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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Private Edward William Wylie 2010Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 28)
Captain Wood Lancashire Fusiliers26/03/1918 (aged 24)
Bombardier Erle Victor Weiss 11147Australian Field Artillery09/08/1918 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Watson 22991Leicestershire Regiment21/03/1918
Private Michael George Tight 6107Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Corporal Harry Thorpe 5459Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 34)
Lieutenant Eustace Ernest Terry Australian Infantry, A.I.F.25/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Charles Sutton 3467BAustralian Pioneers24/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private George Stanley 344Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 23)
Rifleman Lionel Theobald Smith 13/41452Royal Irish Rifles30/03/1918 (aged 34)
Driver Henry Smith 39349Royal Field Artillery27/03/1918 (aged 37)
Sergeant Reginald Emerson Sims 998Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Arthur Selwyn Shoobert 2184Australian Pioneers23/08/1918 (aged 31)
Corporal Francis Middleton Shaw 577Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 23)
Sapper Leslie Fairbairn Sangster 879Australian Engineers18/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Wallace Harry Sales 3890Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Lieutenant Thomas John Ross Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 34)
Lieutenant Eric Mervyn Roach Australian Machine Gun Corps10/08/1918 (aged 27)
Corporal Andrew Hartley Purser 1033Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/06/1918 (aged 25)
Private William Reginald Rawlings 3603Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Kenneth George Randell 3251Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Poulston 351011Manchester Regiment19/08/1918
Captain Harold Edward Pope Royal Garrison Artillery24/08/1918 (aged 36)
Sergeant George Mcadam Polwarth 8660Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Charles Reginald Perrin 2747Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 40)
Lance Corporal Henry Higham Pepper 2744BAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Sergeant Maurice William Pearse 2461Australian Infantry, A.I.F.16/08/1918 (aged 22)
Driver James Sydney John Parsissons 97Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Harry Wilfred Palmer 6859Australian Infantry, A.I.F.15/08/1918
Captain Samuel James Paget General List26/03/1918 (aged 22)
Private Harold Joseph O'donoghue 7545Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Sydney Murrell 6504Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Lance Sergeant Frederick Charles Mundelein 3429Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Morton 320309Royal Sussex Regiment04/09/1918
Private Victor Fortescue Morris 7515Australian Infantry, A.I.F.25/08/1918 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander Milne Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/04/1918 (aged 46)
Second Lieutenant Stanley Miller Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers01/07/1916 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal Ernest Albert Millar 854Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private William Alfred Mickan 7732Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Vincent Mahboub 7770Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Private William Maguire 2930Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 33)
Private Harry Douglas Bennett Mcpaul 383Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Charles Joseph Mackie 3142Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Francis James Lynam 2656Australian Pioneers08/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Wilfred Joseph Lukeman 240Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Langthorne 352472Manchester Regiment19/08/1918
Lance Corporal Harry James Lamprell 5398AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lieutenant George Arthur Lamerton Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 30)
Second Lieutenant William Henry Duncan Knight Royal Air Force02/05/1918 (aged 18)
Private Allen Knight 6296Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Leslie Herbert Knapp 2192Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/09/1918 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal James Kay 6744Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Gunner Jordan 92965Royal Field Artillery12/08/1918
Private Henry Thomas Jenkins 5042Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Norman Herwald Irons 6287Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Hurst 53706Manchester Regiment19/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Jeremiah Hughes 5590Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Albert Victor Houghton 1924Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Hector George Honeychurch 595BAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Driver James Frederick Holmes 19284Australian Field Artillery08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal William Henry Hobbs 298Australian Machine Gun Corps25/08/1918 (aged 23)
Sergeant Sam Herbert Hirst 6832Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/08/1918 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal George Henry Hills 10182Australian Army Medical Corps09/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private David Henry Herd 256Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Corporal Charles Henry Hatt 1228Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Robert Henry Haslem 2585Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 24)
Corporal William Edmund Hansen 2381Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Hall 615853London Regiment08/08/1918
Private Gregory 36916Gloucestershire Regiment04/04/1918 (aged 25)
Private Harold Gillanders 6770Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private William Garlick 935Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery09/08/1918 (aged 34)
Private James Alfred Gammidge 7744Australian Infantry, A.I.F.24/08/1918 (aged 28)
Lieutenant Alfred Edward Gaby Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Andrew Reginald Foster 2635BAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Henry Joseph Fletcher 532504London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Lieutenant Frank Reinhardt Fischer Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 30)
Driver Humphrey Fackerell 5533Australian Field Artillery04/09/1918 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal George Washington Ellsworth 440Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/07/1918 (aged 26)
Sergeant Leslie George Ellis 4002Australian Infantry, A.I.F.18/08/1918 (aged 25)
Lieutenant Harold Charles Dyer Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Second Lieutenant Leslie Varley Duxbury Australian Infantry, A.I.F.06/09/1918 (aged 27)
Private Albert Leslie Davidson 3720Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/08/1918 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Leslie Gordon Copeland 4165AAustralian Pioneers23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Sergeant Leo Adrian Conroy 920Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Major Eric Winfield Connelly Australian Division09/09/1918 (aged 29)
Private George Cobbe 5345Australian Infantry, A.I.F.16/08/1918 (aged 20)
Corporal Harold John Clark 4462AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.25/08/1918
Sergeant Frederick Goodwin Clark 2621Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/09/1918 (aged 25)
Corporal Edward Chase 254353Royal Engineers11/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Albert Bland Chappell 1718Australian Machine Gun Corps25/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Jeslie John Phillip Casey 6134Australian Infantry, A.I.F.16/08/1918
Lance Corporal Roland Allan Thomas Campbell 6719Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Lance Corporal Bumstead 200713Suffolk Regiment08/08/1918
Corporal Robert William Bull 4143Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 34)
Private Charles Buchan 2131Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 45)
Captain Eric Guy Brookes Royal Air Force08/08/1918 (aged 24)
Sergeant Donald Stephen Shubert Bristol 281Australian Machine Gun Corps23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Gunner Felix Louis Bloch 34944Australian Field Artillery17/08/1918 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Mervyn William Blacklow Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Mathew David Black Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Francis Bennett 6110Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 38)
Private Robert Matthew Beatham 2742Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private John Crozier Beacom 6946Australian Infantry, A.I.F.13/08/1918 (aged 36)
Private Bates 23817Gloucestershire Regiment17/05/1917 (aged 21)
Corporal Gordon Howard Barnes 5027Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 33)
Private Guthrie A. Andrew 2857Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Francis Charles Barlow 2938Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Lieutenant John Edward Woodford Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 33)
Private Stanley Dean Willis 6161Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private George Welsh 4219Australian Infantry, A.I.F.06/09/1918 (aged 20)
Private Tupper 38560Essex Regiment08/08/1918 (aged 25)
Captain Percy Gilchrist Towl Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/09/1918
Sapper Oliver Ralph Tester 2695Australian Engineers13/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Cecil Taylor 107042Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private William Solomon 2682Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Rifleman Horace Vickery Solman 320785London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)09/08/1918 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Leslie Alexander Scouller 2778Australian Infantry, A.I.F.26/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Joseph John Sanderson 6565Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal Francis Stanislaus Ryan 2199Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Harold Leslie Rosser 2987Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Rogers 20226Gloucestershire Regiment04/02/1917
Private Percival Cooper Roberts 2473BAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private James Ritchie 1814Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery10/08/1918 (aged 30)
Lieutenant Rupert Benjamin Purbrick Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Sapper Nathaniel Reding 5471Australian Engineers18/08/1918 (aged 23)
Corporal Ronald James Randall 2225Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/09/1918 (aged 25)
Private Penney 25337Dorsetshire Regiment05/09/1918
Lance Corporal Alexander Palmer 117Australian Machine Gun Corps07/08/1918
Sergeant Charles Morgan 1029Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Corporal Neil Mitchell 3112Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Corporal George Leonard Miller 2277Australian Infantry, A.I.F.27/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Maycock 6059Durham Light Infantry08/03/1917
