Date of death: Thursday 29 October 1914

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Corporal Henry George Franklin 15466Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Tom Beaumont 10702Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Serjeant Samuel Barnes 8399South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Richard Naves 4986Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private Christopher Neville Smith 7967Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Serjeant Reginald Phillip Slade 7635Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private William Tom Westerman 6013Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Lieutenant Morys Wynne-Jones Royal Engineers29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private William H. Wills 7967Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Frederick Augustus George Harfield 9223Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Major The Hon. Leslie D'henin Hamilton Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Regimental Serjeant Major John Lawrence Moloney 68888Royal Field Artillery29/10/1914 (aged 41)
Private George Henry Brighton 8976Norfolk Regiment29/10/1914
Private John Bradley 6880Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private William Armstrong 9196Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Lieutenant Ralph Escott Hancock Devonshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Percy Richard Lee 10640Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Serjeant Neill 6369Royal Irish Regiment29/10/1914
Private William James Barnfield 8389Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Second Lieutenant Williams Wynn Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 18)
Captain Lord Richard Wellesley Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Second Lieutenant Edward Robert Waring King's Royal Rifle Corps29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Major Wilfred Beckett Walker Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 38)
Captain Walker East Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 39)
Major Humphrey St. Leger Stucley Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 37)
Lieutenant Howard Bertie Strong The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Lieutenant Granville Keith Falconer Smith Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Captain Guy Rennie Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Captain Robert John Blatchford Oldrey 4th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish)29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Lieutenant Sir Gilchrist Nevill Ogilvy Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Lieutenant The Hon. Charles Douglas-pennant Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 37)
Captain Moubray Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 42)
Second Lieutenant George Henry Mcauliffe Cameron Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 40)
Lieutenant Cortlandt Graham Gordon Mackenzie Royal Scots Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Lieutenant James Raymond Mclintock Lonsdale 4th (Queen's Own) Hussars29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Lieutenant Charles Keith Latta Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Captain Guy Francis Headlam Keenlyside Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Second Lieutenant Lionel Holford Hughes North Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Lieutenant John Holman 4th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish)29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Captain Frank Hind East Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Second Lieutenant Frederick Mcmahon Hardman Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Captain Ronald Steuart Gordon 57th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914 (aged 37)
Lieutenant James Howie Fraser Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Captain John Kearsley Dawson-scott Royal Engineers29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Lieutenant The Hon. Alan George Sholto Douglas-pennant Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Captain Charles Edward De La Pasture Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Captain James Anson Otho Brooke Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Captain Gordon Hargreaves Brown Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Second Lieutenant The Hon. Vere Douglas Boscawen Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Patrick Edward Adam Blair Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Captain Geoffrey Malcolm Bentley Northamptonshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Lieutenant Colonel Henry Lawrence Anderson 9th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 47)
Private Thomas Harry Evans 7233Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Hebblethwaite 7369York and Lancaster Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Lawes 10693Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Wilkinson Bond Cooper 8004Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Frederick Cockett 6006Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Reginald C. Clark 9759Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private George Ernest Chapman 9073Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Lieutenant Geoffrey Arthur Campbell Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Captain Colin Frederick Fitzroy Campbell Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Lieutenant John Gillis Butt Royal Army Medical Corps29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Arthur Herbert Posden Burn 1st (Royal) Dragoons29/10/1914
Captain Arthur George Mccausland Burn East Surrey Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Lieutenant Wade 3rd Brahmans29/10/1914
Private Jennings 2071Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Richard Brotherton 6015Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Edward Mount 6949Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Middleton 5866Royal Irish Regiment29/10/1914
Private John William Collins 7730Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Dash 15859Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Gunner Archibald Gilbertson 74350Royal Field Artillery29/10/1914 (aged 18)
Lance Serjeant John William Bingham 10/910Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Serjeant Charles David Morling 8437South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private James Sutherland 9881Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Walter Bryan Stubbs 3695Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Ernest Alfred Stokes 4353Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Arthur W. Stephens 7459Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Whalley 15056Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Serjeant John Montgomery 486Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Ernest Charles William Miller 8959Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private David Miller 7341Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private William Meston 639Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Reuben Jayes 11081King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914
Private James Henry Barnett 3/1877King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Stoker 1st Class William Henry Robinson K/20793Royal Navy, HMS Falcon29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Lee 7051Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Thomas Henry Bramble L/8166The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal John Campbell Stobo 978Seaforth Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Alfred Clarke 1247Royal Warwickshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Joseph Phillip Price 7812South Wales Borderers29/10/1914
