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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Second Lieutenant Russell Willis York and Lancaster Regiment25/10/1914 (aged 19)
Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Miles Wilkinson Royal Flying Corps10/10/1917 (aged 19)
Corporal Wells 45822Royal Field Artillery25/09/1915
Lieutenant Richard Crawhall Walton 9th Gurkha Rifles07/11/1914 (aged 28)
Lieutenant Montague John Vincent-jackson Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)04/02/1916 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Eric Delaney Tyzack Royal Flying Corps15/09/1917
Lieutenant Alexander Nigel Trotter Royal Scots12/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Tomlinson 58055Welsh Regiment22/09/1918
Lieutenant Gilbert Todhunter Canadian Infantry20/05/1915 (aged 25)
Sapper Victor John Tisdale Thompson 3961Australian Mining and Boring Company18/12/1917 (aged 20)
Second Lieutenant Arthur George Thompson Royal Welsh Fusiliers02/06/1916 (aged 20)
Private Swain 19310Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)17/07/1918
Lieutenant Ellis Robert Cunliffe Stone Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914 (aged 21)
Lieutenant Stewart Seaforth Highlanders14/06/1915
Sapper Stephens 454383Royal Engineers01/01/1917
Lance Corporal Stead 9529Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914
Captain Loscombe Law Stable Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914 (aged 28)
Serjeant Smith 200396Yorkshire Regiment12/04/1918
Second Lieutenant Shaw Cheshire Regiment22/02/1916
Serjeant John Rowlands 9083Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Harry Akers Row Suffolk Regiment11/03/1915 (aged 29)
Second Lieutenant Daniel George Mark Robinson Indian Army Unattached List16/05/1915 (aged 20)
Major William John Robertson Seaforth Highlanders10/03/1915 (aged 46)
Lieutenant Colonel Gerard Chipchase Roberts Gloucestershire Regiment08/06/1916 (aged 42)
Lance Serjeant James Ramsay Farquhar Reston 1583Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders20/06/1915 (aged 24)
Lance Serjeant Sydney Alfred Prior 491557London Regiment19/01/1917 (aged 27)
Serjeant Picton Prater 21526Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/05/1916 (aged 24)
Private Henry James Pool 69182Northumberland Fusiliers11/04/1918 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Geoffrey Blemell Pollard Royal Field Artillery24/10/1914 (aged 26)
Second Lieutenant John Dossie Patteson 5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)13/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Robert Charles Orr 26967Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 28)
Private Norton 8215Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914
Serjeant Charles Nisbet 337Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)22/05/1915 (aged 30)
Private Naylor 13/1007York and Lancaster Regiment19/07/1916
Private Musto 6603London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)07/01/1917
Private William Smith Miles 9596Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/11/1914 (aged 25)
Private Metcalfe 7227Royal Welsh Fusiliers28/10/1914 (aged 38)
Lieutenant Colonel Colin Mclean Gordon Highlanders13/03/1915 (aged 42)
Private Lawley 7741Royal Welsh Fusiliers28/10/1914
Lieutenant Colonel George Brenton Laurie Royal Irish Rifles12/03/1915 (aged 47)
Private Lafferty 10530Royal Welsh Fusiliers05/11/1914
Private Keepax 10172Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914
Private Jenkins 7242Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914
Captain Cecil Edwin Hunt 34th Sikh Pioneers19/12/1914 (aged 34)
Private Higgins 8784Royal Welsh Fusiliers22/10/1914
Lance Serjeant Samuel Handley 6636Royal Welsh Fusiliers06/11/1914 (aged 31)
Private Hamm 11238Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914
Private Edwin Gilder 35145Yorkshire Regiment09/04/1918 (aged 18)
Lieutenant William Godfrey Willoughby Garforth Scots Guards16/05/1915 (aged 32)
Captain Allston Flagg Norfolk Regiment26/09/1915
Lieutenant Alexander Finnie Australian Flying Corps22/05/1918 (aged 25)
Private Charles Field 8114Royal Welsh Fusiliers14/11/1914 (aged 29)
Lieutenant Philip Challinor Ellis Royal Flying Corps17/10/1916 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant Roderick Algernon Anthony De Stacpoole Royal Field Artillery11/03/1915 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal John Eleazar Garnant Davies 6961Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry14/10/1916 (aged 21)
Private Davies 8227Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914
Lieutenant Ralph Ivan Meynell Davidson Manchester Regiment24/11/1914 (aged 25)
Lieutenant William Gordon Hamilton Crowe Australian Infantry, A.I.F.10/02/1918 (aged 25)
Corporal Calder S/18794Seaforth Highlanders08/08/1918
Private Andrew Brown 2291Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)03/06/1915 (aged 23)
Lieutenant Neville Linton Bridgland East Surrey Regiment22/10/1914 (aged 20)
Private Brechin S/12185Cameron Highlanders07/08/1915 (aged 37)
Rifleman Bradley R/8873King's Royal Rifle Corps25/09/1915
Serjeant Bowen 9452Royal Welsh Fusiliers14/11/1914
Captain Francis Henry Black Royal Warwickshire Regiment25/04/1915
Private Baxter 10330Royal Welsh Fusiliers27/10/1914
Lieutenant Colonel Henry Lawrence Anderson 9th Bhopal Infantry29/10/1914 (aged 47)
Private Thomas Aitken 3003Australian Infantry, A.I.F.19/07/1916
Lieutenant Ronald Hermann Ackerley Royal Welsh Fusiliers16/05/1915 (aged 23)
Lieutenant William Maxwell Robertson Lincolnshire Regiment28/06/1915 (aged 23)
Private Preston 18147Highland Light Infantry25/09/1915
Lieutenant Colonel Morris 8th Gurkha Rifles26/09/1915
Private John Robert Miles 538East Surrey Regiment21/12/1915 (aged 24)
Lance Corporal Johns 5276Royal Warwickshire Regiment30/06/1916
Private Haw 35161Yorkshire Regiment09/04/1918
Second Lieutenant Godwin Royal Flying Corps17/10/1916
Private Fred Watson England 29041Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)15/04/1918 (aged 33)
Private John Thomas Eccles 202025The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment20/04/1917 (aged 23)
Captain Arbuthnott John Dunbar Royal Field Artillery17/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Percy Dawson 242867York and Lancaster Regiment25/05/1917 (aged 24)
Serjeant Bower 201435York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917 (aged 23)
Private Turnbull 38096Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918
Private Thomas 15904Welsh Regiment12/01/1916
Private Emanuel Spiers 4314Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/08/1916
Flight Commander John Edward Sharman Royal Naval Air Service22/07/1917 (aged 24)
Private Arthur Perry 5399Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/08/1916 (aged 24)
Private Isaac Peill 35342Yorkshire Regiment09/04/1918 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Walter Williamson Park Hertfordshire Regiment02/04/1916 (aged 19)
Lieutenant Moran 8th Gurkha Rifles24/09/1915
Rifleman Harold Meadowcroft 51492The King's (Liverpool Regiment)09/07/1918 (aged 19)
Private Mcnulty 7602Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914
Private Lipscombe 29228Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918
Private Charles Henry Kind 519Royal Warwickshire Regiment21/05/1915 (aged 31)
Private Hayne 240574Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry14/04/1918
Rifleman Harrison 6651London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)13/11/1916
Lance Serjeant Guppy 6245Gloucestershire Regiment01/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Cecil Mervyn Gibson York and Lancaster Regiment05/05/1917 (aged 23)
Second Lieutenant John Arthur Edward Frend Royal Field Artillery17/01/1917
Private Herbert Dronsfield 7136Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/08/1916 (aged 21)
Private Cairns 268298Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)16/04/1918
Private Gordon Herbert Bird 36162Royal Warwickshire Regiment22/09/1918 (aged 19)
Private George Barlow 33499King's Shropshire Light Infantry22/08/1918 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal John Henry Baker 19791Wiltshire Regiment15/06/1915 (aged 17)
Second Lieutenant Edwin James Macmillan Royal Irish Fusiliers12/01/1917 (aged 37)
Private Agg 4651Gloucestershire Regiment25/09/1916 (aged 20)
Private Ainsworth 37336East Lancashire Regiment07/06/1918 (aged 36)
Private Aitchison 435Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)09/05/1915
Private Aitken 8179Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)09/05/1915
Serjeant Aldred 77449Royal Flying Corps24/05/1917
Lance Corporal Alfred George Allcock 11067Royal Welsh Fusiliers04/11/1914 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Allen 11093Royal Welsh Fusiliers30/10/1914
Private Allen 14797Middlesex Regiment09/05/1915
Private Allen 18543Grenadier Guards25/11/1915 (aged 25)
Private Allen 15011Cheshire Regiment19/02/1916
Private Allison 7315Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914
Lieutenant Frederick Kinloch Anderson Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)25/09/1915 (aged 35)
Private Aplin 4420Gloucestershire Regiment16/06/1916
Private Mark Albert Archer G/81001Royal Fusiliers11/04/1918 (aged 36)
Private Armes 65600Northumberland Fusiliers13/04/1918
Serjeant Armour 8993Highland Light Infantry03/01/1915
Private William Arthur 3/9539Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)09/05/1915 (aged 33)
Driver Ashenhurst 173467Royal Engineers05/01/1917
Private Allen Ashley 242290King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry04/06/1917 (aged 34)
Driver Atkinson 2423Royal Garrison Artillery13/08/1916
Private Atkinson 200684Durham Light Infantry14/04/1918
Private Henry David Austin 27684Canadian Infantry21/05/1915 (aged 24)
