South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 33)
Lance Corporal Perry 40403South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1917
Private Purcell 19441South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1917
Private Collins 9508South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1916
Private Thomas Manns 12312South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Henry Eustace Moores South Staffordshire Regiment07/07/1916
Serjeant Newman 8620South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Onions 20528South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1916
Private Rochell 13029South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1916 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Round 18833South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916
Private Carter 13412South Staffordshire Regiment02/10/1915 (aged 26)
Private Sockett 14319South Staffordshire Regiment11/11/1915
Private Beards 11165South Staffordshire Regiment05/03/1915
Private Brentnall 7044South Staffordshire Regiment20/02/1915
Private Cole 10053South Staffordshire Regiment23/01/1915
Private Cook 9188South Staffordshire Regiment06/06/1915
Private Cooper 7680South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915
Private Evans 9263South Staffordshire Regiment06/02/1915 (aged 18)
Private Heath 16569South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1915
Private Homer 12743South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915 (aged 25)
Private Ingram 9852South Staffordshire Regiment08/01/1915
Company Serjeant Major Wallace Jardine 7241South Staffordshire Regiment30/01/1916
Private Lawson 17021South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915
Private Plant 9089South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Sheldon 10328South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1915
Private Charles Harold Southall 12897South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1915 (aged 32)
Lieutenant Arthur Francis Vivyan Trevarthen South Staffordshire Regiment28/01/1916 (aged 21)
Private Connolly 9206South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1917
Private Gutteridge 23627South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1917 (aged 40)
Private Howdon 27003South Staffordshire Regiment25/01/1917
Private Johnson 18469South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1917
Private Joseph Jones 10800South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1917 (aged 27)
Private Arthur Edgar Musgrove 9438South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1917 (aged 20)
Private Harry Musson 11058South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1917 (aged 19)
Private Arthur Norwood 26435South Staffordshire Regiment24/01/1917 (aged 22)
Private Preston 17645South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1917
Second Lieutenant Eric Goward Abbott South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 24)
Serjeant Aldridge 4240South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Jesse Bennett 9629South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Bradley 814South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1916
Private Brewster 1701South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John Burns 9683South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Cherrington 212South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1916
Captain Nigel Choveaux South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 27)
Private John Dainty 3449South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1916
Private Davies 264South Staffordshire Regiment22/06/1916
Private Thomas Fereday 89South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1916 (aged 22)
Private John Thomas Gill 9081South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1916 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Grundy 444South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1916 (aged 25)
Private James Hawkes 1106South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Hempsall 8817South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1916 (aged 22)
Private Hopkins 685South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Jenkins 2634South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Frank Ashley Lavender South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 30)
Private George William Lote 4649South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1916 (aged 19)
Private Mayo 1983South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Mayo 1258South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Pickerill 4614South Staffordshire Regiment14/05/1916
Private Purcell 8173South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Serjeant John Thomas Pymm 1422South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1916 (aged 22)
Private Riley 4554South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private George Robinson 3483South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1916 (aged 20)
Serjeant William Thomas Shakespeare 2974South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1916 (aged 27)
Private Harry Shaw 3185South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Smith 824South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1916
Second Lieutenant Joseph Smith South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 21)
Private John Parkes Somerfield 8621South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1916 (aged 20)
Second Lieutenant Taylor South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Harold Vaughan Tildesley South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 25)
Serjeant John Lyttleton Tuft 2979South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Lawrence Vitty 2650South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private George Wooldridge 9512South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Sidney Worthington 8818South Staffordshire Regiment22/06/1916 (aged 23)
Private Green 13073South Staffordshire Regiment12/09/1916
Company Serjeant Major Pote 12372South Staffordshire Regiment21/08/1916
Private Walter Ernest Cheetham 2788South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1915 (aged 20)
Private Coomes 2397South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1915 (aged 22)
Private Darby 8873South Staffordshire Regiment16/04/1915 (aged 35)
Private William Jonah Hounslow 8456South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Frederick Lockley 1778South Staffordshire Regiment18/04/1915
Serjeant Baugh 18017South Staffordshire Regiment11/06/1917
Private Brown 30999South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1917
Second Lieutenant Eric Noel Coxe South Staffordshire Regiment09/06/1917 (aged 19)
Private Dean 30824South Staffordshire Regiment04/06/1917 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Dunn 2927South Staffordshire Regiment11/06/1915
Lance Corporal Fisher 17097South Staffordshire Regiment08/05/1916
Second Lieutenant Goddard South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1917 (aged 37)
Private Harris 15041South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 24)
Private Thomas Edward Hawkins 32701South Staffordshire Regiment07/07/1917 (aged 23)
Private Holder 15651South Staffordshire Regiment27/03/1916
Serjeant Lloyd 6108South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1915
Lance Corporal John Mcnally 8434South Staffordshire Regiment31/05/1915 (aged 19)
Private Jack Moore 2344South Staffordshire Regiment04/05/1915 (aged 24)
Private Westwood 96South Staffordshire Regiment08/06/1915 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Yardley 13716South Staffordshire Regiment30/04/1916
Private John William Jones 11349South Staffordshire Regiment11/08/1916 (aged 20)
Corporal Keber 11218South Staffordshire Regiment10/09/1916
Private Emmerson 48090South Staffordshire Regiment15/04/1918
Lance Corporal Jackson 42092South Staffordshire Regiment15/04/1918
Private Oakley 43599South Staffordshire Regiment16/04/1918
Private Joseph Webster Thrippleton 42532South Staffordshire Regiment15/04/1918 (aged 28)
Private James Williams 203944South Staffordshire Regiment15/04/1918 (aged 28)
Private Galloway 11337South Staffordshire Regiment25/03/1918
Private Horace Chambers 39982South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918 (aged 19)
Private Coxon 36933South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918 (aged 34)
Second Lieutenant Samuel Dolphin South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918 (aged 24)
Private Eastwood 203613South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918
Company Serjeant Major Evans 8/12108South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1916
Private Fisher 39178South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918
Serjeant Holmes 319321South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1916 (aged 22)
Second Lieutenant Harry Jennins South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1916 (aged 26)
Private Lewis 8/43190South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1916
Private Thomas Nicholls 39275South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918 (aged 28)
Private Orridge 43200South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1916 (aged 19)
Private Preece 2/17022South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1916 (aged 29)
Private John Archibald Wright 8/15083South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1916 (aged 25)
Corporal Drew 10300South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1916
Private Lane 11247South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1916
Private Smallwood 8195South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1916 (aged 26)
Private Bagley 241521South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917
Private Bradley 240153South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917
Lance Corporal Brown 241586South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917
Private Carter 201069South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Private Cartwright 241191South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917
Private Cook 200774South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private George William Doman 241486South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 20)
Private Gant 242345South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1917
Private Graham 242451South Staffordshire Regiment08/04/1917
Private Alfred John Greedus 202540South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1917 (aged 36)
Private Harvey 9489South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1917 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Edmund Henstock 28512South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1917 (aged 38)
Company Serjeant Major Jones 240155South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 23)
Private Samuel Malpass 241579South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1917 (aged 24)
Private Meek 242550South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private Merchant 10066South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1917
Private Moore 202156South Staffordshire Regiment22/04/1917
Private Moore 242100South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private Morgan 242081South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 19)
Corporal Arthur Page 200690South Staffordshire Regiment22/04/1917 (aged 21)
Private Parsons 242276South Staffordshire Regiment13/04/1917
Corporal Perry 241649South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1917 (aged 25)
Private Pickering 241582South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1917
Private Henry George Pollard 260056South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 25)
Private Powers 15754South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private Rispin 43673South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private Walker 241186South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917
Private Walker 241185South Staffordshire Regiment18/04/1917 (aged 36)
Lance Corporal Ernest Russell Westbury 201096South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1917 (aged 18)
Private Wills 38306South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Lance Corporal Robert Henry Wishart 204480South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 30)
Private Bertie Harold Allett 37147South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 26)
Private Barber 42627South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private Barrell 241931South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918 (aged 31)
Corporal Bates 18913South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant Albert Victor Blakeman South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1918 (aged 24)
Private Caldicott 30407South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Chapman 23002South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Collins 202976South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Second Lieutenant Victor Craddock South Staffordshire Regiment11/10/1918 (aged 24)
Private Dudley 241545South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private Evans 241741South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Farr 202143South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private Joseph Emanuel Goode 30670South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 20)
Private Enoch Benjamin Harris 32948South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private Harvey 25000South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 27)
Private Johnson 200356South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918 (aged 23)
Private George Leonard Jones 200557South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918 (aged 24)
Private Jones 36853South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918 (aged 20)
Private Law 240888South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Serjeant Victor Norman Marston 200358South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918 (aged 20)
Private John William Noble 25109South Staffordshire Regiment23/05/1917 (aged 21)
Private Oakland 42618South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Porter 202671South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1918
Private John Twell Ramm 43674South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private Rugg 202442South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 21)