Private Masters 5212Gloucestershire Regiment04/02/1917
Private Roland George Markham 7016Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 31)
Captain Thomas Rodger Macnee Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/04/1918 (aged 29)
Private Thomas Samuel Lodge 7081Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Captain Louis Leon Le Nay Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Knox-Knight Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 36)
Lieutenant Malcolm Mcleod Keshan Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Drummer Humes 4518Gloucestershire Regiment04/02/1917
Lance Corporal Victor George Hawkins 552Australian Machine Gun Corps18/08/1918
Lance Sergeant Arthur Edwin Hawkey 2770Australian Infantry, A.I.F.04/09/1918 (aged 30)
Corporal Hakes 474118London Regiment (The Rangers)09/08/1918
Corporal Haffenden SD/595Royal Sussex Regiment24/03/1918
Second Lieutenant Thomas William Gaston Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private George Flanagan 3814Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private Percy Alfred Edwards 3506Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 25)
Corporal Edgar Walter Durdin 1712Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery22/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Francis Lawrence Donnelly 3052Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Louis Horatio Albert Deverell 6032Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Vernon Cyril Dawson 6303Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery13/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Danby 5218Gloucestershire Regiment04/02/1917
Lieutenant Spencer William Coleman Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 38)
Gunner Clitheroe L/16453Royal Field Artillery20/07/1916
Private Harold Catterall 291212Monmouthshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 21)
Corporal Carcary 240463Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)01/04/1918
Second Lieutenant James Caddy Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Amos Butler 787Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Lieutenant David James Burrin Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 27)
Corporal Edward Betts 5550Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Lieutenant Edward Laurence Angove Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 34)
Sapper Wright 160393Royal Engineers28/03/1918
Sergeant William Nicholson Woodnorth 569Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private James Wilson 3961Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Lance Sergeant Walter Clarence Wigg 2914Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Corporal William Graham Whiteside 3241Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private John Campbell Dale Warren 7837Australian Infantry, A.I.F.16/08/1918 (aged 21)
Bombardier John Dougald Wallace 2252Australian Field Artillery19/08/1918 (aged 23)
Lieutenant Hubert William Walker Royal Air Force23/07/1918 (aged 24)
Private Norman Frederick Tidyman 7111Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 34)
Private Taylor 295295London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)08/08/1918
Private George Robert Taylor 939Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 33)
Sergeant John Thomas Swain 3943Australian Infantry, A.I.F.25/08/1918 (aged 24)
Corporal Benjamin Frank Stuckey 2436Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Harold Lancelot Stevens 7839Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 21)
Lieutenant Duncan Sharp Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private William John Thomas Rowe 118Australian Infantry, A.I.F.13/08/1918
Corporal Arthur William Roeszler 2827Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private John Roach 1172Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 25)
Sergeant George Thomas Piper 386Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Peters 535436London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)09/08/1918 (aged 20)
Sergeant Bert Partridge 2848Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 32)
Sergeant Douglas Clive Millar Parkhill 1593Australian Machine Gun Corps11/08/1918 (aged 24)
Sergeant Ernest Edgar Paine 5390Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Norman 20219Gloucestershire Regiment04/02/1917
Private Neil Nelson 5437Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Corporal Gardiner Morton Morton 3408Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Corporal Joseph Moloney 3180Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 36)
Company Sergeant Major Joseph Meek 3085Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Edward Albert Masters 2397Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal Joseph Bertie Martin 2400Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Alfred Isaac Marshall 5901Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Shirley Verdon William Marriott 4744Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Frederick William Marquis 5893Australian Infantry, A.I.F.04/09/1918 (aged 21)
Private James Duncan Mcdonald 5483Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 42)
Corporal Stanley Archibald Long 2402Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Sergeant Harold Cuthbert Lincoln 716Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918
Lieutenant Llewellyn Weston Claude Leak Australian Infantry, A.I.F.04/09/1918
Private Richard Laws 4829Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Harold Edward Lassau 6776Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private John Lain 3016Australian Infantry, A.I.F.07/09/1918 (aged 34)
Private Cyril Austin Kerr 3764Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 19)
Captain George Ernest Johnston Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Amos Collin Johnson 3739AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private William John Robertson Ingham 6039Australian Infantry, A.I.F.16/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Leslie Harvey 4796Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 20)
Bombardier Clarence George Wentworth Hartwell 2033Australian Field Artillery17/08/1918 (aged 25)
Captain Lionel Joseph Briggs Harrison Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)27/03/1918 (aged 22)
Rifleman Albert Francis James Harris 44855King's Royal Rifle Corps08/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private Hans Hansen 7735Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 37)
Corporal Frederick Charles Hallandal 4137Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Christopher Guppy 7258Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Sergeant George William Green 6970Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 25)
Sergeant David Wilson Gordon 2376Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 35)
Captain Michael Edward Gonne Royal Air Force08/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Frederick Gilbert 5576Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private William Arthur Fraser 12295Australian Army Medical Corps11/08/1918 (aged 30)
Rifleman Frank Fredrick Fossey 324513London Regiment (City of London Rifles)09/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Charles Henry Fitzjohn 40070Tank Corps08/08/1918
Corporal Edwin Rawlings Fittock 3035Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lieutenant Charles Findlay Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 38)
Second Lieutenant John Miller Emerson Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)08/04/1918 (aged 21)
Sergeant Thomas Alan Donald 6952Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Alexander Stuart De Silva 7595Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Allan Curtin 4100Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Sergeant Edward Grey Curley 2140Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private William Marshall Cudworth 308920Tank Corps23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Captain Alexander Gair Cormack Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 39)
Private Vivian Cleveland 5355Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Private James Clark 706Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Hugh Caven 6237Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Private William Young Campbell 7216Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Private Alexander Campbell 401Australian Machine Gun Corps22/08/1918
Private John Thomas Burrell 7446Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Sergeant William Bull 2628AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.16/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Archibald Reginald Boyce 511Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private John Bowles 6707Australian Infantry, A.I.F.14/09/1918 (aged 35)
Lance Corporal Cornelius Bawden 3764Australian Infantry, A.I.F.16/09/1918 (aged 30)
Private Albert Edward Baldwin 6718Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Lieutenant Cecil Arthur Auchterlonie Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Hugo Robert Arthur 4745Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private George William Clarence Armstrong 5328Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Corporal Sydney Arthur Archer 564Australian Infantry, A.I.F.02/09/1918 (aged 21)
Sergeant Cedric Archer 2557AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Leslie Styles 262Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Fleetwood Andrews Royal Garrison Artillery16/09/1918 (aged 19)
Driver William Henry Angliss 113165Royal Horse Artillery16/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Ansell G/5700Middlesex Regiment26/09/1916 (aged 24)
Sergeant Herbert Armstrong 8556Australian Field Artillery02/09/1918 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Edward Arnison Royal Garrison Artillery18/08/1918
Private Ashley 89034Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)27/03/1918
Private Ashton 44714Manchester Regiment19/08/1918
Second Lieutenant Ashton Royal Air Force23/07/1918
Driver Harold Eslie Ashworth 1146AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.18/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Athill 275418London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)11/08/1918
Private Atkinson 106415th (The King's) Hussars08/08/1918
Private Hugh William John Auld 1036Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Aulton 57236Lancashire Fusiliers22/08/1918
Bombardier Charles Robert Avery 30952Royal Field Artillery02/04/1917 (aged 37)
Private Badger 46901North Staffordshire Regiment25/03/1918
Private Charles James Bagley 6480Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Private Harold Percy Bailes 2889Australian Infantry, A.I.F.13/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Bailey 39797Manchester Regiment13/08/1918
Lance Corporal Sidney Bailey 195545th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)08/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Gilbert Baker 2871Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private Henry Squire Baker 1903Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Sergeant Christopher Davis Baldwin 1869Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918
