Date of death: Wednesday 10 March 1915

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Private William Hector King 5211Royal Welsh Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Charles William Driver 9541Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Second Lieutenant Alec Rowan Herron King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Brierley Hellowell 6791Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Rifleman Stanhope Grey 5798King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private William Goodall 8931South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Arthur James Miller 9405West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Rifleman John Blackledge 6/1292King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Chappell 4/7920West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Private Hunt 10981Cheshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private William Williamson 2138Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Gunner Green 45183Royal Field Artillery10/03/1915
Private Ernest Charles Mangell 7652Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Lieutenant Arthur William Wylie Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Second Lieutenant George Clinton Wright Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Lieutenant Stephen De Thierry Williamson Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Captain Cyril Edward Elliott Wells East Surrey Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Lieutenant Horace Maitland Turner Webb The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Second Lieutenant Edward Charles Harry Webb Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Lieutenant John Lockhart Stephens London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Captain Eric Piers Shakerley King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Rifleman Michael Joseph Roche 10309Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Major William John Robertson Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 46)
Major Percy George Rigby Canadian Infantry10/03/1915 (aged 43)
Second Lieutenant Albert Brainerd Raynes Royal Sussex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Captain Harry Robert Sauve Pulman London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 47)
Second Lieutenant Douglas Montgomery Parsons Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Second Lieutenant Humphrey Patrick O'donoghue The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Major Herbert Cleland Nicolay 2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 38)
Captain James Eric Murray 87th Punjabis10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Lieutenant Albert Ernest Morgan Royal Flying Corps10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Second Lieutenant John Leeson Moffet Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Lieutenant Colonel Mcandrew Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 53)
Second Lieutenant Edward Alexander Matthews Northamptonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Lieutenant Mathieson London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Captain James Macpherson Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 45)
Second Lieutenant Wallace Bird Macfarlane Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915
Lieutenant Arthur Carr-glyn Lonsdale King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Captain William George Stanhope Kenny 39th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Captain John Pitt Kennedy Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Captain Henry Leslie Homan Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Second Lieutenant Basil Thomas Holland Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Harold May Hayes Newington The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Major Ernest De Lannoy Hayes Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 45)
Private Horace William Harris 9955Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915
Captain Charles Alverey Grazebrook King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Captain William Augustine Gallagher East Lancashire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Captain Frank Edward Feneran The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Second Lieutenant Robert Fellowes King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Lieutenant Norman Donaldson Royal Field Artillery10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Captain Percy Reed Dodd Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Captain James Dixon Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915
Second Lieutenant Cyril Alfred William Crichton London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Second Lieutenant Fritz Portmore Crawhall King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Captain Robert Alexander Colvin West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Captain Walter Bruce Gray-buchanan Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Lieutenant Robert Owen Bristowe Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Lieutenant Colonel Wilfrid Marryat Bliss Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 49)
Lieutenant Raymond Plumptre Bates Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Major George Adams Ellis Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Tuck 14012Welsh Regiment10/03/1915
Private Robert Shepherd 11738Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private George Victor Childs 11192The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Harry Walter Belcher 6538South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Crossley CH/4088Royal Marine Light Infantry10/03/1915
Private Shaw 6264Scots Guards10/03/1915
Private James Cook 11149Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Burgess 9433Suffolk Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Serjeant Wilfred Henry Denham 8315Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private George Henry Green 10606Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal John Leighton Lawson 10216Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private William Kirkpatrick 7958Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Mowat 9859Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Roderick Macleod 3/7124Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Gunner Sydney George Box 32422Royal Garrison Artillery10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Francis Frederick Bond 2133London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Private Thomas William Bartram 8297Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Rifleman Borley 1929London Regiment (First Surrey Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Leigh 6970Royal Irish Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Rifleman Harry Leslie Winter 1677London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private John Miles Taylor 6653Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Second Lieutenant Mark Gillham Windsor Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Serjeant Alick Cowper 499Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal George Bruno Wakefield 6848King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman Sydney Wilfrid Vassar 11579King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private William Arthur Thew 1069London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Lieutenant The Hon. Howard Carew Stonor Bedfordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Henry Smith 7605Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Rifleman Arthur Shuttleworth 5089King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private James Paddock 9674Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Gilbert Collier 15787Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private John Clarke 10213Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Gobar Sing Negi 168539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Corporal Eales 59812nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays)10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Pulling 7716Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Twilley SR/6639East Surrey Regiment10/03/1915
Private Howells 9808King's Shropshire Light Infantry10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Murray 419341Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders10/03/1915
Lieutenant Leslie Farquhar Yeo South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Barsby 8698Royal Munster Fusiliers10/03/1915
Rifleman Blake 11165King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Casey 3157Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Alec Frederick Conroy 11842The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Forkin 12591The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Daniel Inskip 6160South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 37)
Lance Serjeant Lake 5930Welsh Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Hallett Lings 4873King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal John Lloyd 6069Royal Welsh Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Maclennan 1576Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Driver Pike 388Royal Garrison Artillery10/03/1915
Private Caines 1358Monmouthshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Smith 1230South Lancashire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Donaldson 3638Royal Scots10/03/1915
Private Reginald John Baulch 10326East Surrey Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private John C. Mcculloch Hunter L/16070Royal Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 16)
Private Warburton 1438South Lancashire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Wynne L/14552Royal Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Shelton 9847South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Charles Maltby Molt 26663Canadian Infantry10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Lieutenant John Douglas Alston Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Lieutenant John Patrick Bibby Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Lieutenant The Hon. John De Blaquiere Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private John Milton Jones 7329Royal Welsh Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Keane 7135Royal Munster Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Private Whelton 7424Royal Munster Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Hoynes 7312Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private John James Mckeown 6242The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Lowe 6356Canadian Infantry10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Corporal Ivor Charlie Plaskett 6162Canadian Infantry10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Rifleman Bryan 3237King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Bryant 13175Welsh Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Burgess 11650King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Serjeant Doyle 8100Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private Ellis 8035Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Garner 9749Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Rifleman Hargreaves Y/1410King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 40)
Lance Corporal Harper 6941Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Frank Hayes 3106The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Serjeant Ilsley 7921Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Lloyd 1527The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Mcintyre 7691Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Sapper Ernest Laurence Manton 1068Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Rifleman Martin 2236The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Corporal Mercer 512The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Plant 9089South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Serjeant Sanders 8598Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Silverthorne 513Royal Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Strachan 2063Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Corporal Warton 283Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Captain Alexander Lyle Watt Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Rifleman John Sydney Williams 2288The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Francis Alexander Wood 11850Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Campbell 3479Leinster Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private William Benbow Hughes L/8270East Surrey Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Hope 1704Durham Light Infantry10/03/1915
Private Brown 3/4178Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Private Sam Smith 6150Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Wilson 3/5328Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915
Sapper Norman Oscar Banks 9062Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 43)
Lance Corporal Coleman 696Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Cooling 7871Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Fitzsimons 9400Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Richard Gornall 9392Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Keeley 15843Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private James Kerr 6930Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal George William Lund 17117Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Mcleish 7909Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private George Henry Matthews 9063Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private Rush 8104Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Corporal George Morton Thompson M2/046221Army Service Corps10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Williams 10626Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Albert 8619The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Baines 8264The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Blake 11385The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Herbert John Boland 9598South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Burke 8584The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Coyle 10080The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Rifleman Garner 1799The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Garrity 8790The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Howarth 13729The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Jones 9560South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Lander 9839The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Leather 8298The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Mcnamara 11632The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Second Lieutenant Thomas Hylton Madden The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Thomas Maguire 6775The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Melville 1499Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Mulcahy 11641The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Peter Nestor 12430The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Private Parkinson 7564The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Corporal Pye 6227The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Thomas Smith 9467The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Smith 10203The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Taylor 10963The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Tynan 8138The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 40)