Private William Tillin Kilby 13076Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Frederick James Fletcher 13303Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Archibald Rhodes Disher L/10665The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Sidney Francis Curtis 7129Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Charles Herbert Edgar Carter 10113Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Percy Seager 7016Wiltshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Leonard Charles Dolden 844Royal Warwickshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Powell 9675North Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private Price 7664King's Shropshire Light Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Simmons 8843Royal Welsh Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Sinclair 7463Royal Scots29/10/1914
Private Fredrick Thomas Westlake 7726Royal Berkshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private James George 6940Connaught Rangers29/10/1914 (aged 38)
Private Aaron Gorton 9627Royal Berkshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Hayes 299Lancashire Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private John Johnson 7619East Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Stephen Jones 10167Cheshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Madden 13847Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Lance Corporal George William Newman 7538Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Battery Serjeant Major Bert Avery 18958Royal Field Artillery29/10/1914 (aged 41)
Private George Cato 1588The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Ransom 6505Wiltshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Tuplin 7724Lincolnshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private William Grimes 3/229King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914
Serjeant Thomas James Lake 7867Lincolnshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Rifleman Davey 9026Rifle Brigade29/10/1914
Guardsman Moses Bennett 4284Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Thomas Burns 10646Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Durkin 9270Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Edwards 7605Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Elder 3/2671Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Feery 7769Connaught Rangers29/10/1914
Serjeant Hansbrow 7016Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Joseph Martindale 5408Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Guardsman Penn 2879Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Serjeant Phillips 5781Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Renshaw 4110Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Alfred Stringer 8729Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Serjeant Stanley Warren 5724Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Watson 3/2185Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Trigwell 6017Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private O'neill SS/3545Army Service Corps29/10/1914 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal Fryer 261South African Field Post and Telegraph Corps29/10/1914
Serjeant Aikman 7862Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Bain 324Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Chapman 10259Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Dalgarno 809Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Harold Davies 10744Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private Elson 10501Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Serjeant Ferguson 10540Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Higginbottom 8769Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Ingram 14256Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private William Henry Jordan 5456Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Andrew Stephen Ledingham 504Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Mathieson 9982Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Lance Corporal George Gordon Oliver 16108Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Arthur Nathaniel Pearce 6385Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Settle 8935Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Smith 7680Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal Strachan 340Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Thomas Wainwright 13745Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Samuel Livingstone 442Seaforth Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Arthur Levitt 3/5670East Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Sapper Krishna Chawan 33383rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sepoy Dharm Singh 3759th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Private Frank Cummings L/10579Middlesex Regiment29/10/1914
Sepoy Mir Dad 482759th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Private Devlin 10583Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers29/10/1914
Private Mccormack 7505King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Rostron 8546Border Regiment29/10/1914
Private Smith 8419South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Mooney 9516Royal Dublin Fusiliers29/10/1914
Private David Alfred Sheldrake SR/6209Middlesex Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Corporal Arthur Bushell 7780York and Lancaster Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Lance Serjeant Mcdonald 7281King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Sydney John Whatley 8919Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Sapper Voller 6927Royal Engineers29/10/1914
Driver Ram Ghasita 20432Indian Royal Artillery29/10/1914
Driver Boyde T2/10659Army Service Corps29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Armourer's Mate Young 168528Royal Navy, (R.N.R. B.1049). HMS Roebuck29/10/1914
Private Howard 789Middlesex Regiment29/10/1914
Private Horace Walker 6352Lincolnshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private Mcnicol 17408Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Smith 24768Canadian Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Bathe 7808South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Fred Castle 10015Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Clarke 9833Bedfordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Serjeant Elrick 6419Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Foster 1980Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Joseph Heathcote 16178Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Joseph Murphy 5796Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 36)
Private Smith 671Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Smitton 7405Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Watson 7783Border Regiment29/10/1914
Corporal Will 2224Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Leitch 3/1862Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Truelove L/9001The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Lance Serjeant Davis 5491Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Duckhouse 16590Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Hambridge L/9300The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Leslie 7433Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private William Mckerrow 212Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Sim 2522Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Spoors 8977Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Twining 6631Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Patrick Moloney 8973Connaught Rangers29/10/1914
Private George Frederick Sanford 10135Royal Welsh Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant John Burnett Cownie 7711Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Driver Alfred William May 15588Royal Field Artillery29/10/1914 (aged 37)
Sepoy Fazl Dad 340657th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Jemadar Khan Muhammad 57th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Private Gould 1895Royal Warwickshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Wall 5743Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Blewitt 10275Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Owen Brannigan 7779Border Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Hicks 7291Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Serjeant Knight 9360Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Offer 7827Wiltshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Harry Powell 9648Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private Christopher John Rivers 9401Border Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Thomas Saxby 8435Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Sorrell L/15795Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914