Private Haydn Baldwin 202907Northumberland Fusiliers26/03/1918 (aged 36)
Private John James Ball 282246London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Corporal George William Duncan Bampton 2783AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.15/09/1918 (aged 22)
Private William George Ernest Banks 702AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Lance Corporal Barber 20504Northumberland Fusiliers26/09/1916
Serjeant Herbert Barfoot 23509Royal Air Force19/05/1918 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal Barker 276561Manchester Regiment19/08/1918 (aged 31)
Private Alfred Barnard 202513South Staffordshire Regiment01/04/1917 (aged 41)
Lance Corporal Victor Alfred Barnard 5473Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Leslie Ernest Barnes 2382Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/09/1918 (aged 21)
Private Lionel Barend Barnett 7948Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Cecil Clyde Barnsley 2558Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private George Ernest Barrett 2769Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918
Private Frederick James Bartlett 62577Lancashire Fusiliers23/08/1918
Private Francesco Bartolo 823Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Corporal Frederick William Barton 76048Tank Corps08/08/1918 (aged 25)
Captain James Barton Royal Garrison Artillery17/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Victor Macleay Bartrim 7626Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private John Thomas Bashford 78602Tank Corps08/08/1918 (aged 26)
Gunner Ronald Bates 34692Australian Field Artillery12/08/1918 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal William Augustine Bauer 3020Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 20)
Corporal Hugh Bawden 5969Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Lance Corporal Baxter 43015Lincolnshire Regiment14/08/1918
Sergeant Frederick Edward Baxter 4440Australian Field Artillery22/08/1918 (aged 25)
Gunner Nelson Thomas Baxter 1433Australian Field Artillery08/08/1918
Second Lieutenant Carl John Beatty Royal Flying Corps15/09/1916 (aged 27)
Serjeant Arthur George Beavis 23206King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry20/08/1918 (aged 40)
Private James Aloysius Beck 7693Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 23)
Lieutenant Stephen Trevor Beckerleg Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry15/10/1915 (aged 20)
Sergeant John Arthur Beear 2331AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Belford 40018Royal Dublin Fusiliers21/03/1918
Corporal Arthur Rocher Bell 1531Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/09/1918 (aged 27)
Private Charles Clark Bell 7444Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Bombardier Bell 128911Royal Horse Artillery08/08/1918
Private Henry Halcrow Bell 4067Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918 (aged 24)
Sergeant Clarence Bennett 6035Australian Infantry, A.I.F.27/08/1918
Private Beswick 42050Bedfordshire Regiment06/08/1918 (aged 35)
Corporal Bevington 41758Royal Horse Artillery27/08/1918
Lieutenant Edward John Bice Australian Flying Corps08/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Samuel Billing 2379Australian Infantry, A.I.F.15/09/1918
Private Billington 9811Manchester Regiment13/07/1916 (aged 21)
Rifleman Sydney Binstead 370445London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)10/08/1918 (aged 25)
Sergeant Ivett Thomas Birch 369Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 26)
Sergeant Frederick James Bishop 1897Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/06/1918 (aged 24)
Corporal Robert Livingstone Conning Black 5985Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Blackshaw 242759Lancashire Fusiliers21/03/1918 (aged 20)
Private William Blayney 1791Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918
Lance Corporal Herbert Tom Blinman 6008Australian Infantry, A.I.F.16/08/1918 (aged 32)
Gunner Blocksidge 136059Royal Garrison Artillery27/03/1918
Rifleman Edwin Blunt B/201077Rifle Brigade08/08/1918 (aged 39)
Private Board 28350Border Regiment23/08/1918
Private Victor Bodsworth 3360Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private Bolton 304410Tank Corps08/08/1918
Private Bone 81458Royal Fusiliers01/08/1918
Private Bonell 55478Royal Army Medical Corps18/09/1918
Serjeant Booker 21400King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry23/08/1918
Private Boote 30246East Lancashire Regiment01/04/1918
Lieutenant Harold Hunter Borden Royal Air Force01/07/1918 (aged 22)
Private Alfred Joseph Bottomley 4149Australian Pioneers25/08/1918 (aged 25)
Corporal John Parnell Bourke 3021Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Monte Bowen 5302Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Driver Henry Robert Box 23Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 38)
Private John Boys 241322Royal Sussex Regiment24/03/1918 (aged 36)
Lieutenant William Braden Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Albert George Bradford 302736Tank Corps08/08/1918
Private Bradford 420913London Regiment09/08/1918
Serjeant Arthur Thomas Bradley 21577Royal Garrison Artillery22/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Charles Bradley S/23076Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)22/03/1918 (aged 19)
Private Braham 328669Cambridgeshire Regiment10/06/1918
Private Joseph Daniel Braithwaite 5354Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Arthur Albert Bramley 824Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918
Private John Roland Bransdon 7449Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private John Bray 236BAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Driver John Dunn Brayley 176918Royal Horse Artillery24/03/1918 (aged 27)
Private Herbert Bridger 4141AAustralian Pioneers23/08/1918 (aged 28)
Corporal Frank Bristor 352539Manchester Regiment19/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Sydney William Britton 3778Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/09/1918
Second Lieutenant Norman Leslie Broadbridge Australian Pioneers07/09/1918 (aged 27)
Private Arthur Clarence Bromhall 7199Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 24)
Corporal Louis Frederick Bromham 7202Australian Machine Gun Corps09/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Bromley 351313Manchester Regiment19/08/1918
Private George Weale Brooks 5147Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 39)
Second Lieutenant Alexander Claud Garden Brown Royal Air Force06/05/1918 (aged 27)
Private Arthur Tennyson Brown 3697Australian Infantry, A.I.F.26/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Brown 267910Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)01/04/1918
Private Brown 38004Manchester Regiment19/08/1918
Sergeant Harry Cecil Brown 1110Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Corporal John Francis Brown 49040Devonshire Regiment27/03/1918 (aged 24)
Private John Leonard Brown 4663Australian Infantry, A.I.F.18/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Brown S/21442Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders24/08/1918
Corporal Oswald Stafford Brown 1208Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Brown 22595Highland Light Infantry24/08/1918
Private Brown 51295Manchester Regiment23/08/1918
Rifleman Brown 44327Royal Irish Rifles09/04/1918
Corporal Harry Bruce 3759AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.13/08/1918
Sergeant Roy Henry Bruce 2787Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private John James Bryce 2778Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 20)
Sergeant Alex Bryson 131Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 38)
Private Harold Victor Buchanan 3696Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Jack Buchanan S/17599Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Nelson Buck 3761Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Thomas Buck 18357South Wales Borderers11/10/1915 (aged 29)
Private Buckley 22368Manchester Regiment19/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Neville Buckley 37202East Yorkshire Regiment16/08/1918 (aged 19)
Sergeant Harold Joyce Bull 1922Australian Infantry, A.I.F.25/08/1918
Company Serjeant Major Bulleyment 51999King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry23/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Burke 2174Gloucestershire Regiment16/09/1918
Private Alexander Burns 1046Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Victor Stanley Burns 3110Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/08/1918 (aged 23)
Gunner Burrows 160305Royal Field Artillery11/08/1918
Private Butterworth 241738Lancashire Fusiliers23/03/1918
Private Edward Butt 7460Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Timothy Joseph Byrne 7453Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Gunner Cable 118906Royal Garrison Artillery11/08/1918
Corporal Calberry 412070Canadian Infantry08/08/1918
Private Paul Callus 16686East Lancashire Regiment21/03/1918
Private Calvert 250259Durham Light Infantry13/02/1917
Private Archibald Cameron 6977Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Charles Edwin Cameron 6038Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private David Campbell 390Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Private Campbell S/3464Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918
Private Denis Atkinson Canny 7689Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 41)
Private William Henry Carlyon 3455Australian Trench Mortar Battery23/08/1918
Private Michael Thomas Carmody 2499Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918
Private John Moodie Carrington 6888Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Cornelius Carroll 6737Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Sapper John Carruthers 18930Australian Engineers25/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private David George Carseldine 7226Australian Infantry, A.I.F.25/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Edward Vivian Carter 6472AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private James Allen Carter 2156AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 21)
Major Richard Thellusson Carter Royal Garrison Artillery18/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Edwin James Cartledge 2279Australian Pioneers22/08/1918
Private Thomas Casey 6939Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 41)
Private Guillaume Casimir 2628Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/09/1918 (aged 56)
Private James Oliver Cass 2282Australian Pioneers07/09/1918 (aged 28)
Second Lieutenant Edmund Jasper Shalcrass Cave Royal Air Force14/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private George Cave 203173Royal Warwickshire Regiment06/04/1918
Private Athel Handley Chad 7558Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Lance Corporal Thomas Walter Chadwick 757BAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Ernest James Chandler 2049Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918