Private Avery 65605Northumberland Fusiliers10/04/1918
Private Bailey 15014North Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1916
Company Serjeant Major Harry Bailey 6475The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment22/12/1914 (aged 31)
Second Lieutenant Eric Francis Richard Balderson Royal Field Artillery28/03/1916 (aged 26)
Private Ball 11148Royal Welsh Fusiliers31/10/1914
Private Bannister 22705Yorkshire Regiment12/04/1918
Private Andrew Barbour 2278Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)09/05/1915 (aged 22)
Private Barker L/7849Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)25/10/1914 (aged 30)
Private Barlow 9453Royal Welsh Fusiliers30/10/1914
Private Barnes L/8182Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)24/10/1914
Private Barnes 2447York and Lancaster Regiment13/03/1917
Private Barnett 12454North Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1916 (aged 20)
Private Barratt 1365Middlesex Regiment28/11/1916
Private Barrett 493825London Regiment20/01/1917
Rifleman Barry 10102Royal Irish Rifles26/10/1914
Private Raymond Bates 14369Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Private Baxter 1582King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)30/05/1915
Private Thomas Richard Beach 3730Royal Warwickshire Regiment26/06/1916 (aged 27)
Private Edmund Thomas Beagley 3941The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)25/09/1915 (aged 36)
Private Neville Felex Bean 11816Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Private Beauchamp 10230East Surrey Regiment28/10/1914
Lance Corporal Beauly 241175King's Own Scottish Borderers15/05/1918 (aged 39)
Private Beedham 19348Coldstream Guards13/04/1918 (aged 28)
Private Belkinga 5001The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)25/09/1915
Private Vincent Henry Bence 5595Middlesex Regiment21/11/1916 (aged 29)
Private Charles Ernest Bennett 23954Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Rifleman Benwell 303212London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)07/02/1917 (aged 37)
Corporal Berry 23634Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)20/04/1917 (aged 18)
Private Berryman 20958Gloucestershire Regiment08/06/1916 (aged 37)
Private Bingham 13/1313York and Lancaster Regiment22/07/1916 (aged 41)
Private Binnie 11520Highland Light Infantry16/01/1915
Private George Frederick Bish 28638Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)15/09/1916 (aged 22)
Private Black S/26440Cameron Highlanders29/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Blissett 6013Royal Berkshire Regiment08/10/1916
Private Boath 2771Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)25/09/1915
Private Bodell 331273The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/04/1917
Lance Corporal Bond 200199Middlesex Regiment03/03/1917
Private Bond 66486Northumberland Fusiliers10/04/1918 (aged 18)
Private Boorer 18036Grenadier Guards04/12/1915 (aged 28)
Second Lieutenant Boothman Royal Air Force26/06/1918
Lieutenant Andrew Borrowman Canadian Infantry16/08/1917 (aged 29)
Lance Serjeant John Bowen 5/18302South Wales Borderers14/03/1916 (aged 20)
Private Bowers 5779Royal Warwickshire Regiment25/08/1916
Private James Bowler 202150Middlesex Regiment23/02/1917 (aged 23)
Private Bowman 203131King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry28/04/1917
Serjeant Harold Waddington Boyne 12/3259Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 22)
Corporal Bradley 3/8632Yorkshire Regiment17/08/1915
Private Bradshaw 7930Royal Welsh Fusiliers07/11/1914
Lance Corporal Brain 2801Gloucestershire Regiment25/09/1916
Sapper John Bray 1409Australian Tunnelling Corps12/09/1916
Private Hector Albert Breed 25449Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 30)
Private Breeden 491902London Regiment19/01/1917
Lance Corporal Brickell 3522Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/08/1916 (aged 22)
Private Briggs 9459Royal Berkshire Regiment16/05/1915
Private John Thomas Brocklebank 1881King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)24/06/1915
Private Bromley 13645North Staffordshire Regiment24/03/1916
Private Brooks SD/3738Royal Sussex Regiment11/05/1916
Serjeant Brooks 9492Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry25/09/1915
Private Albert Walter Broughton 2275Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry28/09/1916 (aged 20)
Private Stanley Edgar Broughton 25601Grenadier Guards14/04/1918 (aged 29)
Captain Browett Royal Warwickshire Regiment05/07/1916
Second Lieutenant Donald Andrew Brown Durham Light Infantry22/07/1916 (aged 20)
Private Brown 4490London Regiment19/01/1917 (aged 22)
Private Thomas Brown 119431Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)15/04/1918
Sapper Brown 158335Royal Engineers22/12/1916
Lieutenant William Angus Browne Royal Flying Corps21/09/1917 (aged 24)
Private Browning 8727Royal Welsh Fusiliers04/11/1914
Lance Corporal Brownson 18946Border Regiment12/10/1916
Private Bryan 4143Middlesex Regiment14/02/1917
Private Buchan S/14512Seaforth Highlanders08/08/1918
Private Buckland 3932Middlesex Regiment02/01/1917
Private Buckle 5233The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)25/09/1915
Private Buckmaster G/340The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)17/01/1916
Private Edward Arthur Ormond Butler 14385Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 30)
Private Vernon Carroll Butler 215Australian Infantry, A.I.F.27/02/1917 (aged 19)
Captain Harry Alfred Butt Gloucestershire Regiment08/06/1916
Private Buxton 203391York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917
Lance Corporal Buxton 2891Cheshire Regiment04/04/1916
Private Leslie Hutchison Caldwell 1583London Regiment (London Scottish)09/05/1915 (aged 23)
Captain Campbell Royal Flying Corps28/09/1917
Private Samuel Carey 12/1582Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Private Carmichael 3660Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918
Private Richard William Carnell 21508Gloucestershire Regiment08/06/1916 (aged 32)
Private Alexander Carr 21207Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 32)
Guardsman Carter 14618Grenadier Guards25/11/1915
Driver Richard Carter 14612Royal Field Artillery20/01/1915 (aged 41)
Private Casson 241986York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917
Private H. Henry George Chaplin 1543Suffolk Regiment22/01/1915 (aged 19)
Private Chapman 205365West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)30/04/1918
Private Christmas 38441Yorkshire Regiment12/04/1918 (aged 20)
Private Church 35109Yorkshire Regiment09/04/1918
Rifleman Clapshew 8006London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)17/12/1916
Private Alexander Richard Clarke 19118Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal Clarke 4107Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry12/09/1916 (aged 23)
Private Thomas Latch Clarke 16094Wiltshire Regiment23/08/1915 (aged 26)
Private Clarkson 5938Gloucestershire Regiment25/09/1916
Rifleman Clegg 9974Royal Irish Rifles10/05/1915
Lance Corporal Clewley 12484North Staffordshire Regiment30/03/1916
Rifleman Climpson 4623London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)23/11/1916
Private Clough 242374York and Lancaster Regiment03/05/1917
Second Lieutenant Charles Oscar John Cocking South Lancashire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 26)
Private Coe 5869Gloucestershire Regiment16/10/1916
Private Wallace Collings 1627South Lancashire Regiment27/10/1914 (aged 21)
Lance Serjeant Collins 356027The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917
Private Condick 9639Royal Welsh Fusiliers27/10/1914
Serjeant Connolly 5/13293South Wales Borderers14/03/1916
Private Connor 615The King's (Liverpool Regiment)16/05/1915
Private Corteen 3098London Regiment26/05/1915
Lance Corporal William George Cosgrove 3505London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)02/11/1916 (aged 25)
Private Cosgrove 17728Lancashire Fusiliers15/04/1918
Private Costine 357658The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/04/1917
Lance Corporal Cottier 17181The King's (Liverpool Regiment)09/01/1918
Private Cox 8416South Staffordshire Regiment09/05/1915
Rifleman Frederick James Cox 12774King's Royal Rifle Corps24/12/1916 (aged 19)
Acting Bombardier William John Coyle 61133Royal Field Artillery04/02/1915 (aged 19)
Private Allan Crabtree 54909West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)28/04/1918 (aged 27)
Private Craig 4443Highland Light Infantry14/03/1916
Private Craven 358173The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917
Pioneer Arthur Crawley 177807Royal Engineers04/05/1917 (aged 25)
Private James Crookston 9924Scots Guards16/05/1915 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Crossan 10117Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914
Private Cruickshank 6436London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)22/01/1917
Lieutenant William James Culton Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/02/1917 (aged 38)
Lance Corporal Cunningham 7209Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914
Lance Corporal Cupit 240740King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry25/04/1917
Private Curtis 200403York and Lancaster Regiment13/06/1917 (aged 30)
Private John Danderson 12/1937Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Serjeant Dealtry William Dangerfield 1092London Regiment26/09/1915 (aged 23)
Private Cyril Edward Daniels 242349York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917 (aged 20)
Private Darley 139649Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)25/04/1918 (aged 26)
Corporal Robert Henry Darrell 478228Royal Engineers19/05/1917 (aged 34)
Private Dartnall 3195Gloucestershire Regiment25/09/1916