Private Herbert John Tomkins 15467Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Baker 1337Royal Warwickshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Welch 5828Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Dewsbury 7597North Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Bayford 8665Bedfordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Henry Powell 7036Devonshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private Macdonald 9802Seaforth Highlanders29/10/1914
Serjeant Maunton 2909Royal Welsh Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 42)
Private Price 9512Royal Welsh Fusiliers29/10/1914
Petty Officer Chappell 207788Royal Navy, HMS Falcon29/10/1914
Private George Abraham 9173Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Private Harry Ernest Beazley 9643Devonshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Ernest Benton 11999King's Own Scottish Borderers29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Walter Frederick Ernest Berry 8732Lincolnshire Regiment29/10/1914
Serjeant John Booth 179Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Lance Corporal David Mcinroy 2323Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Peter Mackie 11536King's Own Scottish Borderers29/10/1914
Corporal Joseph Alfred Mallett 8391Bedfordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Charles Augustus Meighan 8209Worcestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Charles Moles L/11719Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914
Private Thomas Moore 7752Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Private Samuel Myles 9898Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private John Newcombe 8277King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Victor Leonard Jenkins 9441Devonshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Alfred Kight L/6719Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private Harry Knight L/7974Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Joseph Leonard 2550Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Private Edward George Lush 7941Wiltshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private John Crerar Greenhill 5497Royal Army Medical Corps29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private William George Grinstead 8718Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Private Thomas Hill 13207Worcestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Corporal George Walter Hillman 811Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private George Samuel Dearsley 6668Norfolk Regiment29/10/1914
Private George Docker 12164Worcestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Evans 9313Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Harry Fellows 13210Worcestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Wilfrid Fletcher 8031King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Henry Foster 9406Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Victor Wright 7600Hampshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Herbert Smith 7307Essex Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private Alexander Mackie 7150Seaforth Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Walter Edwards 7201Lancashire Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 37)
Private George Gibbens 8059York and Lancaster Regiment29/10/1914
Private Edwin Bird 7639York and Lancaster Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Herbert Bonham 1450Royal Warwickshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private John Ellis 8560Royal Dublin Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private James Coutts 486Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Joseph Marr 159Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Massey 10760Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Mattey 5739Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Charles Henry Matthews 5533Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private James Maxwell 7707Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Robert Maxwell 5158Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private John Melia 14226Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private James Melville 3/961Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Henry Millar 10181Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private James Milne 930Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Charles George Miner 11883Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Mitchell 14466Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Gunner John Edward Moore 68729Royal Field Artillery29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Moran 5014Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private James Grant 10639Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private James F. Grant 297Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Peter Grant 9626Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Robert Grant 10655Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Arthur Green 7235Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private James Green 691Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private James Gregson 342Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Charles Watson Herbert Greiner 419216th (The Queen's) Lancers29/10/1914 (aged 42)
Private John Grieve 83Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Robert Grieve 5848Cameron Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Albert Gristey 7366Border Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Victor Henry Grover 10253Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 18)
Private William Grundy 6848Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Corporal Alfred Joseph Gundry 11698Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Peter Gunn 7007Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private John Gwyther 4878South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private William Halkett 2707Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Frederick Hall 954Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Corporal Thomas John Hamley 8460South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private James Ambrose Hancox 8116South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Thomas William Hankinson 14760Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Samuel Hannah 10474Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Charles Harding 6391Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Gray Hardwell 6977Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private James Hardy 796Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Gavin Harkins 608Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Sydney George Harris 10891Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Harris 7472Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Henry Alexander 7870Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Albert E. Bretherton 5607Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Charles J. Dovey 4885Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Alfred Farley 6753Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Henry D. Gill 9793Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private Charles Goatman 7307Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private Mark Ewart Green 9658Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Corporal Walter H. Hancock 7140Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Walter C. Howe 7469Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal George Jones 7170Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Edward Joseph 8531Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Arthur J. Mann 9809Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Edwin Watkins 6709Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private James Weston 8067Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Lance Serjeant Bertram Wigglesworth 9363King's Royal Rifle Corps29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private William John Wilkins 10723Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Corporal Angus Mcmillan Wilkinson 5353Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal John Wilkinson 8909Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Charles Edward Williams L/6487Royal Sussex Regiment29/10/1914