Private Smith 241762South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private James Smith 13947South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Leslie Hindle Sykes South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918 (aged 23)
Private John Tilsley 203425South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918 (aged 25)
Private Gamble Wilson 32696South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Smith 10476South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Tuck 13544South Staffordshire Regiment26/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Allen 242189South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1917
Private Ashton 18115South Staffordshire Regiment14/02/1918 (aged 33)
Private Robert George Barnes 202527South Staffordshire Regiment14/12/1917 (aged 24)
Private Barraclough 45276South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Beddow 17601South Staffordshire Regiment08/01/1918
Private Carter 242344South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Joseph Clark 241265South Staffordshire Regiment22/12/1917 (aged 19)
Private Leonard William Creasey 202386South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1918 (aged 20)
Private Darby 24041South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1917
Private Hawkins 242354South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Higgins 43311South Staffordshire Regiment09/02/1918
Serjeant Highfield 16498South Staffordshire Regiment23/12/1917
Private Sidney William Hill 203867South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1917 (aged 23)
Private Hobby 42007South Staffordshire Regiment07/01/1918
Private Tertius Homer 40471South Staffordshire Regiment10/01/1918 (aged 34)
Private Lewis 10067South Staffordshire Regiment02/01/1918
Private Edward Malugani 38065South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 35)
Private Herbert Harold Murfin 242169South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1917 (aged 19)
Serjeant Orton 43180South Staffordshire Regiment23/02/1918
Lance Corporal Pearsall 9815South Staffordshire Regiment30/12/1917
Private Harry Phillips 203865South Staffordshire Regiment17/12/1917 (aged 32)
Private Primer 202511South Staffordshire Regiment19/02/1918
Corporal Rose 201682South Staffordshire Regiment14/12/1917
Corporal Edgar Rutter 9435South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917 (aged 21)
Private Ernest Ryder 241558South Staffordshire Regiment12/12/1917 (aged 24)
Private Fred Spencer 32432South Staffordshire Regiment06/02/1918 (aged 19)
Private Taylor 38355South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917
Private Thomason 17953South Staffordshire Regiment17/12/1917
Private Topping 41854South Staffordshire Regiment26/12/1917 (aged 34)
Private Williams 241132South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1917
Serjeant Williams 18036South Staffordshire Regiment06/02/1918
Private James Yeldham 202672South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917 (aged 30)
Corporal Pitt 8250South Staffordshire Regiment06/08/1916
Private Walker 13165South Staffordshire Regiment06/08/1916
Driver Samuel Warwick Woodhall 810415South Staffordshire Regiment22/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private Davis 19220South Staffordshire Regiment24/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Charles Twigg 12141South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Craw 45288South Staffordshire Regiment01/09/1918
Private Percy Neville Eaglestone 202995South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Edward Freeman 260013South Staffordshire Regiment01/09/1918 (aged 23)
Serjeant Frederick Kirton 202691South Staffordshire Regiment01/09/1918 (aged 29)
Private William Attwood 7210South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 31)
Private Clifford 7057South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Second Lieutenant Kenneth Strickland Dunlop South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1915 (aged 33)
Private Frank Mason 1975South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1915 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Alexander Charles Ponder 3728South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 36)
Private Percy Willett 194South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915 (aged 17)
Private Adey 241216South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918
Private Affron 48394South Staffordshire Regiment02/10/1918 (aged 18)
Private Baugh 18872South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1916 (aged 24)
Private Blocksidge 32144South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918
Corporal Burgess 201823South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918
Second Lieutenant Joseph Bryan Bushby South Staffordshire Regiment09/10/1918 (aged 26)
Private Evans 37159South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918
Serjeant Gallear 240099South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918
Private Mayes 42654South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918
Captain E. James Hugh Meynell South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1918 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal William Smith 200304South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1918 (aged 23)
Private Staples 201586South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1918
Second Lieutenant Sidney Walters South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1918 (aged 24)
Serjeant Westwood 200943South Staffordshire Regiment22/04/1917
Private Wright 202456South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1917
Private Yates 202773South Staffordshire Regiment22/04/1917
Lance Corporal Humby 8601South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1914
Lieutenant Douglass Charles James South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1915 (aged 20)
Private William John Webber 6532South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1914 (aged 29)
Private Hall 6737South Staffordshire Regiment23/09/1914
Private Langley 7050South Staffordshire Regiment21/09/1914
Private Arthur Kettle 20164South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1917 (aged 20)
Private Alfred Wannop 32691South Staffordshire Regiment02/04/1918 (aged 28)
Captain Willner South Staffordshire Regiment07/04/1918
Lance Corporal Griffiths 11887South Staffordshire Regiment07/09/1916
Private Guest 36334South Staffordshire Regiment27/03/1918
Private John Reginald Tebbett 36582South Staffordshire Regiment30/03/1918 (aged 21)
Private Woodhouse 24491South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918 (aged 23)
Private Bayliss 10363South Staffordshire Regiment14/07/1916
Lance Corporal Haile 8285South Staffordshire Regiment13/01/1915
Private Wilkes 7902South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1915
Private Myers 40244South Staffordshire Regiment30/10/1918
Private Oliver Taylor 19205South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916
Private Bentley 45819South Staffordshire Regiment02/10/1918
Lance Corporal James 11513South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1918
Private Frederick Charles Lambert 43588South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1918 (aged 20)
Major Lewis South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1918
Serjeant Roberts 200298South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private Tomlinson 43700South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Seth Allcock 3276South Staffordshire Regiment13/12/1916 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Anstey 42465South Staffordshire Regiment18/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Barclay 40724South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1918
Private Beck 42112South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1918
Lance Corporal William Blackham 15953South Staffordshire Regiment13/07/1918 (aged 36)
Lance Corporal Brett 235381South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1918
Private Brown 32907South Staffordshire Regiment25/06/1918 (aged 34)
Private John Thomas Field 30189South Staffordshire Regiment11/06/1918 (aged 25)
Private Gough 29742South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918
Private Green 9543South Staffordshire Regiment13/07/1918
Private Macefield 235331South Staffordshire Regiment03/08/1918
Private Walter Harry Nixon 25057South Staffordshire Regiment01/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Page 25860South Staffordshire Regiment01/08/1918
Private Reece 9917South Staffordshire Regiment22/08/1918
Private Rogers 16764South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1918
Private Frank Howard Rowlands 38014South Staffordshire Regiment01/08/1918 (aged 33)
Corporal Shoe 235290South Staffordshire Regiment11/06/1918
Private Snape 1676South Staffordshire Regiment10/01/1917
Private Stone G/29639South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1918
Private Wiles 235392South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1918 (aged 24)
Private Wilkinson 48044South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1918
Lieutenant Humphrey William Devereux South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1916 (aged 22)
Private Pell 202670South Staffordshire Regiment10/05/1918
Private Pulford 203720South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1918 (aged 19)
Private Herbert Bulley 787South Staffordshire Regiment13/12/1916 (aged 28)
Private Parkes 17307South Staffordshire Regiment28/02/1918
Lance Corporal William Renwick 43405South Staffordshire Regiment16/09/1918 (aged 22)
Private William Langford Williams 10076South Staffordshire Regiment19/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Evans 8071South Staffordshire Regiment31/03/1915 (aged 26)
Serjeant Collinson 40539South Staffordshire Regiment18/04/1917 (aged 25)
Private Hill 31951South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1917 (aged 23)
Corporal Sydney Charles Robinson 40408South Staffordshire Regiment03/05/1917 (aged 27)
Private Simmons 32132South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1917
Private Arthur Emanuel Targett 23626South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1917 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Joseph Henry Williams 13548South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1917 (aged 23)
Lieutenant Theodore Kenneth Barlow South Staffordshire Regiment15/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Bould 7728South Staffordshire Regiment04/07/1916
Private Campbell 7886South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1916
Company Serjeant Major Cherry 18037South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916
Private Edwards 17326South Staffordshire Regiment15/07/1916
Private Gould 18082South Staffordshire Regiment17/07/1916
Corporal Hartill 9609South Staffordshire Regiment06/09/1916
Private Hayward 9702South Staffordshire Regiment05/07/1916
Private Hill 9074South Staffordshire Regiment03/09/1916
Private Hodson 17222South Staffordshire Regiment05/07/1916
Private George William Lawrence 12635South Staffordshire Regiment11/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Mytton 8593South Staffordshire Regiment05/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Thomas Percy Peed South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1916
Private Joseph Robins 17309South Staffordshire Regiment01/09/1916 (aged 27)
Private Russell 17984South Staffordshire Regiment30/07/1916
Private Sheldon 13873South Staffordshire Regiment11/07/1916
Private William Ernest Skitt 20595South Staffordshire Regiment28/06/1916 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal Snape 7768South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1916
Serjeant Soen 9739South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1916
Private Thomas 9555South Staffordshire Regiment06/08/1916
Private Whitehurst 12641South Staffordshire Regiment22/09/1918
Private Mcdonald 9948South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1914
Private Barry 241413South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918
Lance Corporal Buckley 43045South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918
Private Harry Cliffe 28275South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918 (aged 38)
Private Critchlow 260147South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918
Private Flavell 10020South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918
Private Harris 48391South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918
Private Hessey 203664South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918
Second Lieutenant William Hooper South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918 (aged 26)
Private Juszkieviezius 42851South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918
Private Herbert Walter Mitchell 42650South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1918 (aged 27)
Private Pearce 201977South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918 (aged 31)
Lance Serjeant Scott 200817South Staffordshire Regiment11/10/1918 (aged 22)
Private Herbert Scott 48855South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918 (aged 22)
Corporal Thompson 200325South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918
Private Walwin 31869South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918
Private Wood 40530South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1918
Private John Wright 43127South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918 (aged 27)
Private Jackson 241162South Staffordshire Regiment18/06/1917
Private Bolton 13357South Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1916
Corporal Corfield 11544South Staffordshire Regiment07/04/1916
Private Cotterell 12979South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1916
Private Fantham 18897South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1916
Private Haden 19997South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1916
Private Matthews 16816South Staffordshire Regiment31/03/1916
Private Neal 13389South Staffordshire Regiment04/04/1916 (aged 29)
Private Parker 11578South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1916
Private Bishop 202287South Staffordshire Regiment15/03/1917
Private Bates 8787South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1914