Private Ernest Davey 203430Middlesex Regiment10/02/1917 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Henry Davey 4755Gloucestershire Regiment14/06/1916 (aged 20)
Private Davidson 3839The King's (Liverpool Regiment)30/05/1915
Private Davidson 241086Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)15/04/1918 (aged 29)
Private Davies 11817King's Shropshire Light Infantry25/09/1915
Serjeant Davies 13034Welsh Regiment25/09/1915
Private Davies 31949King's Shropshire Light Infantry24/08/1918
Private Davies 11024Royal Welsh Fusiliers07/11/1914
Private William George Davies 20872Northumberland Fusiliers10/04/1918 (aged 21)
Private Davies 358094The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917
Regimental Serjeant Major George James Davis 5301Royal Scots Fusiliers12/04/1918 (aged 40)
Serjeant Stanley Walter Davis 19038Cheshire Regiment29/05/1916 (aged 21)
Private Ernest Oswald Davison 201752Yorkshire Regiment02/04/1918 (aged 19)
Rifleman Davison 3803London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)01/11/1916
Private Joseph Davison 242383York and Lancaster Regiment13/03/1917 (aged 20)
Serjeant Dawson 1553York and Lancaster Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 24)
Private Delaney 241493York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917
Private Thomas William Dent 203305The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment10/03/1917 (aged 39)
Private Devlin 17237North Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1916 (aged 34)
Lieutenant Dickinson Royal Air Force10/07/1918
Gunner Dickson 3547Royal Field Artillery09/08/1916
Private Dike 10606Royal Welsh Fusiliers30/10/1914 (aged 25)
Corporal Edwin Bailey Doidge 12/3298Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 26)
Private Donachie 350733Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918
Private Donald 7285Royal Warwickshire Regiment07/08/1916
Private Donnelly 203020Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/04/1918
Driver William Thurston Dorrington 13861Royal Field Artillery30/03/1915 (aged 21)
Gunner Downer 21502Royal Garrison Artillery02/03/1915 (aged 29)
Private Dredge 7978Wiltshire Regiment30/10/1914
Private John Aloysius Dryden 8876West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)19/12/1914 (aged 25)
Private Duckworth 7226Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/08/1916 (aged 20)
Private Manfred Grant Duley 12333Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 24)
Private Dunbar 2744Seaforth Highlanders15/06/1915 (aged 21)
Private Donald Duncan 5609Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/07/1916 (aged 27)
Private Dunn 300534Durham Light Infantry15/04/1918
Private Durham 4250Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry13/07/1916
Captain Durrant Royal Engineers05/12/1916
Rifleman Joseph Dyer R/27552King's Royal Rifle Corps24/12/1916 (aged 34)
Private Edmonds 9368Royal Welsh Fusiliers08/11/1914
Private Egley 238020York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917
Corporal Eldridge 14060Hampshire Regiment22/04/1918
Private Elliot 245976Cheshire Regiment29/04/1918 (aged 22)
Private Alfred Thomas Elliott 23992Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Private John Ellis 242385York and Lancaster Regiment29/03/1917
Private Embley 2794Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/08/1916
Private Emuss 2918Royal Warwickshire Regiment25/06/1916 (aged 19)
Second Lieutenant Frederick Woodham Evans Royal Flying Corps26/05/1917 (aged 23)
Gunner George Edward Evans 3429Royal Field Artillery20/05/1916 (aged 16)
Private Evans 14682Middlesex Regiment14/10/1914
Flight Commander Eyre Royal Naval Air Service07/07/1917 (aged 21)
Private Fagan S/41513Gordon Highlanders05/05/1918
Private Fairback 9538Middlesex Regiment08/02/1917
Lance Corporal Fallon 351Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)27/06/1915 (aged 32)
Private Farrell 7969Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914
Private Felton 5516Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/08/1916
Private Fidler 10212Wiltshire Regiment17/05/1915
Private Otto Fiedler 18782Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 24)
Sapper Fielding 158234Royal Engineers08/12/1916
Private Fillingham 202575Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918
Serjeant Findlay 10264Highland Light Infantry18/03/1915
Private Fisher 25640Border Regiment16/04/1918
Private Fitzgerald 9440Highland Light Infantry25/09/1915 (aged 33)
Serjeant Hugh Miller Fleming 2504Middlesex Regiment28/11/1916 (aged 25)
Private Fogelman 283765London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)26/01/1917
Company Serjeant Major Foster 240053York and Lancaster Regiment22/04/1917
Major Charles Wilson Lawson Fowlie Gordon Highlanders30/05/1915 (aged 41)
Private Fox 3/1264Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)09/05/1915
Private Fox 275444Durham Light Infantry12/04/1918
Private Fox 14796Royal Scots Fusiliers04/08/1915
Private Joseph Michael Foy 24003Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 23)
Driver Franklin 511098Royal Field Artillery14/03/1915 (aged 23)
Rifleman William Franklin S/3479Rifle Brigade25/09/1915
Private Leonard George Leman Freshwater 28684Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)08/08/1916 (aged 19)
Private Friend 266665Welsh Regiment22/09/1918
Private John Arthur Froggatt 200701York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917 (aged 27)
Private Fry 9647Middlesex Regiment30/11/1916
Serjeant Garrod 3243London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)21/12/1916
Corporal Garvie 355641The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917
Private Gilbert TF/2362Middlesex Regiment25/08/1915
Private Gill 358155The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917
Private Edward Gilmour 11168Scots Guards18/05/1915 (aged 19)
Corporal Alfred Ernest Gleig 356527The King's (Liverpool Regiment)12/04/1917 (aged 37)
Lance Corporal Alec Charles Godsell 3342Gloucestershire Regiment25/09/1916 (aged 21)
Private William Goodrich 1920Australian Infantry, A.I.F.23/06/1916 (aged 49)
Private Gordon 5628Royal Warwickshire Regiment10/07/1916
Private Gordon 27317Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)07/09/1918
Lance Corporal Govans 11182Royal Scots Fusiliers29/07/1915
Piper Graham 1156Gordon Highlanders03/06/1915
Private Grainger 12074Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry25/09/1915
Private Patrick Grant 277190Durham Light Infantry10/04/1918 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Gray 203484York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917
Private Griffin 16787Army Cyclist Corps08/09/1918
Serjeant Griffiths 1402Royal Field Artillery26/06/1916
Private John Grimsley 3774The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)25/09/1915
Private Grocott 7797Royal Welsh Fusiliers01/11/1914
Private Gunnis S/24823Seaforth Highlanders15/04/1918
Private Gwynne 2977Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/08/1916
Corporal Hall 4966Gloucestershire Regiment01/09/1916
Private Charles Herbert Hall 242275York and Lancaster Regiment13/03/1917 (aged 33)
Private Harry John Hall 17986South Wales Borderers14/03/1916 (aged 23)
Serjeant Hamer 6161Royal Flying Corps09/09/1917
Private Hamilton 2340Seaforth Highlanders04/02/1915
Private Charles Edward Hammond 2889Worcestershire Regiment02/10/1916 (aged 19)
Private Hancock 4946Gloucestershire Regiment19/06/1916
Lance Corporal Harper 20715Gloucestershire Regiment16/10/1916
Private Harrad 241484York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917
Private Harrison 61537Northumberland Fusiliers05/09/1918
Lance Corporal Albert Richard Hart 200759Middlesex Regiment23/02/1917 (aged 29)
Private Hart L/10028Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)25/10/1914
Gunner Hart 3554Royal Field Artillery30/06/1916
Private William Robert Haynes 24014Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 28)
Lance Corporal Healey 8725Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914
Private William Heaton 14264Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 47)
Corporal Royston Albert Hemmings 3085Gloucestershire Regiment28/09/1916 (aged 19)
Private Henry 203221King's Own Scottish Borderers11/04/1918
Rifleman Higson 203918The King's (Liverpool Regiment)09/04/1918
Private Frederick James Hill 8963Royal Welsh Fusiliers04/11/1914 (aged 27)
Rifleman Henry Hill 241209South Lancashire Regiment11/04/1917 (aged 27)
Private Hill 7853Devonshire Regiment02/06/1915
Private Hillman 8059Dorsetshire Regiment13/10/1914
Private James Henry Hinchliffe 17846South Lancashire Regiment15/03/1916 (aged 18)
Lance Corporal James Hinton 6408Coldstream Guards12/02/1916 (aged 27)
Private Hockney 85112Northumberland Fusiliers14/09/1918 (aged 25)
Private Hodgson 203354York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917
Private John George Hogg 242592York and Lancaster Regiment11/03/1917 (aged 38)
Private Holdcroft 14684North Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1916
Private Joseph Holland 5524Royal Warwickshire Regiment26/06/1916
Private Holloway 43267Worcestershire Regiment03/09/1918
Private Holt 42049Somerset Light Infantry30/09/1918
Private Vernon Hopewell 18801Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 19)
Private Horne 200615Middlesex Regiment23/02/1917
Lieutenant Francis Carl Howard Canadian Infantry09/09/1916 (aged 21)
Private Howard 203395York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917
Serjeant Howe 5/18284South Wales Borderers14/03/1916
Private Howitt 35170Yorkshire Regiment11/04/1918
Private William John Hoye 24826Welsh Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 22)
Private Hubbard 6064Gloucestershire Regiment22/08/1916 (aged 21)
Private Hukin 35175Yorkshire Regiment12/04/1918
Rifleman Hulett 6009London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)23/12/1916 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Hunter 202419York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917