Private Wilding 7201The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Kennedy 6760Durham Light Infantry10/03/1915
Serjeant Harry John Stevens 10039Durham Light Infantry10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Subadar Khiyali Sing Negi 2339th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Havildar Champa Sing Pun 23653rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Lance Naik Jaimal 247191st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/03/1915
Sepoy Mir Akhmad 4216107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Private Barugh 28Canadian Infantry10/03/1915
Private Anders Edwin Rienhold Oberg 17267Canadian Infantry10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Sidney Albert Mansfield 9740West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Lieutenant Felix David Montague Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Murphy 8052Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Captain Cecil Gerald Wyatt Peake Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Robinson 6073Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Hunt 25728Canadian Infantry10/03/1915
Private Hawkins 9009Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Albert James Roberts 8587Border Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Sutton 11812The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Rifleman Padam Bahadur Gurung 364th Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Sowar Sukh Lal 25076th King Edward's Own Cavalry10/03/1915
Captain Richard John Clarke 8th Rajputs10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Captain Wynne Owen 38th Dogras10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Captain Sparrow 39th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Lieutenant John Charles St. George Welchman 39th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Subadar Dhanraj Thapa 3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Lieutenant William John Kerr Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Hobbs 14564Royal Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Thomas Bernard Clarke 20169South Lancashire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 42)
Private Warren 959Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Lieutenant Colonel William Alexander Gibb Royal Army Medical Corps10/03/1915 (aged 42)
Ordinary Seaman Cecil Culme Malpas London Z/923Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Public School Bn. R.N. Div.10/03/1915
Private Miskell 3129Monmouthshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Burton 3/8092Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Collins 11422Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private William Rone 7830Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Serjeant Edmundson 3671East Lancashire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Company Serjeant Major William Frank Norris 7914Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Crawley 9510York and Lancaster Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Edward Westwood 8916Gloucestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Cornwell 6774King's Shropshire Light Infantry10/03/1915
Serjeant East 8635Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)10/03/1915
Serjeant Vincent 7982Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)10/03/1915
Rifleman Elliott 13566Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private William Farr 11857Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Rifleman Haslam Z/895Rifle Brigade10/03/1915
Private Parr 8881Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private John Ross 8686Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Taylor 12173Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private David Balfour 1819Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Corporal Morley 48440Royal Field Artillery10/03/1915
Private George 8649Royal Welsh Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Richard Price 18705Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Rifleman Shearing Y/1166King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Edward Shipsides 6396Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Small 3/7423Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private William George Ward 7192South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Rifleman White 6/919King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Lance Corporal George Thomas Woolley 14257Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Wray 8656Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Addison 12200South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Brewer 1030London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Private Brown 2192London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Private Cooper 9812Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Davis 3/7648Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Joseph Dinnin Hale 8736Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Hawkins 9796Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Sepoy Sital Singh 3556107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Private Ness 7849Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Second Lieutenant Cyril Frederick Austin The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Lieutenant Barrington Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Bates 10488Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Boardman 10433Royal Army Medical Corps10/03/1915
Lieutenant William Armstrong Burges Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant George Albert Cook Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915
Lieutenant Alan Appleby Drew Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Corporal James Patrick Fitzgerald 7920West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Fitzpatrick 691The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)10/03/1915
Second Lieutenant Evan Amyas Alfred Hare Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Captain Alfred Henry Hooper Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Lieutenant Aubrey Gordon Irving Royal Flying Corps, 2nd Wing10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Charles Henry Kirkaldy Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915
Second Lieutenant Algernon James Lewis Knight-Bruce Royal Field Artillery10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Morrison 8675Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Lieutenant David Hunter Henderson Robertson Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Acting Bombardier Henry Frederick Russell 20128Royal Field Artillery10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Sterrett 9166Manchester Regiment10/03/1915
Private Howes L/12206Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Major Hesperus David Watkiss Lloyd Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 42)
Acting Bombardier George Robert Smith 27450Royal Garrison Artillery10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private John Milne Dundas 2229Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Bartlett William Heath 9267Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Alfred Hewgill Saunders Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Willie Burrows 8378Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 17)
Private Alfred John Cadman 9201Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Ernest Coulam 9239Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Robert Walter Elgood 9060Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private Fisher 6426Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Private Arthur George Gordon 10097Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 17)
Private George H. Herbert 7711Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Rifleman Hunter 8982Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private John Newcomb 8532Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Ashley Shute 1923London Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Jones 830Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/03/1915
Flight Sub-Lieutenant Arthur Gelston Shepherd Royal Naval Air Service10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private James William Service 533King's Own Scottish Borderers10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Ordinary Seaman William Kenneth Buck 2127Royal Australian Navy10/03/1915 (aged 17)
Private Macleod S/11945Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Edwin Darnell M2/018853Army Service Corps10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Alexander Gordon Patterson 2782Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Thomas Edwin Jones 2407Montgomeryshire Yeomanry10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Rifleman Solomon Abrahams 11900King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal John Patrick Ahern 1811London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Corporal Henry Allcock 5739King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Frederick Allen 17159Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Henry George Allen 8633Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Serjeant William Allen 10404Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Corporal John Anderson 9474Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Serjeant John Anderson 8150Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Thomas Anderson 9398Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Hugh Andrews 7955Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Robert Armstrong 10721Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Stephen Lewis Ashby 9039Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Corporal Alfred Aspin 10067Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private Edward Austin 1667London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Harry Austwick 2390King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Charles Henry Auton 16614Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman Enoch Edward Bailey 1326King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Private Enoch John Baker 5304Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Frederick Baker 4763King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman George Baldwin 6/778King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Robert Martin Baldwin 9798Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Robert Ballard 10632The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Albert Edward Bandy 4/6862Bedfordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Rifleman Edwin Barber 5064King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Frederick William Barber 4891Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Private John Barber 8432The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Charles Barnes 8032Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Rifleman Arthur John Barnes 6/505Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Rifleman Alfred Edward Bate 10535King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Corporal Ernest Bateman 6196South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Arthur Bates 5440Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Rifleman James George Bayliss 6/9889Rifle Brigade10/03/1915
Private John Beamish 10511Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private David Beattie 9888Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private William Henry Beer 9399Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Adam Bell 10436Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private William Bell 8317The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Lance Corporal Francis Benfield 9407The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Second Lieutenant Maurice Victor Beningfield Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 17)
Private Alexander Bennett 11279Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Joseph Bennett 3976King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Thomas Edward Bennett 15445Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Corporal Ernest Bentley 10652Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Alfred Robert Berry 1819Suffolk Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Lieutenant Percival Johnstone Bevan King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Thomas Billingsley 13178Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman William Henry Bingham 1303King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Albert Birch 9676Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Percy Bird 10074South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private William Henry Bishop 15838Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private James Blair 10097Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Corporal Frank Bond 8415Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Albert Ernest Booth 9703Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Robert Borland 7720Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman William Boston 9141Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Sydney Bowden 11273Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman John Bower 4355King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Staff Serjeant Victor Harold Bowes A/1236Army Ordnance Corps10/03/1915
Private Harold Gordon Frank Bowles 16022Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Andrew Boyd 11273Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private William Boyle 10320Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Albert Bradley 11789King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Clement Bradley 3/9745Northamptonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Ernest Bradley 8192The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Patrick Brady 753Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Private John Braham 11343The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Thomas Brand 6921Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private William Brash 20646The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Rifleman Jack Bray 4294King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Christopher George Brean 10025Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private William Brewer 9980South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Cyril Vivian Brice 3/7604Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private James Job Brice 15646Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Rifleman Alexander Brickley 9140Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Charles Brierley 7509Northamptonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Private Henry Herman Brine SR/61783Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915