Private John Henry Chaplin 95773Royal Fusiliers08/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Albert Leslie William Chapman 3754Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Lieutenant John Ernest Chapman Australian Flying Corps08/08/1918 (aged 23)
Gunner Sidney Charles Chapman 316129Royal Garrison Artillery11/08/1918
Private Roy Albert Chard 424658Canadian Infantry09/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private William Charles 3015Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Sapper Charlesworth 143260Royal Engineers23/03/1918
Private Cheadle 2732ALIAS22/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Francis Augustine Chesterton 7697Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 38)
Private Thistle Raymond Tod (Jack) Cheverton 828AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Sergeant Wilfrid Prior Chinner 3469BAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Chinnery 225478London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)09/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private Thomas Henry Chinnery 6492Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Private Alfred George Chipperfield 2334Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Melville Chiswell 51682Lancashire Fusiliers25/03/1918 (aged 32)
Private Clive John Christie 6474Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 22)
Rifleman Hubert Claasen 25/1694New Zealand Rifle Brigade15/09/1916
Private Joseph Robinson Clapham 95127Royal Fusiliers09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Clapp 203532Dorsetshire Regiment27/08/1918
Private Albert Clark 3266Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Private Cecil Herbert Clark 2883Australian Infantry, A.I.F.15/08/1918 (aged 33)
Sergeant Cecil Roy Clark 1071Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Donald Bedford Clark 2166Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Private Frederick George Clark 7276Australian Infantry, A.I.F.13/09/1918
Private Clark S/40830Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 36)
Private Maurice Clarke 4175Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Corporal Robert Joseph Clarke 8184Australian Field Artillery08/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Clarke 63435Lancashire Fusiliers23/08/1918
Private Thomas Cecil Cleary 3028Australian Infantry, A.I.F.13/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Terence Thomas Clifford 5000Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Pioneer William Cline 604563Royal Engineers12/11/1919 (aged 54)
Lance Corporal Ernest Wylie Clout 6233Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Corporal Joseph Gordon Coad 4447Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 26)
Serjeant Arthur Coates 37714Royal Horse Artillery16/08/1918
Second Lieutenant Cecil Melton Cobden Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 20)
Corporal Percy Cockayne 60002Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)19/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Henry Cocksedge 2041Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 34)
Second Lieutenant Coe Tank Corps08/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Harry Theodore Cole 6973Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Robert Henry Coles 5075Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private William Coller 4245Australian Infantry, A.I.F.13/06/1918
Lieutenant Harold Collins Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant James Colvin Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Joseph James Condon 6749Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Edward Henry Coningsby 6479Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Connell 60193Royal Scots27/08/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal John Connor 265822Cheshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 25)
Lieutenant Harold Victor Conrad Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private John William Conroy 4256Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Conroy 7662Manchester Regiment22/08/1918
Private Thomas Frederick Constable 6054Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/06/1918 (aged 27)
Private Edward Fredrick Conyers 2902Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private John Cook 13761Australian Army Medical Corps11/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Percy Cook 4785Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Sydney Cook 3618Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Thomas Cleveland Cook 4755Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal Cooke 20304Gloucestershire Regiment04/02/1917
Sergeant Arthur Charles Cooper 2868Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918 (aged 36)
Private Henry Isaiah Cooper 6239Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 35)
Corporal William Hector Cooper 1055Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Copley 3096Lancashire Fusiliers22/08/1918
Lance Corporal William Henry Corrigan 2040Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Corporal Leonard Patrick Cosgrove 245031London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)08/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private William Costello 1679Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Cottrell 220089East Yorkshire Regiment16/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Adolphus Joseph Coulon 6404Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 35)
Second Lieutenant Arthur Coulson Northumberland Fusiliers27/03/1918 (aged 22)
Sapper Coupe 440288Royal Engineers27/03/1918
Private Charles Cowan 6982Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 31)
Private Cowans 34795Northumberland Fusiliers26/03/1918
Private William Aaron Cox 7470Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private Samuel Edward Crake 6485Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Serjeant Crankshaw 202008Lancashire Fusiliers26/03/1918
Private Cranmer 49694Northamptonshire Regiment31/07/1918
Sergeant George Crawford 4177Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Gunner James Buchanan Crawford 35538Australian Field Artillery12/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Crawford 95626Tank Corps08/08/1918 (aged 26)
Sergeant Norman Crawford 1970Australian Field Artillery04/09/1918 (aged 21)
Private George William Cree 7214Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private Bert Crockenberg 7345Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 31)
Private George John Croft 5991Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Crooks 6615Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)17/09/1916
Private Albert George Crouch 3515Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 31)
Private Culling 706398Canadian Infantry08/08/1918
Private Joseph Cuneo 203010King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Curnow 3135Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private William Thomas Curnow 4522Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918 (aged 24)
Corporal Currey 388009London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)10/08/1918
Corporal William George Cust 4472Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Dales 200723Durham Light Infantry16/02/1917
Private Charles Phillip Dance 107Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery11/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Daniel 268051Cheshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 37)
Gunner William Daniel 58661Royal Garrison Artillery11/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Ernest Graham Davidson 1449Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Davies 53674Welsh Regiment16/09/1918
Private William Edward Lloyd Davies 1905Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Davies 52035King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry23/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private George Edward Owen Davis 5682Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Harry Davis 309AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Robert John Davis 7974Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Private Roy Vernon Davis 6007Australian Infantry, A.I.F.25/08/1918
Lance Corporal Charles Lewis Dawrant 38882North Staffordshire Regiment26/03/1918 (aged 21)
Lieutenant Dawson Royal Engineers26/03/1918
Private Charles Dean 777Australian Machine Gun Corps09/08/1918 (aged 27)
Driver Thomas Gregory De Mamiel 2805Australian Field Artillery10/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Darcy Gordon Dennis 7969Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Leonard Denton 37150King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry23/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Alfred Thomas Devereux 4488Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Private Dibbin 18089Gloucestershire Regiment26/03/1918
Private Dickins 202070Tank Corps08/08/1918
Private Douglas Godfrey Diffey G/44655Middlesex Regiment08/08/1918 (aged 18)
Bombardier Maurice Dix 411Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery09/08/1918
Private Angus Doak 3278Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Sydney John Dobson 911Australian Pioneers08/08/1918 (aged 25)
Rifleman Dockrell 452070London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles)08/08/1918
Private Patrick Doherty 7469Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Arthur Dosdale 3726Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private James Percy Down 929Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private George Henry Doyle 2587Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Richard John Draper 5366Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Drew 5288Gloucestershire Regiment05/02/1917
Private Driver 260243Gordon Highlanders02/04/1918
Private Robert William Drummond 3645Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private Drysdale S/11651Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918
Private Charles Duffy 29879Royal Dublin Fusiliers30/03/1918 (aged 24)
Private John Joseph Dunlop 7343Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Private Dunlop S/22247Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 19)
Serjeant Dunne S/14590Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918
Corporal Dunphy 6811Royal Dublin Fusiliers30/03/1918
Private Thomas Dunphy 7474Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 42)
Gunner Norman Archibald Dunshea 13037Australian Field Artillery22/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Durdle 329288Cambridgeshire Regiment28/03/1918
Corporal Louis Otto Duschke 6255Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Benjamin Bertrand Dutton 823Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 36)
Corporal Harry Thomas Dyer 301613Tank Corps08/08/1918 (aged 24)
Company Sergeant Major Stanley Alic Dyer 1336Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Lance Corporal Richard Parkinson Dyson 96Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 41)
Private Thomas Victor Green Earby 12/3984Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.16/09/1916
Private Ernest William Earle Yates 3228Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918 (aged 24)
Captain Eastgate-Smith Manchester Regiment27/08/1918
Private Eastwood 5347Royal Irish Regiment17/06/1918
Serjeant Ebbitt 15797Royal Dublin Fusiliers28/03/1918