Lance Corporal Henry Ibbotson 201603York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917 (aged 22)
Lieutenant Robert Andersson Inglis Royal Flying Corps21/09/1917 (aged 18)
Private Inman 42732South Staffordshire Regiment13/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private James 4957Gloucestershire Regiment19/06/1916
Lance Corporal James 3876Royal Warwickshire Regiment30/06/1916
Private Jamieson 1104Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders12/06/1915
Private Jeavons 3585Worcestershire Regiment31/08/1916
Private Jennings 4593Middlesex Regiment30/11/1916 (aged 24)
Private Frederick Morton Jensen 58379Northumberland Fusiliers12/04/1918 (aged 19)
Second Lieutenant Johns Royal Engineers14/03/1916
Private Johnson 10500Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914 (aged 25)
Private Johnson 4566The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)25/09/1915
Private Johnson 9644Middlesex Regiment30/11/1916 (aged 21)
Private Robert Johnston 24/1696Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 32)
Lance Corporal William N. Johnstone 12231Royal Scots Fusiliers29/07/1915 (aged 22)
Private Jones 45031Royal Irish Fusiliers12/01/1917
Serjeant Jones 1913Gloucestershire Regiment16/06/1916
Private David John Jones 18809Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 37)
Private Jones 6673Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/07/1916 (aged 25)
Gunner Edward William Jones 51874Royal Horse Artillery05/03/1915 (aged 23)
Private Jones 8556Royal Welsh Fusiliers22/06/1916
Private Jones 6930Canadian Infantry15/06/1915 (aged 41)
Corporal Jones 8945Royal Welsh Fusiliers06/11/1914
Private Jones 42077Somerset Light Infantry30/09/1918
Private Jones 5708Royal Welsh Fusiliers16/05/1915
Lieutenant Alan Jowett The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917 (aged 29)
Private Kay S/3339Seaforth Highlanders01/07/1915 (aged 33)
Private Kay 3/3241Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)09/05/1915
Serjeant Thomas John Keating 8059Royal Irish Rifles09/05/1915 (aged 39)
Lance Corporal Sydney Walter Keeling 1641Middlesex Regiment20/11/1916 (aged 22)
Private John Keirs S/41308Seaforth Highlanders08/08/1918
Major Kelly 33rd Punjabis25/09/1915 (aged 45)
Private Kelly 8152Highland Light Infantry16/01/1915
Private Michael Kelly 3800Irish Guards14/01/1915 (aged 24)
Sapper Michael Herbert Kelly 1056Australian Tunnelling Corps27/06/1916 (aged 19)
Private Kelting 5353Middlesex Regiment30/11/1916
Lieutenant Alec Albert Dresden Kempster Royal Field Artillery25/09/1915 (aged 18)
Private William Thomas Kent 3/9045Yorkshire Regiment15/06/1915 (aged 45)
Private Kenyon 203616York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917
Gunner Herbert Catterall Kerr 155344Royal Garrison Artillery09/04/1918 (aged 21)
Private John Dunsmore Kerr S/4502Seaforth Highlanders16/08/1915 (aged 21)
Corporal Kesper 8372Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914
Private Kidd 7607Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)27/07/1915
Serjeant Kilner 240782York and Lancaster Regiment22/04/1917
Second Lieutenant Alexander Lindsay King Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918 (aged 26)
Private Alfred King 10568East Surrey Regiment27/10/1914
Second Lieutenant Frederick William Kirby Royal Flying Corps21/09/1917 (aged 24)
Private David Kirk S/2147Seaforth Highlanders08/08/1915 (aged 29)
Lieutenant Frederick Vernon Knott Army Cyclist Corps21/03/1916 (aged 22)
Private Kyle 8708Highland Light Infantry14/03/1915
Private Kynaston 9144Royal Welsh Fusiliers23/10/1914
Private Lacey 6935South Lancashire Regiment24/10/1914
Private Lafford 2096Gloucestershire Regiment25/09/1916 (aged 19)
Corporal Lague 6167Welsh Regiment09/05/1915
Private Lambert 18085Worcestershire Regiment09/05/1915
Serjeant George Edward Lambeth 88285Royal Flying Corps09/09/1917 (aged 22)
Rifleman Lanchbery 5878London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)17/12/1916 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Lane 8311King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry27/10/1914
Private Henry Leonard Lane 27949Somerset Light Infantry14/04/1918 (aged 23)
Private Lane 8817Royal Welsh Fusiliers24/10/1914
Serjeant Lanfear 3/698Wiltshire Regiment17/05/1915
Rifleman John Langton R/12444King's Royal Rifle Corps16/12/1915 (aged 22)
Sapper William John Lavars 1065Australian Tunnelling Corps12/09/1916
Private Lawley 200237York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917
Lance Corporal Ledger 241638York and Lancaster Regiment30/04/1917
Private Lee 60867Northumberland Fusiliers12/08/1918 (aged 34)
Private Lee 21823Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)03/07/1917 (aged 24)
Sergeant William Leech 3164Australian Infantry, A.I.F.19/07/1916 (aged 24)
Lance Serjeant George Edward Leedham 4428Royal Warwickshire Regiment14/08/1916 (aged 20)
Private Reginald Roy Lehmann 2137Seaforth Highlanders15/06/1915 (aged 20)
Private Lewis 52805Northumberland Fusiliers14/04/1918
Private Lightfoot 77780Royal Welsh Fusiliers29/09/1918
Private Harry Victor Limage 242580King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry29/03/1917 (aged 19)
Sapper Arthur Percy Linden 36692Royal Engineers09/04/1918 (aged 49)
Lance Corporal John Henry Linton 7740London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)26/12/1916 (aged 26)
Lance Corporal Livie 15663Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918
Private Lloyd 9842Royal Welsh Fusiliers04/11/1914
Lance Corporal Logan 11216Royal Scots Fusiliers29/07/1915
Lance Corporal Logan 240004Northumberland Fusiliers10/04/1918 (aged 30)
Private Loghan 4760Irish Guards10/01/1915
Serjeant Lawrence Hartley Long 241862King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry13/06/1917 (aged 29)
Private Lowe 11088Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914
Gunner Lowe 1294Machine Gun Corps (Motors)22/12/1916 (aged 20)
Private Lowson 10162Seaforth Highlanders09/05/1915
Serjeant Lowther 19877Cheshire Regiment18/05/1916
Private Loyden 532The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment22/11/1914
Private Lumsden 30643Royal Sussex Regiment16/09/1918 (aged 27)
Serjeant George Leo Mccabe 13/3055Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 20)
Private Macadie 11403Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914
Private Mccartney 45114Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918
Private Macdonald 9802Seaforth Highlanders29/10/1914
Lance Corporal Mcdonald 13113North Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1916
Private Elvyn Arthur Mcdonald 24035Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 33)
Serjeant John Mcdonald S/6185Seaforth Highlanders13/08/1915
Private Mcgachie S/2605Seaforth Highlanders09/05/1915
Lance Corporal Mcguire 11518Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914
Serjeant Mchugh 235195York and Lancaster Regiment05/05/1917 (aged 33)
Private Mackenzie 1931Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders11/06/1915 (aged 23)
Private William Mclaughlin 7859Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914 (aged 27)
Private Norman William Mclean 21288Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Private Mclellan S/1846Seaforth Highlanders16/08/1915
Private Maclennan 2553Cameron Highlanders11/05/1915 (aged 20)
Private Joseph Mcmeikan 26876Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 46)
Rifleman William John Mcreavie 7528Royal Irish Rifles31/10/1916 (aged 25)
Private Mactavish 1835Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)24/06/1915
Corporal Adam Roderick Madill 11370Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 37)
Second Lieutenant William Stanley Mansell Royal Flying Corps11/09/1917 (aged 21)
Private Mantle 7134Worcestershire Regiment09/05/1915
Private Mapley L/12822Royal Fusiliers26/10/1914
Private Patrick Marron 8997Highland Light Infantry25/09/1915 (aged 35)
Private Sydney George Marsh 270477The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)11/08/1918 (aged 25)
Lance Corporal Marshall 5654Royal Warwickshire Regiment02/07/1916 (aged 21)
Private John William Marston 33389West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)01/05/1918 (aged 36)
Private Martin 202760London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)08/02/1917
Second Lieutenant Mason Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)10/10/1918
Flight Lieutenant Robert Geoffrey Masson Canadian Infantry24/05/1917 (aged 22)
Gunner Robert Matthews 23550Royal Field Artillery19/01/1917 (aged 23)
Serjeant Maunton 2909Royal Welsh Fusiliers29/10/1914 (aged 42)
Private Frank Leonard May 356249The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917 (aged 21)
Drummer May 10966Royal Welsh Fusiliers02/11/1914
Private Maynard 204538Durham Light Infantry12/04/1918
Private Mayor 201521South Lancashire Regiment11/04/1917
Private Meekins 16338Northamptonshire Regiment09/05/1915
Private Alfred William Mehew 16496Northamptonshire Regiment09/05/1915 (aged 34)
Private Andrew Meikle 13887Gloucestershire Regiment05/03/1916 (aged 20)
Second Lieutenant Mennie Cameron Highlanders11/04/1917
Corporal Wilfred Ernest Milliner 2829Gloucestershire Regiment24/10/1916 (aged 18)
Captain Mills Royal Flying Corps23/09/1917
Flight Sub-Lieutenant Millward Royal Naval Air Service07/07/1917
Private Horace Brooks Milner 2184Royal Warwickshire Regiment18/08/1916 (aged 22)
Serjeant James B. Mitchell 79596Royal Engineers21/02/1917
Gunner Moore 158311Royal Field Artillery28/04/1917 (aged 29)
Private John William Morgan 5749Middlesex Regiment26/11/1916 (aged 22)
Private James Morris 4356Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry22/10/1916 (aged 33)
Sapper Morris 158273Royal Engineers08/08/1916 (aged 43)
