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Casualty Records

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Private Ainsley 74634Durham Light Infantry16/12/1919 (aged 33)
Bombardier Charles Alexander 731Royal Field Artillery18/03/1916 (aged 48)
Private Angus 23290East Yorkshire Regiment22/12/1919 (aged 39)
Private Alfred James Armstrong 73442Royal Defence Corps09/11/1918 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Bailey 1726Northumberland Fusiliers11/12/1915
Pioneer Barnes WR/20435Royal Engineers09/10/1919 (aged 49)
Boy Bateson 39829Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)20/08/1918 (aged 16)
Private Bell 73442ALIAS09/11/1918
Private 1st Class Beresford G/930Royal Air Force, Dispersal Centre (Ripon)14/07/1919
Private Black 28/340Northumberland Fusiliers10/11/1917 (aged 40)
Private John Hudson Blackett 3291Northumberland Fusiliers20/03/1920 (aged 33)
Private Phillip Blair 51166East Riding Yeomanry05/04/1918
Private Joseph Borthwick 1645Northumberland Fusiliers04/09/1919 (aged 27)
Private Bowman 5107Royal Defence Corps22/10/1920 (aged 67)
Corporal Brown 42208Durham Light Infantry17/02/1919 (aged 37)
Private William Brown 3607Northumberland Fusiliers01/01/1916 (aged 53)
Private Smith Bruce 240911Northumberland Fusiliers12/08/1919 (aged 40)
Private Bruce 211384Labour Corps20/04/1920
Private Burke 6764Northumberland Fusiliers07/12/1916
Private George Carpenter 8264Northumberland Fusiliers08/08/1920 (aged 28)
Private Carr 33495Northumberland Fusiliers10/05/1920 (aged 33)
Gunner Joseph Wilkinson Cartman 750751Royal Field Artillery22/07/1917 (aged 30)
Private Cartwright 8858South Staffordshire Regiment21/06/1916
Private Chesser 8846Royal Defence Corps03/11/1918 (aged 51)
Private Clark 25/1457Northumberland Fusiliers26/04/1917 (aged 39)
Private George Cochrane 84154Northumberland Fusiliers05/07/1918 (aged 19)
Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class John Cocks 268105Royal Navy, HMS President13/08/1917
Able Seaman Thomas Conner Tyneside Z/3851Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Howe Bn. R.N. Div.15/02/1916 (aged 28)
Company Quartermaster Serjeant John Owen Connolly 24/585Northumberland Fusiliers02/02/1918 (aged 49)
Private Cook 16380Northumberland Fusiliers24/02/1920 (aged 39)
Private Joseph Cottenham 96607Northumberland Fusiliers01/06/1920 (aged 20)
Private Henry Coulson 38819King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry16/06/1920 (aged 21)
Sapper Coxon 273867Royal Engineers17/06/1919 (aged 38)
Private Arthur Crickmay 20776Royal Army Medical Corps05/08/1919 (aged 29)
Private Crumplin 2229Hampshire Regiment31/10/1915
Private Alexandra Cuthbertson 34775Northumberland Fusiliers21/09/1919 (aged 23)
Air Mechanic 2nd Class John Robert Daley 160622Royal Air Force, No. 10 Training Depot Station,24/10/1918 (aged 26)
Private Davey 32/226Northumberland Fusiliers16/04/1916
Private George Dinsley 24264King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/12/1918 (aged 34)
Private Dodd S/11765Seaforth Highlanders21/03/1918 (aged 22)
Private Dunn 23645North Staffordshire Regiment09/05/1918
Private George Duprey 235361King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry16/12/1917 (aged 26)
Private Egglestone 8029Durham Light Infantry09/08/1918 (aged 39)
Private James English 20576King's Own Scottish Borderers29/07/1918 (aged 46)
Pioneer Walter Fairley WR/210749Royal Engineers03/11/1919 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Falcus 395006Royal Army Medical Corps10/02/1919 (aged 32)
Private Selby Falla 34156King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)25/03/1920 (aged 40)
Private Thomas Finan 70542Worcestershire Regiment02/06/1919 (aged 17)
Private Fitzgerald 24/19Northumberland Fusiliers22/01/1915
Private Fleck 5/170462Durham Light Infantry06/07/1918 (aged 18)
Private Foggo 22/330Northumberland Fusiliers21/07/1916
Sapper Garrity 109701Royal Engineers20/04/1920
