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Casualty Records

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Donkeyman Adolphus Donalson Meheux Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 40)
Third Mate George William Margerison Mercantile Marine08/07/1918 (aged 22)
Fireman Thornton Mckenzie Mercantile Marine14/07/1917 (aged 18)
Able Seaman Edward Le Page Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 41)
Third Hand John Saunders Mercantile Marine28/01/1920 (aged 31)
Apprentice George Edward Russum Mercantile Marine06/05/1918 (aged 17)
Wireless Operator Burnett Mercantile Marine02/06/1917
Trimmer Louis Burnell Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 17)
Third Hand John Kenny Bugden Mercantile Marine24/10/1914 (aged 31)
Assistant Storekeeper Benjamin John Brooks Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 22)
Seaman Joseph Hector Macdonald Beavis Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 17)
Able Seaman Peter Anderson Mercantile Marine28/08/1918 (aged 34)
Second Mate John Aitken Mercantile Marine11/02/1917 (aged 33)
Second Engineer John Daniel Davies Mercantile Marine28/12/1917 (aged 28)
Fourth Engineer Officer Lawrence Curtis Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 28)
Trimmer James Frederick Cox Mercantile Marine28/01/1920 (aged 45)
Fireman Frederick William Coles Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 46)
Second Officer Alfred Buchanan Cheetham Mercantile Marine22/08/1918 (aged 51)
Fireman William Charles Chaplin Mercantile Marine05/03/1917 (aged 29)
Skipper George Kennard Mercantile Marine28/01/1920 (aged 25)
Skipper Edwin Jordon Mercantile Marine24/10/1914
Able Seaman Archie Jewell Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 28)
Second Engineer Philip Dunsford Jenkins Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 31)
Wireless Operator Thomas James Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 19)
Master Ambrose Langley Hunt Mercantile Marine05/10/1915 (aged 46)
Stewardess Agnes Hird Mercantile Marine26/01/1917 (aged 42)
Seaman Charles Hempenstall Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 26)
Second Officer Percy Hefford Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 34)
Master Thomas Edward Pearce Mercantile Marine12/11/1917
Deck Hand Edward John Miller Mercantile Marine28/01/1920 (aged 31)
Deck Hand Alfred Roland Cook West Mercantile Marine28/01/1920 (aged 28)
2nd Steward Frederick Arthur Thorn Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 34)
Second Engineer Christain Thompson Mercantile Marine28/01/1920 (aged 37)
Fireman David Marla Tanner Mercantile Marine07/05/1918 (aged 19)
Assistant Bed Steward John Hampton Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 43)
Mate Frederick Samuel Halsey Mercantile Marine28/01/1920 (aged 29)
Chief Officer Charles Hall Mercantile Marine04/05/1917 (aged 23)
Second Engineer Harold John Fentiman Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 35)
Second Hand George Henry Fennell Mercantile Marine24/10/1914 (aged 54)
Master James Whyte Swanston Mercantile Marine04/01/1916 (aged 43)
Stewardess Martha Emily Jenkins Mercantile Marine27/03/1915 (aged 42)
Stewardess Martha Emily Jenkins Mercantile Marine27/03/1915 (aged 42)
Ordinary Seaman Culling Mercantile Marine11/02/1917 (aged 16)
Pilot 3rd Class William Brodie Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 26)
Third Engineer Arthur Short Mercantile Marine27/05/1917 (aged 27)
Steward Robert William Blythyn Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 40)
Deck Boy Horace Edward Newton Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 15)
First Engineer Wilson Mercantile Marine27/06/1916 (aged 49)
Boatswain Frank Ward Mercantile Marine09/09/1918 (aged 35)
Stewardess Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Oliphant Mercantile Marine09/09/1918 (aged 37)
Stewardess Eliza Kennedy Mercantile Marine04/09/1915 (aged 66)
Master Archibald Bisset Smith Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 38)
Third Stewardess Alice Elverson Smith Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 55)
Mess Room Steward Charles Skerritt Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 25)
Donkeyman William Robert Simmons Mercantile Marine05/10/1917 (aged 40)
Stewardess Jean Robertson Mercantile Marine26/06/1918
Greaser William Charles May Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 31)
Chief Steward John Manderson Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 52)
Fireman and Trimmer James Mcnally ALIAS06/12/1917
Stewardess Clara Louisa Mcmillan Mercantile Marine26/06/1918 (aged 31)
Stewardess Elizabeth Mclean Mercantile Marine04/04/1917 (aged 43)
Wireless Operator Charles Alexander Mclaren Mercantile Marine28/12/1917 (aged 17)
Able Seaman Thomas Mclane Mercantile Marine01/08/1917 (aged 26)
Stewardess Agnes Mcgregor Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 44)
Stewardess Margarita Christina Mccormac Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 34)
First Mate Oscar Lin Mercantile Marine12/06/1918 (aged 38)
Waiter John Neal Leach Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 25)
Chief Engineer Emanuel Laycock Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 62)
Stewardess Ann Summerfield Mercantile Marine13/08/1915
Stewardess May Stubbington ALIAS30/12/1915
Third Mate Thomas Henry Spray Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 25)
Assistant Engineer's Steward Percy Walter Smithson Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 36)
Stewardess Clara Harriett Shead Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 59)
Second Mate Hubert James Selway Mercantile Marine31/03/1918 (aged 22)
Fireman George Lincoln Paul Sellier Mercantile Marine18/07/1915 (aged 44)
Second Hand Mark Scotter Mercantile Marine17/08/1917 (aged 63)
Assistant Steward Scott Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 21)
Stewardess May Rodgers Mercantile Marine30/12/1915 (aged 35)
Stewardess Annie Richardson Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 37)
Fireman Peter Ratcliffe Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 47)
Fireman and Trimmer Owen Rafferty Mercantile Marine27/03/1917 (aged 33)
Fireman George Quinlan Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 28)
Fireman Bryan Campbell Mercantile Marine09/07/1917 (aged 26)
Stewardess Alice Campbell Mercantile Marine03/06/1916
Donkeyman Caldwell Mercantile Marine18/01/1917 (aged 32)
Stewardess Burton Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 61)
Master Bernard Burt Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 55)
Barman James Martin Burren Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 41)
Trimmer Edmond Burke ALIAS11/03/1917 (aged 29)
Ship's Cook Burke Mercantile Marine23/05/1918
Fireman and Trimmer John Herbert Buck Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 21)
Stewardess Minnie Elizabeth Bruce Mercantile Marine30/12/1915 (aged 42)
Trimmer Henry William Charles Broomfield Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 18)
Sailor Hubert Billings Mercantile Marine18/03/1918 (aged 25)
Assistant Cook Edward Berthoud Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 26)
Fireman Bertie Bendell Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 24)
Carpenter Belgrave Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 42)
Fireman and Trimmer Vincent Charles Beech Mercantile Marine04/02/1917 (aged 23)
Steward George Batley Mercantile Marine30/09/1915 (aged 31)
Boatswain Thomas Bartholomew Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 38)
Sailor Barnett Mercantile Marine28/05/1917 (aged 31)
Second Cook Frederick Baptiste Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 26)
Fireman Joseph Bannister Mercantile Marine25/08/1917 (aged 28)
Sailor Banks Mercantile Marine20/02/1917 (aged 23)
Chief Engineer Donald Bain Mercantile Marine28/10/1917 (aged 46)