Private Mort 3864Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders09/06/1915
Corporal Mountford 3706Gloucestershire Regiment18/06/1916
Private Muir 242622York and Lancaster Regiment29/03/1917
Private Mulgrew 28988Royal Scots Fusiliers14/04/1918
Private Murphy 27521Royal Dublin Fusiliers29/05/1917
Private Murray 7398Highland Light Infantry16/01/1915 (aged 22)
Rifleman Mutch 240740South Lancashire Regiment10/04/1917
Private Isaac Myers 4084Royal Fusiliers12/01/1916 (aged 21)
Private Alexander Nelson S/43289Seaforth Highlanders08/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Nelson 8138Royal Welsh Fusiliers27/10/1914
Serjeant Nelson 10425Seaforth Highlanders16/08/1915 (aged 26)
Private Ness 7849Yorkshire Regiment10/03/1915
Private Newport 20726Gloucestershire Regiment26/08/1916 (aged 19)
Private Newson 282025London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)24/01/1917 (aged 21)
Private Nichols 27990East Yorkshire Regiment17/04/1918
Private Louis Nicholson 357657The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917 (aged 29)
Private Nicholson 202166York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917
Serjeant Nicklin 10345Worcestershire Regiment09/05/1915 (aged 28)
Corporal David Nimmo 326491Royal Garrison Artillery01/03/1917 (aged 20)
Private North 6996Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry25/09/1915 (aged 33)
Lieutenant George Nowland Australian Flying Corps22/05/1918 (aged 26)
Serjeant Francis Sydney Oborn 490886London Regiment19/01/1917 (aged 22)
Private William O'brien 10681South Lancashire Regiment22/05/1917
Second Lieutenant Anthony Patrick O'donnell York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917 (aged 22)
Company Serjeant Major Ogg 19551Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918
Private William Lee Okell 357828The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917 (aged 33)
Corporal Joseph Henry O'neill 31/150Northumberland Fusiliers10/04/1918 (aged 26)
Private O'neill 37413Northumberland Fusiliers11/04/1918
Private Osborne 9632Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914
Private Osborne 242764Royal Warwickshire Regiment11/04/1918
Private Packer 1701Middlesex Regiment14/02/1917 (aged 22)
Flight Lieutenant John Albert Page Royal Naval Air Service22/07/1917 (aged 24)
Driver Page 1511Royal Field Artillery08/09/1916
Private Papworth 26604East Lancashire Regiment12/04/1918
Corporal Pardoe 9773Royal Welsh Fusiliers10/11/1914
Private Park 41779Lancashire Fusiliers15/04/1918
Private Albert Ernest Parker 35190Yorkshire Regiment09/04/1918 (aged 20)
Private Parry 10767Royal Welsh Fusiliers24/10/1914
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Parsons 5632Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private Paul 2383Middlesex Regiment10/02/1917
Private Pearson 21111Royal Scots06/11/1916 (aged 22)
Private Pembleton 43107North Staffordshire Regiment07/08/1918
Private Penney 15157Royal Welsh Fusiliers30/04/1916
Private Frank Pennington 7279Royal Welsh Fusiliers25/10/1914 (aged 35)
Private Frank Pentelow 13/2886Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 36)
Private Perks 9088Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914
Private Perry 9705Middlesex Regiment01/02/1917
Private Perry 1611London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)26/09/1915
2nd Corporal William Perry 1123Australian Tunnelling Corps29/10/1916
Lance Corporal Peters 307047The King's (Liverpool Regiment)09/04/1918 (aged 38)
Private Archie Peterson 10424Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Lance Corporal Phillips 5759Middlesex Regiment15/11/1916
Lance Corporal Pickvance 42065Somerset Light Infantry30/09/1918
Private Norman Joseph Pierce 12/3784Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Private Pinch 10556Devonshire Regiment30/08/1915
Corporal Plant 16446Cheshire Regiment18/02/1916
Private Pope 12960Northamptonshire Regiment10/05/1915
Private Henry Robert Porter 9726Royal Berkshire Regiment10/05/1915
Private Potter 3382Gloucestershire Regiment28/08/1916
Lieutenant William Janson Potts Royal Flying Corps21/09/1917
Sapper Arthur Andrew Pountney 2361Australian Tunnelling Corps12/09/1916 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Powers 1837Royal Guernsey Light Infantry13/04/1918 (aged 19)
Captain Ralph Lewis Pratt Gloucestershire Regiment18/10/1916 (aged 41)
Gunner Albert Victor Ernest Preston 55130Royal Field Artillery17/07/1915 (aged 21)
Private Arthur Price 7640Middlesex Regiment02/02/1917 (aged 27)
Private Price 9512Royal Welsh Fusiliers29/10/1914
Private Price 6007Wiltshire Regiment17/05/1915
Private Sydney Price 24051Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 35)
Private Price 8297Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914 (aged 33)
Private Prickett 203694London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)01/02/1917
Private Robert Pritchard 9905Leicestershire Regiment25/09/1915 (aged 20)
Private Thomas Henry Pritchard 37523Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry17/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Prunty 8116Yorkshire Regiment11/03/1915
Private Purdue 11000Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914 (aged 27)
Private Putnam 4220Gloucestershire Regiment28/09/1916
Private Harry Pybus 14351Yorkshire Regiment27/09/1915
Private Quigley 3960Connaught Rangers12/02/1915
Private Rankin 14518Canadian Infantry22/05/1915
Private Raworth 77298Durham Light Infantry13/06/1918
Private Charles Reaney 260028York and Lancaster Regiment14/06/1917 (aged 31)
Corporal Reed 8441East Surrey Regiment22/12/1915
Private Rice 21532Gloucestershire Regiment08/06/1916 (aged 18)
Private Richards 13/1070York and Lancaster Regiment22/07/1916
Lance Corporal Richardson 3763Lancashire Fusiliers15/05/1918
Private Richardson 8073Wiltshire Regiment15/06/1915 (aged 27)
Private Riddell S/22781Seaforth Highlanders08/08/1918
Private Riggs 11028Devonshire Regiment28/08/1915
Private William Riley 21114Worcestershire Regiment19/03/1916 (aged 25)
Rifleman Rimell 6/9549Rifle Brigade14/03/1915
Private Charles Alfred Risley 9297Highland Light Infantry25/09/1915 (aged 30)
Private Ritchie 202051King's Own Scottish Borderers15/05/1918
Private Roberts 30254Welsh Regiment09/01/1916 (aged 18)
Private Roberts 12991North Staffordshire Regiment23/03/1916
Private William Roberts 34189King's Shropshire Light Infantry23/08/1918 (aged 33)
Private Robinson 6603London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)26/11/1916
Serjeant Robinson 22946Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)11/04/1918
Private Rock 242977King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry28/03/1917
Private Radwell 20865Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry22/10/1916 (aged 20)
Private Roe S/9020Seaforth Highlanders08/08/1918 (aged 24)
Second Lieutenant Francis Lyttelton Lloyd Rogers Royal Field Artillery06/01/1916 (aged 19)
Rifleman Leonard Rogers 51465The King's (Liverpool Regiment)09/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Rogers 9319Royal Welsh Fusiliers07/11/1914
Private Rose 3752Royal Warwickshire Regiment25/08/1916
Private Ross 2010Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)24/06/1915
Private Ross 1541Seaforth Highlanders19/01/1915
Private John Morgan Rosser DG/69374th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish)28/10/1914 (aged 27)
Corporal Rowley 9714Royal Welsh Fusiliers16/05/1915
Private Roylance 491740London Regiment19/01/1917 (aged 19)
Private Royle 42057Somerset Light Infantry30/09/1918
Private Rudall 9640Middlesex Regiment12/01/1917 (aged 19)
Private Wilfred Ruddlesden 242936King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry04/06/1917 (aged 38)
Private Rumble 9231Northamptonshire Regiment09/05/1915
Rifleman Rush 1771London Regiment (City of London Rifles)22/05/1915
Private Russell 5695Royal Warwickshire Regiment08/07/1916 (aged 20)
Sapper Alexander Henry Schaw 4/1195New Zealand Engineers21/02/1917
Private Stanley Henry Schroeder 2784Australian Infantry, A.I.F.20/04/1916 (aged 24)
Private Alfred James Scott 357656The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917 (aged 29)
Private Scott 307394West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)02/05/1918
Private Scott 5062Gloucestershire Regiment22/06/1916
Lieutenant David Harden Scott Royal Flying Corps12/11/1917 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Scott S/12155Cameron Highlanders25/09/1915
Rifleman Scott 6101Royal Irish Rifles27/10/1914 (aged 32)
Private Scrimgour 203173York and Lancaster Regiment12/03/1917
Private Scurrah 28590West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)29/04/1918 (aged 23)
Private Richard Seaman 345327Royal Welsh Fusiliers22/09/1918 (aged 24)
Private Sedgley 152327Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)25/09/1918
Private Shankland 40049King's Own Scottish Borderers11/04/1918
Private Shannon S/25348Seaforth Highlanders08/08/1918 (aged 19)
Private Sharp 4668Gloucestershire Regiment26/08/1916 (aged 26)
Private Sharp 25793Royal Welsh Fusiliers14/01/1916
Private Sharpe 2549Royal Berkshire Regiment16/10/1916
Private Simmers 7084Canadian Infantry15/06/1915
Private Simons 201830Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918
Private Douglas Percy Thomas Simpson G/23516The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)13/08/1918 (aged 43)
Private Skelton 5/14773South Wales Borderers14/03/1916
Private Skinner 5881Gloucestershire Regiment31/07/1916
Private Slade 13974Wiltshire Regiment17/05/1915 (aged 18)
Private Sleath 201763Yorkshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 21)
Serjeant Smith 241149York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917
Private Smith 66584Northumberland Fusiliers13/04/1918
Private Smith 6988Middlesex Regiment28/11/1916
Gunner Smith 3535Royal Field Artillery30/06/1916