Private David Edds 3627Australian Pioneers08/08/1918
Private Alexander Sidney Ede 7707Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Edge 245512Manchester Regiment15/08/1918
Private Roy Alexander Edmonds 1113Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Herbert Allan Edmondson 6254Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Albert James Edwards 7478Australian Infantry, A.I.F.26/08/1918
Private John Edwards 5018Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Albert Ernest Elkington 6755Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Driver Henry Arthur Matthew Ellis 168Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 37)
Private Thomas George Ellis 4468Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Private Percy James Elson 352654London Regiment09/08/1918 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Frederick William Emery 5676Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 26)
Gunner Albert Reginald Escott 8243Australian Field Artillery08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Ralph Etherington 241532East Lancashire Regiment26/03/1918 (aged 26)
Private Arthur Trevor Evans 4076Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private George Matthew Evans 33395East Yorkshire Regiment12/08/1918
Private Evans 36264Gloucestershire Regiment21/03/1918
Second Lieutenant Evans Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)23/08/1918
Private Evans 267082Welsh Regiment07/02/1917
Lance Corporal Alexander Ewing 2307Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Rudolph Oswald Louis Ey 237Australian Machine Gun Corps09/08/1918
Private Vere Farnham 506BAustralian Machine Gun Corps03/09/1918
Sergeant Alfred Victor Farrands 2407Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 31)
Rifleman Joseph Sidney Farrell 48831Rifle Brigade10/08/1918 (aged 26)
Driver Fautley 83397Royal Field Artillery10/09/1916
Sapper Fear 494263Royal Engineers17/09/1918
Corporal Herbert Featon 3765Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Corporal Fellows 3115Gloucestershire Regiment03/02/1917 (aged 21)
Private Eli Fenwick 7728Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Lance Corporal Arthur Ernest Fergusson 4488Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Fewtrell 63634Lancashire Fusiliers23/08/1918
Private Ernest Alfred Field 4679Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private William Minifie Field 7480Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 38)
Private Finch 89350Middlesex Regiment27/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Findlay S/40032Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Rifleman Finlay 371335London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)10/08/1918
Private Francis Finucane 7241Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Lance Corporal John Arthur Firebrace 1637Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private William Duncan Fisher 2411AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Private Fred Harold Fitt 7243Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private William Flanagan 5015Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918
Private Bertram Lawrence Flavel 6081Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 20)
Sapper Fletcher 179776Royal Engineers27/03/1918
Private Fletcher 21309King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry10/09/1918
Lance Serjeant Levi Fletcher 37263Lancashire Fusiliers23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private David George Flett 5816AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Henry Harvey Floyd 1752Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private William Agustine Flynn 1653Australian Infantry, A.I.F.02/09/1918 (aged 28)
Lieutenant Thomas Holt Fogg Royal Engineers26/03/1918 (aged 35)
Private George Forbes 6741Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Gunner Ford 159701Royal Field Artillery10/08/1918
Private Forsyth S/8228Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)21/03/1918
Private Robert Forsyth 307797Tank Corps09/08/1918 (aged 23)
Gunner Vaughan Edgar Foss 30756Australian Field Artillery11/08/1918 (aged 33)
Gunner Foster 176622Royal Garrison Artillery11/08/1918
Private Harold James Foster 2186Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 22)
Major John Askin Foster Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 28)
Serjeant Foster 241179King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry11/09/1918
Private Fox 2593Gloucestershire Regiment04/02/1917
Driver Foxhall 79546Royal Field Artillery17/07/1916
Sapper William Alfred Fragall 514680Royal Engineers27/08/1918 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Samuel Franks 422396London Regiment08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Bert Freeman 3493BAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Thomas Freeman 2856AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Hubert Friar 6084Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 25)
Sapper Friend 514740Royal Engineers27/08/1918
Private Patrick John Frostrop 6258Australian Infantry, A.I.F.13/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private James Fulcher 3654Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 45)
Corporal Ruben Fuller 1461Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Lance Corporal Samson Donald Fullerton 5375Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Corporal Albert Funnell 2602Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Furlong 18527Royal Dublin Fusiliers30/03/1918
Lance Corporal Walter Bruce Fyfe 43Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Richard Gabell 7255Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 35)
Corporal John Clement Gardiner 1615Royal Garrison Artillery11/08/1918 (aged 37)
Private Arthur Gardner 6584Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Lance Corporal Edgar Gardner 3494BAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private William Alfred Gardner 6817Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Athol Garner 2185Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/03/1918 (aged 22)
Private John James Gaul 5389Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Gear 305897Tank Corps08/08/1918 (aged 29)
Lieutenant Gordon Stewart Gemmell Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 25)
Rifleman Geoghegan R/13206King's Royal Rifle Corps09/08/1918
Corporal William Joseph Geraghty 3056Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Gibbons 77161Durham Light Infantry02/04/1918 (aged 36)
Private John Charles Gibbons 6049Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private John Gibbs 13489Gloucestershire Regiment16/09/1918 (aged 28)
Corporal Gibson 307389Tank Corps08/08/1918
Private George Frederick Gibson 3306Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 20)
Second Lieutenant Gibson Tank Corps09/08/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal William Gibson 2669AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Corporal George Albert Edward Gilbert 2831Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Arthur Herbert Gilham 637Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 30)
Gunner Bernard Benedict Gilhooly 1921Australian Field Artillery09/08/1918
Private George Arthur Gill 2908Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Sapper John Gillett 217192Royal Engineers27/03/1918 (aged 39)
Private Thomas James Girven 5387Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Corporal Charles Henry Goddard 1945Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Corporal Alfred Sydney Alexander Godrich 557Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Thomas Goodhead 887Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918
Rifleman Goodwins 50303King's Royal Rifle Corps09/08/1918
Lieutenant Gordon Royal Air Force07/07/1918
Corporal Thomas Gordon 3716Australian Field Artillery17/08/1918 (aged 28)
Gunner Jack Gorrick 1544Australian Field Artillery09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Thomas Gosden 2656Australian Infantry, A.I.F.07/09/1918
Corporal Arthur John Gosney 560Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 24)
Lieutenant James Gossip Australian Pioneers25/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Alfred Harry Gould 68562Royal Army Medical Corps15/09/1918 (aged 23)
Gunner Graham 19485Royal Garrison Artillery11/08/1918
Private William Graham 5804Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 24)
Sapper Grant 112319Royal Engineers14/08/1918
Private Harold Isadore Grant 3592AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 34)
Lieutenant Thomas Roy Grant Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Augustine Green 7491Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Green 76797Tank Corps23/08/1918
Rifleman Green 56006King's Royal Rifle Corps09/08/1918
Corporal Edward Greig 76251Tank Corps08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Gunner Francis Greppo 7Australian Field Artillery22/08/1918 (aged 42)
Gunner Greville 7ALIAS22/08/1918 (aged 42)
Private John Robert Grist 5097AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 19)
Gunner Harold Guildford Grocott 30193Australian Field Artillery17/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Reginald Groves 6525Australian Machine Gun Corps08/08/1918 (aged 21)
Lieutenant Charles Henry Guan Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 24)
Lance Sergeant Frederick Victor Guest 306Australian Pioneers08/08/1918
Second Lieutenant Gummer Tank Corps09/08/1918
Private Philip Gawler Guy 5370Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 29)
Rifleman Horace Hadfield B/201702Rifle Brigade04/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private John Severin Hagevole 7721AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.13/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Haggas 377324Manchester Regiment18/09/1918
Private Cecil Haid 4077Australian Pioneers25/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Haigh 46343King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry05/09/1918 (aged 19)
Rifleman Charles Horace Hall 321580London Regiment (City of London Rifles)08/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private Hall 327974Suffolk Regiment08/08/1918 (aged 33)
Lieutenant John Kenworthy Hall Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 31)
Second Lieutenant Halliday Royal Air Force03/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private Hamadene 63407Lancashire Fusiliers23/08/1918
Private James Hamer 3758Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Hamilton 305224Tank Corps08/08/1918
Private Harold James Hammer 4519Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private John Henry Hammon 3333Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private Hammond 204086Leicestershire Regiment22/03/1918
Rifleman Thomas Alfred Hammond 48754Rifle Brigade09/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Herbert Albert Hampson 37Australian Army Medical Corps25/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Thomas Hanley 5705Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Edmond Patrick Hanrahan 1915Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Walter William Harbidge 3910Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Gunner Douglas Dunscombe Harding 11852Australian Field Artillery17/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Percy Hardman 187065Canadian Infantry26/09/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Hargreaves King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry23/08/1918