Engineer's Steward Alexander Bailey Mercantile Marine14/03/1918 (aged 22)
Stewardess Sarah Jane Arnott Mercantile Marine14/12/1917 (aged 41)
Able Seaman Isaac Newton Archer Mercantile Marine23/10/1916 (aged 26)
Fireman Ernest Henry Appleyard Mercantile Marine02/05/1918 (aged 37)
Stewardess Jane Louise Ambler Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 54)
Fireman Allen Mercantile Marine26/05/1918
Fireman and Trimmer Joseph Allen Mercantile Marine10/06/1918 (aged 30)
Able Seaman Allen Mercantile Marine28/10/1917 (aged 25)
Assistant Steward Edward Charles Allen Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 17)
Assistant Steward Percy Alford Mercantile Marine14/03/1918 (aged 35)
Donkeyman Albert Alexandert Mercantile Marine06/02/1918 (aged 23)
Assistant Steward Abrahams Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 21)
Fireman and Trimmer Nelson Dyball Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 39)
Ship's Cook and Baker Maurice Duval Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 34)
Stewardess Christina Campbell Duncan Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 36)
Stewardess Eleanor Dodwell Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 26)
Wireless Operator Arthur Henry Dews Mercantile Marine23/10/1915 (aged 20)
Chief Steward Charles De Sousa Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 38)
Fireman James Davidson Mercantile Marine26/05/1918 (aged 35)
Second Engineer Daniel Mercantile Marine06/02/1918 (aged 36)
Trimmer Edward Daley Mercantile Marine11/03/1917 (aged 29)
Able Seaman Thomas Cutter Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 49)
Mess Room Steward Joseph Crispin Mercantile Marine19/08/1918 (aged 22)
Stewardess Margaret Creegan Mercantile Marine14/10/1918 (aged 38)
Able Seaman Edward Creaser Mercantile Marine02/05/1918 (aged 32)
Donkeyman Cousins Mercantile Marine10/06/1918 (aged 22)
Stewardess Jemima Coster Mercantile Marine30/12/1915 (aged 44)
Second Cook Compton Mercantile Marine31/05/1917 (aged 21)
Fireman William Combs Mercantile Marine07/04/1918 (aged 34)
Fireman George Henry Colvin Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 29)
Stewardess Cochrane Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 46)
Second Mate Peter Vaughan Clay Mercantile Marine11/08/1917 (aged 61)
Cook and Steward Joseph Chilvers Mercantile Marine07/04/1918 (aged 56)
Apprentice William Alfred Cheetham Mercantile Marine31/10/1916 (aged 16)
Fireman Robert John Champion Mercantile Marine23/06/1916 (aged 31)
Stewardess Nora Cassels Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 44)
Sailor Ronald Frederick William Carroll Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 19)
Stewardess Carroll Mercantile Marine03/06/1916
Seaman Leonard Albert Carey Mercantile Marine18/09/1918 (aged 17)
Able Seaman George Mclacklin Carey Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 20)
Donkeyman Joseph King Mercantile Marine09/06/1917 (aged 26)
Second Hand Charles Kinch Mercantile Marine24/11/1919 (aged 30)
Second Engineer Stanley Kennaird Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 36)
Seaman Herbert Kearney Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 28)
Fourth Engineer Officer Samuel Percy Jones Mercantile Marine23/02/1918 (aged 33)
Stewardess Mrs. Jane Johnstone Mercantile Marine09/09/1918 (aged 39)
Boatswain Johnson Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 33)
Fireman Edward Johnson Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 35)
Fireman Abraham Jackson Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 41)
Ship's Cook Isaacs Mercantile Marine03/12/1917 (aged 52)
Stewardess Catherine Irvine Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 30)
Fireman Archibald Howard Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 36)
Ordinary Seaman Athelstan William George Holman Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 17)
Master Holl Mercantile Marine27/05/1918
Ship's Cook Edward Holder Mercantile Marine24/11/1917 (aged 38)
Chief Engineer Thomas Alexander Hill Hoggan Mercantile Marine23/08/1917 (aged 35)
Chief Officer Fred Hounslow Heterick Mercantile Marine02/05/1918 (aged 48)
Stewardess Olivia Henry Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 55)
Fireman and Trimmer Bell Irving St. Clair Haynes Mercantile Marine10/06/1918 (aged 32)
Fifth Engineer Officer John Henry Laurie Hayes Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 30)
Able Seaman William Hayden Mercantile Marine30/03/1918 (aged 17)
Butcher Albert John Hawker Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 32)
Mate Richard Power Mercantile Marine18/05/1917 (aged 45)
Second Engineer Ernest Spurrell Phillips Mercantile Marine17/02/1917 (aged 24)
Stewardess Elizabeth Anne Phelan Mercantile Marine18/12/1917
Fireman Thomas William Pettinger Mercantile Marine07/04/1918 (aged 28)
Fireman John Paul Mercantile Marine09/01/1917 (aged 29)
Fireman Nicolas Patinios Mercantile Marine15/03/1917 (aged 24)
Stewardess Louisa Parry Mercantile Marine10/10/1918 (aged 22)
Stewardess Adelaide Ann Palmer Mercantile Marine27/02/1916 (aged 49)
Able Seaman Thomas William Job Paines Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 24)
Able Seaman Bertie Orman Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 26)
Chief Officer John Anthony Oram Mercantile Marine07/12/1916 (aged 27)
Assistant Saloon Stewardess Edith Keighly Newton Mercantile Marine26/06/1918
Ordinary Seaman William New Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 19)
Fireman Leslie Nathan Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 27)
Fireman Edward Murphy Mercantile Marine25/02/1917 (aged 56)
Fireman and Trimmer James Mullally Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 45)
Third Hand Edward Richard Moxey Mercantile Marine04/06/1915 (aged 23)
Chief Steward John Stuart Millage Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 55)
First Engineer William Edwin Midgley Mercantile Marine21/03/1917 (aged 43)
Trimmer Albert Edward Young Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 20)
First Engineer Matthew John Hickson Williamson Mercantile Marine20/10/1916 (aged 44)
First Mate Alfred Ernest Williams Mercantile Marine14/06/1917 (aged 48)
Able Seaman Otway Seymour Wilkinson Mercantile Marine14/02/1918 (aged 23)
Fireman Frederick Edward Whitehead Mercantile Marine02/05/1918 (aged 46)
Second Engineer Alfred Whatmore Mercantile Marine28/03/1917 (aged 33)
Fifth Engineer Officer Henry Seymour West Mercantile Marine21/03/1917 (aged 26)
Mess Room Steward Albert Wells Mercantile Marine26/04/1917 (aged 20)
Cook John James Wattley Mercantile Marine12/04/1917 (aged 33)
Sailor Frederick Randolph Holder Vincent Mercantile Marine17/01/1918 (aged 23)
Wireless Operator Claud Christopher Selby Tuppen Mercantile Marine05/10/1918
Stewardess Bridget Trenerry Mercantile Marine24/03/1917 (aged 65)
Third Stewardess Sarah Lavinia Topp Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 56)
Ordinary Seaman Albert Thomas Tobin Mercantile Marine06/02/1917 (aged 17)
Ordinary Seaman George Albert Emile Tirel Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 17)
Cook Allan Speede Thornhill Mercantile Marine15/03/1917 (aged 21)
Chief Engineer Thompson Mercantile Marine02/05/1918 (aged 39)
Boatswain's Mate William Charles Shepherd Thomas Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 30)
Sailor Moses Thomas Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 40)
Master Lancelot Fredrick Taylor Mercantile Marine14/12/1916
Troop Cook Herbert Joseph Sweet Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 41)
Fireman and Trimmer Charles Victor Harris Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 19)
Mate John Bernard Harrington Mercantile Marine01/02/1918 (aged 27)
Chief Steward James John Harold Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 40)
Fireman Harman Mercantile Marine09/10/1917 (aged 21)
Fireman Richard John Harding Mercantile Marine09/11/1915 (aged 25)