Private Emyrs Williams 7938Welsh Regiment29/10/1914
Private John Frederick Willis L/9294The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Joseph Willows L/9591The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Arthur Wilmot 7297Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Charles Sydney Wilson 8685Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Wilson 14435Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal James Wilson 104Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private James Wilson 7779Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private George William Winter 8065Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private John Wood 411Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Alfred Wright 2170Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Serjeant James Wright 8835Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private Peter Young 7742Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private James Yule 5653Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Arthur Walker 6183Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Archibald Walsh 3796Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Joseph Walsh 5846Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Serjeant Arthur Walters 14465Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Harry Marsden Walton 9625Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Serjeant Herbert Waspe L/7892The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Herbert Watkins 6833South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 46)
Corporal James Stewart Webber 8944Highland Light Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Webster 15524Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Henry White 4851Scots Guards29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Joseph George White 6444Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Frank Whitehead 8373Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Arthur Snell 9654Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private George Henry Sotheran 8681Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Fred Spary 9667Bedfordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Samuel George Spilsbury 5956Royal Welsh Fusiliers29/10/1914
Corporal Alfred Albert Staples 9455Bedfordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Oliver Stephenson 8942Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Charles James Stevens 6469Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private John Stewart 6368Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Frederick John Stockwell 7310Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Sapper Stoker 17657Royal Engineers29/10/1914
Private Jeremiah Sullivan 8763Welsh Regiment29/10/1914
Private Henry Seaman 4608Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private John Sharp 9421Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Frederick Sharratt 407Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Shaw 15970Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Albert Shipp 14345Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Simmons 16675Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Lance Corporal John Henry Simms 2076Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private Edward Simpson 9233Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Robert Simpson 10598Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Charles C.a. Skinner 9701Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Walter Slater 15346Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private John Smedley 4323Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Andrew Smillie 18Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Smith 14163Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Charles Frederick Smith 12165Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Christopher Smith 2406Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Lance Corporal David Smith L/9148The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal George Smith 307Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Walter Smith 6452Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private David Morley 1691Royal Warwickshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Arthur Morris 12666Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal John Henry Morris 2076ALIAS29/10/1914
Private Alexander Muirhead 4773Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Keith Muirhead 6673Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Edward Murray 4335Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private James Murray 2924Irish Guards29/10/1914
Private Robert Mutch 520Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Alexander Neave 9332Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Gunner George Henry Newham 37685Royal Field Artillery29/10/1914 (aged 40)
Private Alfred Newman L/9989The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Newman 12868Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Lance Corporal William Nield 645417th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own)29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private Norris 10734Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private James Nuttall 3260Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 36)
Private Thomas Oakley 7188South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Albert Edward Richards 6453South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Frederick Richardson L/10133Royal Sussex Regiment29/10/1914
Company Quartermaster Serjeant George Leswell Richardson 10217Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private Ringer 12519Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Rispin 6027Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private David Ritchie 8410Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Oswald Henry Roberts 2670Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Private Robert Robertson 178Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private George Robinson 5425Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Corporal James Robinson 9419Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Harry Rodway 254Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Arthur Rogers 7665Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Corporal James C. Rogers 9784Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Thomas Rogers 8770Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Thomas James Runcorn 5804Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Arthur C. Rutland 9928Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Henry Sandbrook 8179Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Albert Abel 2283Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private Francis Henry Adams 10349Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 18)
Private John H. Adams 10416Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Serjeant George Alexander 3/2689Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 37)