Private James Brodie 3/8140Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal William Henry Bromhead 8660Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Jabez Bromley 9765South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Herbert Jack Brooks 16805Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 16)
Private Alexander Brown 2631Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Lance Serjeant George Arthur Brown 10130Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman John Brown 5/4870King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman Walter Brown 5/4635King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private William Brown 7132The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Rifleman William Edward Brown 11432King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Mcewan 11361The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Robert Mcfarlane 10532Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private James Mcgarrity 9978Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Hugh Mcginlay 7630Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Charles Mcglinchey 9923Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman William Mcgrath 9509Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Robert Mcgregor 3103Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Private John Mcguigan 4377Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Samuel Mcinally 12830Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private Malcolm Mackenzie 3/7415Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Alexander Mclauchlan 3/3591Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Private Paul Mclaughlin 7670Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Adam Mclean 7794Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Daniel Mclean 7298ALIAS10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Serjeant John Mcleod 1297Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Hugh Mcnamara R/5715King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 40)
Lance Corporal Hugh Mcpoland 7004King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private Matthew Mcsherry 1242Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private John Mcstey 12381The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Sam Maidens 9306Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Frank Ernest Malins 1768London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Rifleman William James Mansell 5490King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private David Mapps 10596South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private John Marnick 11577The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Arthur George Martin 11991Border Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private James Martin 9681The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private John Martin 7598Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Joseph Martin 9014Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Serjeant Frederick Martinelli 8005Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Alfred John Mason 6851South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Rifleman Arthur Parker Mason 11985King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private William Massey 17417Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private William Dowson Mather 9600Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private George May 10523Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Charles Medlicott 11790Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Thomas Meighton 5556Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private William Mellis 1512Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Charles Millard 8464Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Edwin Miller 11617Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Leslie Miller 6540Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Thomas Miller 9594Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Albert Mills 7090King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private John Walter Mills SR/6746Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Serjeant William Mills 8896South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman William A. Minall 11431King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Arthur Moffett 318591West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Ernest Mole 8421Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private John Monaghan 11340Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Albert Moore 5586King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Private Alfred Moore 906London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Private Arthur Moore 14141Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Daniel Moore 583Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private George Moore 7777Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Thomas Moore 20526The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Corporal Charles Howard Morgan 8940The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal George Morgan R/4897King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Rifleman Walter Morley 6041King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Alexander Morrison 6498Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Robert Morrison 3/6989Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Alfred Morton 3395Manchester Regiment10/03/1915
Private John Moss 9787Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Company Serjeant Major William George Motum 6730Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private John Muldoon 10702Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private John Mullen 7622Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Thomas Munday 8250Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Alexander Mundie 3/6869Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Fred Munks 14124Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Rifleman Alexander Murray 8709Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Alexander Murray 9907Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Arthur Hodges Murray 1449London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Edward Murray 9084Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Harry Murray 12492Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private James Murray 9114West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Murray A/6320Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Mustin 7436Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Edward Myhill 8573Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman George Stanley Nash 5/4997King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Harry Simcoe Needham 6401Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Joseph Newhouse 14336Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private David Rigg Newlands 10675Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915
Private Henry Newton 6950Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private George Nicholls 8428Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Godfrey Nicholls 7697South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private John Nicholson 9032The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Charles Rowland Noakes 10583Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal John Noremac 10288Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Charles Ernest Norman R/5823King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Private William Charles Norris 9186Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Tom North 10805Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private James Hynds 8307Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private James Hynes 11856The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Douglas Henry Ingerfield 1749London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Company Quartermaster Serjeant James Innes 6874Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Arthur Jackson 7167South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Henry Jackson 8422The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Samuel Jackson 7077Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private James Jefferson 10067Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Corporal William Thomas Jenner 10116Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 39)
Sapper Harry Hawkins Jennings 16997Royal Engineers10/03/1915
Private Thomas Jennings 8886The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 37)
Rifleman Henry James Jewell 5/4646King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private William H. Johnson 3/7643Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915
Private Hugh Johnston 6564Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Private James Johnston 3/9137West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Rifleman John Johnston 9476Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Adrian Herbert Jones 1632London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Albert Jones 10574King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman Cyril Frederick Insall Jones 5342Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Joseph Jones 6825South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Paul Jones 16666Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private Walter William Jones 8383Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman William George Jones 11090King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal William John Kayll 2421King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Rifleman John Kearney 9318Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private John Keenan 8155Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 48)
Private William George Keep 2023London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Private Hugh Kelly 13901Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman George Kemsley 5/4686King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Arthur Kennedy 10422Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Kenneth Kennedy S/2407Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915
Private Charles Kent 3/8694West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Ernest Keys 10400The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Robert Killops 7525Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Corporal John Edward Kilmartin 8592Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Rifleman Bertie George King Z/222Rifle Brigade10/03/1915
Private Frederick Arthur King 1949London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 17)
Rifleman William Robert King 9491King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Albert Kingdom 7024Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman James Henry Kiveal 11771King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Robert Stanley Belben Lake 1133London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal James Lamb 1789King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Frank Victor Lane 12401Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Lance Serjeant Walter Langton 10150Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Henry Lawrence 5586South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Lawrence 8545Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman James Leahy 61478Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Ernest Henry Lee 11330Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Corporal James Lee 12683Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Frank Richard Lenton 16334Northamptonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Alfred Charles Lewington 1637London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Frederick Lewis 2681King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Christopher Little 8013The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private William C. Lloyd 8712The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Percy Lockyer 1838London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Rifleman Arthur Howard Lovell Y/994King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Thomas Lovell 15943Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Corporal Ernest Patrick Lowry 2043London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Rifleman Alexander Isaac Luck 5/4636King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Arthur Luddington 7753Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Corporal Charles Edmund Luff 1130London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Private Edward Lyons 11181The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Alexander Mcadie 1264Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Thomas Mcarthur 12515Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private John Macbeath 1113Gordon Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Patrick Mcbride 7161Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Robert Mcbride 9246Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Rifleman Peter Mccabe 4991King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Edward Mccance 6849Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman John Mccarthy 13306Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Corporal Joseph Mcclean 9389Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private John Mcclusky 2884Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Thomas Mcconnell 316962Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Isaac Mccoo 6930Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman James Mccoy 9248Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Robert Mccubbin 7735Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Robert Mccurry 7781Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Serjeant James Mcdade 9462Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Edward Mcdermid 11571Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private Archibald Mcdonald 10035Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Corporal John Macdonald 827Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private John Mcdonald 14122Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Samuel Macdonald 3/6933Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Thomas Mcdonald 312765Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private John Gilligan 20640The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 42)