Fireman Charles James Hansome Mercantile Marine02/05/1918 (aged 18)
Assistant Cook Robert Hannan Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 17)
Seaman William Halloran Mercantile Marine27/03/1917 (aged 36)
Bedroom Steward Gustav Gundersen Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 69)
Master James Gray Mercantile Marine11/06/1918 (aged 54)
Chief Officer Angus Grant Mercantile Marine27/07/1917 (aged 46)
Steward James Clifford Adolphus Grandison Mercantile Marine01/03/1917 (aged 39)
Second Pantryman Frank John German Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 32)
Second Assistant Cook Eduard Pierre Fynaut Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 17)
Fireman Frith Mercantile Marine10/06/1920
Third Engineer Rhys Edward Francis Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 26)
Stewardess Margaret Elizabeth Foulkes Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 42)
Fireman Cristobal Flores Mercantile Marine06/12/1917
Fireman and Trimmer Ernest Albert Eyers Mercantile Marine12/09/1918 (aged 23)
Fireman George Emmanuel Mercantile Marine21/04/1917 (aged 24)
Stewardess Elizabeth Elbra Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 55)
Sailor Henry James Edwards Mercantile Marine28/05/1917 (aged 21)
Master Edmunds Mercantile Marine09/03/1915
Donkeyman Joannes Jacobus Theuwkens Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 37)
Pilot 1st Class Albert Edward Ankers Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 43)
Sailor Edward Attewell Mercantile Marine07/01/1916
Master Frederick George Billot Mercantile Marine07/01/1916
Pilot 1st Class James Birchall Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 30)
Pilot 1st Class John Swinney Young Bone Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 36)
Fireman and Trimmer Francis Brannagan Mercantile Marine07/01/1916 (aged 43)
Pilot 1st Class Charles Burn Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 53)
Pilot 2nd Class John H. Burn Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 39)
Pilot 2nd Class John Frederick James Cameron Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 31)
Able Seaman Nicholus Cassini Mercantile Marine07/01/1916
Pilot 1st Class Robert Chambers Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 48)
Pilot 2nd Class Norman W. Climo Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 30)
Greaser Cooper Mercantile Marine08/06/1918
Sailor Crampton Mercantile Marine05/05/1917
Pilot 2nd Class James Henry Cross Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 30)
Cook and Steward Edmund Victor Cunningham Mercantile Marine07/01/1916 (aged 67)
Pilot 1st Class Robert J. Durrant Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 52)
First Engineer Measam James Farmer Mercantile Marine07/01/1916 (aged 39)
Pilot 3rd Class Edgar Stephen Freeman Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 25)
Mess Room Steward Carlton Hayne Mercantile Marine07/01/1916
Able Seaman Magnus Henderson Mercantile Marine07/01/1916
Donkeyman Saturnino Lopez Hernandez Mercantile Marine07/01/1916 (aged 53)
Pilot 1st Class Thomas Heron Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 42)
Sailor Patrick Hughes Mercantile Marine07/01/1916 (aged 33)
Pilot 1st Class James F. Jones Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917
Able Seaman and Lamps Katchi Mercantile Marine07/01/1916
Pilot 1st Class Alfred Alexander Macdonald Knowler Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 33)
Pilot 1st Class Albert J. Lever Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917
Sailor Constantinos Liontaras Mercantile Marine07/01/1916
Fireman and Trimmer John Lowery Mercantile Marine07/01/1916 (aged 58)
Boatswain Malcolm Mackinnon Mercantile Marine07/01/1916 (aged 49)
Pilot 1st Class Thomas Haw Marshall Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 36)
First Mate Philip John Noel Mercantile Marine07/01/1916 (aged 53)
Fireman and Trimmer Pedros Palmas Mercantile Marine07/01/1916
Pilot 1st Class Frederick William Treneman Penney Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 58)
Pilot 1st Class Henry Rawson Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 32)
Pilot 1st Class Robert Taggart Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 56)
Pilot 1st Class Harry M. Tibbells Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917
Pilot 1st Class William H. Tinmouth Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 41)
Second Engineer Oliver Charles Waters Mercantile Marine07/01/1916 (aged 44)
Pilot 1st Class James Wookey Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917 (aged 59)
Pilot 1st Class Matthew Young Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 42)
Pilot 1st Class William Young Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 47)
Able Seaman Giuseppe Said Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 45)
Deck Hand John Eade Mercantile Marine28/05/1915
Skipper Lewis Eade Mercantile Marine28/05/1915
Master Eade Mercantile Marine16/07/1918
Fireman George Augustus Eades Mercantile Marine09/11/1915
Assistant Purser William Eadie Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 22)
Second Mate John William Clark Eadington Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 40)
Third Engineer Percy Allen Frederick Eagles Mercantile Marine30/09/1917 (aged 22)
Carpenter William Eakon Mercantile Marine15/07/1917 (aged 52)
Pilot William Charles Eales Mercantile Marine21/10/1917
Steward Jonas Bailey Earby Mercantile Marine31/10/1917 (aged 59)
Second Engineer Fredric Harry Earl Mercantile Marine28/02/1916 (aged 25)
Fireman Percy Lionel Earl Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 46)
Greaser George Earle Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 52)
Fireman Frank Joseph Earley Mercantile Marine21/11/1916 (aged 47)
First Engineer Robert Eltis Earnshaw Mercantile Marine04/04/1917
Third Hand Eason Mercantile Marine10/09/1920 (aged 27)
Purser Eastaway Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 32)
Mate William Easter Mercantile Marine09/11/1914
Steward James Eastick Mercantile Marine15/03/1916 (aged 46)
Steward Charles Henry Easton Mercantile Marine22/07/1915 (aged 50)
2nd Cabin Bedroom Steward William Henry Eastwood Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 59)
Assistant Steward Eaton Mercantile Marine11/07/1916 (aged 25)
Deck Boy William Sydney Eaton Mercantile Marine06/09/1918 (aged 17)
Master William James Ebbett Mercantile Marine20/05/1917 (aged 37)
Clerk 2nd Class George Albert Ebborn Mercantile Marine23/10/1915 (aged 52)
Second Engineer John Eccles Mercantile Marine05/03/1918 (aged 55)
Saloon Steward Alfred James Echevarri Mercantile Marine13/08/1915
Fireman and Trimmer Isaac Echo Mercantile Marine24/03/1916 (aged 24)
Fireman Pedro Echwarria Mercantile Marine30/03/1917 (aged 34)
Fireman Charles Eckhof Mercantile Marine24/10/1916 (aged 26)
Sailor Michael Economo Mercantile Marine18/05/1917
Skipper George William Eddom Mercantile Marine09/05/1917
Fisherman Walter Edgar Mercantile Marine12/04/1917 (aged 37)
Able Seaman William Edgar Mercantile Marine20/02/1916
Bellboy William Edgar Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 16)
2nd Class Waiter William Henry Edgar Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 21)
First Officer Alexander Edgeley Mercantile Marine15/04/1918 (aged 39)
Fourth Hand Robert Edgeley Mercantile Marine02/10/1917 (aged 17)
First Mate William Wright Edmiston Mercantile Marine27/05/1917 (aged 54)
Able Seaman Walter Scott Edmond Mercantile Marine13/12/1917 (aged 24)
Able Seaman George Edward Edmonds Mercantile Marine12/02/1916 (aged 58)
Butcher 3rd Class William Thomas Edmonds Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 35)
Fireman Edmonds Mercantile Marine01/08/1917 (aged 26)
Master Edmondsen Mercantile Marine04/11/1916
Second Engineer Edmonstone Mercantile Marine14/10/1915 (aged 48)
Fireman and Trimmer Gustaf Hjalmar Edstrom Mercantile Marine15/11/1915 (aged 32)