Private Harry Alexander 7853Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Lance Serjeant George Allan 1662Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private David Anderson 2552Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Thomas Anderson 2199Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private William Anthony 13737Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Charles Edward Arms 11516Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private Arthur Edward Bailey 9703Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Bailey 7325Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private George Henry Bailey 10761Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Arthur Baker 14748Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Lance Serjeant John Baker 8024South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private George Bamforth 419Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Herbert J. Barnett 9798Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Ernest Barrett 5567Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal John Barrett 3004Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Roland Archibald Stephen Beck 117413th Hussars29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Albert Beech 10385Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Michael Beirne 4202Connaught Rangers29/10/1914
Private John Bell 7979Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Aubrey Thomas Bennett 15471Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Robert Bennett 3/5844Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Charles S. Bethell 7789Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Walter Beveridge 9965Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Lance Serjeant William Beveridge 9420Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Thomas Sidney Bird 8916Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private William Platts Bishop 10797Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 18)
Private Charles Worsley Blackshaw 8037Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private John Blair 10380Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private John Blanchard 6834Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Alfred Arthur Blogg 9506Bedfordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Henry Bond 5023Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private John Boyd 6707Scots Guards29/10/1914
Serjeant Francis H. Boyne 7193Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Walter Albert Brace 726Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Thomas Bradley 3575Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 39)
Private Edward Brady 7291Cameron Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Alexander Brankin 10651Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Lance Serjeant Francis Henderson Breslin 6015Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private James Bright 616Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private John Bristow L/10278The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Albert Henry Britt 3245Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private John Brown 8425Scots Guards29/10/1914
Serjeant William Brown 7983Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Corporal Montague Theodore Spindler Browning 1296Royal Horse Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Fred Bruce 229Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private William Bruce 215Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private William Bruce 3/4626Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private William Henry France 5813Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private Donald Fraser 4685Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private James Fraser 768Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Second Lieutenant The Hon. Simon Fraser Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Michael Frazer 1658Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private James Baillie French 8164Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Hugh Reginald Fulcher 3527Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 37)
Private William Gale 14227Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Alfred John Galloway 7890Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Company Serjeant Major Edward John Garrard 8013Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Private William Joseph Gascoigne 6776Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private George Gault 151Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private William Georgeson 7634Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Charles William Crowne Gibbons 1518Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Peter H. Glennie 753Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private William Goddard 3257Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private William Gordon 5889Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Lance Corporal Andrew Joseph Gorman 10714Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private George William Goulding L/7676The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Donald Graham 3/5591Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Sepoy Jawahru 7843rd Kashmir Rifles (Raghunath Regiment)29/10/1914
Sapper Nanak Singh 36063rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Narayan Kalgude 32463rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Lance Naik Nur Din 19673rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Lance Naik Pakher Singh 34753rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Jemadar Sawan Singh 3rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Bugler Sher Khan 42043rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Sitaram Chowan 35753rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Lance Naik Indar Singh 24713rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Marik Singh 26613rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Muhammad Din 40713rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Havildar Muhammad Khan 24793rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Muhammad Khan 9353rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Muhammad Khan 39243rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Allah Ditta 34703rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Baldeo Tewari 26873rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Balwantrao Borge 38553rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Bhola Singh 29723rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Lance Naik Chamal Singh 34253rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Dashrat Pawar 36233rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Fateh Muhammad 36963rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Fazl Khan 36543rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Sapper Ganpat Wagh 33193rd Sappers and Miners29/10/1914
Private William Henry Burgess 1952Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Ernest George Castle 6875Wiltshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Alfred Chadderton 8212Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Private Ernest Clarkson 3/10697Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Frank Joseph Clements 1784South Lancashire Regiment29/10/1914
Private James Connor 7997Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Private Frederick William Cox 8466King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914
Private John Craft 7508Lincolnshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private George Herbert Crook 6450Wiltshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private George Davies 8883Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Alfred William Oatway 8573Devonshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private John O'donnell 8328King's Own Scottish Borderers29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private Alfred Oliver L/10739Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914
Private Michael O'mara 8198Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 36)
Private John Pearson 6425King's Own Scottish Borderers29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Charles Purse L/12840Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914
Private William Reeves L/8322Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)29/10/1914