Private Bennett 27758South Staffordshire Regiment11/11/1918
Private Hayward 7979South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1914
Private Mason 31635South Staffordshire Regiment15/05/1917
Private Peacock 43666South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1918
Private Smith 8419South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Corporal Boyle 39173South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1918 (aged 30)
Private Thaxter 36689South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1918
Private Clay 8677South Staffordshire Regiment23/11/1914
Private Samuel Allen 6898South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 30)
Private Herbert John Boland 9598South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Jones 9560South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Tench 6477South Staffordshire Regiment01/04/1918
Serjeant Davies 9321South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Private Richard Hartshorne 12997South Staffordshire Regiment03/06/1917 (aged 39)
Private John William Kilby 27689South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1917 (aged 40)
Lieutenant Harold James Marlin South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1917 (aged 32)
Private Cairns 42681South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1918
Private Cowton 42684South Staffordshire Regiment10/09/1918
Private Kneller 46506South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1918
Private Taylor 45112South Staffordshire Regiment21/10/1918
Private Price 7944South Staffordshire Regiment03/09/1914
Private Bentley 202145South Staffordshire Regiment04/12/1917
Private Arthur Bird 49725South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1918 (aged 20)
Private Bryan 49797South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918
Private James Albert Earp 39460South Staffordshire Regiment16/12/1917 (aged 30)
Private Flood 43515South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private Gibbons 49801South Staffordshire Regiment09/10/1918
Private Thomas Graham 238071South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918 (aged 35)
Lance Corporal Joseph William Hill 40626South Staffordshire Regiment08/10/1918 (aged 24)
Private Joseph Jones 49792South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Peter Urquhart Knight 202740South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1918 (aged 42)
Serjeant Lowe 202353South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1917
Private Mulvihill 203796South Staffordshire Regiment30/12/1917
Corporal Payne 36299South Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1918
Private Peate 54090South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1918 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Roach 14110South Staffordshire Regiment29/08/1918
Private Raymond Cecil Smith 54044South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1918 (aged 30)
Private Ernest Stokes 38979South Staffordshire Regiment22/01/1918 (aged 28)
Private Watson 37883South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1917 (aged 19)
Private Woodvine 49512South Staffordshire Regiment02/10/1918
Private Atkins 9499South Staffordshire Regiment04/02/1915
Private Baker 9629South Staffordshire Regiment04/02/1915
Private Barker 16286South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1915
Serjeant Blood 8723South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1915
Lance Corporal Cook 14383South Staffordshire Regiment21/02/1916
Private Derbyshire 9640South Staffordshire Regiment23/01/1915
Private Fisher 9729South Staffordshire Regiment11/02/1915
Private Harley 12903South Staffordshire Regiment11/02/1915
Serjeant Jones 9690South Staffordshire Regiment20/02/1915
Lance Corporal Plant 11906South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1915 (aged 28)
Private Rice 11911South Staffordshire Regiment11/02/1915 (aged 33)
Private Samuel Ridgway 9504South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1915 (aged 18)
Private George Walford 9535South Staffordshire Regiment21/02/1915 (aged 35)
Private Walter Duke 11150South Staffordshire Regiment18/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Emery 8489South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1915 (aged 27)
Private Gittings 9358South Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1915
Private Jones 11197South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1915
Private Mccarthy 9833South Staffordshire Regiment18/03/1915 (aged 17)
Private Thorpe 7946South Staffordshire Regiment14/04/1915
Lance Corporal Shardlow 43178South Staffordshire Regiment05/11/1916 (aged 26)
Private Baldwin 40004South Staffordshire Regiment03/08/1917 (aged 36)
Private Bromley 31829South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Lance Corporal Cartwright 32585South Staffordshire Regiment22/04/1917
Private Donnelly 41938South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1917 (aged 18)
Private Dorrell 242275South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1917
Private Fairweather 35669South Staffordshire Regiment21/01/1918
Private Ferrin 42283South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1918 (aged 19)
Private Hitchman 203517South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1917
Private Lambert Gray Hopkins 42293South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1918
Private Knight 18263South Staffordshire Regiment13/05/1917 (aged 22)
Private John Knowles 42310South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1918 (aged 19)
Private Ernest Leighton 42173South Staffordshire Regiment04/03/1918 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Lester 13112South Staffordshire Regiment13/05/1917
Private Lewis 7698South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Private Millward 17520South Staffordshire Regiment14/05/1917
Private Morley 202582South Staffordshire Regiment15/02/1918
Private Stevens 11603South Staffordshire Regiment13/05/1917
Private Tordoff 242238South Staffordshire Regiment04/12/1917 (aged 30)
Private Ernest Charles Wager 45212South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1918 (aged 34)
Private Williams 39488South Staffordshire Regiment22/03/1918
Private Green 241725South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1918
Private Frederick Barnes 204373South Staffordshire Regiment22/09/1918 (aged 25)
Private William Brasier 235031South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1918 (aged 32)
Private Darby 15066South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1918 (aged 21)
Private Horace Edward Freeston 202492South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1918 (aged 29)
Corporal Hawkins 241350South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1918
Private Charles Hunter 42568South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918 (aged 27)
Private Knight 202148South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1918
Second Lieutenant Ernest Riley South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1918 (aged 26)
Private Edward Edgar Satchell 202542South Staffordshire Regiment23/09/1918 (aged 36)
Private Stevens 241584South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1918
Private Walles 202655South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1918
Private Joseph Allsopp 29883South Staffordshire Regiment30/12/1917
Private Archer 41578South Staffordshire Regiment07/01/1918
Private Ernest James Baggs 46523South Staffordshire Regiment07/01/1918 (aged 39)
Private Beard 41830South Staffordshire Regiment30/12/1917
Private Hiser 40576South Staffordshire Regiment28/12/1917
Second Lieutenant John Albert Mckee South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917 (aged 21)
Corporal John Noon 9194South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1917 (aged 28)
Private Pendlington 41989South Staffordshire Regiment04/01/1918 (aged 25)
Private Roberts 241878South Staffordshire Regiment05/01/1918
Private Russell 8767South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917
Private Sarson 24390South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917
Second Lieutenant Horace Uchtred Smith South Staffordshire Regiment18/01/1918 (aged 23)
Corporal Biddulph 43037South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Private Evans 20446South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Private Haynes 30694South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 36)
Private Hodgson 31878South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Lance Corporal Arthur Jinks 20285South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917
Private Edward Richards 18834South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1917 (aged 21)
Private John Thomas Gregory 49739South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 20)
Private Skelding 48563South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Frank Daft 9625South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917 (aged 23)
Private George Gardner 19675South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917 (aged 19)
Private Gowen 32605South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917
Private Marshall 32611South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917
Private Rumbles 40145South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917
Private Whitmarsh 18392South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917 (aged 36)
Company Serjeant Major Coady 20652South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1917
Private Albert Edward Pyecroft 8/25101South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917 (aged 20)
Private Ernest Barker 42240South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 19)
Private Arthur Batey 42239South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 20)
Private John Black 45322South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 24)
Private Arnold Callis 242158South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 20)
Private Carpenter 203946South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 28)
Private Alfred Higson 42167South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Madeley 202090South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918
Private Arthur Parry 241574South Staffordshire Regiment07/04/1918 (aged 26)
Private Allmark 31053South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1917
Private Thomas Carver 13623South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1917 (aged 41)
Private Chambers 200189South Staffordshire Regiment12/06/1917 (aged 20)
Private Albert Edward Darby 203382South Staffordshire Regiment17/08/1917 (aged 22)
Private Faulkner 241911South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1917 (aged 29)
Private Haywood 30785South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1918 (aged 20)
Private Marriott 16803South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1916 (aged 25)
Private Samuel Scothern 241890South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1917 (aged 32)
Private Sewell 10836South Staffordshire Regiment17/05/1916
Private Somerfield 242589South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1917
Second Lieutenant William Raymond Barnett South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Bartley 202684South Staffordshire Regiment21/05/1918
Lance Corporal Joseph Henry Cartwright 240330South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918 (aged 22)
Private Coley 260009South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918 (aged 22)
Private Joseph Colley 241719South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Conway 240150South Staffordshire Regiment29/05/1918
Private Corfield 15827South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1918
Private Duggan 203322South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918
Private Harriman 201911South Staffordshire Regiment30/04/1918
Captain Leonard Frank Hayes South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918 (aged 23)
Corporal Hill 203238South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918
Private Horace Samuel Jones 240670South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918 (aged 21)
Private Keating 240130South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918
Private Morrall 200294South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918
Private Nock 240390South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918
Private Daniel O'connell 14474South Staffordshire Regiment01/06/1918
Captain Reginald Charles Piper South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918 (aged 34)
Corporal Price 200230South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918
Private Stapleton 203348South Staffordshire Regiment27/04/1918 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Swinson 8878South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918
Private Thickett 15607South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918
Private Titley 17721South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Norman Bayley Wilkes South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918 (aged 20)
Private Woolley 35991South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918 (aged 20)
Private Blews 3230South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 26)
Private Bott 3777South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Cope 2059South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private John Durose 241080South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Elks 240273South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Evans 3782South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Corporal Robert Ford 9399South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1916 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Stanley Grimsley 3506South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 22)
Corporal Harris 2597South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Hawkswood 3613South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Howell 240972South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Kendrick 240638South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Moseley 240950South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Proffitt 8735South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Roberts 200529South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 28)
Private Sidaway 8429South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916