Lance Corporal Hargreaves 241451East Lancashire Regiment31/03/1918
Gunner James Andrew Harkins 45878Royal Field Artillery25/08/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal John Harney 2693AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Herman Henry Harp 7720AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.13/08/1918
Private Patrick Harrington 3594Australian Machine Gun Corps22/08/1918
Private Gordon Harris 7556Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Lieutenant Thomas Victor Harris Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Frank Francis Harrison 7494Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Harry Hart 40253Royal Dublin Fusiliers30/03/1918 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal Jacob Hart 202780London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)08/08/1918 (aged 28)
Sergeant Richard Hugo Hart 1880Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Gunner Hart 31771Royal Field Artillery26/03/1918
Private Hartley 267049Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry12/03/1917 (aged 21)
Private Alfred Stanley Haskell 32800Gloucestershire Regiment15/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private Patrick Joseph Hatton 7489Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Corporal Hedley Hawken 2054Australian Machine Gun Corps12/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Hawker 42590Middlesex Regiment03/04/1918
Private Ernest Haycock 43022Manchester Regiment18/09/1918 (aged 23)
Private James Edward Hayden 6093Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Private Head 282416London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)09/08/1918
Private Heath M2/102904Army Service Corps23/08/1918
Sergeant George Thomas Heathcote 893Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Corporal Ernest Heatley 12/2732Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.16/09/1916 (aged 22)
Gunner Hemmings 84313Royal Garrison Artillery12/08/1918
Gunner Hems 167595Royal Garrison Artillery11/08/1918
Private Leslie Hendrie 1720Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Sergeant Donald Henry 2500Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Clifford Osborne Henshaw 6794Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Francis Richard Herbert 3802Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Henry John Herbert 2629Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Corporal John Herbert 4766Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/09/1918 (aged 29)
Private Maurice Philip Herman 4370Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Percy Herrick 6038Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private William Webb Heweston 3801Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 42)
Private James Henry Hewins 352475London Regiment09/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Walter George Hiam 1761Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Francis William Higgs 6870Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 34)
Private Emil Victor Hilgood 7505Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Hill 426183London Regiment10/08/1918
Lance Corporal Edward Ernest Hill 6774Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private James William Hill 3770AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Victor George Hill 6360Australian Infantry, A.I.F.18/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private William John Hill 234Australian Machine Gun Corps19/08/1918 (aged 23)
Rifleman Hilton B/201205Rifle Brigade08/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Hinchcliffe 53213King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry08/09/1918
Private Joseph Thomas Hitchcock 986Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Leslie Hitchcock 6022Australian Provost Corps08/08/1918
Corporal Hogan 200585Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)01/04/1918
Private Daniel Hogan 2190Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Joseph Francis Hogan 7479Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 19)
Gunner Sydney Cooper Hogg 155013Royal Garrison Artillery11/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Holden 245320Manchester Regiment19/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Houldsworth 266385Cheshire Regiment21/03/1918
Company Serjeant Major Hole C/3603King's Royal Rifle Corps27/03/1918
Private Bernard Howarth Holgate 4151Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private William James Holley 202499Gloucestershire Regiment18/09/1918 (aged 28)
Private Joseph Holmes 31540East Yorkshire Regiment16/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Robert Harold Holmes 309Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Holt 62354King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry08/09/1918
Private Harold Hopkinson 351346Manchester Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 33)
Corporal Hopper 201865Manchester Regiment16/04/1917
Private Robert Francis Hopwood 7475Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private William Horan 426020London Regiment09/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private Harold Norman James Horsey 3293Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/09/1918 (aged 21)
Private William Henry Horwood 7025Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 31)
Gunner Howard 130768Royal Garrison Artillery11/08/1918
Second Lieutenant Harold Edgar Hudson Royal Air Force08/08/1918 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Leonard Hughes 6406Australian Engineers23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Corporal William Whitall Hughes 2593Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Charles Franklin Hulett 5690Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private George Louis Hunter 95230Royal Fusiliers08/08/1918 (aged 29)
Corporal John Hunter S/23831Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 31)
Gunner John William Crawford Hunter 37331Australian Field Artillery19/08/1918
Sapper Reginald George Thomas Hunter 19124Australian Engineers10/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private Raymond Horace Huntington 2189Australian Infantry, A.I.F.19/08/1918
Private George Troubridge Huntingford 4444Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 23)
Serjeant Frederick Bishop Hurrell 371727London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)06/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private Reginald Hutchinson 1922Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Corporal David Marshall Hutton 2065Australian Infantry, A.I.F.28/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Herbert William Hyde 53079Durham Light Infantry26/03/1918 (aged 21)
Private George Hyland 1764Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private John George Iliffe 7547Australian Infantry, A.I.F.07/05/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal George Harrington Irving 235036King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry19/08/1918 (aged 20)
Serjeant Thomas Irving 5444Border Regiment05/07/1916 (aged 44)
Lance Corporal Laurie James 1965Australian Infantry, A.I.F.25/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private James 66078Cheshire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal William Thomas James 7010Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Jamieson S/23244Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private Jaques 240986Yorkshire Regiment27/03/1917
Rifleman Jarman 48762Rifle Brigade08/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private Albert Edward Jarvis 3835Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 29)
Second Lieutenant Jefferies Tank Corps10/08/1918
Private Harry Jefferson 3829Australian Machine Gun Corps09/08/1918
Acting Bombardier Jefferson 134970Royal Field Artillery17/03/1917
Private Jeffery M/334627Army Service Corps16/09/1918
Private Jeffery 305801Tank Corps08/08/1918
Private Harry Jeffery 307631Tank Corps08/08/1918 (aged 25)
Sergeant William Oakford Jeffrey 29874Australian Field Artillery10/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Jenkin 51906Cheshire Regiment27/03/1918
Serjeant Reginald Robert Jenkinson 368062London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)08/08/1918 (aged 34)
Rifleman Stanley Archer Jenner 302483London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)08/08/1918
Private Jennings 35454Border Regiment23/08/1918
Private Frank Jewson 298099London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)09/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private Joseph Alexander Johns 5690Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 41)
Private Johnson 275417London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)08/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private Bernard Johnson 7511Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Lance Corporal Johnson 277262Manchester Regiment05/08/1918
Sergeant Bertie Harold Johnston 704Australian Machine Gun Corps09/08/1918
Private Johnston 25933Royal Dublin Fusiliers21/03/1918
Driver Stanley Percival Johnston 17118Australian Field Artillery24/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Jones 34619King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry04/05/1918
Private Harold Leslie Jones 3544Gloucestershire Regiment04/02/1917 (aged 22)
Corporal John Clements Jones 5419Australian Infantry, A.I.F.27/08/1918
Private Jones 23283King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry19/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Jones 12067King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry23/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Jones 43819Welsh Regiment18/09/1918
Private John James Jordan 3305Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 32)
Lieutenant Jordan 5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)08/08/1918 (aged 37)
Private Thomas Lynn Joseph 760AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Gunner Rupert Robert Josephson 2877Australian Field Artillery15/08/1918 (aged 21)
Driver Ernest Daniel Joyce 29301Australian Field Artillery10/08/1918 (aged 33)
Private George Thomas Kane 7493Australian Infantry, A.I.F.05/09/1918 (aged 28)
Private Kay 62393Manchester Regiment12/09/1918 (aged 23)
Private Patrick Albert Keane 29777Royal Dublin Fusiliers28/03/1918 (aged 22)
Pioneer Keen 317033Royal Engineers09/09/1918 (aged 20)
Second Lieutenant James Patrick Kelly Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Reginald Neville Kelly 5600Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/06/1918 (aged 20)
Private Rudolph Charles Kelly 5726Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 22)
Gunner Kelly 111769Tank Corps11/08/1918
Private Kemmery 63410Lancashire Fusiliers23/08/1918
Serjeant George William Kemp 61810Royal Field Artillery27/03/1918
Private John Claude Kenihan 1216Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Sapper Kennedy 57355Royal Engineers26/09/1915