Lance Corporal Bass Gilliland R/5716King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman George Goddard 5397King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Frederick George Godden 9258Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Michael Golden 7680The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Ernest George Goldsborough 11490Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Reginald Charles Goldsborough 10941Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Alexander Gollan 1260Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Hugh Gollogly 7452Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private William Goodall 8949West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Charles Ernest Goodhead 7229South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Percy Walter Goodin 15487Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Samuel J. Goodridge 11712The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Corporal John Gordon 7916Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Joseph Gorman 6672Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Private John Gormley 3705The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Thomas Henry Issac Noble Gothard 7312Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Charles E. Gould 8228The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Frank Ward Goy 8662Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Corporal Percy William Graham 9200West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Private James Grant 976London Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Rifleman Alfred Grantham 5731King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Robert Gray 1889Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal William Gray 9122Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Frederick Grayston 5/3262King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private George Green 12571The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Private Albert Ernest Greengrass 6460Border Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Charles Edwin Gregory 9510Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Thomas Gregory 3/9354West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 38)
Corporal Edward Griffiths 6223Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private William Griffiths 3/7680Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Edward Alexander Grooms 13788Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Rifleman Arthur Frederick Grove 6130King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Michael Haggerty 7606Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Peter Hale 9439The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Rifleman Edward Henry Hall 11796King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Lance Serjeant George W. Hall 10591The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private William Hall 16179Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Owen Clarke Hallam 6473Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Private Terence Harnett Hallinan 1896London Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Allen Hamilton 14477Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Robert Handley 8096Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Joseph Hanlon 11109The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private William Hannah 9900Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private John Hare 8988Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Frederick Harkness 18791Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Lance Corporal William George Harling 10858King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private George Harper 6090South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Edward George Harris 8525Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman John Harris 9185Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Joseph Harris 9675South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Albert Robert Hart 8511West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Private Benjamin Hart 8344Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman William Hartland 11648King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Bernard Henry James Hatcher 10019Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal George Hatcher 10686King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private William James Hathrill 3/9392Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Rifleman Ernest Hayter 6/1293King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Henry Heath 8436Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Private Albert Heaton 16967Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Rifleman Andrew Hemphill 9169Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private Francis Henderson 12747Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Thomas Henderson 2091Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Albert Henly 18295Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Samuel Henry 16305Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 17)
Lance Corporal Thomas Henry 8779Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Charles Henshaw 6230The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Private Arthur Herd 8255Border Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Rifleman Walter Henry Hewitt 5/4584King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Harold Motson Hibbs 9678Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Rifleman Frank Hickey 11465King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private George Harold Higgins 8435Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Serjeant Walter Sydney Higgins 9802King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Albert Henry Hill 10794Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Elisha Hill 9562South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private James Samuel Hill 7648Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Williams Hill 8966Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Leslie Howard Hilliam 3991Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private William John Hine SR/6893Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Captain Wilfrid Gurney Hoare Durham Light Infantry10/03/1915 (aged 39)
Private John William Hodson 8561Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Charles Walter Holden 8083Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Henry Christopher Holgeth 8043Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Corporal Hugh Holmes 2616Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Henry Honey 10085Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Lance Corporal Joseph Hopkinson 3/7479Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Serjeant Samuel Henry Hopkinson 5/3142King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Serjeant Robert Stanley Houchin 6/234King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private George William Howard 1068London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Arthur Howie 1568Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Private James Howie 1564Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private William Howie 16423Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal Charles William Arthur Hubbard 8702Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Corporal Arthur Hughes 8435Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private John Henry Hughes 7403Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Peter Hughes 10031Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Rifleman James Hughey 2866Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Harry Herbert Hunt 2250London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Rifleman John Hunt 5525King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private John Halliwell Hunt 9824Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal William Albert Hurn 319417Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Jack Bruce Hussey 2004London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Private Everett Hutchinson 14075Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Samuel Hyam 10158Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman George Dawson 11876King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Joseph Deacon 756London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Thomas Degville 9603South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Serjeant Randolph Townsend Delany 6746South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Rifleman George Dent 11844King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Davey Harry Vincent Deppert 5690King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Rifleman Herbert William Digby R/5717King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private John Dillon 14011Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Alfred George Dixon 11632King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Serjeant John Dixon 4348Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private John Docherty 6639Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Donnelly 6002South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Thomas Donovan 8200The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Rifleman Francis Doran 6284Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Richard Doran 10414Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private James Dowd 16626Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman Arthur James Downes 5/5059King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Fred Drew 3/8083Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman John Duckenfield 2141King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Robert Duff 13193The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Private Daniel Dukes 10253Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Alfred Joseph Duncan 8030Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Alexander Dunlop 10437Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Edward Dunn 7644Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Joseph Francis Dunne 6333Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private William Eadie 1379Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private Sidney William Earle 9467Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman John Wilfred East 3655Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Samuel East L/11978Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Charlie Eastwood 4/7668West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Rifleman Edward Arthur Edney 11503King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Herbert Edwards 9773Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman William Edwards 11009King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private George Ellis 7873Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private William Ellson 9698Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private William Edward Ellwood 17781Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private Edmund Ernest Waldow Elsom 9196Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Samuel Emery 18646The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal John William Erratt L/13108Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal Albert Evans 7319Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Alfred William Evans Z/1863Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Rifleman Albert James Everett 6/500King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Serjeant Michael Fagan 7872The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Rifleman John Farmer 7869King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Matthew Farrell 7327Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private William Farrell 9045South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private James Ferguson 9876Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant Percy Grant Ferguson Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private George Downey Fewings 9236Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Frederick Field 5480Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Findlay 9589Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private Henry Charles Finnett 1217London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private James Finnigan 6229Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Robert Firth 10743Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Thomas Henry Firth 12234East Lancashire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private Fisher 9589ALIAS10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private George Andrew Fisher 12841South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Harry Fisher 13363Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman John William Fitter 6/653King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Fitzgerald 10557Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman Philip Fitzsimons 8221Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private James Flack 8400Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Fleming 656Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private John Flynn 8927The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal Alfred James Ford 10110Bedfordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Forrester 10424Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Rifleman Albert James George Foster 11455King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private George Fowler 7041Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Sapper Stanley Alfred Fowles 18248Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private William H. Free 11541The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Freel 12827Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Freeman 7701Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private George French 8731Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Private James Fryer 16311Northamptonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Percy Fryer 8969West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Serjeant William Fuller 10375Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman George Gallagher 8849Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Gallagher 10364Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Arthur Aitken Gardiner 9206Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private George Frederick Gardiner 10857South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Rifleman Albert Garner 2256King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private James Garratt 23419The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 38)