Private Thacker 240794South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 30)
Private Allen 200901South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917
Private Allen 203311South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 37)
Private Balshaw 201609South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917
Private Bird 200849South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917
Private Clarke 201306South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917
Private Dunn 200882South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 32)
Private Holden 201919South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 20)
Lance Serjeant Jones 200650South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917
Private John Edward Jordan 202044South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 32)
Serjeant Linnell 200373South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 25)
Lance Serjeant Leonard William Smith 200501South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 21)
Private Thompson 203279South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917
Private Webb 201673South Staffordshire Regiment14/03/1917 (aged 22)
Private Frederick George Hill 32064South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1918 (aged 28)
Private Pearson 38071South Staffordshire Regiment10/10/1918
Private Forrester 38687South Staffordshire Regiment05/06/1918
Private Richard Pope 41471South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant Thomas William Strong South Staffordshire Regiment26/05/1918 (aged 25)
Private Tunnicliffe 36696South Staffordshire Regiment17/06/1918
Private Frank Webster 42822South Staffordshire Regiment13/06/1918 (aged 19)
Private Barton 30555South Staffordshire Regiment30/06/1917
Second Lieutenant Stanley John Ellison South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1916 (aged 19)
Private Hampson 17813South Staffordshire Regiment29/05/1917
Lance Corporal George Higgins 25079South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1917 (aged 28)
Private Richardson 13726South Staffordshire Regiment24/05/1917 (aged 23)
Serjeant Russell 4728South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1915
Private Rutter 12614South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1917
Private Alfred Stringer 13775South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1917 (aged 31)
Private Blakemore 42251South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 19)
Private Charles Gibson Cragg 42124South Staffordshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 19)
Private Bradley 204431South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1918
Private Broughton 202531South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1917
Private Bucknall 17758South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1918
Private Dobson 28508South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1918 (aged 29)
Private Elson 39858South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1918
Lance Corporal Robert Stanley Eskdale 202690South Staffordshire Regiment25/06/1917 (aged 20)
Private Albert Gamson 202358South Staffordshire Regiment02/02/1918 (aged 35)
Private James Harris 5893South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1918 (aged 34)
Private Hawks 242424South Staffordshire Regiment12/03/1918 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Haynes 16287South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1918
Private Houldsworth 39919South Staffordshire Regiment02/02/1918
Private Morris 39848South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1918
Private William Mould 201134South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1918 (aged 19)
Private Postings 202172South Staffordshire Regiment01/03/1918
Private Shaw 37136South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1918
Private Short 204407South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1918
Private Simmons 202675South Staffordshire Regiment17/06/1917
Private Smith 201540South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1918
Lance Serjeant Tapper 200606South Staffordshire Regiment25/06/1917
Second Lieutenant Allatt Barber Thornalley South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1917 (aged 31)
Private Tomkinson 16933South Staffordshire Regiment14/02/1918
Private Weatherell 202820South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1917
Private Wilkins 25402South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1917
Private James Thomas Cook 9283South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1917 (aged 20)
Private Fisher 31652South Staffordshire Regiment14/07/1917
Private Harris 10792South Staffordshire Regiment20/04/1917 (aged 29)
Private Leonard Lloyd 15109South Staffordshire Regiment23/06/1917 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal Mobberley 16530South Staffordshire Regiment23/07/1917 (aged 39)
Private Strong 31770South Staffordshire Regiment15/07/1917 (aged 27)
Private Wood 32240South Staffordshire Regiment19/04/1917
Private John Roland York 31302South Staffordshire Regiment15/07/1917 (aged 22)
Private Eveson 42134South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1918
Private Fullwood 9085South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1918
Private Howard 30857South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1918
Private Neville 203938South Staffordshire Regiment07/04/1918 (aged 21)
Private Annal 42659South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1918 (aged 19)
Private Leach 9677South Staffordshire Regiment07/07/1916
Lance Corporal Nicholls 4744South Staffordshire Regiment16/07/1916
Private Reginald Berbeck Rollinson 202121South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1918 (aged 18)
Private Squire Cooper 14123South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1916 (aged 23)
Serjeant Foster 16129South Staffordshire Regiment17/09/1916
Private John Cheetham 9227South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1914 (aged 31)
Private Ellis 6103South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1914
Private Fox 7132South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1914
Private Huxley 6975South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1914
Private Malthouse 7011South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1914
Drummer George White 8972South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1914 (aged 19)
Private Edward Whitehouse 6986South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1914
Private Pollock 202497South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918 (aged 41)
Private Astley 45314South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918
Private Hancox 203940South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1918
Private Robinson 42193South Staffordshire Regiment04/06/1918
Private Whitehouse 36042South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918
Private Handley 6780South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915
Company Serjeant Major Barber 200265South Staffordshire Regiment09/06/1917
Private Townsend 8373South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1915
Private Leonard James 203246South Staffordshire Regiment17/03/1917
Private Frank Bernard Marriott 36073South Staffordshire Regiment05/06/1918
Serjeant Edwin James Holmes 7335South Staffordshire Regiment20/09/1914 (aged 25)
Private James Richard Spencer 39195South Staffordshire Regiment12/06/1918 (aged 28)
Private Martin 204394South Staffordshire Regiment11/11/1918
Private Howard Perry 36076South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1918 (aged 24)
Private Reeves 242227South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1918
Private Rigby 42778South Staffordshire Regiment24/10/1918
Private Bernard Cyril Robinson 31213South Staffordshire Regiment08/03/1918 (aged 20)
Private Rudge 6831South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1918 (aged 35)
Private Scragg 203076South Staffordshire Regiment11/08/1918
Private Skelding 201028South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1917
Private William Stevenson 205489South Staffordshire Regiment06/03/1919 (aged 22)
Private George White 238053South Staffordshire Regiment21/02/1919 (aged 23)
Private Wootton 11951South Staffordshire Regiment27/02/1919 (aged 27)
Private Harry Nolan 43654South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private Boulton 242111South Staffordshire Regiment09/05/1917
Private Edwards 242352South Staffordshire Regiment14/05/1917
Corporal James 241440South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1917 (aged 21)
Private Smith 12696South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1917
Private John Ernest Whiteman 241560South Staffordshire Regiment09/05/1917 (aged 24)
Private Blanchard 202184South Staffordshire Regiment12/03/1917
Serjeant Samuel Henry Davies 200742South Staffordshire Regiment11/03/1917 (aged 22)
Private Hall 202760South Staffordshire Regiment15/03/1917
Second Lieutenant Robert James Bruce South Staffordshire Regiment02/02/1918 (aged 21)
Private Burgess 23170South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Clowes 23112South Staffordshire Regiment08/10/1918
Private Green 54071South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918
Lance Corporal Harris 19503South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1918
Private Arthur Keens 48124South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private Knaggs 43639South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918
Private Mason 49593South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1918
Private Senatore 49681South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Stockdale 48029South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Wakefield 49710South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private Arnold Herbert Camplejohn 46811South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private Plant 238051South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1918 (aged 38)
Captain Bernard Stewart Atkinson South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 24)
Private Leonard Barker 40757South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 19)
Private Bennett 15581South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Bland 40758South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1918
Private Carr 241482South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Joseph Henry Craddock 32182South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917 (aged 20)
Private Cross 202153South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Edwards 31335South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917
Private Horace Enderby 45046South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1918 (aged 21)
Private Fieldhouse 40817South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Lines 43520South Staffordshire Regiment30/08/1918
Private Alfred Lygo 241806South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 24)
Private Onion 20486South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917 (aged 19)
Private Parker 202403South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917
Private Price 40797South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917
Corporal Frank Victor Price 201688South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Price 240763South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917
Private Purvis 31738South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 18)
Corporal James Rimmington 18588South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917 (aged 30)
Private George Walter Ross 242040South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917 (aged 21)
Private Shaw 40803South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917
Private Shaw 202894South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917 (aged 25)
Private Edward Leonard Shipley 202541South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917 (aged 35)
Private Smith 36996South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Spencer 201766South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Wheeler 41812South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1918
Private Wilson 242139South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917
Lance Corporal Woodhall 200781South Staffordshire Regiment01/12/1917
Private Cash 43320South Staffordshire Regiment21/02/1918 (aged 32)
Lieutenant Lionel Russell Wilford South Staffordshire Regiment08/11/1918
Private Thomas Allerton Harris 9921South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1920 (aged 45)
Private Wood 11854South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1916
Private Brassington 32970South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1917 (aged 26)
Private George Winson 29333South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1917 (aged 24)
Private Street 17414South Staffordshire Regiment03/05/1917
Private Barker 43046South Staffordshire Regiment24/08/1920
Private Hooley 32738South Staffordshire Regiment26/07/1917
Private William Antill 966South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1916 (aged 53)
Corporal Evan Owen Thomas 34803South Staffordshire Regiment19/01/1918 (aged 43)
Private William Ewart Vernon 32937South Staffordshire Regiment16/10/1918 (aged 35)
Private Henry Elliott 45825South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1918 (aged 38)
Private James Lavery 8518South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1919 (aged 27)
Private Holden 7895South Staffordshire Regiment08/07/1915
Private John Lawson 59408South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1918 (aged 18)
Private Poole 20116South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1915
Private Robson 39163South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1918 (aged 36)
Private Gleeson 9588South Staffordshire Regiment30/12/1920
Private Thompson 28611South Staffordshire Regiment12/12/1917
Private Walter Robert Vinten 202605South Staffordshire Regiment15/06/1917 (aged 35)
Regimental Quartermaster Serjeant George Wedge 28100South Staffordshire Regiment12/09/1918 (aged 48)
Private Farley 242486South Staffordshire Regiment08/05/1921
Private Claude French 15359South Staffordshire Regiment25/01/1916 (aged 20)
Private Lloyd 14424South Staffordshire Regiment15/03/1916