Corporal Charles Ricketts 12966Worcestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Arthur Rigall 6822King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private William Roberts 8164Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Private Albert Rogerson 9775Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Private Walter Charles Ruskin L/15201Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private George Scott 9168Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private Thomas Self 5575Wiltshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Charles Smith 8124Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Private Harry Oswald Smith 219th (Queen's Royal) Lancers29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private John Tait 9638Northumberland Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private Frederick Taylor L/8425Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914
Serjeant Fred Thickett 8622Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Harry Thompson 3/341King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914
Private Herbert James Tillbrook L/10879Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Private William Wade 2537Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Percy Walton 10985King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private James Ware L/11344Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private James Williams 7343Devonshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private John Thomas Williams 2685Manchester Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Thomas Willoughby L/10717Royal Fusiliers29/10/1914
Private Robert Wilson 5173Norfolk Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 40)
Private Harry Wood 10654Worcestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Arthur Yeardley 8135Manchester Regiment29/10/1914
Lieutenant Ian Hay Steuart Clarke 57th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Sepoy Abdul Gani 36689th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Abdullah Khan 264755th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Ahmed Khan 269755th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Amin Khan 180055th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Baga Singh 19489th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Barnam Singh 31159th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Bhan Singh 34429th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Chain Singh 182455th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Devia 251555th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Diwana 234055th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Drigpal Dichhit 34179th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Ghulam Muhammad 269455th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Hazura Singh 34409th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Karm Singh 129755th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Jemadar Khan Muhammad 57th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Kharka 151355th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Lal Singh 192055th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Mahant Ram 254555th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Muhammad Afsar 258255th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 268755th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 333455th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Nadar Khan 264155th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Naudha 191955th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)29/10/1914
Sepoy Parsan Singh 34969th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Puran Singh 35939th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Rahmatullah Khan 35979th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Ram Singh 33769th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Sahdeo Tewari 31169th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Havildar Sheo Pande Dube 23629th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Tota Singh 34089th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Sepoy Uttam Singh 33859th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914
Lance Corporal George Burnett 7591Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Henry George Burt 3209Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Alfred Charles Butcher 13199Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Robert Calvert 10032Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Duncan Campbell 724Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private George Campbell 4538Cameron Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Private Valentine Victor Carrier 9468Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Sydney Carrington 14564Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Corporal Charles W E Caswell 9734Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private Henry Cattanach 702Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Arthur Charlton 8823Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Company Serjeant Major John Henry Choyce 5575South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private George Clark 439Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private James Clark 833Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private James Clark 3/1572Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private William Clarke 8908Highland Light Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Corporal William Joseph Clarke 7259Connaught Rangers29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private Edward Cleaver 7788Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Benjamin William Cockle 12787Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Corporal William Cole 24425Royal Garrison Artillery29/10/1914
Private Collins L/9496The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Private John Connolly 8811Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private John Conway 8725Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Albert W. Cooke 9745Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private William George Corbishley 10659Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private Frances Coutts 1138Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Arthur Cox 7859Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal William C.h. Cox 8193Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Robert Ernest Coyne 811Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Lance Corporal John G. Crabb 7129Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Archibald George Crocker 10119Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal William Crocombe 8932Welsh Regiment29/10/1914
Private Robert Cumming 10281Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Dudley Dennett Cummins 6117Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Joseph Cunningham 9336Connaught Rangers29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Patrick Currie 3/271Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private John Daly 2742Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Reginald Montague Darby 10686Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private George Robert Darnell 5998Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Private Edward Charles Davey 6176Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private Michael Davie 7575Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Thomas Daw 7742Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private John Dawson 10338Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private Richard Day 793Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Thomas Denniff 10131Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Corporal Maurice F. Denny 9843Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Mandy Diver 8728Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Arthur Doughty 9060Welsh Regiment29/10/1914
Private John Doughty 7489South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Walter William Downie 253Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private William Doyle 1530Welsh Regiment29/10/1914