Private John A. Garrett 8674The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private John Garrity 3/2580Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private William Gee 12494Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Rifleman Joseph Frederick Gentry 6053King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Charles George 7062King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private James Alfred Gibbs 14214Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Sidney Francis Harry Gigg 8705Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Henry Giles 9568South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Frederick William Thomas Warren 5006Rifle Brigade10/03/1915
Gunner Henry Watson 37363Royal Garrison Artillery10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Sydney Watson 6568West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Harold Whitley 3/1162King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry10/03/1915
Private Montague Joseph Williams 2054East Surrey Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Rifleman Victor Leonard Watts 1406Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Rifleman George Aucutt 10408Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Gunner Percy Bell 37328Royal Garrison Artillery10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Harry Frost 14038Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal James Gahan 10137Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Warrant Officer Class I Scott East African Intelligence Department10/03/1915
Sepoy Kalu 13122nd Kashmir Rifles (Body Guard Regiment)10/03/1915
Sepoy Khark Sing 12832nd Kashmir Rifles (Body Guard Regiment)10/03/1915
Naik Mahel Singh 14522nd Kashmir Rifles (Body Guard Regiment)10/03/1915
Naik Ran Singh 442nd Kashmir Rifles (Body Guard Regiment)10/03/1915
Naik Zahar Singh 3142nd Kashmir Rifles (Body Guard Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Thomas John Prout 1840South Wales Borderers10/03/1915
Follower Mamchand Gauhar 422nd Queen Victoria's Own Rajput Light Infantry10/03/1915
Rifleman Nain Sing Butola 120239th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Nain Sing Dhokoti 185639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Nain Sing Gusain 251739th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Nain Sing Negi 271039th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Naik Najaf Khan 3395107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Rifleman Narain Gusain 189139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Havildar Narayan Sing Rautela 192339th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Narbahadur Gurung 23363rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Narbir Mal 27919th Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Sapper Pahlwan 21361st King George's Own Sappers and Miners10/03/1915
Sepoy Parbhu 34906th Jat Light Infantry10/03/1915
Rifleman Phandu Rawat 256239th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Pirmu Karki 175339th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Lance Naik Raghubir Sing Negi 140039th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Rajman Thapa 19453rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Ram Parshad Singh 4745113th Indian Infantry10/03/1915
Sepoy Ram Sarup Singh 4764113th Indian Infantry10/03/1915
Rifleman Ram Sing Sajwan 68539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Colour Havildar Ranjor Sing Pundir 93939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Ranu Gurung 21383rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Rupchand Gusain 170639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Rup Narain Mal 12029th Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Naik Rup Sing Chamoli 68639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Rup Sing Negi 252839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Sabe Pun 42592nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)10/03/1915
Sapper Sadho Singh 22901st King George's Own Sappers and Miners10/03/1915
Sepoy Sania Ram 285591st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/03/1915
Sepoy Sarnu 48841st Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Sarnu Negi 200539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Sham Sing Korunga 223239th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Naik Shankar Sing Gusain 240839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Sher Sing Rawat 164839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Sheru Bisht 230439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Shibji 31266th Jat Light Infantry10/03/1915
Subadar Shib Sing Negi 39th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Shib Sing Pharswan 241839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Sitab Sing Chauhan 231439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Sobtu Salwan 243839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Sundar 221438th Dogras10/03/1915
Sepoy Surmi 168738th Dogras10/03/1915
Sepoy Teja Singh 266391st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/03/1915
Sepoy Teja Singh 325891st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/03/1915
Rifleman Tej Sing Mahata 273539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Thagi Sing Negi 23939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Thakur Singh 4038107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Rifleman Thepru Rawat 36439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Tikaram Gurung 22793rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Tilbir Thapa 24463rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Tilok Chand 286791st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/03/1915
Rifleman Tulsi Sing Rawat 143839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Uchiya Korunga 186039th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Udham Singh 217038th Dogras10/03/1915
Sepoy Udho 382530th Punjabis10/03/1915
Rifleman Umrao Sing Nayal 179839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Umrao Sing Rawat 239939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Hari Singh 4599107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Rifleman Harku Damai 238339th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Harku Rana 16903rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Hayatu Danu 256839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Havildar Hem Singh 196491st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/03/1915
Rifleman Hirasing Khati 21059th Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Havildar Hukam Singh 111938th Dogras10/03/1915
Havildar Jai Sing Jangwan 171639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Jaman Sing Negi 269639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Jalu Ram 4783113th Indian Infantry10/03/1915
Rifleman Jaman Sing Rana 24302nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Jaman Sing Rawat 162939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Jamma 174010th Jats10/03/1915
Rifleman Jangbir Limbu 923Assam Military Police10/03/1915
Jemadar Jawahir Sing Birwan 39th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Jemadar Jit Sing Negi 39th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Jotu Rawat 173439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Havildar Judhbir Thapa 31532nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)10/03/1915
Naik Jwala Sing Rana 270939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Kaka Ram 391230th Punjabis10/03/1915
Rifleman Kale Pun 24093rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Kalmu Bisht 167439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Kalu Roka 14603rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Kalu Sing Negi 70939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Kana Ram 4724113th Indian Infantry10/03/1915
Sepoy Kapura 223738th Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Kedar Sing Rawat 154039th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Kedaru Negi 288539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Kedaru Gusain 240139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Havildar Kesar Sing Pharswan 15739th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Kesar Sing Rana 28939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Kesu Jadhao 4492107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Rifleman Khem Sing Basera 84339th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Khem Sing Rawat 168439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Kirpa 182138th Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Khushal Sing Mahar 206439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Kohar Singh 153038th Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Kulbir Thapa 36593rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Kutal Sing Rawat 153139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Kutalu Bisht 176039th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Lachhman Singh 3902107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Rifleman Lainchi Bangari 21239th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Lal Sing Chauhan 29539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Lal Sing Chauhan 266539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Lance Naik Larja 185338th Dogras10/03/1915
Sepoy Lehga 170338th Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Madhi Negi 117939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Madho Sing Negi 71739th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Naik Magan Sing Rawat 201439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Naik Mahendar Sing Negi 178939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Mahendari Rawat 187639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Mahendar Sing Negi 240639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Makha Rawat 209939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Havildar Malapa 147138th Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Mala Slng Rawat 169239th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Malhu 286991st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/03/1915
Naik Mangal Singh 391430th Punjabis10/03/1915
Rifleman Mani Bagri 140639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Havildar Man Singh 294458th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)10/03/1915
Rifleman Mar Sing Gurung 24403rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Mohan Sing Danu 259139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Mohan Sing Gusain 256939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Mohan Sing Negi 260239th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Havildar Molu Sing Ghurdora 59839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Moti Sing Negi 136139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sapper Muhammad Beg 10391st King George's Own Sappers and Miners10/03/1915
Second Lieutenant George Michael Fitzgerald Hewat Indian Army Reserve of Officers10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Rifleman Afal Sing Ghurdora 106439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Bugler Agdi 15936th Jat Light Infantry10/03/1915
Sowar Alam Khan 186836th Jacob's Horse10/03/1915
Havildar Ali Ahmad Khan 49941st King George's Own Sappers and Miners10/03/1915
Rifleman Amardeo Sing Pawar 101939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Amardhoj Burathoki 26409th Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Amar Sing Kandari 221739th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bagh Sing Bhandari 168139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bagh Sing Bisht 19439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bahadur Burathoki 29119th Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bahadur Sing Negi 38539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bahadur Sing Rawat 122739th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bahadur Sing Rawat 216439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bahadur Thapa 26812nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)10/03/1915
Havildar Bakhshi 348730th Punjabis10/03/1915
Naik Bakhtawar Sing Bisht 46339th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bakhtawar Sing Sahi 166539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Balak Sing Kandari 95239th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Balbir Thapa 38602nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Bali Sing Rawat 62039th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Naik Baniya Rawat 180939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Barita 235838th Dogras10/03/1915
Sepoy Basakha Singh 3735107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Sepoy Basant Singh 220438th Dogras10/03/1915
Sepoy Beli Ram 442330th Punjabis10/03/1915
Rifleman Bhagchand Bisht 162639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Bhag Singh 188438th Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Bhajan Sing Rautela 223139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bhawan Sing Khatri 284439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bhawanu Rana 207439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bhim Sing Rawat 120239th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bhup Sing Negi 235839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Bihari Singh 4652113th Indian Infantry10/03/1915
Rifleman Bimli Sing Chauhan 89439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Bir Sing Rawat 263539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Chamaya Rawat 242739th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Chandri Chuphal 247139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Chandru Lahure 4506107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Sepoy Chetu 231438th Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Dalbahadur Limbu 1673Assam Military Police10/03/1915
Sepoy Dalip Singh 84241st Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Daulatu Negi 106139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Lance Havildar Daup Sing Negi 162139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Dayal Sing Negi 262439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Debising Gharti 20709th Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Jemadar Deb Sing Negi 39th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Dhanbir Gurung 20393rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Dharmu Pharswan 288139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Dhyan Sing Rawat 260139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Dungar 35726th Jat Light Infantry10/03/1915