Greaser and Fireman James Peter Edward Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 28)
Assistant Steward James Nevil Edwardes ALIAS13/08/1915
Second Engineer Alexander Edwards Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 59)
Fourth Engineer Officer Arthur Evan Edwards Mercantile Marine18/05/1918 (aged 29)
Able Seaman Arthur Rowe Edwards Mercantile Marine03/01/1918 (aged 23)
Master Charles Boden Edwards Mercantile Marine23/03/1917 (aged 37)
Apprentice Colston Gardiner Edwards Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 17)
Fireman and Trimmer David Edwards Mercantile Marine24/10/1916 (aged 27)
Assistant Steward Edward James Edwards Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 24)
Trimmer Geo Edwards Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 20)
Scullion Henry Edwards Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 17)
Third Engineer Hywel Oscar Edwards Mercantile Marine25/08/1917 (aged 24)
Fireman Edwards Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 44)
Cook James Edwards Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 26)
Steward John Edwards Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 36)
Fireman and Trimmer John Edwards Mercantile Marine26/04/1917 (aged 28)
Fireman and Trimmer John Edwards Mercantile Marine20/08/1918 (aged 29)
Waiter John George Edwards Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 35)
3rd Class Waiter Joseph Edwards Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 37)
Able Seaman Edwards Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 40)
Trimmer Edwards Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 43)
Horseman Richard Edwards Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 19)
Trimmer Robert Arthur Edwards Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 18)
Fireman and Trimmer Samuel Edwards Mercantile Marine26/06/1918 (aged 26)
2nd Steward Thomas Edward Edwards Mercantile Marine27/01/1917 (aged 18)
Able Seaman Walter Edwards Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 43)
Fireman William Edwards Mercantile Marine17/03/1918 (aged 43)
Chief Engineer William George Edwards Mercantile Marine27/03/1915 (aged 32)
Greaser William John Thomas Edwards Mercantile Marine14/03/1917 (aged 33)
Able Seaman Edwardsen Mercantile Marine18/05/1917 (aged 34)
Carpenter Frederick Daniel Egan Mercantile Marine21/08/1917 (aged 31)
Fireman John Francis Egan Mercantile Marine24/09/1917 (aged 42)
Seaman Vincent Egan Mercantile Marine05/05/1918 (aged 20)
Assistant Engineer's Steward Egba Mercantile Marine28/11/1917
Fireman Magnus Eggen Mercantile Marine22/02/1917 (aged 35)
Fireman Walter Eggett Mercantile Marine04/01/1915
Ship's Cook Charles Albert Eglen Mercantile Marine24/09/1917 (aged 29)
Cook Thomas Eglinton Mercantile Marine30/07/1917
Sailor John. Eglit Mercantile Marine02/05/1917 (aged 20)
Fireman and Trimmer Egorow Mercantile Marine15/11/1915
Fireman Jose Eguen Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 56)
Fireman and Trimmer Eigsini Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 24)
Sailor Ekstrom Mercantile Marine20/01/1917
Fireman and Trimmer Elbourne Mercantile Marine05/04/1916
Master Jas. A. Elder Mercantile Marine07/03/1917
Steward John George Elder Mercantile Marine30/03/1916 (aged 35)
Fireman William Henry Eldridge Mercantile Marine17/12/1916 (aged 46)
Cook Daniel Eley Mercantile Marine14/12/1917 (aged 63)
Master Elgar Mercantile Marine06/04/1916
Engineer's Steward Elias Mercantile Marine17/05/1917
Steward Ernest Edwin Elkington Mercantile Marine07/03/1917 (aged 38)
Apprentice Edward Elkins Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 19)
Clerk John Orrell Ellams Mercantile Marine28/11/1917 (aged 25)
Third Hand Thomas Ellerby Mercantile Marine01/11/1914 (aged 30)
Sailor Herbert Thomas Ellerington Mercantile Marine03/04/1916 (aged 23)
Boatswain Ellingsen Mercantile Marine28/04/1918 (aged 49)
Fireman Arthur Elliott Mercantile Marine30/04/1917 (aged 30)
Sailor Arthur Graham Elliott Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 19)
Apprentice Cecil Elliott Mercantile Marine22/07/1915 (aged 20)
Fireman Christopher Elliott Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 36)
Wireless Operator Edwin Arthur Elliott Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 18)
Fourth Engineer Officer Harold Elliott Mercantile Marine22/03/1918 (aged 22)
Donkeyman Elliott ALIAS07/07/1916
Fireman James Elliott Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 51)
Fireman James Elliott ALIAS24/10/1916
Chief Boatswain John Kemp Large Elliott Mercantile Marine17/08/1918 (aged 23)
Fireman and Trimmer Robert Elliott Mercantile Marine14/04/1918 (aged 49)
Able Seaman Ruskin Elliott Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 47)
First Engineer William Elliott Mercantile Marine30/07/1915 (aged 49)
Fourth Engineer Officer William Henry Irving Elliott Mercantile Marine08/06/1917 (aged 25)
First Engineer William John Elliott Mercantile Marine12/02/1916 (aged 40)
Skipper Ellis Mercantile Marine27/03/1917
Wireless Operator Charles Ellis Mercantile Marine14/02/1918 (aged 18)
Fireman Edwin Henry Ellis Mercantile Marine19/11/1917 (aged 26)
Chief Steward Henry Oscar Ellis Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 27)
Cook Herbert Ellis Mercantile Marine22/05/1915 (aged 26)
Apprentice James Percy Ellis Mercantile Marine27/11/1917 (aged 17)
Fourth Hand John Robert Ellis Mercantile Marine14/05/1917 (aged 43)
Second Hand Joseph Ellis Mercantile Marine03/11/1916 (aged 30)
Ordinary Seaman Leonard Joseph Ellis Mercantile Marine15/02/1915 (aged 17)
Mate Robert Ellis Mercantile Marine03/11/1915 (aged 60)
Skipper Thomas Ellis Mercantile Marine27/05/1915
Saloon Steward Frank Ellison Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 23)
Fireman Omar Elma Mercantile Marine25/04/1917 (aged 25)
Fireman Peter Elobe Mercantile Marine26/10/1917 (aged 28)
Donkeyman William Pierce Elphinstone Mercantile Marine22/02/1916 (aged 38)
First Mate Henry James Elrod Mercantile Marine23/10/1915 (aged 32)
Steward Ernest Harris Elton Mercantile Marine17/03/1917 (aged 26)
Fourth Hand Elton Mercantile Marine02/09/1914 (aged 30)
Boatswain Elvin Mercantile Marine31/10/1916 (aged 50)
Fireman Francisco Elvorita Mercantile Marine30/03/1917 (aged 42)
Fireman and Trimmer Christopher Embley Mercantile Marine16/08/1918 (aged 33)
Carpenter Alfred Emerson Mercantile Marine29/05/1917 (aged 31)
Donkeyman Malcolm Martin Emerson Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 26)
Second Cook Edward Emmett Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 46)
First Mate Joshua Emmett Mercantile Marine09/03/1915 (aged 45)
Second Engineer William Emmett Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 28)
Master Charles Herbert Emms Mercantile Marine05/02/1918 (aged 53)
Second Hand Fredrick Emson Mercantile Marine06/09/1914 (aged 33)
Fireman Enfranella Mercantile Marine05/06/1917 (aged 22)
Greaser Thomas England Mercantile Marine01/03/1917 (aged 58)
Steward Frederick English Mercantile Marine07/05/1918 (aged 38)
Able Seaman Michael English Mercantile Marine02/04/1918 (aged 38)
Master Nathaniel Joseph English Mercantile Marine07/03/1917 (aged 41)
Mate Thomas English Mercantile Marine17/05/1918 (aged 40)
Able Seaman Engston Mercantile Marine15/03/1917
Greaser John Ennis Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 34)
Donkeyman and Greaser Thomas Ennis Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 43)
Able Seaman Thomas Frederick Ennis Mercantile Marine13/12/1916 (aged 22)
Fireman Arcol Enrico Mercantile Marine19/09/1917
Fireman Marian Entillan Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 35)
Able Seaman William Entwistle Mercantile Marine15/07/1917 (aged 21)
Boatswain Epinoza Mercantile Marine04/10/1918 (aged 24)
Fireman Felix Erball Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 30)
Sailor Elis Erik Ericksen Mercantile Marine08/09/1917 (aged 23)