Private Driscoll L/8995The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Joseph Drummond 3/2685Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Serjeant George James Duncan 8758Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private William Duncan 1031Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private William John Dunn 4054Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Edwin John Durman 1091Welsh Regiment29/10/1914
Private Samuel Thompson Edgar 4278Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private James Ediker L/9342The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 36)
Lance Corporal Alfred Phillip Edney 9617Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private George Edwards G/6425The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Percy Edwards 8903Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal George Henry Ellis 6579Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Henry Etherington S/6687The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal David Evans 9845Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Samuel Evans 7767Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Thomas Farrell 7188Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private John Albert Fenn 9587Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private Frank Ernest Fish 10357Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Henry Fisher 7452South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private William Fitz 8120Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Albert John Flower 9613Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private John Stanley Forster 16037Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Robert Kerrison Robin Foulger 4652Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Corporal William Hart 3899Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private William Harvey 9675Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private William Harvie 10212Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Trooper William Hawkins 28432nd Life Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal John Francis Heath 8050South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private William Heather 3018Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private Alexander Henderson 687Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Andrew Henderson 7764Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private William Hendry 10502Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Robert Henson 11265Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Hessell 5410Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Ernest W. Hicks 8446Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Leonard R. Hill 6380Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private James Hillan 3/2007Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Rifleman Arthur Hinchcliffe 5301King's Royal Rifle Corps29/10/1914 (aged 34)
Private Hindmarch 10268Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Hirst 3517Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Albert Hiscock 14364Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Hiscox 4290Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Joseph Hodgins 54976th Dragoons (Inniskilling)29/10/1914
Private Taylor Holden 7673Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal George Hope 2726Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Augustus Hopkins 13521Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Hopkins 7279Connaught Rangers29/10/1914
Private Hopper 10745Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 19)
Private Robert Horsburgh 9564Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Oliver Horwood 8592Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Harry Howitt 10543Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Hunt 4287Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Sidney Hurcom 7368Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private William Hutcheon 10357Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Norman Innes 2298Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Harry Irish 9609Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Joseph James 10972Welsh Regiment29/10/1914
Private Jenkins 8751Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Albert Joel 8097Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Johnson 5552Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Arthur George Jones 8060Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Jones 3458Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Juett 10046Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Kallaway 6761Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Dennis Oswald Keary 16482Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Alfred Percy Keddie 6508Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private John Arthur Keenan 11267Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Lance Corporal William D. Kelly 225Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Harold Kelsey 8049South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Peter Kennedy 10610Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Lance Serjeant Frederick Kennington 9311Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Corporal William Kenny 10070Connaught Rangers29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private George Kibble G/905The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Edward Kidd 196Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 23)
Private Edward Kilbride 4520Irish Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Kinder 97858Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Samuel Kindness 227Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Albert Harry Kingswell 594817th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own)29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Private Ernest Arthur Kirby 8644Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Luke Knott 13550Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private William Laurie 12197Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Lance Corporal John Lavery S/10895Cameron Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Lem 10780Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private William Leng 8041Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Charles Malcolm Lindridge 10023The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private George William Lister 10194Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Jubilee John Lloyd 8476Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Henry Lock 7131Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Private Henry Long 6074Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private Charles Longhurst L/10029The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 22)
Private Lord 2776Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Loveday 7202Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private James Lowe 10370Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Thomas Henry Luff L/9000The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Alexander Lumsden 3/2086Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private Archibald Mcaffer 7581Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private William Mccallum 129Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private John Mccarthy 8057Welsh Regiment29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Philip Mcconnell 507Irish Guards29/10/1914
Private George Mccorrach 9194Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Hugh Charles Buckham Hosack Mcdonald 10177Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Robert Mcdougal 10207Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 36)
Private Alexander Mcgillivray 10853Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private John Mckay 8654Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Roderick A. Mackenzie 701Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Serjeant Thomas Mackenzie 5743Scots Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private James Mckinnon 3/1713Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private John Mclay 6995Scots Guards29/10/1914