Lieutenant Henry Hingley Griffiths South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1918 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Samuel Thomas Newton South Staffordshire Regiment13/12/1919 (aged 23)
Serjeant Gregory Pearse 7722South Staffordshire Regiment08/07/1918
Private Brazier 5099South Staffordshire Regiment02/04/1916
Private Lawford 3960South Staffordshire Regiment08/08/1915
Private William Swinnerton 8655South Staffordshire Regiment02/02/1916
Serjeant Hamlett 9797South Staffordshire Regiment17/09/1918 (aged 48)
Private Simcox 9657South Staffordshire Regiment01/06/1915
Serjeant Wood 8802South Staffordshire Regiment15/09/1917
Private Brook 204432South Staffordshire Regiment22/04/1919
Private Dunlavey 9213South Staffordshire Regiment08/11/1916 (aged 37)
Private Reynolds 915South Staffordshire Regiment12/02/1917
Private Smart 235215South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1918 (aged 22)
Private Higgs 10030South Staffordshire Regiment05/01/1916 (aged 46)
Private Kitt 32544South Staffordshire Regiment02/06/1918 (aged 36)
Private Bason 66779South Staffordshire Regiment14/02/1919 (aged 26)
Private William Henry Holmes 28243South Staffordshire Regiment19/02/1918 (aged 33)
Private Joseph Francis Clarke 1917South Staffordshire Regiment12/12/1916 (aged 29)
Private Tom Glenn 242165South Staffordshire Regiment17/05/1919 (aged 20)
Private Howley 19746South Staffordshire Regiment12/08/1916 (aged 47)
Corporal Denis Harold Miles 22069South Staffordshire Regiment26/11/1918 (aged 23)
Private Watts 25258South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1916
Lance Corporal Hubert Ronald White 16011South Staffordshire Regiment09/06/1918 (aged 23)
Private Herbert Thomas Brown 36282South Staffordshire Regiment29/03/1917
Serjeant George Robert Mitton 27981South Staffordshire Regiment19/12/1918 (aged 42)
Second Lieutenant Christopher Hatton South Staffordshire Regiment09/12/1915 (aged 24)
Private Rogers 632South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1915
Private Henton 59901South Staffordshire Regiment23/02/1919 (aged 39)
Private John Hugh Petch 25111South Staffordshire Regiment22/02/1918 (aged 42)
Private William Joseph Harrison 203066South Staffordshire Regiment17/03/1917 (aged 18)
Private Pick 58540South Staffordshire Regiment05/08/1918
Private John Pursell 203444South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1917
Private William Jukes 202155South Staffordshire Regiment21/07/1917 (aged 19)
Private George Burman 15205South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1915 (aged 19)
Private Vessey 26958South Staffordshire Regiment09/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private Walker 23045South Staffordshire Regiment18/02/1917 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Hanley 204261South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1919
Private Patching 242248South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 32)
Private Darby 16132South Staffordshire Regiment26/11/1915
Captain Hugh Stuart Gibson South Staffordshire Regiment19/02/1919 (aged 32)
Lieutenant Dudley Waygood Lancaster South Staffordshire Regiment23/01/1918 (aged 21)
Colonel Charles Owen Hore South Staffordshire Regiment14/02/1916 (aged 56)
Private Charles Robert Sharp 34155South Staffordshire Regiment19/09/1919 (aged 44)
Private Paul Millard Hicks 41526South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1918 (aged 37)
Private Cartwright 8858South Staffordshire Regiment21/06/1916
Private Robinson 26949South Staffordshire Regiment09/09/1916 (aged 28)
Serjeant Thomas James Baker 10825South Staffordshire Regiment20/07/1919 (aged 48)
Private Cattle 10116South Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1916 (aged 28)
Private William Cole 9064South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1915 (aged 21)
Private Matthews 12917South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1918
Private Harry Corns 240431South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1920
Private Dean 36336South Staffordshire Regiment07/05/1917
Lance Corporal Mathie 9387South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1916
Private Edmund Theodore Williams 241581South Staffordshire Regiment11/10/1918 (aged 28)
Private John Henry Kinsell 18908South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1916 (aged 31)
Private Richards 16564South Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1917
Private Rowley 7985South Staffordshire Regiment14/12/1915 (aged 21)
Serjeant Skelton 200134South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1919 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Worton 202198South Staffordshire Regiment06/04/1918
Serjeant Worton 200620South Staffordshire Regiment15/10/1919
Second Lieutenant Edwards South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1918 (aged 33)
Private Clifford Reynolds 9097South Staffordshire Regiment22/02/1917 (aged 20)
Private Birch 8092South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1915
Private Amos Hending 16752South Staffordshire Regiment27/04/1917
Private Joseph Phillipson 16926South Staffordshire Regiment11/11/1919 (aged 32)
Private Dukes 61845South Staffordshire Regiment21/10/1919
Serjeant Gardner 200024South Staffordshire Regiment14/06/1921
Private Oliver William Suffolk 10221South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1917 (aged 43)
Private Richards 240793South Staffordshire Regiment22/01/1921
Private Smith 240835South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1921
Private Brown 3295South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1916
Private Diggett 10651South Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1920
Private Dyke 15096South Staffordshire Regiment18/03/1921
Company Serjeant Major Alfred Edward Humphreys 10479South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1916 (aged 49)
Private Lloyd 3475South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Whitehouse 16682South Staffordshire Regiment16/12/1916
Private Arthur Wilkes 12078South Staffordshire Regiment09/12/1918 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal Woodhatch 12733South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1917 (aged 36)
Private Robert Bray 58895South Staffordshire Regiment13/07/1918 (aged 20)
Private Underhill 8011South Staffordshire Regiment24/08/1916 (aged 23)
Corporal Tibbetts 37615South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1920
Private Parkes 14971South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1918 (aged 37)
Private Forrest 200799South Staffordshire Regiment04/12/1917
Private Griffiths 200959South Staffordshire Regiment16/04/1919 (aged 21)
Private Rock 19917South Staffordshire Regiment27/08/1915
Private Boffey 16102South Staffordshire Regiment28/02/1920 (aged 29)
Private John Thomas Britton 200886South Staffordshire Regiment14/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private Ernest Levett 58330South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1919 (aged 32)
Private Heath 240961South Staffordshire Regiment23/05/1918 (aged 35)
Private Lloyd 59159South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1918 (aged 28)
Private John Frederick Sier 4317South Staffordshire Regiment20/03/1918 (aged 22)
Private William Reginald Elsmore 3136South Staffordshire Regiment25/11/1914 (aged 18)
Private Perry 490South Staffordshire Regiment08/05/1921
Private Frank Taylor 20411South Staffordshire Regiment06/07/1917 (aged 48)
Private Turner 7671South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1915
Private Harry Ernest Sankey 13679South Staffordshire Regiment06/04/1916
Private Benwell 4643South Staffordshire Regiment11/07/1916
Private Millward 18086South Staffordshire Regiment28/11/1918 (aged 42)
Serjeant Alfred Henry Sutton 4369South Staffordshire Regiment15/07/1915 (aged 37)
Private Arthur Ashwood 58415South Staffordshire Regiment17/05/1919 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal Thomas Lucas 6821South Staffordshire Regiment03/02/1919 (aged 33)
Major Barnett South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1918
Private Baker 2317South Staffordshire Regiment02/03/1916
Private Samuel Bellingham 15872South Staffordshire Regiment10/05/1915 (aged 17)
Private Good 6828South Staffordshire Regiment04/02/1920
Lance Corporal William Partridge Jones 12505South Staffordshire Regiment24/10/1915 (aged 23)
Private Norton 9429South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1916 (aged 19)
Second Lieutenant Leonard Beech South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1920 (aged 26)
Private James Henry Collins 8479South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1915 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Doolan 16912South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1921
Private Henry Clement Frost 8997South Staffordshire Regiment15/04/1915
Private Albert Goode 9894South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1916
Private John Hamer 37993South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1920 (aged 21)
Private Arthur Henry Noon 8423South Staffordshire Regiment05/02/1915 (aged 28)
Company Serjeant Major Leonard Sowerby 200046South Staffordshire Regiment12/03/1919 (aged 33)
Private Taylor 18951South Staffordshire Regiment23/04/1916 (aged 37)
Private Street 13989South Staffordshire Regiment17/07/1915 (aged 22)
Serjeant Smith 557South Staffordshire Regiment21/06/1919
Private Alexander Robertson Brown 9039South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1915 (aged 19)
Private Clay 16441South Staffordshire Regiment27/11/1917
Private Hall 200531South Staffordshire Regiment26/07/1918
Private Philip Harrison 8434South Staffordshire Regiment23/11/1918 (aged 33)
Private Haywood 9351South Staffordshire Regiment09/10/1915
Private Hughes 18732South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1916
Private Monaghan 19403South Staffordshire Regiment18/04/1917
Private Edward Francis Murphy 4906269South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1921 (aged 22)
Private Frederick Leslie Pymm 1418South Staffordshire Regiment09/12/1916 (aged 21)
Private Anslow 49448South Staffordshire Regiment07/07/1918 (aged 22)
Private Baker 23952South Staffordshire Regiment26/12/1916
Private Beard 9830South Staffordshire Regiment09/07/1919
Private Birch 13843South Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1915
Private Ellis 145South Staffordshire Regiment20/08/1916 (aged 46)
Lance Corporal Evans 201720South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1918
Serjeant Robert Alfred Griffett 16302South Staffordshire Regiment10/06/1916 (aged 39)
Corporal Jones V/425575South Staffordshire Regiment16/07/1918
Private Harold Ledington 20434South Staffordshire Regiment09/07/1916 (aged 18)
Private James Thomas Lynch 870South Staffordshire Regiment28/08/1916 (aged 37)
Private Murray 10189South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1917
Private Roberts 5783South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1915 (aged 33)
Private Beckett 59028South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1918 (aged 18)
Serjeant John Thomas Cook 200820South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1920
Private Dudley 30518South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1919
Lance Corporal Oliver 203948South Staffordshire Regiment12/03/1919
Private Birch 241720South Staffordshire Regiment27/01/1919
Private Clee 2052South Staffordshire Regiment18/09/1914
Private Naven 4263South Staffordshire Regiment01/02/1916 (aged 37)
Private Pagett 241510South Staffordshire Regiment17/03/1919
Corporal Walker 240437South Staffordshire Regiment30/06/1918
Private Wood 3767South Staffordshire Regiment21/05/1916
Private Harry Anslow 240191South Staffordshire Regiment29/09/1920 (aged 23)
Private James Carter 241138South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1918 (aged 34)
Private Frederick Hugh Crook 12416South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1915 (aged 27)
Private Frederick Crowther 4906896South Staffordshire Regiment27/06/1921 (aged 25)
Private Albert Henry Wilson 19321South Staffordshire Regiment13/07/1920 (aged 26)
Private John Henry Hill 12274South Staffordshire Regiment21/02/1917 (aged 25)
Private Kirk 5331South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1920 (aged 42)
Private Walker 13235South Staffordshire Regiment07/07/1915
Private William Anthony Burke 9335South Staffordshire Regiment20/12/1917 (aged 42)
Private Joseph Mills 59173South Staffordshire Regiment29/11/1918 (aged 18)
Private Simpson 59903South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1918
Private George Flanagan 20088South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1915 (aged 54)
Private Handley 6895South Staffordshire Regiment13/03/1921
Serjeant Charles Houghton 10158South Staffordshire Regiment25/02/1917 (aged 45)
Private Taylor 58490South Staffordshire Regiment12/09/1918 (aged 18)
Private Godwin 29761South Staffordshire Regiment31/05/1917 (aged 32)
Private Foden 487South Staffordshire Regiment30/04/1921 (aged 21)
Private Hughes 17470South Staffordshire Regiment25/11/1915
Private Pratt 39022South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1918
Private Rathbone 31484South Staffordshire Regiment28/10/1916
Private Shaw 19187South Staffordshire Regiment12/09/1915
Private James Bernard Connolly 59662South Staffordshire Regiment17/11/1918 (aged 18)
Private Enoch Smith 1088South Staffordshire Regiment02/09/1915 (aged 26)
Private Harrison 202953South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1918 (aged 22)
Private John Barker 46636South Staffordshire Regiment23/11/1918 (aged 20)
Private Belfield 59931South Staffordshire Regiment30/12/1918 (aged 33)
Private Herbert Simpkin 32371South Staffordshire Regiment25/11/1917 (aged 36)
Private Dennis 14186South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1918 (aged 24)
Private Lewis 7772South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1915
Private Wemyss 15122South Staffordshire Regiment13/12/1917
Drummer Ernest White 8321South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1915 (aged 20)
Private Hawkins 40127South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1917
Private Joshua Mills 27864South Staffordshire Regiment04/09/1917
Serjeant Stephen Dennis 10425South Staffordshire Regiment18/11/1915 (aged 48)
Private Brennan 48339South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1918 (aged 54)
Private Peter Gallather 20089South Staffordshire Regiment27/11/1918 (aged 52)