Sepoy Fakir Singh 3910107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Rifleman Fateh Sing Rawat 123939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Fateh Sing Sunar 289539th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Ganga 233538th Dogras10/03/1915
Sepoy Ganpat Pandre 2689121st Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Sepoy Ganu 198538th Dogras10/03/1915
Havildar Gauti Mahar 164639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Ghantu Rawat 217239th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Jemadar Ghantu Sing Bisht 39th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Ghantu Sing Mahar 25639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Ghasita Chand 219491st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/03/1915
Rifleman Ghimdu Bisht 154339th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Ghutar Sing Rikhola 122339th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Gilja 206438th Dogras10/03/1915
Rifleman Giyan Sing Bisht 270039th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Gopala 492330th Punjabis10/03/1915
Rifleman Gopal Sing Dhanik 268939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Gopal Sing Gusain 209639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Gopal Singh 4600107th Indian Pioneers10/03/1915
Rifleman Gopal Sing Rana 233439th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Gopal Sing Rawat 163639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Gopal Sing Rawat 180039th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Gulab Sing Bisht 287839th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Gurdial Singh 315891st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/03/1915
Sepoy Gurmukh Singh 316358th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)10/03/1915
Havildar Gyan Sing Rawat 51139th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Gyan Sing Rawat 188639th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Private Evans 1978The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private William Samuel Bruce 10999Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Joseph William Bryan 11669King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal John Bryce 10476Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Buchanan 3/7088Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Corporal Lawrence William Bucklow 552Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Thomas Burbidge 6741Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman James Alfred Burford B/595Rifle Brigade10/03/1915
Private Peter Burke 8276The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Thomas Burke 12099Welsh Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 48)
Private George Burnham 8497Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Charles William Burrett 9875Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Tom Burrows 5738King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private William Burrows 18199The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private George Butcher 12806Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Arthur Butler 9442South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private John Byrne 9004Border Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private Francis Cain 10369The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Rifleman James Callanan 4824King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Rifleman Sidney Cambridge 5/4684King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Alexander Campbell 15840Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Rifleman John Campbell 6100Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 40)
Private Peter Canavan 10136The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Thomas Cannavan 16701Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Serjeant Frederick J. Cannon 10959The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Harry Royal Cannon 9204Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Carlyle 9430Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Lance Serjeant Henry Edward Carnall 14340Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Rifleman James Carnduff 9294Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Corporal Joseph Carroll 6/9802King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private George Carson 11140Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private William Carson 7514Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Thomas Cash 8908Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private James Cassidy 7370Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Malcolm Cathey 6715Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Patrick Caul 14017The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Arthur Leslie Cecil 2115London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Rifleman John Chesterton Y/472King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Charles Chisholm 3/8136Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 42)
Private Simon Chivall 9561Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Arthur Churchill 11697The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 51)
Rifleman James Clare 18349Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private John Clark 14340South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Richard Clark 10528Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Robert Clark B/6808Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private William Clark 2080Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Private Michael Clarke 10301Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal Patrick Clarke 7124Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private William Clay 10775Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Corporal Alfred Clayton 1214King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Dennis Cleary 7396Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private William Clewes 8151Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Second Lieutenant George Washington Tate Coates Royal Field Artillery10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Frank Cockeram 7718South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Thomas Coffey 6216Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Private James Collins 430Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915
Rifleman Leslie William Colmer 6/596King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private John Connell 7212Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Charles Connelly 6668Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 17)
Private James Connolly S/2746Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private James Connor 7605Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Arthur Thomas Constable 11786King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private William Cook 9722South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Corporal Harry Cooling 7602Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Alexander Cooper 7835Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Alfred Cooper 12739South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Henry Cooper 9797Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Walter Cope Y/480King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Private William James Cordery 11724Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 17)
Rifleman Peter William Corio R/5198King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Rifleman Charles Cotter 6/761King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private William Cotton 9084Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private Frank Cowley 11960Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Rifleman William Cox 11489King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman James Coyle B/2452Rifle Brigade10/03/1915
Private William Coyle 7483Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Frank Miller Crane 3/7828Bedfordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Walter Alfred Crane 8252Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Samuel Crawford 11590The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Rifleman Thomas Crawley Z/503Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Serjeant Thomas Albert Croft 8180West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Samuel Ross Dron Crosbie 10744Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Lance Corporal Henry Crossey 9061Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Thomas Crossley Y/1134King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman Thomas Crymble 9380Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Company Serjeant Major Arthur Herbert Culley 5596Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Patrick Cunningham 7391Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private William Henry Cunningham 9016The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Manus Curran 559Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Michael Curran 7091Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Corporal William Michael Curran 8498Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal Louis Richard Curtis 3/9365West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Rifleman Michael Curtis 8954Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private James Dalgleish 1295Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Rifleman Thomas Daly 12378Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Rifleman Robert Davenport 8599Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Robert Davidson 7186Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Joseph Davies 20651South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Sapper Lloyd Davies 16568Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Corporal Thomas Davies 7419The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 43)
Private William Davies 22932Welsh Regiment10/03/1915
Sapper Edgar Davis 18594Royal Engineers10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Albert H. Nutt 8982The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Thomas Oakley 8529Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Andrew O'brien 7064Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Lance Corporal John Joseph O'brien 4061Royal Munster Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private John Thomas Oliver 6315South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Thomas Oliver 12867Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Rifleman Daniel A. O'sullivan 10979King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal James Padbury 825Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Horace Leonard Paddon 7315Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private George Palin 10563The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Alfred Palmer 9965Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Douglas James Parker 2426London Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Lieutenant Parker South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Cyril Parkes 9596South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Corporal Ernest Parkes 14861Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private Harry Parks 8452Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal William Parks 12693Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Charles Henry Parsonage R/523King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Serjeant William Parsons 784London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 38)
Rifleman Cecil Edward Passingham 5/4221King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Serjeant Alfred Edward Paul 6142King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private John Pay 15890Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman Samuel Payne B/675Rifle Brigade10/03/1915
Corporal William Albert Payne 2721King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Charles Paynter 9690The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Horace John Pearce 10018Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Arthur Pearson 2895King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal Thomas Henry Peate 6/646King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private William Penny 11944The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Serjeant Henry George Edwin Perrin 8330West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Private Arthur Petchell 8245Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Rifleman Frederick Thomas Pettite 11290King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Ernest Clarence Phillips 9176South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Herbert Pilkington 13589Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman Thomas Platt 4408King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Frederick Charles Plowman 10323Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Alfred Archibald Plummer 8652Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal George Wilfred Pointon 14157Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Frank Polglase 8727Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Rifleman William Poole A/1369King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Joseph Arthur Pope 8590West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Rifleman Harry Charles Porter 11044King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Henry Portway 7911Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Bombardier Ivo Francis Post 28320Royal Garrison Artillery10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private George Potts 9193Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Lance Corporal Alfied Powell 6091King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman George Powell 5/3130King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Harry Powell 10035South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Francis Power 5257West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Private Thomas Preen 6885Royal Welsh Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Rifleman Thomas Richard Price Y/1160King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Joseph Pry 13012Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Rifleman Henry William Pullin 11560King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Rifleman Frederick Charles Pumford 9702King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Harry Puttock 9265Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Thomas Pye 6714The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private James Quinn 10421Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Albert H. Quinton 9428Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Bertie Edward Rackham 8296Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal James Racle 2660King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman Thomas William Radley 4124King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private John R. Ramsdale 8279The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private John Ramsey 17035Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private William Rattray 2267Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Private Hubert Septimus Ray G/988Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915