Carpenter Carl Eriksen Mercantile Marine07/07/1918 (aged 55)
Able Seaman Charles Eriksen Mercantile Marine05/10/1918 (aged 61)
Fireman Edward Eriksen Mercantile Marine05/02/1917 (aged 22)
Able Seaman Eriksen Mercantile Marine28/04/1918 (aged 29)
Fireman Eriksen Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 27)
Second Mate James Erikson Mercantile Marine13/03/1918 (aged 14)
Second Engineer John Erikson Mercantile Marine13/03/1918 (aged 34)
Fireman Erikson Mercantile Marine18/05/1917 (aged 29)
Boatswain Archibald Erskine Mercantile Marine14/10/1917 (aged 41)
First Engineer John Charles Erskine Mercantile Marine14/08/1917 (aged 34)
Able Seaman and Lamps Ersson Mercantile Marine15/04/1915 (aged 54)
Ordinary Seaman William Lot Escott Mercantile Marine13/10/1917 (aged 17)
Carpenter John Eslon Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 34)
First Mate Gunder Martinius (Martin) Espeland Mercantile Marine24/03/1916 (aged 30)
Second Mate Dario Esposito Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 36)
Fireman Bernardo Estevez Mercantile Marine04/10/1918 (aged 22)
Master Estill Mercantile Marine21/02/1918
Donkeyman George Watson Etheredge Mercantile Marine19/03/1917 (aged 37)
Purser James Bannerman Mcdonald Etherington Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 32)
Sailor Santa Eugenia Mercantile Marine07/09/1917
Cattleman Martin Eustace Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 57)
Sailor Evanoff Mercantile Marine18/03/1917 (aged 30)
Fireman Anthony Evans Mercantile Marine24/11/1917 (aged 22)
Fourth Engineer Officer Benjamin Evans Mercantile Marine05/02/1918 (aged 29)
Third Mate Benjamin Bruce Evans Mercantile Marine15/06/1915 (aged 19)
Fireman Benjamin Charles Evans Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 23)
Fireman and Trimmer Daniel Edgar Evans Mercantile Marine28/02/1917 (aged 32)
Second Engineer Daniel Joseph Evans Mercantile Marine13/12/1917 (aged 45)
Master David Evans Mercantile Marine28/02/1916
Second Mate David Evans Mercantile Marine21/02/1918 (aged 38)
Apprentice David Harold Evans Mercantile Marine21/02/1918 (aged 18)
First Mate David James Evans Mercantile Marine22/09/1917 (aged 30)
Fourth Engineer Officer David John Evans Mercantile Marine26/07/1917 (aged 25)
Master Evans Mercantile Marine24/08/1918
Second Officer Evan Evans Mercantile Marine09/11/1917 (aged 27)
Mess Room Steward Evan David Evans Mercantile Marine05/10/1915 (aged 14)
Fireman and Trimmer Francis Evans ALIAS17/05/1918
Steward's Boy Frederick John Evans Mercantile Marine06/05/1918 (aged 17)
Steward Frederick Thomas Evans Mercantile Marine07/01/1918 (aged 25)
Third Mate Henry William Percy Evans Mercantile Marine04/06/1917 (aged 30)
Sailor Hugh Evans Mercantile Marine21/05/1917 (aged 52)
Second Engineer Hugh Price Evans Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 23)
Chief Steward James Evans Mercantile Marine10/08/1917 (aged 51)
Wireless Operator James Francis Evans Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 23)
Boatswain and Lamps Jenkin Evans Mercantile Marine08/05/1918 (aged 48)
Carpenter John Evans Mercantile Marine24/10/1917 (aged 55)
Fireman John Evans ALIAS05/02/1918
Ordinary Seaman John Evans Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 17)
Mess Room Steward John Mather Evans Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 35)
Apprentice John Raymond Evans Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 17)
Deck Hand Joseph Albert Evans Mercantile Marine24/07/1915 (aged 52)
Able Seaman Evans ALIAS29/12/1916
Fireman and Trimmer Evans Mercantile Marine28/04/1918 (aged 42)
Able Seaman Evans Mercantile Marine27/01/1917 (aged 31)
Second Engineer Lloyd Evans Mercantile Marine16/09/1917 (aged 25)
Assistant Cook Lloyd George Edward Evans Mercantile Marine24/06/1918 (aged 16)
Fireman and Trimmer Evans Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 30)
Able Seaman Owen Evans Mercantile Marine29/08/1917 (aged 19)
Master Phillip Thomas Evans Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 36)
Fireman Evans Mercantile Marine17/11/1915 (aged 43)
Fireman Samuel Evans Mercantile Marine01/03/1918 (aged 28)
Master Thomas Evans Mercantile Marine25/12/1914 (aged 52)
Able Seaman Thomas Evans Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 49)
Steward Thomas Evans Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 38)
Second Mate William Evans Mercantile Marine12/05/1918 (aged 54)
Assistant Baker William Edwin Evans Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 18)
First Engineer William Henry Evans Mercantile Marine05/11/1915 (aged 39)
Able Seaman William Hugh Evans Mercantile Marine08/07/1917 (aged 34)
Carpenter William James Evans Mercantile Marine03/12/1917 (aged 25)
Donkeyman Charles Evardson Mercantile Marine18/08/1917 (aged 54)
Third Hand Emil Robert Evardson Mercantile Marine21/03/1917 (aged 20)
Cooks Boy Alexander David Eveleigh Mercantile Marine29/03/1918 (aged 15)
Second Cook George Everard Mercantile Marine18/04/1917 (aged 18)
Fourth Mate Cecil H. Everest Mercantile Marine26/10/1914 (aged 20)
Able Seaman Harry Everest Mercantile Marine07/09/1917 (aged 35)
Able Seaman Samuel Everett Mercantile Marine04/08/1917 (aged 34)
Surgeon Everett Mercantile Marine30/12/1915 (aged 47)
Ship's Cook Evers Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 48)
Assistant Steward Eversfield Mercantile Marine19/03/1917
Deck Hand Ernest Eves Mercantile Marine04/09/1920 (aged 28)
First Engineer Alexander Evitt Mercantile Marine18/10/1917 (aged 56)
Fourth Engineer Officer William Evitt Mercantile Marine29/09/1918 (aged 20)
Able Seaman Alfred Ewart Mercantile Marine31/10/1917 (aged 29)
Second Engineer George Robert Ewart Mercantile Marine25/12/1914 (aged 52)
Fireman and Trimmer Ahmed Ewes Mercantile Marine17/01/1918
Fireman and Trimmer Arthur Patrick Fagan Mercantile Marine28/09/1918 (aged 39)
Fireman Hugh Fagan Mercantile Marine14/07/1917 (aged 23)
Able Seaman Fagnant Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 34)
Cook Henry Theodore Robert Fahrenkrug Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 54)
General Servant Fred Fairchild Mercantile Marine30/12/1915 (aged 23)
Assistant Steward Henry James Fairfax Mercantile Marine25/07/1917 (aged 57)
Trimmer Joseph William Fairfield Mercantile Marine14/01/1916 (aged 21)
Ordinary Seaman Arthur Fairhurst Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 16)
Third Engineer Wilfred Fairhurst Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 31)
Fireman and Trimmer Fairless Mercantile Marine22/01/1917 (aged 50)
Cook Joseph William Fairley Mercantile Marine17/01/1918 (aged 30)
Second Officer Eric Fairweather Mercantile Marine22/01/1917 (aged 22)
Seaman Fakonami Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 23)
Wireless Operator Roland Walter Falconer Mercantile Marine16/04/1918 (aged 19)
Boatswain and Lamps Jons Falk Mercantile Marine28/04/1918 (aged 41)
Second Engineer Clarence Herbert Fall Mercantile Marine13/03/1919 (aged 21)
Chief Steward Carmel Jean Falzon Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 20)
Chief Cook Jean Baptiste Falzon Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 47)
Third Engineer Frederick Fanning Mercantile Marine11/11/1915 (aged 27)
Deck Boy Algie Victor Farley Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 17)
Sailor Peter Farley Mercantile Marine08/03/1917 (aged 17)
Fireman John William Farnan Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 28)
Third Hand James Arthur Farnsworth Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 28)
First Engineer George Farquhar Mercantile Marine17/01/1918 (aged 38)
Able Seaman Charles P. Farquharson Mercantile Marine21/05/1917 (aged 49)
Fireman George Farquharson Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 41)
Able Seaman George Alexander Farquharson Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 24)
Master Henry Farquharson Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 39)