Private Archibald Percy Gellender 22978Cameron Highlanders21/02/1919 (aged 20)
Company Serjeant Major Francis Aubin Gellender 16/923Northumberland Fusiliers17/08/1921 (aged 33)
Fireman Joseph George Mercantile Marine Reserve01/01/1919 (aged 43)
Gunner Gracey 41071Royal Garrison Artillery06/05/1918
Private Graham 3214Northumberland Fusiliers20/03/1916
Private Frank Gray 265058Northumberland Fusiliers25/04/1917 (aged 24)
Private Green R4/111639Army Service Corps01/01/1917
Private Grimmer 270525Royal Scots28/05/1920 (aged 22)
Gunner Guthrie 154817Royal Garrison Artillery29/11/1918
Private Wilfrid Hall 305296Tank Corps27/03/1919 (aged 20)
Rifleman Hardstaff S/3114Rifle Brigade04/06/1919 (aged 27)
Serjeant Harris 21/858Northumberland Fusiliers06/04/1920
Sapper William Thomas Harrison 457874Royal Engineers28/10/1918 (aged 43)
Private James Hartle S/445658Royal Army Service Corps18/08/1921 (aged 28)
Private Hartshorn 19849Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)08/04/1915
Private Alexander Joseph Hearn 1451Australian Infantry, A.I.F.04/08/1915
Private Arthur Holmes 45700King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry27/06/1917 (aged 25)
Private Stephen Horsley 16853Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)24/09/1916 (aged 21)
Gunner William Claude Howard 74154Royal Field Artillery21/12/1919 (aged 31)
Private Frederick William Howes 20224West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)02/07/1916 (aged 39)
Private William Colin Howitt 34601Northumberland Fusiliers05/05/1917 (aged 32)
Private William Humpish 134690Royal Army Medical Corps17/02/1919 (aged 44)
Sapper George Benfield Hurst 1209Royal Engineers01/08/1916 (aged 19)
Acting Bombardier Hyslop 81528Royal Field Artillery22/04/1916
Aircraftman 2nd Class Angus Innerd 196934Royal Air Force, Mobile Unit,26/02/1919 (aged 18)
Bombardier James Irving 48131Royal Field Artillery12/07/1918 (aged 29)
Private Irving 235473King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry19/04/1919 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Liddell Jeffrey 7905Northumberland Fusiliers27/03/1915 (aged 25)
Air Mechanic 2nd Class Stanley Robert Jobey 139416Royal Air Force, No. 5 (E) Aircraft Repair Depot,19/05/1920 (aged 21)
Private George William Johnson 265869Northumberland Fusiliers07/03/1920 (aged 39)
Private Kelly 100477Durham Light Infantry10/08/1918 (aged 20)
Private Lambton 25/366Northumberland Fusiliers05/07/1916 (aged 45)
Private William Arthur Lock 32826West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)21/11/1916 (aged 31)
Private Robert Bagnall Long 65455Yorkshire Regiment13/09/1918 (aged 43)
Private Henry Mccartney 38358Northumberland Fusiliers02/07/1918 (aged 22)
Private John Mcelhone 3/4820Northumberland Fusiliers18/04/1918 (aged 44)
Private James Mcguinness 22/1755Northumberland Fusiliers19/02/1917 (aged 40)
Serjeant George Alexander Mcilwraith 5938Border Regiment24/02/1920 (aged 42)
Pioneer John George Mcintosh WR/20528Royal Engineers17/04/1919 (aged 49)
Company Serjeant Major William Donald Mckenzie 21/882Northumberland Fusiliers05/09/1919 (aged 37)
Private Mcquade 23235Northumberland Fusiliers28/01/1916
Private John James Mcqueen 308877Tank Corps18/02/1919 (aged 29)
Guardsman George Mcwilliams 26574Grenadier Guards08/06/1919 (aged 26)
Gunner John Alfred Mansell 203456Royal Field Artillery13/02/1917 (aged 18)
Private Albert May 4383Northumberland Fusiliers26/11/1918 (aged 36)
Private Moore 40721Durham Light Infantry18/10/1919
Driver Moore 260746Army Service Corps07/11/1918 (aged 21)
Private Moore 3868Northumberland Fusiliers17/05/1916 (aged 32)
Stoker 1st Class James Miller Moram SS/121536Royal Navy, HMS Tring17/05/1920
Corporal Morris 70261Royal Field Artillery25/12/1920
Pioneer Mowbray 123129Royal Engineers25/12/1919
Lieutenant John George Nesbit Royal Naval Reserve, HM Trawler Brock30/05/1918 (aged 28)
Second Lieutenant Wilfrid Herbert Marshall North-Cox Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)02/03/1916 (aged 18)