Private Smith 4084ALIAS12/01/1916 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Smith 25318Royal Scots12/05/1918
Private Leigh Ford Smith 24070Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Private Leonard Smith 4145Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry25/07/1916 (aged 19)
Lance Corporal Smith 11731Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914
Private Thomas Howie Smith 45408Highland Light Infantry09/04/1918 (aged 25)
Private Snowden 203357York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917
Corporal Henry Southgate 26969Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 31)
Corporal Sparks 266349Somerset Light Infantry19/09/1918 (aged 25)
Private Spatchurst 619London Regiment26/05/1915
Lance Corporal Speed 357671The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917
Corporal Speed 8389Royal Welsh Fusiliers30/10/1914
Private Spencer 4/7027Bedfordshire Regiment18/05/1915
Private Alonzo Spick 201823York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917 (aged 21)
Corporal Stallard 8899Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914
Private Edward Staniforth 200209York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917
Lance Corporal Stannage 6226Royal Irish Rifles16/11/1914
Major Harold Hamer Grey Stansfeld 74th Punjabis25/09/1915 (aged 45)
Private Stevens 78929Durham Light Infantry14/04/1918
Private Ernest Trene Stevenson 357545The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917 (aged 22)
Private Stone 13814North Staffordshire Regiment11/09/1915 (aged 21)
Private Frank Storey 24075Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Gunner John William Storey 26047Royal Field Artillery02/02/1917 (aged 33)
Private Storie 12621Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)10/05/1915
Private Sturmey 10389Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)17/05/1917 (aged 19)
Gunner Styring 84362Royal Garrison Artillery01/03/1917
Rifleman Sutton 6749London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)13/11/1916
Private Sykes 242916King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry22/06/1917
Private Taker G/4856The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)24/11/1915
Private Taperell 491930London Regiment04/01/1917
Private Harold James Tarling 203265York and Lancaster Regiment27/04/1917
Lieutenant Arthur Montague Taylor 1st Brahmans25/09/1915 (aged 22)
Private Taylor 80392Durham Light Infantry15/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Taylor 2065Highland Light Infantry25/09/1915
Private Leonard Walter Taylor 16064Hampshire Regiment22/04/1918 (aged 22)
Gunner Taylor 59332Royal Field Artillery30/03/1915
Corporal Taylor 71426Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)11/04/1918 (aged 25)
Driver Tester T2/10816Royal Flying Corps28/09/1917 (aged 27)
Private Alfred William Thickbroom 201741Middlesex Regiment08/02/1917 (aged 25)
Second Lieutenant Cyril Llewellyn Seymour Thomas Royal Flying Corps06/09/1916 (aged 19)
Private Thomas 5014Gloucestershire Regiment26/08/1916
Private Thompson 242243York and Lancaster Regiment10/04/1917
Private Thomson 31489King's Own Scottish Borderers11/04/1918
Lance Corporal Thorman 10496Royal Welsh Fusiliers30/10/1914
Private Tigg 202024Middlesex Regiment11/02/1917 (aged 19)
Private Toby 5905London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)24/01/1917
Private Wallace Fletcher Tomlinson 25617Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 20)
Private Tooke 6511London Regiment09/01/1917
Private Toomey 5769Irish Guards18/05/1915
Private Torbet S/9564Gordon Highlanders26/08/1915
Major Elmslie Tosh Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)25/09/1915
Private Tozer 11410Royal Welsh Fusiliers13/11/1914
Private Tranter S/11638Cameron Highlanders07/08/1915 (aged 34)
Serjeant Travis 241057South Lancashire Regiment10/04/1917
Sapper William John Treganowan 2410Australian Tunnelling Corps15/10/1916 (aged 21)
Private Trower 2597Middlesex Regiment21/11/1916
Private Stanley Trueman 241991York and Lancaster Regiment06/04/1917 (aged 21)
Rifleman Tumblety 8619Royal Irish Rifles25/10/1914
Private Turner 5601Royal Warwickshire Regiment12/08/1916
Private Twigg 241893York and Lancaster Regiment12/06/1917
Private Tydd 8629Royal Welsh Fusiliers03/11/1914
Sapper Samuel Charles Underwood 84367Royal Engineers05/08/1918 (aged 22)
Private Usher 9772Northamptonshire Regiment21/12/1914
Private Joseph Varley 241791King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry04/06/1917 (aged 21)
Private Vaughan 29275Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)26/08/1916
Private Veysey 4868Gloucestershire Regiment22/08/1916
Private Frederick William Vincent 357262The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917 (aged 22)
Private Vining 331193The King's (Liverpool Regiment)10/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private Vyse 69055Northumberland Fusiliers10/04/1918
Lieutenant Arthur Norman Wade King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry19/09/1915 (aged 19)
Private Waite 2737Royal Warwickshire Regiment03/08/1916
Private Walker 81702Durham Light Infantry13/04/1918
Lieutenant Colonel Harry Walker Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)27/09/1915
Private Henry William Wall 3043Gloucestershire Regiment28/08/1916 (aged 27)
Private Alexander Wallace 1885Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)09/05/1915 (aged 16)
Private Wallis 18479Worcestershire Regiment05/03/1916
Private David Waring 31896The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment20/04/1917 (aged 19)
Serjeant Wathen 8521Royal Welsh Fusiliers10/11/1914
Private Watkins 16294Welsh Regiment12/01/1916 (aged 26)
Gunner Watkins 2840Royal Field Artillery08/09/1916
Private Watt 1498Gordon Highlanders03/06/1915
Private Weale 14340South Wales Borderers12/03/1915 (aged 46)
Private Weaver 51703Lincolnshire Regiment15/04/1918
Private William Macdonald Webster S/11690Cameron Highlanders10/08/1915 (aged 21)
Lance Corporal Weeks 5689Worcestershire Regiment13/06/1916
Rifleman Welch S/1939Rifle Brigade25/09/1915
Private Wells 5523Royal Warwickshire Regiment19/08/1916
Private West 11710Highland Light Infantry18/03/1915
Private West 3735The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)25/09/1915
Private Westaway 2575Hertfordshire Regiment01/04/1916
Private Wetton 9670Royal Welsh Fusiliers26/10/1914
Rifleman Wheeldon S/5759Rifle Brigade22/07/1916
Lieutenant Russell Mervyn Wheeler Middlesex Regiment30/11/1916 (aged 35)
Private White 6130East Surrey Regiment28/10/1914
Private White 8545Devonshire Regiment18/12/1914
Private Horace White 4601Australian Infantry, A.I.F.19/12/1917 (aged 40)
Private James White 2/298Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917
Private White 21015South Wales Borderers24/04/1916
Lance Corporal William David Hall White 23/642New Zealand Rifle Brigade24/03/1917
Private Whittam 358848The King's (Liverpool Regiment)29/06/1917
Lance Corporal Wicks R/4993King's Royal Rifle Corps16/12/1915
Private Wilkinson 10537Canadian Infantry28/05/1915
Private Wilkinson 12/1790York and Lancaster Regiment25/07/1916
Private Willetts 3893Worcestershire Regiment28/08/1916 (aged 21)
Sapper George Edward Charles Williams 4510Australian Tunnelling Corps28/10/1916 (aged 23)
Private Harold James Williamson 24/1866Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 31)
Serjeant William James Willis 665Military Police Corps18/05/1915 (aged 34)
Private Leslie Willmer 40153East Yorkshire Regiment10/04/1918 (aged 19)
Private Archie Wilson S/22157Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)08/08/1918 (aged 21)
Private John Wilson 10881Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914 (aged 25)
Drummer Wilson 1315Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders12/06/1915 (aged 19)
Private Herbert Winfield 3686Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry13/07/1916 (aged 32)
Serjeant Wood 243523Yorkshire Regiment12/04/1918 (aged 35)
Private Wood 200753York and Lancaster Regiment02/05/1917
Rifleman George Wood 473344London Regiment (The Rangers)18/01/1917 (aged 39)
Corporal Herbert Wood 2307King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry17/05/1915 (aged 43)
Lieutenant Fred Smith Woolhouse Australian Flying Corps10/04/1918 (aged 22)
Private Wright 10595Seaforth Highlanders09/05/1915 (aged 28)
Private Wynne 52328Northumberland Fusiliers05/09/1918
Private Wyper 4482Highland Light Infantry14/03/1916
Private Wyper 325601Royal Scots11/04/1918 (aged 21)
Private Yates 42639Royal Army Medical Corps05/03/1916
Private Owen Yorke 13/585Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.21/02/1917 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal David Johnston Young 10661Gordon Highlanders18/06/1915 (aged 26)
Private Young 7940East Surrey Regiment27/10/1914
Rifleman Young 7758London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)25/12/1916
Private Young 204084Middlesex Regiment03/02/1917
Private Young 11342Highland Light Infantry19/12/1914
Havildar Afzal Khan 1811st King George's Own Sappers and Miners06/05/1915
Rifleman Jaharsing Katwal 21699th Gurkha Rifles25/09/1915
Sepoy Lachhman Singh 162312th Indian Pioneers (Kelat-i-Ghilzie Regiment)25/09/1915
Sowar Mir Shadat Ali 272730th Lancers (Gordon's Horse)21/12/1914
Sepoy Poha Singh 488632nd Sikh Pioneers25/09/1915
Sepoy Santa Singh 162669th Punjabis25/09/1915
Sepoy Shera Ram 2722121st Indian Pioneers25/09/1915
Havildar Zer Gul 4031st King George's Own Sappers and Miners28/07/1915
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Charles John Niven 10193Gordon Highlanders13/03/1915 (aged 27)
Second Lieutenant Sam Hughes Welsh Regiment06/11/1917 (aged 25)
Company Serjeant Major David Jones 13942Welsh Regiment06/11/1917
Private Elvin Hansell Raymond Hayes 1861Australian Infantry, A.I.F.12/02/1917 (aged 22)