Seaman Robert Edward Farr Mercantile Marine25/03/1915 (aged 50)
Engineer's Steward Walter Farrant Mercantile Marine30/04/1917 (aged 17)
Fireman George Farrell Mercantile Marine03/06/1917 (aged 37)
Second Mate James Farrell Mercantile Marine21/09/1918 (aged 28)
Cattleman James Farrell Mercantile Marine27/12/1917 (aged 28)
Fireman Laurance Farrell Mercantile Marine12/06/1918 (aged 46)
Able Seaman Patrick Farrell Mercantile Marine19/09/1918
Able Seaman Stephan Farrell Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 24)
Able Seaman Thomas Farrelly Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 20)
Sailor Farren Mercantile Marine13/03/1917 (aged 25)
Able Seaman Christopher Farren Mercantile Marine30/03/1918 (aged 27)
Fireman Michael Farren Mercantile Marine02/04/1918 (aged 50)
Carpenter Charles Farrow Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 31)
Fireman and Trimmer James Farrow Mercantile Marine07/03/1917
Deck Hand John William Farrow Mercantile Marine25/06/1917 (aged 38)
Mess Room Steward Vincent Farrugia Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 22)
Fireman Stephanis Fasaulus Mercantile Marine13/02/1915 (aged 33)
Able Seaman Gilbert Farrer Mercantile Marine29/06/1918 (aged 67)
Deck Hand Robert Bailey Fast Mercantile Marine28/01/1920 (aged 25)
Able Seaman Martin Faus Mercantile Marine17/10/1917 (aged 31)
Fireman Fausi Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 31)
Fireman and Greaser Thomas Fay ALIAS03/03/1917
First Engineer Maitland Fearn Mercantile Marine10/01/1919 (aged 35)
Greaser Peter Fearon Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 30)
Trimmer Featherston Mercantile Marine04/05/1917 (aged 22)
Fireman Thomas Fee Mercantile Marine13/06/1917 (aged 68)
Fireman William Patrick Fee Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 37)
Able Seaman Michael Feen Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 41)
Fireman and Trimmer Robert Fehlmann Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 54)
Mess Room Steward Albert Anderson Fell Mercantile Marine01/12/1917 (aged 15)
Second Engineer Charles Francis Robert Fell Mercantile Marine26/09/1917 (aged 32)
Apprentice James Forsyth Fell Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 18)
Able Seaman John Fellows Mercantile Marine02/10/1918 (aged 26)
Second Engineer Joseph Ambrose Felstead Mercantile Marine22/09/1914 (aged 31)
Donkeyman Antonio Fenech Mercantile Marine09/10/1917 (aged 53)
Sailor Emmanuele Fenech Mercantile Marine18/08/1917 (aged 30)
Fireman Thomas James Fenn Mercantile Marine23/10/1915 (aged 21)
Seaman Frederick William Fenner Mercantile Marine26/09/1915 (aged 37)
Able Seaman Patrick Fennesay Mercantile Marine02/03/1918 (aged 55)
Fireman Olaf Fenrick Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 31)
Deck Engineer Colin Stanley Moorhouse Fenton Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 27)
Third Engineer Stanley Fenwick Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 22)
First Engineer Stephen Fenwick Mercantile Marine01/11/1914 (aged 40)
Able Seaman Gerome Feretti Mercantile Marine11/12/1917 (aged 45)
Boatswain and Lamps Ferguson Mercantile Marine28/01/1917 (aged 35)
Fireman David Ferguson Mercantile Marine17/09/1918 (aged 33)
Second Cook Donald John Ferguson Mercantile Marine09/01/1919 (aged 27)
Fireman Ferguson Mercantile Marine12/08/1916 (aged 53)
Second Mate Ferguson Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 24)
Carpenter James Ferguson Mercantile Marine14/03/1917 (aged 28)
Pilot John Ferguson Mercantile Marine29/10/1917 (aged 65)
Fireman Joseph Ferguson Mercantile Marine11/02/1918 (aged 25)
Third Engineer Samuel Ferguson Mercantile Marine02/08/1918 (aged 23)
Third Engineer Thomas Alexander Ferguson Mercantile Marine26/01/1917 (aged 24)
First Engineer William Ferguson Mercantile Marine08/06/1918 (aged 27)
Greaser William Ferguson Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 48)
Steward William Ferguson Mercantile Marine19/05/1917 (aged 39)
Assistant Steward Fernandes Mercantile Marine30/09/1917 (aged 19)
Scullion Fernandes Mercantile Marine14/03/1918
Able Seaman Cassina Fernandez Mercantile Marine13/12/1917 (aged 46)
Able Seaman Jose Fernandez Mercantile Marine21/09/1918 (aged 28)
Fireman and Trimmer Jose Fernandez Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 25)
Fireman Fernandez Mercantile Marine02/02/1918 (aged 25)
Fireman Fernandez Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 24)
Trimmer Fernando Mercantile Marine21/06/1918 (aged 28)
First Mate Edward Ferns Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 49)
Fireman Antonio Ferraira Mercantile Marine31/10/1917 (aged 44)
Boatswain Antonio Ferreira Mercantile Marine22/08/1918 (aged 30)
Storekeeper Francisco Ferreno Mercantile Marine04/05/1917
Able Seaman Charles Ferrey Mercantile Marine19/03/1917 (aged 30)
Sailor Alexander Gray Ferrier Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 19)
Deck Hand James Ross Ferrier Mercantile Marine05/02/1917 (aged 28)
Able Seaman George Ferries Mercantile Marine19/07/1917 (aged 28)
Ship's Cook Peter Ferries Mercantile Marine22/04/1918 (aged 44)
Sailor Antonio Ferrigut Mercantile Marine18/03/1917 (aged 42)
Mess Room Steward Alexander Ferris Mercantile Marine23/02/1917 (aged 16)
Fireman Thomas Ferris Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 33)
Fireman and Trimmer Paolo Ferrugia Mercantile Marine13/08/1915
Trimmer Amablis Ferruiga Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 28)
Fireman and Trimmer Francis Joseph Field Mercantile Marine11/06/1918 (aged 23)
Trimmer William Field Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 31)
Able Seaman William Christopher Fielding Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 34)
First Engineer Fieldsend Mercantile Marine11/05/1915 (aged 45)
Fireman Figuero Mercantile Marine09/04/1917 (aged 26)
First Engineer Charles Filby Mercantile Marine22/07/1915 (aged 46)
Assistant Steward Bert Finch Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 15)
Fireman and Trimmer James Theophilus Finch Mercantile Marine10/06/1918 (aged 27)
Fisherman William Finch Mercantile Marine19/11/1914 (aged 43)
Engineer's Storekeeper John George Finchley Mercantile Marine15/01/1917 (aged 36)
Second Mate James Findlay Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 52)
Watchman William. Findlay Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 18)
Donkeyman Joseph Gerardus Finkelnberg Mercantile Marine09/04/1917 (aged 35)
Donkeyman Thomas Finlay Mercantile Marine06/09/1917 (aged 55)
Fireman and Trimmer Thomas Finlay Mercantile Marine03/06/1918 (aged 36)
Cook Roderick Finlayson Mercantile Marine08/11/1916 (aged 50)
Assistant Cook Gerald Finn Mercantile Marine19/08/1915 (aged 19)
Greaser James Finn Mercantile Marine07/09/1917
Trimmer Edward Finnegan Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 22)
Fireman and Trimmer John Finon Mercantile Marine15/02/1915 (aged 33)
Trimmer Arthur Hutchinson Firth Mercantile Marine18/11/1915 (aged 21)
Master at Arms Charles Edward Fish Mercantile Marine07/09/1917 (aged 24)
Skipper Joseph Henry Fish Mercantile Marine01/03/1919
First Mate Frederick Clifford Fishenden Mercantile Marine30/01/1915 (aged 31)
Pilot Albert Ernest Fisher Mercantile Marine26/09/1915 (aged 39)
First Engineer Alfred Fisher Mercantile Marine15/03/1917 (aged 36)
Fireman and Trimmer Archibald Fisher Mercantile Marine10/06/1918 (aged 31)
Fireman Charles Fisher Mercantile Marine02/12/1917 (aged 31)
Fisherman Emanuel Edward Fisher Mercantile Marine11/03/1918 (aged 33)
Second Engineer Francis Edward Fisher Mercantile Marine26/03/1915 (aged 30)
Second Hand George Fisher Mercantile Marine01/06/1918 (aged 54)
Boatswain Hector Fuge Fisher Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 38)
Cook Fisher Mercantile Marine04/01/1915
Able Seaman John Fisher Mercantile Marine27/12/1917 (aged 38)
Second Engineer Joseph Taylor Fisher Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 28)