Private Cotterill 13896South Staffordshire Regiment31/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private William Howell SS/49583South Staffordshire Regiment25/03/1919 (aged 20)
Private Mingay 42887South Staffordshire Regiment10/05/1919 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Edgar Allan Bell 242185South Staffordshire Regiment03/01/1918 (aged 22)
Private Bovey 242369South Staffordshire Regiment01/06/1918
Private Miles 10394South Staffordshire Regiment14/02/1919
Second Lieutenant Lambert South Staffordshire Regiment25/02/1919 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal James William Peters 32650South Staffordshire Regiment13/10/1917 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Henry Wallace Shields 2216South Staffordshire Regiment12/01/1918 (aged 20)
Drummer Wheeler 8492South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1917
Captain Wilfred Eric Wright South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1918 (aged 24)
Private Kelley 14766South Staffordshire Regiment24/06/1918 (aged 35)
Private Marklew 202769South Staffordshire Regiment17/12/1920
Private Clarence Bartholomew 201132South Staffordshire Regiment04/01/1918 (aged 19)
Serjeant Harold George Baxter 7261South Staffordshire Regiment14/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Dunkley 5925South Staffordshire Regiment24/11/1918 (aged 37)
Private Smith 201110South Staffordshire Regiment07/03/1917
Private Fredrick Lawson 18524South Staffordshire Regiment20/12/1916 (aged 19)
Private Sydney Smith 9580South Staffordshire Regiment07/09/1917 (aged 23)
Major Wylde South Staffordshire Regiment01/01/1921 (aged 56)
Private Neal 7099South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1914
Private Payton 200237South Staffordshire Regiment04/05/1918
Private Ball 10819South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1916 (aged 21)
Private Bert Ernest Clark 12751South Staffordshire Regiment04/06/1915 (aged 26)
Serjeant James Edward Gascombe 9460South Staffordshire Regiment01/03/1919 (aged 34)
Private Gill 5548South Staffordshire Regiment17/01/1921
Private Thomas Hampton 10161South Staffordshire Regiment06/05/1920 (aged 41)
Private Mulgrew 12202South Staffordshire Regiment09/12/1918 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Arthur Parkes 6586South Staffordshire Regiment01/05/1915 (aged 29)
Second Lieutenant Robert Sheldon South Staffordshire Regiment03/06/1920 (aged 23)
Private Thomas William Taylor 12463South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1919 (aged 27)
Private Arthur Arlington 6981South Staffordshire Regiment22/06/1921 (aged 34)
Private Harold Charles Vivian Hickson 2673South Staffordshire Regiment19/09/1914 (aged 29)
Corporal Malin 5953South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1918 (aged 37)
Serjeant George Nicholls 5858South Staffordshire Regiment06/03/1919 (aged 37)
Private Piper 16207South Staffordshire Regiment25/02/1918
Private Price 17874South Staffordshire Regiment15/11/1918
Private Primer 7534South Staffordshire Regiment14/09/1918 (aged 34)
Private Savage 9457South Staffordshire Regiment09/06/1917
Private Tate 34061South Staffordshire Regiment30/01/1920
Private Legard 34338South Staffordshire Regiment15/10/1920
Private Fred Dumville 31814South Staffordshire Regiment01/02/1919 (aged 20)
Private Brotheridge 30616South Staffordshire Regiment06/11/1916
Lance Corporal John Robert Porritt 4904649South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1920 (aged 26)
Private Scarth 36298South Staffordshire Regiment09/03/1917 (aged 18)
Private Hartley 27110South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1918 (aged 21)
Private Ingleby 27663South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1919 (aged 41)
Private Rudling 40019South Staffordshire Regiment29/08/1917 (aged 29)
Private Marriott 27413South Staffordshire Regiment18/11/1918 (aged 39)
Private William Middleton 41137South Staffordshire Regiment29/03/1919 (aged 36)
Private Reed 29342South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918 (aged 31)
Corporal Hunt 6874South Staffordshire Regiment29/12/1917
Lance Corporal Taylor 8836South Staffordshire Regiment28/11/1918
Private John Robert Hayward 4905070South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1921 (aged 20)
Private Sheldrake 30058South Staffordshire Regiment17/11/1918
Private Slater 8365South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914
Private Taylor 20169South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1918
Private Clifford Buck 12280South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1916
Second Lieutenant George Oscroft Howard South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1918 (aged 28)
Private Lewis 59497South Staffordshire Regiment19/11/1918 (aged 18)
Private Piper 20465South Staffordshire Regiment02/10/1916
Private Shore 17988South Staffordshire Regiment23/09/1916
Private Sibley 20321South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1916
Private Thomas Taylor 28779South Staffordshire Regiment29/12/1916 (aged 39)
Private Thornton 40308South Staffordshire Regiment23/12/1916
Private William Harold Arthur Wedgbury 31888South Staffordshire Regiment07/01/1918 (aged 33)
Private Williams 20099South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1917 (aged 20)
Private York 40418South Staffordshire Regiment21/02/1917 (aged 20)
Private Matthew Stephenson 31772South Staffordshire Regiment30/06/1917
Private Frederick Arblaster 10339South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1917 (aged 33)
Private Bagnall 240463South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1917 (aged 25)
Private James Bailey 13129South Staffordshire Regiment28/10/1915 (aged 30)
Corporal Arthur John Baker 28158South Staffordshire Regiment26/05/1917 (aged 40)
Private Ball 9709South Staffordshire Regiment24/07/1915
Lance Corporal George Thomas Barnwell 3026South Staffordshire Regiment15/07/1915 (aged 22)
Corporal Bayliss 13958South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1915 (aged 31)
Private Boughey 13624South Staffordshire Regiment13/04/1917
Private Charles Leonard Brindley 17063South Staffordshire Regiment18/06/1917
Private Cannon 40662South Staffordshire Regiment13/09/1917 (aged 24)
Private Coady 13666South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1917
Private Alfred Henry Collins 15549South Staffordshire Regiment18/02/1916 (aged 23)
Private William Ernest Dye 235095South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917 (aged 39)
Serjeant Dyke 12139South Staffordshire Regiment04/01/1916 (aged 25)
Private Farrell 19297South Staffordshire Regiment09/10/1917 (aged 23)
Private Gillett 29314South Staffordshire Regiment16/09/1917
Company Serjeant Major William Grice 200036South Staffordshire Regiment22/04/1918 (aged 26)
Private Hall 45289South Staffordshire Regiment10/10/1917 (aged 34)
Private Walter Lusby 45076South Staffordshire Regiment28/09/1917 (aged 23)
Private Binns 42667South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918
Private Hyde 16449South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918
Private Johnson 39845South Staffordshire Regiment27/04/1918 (aged 28)
Second Lieutenant Albert Thomas Kingsley South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Harry Lupton 45192South Staffordshire Regiment26/04/1918 (aged 32)
Private Harry Watts 29712South Staffordshire Regiment17/07/1917 (aged 20)
Lance Serjeant David Valentine Downes 241076South Staffordshire Regiment21/09/1917 (aged 23)
Private Bill 37788South Staffordshire Regiment16/08/1917
Lieutenant Arnold Leslie Duddell South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917 (aged 20)
Serjeant Arthur William Griffiths 3309South Staffordshire Regiment11/08/1917 (aged 44)
Private Edgar Powell 37425South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1917 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Charles Henry Smith 7330South Staffordshire Regiment16/08/1917 (aged 29)
Lieutenant Roger Cecil Taylor South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 20)
Private Wastell 10212South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917
Serjeant John Sanders 8990South Staffordshire Regiment27/04/1915 (aged 36)
Private Clements 30414South Staffordshire Regiment09/07/1917
Private Eason 14935South Staffordshire Regiment16/07/1917
Private Stafford William Franklin 14291South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1917 (aged 30)
Second Lieutenant Ernest Holland South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1917 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Potts South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1917
Private Enock Shepherd 18865South Staffordshire Regiment11/07/1917
Private Douglas Herbert Torbell 32684South Staffordshire Regiment17/07/1917 (aged 25)
Private Ewart Barratt 2223South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1915 (aged 16)
Second Lieutenant Hugh William Bostock South Staffordshire Regiment12/06/1915 (aged 28)
Private Bridgewater 2794South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1915
Private Thomas Childs 9579South Staffordshire Regiment03/04/1915 (aged 21)
Private Henry Elliott Cooke 2583South Staffordshire Regiment04/05/1915 (aged 23)
Private Thomas Cox 3548South Staffordshire Regiment03/05/1915 (aged 21)
Private Garbett 9135South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1915 (aged 28)
Private Hill 1421South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1915
Corporal Howard 6943South Staffordshire Regiment12/04/1915
Private Jones 8684South Staffordshire Regiment07/06/1915 (aged 23)
Private Lowndes 8444South Staffordshire Regiment06/05/1915
Private William Martin 7936South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1915 (aged 19)
Private Norton 2672South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1915
Private Joseph William Page 2945South Staffordshire Regiment22/05/1915 (aged 22)
Private Plant 63South Staffordshire Regiment21/05/1915
Private Howard Kitteringham Price 2961South Staffordshire Regiment01/05/1915 (aged 23)
Private Rock 114South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1915
Private Daniel Charles Seabury 7749South Staffordshire Regiment07/06/1915 (aged 35)
Private Share 105South Staffordshire Regiment14/05/1915 (aged 25)
Private Henry Shinton 3166South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1915 (aged 21)
Private Skidmore 2565South Staffordshire Regiment11/06/1915 (aged 26)
Private George Arnold Slater 9168South Staffordshire Regiment13/05/1915 (aged 21)
Private William Thomas Swancott 9998South Staffordshire Regiment18/05/1915 (aged 19)
Serjeant Totty 2632South Staffordshire Regiment05/06/1915
Private Harold Edwin Turner 2603South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1915 (aged 20)
Private Waltier 9074South Staffordshire Regiment13/06/1915 (aged 18)
Corporal John Henry Webster 7867South Staffordshire Regiment08/06/1915 (aged 22)
Serjeant Harold Walter Wright 1432South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1915 (aged 21)
Private Blount 9714South Staffordshire Regiment08/09/1915 (aged 26)
Private Field 8768South Staffordshire Regiment02/08/1915
Company Serjeant Major Harry Gee 6515South Staffordshire Regiment26/08/1915 (aged 24)
Corporal Green 9185South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1915 (aged 20)
Company Serjeant Major Harris 7931South Staffordshire Regiment30/09/1915
Private Robert Haselden 9927South Staffordshire Regiment29/08/1915 (aged 20)
Private William Joseph Simmons 7900South Staffordshire Regiment29/08/1915 (aged 21)
Private Burns 13817South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1915 (aged 20)
Private Plant 11856South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1915 (aged 24)
Private Smith 14109South Staffordshire Regiment01/10/1915
Private Frederick George Dawson 7363South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Samuel Everitt 9362South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 21)
Corporal Lawrence 7945South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Smith 8004South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1914
Serjeant Underhill 7295South Staffordshire Regiment28/10/1914
Private Anderson 31427South Staffordshire Regiment31/07/1917
Private Bathe 7808South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Booth 6326South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1914
Bandsman Cash 6564South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914
Lance Corporal Page 7582South Staffordshire Regiment30/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Wright 7459South Staffordshire Regiment02/11/1914
Private Mattox 8864South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private David Clark 14976South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1917 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal Glover 6419South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917 (aged 31)
Private Hawley 37201South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917
Lance Corporal Gollick 8/41972South Staffordshire Regiment17/11/1917
Private Green 7856South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917 (aged 28)
Private Panter 13784South Staffordshire Regiment18/08/1915
Private Wilson 13991South Staffordshire Regiment26/08/1915
Private Jones 3021South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1915 (aged 29)
Private William Steen Whittle 2834South Staffordshire Regiment09/04/1915 (aged 28)
Private Beeby 32505South Staffordshire Regiment17/07/1917
Private David Abraham Broughton 235054South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Fox 39330South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 28)
Private Gamble 37219South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1917
Private Mullarkey 17699South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1917
Private Parkes 37032South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1917 (aged 21)
Serjeant Tucker 7742South Staffordshire Regiment28/10/1914
Private Wale 39325South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 30)
Private Wright 9947South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1917 (aged 27)
Private Sydney Flavell 241609South Staffordshire Regiment21/09/1917 (aged 26)
Private Pratt 202514South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917 (aged 33)
Private Spruce 241067South Staffordshire Regiment27/09/1917 (aged 33)
Private Turner 10848South Staffordshire Regiment23/09/1917