Second Lieutenant Albert Parkinson The King's (Liverpool Regiment)09/04/1918 (aged 22)
Gefreiter Hermann Albrecht German Army22/04/1918
Musketier Gustav Barabass German Army30/04/1918
Gefreiter Gustav Becker German Army26/04/1918
Kanonier Bonaventura Boneberger German Army16/04/1918
Gefreiter Hans Borchardt German Army24/04/1918
Vizefeldwebel Heinrich Brockerhof German Army30/04/1918
Gefreiter Otto Burkhardt German Army18/04/1918
Gefreiter Bruno Dassler German Army19/04/1918
Kanonier Josef Demme German Army15/04/1918
Obergefreiter Heinrich Dickhuth German Army18/04/1918
Kanonier Hermann Dornbusch German Army02/05/1918
Musketier Gottlieb Ebert German Army24/04/1918
Kanonier Friedrich Ehlers German Army17/04/1918
Musketier Walter Ehlert German Army29/04/1918
Unteroffizier Peter Franz Engert German Army21/04/1918
Musketier Ludwig Firl German Army29/04/1918
Reservist Leopold Futterer German Army29/04/1918
Gefreiter Ludwig Goellner German Army12/04/1918
Kanonier Paul Goerlitz German Army21/04/1918
Musketier Paul Gotter German Army05/05/1918
Reservist Karl Groh German Army20/04/1918
Kanonier August Groehling German Army16/04/1918
Kanonier Eugen Haas German Army18/04/1918
Gefreiter Otto Hahnes German Army15/04/1918
Kanonier Fritz Haensel German Army21/04/1918
Gefreiter Oskar Happel German Army01/05/1918
Musketier Erich Hauschild German Army26/04/1918
Gefreiter Hermann Hause German Army15/04/1918
Unteroffizier Ferdinand Heck German Army27/04/1918
Musketier Georg Heinzelmann German Army30/04/1918
Infanterist Otto Heisel German Army17/04/1918
Unteroffizier Friedrich Helling German Army28/04/1918
Kanonier Johann Jakubeit German Army17/04/1918
Infanterist Karl Jehle German Army21/04/1918
Unteroffizier Juhlke German Army29/04/1918
Kanonier Willi Junghans German Army21/04/1918
Sergeant Hugo Junold German Army30/04/1918
Sergeant Heinrich Kaiser German Army06/05/1918
Kanonier Eduard Kehlert German Army24/04/1918
Sergeant Julius Kiefer German Army06/05/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Erich Klawitter German Army23/04/1918
Kanonier Willi Klose German Army21/04/1918
Kanonier Eduard Knoerlein German Army21/04/1918
Infanterist Ludwig Kober German Army17/04/1918
Schuetze Alfred Koch German Army26/04/1918
Infanterist Georg Koch German Army22/04/1918
Unteroffizier Arnold Koerte German Army12/04/1918
Kanonier Bronislaus Kostusiak German Army17/04/1918
Leutnant der Reserve August Kraus German Army29/04/1918
Kanonier Fritz Krehenbrink German Army20/04/1918
Reservist Wilhelm Krohn German Army26/04/1918
Vizefeldwebel Krol German Army26/04/1918
Kanonier Gustav Kruber German Army06/05/1918
Reservist Stanislaus Kucharski German Army26/04/1918
Hauptmann Hans Kulau German Army21/04/1918
Unteroffizier Emil Kulsch German Army24/04/1918
Kanonier Mathias Kueppers German Army30/04/1918
Krankentraeger Adolf Kuster German Army26/04/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Lange German Army21/04/1918
Vizefeldwebel Max Leinhos German Army15/04/1918
Musketier Heinrich Liebing German Army26/04/1918
Gefreiter Julius Loeffler German Army30/04/1918
Kanonier Alfred Meilick German Army29/04/1918
Sergeant Louis Meissner German Army22/04/1918
Kanonier Ottomar Meyenhardt German Army26/04/1918
Kanonier Hugo Mickeleit German Army02/05/1918
Gefreiter Adolf Mueller German Army08/05/1918
Kanonier Emil Mueller German Army19/04/1918
Kanonier Josef Muenzer German Army18/04/1918
Kanonier Walter Nacke German Army22/04/1918
Kanonier Gustav Hermann Noeske German Army26/04/1918
Reservist Johann Nowak German Army05/05/1918
Musketier Max Ohmann German Army29/04/1918
Unteroffizier Anton Penkatzki German Army28/04/1918
Gefreiter Otto Petereit German Army30/04/1918
Kanonier Stanislaus Pickarczyk German Army18/04/1918
Schuetze Paul Piel German Army26/04/1918
Infanterist Ludwig Probst German Army21/04/1918
Kanonier Otto Rau German Army18/04/1918
Kanonier Robert Richter German Army20/04/1918
Garde-Fuesilier Julius Ritzel German Army30/04/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Roeder German Army01/05/1918
Unteroffizier Karl Sack German Army19/04/1918
Gefreiter Friedrich Schaefer German Army30/04/1918
Kanonier Otto Schickenberg German Army24/04/1918
Kanonier August Schubert German Army26/04/1918
Leutnant der Reserve Friedrich Schuppan German Army07/05/1918
Sergeant Hubert Soens German Army25/04/1918
Kanonier Martin Spatz German Army22/04/1918
Kanonier Josef Starzmann German Army18/04/1918
Garde-Fuesilier Adam Steinmann German Army30/04/1918
Kanonier Hermann Strich German Army24/04/1918
Landsturmmann Louis Surau German Army24/04/1918
Gefreiter Albert Taenzler German Army15/04/1918
Krankentraeger Adam Thiel German Army21/04/1918
Kanonier Heinrich Wagner German Army15/04/1918
Kanonier Karl Walter German Army12/04/1918
Kanonier Aribert Wartemann German Army18/04/1918
Schuetze Paul Wasmund German Army26/04/1918
Musketier Paul Watrin German Army29/04/1918
Musketier Willi Weiland German Army18/04/1918
Kanonier Albin Weise German Army18/04/1918
Musketier Heinrich Westermann German Army15/04/1918
Musketier Willi Wieprecht German Army23/04/1918
Wehrmann Friedrich Windisch German Army30/04/1918
Gefreiter Christian Winkler German Army19/04/1918
Lieutenant Gustav Hermann Kissel U.S. Army12/04/1918
Loading regiments list
German Army106
Royal Welsh Fusiliers68
York and Lancaster Regiment48
Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F.37
Highland Light Infantry36
Gloucestershire Regiment35
Middlesex Regiment32
Royal Warwickshire Regiment31
The King's (Liverpool Regiment)26
Royal Field Artillery24
Seaforth Highlanders24
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)20
Royal Flying Corps18
Yorkshire Regiment18
Northumberland Fusiliers16
Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)13
Royal Engineers12
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry12
Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry11
London Regiment11
Worcestershire Regiment10
Durham Light Infantry10
Welsh Regiment10
North Staffordshire Regiment10
South Lancashire Regiment9
Australian Infantry, A.I.F.9
Canadian Infantry9
London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)9
London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)9
Wiltshire Regiment8
The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)8
Royal Irish Rifles8
Gordon Highlanders8
South Wales Borderers7
Cheshire Regiment7
East Surrey Regiment7
Australian Tunnelling Corps7
Cameron Highlanders7
West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)6
Somerset Light Infantry6
Royal Scots Fusiliers6
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment5
Northamptonshire Regiment5
King's Royal Rifle Corps5
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders5
King's Own Scottish Borderers5
Royal Garrison Artillery5
Grenadier Guards4
Devonshire Regiment4
Royal Scots4
Royal Naval Air Service4
Royal Berkshire Regiment4
Rifle Brigade4
King's Shropshire Light Infantry4
Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)3
Australian Flying Corps3
Irish Guards3
Scots Guards3
Lancashire Fusiliers3
Royal Fusiliers3
East Yorkshire Regiment2
8th Gurkha Rifles2
East Lancashire Regiment2
King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)2
South Staffordshire Regiment2
London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)2
1st King George's Own Sappers and Miners2
Coldstream Guards2
Army Cyclist Corps2
The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)2
Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)2
Border Regiment2
Lincolnshire Regiment2
Hertfordshire Regiment2
Royal Irish Fusiliers2
Suffolk Regiment2
Royal Air Force2
Royal Sussex Regiment2
9th Gurkha Rifles2
Hampshire Regiment2
Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)2
Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry2
London Regiment (The Rangers)1
1st Brahmans1
Norfolk Regiment1
Indian Army Unattached List1
Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)1
U.S. Army1
New Zealand Rifle Brigade1
Royal Horse Artillery1
Australian Mining and Boring Company1
Royal Guernsey Light Infantry1
4th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish)1
30th Lancers (Gordon's Horse)1
London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)1
33rd Punjabis1
Bedfordshire Regiment1
Machine Gun Corps (Motors)1
Military Police Corps1
Leicestershire Regiment1
69th Punjabis1
5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)1
121st Indian Pioneers1
Royal Dublin Fusiliers1
New Zealand Engineers1
Manchester Regiment1
74th Punjabis1
Royal Army Medical Corps1
32nd Sikh Pioneers1
12th Indian Pioneers (Kelat-i-Ghilzie Regiment)1
London Regiment (City of London Rifles)1
Connaught Rangers1
London Regiment (London Scottish)1
34th Sikh Pioneers1
9th Bhopal Infantry1
Dorsetshire Regiment1
Loading list of dates
Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Monday 12 October 1914111
Tuesday 13 October 1914221
Wednesday 14 October 1914110
Thursday 22 October 1914222
Friday 23 October 1914110
Saturday 24 October 1914541
Sunday 25 October 191414159
Monday 26 October 191413124
Tuesday 27 October 1914871
Wednesday 28 October 1914563
Thursday 29 October 1914431
Friday 30 October 1914670
Saturday 31 October 1914110
Sunday 1 November 1914110
Monday 2 November 1914110
Tuesday 3 November 1914232
Wednesday 4 November 1914420
Thursday 5 November 1914111
Friday 6 November 1914222
Saturday 7 November 1914452
Sunday 8 November 1914110
Tuesday 10 November 1914220
Friday 13 November 1914100
Saturday 14 November 1914212
Monday 16 November 1914110
Sunday 22 November 1914110
Tuesday 24 November 1914111
Friday 18 December 1914110
Saturday 19 December 191413131
Monday 21 December 1914210
Tuesday 22 December 1914110
Sunday 3 January 1915110
Sunday 10 January 1915110
Thursday 14 January 1915110
Saturday 16 January 1915330
Tuesday 19 January 1915110
Wednesday 20 January 1915110
Friday 22 January 1915110
Thursday 4 February 1915220