Bed Steward Matthew Fisher Mercantile Marine18/06/1918 (aged 47)
Third Engineer Niel Mcgregor Fisher Mercantile Marine18/04/1917 (aged 26)
First Engineer Thomas Stanfold William Fisher Mercantile Marine20/07/1918 (aged 45)
Fisherman John Fisk Mercantile Marine19/11/1914 (aged 36)
Third Hand Edward Fitzgerald Mercantile Marine08/02/1915 (aged 47)
Trimmer James Fitzgerald Mercantile Marine02/03/1918 (aged 41)
Steward Joseph Fitzgerald Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 23)
Steward Fitzgerald Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 36)
Fireman Robert William Fitzjohn Mercantile Marine20/02/1918 (aged 34)
Carpenter Martin Fitzpatrick Mercantile Marine26/05/1918 (aged 30)
Stewardess Mary Fitzpatrick Mercantile Marine10/07/1917 (aged 62)
Fireman Fitzsimons ALIAS17/05/1917
Apprentice Crawford Flaherty Mercantile Marine05/10/1918 (aged 19)
Fireman and Trimmer John P. Flaherty Mercantile Marine13/03/1917 (aged 23)
Able Seaman Alexis Flamerachis Mercantile Marine07/01/1917
Donkeyman James Leonard Flanagan Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 42)
Second Refrigerator Engineer Martin Joseph Flanagan Mercantile Marine01/05/1918 (aged 19)
Netstower Harry Flat Mercantile Marine03/11/1914 (aged 24)
Seaman Herman Flatten Mercantile Marine28/04/1917 (aged 27)
Wireless Operator Thomas Flavin Mercantile Marine22/03/1918 (aged 19)
Able Seaman William Flay Mercantile Marine24/03/1916 (aged 42)
Third Engineer William George Fleck Mercantile Marine18/09/1915 (aged 27)
Boatswain Charles Edward Fleet Mercantile Marine02/04/1917 (aged 29)
Sailor Frank Fleet Mercantile Marine28/12/1915 (aged 45)
First Engineer Alfred Stalker Fleming Mercantile Marine15/01/1918 (aged 41)
Second Engineer Andrew Fleming Mercantile Marine14/03/1917 (aged 36)
Second Engineer Arthur Fleming Mercantile Marine22/03/1918 (aged 43)
Fireman and Trimmer Fleming Mercantile Marine17/09/1918
Fourth Engineer Officer George Fleming Mercantile Marine15/06/1915 (aged 21)
Able Seaman Herbert Fleming Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 18)
Fireman James Fleming Mercantile Marine10/06/1917 (aged 30)
Donkeyman John Fleming Mercantile Marine19/06/1917 (aged 55)
Cook Joseph Fleming Mercantile Marine03/11/1914 (aged 26)
Ship's Cook Peter Fleming Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 59)
First Engineer Robert Wallace Fleming Mercantile Marine12/08/1915 (aged 42)
Second Engineer Robert William Fleming Mercantile Marine02/05/1915 (aged 41)
Deck Hand Royal Edmund Fleming Mercantile Marine07/04/1915 (aged 22)
First Engineer William Robert Fleming Mercantile Marine11/06/1918 (aged 55)
Fireman Benjamin Fletcher Mercantile Marine26/03/1917 (aged 30)
Ordinary Seaman Bernard Cyril Wallis Fletcher Mercantile Marine30/09/1917 (aged 16)
Mate George Cuthbert Fletcher Mercantile Marine27/11/1917 (aged 25)
Skipper Henry Addison Fletcher Mercantile Marine03/10/1914
Second Hand John Fletcher Mercantile Marine01/03/1919 (aged 42)
Fireman John Edward Fletcher Mercantile Marine15/04/1918 (aged 28)
Fireman Richard Fletcher Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 43)
Fireman and Trimmer Sidney Henry Fletcher Mercantile Marine15/11/1916 (aged 21)
Trimmer Thomas Martin Fletcher Mercantile Marine28/07/1920 (aged 36)
Pilot William Fletcher Mercantile Marine25/02/1916 (aged 42)
Fireman William James Fletcher Mercantile Marine04/09/1918 (aged 43)
Fourth Engineer Officer William James Frederick Fletcher Mercantile Marine08/05/1918 (aged 20)
First Engineer David Henry Flett Mercantile Marine02/05/1917 (aged 35)
Able Seaman George Traill Foulis Flett Mercantile Marine01/05/1918 (aged 29)
Second Mate William Henry Fleury Mercantile Marine12/04/1917 (aged 55)
Fireman Charles Flexin Mercantile Marine19/10/1917
Boatswain Albert Ernest Fley Mercantile Marine22/05/1915 (aged 38)
Donkeyman George Oliver Rodger Flinn Mercantile Marine05/09/1917 (aged 41)
Trimmer Robert Rendell Flint Mercantile Marine28/04/1917 (aged 34)
Donkeyman John Scott Flintoff Mercantile Marine17/10/1917 (aged 54)
Steward Flood Mercantile Marine23/12/1914 (aged 35)
Boatswain Flounders Mercantile Marine03/01/1916 (aged 27)
Fireman Flower Mercantile Marine31/05/1917 (aged 28)
Chief Engineer Robert Henry Flower Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 33)
Chief Officer William Flower Mercantile Marine19/04/1917 (aged 46)
Fisherman Harry Flowers Mercantile Marine03/11/1914 (aged 47)
Able Seaman Flowers Mercantile Marine10/12/1917
Able Seaman James Flynn Mercantile Marine20/04/1917 (aged 54)
Able Seaman James Flynn Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 28)
Fireman and Trimmer John Flynn Mercantile Marine26/02/1917 (aged 36)
Trimmer John Flynn Mercantile Marine23/02/1920 (aged 23)
Fourth Engineer Officer Edward Richard Fogg Mercantile Marine22/08/1917 (aged 24)
Troop Cook Clarence Fogwell Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 22)
Steward Daniel Foley Mercantile Marine26/07/1917 (aged 36)
Fireman Ed Foley Mercantile Marine19/10/1917
Deck Hand John Foley Mercantile Marine30/07/1915 (aged 40)
Fireman Follows Mercantile Marine16/10/1915 (aged 20)
Fireman and Trimmer Evaristo Fonsea Mercantile Marine06/06/1918 (aged 33)
Fireman Fonseca Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 32)
Skipper William John Foord Mercantile Marine17/12/1916 (aged 40)
Spare Hand William Foot Mercantile Marine09/05/1917 (aged 25)
Seaman James Charles Foots Mercantile Marine26/09/1915 (aged 48)
Storekeeper Christopher Foran Mercantile Marine19/07/1918 (aged 31)
Chief Engineer Frederick William Forbes Mercantile Marine11/04/1918 (aged 38)
Master Harry Denton Forbes Mercantile Marine06/02/1917
Carpenter Robert Forbes Mercantile Marine08/03/1917 (aged 40)
Greaser Charles Ford Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 34)
Chief Engineer David Ford Mercantile Marine03/10/1917 (aged 58)
Mess Room Steward Edward George Ford Mercantile Marine28/07/1917 (aged 16)
Assistant Bed Steward Ernest Harold Ford Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 27)
Cattleman George Ford Mercantile Marine12/08/1915 (aged 24)
Fireman Henry Ford Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 46)
Fireman and Trimmer William Ford Mercantile Marine11/06/1918 (aged 24)
First Engineer William Young Ford Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 64)
Mate Denis Forde Mercantile Marine22/03/1916 (aged 46)
Quartermaster Michael Forde Mercantile Marine12/05/1918 (aged 66)
Fireman William Forde Mercantile Marine08/05/1918 (aged 33)
Butcher Frank Sydney Foreman Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 29)
Third Engineer Acheson Hill Forrest Mercantile Marine11/02/1918 (aged 25)
Second Mate Albert Edward Forrest Mercantile Marine10/02/1918 (aged 45)
First Engineer Edward Forrest Mercantile Marine07/04/1915 (aged 50)
Third Engineer James Forrest Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 20)
Second Mate Robert Forrest Mercantile Marine04/05/1917 (aged 30)
Engineer's Storekeeper William Henry Forrester Mercantile Marine23/03/1916 (aged 31)
Cook William Nixon Forrester Mercantile Marine26/03/1915 (aged 50)
Second Mate Walter Forsch Mercantile Marine09/10/1917 (aged 39)
Carpenter Gustaf Teodor Forsell Mercantile Marine11/07/1916 (aged 62)
Assistant Steward Forson Mercantile Marine28/11/1917 (aged 28)
Master William Forson Mercantile Marine26/01/1917
Steward Edward Forster Mercantile Marine27/10/1917 (aged 46)
First Engineer William Robert Forster Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities31/12/1916 (aged 39)
Wireless Operator Forsyth Mercantile Marine18/09/1917 (aged 18)
Second Mate James Fortune Mercantile Marine27/12/1917 (aged 55)
Able Seaman William Fortune Mercantile Marine16/12/1917
Fourth Hand Charles Forward Mercantile Marine14/11/1919 (aged 45)
Deck Hand Henry Victor Forwood Mercantile Marine10/09/1920 (aged 19)
Fireman Walter Edgar Foskett Mercantile Marine13/12/1916 (aged 37)