Corporal Daniel Kenny 45957Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)11/04/1918
Private Kenny 10735King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry20/08/1918
Private Reginald Stow Kentish 2189Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Eric John Kenton 44683South Wales Borderers16/09/1918 (aged 21)
Private James Keogh 2493Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Kerr 43542Royal Dublin Fusiliers01/04/1918
Gunner Kerr 21873Royal Field Artillery10/08/1918
Sergeant William John Kerr 2690Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Kerrison 305819Tank Corps08/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Frederick Joseph Kershaw 7088Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lieutenant John Kershaw Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private John Willie Kershaw 204319Lancashire Fusiliers23/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Ketley 36667East Yorkshire Regiment08/04/1918 (aged 34)
Corporal George Joseph Cook Kimberley 350Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 44)
Gunner Austin George Kimpton 1204Australian Field Artillery09/08/1918 (aged 41)
Private Kind 63285Cheshire Regiment21/03/1918
Private Albert Edward King 2635Australian Pioneers23/08/1918 (aged 29)
Corporal Benjamin George King 2734AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private King 35092Gloucestershire Regiment27/03/1918 (aged 32)
Second Lieutenant King Monmouthshire Regiment15/09/1918 (aged 25)
Private John Kinnane 2103Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918
Private Charles Kinsella 27007Royal Dublin Fusiliers29/03/1918
Lance Corporal Stephen Joseph Kitchener 6340Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Corporal William James Kitson 829AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Joseph Henry Klause 7130Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Second Lieutenant Lewis Conrad Klug Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Knight 277177Durham Light Infantry28/03/1918
Private Joseph Knight 657Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Gunner Sydney Horace Knight 33880Australian Field Artillery15/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Knight G/6198Royal Sussex Regiment21/03/1918
Corporal Knights 200156Suffolk Regiment08/08/1918
Private Knottley 295683London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)08/08/1918
Gunner Knowles 307586Royal Garrison Artillery09/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Knox 91494Tank Corps08/08/1918
Private Thomas James Knox 1464Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 23)
Gunner Frank Kummer 583Australian Field Artillery22/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Neil Laidler 3187Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Private George Roy Lancaster 2894AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.18/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Ernest William Larkins 5369Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 31)
Private Charles Latwood 5424Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918
Private George Laurie 599Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 29)
Corporal Reuben Keith Lawless 737Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Percy Lawrence Royal Air Force09/08/1918 (aged 27)
Rifleman Lawson O/288Rifle Brigade05/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private John Henry Lawton 5607Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/06/1918
Private Lionel Lazer 7531Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private William Leahy 2431Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Leighton G/77125Royal Fusiliers08/08/1918
Private Austin Swain Leslie 5862Australian Infantry, A.I.F.04/09/1918
Private George Edward Leverett 6555Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Lewis 368091London Regiment08/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private William Percy Lewthwaite 15604Border Regiment05/07/1916 (aged 24)
Private Percival Lindley 266535Hertfordshire Regiment26/03/1918 (aged 20)
Private Robert William Linklater 7609Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 18)
Private Harold Lister 203407East Lancashire Regiment21/03/1918 (aged 19)
Corporal Fred Litchfield 2639Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Algy Cyril Littlechild 3445Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 18)
Captain Lluellyn Lincolnshire Regiment13/08/1918
Lance Corporal Albert Edward Lock 454Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 32)
Private John Williams Lock 909Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private James Caldwell Logan 6919Australian Infantry, A.I.F.24/08/1918 (aged 22)
Corporal Logan 3913Manchester Regiment15/08/1918
Private Lonsdale 44148Durham Light Infantry29/03/1918 (aged 20)
Rifleman Edwin Alexander Lowry 394087London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)10/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Cecil Flinders Lucas 138Australian Machine Gun Corps23/08/1918
Private Roy Clarence Lucas 7508Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 17)
Rifleman Lutton 300Royal Irish Rifles01/07/1916 (aged 22)
Sapper Abraham Lyden 6727Australian Engineers30/08/1918
Private Alfred Lynch 5595Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Private James Henry Lyons 7520Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Lance Corporal Ernest William Mccallum 2713Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private William James Mccarron 4197AAustralian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Mcconaghie 13938Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers01/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private George Oswald Mccready 6813Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Lance Corporal Mccrorie S/15229Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918
Private Michael Mcdade 941Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Serjeant Mcdonald S/2798Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Henry Butler Macdonald 3754Australian Infantry, A.I.F.15/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private John Archibald Mcdonald 22532Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 24)
Private Mcdonald 9572Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918
Regimental Serjeant Major Patrick Mcevoy 15084Durham Light Infantry20/04/1918 (aged 28)
Private Mcewan 279233Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders11/09/1918
Private Mcgarva D/132935th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)08/08/1918
Corporal Mckean S/14664Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private James Mckeever 3300Manchester Regiment16/08/1918 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Colin Campbell Mckenzie 6869Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 28)
Corporal Francis Sidney Mckeon 2416Australian Infantry, A.I.F.19/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Peter Sinclair Mckinnon 4847Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Mackintosh 241240Yorkshire Regiment28/03/1918
Private Ernest Mckone 1990Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 25)
Private Andrew Mclachlan 307966Tank Corps09/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Hugh Mclaughlin 7278Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private Maclean 716117Canadian Infantry08/08/1918
Private Thomas Ellis Mclean 2885Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Reginald Washington Mcminn 5840Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Lance Corporal Mcneil S/8307Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918
Private Stanley Charles Mcphee 3741Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private John Mcpherson 3400Australian Machine Gun Corps08/08/1918 (aged 29)
Private Roy Macpherson 4575Australian Infantry, A.I.F.03/09/1918 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Mcquarrie S/7154Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders23/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Cecil Ernest Madden 2915Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 39)
Lieutenant Norman John Madden Australian Infantry, A.I.F.18/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Maddison 200232Suffolk Regiment08/08/1918
Private Hugh Maher 2746Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private James Aloysius Timothy Maher 7522Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Private Thomas Patrick Maher 220AAustralian Army Medical Corps09/08/1918
Private Cornelius Mahony 7510Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/08/1918
Private Mallace 275494Royal Scots05/09/1918
Captain Godfrey George Manning Australian Pioneers08/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Joseph Henry Mansell 2012Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Harry Bolderson Mantle G/82582Royal Fusiliers03/06/1918 (aged 33)
Rifleman Philip Charles Gordon Marchent 44863King's Royal Rifle Corps09/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Marland 240732Lancashire Fusiliers21/03/1918
Private Robert Whitelaw Marshall 3162Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Rifleman William John Marshall R/21265King's Royal Rifle Corps27/03/1918 (aged 23)
Private Richard Guy Marson 1978Australian Salvage Corps31/08/1918
Gunner Francis Martin 961337Royal Field Artillery26/03/1918 (aged 26)
Private Sydney Ernest Martin 4244Australian Pioneers23/08/1918
Private William George Maslen 225639Northamptonshire Regiment03/04/1918 (aged 41)
Private Claud William Mason 4169Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918
Private Mason 21144South Lancashire Regiment28/01/1916
Private Duncan Sinclair Matheson 7626Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Robert Matthias 4037Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Maughan 19266East Yorkshire Regiment12/08/1918 (aged 32)
Lieutenant John William Maunsell Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 29)
Rifleman May 348197London Regiment (City of London Rifles)09/08/1918
Private Zachariah Charles May 4148Australian Pioneers25/08/1918 (aged 28)
Private Mayall 60481Manchester Regiment24/08/1918
Lance Corporal Stanley Clyde Maybury 2936Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Rifleman Mayes R/22116King's Royal Rifle Corps27/03/1918
Private Archibald Mayne 29236East Yorkshire Regiment12/08/1918
Captain Alexander John Mayo Royal Air Force09/08/1918
Private Reginald Edward Meacham 7741Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 23)
Private Mears 28649Border Regiment10/09/1918
Private Medlow 28105Middlesex Regiment26/09/1916
Private Harold Francis Ball 3871Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Lance Corporal Harry George Menzies 1331Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 36)
Private Albert Mercer 6305Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918
Private Merchant 95824Royal Fusiliers08/08/1918
Corporal Joseph Merchant 3530Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 35)
Private Victor Harold Merrifield 3225Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/07/1918 (aged 21)
Private Norman Herbert Mikalsen 7028Australian Infantry, A.I.F.25/08/1918 (aged 20)
Gunner Reginald Milan 314107Royal Garrison Artillery23/08/1918 (aged 34)