Friday 12 February 1915110
Tuesday 2 March 1915110
Friday 5 March 1915110
Wednesday 10 March 1915211
Thursday 11 March 1915343
Friday 12 March 1915232
Saturday 13 March 1915232
Sunday 14 March 1915320
Wednesday 17 March 1915111
Thursday 18 March 1915220
Tuesday 30 March 1915220
Sunday 25 April 1915111
Thursday 6 May 1915100
Sunday 9 May 191521220
Monday 10 May 1915420
Tuesday 11 May 1915110
Sunday 16 May 1915894
Monday 17 May 1915570
Tuesday 18 May 1915440
Thursday 20 May 1915122
Friday 21 May 1915221
Saturday 22 May 1915331
Wednesday 26 May 1915220
Friday 28 May 1915110
Sunday 30 May 1915330
Wednesday 2 June 1915110
Thursday 3 June 1915331
Wednesday 9 June 1915110
Friday 11 June 1915110
Saturday 12 June 1915220
Monday 14 June 1915111
Tuesday 15 June 1915771
Friday 18 June 1915110
Sunday 20 June 1915111
Thursday 24 June 1915330
Sunday 27 June 1915110
Monday 28 June 1915111
Thursday 1 July 1915110
Saturday 17 July 1915110
Tuesday 27 July 1915110
Wednesday 28 July 1915100
Thursday 29 July 1915330
Wednesday 4 August 1915110
Saturday 7 August 1915231
Sunday 8 August 1915110
Tuesday 10 August 1915110
Friday 13 August 1915110
Monday 16 August 1915340
Tuesday 17 August 1915100
Monday 23 August 1915120
Wednesday 25 August 1915110
Thursday 26 August 1915110
Saturday 28 August 1915110
Monday 30 August 1915110
Saturday 11 September 1915110
Sunday 19 September 1915110
Friday 24 September 1915111
Saturday 25 September 191535314
Sunday 26 September 1915442
Monday 27 September 1915230
Wednesday 24 November 1915110
Thursday 25 November 1915220
Saturday 4 December 1915120
Thursday 16 December 1915220
Tuesday 21 December 1915111
Wednesday 22 December 1915120
Thursday 6 January 1916100
Sunday 9 January 1916110
Wednesday 12 January 1916451
Friday 14 January 1916110
Monday 17 January 1916110
Friday 4 February 1916111
Saturday 12 February 1916110
Friday 18 February 1916110
Saturday 19 February 1916110
Tuesday 22 February 1916111
Sunday 5 March 1916330
Tuesday 14 March 1916870
Wednesday 15 March 1916110
Sunday 19 March 1916110
Tuesday 21 March 1916110
Thursday 23 March 1916650
Friday 24 March 1916110
Tuesday 28 March 1916110
Thursday 30 March 1916110
Saturday 1 April 1916110
Sunday 2 April 1916122
Tuesday 4 April 1916110
Thursday 20 April 1916110
Monday 24 April 1916110
Sunday 30 April 1916110
Thursday 11 May 1916100
Thursday 18 May 1916110
Saturday 20 May 1916110
Friday 26 May 1916122
Monday 29 May 1916110
Friday 2 June 1916122
Thursday 8 June 1916584
Tuesday 13 June 1916110
Wednesday 14 June 1916110
Friday 16 June 1916210
Sunday 18 June 1916110
Monday 19 June 1916210
Thursday 22 June 1916210
Friday 23 June 1916120
Sunday 25 June 1916110
Monday 26 June 1916340
Tuesday 27 June 1916110
Friday 30 June 1916431
Saturday 1 July 1916122
Sunday 2 July 1916110
Wednesday 5 July 1916110
Saturday 8 July 1916330
Monday 10 July 1916110
Thursday 13 July 1916220
Wednesday 19 July 1916342
Saturday 22 July 1916440
Tuesday 25 July 1916230
Monday 31 July 1916110
Thursday 3 August 1916110
Monday 7 August 1916110
Tuesday 8 August 191610113
Wednesday 9 August 1916110
Saturday 12 August 1916110
Sunday 13 August 1916110
Monday 14 August 1916110
Friday 18 August 1916110
Saturday 19 August 1916110
Tuesday 22 August 1916220
Friday 25 August 1916220
Saturday 26 August 1916440
Monday 28 August 1916330
Thursday 31 August 1916110
Friday 1 September 1916100
Wednesday 6 September 1916100
Friday 8 September 1916220
Saturday 9 September 1916100
Tuesday 12 September 1916450
Friday 15 September 1916120
Monday 25 September 1916630
Thursday 28 September 1916320
Monday 2 October 1916110
Sunday 8 October 1916110
Thursday 12 October 1916110
Saturday 14 October 1916111
Sunday 15 October 1916120
Monday 16 October 1916320
Tuesday 17 October 1916222
Wednesday 18 October 1916110
Sunday 22 October 1916220
Tuesday 24 October 1916110
Saturday 28 October 1916120
Sunday 29 October 1916110
Tuesday 31 October 1916110
Wednesday 1 November 1916110
Thursday 2 November 1916110
Monday 6 November 1916110
Monday 13 November 1916221
Wednesday 15 November 1916110
Monday 20 November 1916110
Tuesday 21 November 1916220
Thursday 23 November 1916120
Sunday 26 November 1916230
Tuesday 28 November 1916330
Thursday 30 November 1916550
Tuesday 5 December 1916110
Friday 8 December 1916110
Sunday 17 December 1916220
Thursday 21 December 1916110
Friday 22 December 1916220
Saturday 23 December 1916110
Sunday 24 December 1916220
Monday 25 December 1916110
Tuesday 26 December 1916110
Monday 1 January 1917144
Tuesday 2 January 1917110
Thursday 4 January 1917110
Friday 5 January 1917110
Sunday 7 January 1917111
Tuesday 9 January 1917110
Friday 12 January 1917331
Wednesday 17 January 1917111
Thursday 18 January 1917110
Friday 19 January 1917661
Saturday 20 January 1917110
Monday 22 January 1917110
Wednesday 24 January 1917220
Friday 26 January 1917110
Thursday 1 February 1917240
Friday 2 February 1917220
Saturday 3 February 1917100
Wednesday 7 February 1917120
Thursday 8 February 1917330
Saturday 10 February 1917220
Sunday 11 February 1917110
Monday 12 February 1917210
Wednesday 14 February 1917220
Wednesday 21 February 191739472
Friday 23 February 1917340
Tuesday 27 February 1917120
Thursday 1 March 1917220
Saturday 3 March 1917110
Saturday 10 March 1917120
Sunday 11 March 1917110
Monday 12 March 1917110
Tuesday 13 March 1917340
Saturday 24 March 1917110
Wednesday 28 March 1917110
Thursday 29 March 1917330
Friday 6 April 1917110
Tuesday 10 April 1917650
Wednesday 11 April 1917540
Thursday 12 April 1917110
Friday 20 April 1917331
Sunday 22 April 1917210
Wednesday 25 April 1917110
Friday 27 April 1917110
Saturday 28 April 1917210
Monday 30 April 1917110
Wednesday 2 May 191712121
Thursday 3 May 1917110
Friday 4 May 1917110
Saturday 5 May 1917221
Thursday 17 May 1917110
Saturday 19 May 1917120
Tuesday 22 May 1917110
Thursday 24 May 1917220
Friday 25 May 1917111
Saturday 26 May 1917110
Tuesday 29 May 1917110
Monday 4 June 1917340
Tuesday 12 June 191711100
Wednesday 13 June 1917230
Thursday 14 June 1917120
Friday 22 June 1917110
Friday 29 June 191714120
Tuesday 3 July 1917110
Saturday 7 July 1917210
Sunday 22 July 1917222
Thursday 16 August 1917100
Sunday 9 September 1917220
Tuesday 11 September 1917100
Saturday 15 September 1917111
Friday 21 September 1917430
Sunday 23 September 1917110
Friday 28 September 1917230
Wednesday 10 October 1917111
Tuesday 6 November 1917220
Monday 12 November 1917100
Tuesday 18 December 1917111
Wednesday 19 December 1917110
Wednesday 9 January 1918110
Sunday 10 February 1918108
Tuesday 2 April 1918110
Tuesday 9 April 191822238
Wednesday 10 April 191811110
Thursday 11 April 19181191
Friday 12 April 19181481
Saturday 13 April 1918660
Sunday 14 April 1918771
Monday 15 April 19181691
Tuesday 16 April 1918454
Wednesday 17 April 1918720
Thursday 18 April 19181000
Friday 19 April 1918400
Saturday 20 April 1918300
Sunday 21 April 19181100
Monday 22 April 1918720
Tuesday 23 April 1918200
Wednesday 24 April 1918700
Thursday 25 April 1918210
Friday 26 April 19181300
Saturday 27 April 1918100
Sunday 28 April 1918320
Monday 29 April 19181120
Tuesday 30 April 19181210
Wednesday 1 May 1918320
Thursday 2 May 1918310
Sunday 5 May 1918310
Monday 6 May 1918300
Tuesday 7 May 1918100
Wednesday 8 May 1918100
Sunday 12 May 1918110
Wednesday 15 May 1918330
Wednesday 22 May 1918232
Friday 7 June 1918120
Thursday 13 June 1918110
Wednesday 26 June 1918110
Tuesday 9 July 1918111
Wednesday 10 July 1918110
Wednesday 17 July 1918111
Monday 5 August 1918110
Wednesday 7 August 1918110
Thursday 8 August 1918881
Sunday 11 August 1918110
Monday 12 August 1918110
Tuesday 13 August 1918110
Thursday 22 August 1918111
Friday 23 August 1918110
Saturday 24 August 1918110
Tuesday 3 September 1918110
Thursday 5 September 1918220
Saturday 7 September 1918110
Sunday 8 September 1918110
Saturday 14 September 1918110
Monday 16 September 1918110
Thursday 19 September 1918110
Sunday 22 September 1918452
Wednesday 25 September 1918110
Sunday 29 September 1918110
Monday 30 September 1918440
Thursday 10 October 1918140
Loading parish list
ParishDioceseCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
SnodlandTonbridge and Malling210
BarryVale of Glamorgan220
ThatchamWest Berkshire210
Horninglow and EtonEast Staffordshire220
KewstokeNorth Somerset110
Newport and CarisbrookeIsle of Wight110
CodnorAmber Valley100
Theydon BoisEpping Forest110
West MallingTonbridge and Malling111
RhooseVale of Glamorgan110
ChippingRibble Valley111
TredegarBlaenau Gwent110
Beeston RegisNorth Norfolk101
OnllwynNeath Port Talbot110
Burnham-on-Sea and HighbridgeSedgemoor100
LeekStaffordshire Moorlands111
West MalvernMalvern Hills110
ThrapstonEast Northamptonshire110
Henley-on-ThamesSouth Oxfordshire110
KeynshamBath and North East Somerset110
Kirkcaldy and Dysart110
LakeIsle of Wight110
Kingussie and Insh110
Little WalthamChelmsford100
Llandrindod WellsPowys122
Troed-y-rhiwMerthyr Tydfil110
PontypriddRhondda Cynon Taf110
SparsholtVale of White Horse110
Audley RuralNewcastle-under-Lyme110
Great PackingtonNorth Warwickshire110
SpennymoorCounty Durham111
RaundsEast Northamptonshire110
WallingfordSouth Oxfordshire110
OverSouth Cambridgeshire110
New Monkland100
St Andrews and St Leonards110
LeintwardineHerefordshire, County of100
North Berwick100
StrethamEast Cambridgeshire110
Leonard StanleyStroud110
ParkMerthyr Tydfil110
LouthEast Lindsey110
GarsingtonSouth Oxfordshire110
SaxmundhamEast Suffolk111
OustonCounty Durham110
Holme ValleyKirklees111
City of DurhamCounty Durham111
Downend and Bromley HeathSouth Gloucestershire110
WaddesdonAylesbury Vale110
ExmouthEast Devon110
Port Glasgow110
BlaenhonddanNeath Port Talbot100
PenrhiwceiberRhondda Cynon Taf110
RamsgreaveRibble Valley110
South MuskhamNewark and Sherwood111
YeovilSouth Somerset111
LeistonEast Suffolk110
Ashton under HillWychavon111
Dunoon and Kilmun110
Arbroath and St Vigeans110