Private Herbert Alfred Baxter 37213South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917 (aged 30)
Corporal Frank Bevington 17287South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917
Private Daniel Patrick Coleman 9695South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917
Private Samuel Edwards 37052South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917
Private James Fereday 9760South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917
Private Joseph Garbett 37049South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917
Private Frank Handley 37203South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917
Private Henry Harry Hayward 30568South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917
Private Henry George Haywood 29780South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917 (aged 19)
Private John Pam 9357South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917
Lance Corporal James Henry Sharp 12259South Staffordshire Regiment25/07/1917 (aged 27)
Corporal Gordon Ernest Smawley 26578South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917
Private Adams 40050South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1917
Private Joseph Bickley 29621South Staffordshire Regiment27/07/1917 (aged 33)
Private Collison 40157South Staffordshire Regiment17/08/1917
Private Franks 37415South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1917
Private Amous Genner 16804South Staffordshire Regiment07/08/1917 (aged 19)
Private Howell 12839South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917
Private Inskip 37220South Staffordshire Regiment31/07/1917
Company Serjeant Major Mcgrath 5073South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1917
Private Pye 37441South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1917
Lance Serjeant Rosewarne 9674South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1917
Private Michael Mcnally 20013South Staffordshire Regiment07/01/1917 (aged 20)
Private Barker 55692South Staffordshire Regiment27/04/1918 (aged 43)
Private Jackson 7722South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917
Private Horace Boyce 201815South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal Burgoyne 241531South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918
Private Cockerill 43553South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1918
Private Kennard 43587South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918
Private Mason 43592South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918
Private Pullen 42476South Staffordshire Regiment29/04/1918 (aged 33)
Private Sidaway 43609South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal Frederick William Siddall 42580South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918 (aged 29)
Private Alfred James Williams 43613South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal David Edward Abbott 13210South Staffordshire Regiment24/08/1915 (aged 19)
Private Andrews 15538South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1915 (aged 24)
Private Arrowsmith 17181South Staffordshire Regiment24/08/1915
Private Bayliss 11045South Staffordshire Regiment10/09/1915
Private Walter Browning 11426South Staffordshire Regiment21/08/1915 (aged 20)
Private Chapman 12983South Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1915
Private Deacon 12650South Staffordshire Regiment10/09/1915
Lieutenant Stanley Robert Edwards South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 22)
Serjeant Etheridge 13549South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1915 (aged 35)
Private Goode 13782South Staffordshire Regiment16/08/1915
Private Haines 13507South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1915
Private Harben 13701South Staffordshire Regiment27/08/1915
Private Stewart Ernest Harris 13699South Staffordshire Regiment26/08/1915 (aged 22)
Private Hart 13432South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1915 (aged 19)
Private James Henry Holmes 13244South Staffordshire Regiment06/09/1915 (aged 27)
Serjeant Kelly 13380South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1915
Private Ling 15624South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1915
Private Riley 11961South Staffordshire Regiment19/08/1915
Private Shirley 13577South Staffordshire Regiment25/08/1915
Private Turner 13295South Staffordshire Regiment18/08/1915
Private John Wedgbury 18003South Staffordshire Regiment10/09/1915 (aged 21)
Private Bailey 41683South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917
Private Cooper 18346South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 37)
Private Archibald Edward Gaze 41397South Staffordshire Regiment17/10/1917 (aged 32)
Lieutenant Richard Standeford Pullen South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 33)
Private Rock 40961South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917 (aged 39)
Private John Arthur Tice 235051South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Titley 28439South Staffordshire Regiment26/10/1917
Private William Thomas Watson 8016South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 27)
Private Whitehouse 16233South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1917
Lieutenant Thomas Yates Birrell South Staffordshire Regiment15/02/1916 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Eric Henry Porter South Staffordshire Regiment14/02/1916 (aged 27)
Private Adams 6340South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1914
Private Brogdale 8728South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1914
Lance Corporal Hancox 16830South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Hawes 201759South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917 (aged 20)
Private Lander 30275South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917
Private John Mcfarlane 32638South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 24)
Private Plummer 40834South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1917
Lance Corporal Webb 9285South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917
Drummer Wheeler 8119South Staffordshire Regiment22/10/1914
Private Woodhouse 40807South Staffordshire Regiment26/09/1917 (aged 39)
Private Bullock 200822South Staffordshire Regiment10/06/1917 (aged 23)
Private Alfred Henry Cartwright 25223South Staffordshire Regiment09/06/1917
Private Doran 25629South Staffordshire Regiment05/06/1917 (aged 19)
Private Joseph Evans 241040South Staffordshire Regiment10/06/1917 (aged 33)
Private Faulkner 203326South Staffordshire Regiment04/07/1917
Private Hodges 241809South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1917
Private Hopson 201300South Staffordshire Regiment01/07/1917
Private William Wheldon Jones 241874South Staffordshire Regiment03/07/1917 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Kendrick 200242South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1917
Private Sparrow 203271South Staffordshire Regiment17/06/1917 (aged 25)
Private Thorneywork 200465South Staffordshire Regiment29/06/1917
Private Thornhill 241884South Staffordshire Regiment02/07/1917
Private Harry Walters 240334South Staffordshire Regiment26/06/1917 (aged 38)
Private Albert George Barnes 203300South Staffordshire Regiment30/08/1917 (aged 20)
Private Forrester 23955South Staffordshire Regiment24/12/1917
Private Hancock 45406South Staffordshire Regiment30/11/1917 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Sydney Alfred Harding 201793South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1917
Serjeant Leonard Mallam 201726South Staffordshire Regiment21/10/1917 (aged 24)
Private Morris 202174South Staffordshire Regiment21/10/1917
Private Edward Harold Elliman 203225South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1917 (aged 30)
Private Harold Aldridge 12281South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1918 (aged 24)
Private Collins 16553South Staffordshire Regiment01/11/1918 (aged 25)
Private Ford 29711South Staffordshire Regiment26/01/1918 (aged 44)
Private Harrison 7282South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1918
Private Hathway 242327South Staffordshire Regiment08/12/1917
Lance Corporal Charles Hunt 2667South Staffordshire Regiment09/08/1916 (aged 24)
Private Lancaster 9445South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1917
Private Galloway 11318South Staffordshire Regiment05/06/1916
Private Charles Harvey 18933South Staffordshire Regiment04/07/1916 (aged 23)
Private Joseph Osborne 9426South Staffordshire Regiment10/06/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Owen 9606South Staffordshire Regiment01/06/1916
Private Herbert Rilett 27653South Staffordshire Regiment25/02/1918 (aged 32)
Private George Henry Williams 201121South Staffordshire Regiment27/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private John Brown 32941South Staffordshire Regiment18/07/1917 (aged 27)
Private Thomas Frederick Burns 202704South Staffordshire Regiment25/06/1917 (aged 35)
Private Ralph Ernest Ginder 30236South Staffordshire Regiment20/11/1916 (aged 37)
Private Elijah Harris 15428South Staffordshire Regiment13/12/1915 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal Hocknull 200526South Staffordshire Regiment05/08/1917 (aged 21)
Private John Taylor 8384South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1918 (aged 42)
Private Brandon 8688South Staffordshire Regiment22/11/1918
Private Green 40091South Staffordshire Regiment22/10/1918 (aged 28)
Private John William Faulkner 47460South Staffordshire Regiment23/02/1919 (aged 34)
Private Bullock 8427South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1916
Lance Corporal Scott 8587South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1918
Private Thomas Hill 9772South Staffordshire Regiment15/01/1916
Private James Hay Copland 2750South Staffordshire Regiment06/07/1915 (aged 34)
Corporal Frederick Phillips Pearson 2881South Staffordshire Regiment07/07/1915 (aged 35)
Private Alfred Perry 9010South Staffordshire Regiment02/08/1915
Private Edward Jones 30697South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1918 (aged 21)
Private Frederick George Stevens 202392South Staffordshire Regiment21/04/1918 (aged 24)
Private Wright 40527South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918 (aged 38)
Private Gray 42471South Staffordshire Regiment10/11/1918 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal William Arnold Endall 32548South Staffordshire Regiment06/10/1917 (aged 22)
Private Wilfred Sinclair Fox 31523South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 22)
Private Hill 45147South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917
Second Lieutenant Mark Hibbert Philips South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 31)
Private Taylor 40889South Staffordshire Regiment02/10/1917
Private Forrest 14955South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1917
Private Greatrix 30968South Staffordshire Regiment15/02/1917
Corporal Thomas Victor Checketts 7950South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1914
Private Benjamin Holland 6424South Staffordshire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Thomas Slater 7977South Staffordshire Regiment31/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Arthur Leonard Reeve 32657South Staffordshire Regiment24/10/1918 (aged 24)
Private Rose 46542South Staffordshire Regiment02/04/1918 (aged 36)
Private Attwell 7938South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1914
Private Herbert J. Blower 8769South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1914 (aged 26)
Private Dixon 9025South Staffordshire Regiment14/11/1914
Drummer Edney 8886South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1914
Private Garfield 241036South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 23)
Private Hadden 8892South Staffordshire Regiment09/11/1914
Lance Corporal Terry 32727South Staffordshire Regiment09/06/1917
Private Joseph Weston 32963South Staffordshire Regiment09/06/1917 (aged 27)
Private George Frederick Butler 1770South Staffordshire Regiment07/04/1915 (aged 20)
Private Hunt 8137South Staffordshire Regiment03/04/1915 (aged 20)
Private George Hubert Benton 9088South Staffordshire Regiment13/04/1915 (aged 23)
Lieutenant Leonard Charles Billingsley Joynson South Staffordshire Regiment06/05/1915
Corporal Sydney Challoner 14987South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1917
Private James Farmer 15361South Staffordshire Regiment21/09/1917 (aged 24)
Private Abraham Hughes 13010South Staffordshire Regiment14/02/1916 (aged 27)
Private Joseph Latham 20357South Staffordshire Regiment31/08/1917 (aged 20)
Private Samuel Meek 13844South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1916 (aged 35)
Private Whitehouse 15809South Staffordshire Regiment24/09/1917
Private Wood 12636South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1916
Serjeant Walter Henry Boyles 7930South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 33)
Lance Corporal William Fellows 13569South Staffordshire Regiment16/02/1916 (aged 22)
Private Clarence Patrick O'callaghan 8953South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 23)
Private Moorehouse 8007South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1914
Private Checkley 7681South Staffordshire Regiment10/11/1914
Private Cooper 7453South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914
Private Leonard Thompson Wilson 7804South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1914 (aged 27)
Private Charles Clinton 8366South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1914 (aged 26)
Private Dixon 42026South Staffordshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 37)
Private Edwards 42700South Staffordshire Regiment18/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Aaron Charles Warren 8707South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 19)
Captain Henry Rees Webb South Staffordshire Regiment07/05/1918
Private George Edward Ambler 1560South Staffordshire Regiment01/08/1915 (aged 19)
Private Samuel Augustus Beilby 2443South Staffordshire Regiment19/07/1915 (aged 23)
Private Bowdler 2842South Staffordshire Regiment23/08/1915
Private Ernest Arthur Cooper 3264South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1915 (aged 21)
Private Cox 1596South Staffordshire Regiment27/08/1915
Private Horace Edward Craddock 3028South Staffordshire Regiment30/07/1915 (aged 25)
Private Field 1659South Staffordshire Regiment07/09/1915 (aged 20)