Private George Rayner 6791Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Daniel Reardon 21388The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private William Redfern 8560The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private John Reece 12515The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Frederick Herbert Reeks 1863London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Corporal John Rees 11454Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Private Ernest Reeve 8210Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal James Reid 652Royal Scots10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Edward Reilly 6688Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private James Reilly 11472The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private James Reilly 16129Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private Patrick Reilly 8318Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Alfred Remnant 11701King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Charles Reynolds 11565South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Stanley Reynolds 8885Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Serjeant Robert Douglas Rice 9788Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Timothy Rice 12919Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Sapper Evan Richards 17321Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal George Richards 12940Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915
Private Frederick William Richardson 3/10173West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Private Frank Riley 14184Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Serjeant Christopher Riordan 6749Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Harold William Ripley 2210London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Frederick Lloyd Road 10518Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Reuben Roadknight 8665Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Alfred Roberts 7949Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private William Roberts 11806The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Alexander Robertson 1493Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Private George Robertson 7372Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Andrew Robinson 7399King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private James William Robinson 946London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Thomas Robinson 6776The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private John Roche 6691The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Charles Rogers 9196Bedfordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Rifleman Harry Rogers 5981King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private William Rogers 9685Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private William Roland 12413Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Martin Rooney 10965The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 39)
Private Daniel Rosenthall 7298Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Lance Corporal Edward Ross 1909London Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Samuel Ross 9746The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Leonard Roughton 16253Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private Charles Edward Russell 17739Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private Ernest Andrew Russell 7450Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Serjeant William John Russell 13115Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private Alfred John Sainsbury 9539South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Rifleman James William Salter 6/908King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private George Sanderson 3/8658Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Albert Sanger 5/3632King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman James Sarchfield R/5824King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Private Thomas Sargeant 15680Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Drummer Charles Michael Saunders 7649Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private George Saunders 10037South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private James Saunders 10035South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Robert James Saunders 1078London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Rifleman Allison Rispar Saville R/7646King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman William Scarisbrick 6373King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Scott 9012Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Thomas Scott 2215Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Rifleman Thomas Scott 13324Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal Fred Screen 9235South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Frederick Norton Seaborne 1806London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private Robert Seddon 14217Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Hugh Sexton 11996Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Francis Shanley 10483Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman Henry Sheerer 4088King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Thomas Sheldrick 9813Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman William James Sheppard 1866Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Rifleman Arthur Shewring 11406King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private William Shiels 9950Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Corporal James Shipp 11056Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private John Short 3/2558Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Corporal Albert Nelson Shorthouse 9192The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private William George Sibley 9158Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Alexander Sideserf 6791Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman Benjamin Simpson 6208King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Gilbert Henry Thomas Slade 17266Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private Joseph John Slade 1612London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Henry G. Slinger 6751Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Alfred Small 10153Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Thomas Smalley 9835Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Bugler Walter Smallwood 9694King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Thomas Stephen Smeeton 7048Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Robert James Smillie 8293Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Alexander Smith 10449Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Rifleman Alfred Smith 3435King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Rifleman Charles Smith Y/414King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Edward Smith 7798Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Corporal Edward Albert Smith 2068London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Frederick Percy Smith 9471South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal George William Smith 11256Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Harry Smith 10632South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Lance Corporal John Smith 6250South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Joseph Smith 3/7917Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Patrick Smith 8318ALIAS10/03/1915
Private Sidney Smith 4240Royal Welsh Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Thomas Smith 4/8035West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Thomas Charles Smith 9137South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private William Smith 7827Royal Welsh Fusiliers10/03/1915
Lance Corporal William Henry Smith 5565King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Private Thomas Sparks 11443The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lieutenant Willy Paton Berthold Spencer Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 17)
Private John Spivey 7727Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Augustus Henry Spriggs 11982Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Douglas Bateman Spurr 2116Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Thomas Edwin Stafford 15992South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Hugh Ernest Stanley 10391Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private John Steeden 8781West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Private Albert Steele 3/7293Bedfordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Harry Stephenson 3972Border Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Private James Felix Stephenson 1149London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Private Thomas Stevenson 8128The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 37)
Private John Stewart 10696Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Adam Stoddart 1078Cameron Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Frank Stokes 9691The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Corporal Walter Stone 10497Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Walter Storton 3/7542Bedfordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Bert Stride Y/1170King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Christopher Stride 10481Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private George Stride 11281South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal James Charles Stride 10266Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Alfred Stride 6820South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman William Harvey John Sugg 9993Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Serjeant Andrew Sutherland 3/3244Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/03/1915
Rifleman John William Swain 1694King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Alfred Swales 9067The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal William Arthur Swan 8780Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Charles Sweeney 8215Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private George Sweeney 7265Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Sweeney 11966The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Corporal Alexander Tait 5957Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private William Tate 8236The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Albert Edward Taylor 8277Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Rifleman Edward Taylor 11095King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 18)
Private John Taylor 6817South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Joseph Taylor 5817King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Thomas Taylor 15861Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private William Taylor 6975Border Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Private William Taylor 10533Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Serjeant William Stanley Taylor 8831Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Herbert Edwin Thacker 8608Northamptonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Private Alfred Ernest Thear 2040London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal John Robert William Thompson 9517Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private James Thomson 7322Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private John Thomson 11151Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal William Thrower 11444King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private James Tidy 11678The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Benjamin Hall Todd 22484Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal William Locke Toms 9904Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Howard Tongue 8996The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Corporal William Tonks 9316South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Corporal William Henry Percival Toomey 7770Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Robert W. Toplis 10811The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Rifleman James Tovey Y/1153King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private John Towell 10874Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private Sidney Towndrow 11107The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Herbert Towning 7897Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Henry Trace 9003Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Samuel Trout 7366South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Rifleman John Tucker 6/535Rifle Brigade10/03/1915
Private Arthur Turner 13077South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Robert Turner 10743ALIAS10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Arthur Turton 13253Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Edward Turton 6657The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Serjeant Albert H. Tyler 9293The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Private Arthur George Tyler 17065Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Rifleman William Robert Tyne 6/548King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Rifleman John Tyrrell 8923Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Sydney George Ullmer 6637Northamptonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Private Octavius George Underwood 10535Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Private Brinley Vanstone 3/8310Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Charles Vintner 8064Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private Ernest Thomas Wackett SR/6915Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915
Private John Walinck 7608Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Alfred Walker 2585King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 36)