Corporal John Mcleish 302Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private Kenneth Mcleod 3/5603Cameron Highlanders29/10/1914 (aged 17)
Lieutenant Macnaghten Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private Mcneill 10627Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Charles Mcneillie 145Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private William Mcpherson 3/4330Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Corporal Peter Mcquillian 139Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private George Mcrobbie 7438Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914
Private William Mcveigh 3024Irish Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private Joseph Malloy 7078Scots Guards29/10/1914
Private O'hara 8555Connaught Rangers29/10/1914
Private Herbert Oliver 7643Yorkshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal Frank Olsen 4876Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private James O'neill 7901Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Fred Onion 15965Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal James Page L/8106The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Mark Parfitt 5753Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Thomas Parker 7684Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private William C. Parkes 8919Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Payne 10354Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Peck 10249Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Ralph Pelling L/9134The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Leonard Penfold L/10406The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Private George Penman 9410Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private Frederick Perry 7121Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Private John Perry 5471Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private David Phillips 2165Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal William Nelson Post 13932Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private George Henry Probert 7979Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Private Radford 3600Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Francis Charles Randall 12768Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Private Percy Solomy Redhead 7904Coldstream Guards29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Sidney J. Redshaw 6164Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Private Charles Redwood 1154Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Private Alfred Reffold L/9247The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914 (aged 26)
Private Alexander Rennie 772Gordon Highlanders29/10/1914
Private George William Terry 10549Border Regiment29/10/1914
Private Samuel Thacker 7833South Staffordshire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 36)
Private James Thomas 9303Welsh Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 24)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Ernest John Thompson 10463Grenadier Guards29/10/1914
Corporal Thomas Tierney 3125Connaught Rangers29/10/1914
Private Frederick Trotman 13604Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 27)
Private Valentine Tucker 8049Welsh Regiment29/10/1914
Private George Turner 15960Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private John Tweedie 8987Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Arthur Oliver Waites L/9163The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)29/10/1914
Private Sam Wake 8925Coldstream Guards29/10/1914
Private Ernest Edward Butcher 8367Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)29/10/1914 (aged 31)
Company Serjeant Major Ernest Harry Cox 5189Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)29/10/1914 (aged 39)
Private Michael Devine 7341Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)29/10/1914
Private John Thomas Newbrookes 10860Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)29/10/1914
Private David Potter 7771West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)29/10/1914 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Charles Edward Gransden 15470Grenadier Guards29/10/1914 (aged 21)
Chief Stoker Edward Brown DEV/277445Royal Navy, HMS Vivid29/10/1914
Private Johnstone 9453Royal Scots Fusiliers29/10/1914
Private Harold Fitch MS/100Army Service Corps29/10/1914 (aged 28)
Mate Petersen Mercantile Marine29/10/1914 (aged 29)
Skipper William Sperring Mercantile Marine29/10/1914 (aged 42)
Private Walter Charles Hart 8734Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914
Trooper Potter 27562nd Life Guards29/10/1914
Private John Conlan 5554Border Regiment29/10/1914
Soldier Leon Francois Ghislain Barre Belgian Army29/10/1914
Soldier Alphonse De Mey Belgian Army29/10/1914
Soldier Pierre Paul Joseph De Mey Belgian Army29/10/1914
Soldaat 2 kl BV Adolphe Constant Joseph Dumont Belgian Army29/10/1914
Korporaal BV Rene Georges Ghislain Haverland Belgian Army29/10/1914
Soldier Leopold Min Belgian Army29/10/1914
Soldaat 2 kl mil Remi Medard Soetaert Belgian Army29/10/1914
Wachtmeester 1 kl Florent Van De Ven Belgian Army29/10/1914
Soldier Jean Volkeryck Belgian Army29/10/1914
Private William Ralph Hodges 7963Gloucestershire Regiment29/10/1914 (aged 27)
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Coldstream Guards140
Gordon Highlanders89
Gloucestershire Regiment63
Grenadier Guards62
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)51
Scots Guards42
The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)25
3rd Sappers and Miners23
Manchester Regiment22
Welsh Regiment19
South Staffordshire Regiment17
55th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)16
9th Bhopal Infantry15
Royal Fusiliers10
Connaught Rangers10
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry10
Belgian Army9
Yorkshire Regiment7
Border Regiment7
Wiltshire Regiment7
Worcestershire Regiment6
Devonshire Regiment6
Royal Warwickshire Regiment6
Bedfordshire Regiment6
Royal Field Artillery6
Cameron Highlanders6
Lincolnshire Regiment5
Royal Welsh Fusiliers5
57th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)5
Royal Engineers4
Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)4
Seaforth Highlanders4
East Yorkshire Regiment4
Irish Guards4
King's Own Scottish Borderers4
Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)4
York and Lancaster Regiment4
Middlesex Regiment3
King's Royal Rifle Corps3
Army Service Corps3
North Staffordshire Regiment3
Norfolk Regiment3
Mercantile Marine2
Royal Irish Regiment2
Royal Scots Fusiliers2
Royal Sussex Regiment2
Royal Army Medical Corps2
Lancashire Fusiliers2
Highland Light Infantry2
Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)2
4th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish)2
Royal Navy, HMS Falcon2
Royal Dublin Fusiliers2
17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own)2
2nd Life Guards2
59th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)2
Royal Berkshire Regiment2
6th Dragoons (Inniskilling)1
3rd Brahmans1
Canadian Infantry1
Royal Horse Guards1
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers1
Northamptonshire Regiment1
South African Field Post and Telegraph Corps1
3rd Kashmir Rifles (Raghunath Regiment)1
Rifle Brigade1
South Wales Borderers1
King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)1
East Surrey Regiment1
Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry1
Hampshire Regiment1
Indian Royal Artillery1
King's Shropshire Light Infantry1
1st (Royal) Dragoons1
Essex Regiment1
South Lancashire Regiment1
Royal Navy, (R.N.R. B.1049). HMS Roebuck1
West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)1
Royal Garrison Artillery1
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1
16th (The Queen's) Lancers1
9th (Queen's Royal) Lancers1
Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)1
Cheshire Regiment1
4th (Queen's Own) Hussars1
Royal Scots1
Northumberland Fusiliers1
The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)1
Royal Navy, HMS Vivid1
13th Hussars1