Corporal Flavell 1756South Staffordshire Regiment12/08/1915 (aged 22)
Company Serjeant Major John Forrester 511South Staffordshire Regiment15/08/1915 (aged 24)
Private John George Griffiths 1868South Staffordshire Regiment23/09/1915 (aged 23)
Serjeant Albert Victor Hallett 1294South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1915 (aged 21)
Private Horton 2696South Staffordshire Regiment27/08/1915
Serjeant Howell 2437South Staffordshire Regiment14/08/1915 (aged 32)
Private Jones 8762South Staffordshire Regiment03/11/1914
Private Lunn 3706South Staffordshire Regiment08/09/1915
Private Mason 3177South Staffordshire Regiment16/08/1915
Private Pope 23192South Staffordshire Regiment22/09/1918
Captain Sydney John Sankey South Staffordshire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 25)
Private Southall 3816South Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1915
Private Stanley 2639South Staffordshire Regiment28/07/1915
Lance Corporal Stockton 3126South Staffordshire Regiment08/09/1915 (aged 23)
Private John Walters 2825South Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1915 (aged 22)
Private Ward 3648South Staffordshire Regiment15/08/1915
Private Albert Welch 3124South Staffordshire Regiment12/08/1915 (aged 19)
Private William Henry Bland 6919South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1914 (aged 28)
Private Oughton 9383South Staffordshire Regiment16/11/1914
Private Aldridge 8079South Staffordshire Regiment13/08/1915
Private Billingham 9786South Staffordshire Regiment31/07/1915
Private Frederick Blews 15669South Staffordshire Regiment24/04/1917 (aged 23)
Private Brookes 14228South Staffordshire Regiment25/05/1917 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Carpenter 8718South Staffordshire Regiment03/09/1915
Private Chamberlain 9055South Staffordshire Regiment13/08/1915 (aged 20)
Corporal Clark 13747South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1917
Private Conroy 17894South Staffordshire Regiment05/10/1917
Corporal Cotton 14721South Staffordshire Regiment10/06/1917
Corporal Cushman 12090South Staffordshire Regiment22/09/1917
Private Charles Trevitt Ellis 2904South Staffordshire Regiment29/07/1915 (aged 19)
Captain Hugh Mortimer Ferguson South Staffordshire Regiment11/06/1917 (aged 26)
Private Gardner 14950South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1917 (aged 23)
Serjeant Hallett 8095South Staffordshire Regiment10/07/1917
Private Homer 19889South Staffordshire Regiment13/06/1917
Private John Hughes 17731South Staffordshire Regiment07/11/1914 (aged 25)
Corporal Hughes 12247South Staffordshire Regiment29/12/1916
Private Mann 8981South Staffordshire Regiment02/09/1915
Lance Corporal Mewis 32639South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917
Private Thomas Newell 30939South Staffordshire Regiment20/04/1917 (aged 21)
Private Nicklin 14952South Staffordshire Regiment31/12/1916 (aged 30)
Private Joseph Richards 30991South Staffordshire Regiment20/04/1917 (aged 23)
Corporal Thompson 9868South Staffordshire Regiment28/04/1917
Private William Hutchinson Todd 32683South Staffordshire Regiment05/01/1917 (aged 34)
Private Buckley 43023South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Cecil Henry Dear 41508South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 22)
Private Eden 31875South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917
Private Egglesfield 202688South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 31)
Private Albert Edward Fell 41524South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal Stanley Norman Hind 31732South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 27)
Private Arthur Housley 40551South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917 (aged 32)
Corporal Arthur Edwin Jones 8359South Staffordshire Regiment12/11/1914 (aged 24)
Private Charles Wilfred Powell 24705South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 22)
Private Shipley 45492South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1917
Second Lieutenant John Carleton Wagstaff South Staffordshire Regiment12/10/1917 (aged 28)
Private Rukin 40798South Staffordshire Regiment25/10/1917 (aged 21)
Private James Fox Shaw 202811South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1917 (aged 26)
Private Allen 240458South Staffordshire Regiment04/05/1918 (aged 26)
Private Andrews 202985South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1918
Lance Corporal James Henry Arter 43327South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1918 (aged 27)
Private George Arthur Austin 20433South Staffordshire Regiment25/04/1917 (aged 24)
Private Francis George Baker 242316South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1917 (aged 32)
Private Baker 16299South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1917
Private Ball 39334South Staffordshire Regiment01/04/1918
Private Barker 241430South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1917 (aged 21)
Private Joseph Battisson 18208South Staffordshire Regiment04/10/1916 (aged 41)
Lance Corporal Beech 43026South Staffordshire Regiment08/07/1917 (aged 24)
Private Bentley 17149South Staffordshire Regiment25/03/1918
Private James Bishop 32374South Staffordshire Regiment08/12/1917 (aged 28)
Private Sidney William Bliss 204429South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1918 (aged 22)
Private Walter Holtby Blythe 203531South Staffordshire Regiment27/12/1917 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Colonel Singleton Bonner South Staffordshire Regiment01/05/1917 (aged 37)
Corporal Bott 16381South Staffordshire Regiment21/11/1916 (aged 40)
Private Granville Bowen 15950South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1918 (aged 27)
Private Boyington 18648South Staffordshire Regiment22/11/1916 (aged 40)
Private Brighton 201605South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1918 (aged 20)
Private Amos Broadstock 10558South Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1917 (aged 42)
Private Buckley 31956South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1917 (aged 26)
Private Archibald Frank Burwood 37437South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1917 (aged 29)
Private Bernard Walter Butler 203957South Staffordshire Regiment09/12/1917 (aged 21)
Private Cadman 200689South Staffordshire Regiment20/05/1918 (aged 22)
Private Carnell 260008South Staffordshire Regiment15/05/1918 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal Bertrand William Charles 200593South Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1917 (aged 21)
Corporal Clark 241950South Staffordshire Regiment08/05/1918 (aged 27)
Private Collins 201854South Staffordshire Regiment03/10/1917
Private Cope 2874South Staffordshire Regiment17/10/1915
Private Cottrell 12302South Staffordshire Regiment31/05/1918 (aged 21)
Private Harry Cox 14840South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1917 (aged 19)
Private Coyne 10890South Staffordshire Regiment24/12/1915 (aged 22)
Serjeant Darlington 12756South Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1918 (aged 23)
Private Joseph Henry Davies 242567South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1918 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Sidney John Davis South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1918 (aged 28)
Private Claude Denny 18042South Staffordshire Regiment28/02/1916 (aged 20)
Private Bert Eastham 241284South Staffordshire Regiment30/05/1918 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Egan 1337South Staffordshire Regiment08/08/1915
Private Farnell 19735South Staffordshire Regiment04/03/1916
Private Foster 40453South Staffordshire Regiment08/01/1917
Private Samuel Freeth 22707South Staffordshire Regiment15/05/1917 (aged 29)
Private William David Gilbert 31429South Staffordshire Regiment04/05/1918 (aged 19)
Company Serjeant Major Arthur Thomas Goodey 241208South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1917
Lance Corporal Gregory 240666South Staffordshire Regiment10/05/1918 (aged 26)
Private Arthur Griffiths 39951South Staffordshire Regiment06/05/1918 (aged 21)
Private Groom 38734South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1918 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Gurley 200430South Staffordshire Regiment04/04/1917 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant Edwin Thomas Gwyther South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1918 (aged 37)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Harpin 240040South Staffordshire Regiment07/05/1918
Private Warren Harris 39992South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1918 (aged 28)
Private Arthur Harrison 32399South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1917 (aged 19)
Private Hartill 242477South Staffordshire Regiment08/05/1918
Private Frederick Higginson 241646South Staffordshire Regiment25/12/1917 (aged 26)
Private William Richards Hitchcock 242528South Staffordshire Regiment30/05/1918 (aged 33)
Private William Harry Howard 20079South Staffordshire Regiment19/12/1916 (aged 30)
Serjeant Hughes 240286South Staffordshire Regiment04/05/1918 (aged 21)
Private Herbert William Johns 1904South Staffordshire Regiment27/08/1915 (aged 19)
Private Thomas Silvester Johnson 12971South Staffordshire Regiment24/04/1918 (aged 29)
Private Johnson 19671South Staffordshire Regiment08/04/1916
Private Anthony Kelly 202862South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1917 (aged 20)
Private Kenealy 10734South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1916
Private Kennings 19627South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1917
Private Kilcoyne 5921South Staffordshire Regiment13/12/1917
Private Bernard Lewis 4877South Staffordshire Regiment01/03/1919 (aged 25)
Private Thomas Stuart Lowe 29718South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1917 (aged 36)
Lance Corporal Manford 9515South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1918 (aged 21)
Private George Watson Mann 42918South Staffordshire Regiment23/10/1918 (aged 19)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Arthur Frank Merrick 240591South Staffordshire Regiment04/05/1918 (aged 30)
Private Thomas Hugh Miller 37701South Staffordshire Regiment21/10/1917 (aged 36)
Lance Corporal Frederic George Morgan 2901South Staffordshire Regiment15/01/1917 (aged 20)
Private Mark Nellist 31952South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1917 (aged 25)
Private Neville 38208South Staffordshire Regiment15/12/1917
Private Nolan 242678South Staffordshire Regiment14/12/1917 (aged 23)
Private Nutting 242322South Staffordshire Regiment08/12/1917
Private Onion 18020South Staffordshire Regiment14/10/1916 (aged 26)
Lance Serjeant Clarence Painter 241467South Staffordshire Regiment19/12/1917 (aged 24)
Private Payton 241125South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1917
Lance Corporal Pearsall 13766South Staffordshire Regiment24/12/1915
Company Serjeant Major George Norman Emerson Pentelow 241206South Staffordshire Regiment07/10/1917 (aged 24)
Private Perry 38013South Staffordshire Regiment03/12/1917 (aged 32)
Private Jessie Phillips 240898South Staffordshire Regiment18/12/1917 (aged 28)
Serjeant Platt 11589South Staffordshire Regiment13/02/1916 (aged 29)
Private Charles Henry Plumb 242417South Staffordshire Regiment08/12/1917 (aged 20)
Private Preston 40958South Staffordshire Regiment13/11/1917 (aged 32)
Private Lawrence Prince 31736South Staffordshire Regiment04/12/1917 (aged 26)
Private Jack Allen Reeks 42902South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1918 (aged 19)
Private Rhodes 29879South Staffordshire Regiment15/10/1917 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal Russell 10782South Staffordshire Regiment04/11/1917 (aged 24)
Private Harry Sawbridge 24539South Staffordshire Regiment11/01/1917 (aged 22)
Private Fred Shaw 32008South Staffordshire Regiment09/12/1917 (aged 19)
Private Shaw 241791South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1918 (aged 31)
Private Shrewsbury 24138South Staffordshire Regiment06/12/1917
Private Simmons 42796South Staffordshire Regiment02/05/1918 (aged 19)
Private Leonard Maurice Simmons 32717South Staffordshire Regiment05/05/1918 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Slater South Staffordshire Regiment28/05/1918
Private Cyril Henry Arthur Smart 242240South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917 (aged 24)
Private Samuel Smith 31211South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1917 (aged 20)
Private Stafford 242138South Staffordshire Regiment11/12/1917
Private Steventon 37888South Staffordshire Regiment05/12/1917 (aged 22)
Private James Frank Stocks 31865South Staffordshire Regiment01/05/1917 (aged 27)
Private William Clark Sugden 31981South Staffordshire Regiment04/12/1917 (aged 33)
Private Thomas Swinson 42786South Staffordshire Regiment18/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Walter Tarver 14086South Staffordshire Regiment21/02/1916 (aged 23)
Private Taylor 241786South Staffordshire Regiment01/06/1918 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Thomas 25635South Staffordshire Regiment28/03/1918
Private Upsall 41952South Staffordshire Regiment29/05/1918
Private Frank Veasey SS/23110South Staffordshire Regiment04/12/1917 (aged 20)
Private Wagstaff 8/43126South Staffordshire Regiment11/05/1917 (aged 33)
Private Seth Ward 37503South Staffordshire Regiment04/05/1918 (aged 19)
Private Wardle 203509South Staffordshire Regiment02/12/1917
Private John Watts 13875South Staffordshire Regiment17/02/1916 (aged 38)
Private William Robert White 17727South Staffordshire Regiment10/01/1917 (aged 34)
Private Samuel Charles Whomack 31508South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1917 (aged 36)
Private Sydney Charles Whorton 31537South Staffordshire Regiment28/10/1917 (aged 20)
Private Richard Wilkes 12711South Staffordshire Regiment07/05/1918 (aged 41)
Private Wilson 30789South Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1918 (aged 35)
Private Withers 18089South Staffordshire Regiment15/05/1918 (aged 38)
Private Worton 242464South Staffordshire Regiment12/05/1918 (aged 20)
Private Zelley 242255South Staffordshire Regiment07/12/1917
Private Banks 8662South Staffordshire Regiment27/05/1915
Private Francis John Foster 23035South Staffordshire Regiment10/12/1916 (aged 22)
Lieutenant Eric Hindsley South Staffordshire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 23)