Engineer Lieutenant Charles Parnis Royal Navy, HMS Theseus04/06/1919 (aged 33)
Lieutenant Patterson Canadian Army Service Corps04/02/1919
Worker Pennock 1876Australian War Worker29/07/1918
Private Leonard Pitt 20714Northumberland Fusiliers03/02/1921 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Frederick William Pond 20/118Northumberland Fusiliers18/11/1917 (aged 21)
Private Renwick 13553Northumberland Fusiliers21/06/1919 (aged 43)
Sapper Thomas Norman Richardson 211501Royal Engineers30/04/1919 (aged 23)
Private John Henry Ridley 19/1321Northumberland Fusiliers10/12/1920 (aged 25)
Private Riley 68934Royal Defence Corps05/04/1920 (aged 30)
Private Frederick Blenkinsop Robinson 102540Durham Light Infantry01/03/1919 (aged 19)
Private Robinson 26949South Staffordshire Regiment09/09/1916 (aged 28)
Corporal Robinson 459093Royal Engineers13/02/1921
Private Roche 6/3778Northumberland Fusiliers01/06/1917 (aged 20)
Corporal George Edward Victor Ross 750111Royal Field Artillery23/10/1920 (aged 51)
Private Leslie Roughton 18/540Northumberland Fusiliers17/06/1920 (aged 24)
Private John Rowe 57196East Yorkshire Regiment11/07/1918 (aged 20)
Private George Fredrick Sanderson 3261Yorkshire Regiment21/06/1915 (aged 15)
Serjeant Joseph Scott 202644Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/05/1920 (aged 38)
Private Herbert Wilfred Shaw 301412Manchester Regiment29/09/1920 (aged 38)
Corporal Francis William Shepherd 112986Royal Air Force, No. 5 Dispersal Area,10/03/1921 (aged 55)
Sapper John Skinner WR/291024Royal Engineers10/08/1920 (aged 31)
Air Mechanic 2nd Class Alexander Smith 249755Royal Air Force27/06/1921 (aged 30)
Rifleman Smith R/3456King's Royal Rifle Corps03/01/1919 (aged 46)
Private John Edward Smith 104607Durham Light Infantry15/08/1921 (aged 22)
Gunner James Henry Smithers RMA/13397Royal Marine Artillery06/09/1918 (aged 20)
Private Mark Steel 21/832Northumberland Fusiliers14/09/1918 (aged 30)
Private Frank Charles Stopher G/88080London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)17/12/1918 (aged 19)
Private Robert Barron Taylor O/9345Army Ordnance Corps10/03/1918 (aged 40)
Private Richard Todd 24439Northumberland Fusiliers19/04/1917 (aged 33)
Gunner Joseph Tough 69200Royal Garrison Artillery24/11/1918 (aged 25)
Able Seaman James Tullock 207186Royal Navy, HMS Tiger20/06/1916 (aged 33)
Private Samuel Turner 1047Northumberland Fusiliers25/10/1919 (aged 39)
Corporal Thomas Lightfoot Twizell 31188Yorkshire Regiment13/11/1919 (aged 32)
Private Walker 2512Northumberland Fusiliers24/02/1916
Private Walker TR5/159924Northumberland Fusiliers10/07/1918
Driver William Wallace 112051Royal Field Artillery25/11/1919 (aged 39)
Private Ernest Wardle 4508Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)15/01/1915 (aged 19)
Private Welsh 2488Northumberland Fusiliers16/04/1915
Driver Wheatley 32960Royal Field Artillery14/12/1918
Sapper William White 1446Royal Engineers12/11/1919 (aged 27)
Private Wilkie 40771Durham Light Infantry17/11/1920 (aged 41)
Private Wiper 25301Northumberland Fusiliers10/02/1920
Private Ronald Withell 97325Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)21/03/1918 (aged 18)
Private Wood 15566King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)05/05/1921 (aged 26)
Driver Robert Thomas Wood 750395Royal Field Artillery20/04/1917 (aged 22)
Private Basil Bell Wright 44637King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry23/04/1917 (aged 18)
Private James Young 29674Northumberland Fusiliers17/10/1918 (aged 34)
Private Young 18/1033Durham Light Infantry24/07/1917 (aged 38)
Serjeant Edward Bell 6028Northumberland Fusiliers07/02/1921 (aged 45)
Private William Golightly 3239Durham Light Infantry10/09/1915 (aged 22)
Private Joseph Hannant 4007Highland Light Infantry12/04/1917
Private Melrose 2785Northumberland Fusiliers15/07/1921 (aged 61)
Private Thomas Wishart 2559Northumberland Fusiliers22/07/1916 (aged 22)