Corporal Harry Walker 9027Northamptonshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Henry Walley 9048Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Walter Alfred Walmsley 11937King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Charles Ward 10376Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Frederick George Ward SR/6559Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal John Ward 8891West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private James Wardle 17421Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private William Warner 8996Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private John Warnes 10841Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman Arthur Washbrook 11788King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Charles Washington 6427The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal William James Washington 11546Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private William Waterfield 12511Worcestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Serjeant George Richard Waters 9615Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private David John Watkins 12864Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Private Robert Watson 11693The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Rifleman William Henry Watts 6056King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Lieutenant James Baurdillon Wauchope Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915
Private Frederick Horace Wayte 2056London Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Serjeant Arthur Webb 11533King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Horace Walter Webb 2209London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private William Webb 7884Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Joseph Wedge 14607Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private William Weldon 3/7779Bedfordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Sapper Percy Weller 12919Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 32)
Serjeant Charles Edward Wells 9562Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Rifleman Henry Edmond Alfred Wells 11713King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private John Welsh 8323The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Private John George Wesley 10700Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private George Westall 10669Wiltshire Regiment10/03/1915
Serjeant Henry George Wheatley 70London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Albert Victor Wheeler 8300Royal Berkshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Joseph Wheeler 17167Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Thomas William Wheelhouse 9492West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Lawrence Whelan 9049The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Rifleman Frederick Langley Whetham 3645Rifle Brigade10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Charles John White 7116South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Edwin C. White 2030London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Private George White 8644West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private John White 10650Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Sapper Percy Charles White 495Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 21)
Private Harold W. Whitten 6140Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Lance Corporal George William David Wildman 1355London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private Ambrose Wileman 10098Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 37)
Rifleman William Wilkinson 6/815King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Rifleman Charles Williams 4408ALIAS10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Frederick Williams 1800London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Owen L. Williams 9675The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private William Williams 1218London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Private John Thomas Williamson 11128Leicestershire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Arthur Wilson 8992The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private David Wilson 7965Royal Scots Fusiliers10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Harry Wilson 8576West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)10/03/1915
Corporal James Wilson 7872Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Corporal Lawrence Wilson 10929The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915
Corporal Thomas Joseph Wilson 1231London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915
Lance Corporal Walter Wilson 3/6977Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 28)
Private Charles Windsor 8223Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Sapper Robert Winterbottom 21072Royal Engineers10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private Frederick Wobshall 11663The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Albert Woods 6281Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Rifleman Robert Woods 5809King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 31)
Rifleman Arthur Worrall Y/195King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Rifleman James Worsfold 9102Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Private Arthur Worsley 4/5737Bedfordshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Arthur Wright 9400South Staffordshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Serjeant Donald William Wright L/11726Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Corporal Edward Wright 6323King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Frederick Joseph Wright 1175London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Private Isaac Wright 2691Manchester Regiment10/03/1915
Private John Wright 9732Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Rifleman John Spencer Wright 6659King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Private Robert Scott Wright 11261Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 30)
Serjeant Thomas Alfred Wright 10094Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Private William Wright 7166Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915
Serjeant William George Wright 7081Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/03/1915 (aged 33)
Guardsman Frank Yates 9385Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman Jack Yates 8101King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Thomas Yeomans 17374Grenadier Guards10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Rifleman Alfred Young 3552King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915
Lieutenant Philip Mortlock Young The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private George Earls 8542Canadian Infantry10/03/1915
Corporal Thomas Newman 8291Canadian Infantry10/03/1915
Private Leonard Key 51282Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private Thomas Henry Evans 7269King's Shropshire Light Infantry10/03/1915 (aged 35)
Rifleman William Fitzpatrick 10358Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 19)
Corporal Michael King 2114Northumberland Fusiliers10/03/1915
Private Peter Mcaloon 11829Royal Scots10/03/1915
Rifleman David Mcewan 8596Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 26)
Private Harold Preece 9011King's Shropshire Light Infantry10/03/1915
Gunner Albert Priestley 66216Royal Field Artillery10/03/1915
Private Robert Willis Tibble 3/7950Dorsetshire Regiment10/03/1915
Rifleman Allan Waddie 7299Royal Irish Rifles10/03/1915
Sepoy Mahadeo Magar 2624105th Mahratta Light Infantry10/03/1915
Sepoy Rama Deshmukh 1294110th Mahratta Light Infantry10/03/1915
Sepoy Sher Singh 16674th Prince Albert Victor's Rajputs10/03/1915
Sepoy Ramchandar Mhapdi 2451117th Mahrattas10/03/1915
Sepoy Harpal Singh 17927th Duke of Connaught's Own Rajputs10/03/1915
Sepoy Harpal Singh 18387th Duke of Connaught's Own Rajputs10/03/1915
Sergeant Thomas Moore 25791Canadian Infantry10/03/1915
Private Joseph Lewis Fillmore 13118Canadian Mounted Rifles10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Private Thomas Fairgrieave Gray 52288Royal Army Medical Corps10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Private William Lloyd 6473ALIAS10/03/1915
Serjeant John Revell 10326The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/03/1915 (aged 27)
Private John James Harrison 16903Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Private George Henry Smith 17417Grenadier Guards10/03/1915
Rifleman Harry Trevetic 382King's Royal Rifle Corps10/03/1915 (aged 34)
Second Lieutenant Sidney Furness Robinson Royal Field Artillery10/03/1915
Rifleman Kedar Sing Rawat 246939th Garhwal Rifles10/03/1915
Private Frank Gordon Thompson 7484Lincolnshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 20)
Serjeant Henry Wetton L/9133Middlesex Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 24)
Private William Henry Fisher 8617Devonshire Regiment10/03/1915 (aged 25)
Private William Jones 6473Canadian Infantry10/03/1915
Private Andrew Breen 7064ALIAS10/03/1915 (aged 22)
Loading cemetery list
CemeteryCountryCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
DEAL CEMETERYUnited Kingdom101
HOVE OLD CEMETERYUnited Kingdom100
KELSO CEMETERYUnited Kingdom110
Loading regiments list
Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)168
King's Royal Rifle Corps158
The King's (Liverpool Regiment)123
39th Garhwal Rifles120
Lincolnshire Regiment84
South Staffordshire Regiment61
Grenadier Guards60
Royal Irish Rifles59
London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)46
Devonshire Regiment34
West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)28
Royal Berkshire Regiment25
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)25
Worcestershire Regiment24
Yorkshire Regiment22
Royal Scots Fusiliers22
Seaforth Highlanders22
Rifle Brigade20
Middlesex Regiment19
38th Dogras18
Royal Engineers15
3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles13
107th Indian Pioneers11
Leicestershire Regiment11
Canadian Infantry11
Wiltshire Regiment11
Cameron Highlanders10
91st Punjabis (Light Infantry)9
Bedfordshire Regiment9
Northamptonshire Regiment8
Royal Field Artillery8
Royal Welsh Fusiliers7
Border Regiment7
30th Punjabis6
2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)6
Royal Garrison Artillery6
9th Gurkha Rifles6
London Regiment6
Welsh Regiment5
113th Indian Infantry5
East Surrey Regiment5
2nd Kashmir Rifles (Body Guard Regiment)5
6th Jat Light Infantry4
King's Shropshire Light Infantry4
Durham Light Infantry4
1st King George's Own Sappers and Miners4
Royal Fusiliers4
Royal Munster Fusiliers4
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers4
Manchester Regiment3
The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)3
Royal Army Medical Corps3
East Lancashire Regiment3
South Lancashire Regiment3
Royal Scots3
Monmouthshire Regiment2
58th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)2
Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)2
Suffolk Regiment2
Assam Military Police2
Army Service Corps2
41st Dogras2
7th Duke of Connaught's Own Rajputs2
Indian Army Reserve of Officers1
Royal Flying Corps, 2nd Wing1
Australian Infantry, A.I.F.1
8th Rajputs1
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders1
2nd Queen Victoria's Own Rajput Light Infantry1
36th Jacob's Horse1
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)1
Leinster Regiment1
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Public School Bn. R.N. Div.1
London Regiment (First Surrey Rifles)1
Royal Australian Navy1
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1
London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)1
Royal Flying Corps1
117th Mahrattas1
110th Mahratta Light Infantry1
Royal Sussex Regiment1
Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)1
10th Jats1
Dorsetshire Regiment1
King's Own Scottish Borderers1
Gordon Highlanders1
121st Indian Pioneers1
Scots Guards1
4th Gurkha Rifles1
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry1
87th Punjabis1
York and Lancaster Regiment1
2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays)1
East African Intelligence Department1
Cheshire Regiment1
Canadian Mounted Rifles1
Royal Naval Air Service1
4th Prince Albert Victor's Rajputs1
Royal Marine Light Infantry1
Royal Irish Regiment1
Montgomeryshire Yeomanry1
Northumberland Fusiliers1
105th Mahratta Light Infantry1
Gloucestershire Regiment1
6th King Edward's Own Cavalry1
Army Ordnance Corps1
South Wales Borderers1
Loading parish list
ParishDioceseCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Inverness and Bona441
CreditonMid Devon220
HerefordHerefordshire, County of220
Sutton VenyWiltshire221
NewburyWest Berkshire220
SilverstoneSouth Northamptonshire110
Brightwell-cum-SotwellSouth Oxfordshire111
LaverstokeBasingstoke and Deane110
Chew MagnaBath and North East Somerset110
Royal Leamington SpaWarwick110
Shipston on StourStratford-on-Avon110
Arborfield and NewlandWokingham110
HoltNorth Norfolk110
WoottonVale of White Horse110
Hatfield Broad OakUttlesford110
Norton FitzwarrenSomerset West and Taunton101
Llanddewi BrefiCeredigion110
Charlton KingsCheltenham100
HarpendenSt Albans110
Arbroath and St Vigeans110
LeistonEast Suffolk110
HaswellCounty Durham100
KintburyWest Berkshire110
Dunoon and Kilmun110
SleafordNorth Kesteven110
BamptonMid Devon110
RushdenEast Northamptonshire110
South Uist110
CreweCheshire East110
HerriardBasingstoke and Deane111
Old Kilpatrick110
WinshillEast Staffordshire110
Broughton and BrettonFlintshire100
Long ItchingtonStratford-on-Avon110
Sunninghill and AscotWindsor and Maidenhead110
GainsboroughWest Lindsey110
Hertford HeathEast Hertfordshire111
DalhamWest Suffolk110
Briton FerryNeath Port Talbot110
CrowthorneBracknell Forest111
South Willesborough & NewtownAshford110
AlfordEast Lindsey110
SeatonEast Devon110
New Kilpatrick110
Horninglow and EtonEast Staffordshire110
Llanbradach and PwllypantCaerphilly111
Hebden RoydCalderdale111
HawkhurstTunbridge Wells100
Newton RegisNorth Warwickshire110
DatchetWindsor and Maidenhead110
Great GonerbySouth Kesteven110
St. NeotsHuntingdonshire110
Milton AbbasDorset110
Eskdaleside cum UgglebarnbyScarborough110
Middleton St GeorgeDarlington101
AberavonNeath Port Talbot110
Hurstpierpoint and Sayers CommonMid Sussex110
MarshfieldSouth Gloucestershire111
South MoltonNorth Devon100
Kirkby LonsdaleSouth Lakeland110
Cornbury and WychwoodWest Oxfordshire111
Brimscombe and ThruppStroud110
StrettonEast Staffordshire110
TivetshallSouth Norfolk111
SaltwoodFolkestone and Hythe110
ClaypoleSouth Kesteven110
Aiskew and Leeming BarHambleton100
Goring HeathSouth Oxfordshire111
SelborneEast Hampshire100
KinverSouth Staffordshire111
PontypriddRhondda Cynon Taf110
TickenhamNorth Somerset110
BarnstapleNorth Devon110
BarwellHinckley and Bosworth110
SawstonSouth Cambridgeshire110
Wells-next-the-SeaNorth Norfolk110
Hugglescote and Donington le HeathNorth West Leicestershire110
NewnhamForest of Dean110
MineheadSomerset West and Taunton110
TreorchyRhondda Cynon Taf110
EcclestonSt. Helens110
NewmarketWest Suffolk110
ChorleywoodThree Rivers110
WinsfordCheshire West and Chester110
PangbourneWest Berkshire111
HolbeachSouth Holland110