Serjeant Miles D/78805th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)08/08/1918
Sergeant Frederick Melancthon Milgate 934Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 29)
Sapper Joseph Miller 312793Royal Engineers08/08/1918
Private Alfred John Miller 36353East Surrey Regiment23/07/1918 (aged 19)
Sergeant Robert Miller 453Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Miller 21856Essex Regiment17/09/1918 (aged 30)
Private Mills 21396Border Regiment05/07/1916 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal Archibald Forrest Milne 2621Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 26)
Private Milne 16595King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)14/10/1915
Driver Milnes 113218Royal Horse Artillery23/08/1918
Serjeant Minogue 48489Royal Horse Artillery20/08/1918
Lance Corporal Mitchell 25576Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)21/03/1918
Private Robert Alexander Mitchell 7524Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 37)
Private James Monaghan 7039Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918
Driver Charles Montignani 569Australian Infantry, A.I.F.22/08/1918 (aged 27)
Private Moore 57407Lincolnshire Regiment14/08/1918
Second Lieutenant Elphinstone Henry Moors Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 30)
Private Arthur Morgan 1776Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/08/1918 (aged 22)
Lieutenant Walter Morgan Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/08/1918 (aged 30)
Rifleman Flurance William Moriarty 323567London Regiment (City of London Rifles)21/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Leonard Morrish 1418Australian Infantry, A.I.F.09/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private Cyril Leigh Vernon Morrison 3893Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private George Morrison 2734Australian Infantry, A.I.F.22/08/1918
Sergeant John Donald Morrison 2645Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/08/1918 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Morrison 1269Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders10/09/1918
Lance Corporal Charles Morrow 919Australian Infantry, A.I.F.08/09/1918 (aged 29)
Loading regiments list
Australian Infantry, A.I.F.779
Australian Field Artillery39
Tank Corps37
Royal Garrison Artillery34
Manchester Regiment34
Lancashire Fusiliers29
Royal Air Force29
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders28
Australian Pioneers27
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry26
Australian Machine Gun Corps26
Gloucestershire Regiment25
London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)20
Royal Engineers20
Royal Field Artillery18
Durham Light Infantry14
Australian Engineers13
Royal Fusiliers12
Royal Dublin Fusiliers11
Cheshire Regiment10
Rifle Brigade10
Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery10
London Regiment10
Border Regiment10
King's Royal Rifle Corps10
Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)9
Australian Army Medical Corps8
Essex Regiment7
East Yorkshire Regiment7
Northumberland Fusiliers7
London Regiment (City of London Rifles)7
Royal Horse Artillery7
London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)6
Suffolk Regiment6
East Lancashire Regiment6
Canadian Infantry6
Royal Sussex Regiment5
Middlesex Regiment5
5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)5
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)5
Army Service Corps5
Northamptonshire Regiment5
Royal Irish Rifles5
Cambridgeshire Regiment4
Welsh Regiment4
East Surrey Regiment4
Dorsetshire Regiment4
Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)4
West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)4
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers3
Lincolnshire Regiment3
London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)3
Leicestershire Regiment3
Royal Army Medical Corps3
Royal Scots3
Highland Light Infantry3
South Wales Borderers3
Bedfordshire Regiment3
South Lancashire Regiment3
Yorkshire Regiment2
The King's (Liverpool Regiment)2
Australian Provost Corps2
Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry2
Australian Flying Corps2
Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)2
Australian Salvage Corps2
North Staffordshire Regiment2
London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)2
Australian Trench Mortar Battery2
Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.2
Monmouthshire Regiment2
General List1
London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)1
The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)1
Australian Division1
Royal Berkshire Regiment1
Royal Warwickshire Regiment1
Gordon Highlanders1
Hertfordshire Regiment1
King's Own Scottish Borderers1
Canadian Railway Troops1
Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry1
Reserve Cavalry Regiment1
London Regiment (The Rangers)1
Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)1
Devonshire Regiment1
King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)1
15th (The King's) Hussars1
South Staffordshire Regiment1
London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)1
Royal Irish Regiment1
Royal Flying Corps1
London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles)1
New Zealand Rifle Brigade1
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Sunday 26 September 1915110
Friday 1 October 1915110
Monday 11 October 1915120
Thursday 14 October 1915110
Friday 15 October 1915130
Friday 28 January 1916110
Saturday 1 July 1916991
Sunday 2 July 1916110
Wednesday 5 July 1916450
Thursday 13 July 1916110
Monday 17 July 1916110
Thursday 20 July 1916111
Sunday 30 July 1916220
Sunday 3 September 1916220
Sunday 10 September 1916110
Thursday 14 September 1916110
Friday 15 September 1916220
Saturday 16 September 1916220
Sunday 17 September 1916110
Tuesday 26 September 1916440
Saturday 3 February 1917100
Sunday 4 February 191710107
Monday 5 February 1917110
Wednesday 7 February 1917110
Sunday 11 February 1917110
Tuesday 13 February 1917220
Friday 16 February 1917110
Wednesday 28 February 1917110
Sunday 4 March 1917110
Thursday 8 March 1917122
Monday 12 March 1917330
Saturday 17 March 1917110
Tuesday 27 March 1917110
Sunday 1 April 1917120
Monday 2 April 1917110
Monday 16 April 1917110
Tuesday 1 May 1917110
Thursday 17 May 1917122
Thursday 21 March 191821232
Friday 22 March 1918550
Saturday 23 March 1918330
Sunday 24 March 1918441
Monday 25 March 1918240
Tuesday 26 March 191819182
Wednesday 27 March 191824253
Thursday 28 March 191810101
Friday 29 March 1918220
Saturday 30 March 1918892
Sunday 31 March 1918330
Monday 1 April 1918761
Tuesday 2 April 1918330
Wednesday 3 April 1918330
Thursday 4 April 1918441
Friday 5 April 1918210
Saturday 6 April 1918110
Monday 8 April 1918221
Tuesday 9 April 1918110
Thursday 11 April 1918110
Friday 12 April 1918343
Monday 15 April 1918100
Tuesday 16 April 1918110
Saturday 20 April 1918220
Saturday 27 April 1918110
Tuesday 30 April 1918110
Wednesday 1 May 1918110
Thursday 2 May 1918122
Saturday 4 May 1918110
Monday 6 May 1918110
Tuesday 7 May 1918240
Friday 10 May 1918230
Sunday 19 May 1918230
Monday 3 June 1918100
Monday 10 June 1918340
Tuesday 11 June 1918220
Thursday 13 June 1918110
Sunday 16 June 1918100
Monday 17 June 1918331
Tuesday 18 June 1918100
Sunday 23 June 1918110
Monday 24 June 1918110
Tuesday 25 June 1918110
Monday 1 July 1918110
Thursday 4 July 1918110
Sunday 7 July 1918110
Wednesday 10 July 1918110
Saturday 13 July 1918110
Wednesday 17 July 1918110
Thursday 18 July 1918110
Monday 22 July 1918110
Tuesday 23 July 1918331
Thursday 25 July 1918110
Sunday 28 July 1918122
Wednesday 31 July 1918550
Thursday 1 August 1918100
Friday 2 August 1918100
Monday 5 August 1918110
Tuesday 6 August 1918590
Wednesday 7 August 1918341
Thursday 8 August 191819123835
Friday 9 August 191821526275
Saturday 10 August 191811815052
Sunday 11 August 19188310229
Monday 12 August 1918415113
Tuesday 13 August 191817204
Wednesday 14 August 1918560
Thursday 15 August 19189121
Friday 16 August 191822299
Saturday 17 August 1918193210
Sunday 18 August 191818216
Monday 19 August 191831356
Tuesday 20 August 1918770
Wednesday 21 August 1918350
Thursday 22 August 191825323
Friday 23 August 191826633266
Saturday 24 August 191812156
Sunday 25 August 1918294412
Monday 26 August 1918461
Tuesday 27 August 191816161
Wednesday 28 August 191812160
Thursday 29 August 1918220
Friday 30 August 1918110
Saturday 31 August 1918200
Monday 2 September 1918461
Tuesday 3 September 191811134
Wednesday 4 September 1918111810
Thursday 5 September 1918563
Friday 6 September 1918343
Saturday 7 September 1918431
Sunday 8 September 1918551
Monday 9 September 1918474
Tuesday 10 September 1918680
Wednesday 11 September 1918320
Thursday 12 September 1918331
Friday 13 September 1918110
Saturday 14 September 1918551
Sunday 15 September 1918880
Monday 16 September 191812102
Tuesday 17 September 1918330
Wednesday 18 September 1918660
Thursday 19 September 1918120
Friday 20 September 1918110
Monday 23 September 1918110
Monday 30 September 1918110
Wednesday 12 November 1919100
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ParishDioceseCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
BarryVale of Glamorgan220
Burnham-on-Sea and HighbridgeSedgemoor100
Bures St. MaryBabergh110
MartleshamEast Suffolk110
NewtimberMid Sussex111
Brandon and ByshottlesCounty Durham110
StanhopeCounty Durham110
Cleobury MortimerShropshire111
St. IvesCornwall110
KidderminsterWyre Forest100
OverSouth Cambridgeshire100
Great DawleyTelford and Wrekin111
Hatfield PeverelBraintree110
BuckinghamAylesbury Vale110
Monkton and Prestwick122
SeatonEast Devon110
HertfordEast Hertfordshire110
HytheFolkestone and Hythe110
Mid Calder110
CrowlandSouth Holland110
SheringhamNorth Norfolk111
Kingussie and Insh100
RhooseVale of Glamorgan110
Llantwit MajorVale of Glamorgan110
FramlinghamEast Suffolk110
Hurstpierpoint and Sayers CommonMid Sussex101
SpennymoorCounty Durham120
Ross-on-WyeHerefordshire, County of110
City of DurhamCounty Durham111
Bromyard and WinslowHerefordshire, County of110
East Malling and LarkfieldTonbridge and Malling111
RydeIsle of Wight110
Ockbrook and BorrowashErewash100
Great WakeringRochford110
Old Monkland111
Saffron WaldenUttlesford110
RingwoodNew Forest111
SwanningtonNorth West Leicestershire110
Killarow and Kilmeny110
Burton LatimerKettering110
ShobnallEast Staffordshire110
Thornham MagnaMid Suffolk110
CastlemortonMalvern Hills110
ShildonCounty Durham110
St. IvesHuntingdonshire100
MacclesfieldCheshire East111
Niton and WhitwellIsle of Wight110
BarnstapleNorth Devon110
Fen DittonSouth Cambridgeshire110
BonsallDerbyshire Dales110
ChigwellEpping Forest110
Great ChesterfordUttlesford110
Old Kilpatrick110
Netley MarshNew Forest110
Boughton MonchelseaMaidstone111
Croy and Dalcross111
Husbands BosworthHarborough110
Milford HavenPembrokeshire110
BurtonEast Staffordshire100
Stow HillNewport110
WoodbridgeEast Suffolk110
SlaughamMid Sussex110
HamsterleyCounty Durham122
Hail WestonHuntingdonshire110
BatchworthThree Rivers110
Anlaby with Anlaby CommonEast Riding of Yorkshire110
Charlton KingsCheltenham111
FreshwaterIsle of Wight110
MildenhallWest Suffolk101
Dunoon and Kilmun100
CopythorneNew Forest110
Mains and Strathmartine110
HildenboroughTonbridge and Malling110
Old BuckenhamBreckland111