First Mate Ernest Albert Foster Mercantile Marine11/03/1917 (aged 25)
Assistant Steward Frank Foster Mercantile Marine01/09/1918 (aged 16)
Assistant Steward Foster Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 16)
Fireman and Donkeyman John Foster Mercantile Marine23/08/1917 (aged 33)
1st Class Waiter John Foster Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 41)
Fireman Joseph Foster Mercantile Marine01/05/1918 (aged 32)
Second Engineer Nathaniel Slack Foster Mercantile Marine13/09/1918 (aged 32)
Fireman and Trimmer Robert Foster Mercantile Marine24/08/1917 (aged 33)
Able Seaman Robert Henry Foster Mercantile Marine16/11/1916 (aged 23)
Chief Steward Foster Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 58)
Cadet Leonard Harry Foulger Mercantile Marine10/04/1915 (aged 18)
Fireman Alfred Foulkes Mercantile Marine04/05/1917 (aged 20)
Boat Hand Frank Foulkes Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917
Scullion Frederick Foulkes Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 20)
Fireman Fowler Mercantile Marine26/03/1916 (aged 26)
Trimmer Fowler Mercantile Marine30/01/1918 (aged 46)
Third Engineer Robertson Fowler Mercantile Marine19/09/1917 (aged 33)
First Engineer Thomas Fowler Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 44)
Second Engineer William Fowler Mercantile Marine26/01/1917 (aged 29)
Apprentice Rex Fowles Mercantile Marine19/04/1917 (aged 17)
Fourth Engineer Officer Edward William Towns Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 31)
Fireman Edward Fox Mercantile Marine27/01/1918 (aged 46)
Cattleman Joseph Fox Mercantile Marine14/10/1918 (aged 27)
Second Engineer Lester Charles Mowbray Fox Mercantile Marine18/03/1917 (aged 40)
Apprentice Michael Patrick Fox Mercantile Marine25/05/1917
Sailor William John Fox Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 24)
Fireman and Trimmer Foy Mercantile Marine19/08/1917 (aged 29)
Greaser and Fireman Stephen Foy Mercantile Marine20/09/1917 (aged 51)
Fireman and Trimmer William Frackleton Mercantile Marine28/03/1918 (aged 31)
Sailor Frambrana Mercantile Marine17/05/1917
Chief Steward George Frampton Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 44)
Fireman Francasy Mercantile Marine19/09/1917
Assistant Steward Harry France Mercantile Marine26/05/1918 (aged 17)
Cook John William France Mercantile Marine26/05/1918 (aged 48)
Deck Hand Daniel Robert Francis Mercantile Marine26/01/1920 (aged 24)
Ship's Cook James Francis Mercantile Marine28/10/1917 (aged 26)
First Engineer John Francis Mercantile Marine04/05/1918 (aged 55)
Trimmer John Edward Francis Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 20)
Fourth Hand Septimus Francis Mercantile Marine01/06/1918 (aged 23)
Assistant Steward Thomas Joseph Francis Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 20)
Fireman Jose Francisco Mercantile Marine26/06/1917 (aged 29)
Able Seaman Frandsen Mercantile Marine09/11/1917 (aged 25)
Fireman Leo Frane Mercantile Marine23/08/1917 (aged 30)
First Mate Alfred Frank Mercantile Marine05/06/1917 (aged 53)
Fourth Engineer Officer Ernest Arthur Frank Mercantile Marine16/08/1918 (aged 22)
Skipper John Frankish Mercantile Marine08/02/1915
Fireman George Franklin Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 37)
Third Hand Felix Frankling Mercantile Marine23/01/1915
Able Seaman George Franks Mercantile Marine23/10/1916 (aged 20)
Able Seaman Alex Fraser Mercantile Marine09/03/1915 (aged 27)
Trimmer Alexander Fraser Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 37)
Fifth Engineer Officer Alexander Donald John Fraser Mercantile Marine08/08/1918 (aged 23)
Skipper Alexander Morrison Fraser Mercantile Marine15/12/1918 (aged 33)
Engineer's Steward George Fraser Mercantile Marine16/04/1918 (aged 17)
Mate John Fraser Mercantile Marine15/12/1918 (aged 58)
Horseman John William Fraser Mercantile Marine20/10/1916 (aged 40)
Chief Steward Joseph Augustus Fraser Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 38)
Able Seaman Magnus Fraser Mercantile Marine12/08/1915 (aged 24)
Fireman Robert Fraser Mercantile Marine05/02/1917 (aged 35)
First Mate Robert Coutts Fraser Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 31)
Fireman Fraser Mercantile Marine31/05/1917
Second Mate Thomas Fraser Mercantile Marine26/06/1916 (aged 31)
Sailor Walter Fraser Mercantile Marine22/10/1917 (aged 22)
First Engineer William Fraser Mercantile Marine17/11/1917 (aged 52)
Able Seaman William Fraser Mercantile Marine04/08/1917 (aged 25)
Mess Room Steward Francis Bailey Frater Mercantile Marine20/08/1917 (aged 17)
Deck Hand John Frayne Mercantile Marine14/08/1917 (aged 57)
Donkeyman Gordon Bisset Frazer Mercantile Marine25/06/1917 (aged 35)
Able Seaman Alfred Fredericksen Mercantile Marine08/06/1917 (aged 59)
Able Seaman Fredericksen Mercantile Marine24/12/1917 (aged 19)
Able Seaman Frederikson Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 21)
Skipper Frederick Freeman Mercantile Marine01/02/1915
Fireman James Freeman Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 32)
Fourth Hand James Herbert Freeman Mercantile Marine11/12/1914 (aged 21)
Skipper John William Freeman Mercantile Marine11/12/1914
Scullion Freeman Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 20)
Fourth Hand Freeman Mercantile Marine13/05/1916 (aged 31)
Trimmer Thomas Freeman Mercantile Marine05/02/1918 (aged 19)
Wireless Operator Wilfred Frank Freeman Mercantile Marine17/09/1918 (aged 19)
Able Seaman Thomas Freer Mercantile Marine15/02/1915 (aged 51)
Second Engineer Thomas Freethy Mercantile Marine13/12/1916 (aged 33)
Fireman Edward Stanley French Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 36)
Second Mate Harry French Mercantile Marine28/12/1917 (aged 34)
Fireman and Trimmer John Africanus French Mercantile Marine17/01/1918 (aged 29)
Apprentice Kenneth Noel French Mercantile Marine03/05/1917 (aged 17)
Master Thomas French Mercantile Marine28/03/1917 (aged 27)
Fireman French Mercantile Marine16/11/1916 (aged 36)
Sailor French Mercantile Marine28/07/1918 (aged 35)
Deck Hand Ernest Cecil Freshwater Mercantile Marine08/05/1915 (aged 18)
Donkeyman James Frew Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 60)
Seaman Arthur Friberg Mercantile Marine28/04/1917 (aged 41)
First Mate Carl Frick Mercantile Marine23/12/1915 (aged 54)
Mess Room Boy Ernest Pearson Fridd Mercantile Marine08/03/1918 (aged 18)
Fireman John Friel Mercantile Marine02/02/1918 (aged 50)
Fireman and Trimmer Michael Friel Mercantile Marine20/04/1918 (aged 28)
Horseman James Fringer Mercantile Marine14/10/1917
Captain's Steward Christopher Alfred Frith Mercantile Marine19/08/1915 (aged 35)
Sailor and Carpenter Louis Fritzhall Mercantile Marine20/04/1918 (aged 44)
Fireman Frome Mercantile Marine19/09/1917
Ship's Cook Theodore Howard Fromm Mercantile Marine03/03/1918 (aged 33)
Boatswain Karl Fromut Mercantile Marine09/10/1917 (aged 39)
Wireless Operator Ernest Thomas Frost Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 31)
Ordinary Seaman Harry Frost Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 20)
Mate James Frost Mercantile Marine11/10/1915 (aged 58)
Donkeyman William John Clark Frost Mercantile Marine07/09/1917 (aged 45)
Assistant Steward Thomas Henry Frow Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 33)
2nd Steward Frund Mercantile Marine21/02/1918
Second Mate Basil Frus Mercantile Marine21/06/1918 (aged 21)
Second Engineer Charles Oliver Fry Mercantile Marine17/10/1915 (aged 41)
Cooks Boy Leonard Fry Mercantile Marine27/05/1917 (aged 15)
Second Hand Fry Mercantile Marine20/05/1915 (aged 21)
Trimmer William Richard Fry Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 18)
First Mate Charles Frederick Fryer Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 52)
Able Seaman David Fryett Mercantile Marine29/06/1918 (aged 27)
Able Seaman Karl Frykman Mercantile Marine13/08/1915
Third Engineer Edwin Augustus Fuche Mercantile Marine16/08/1917 (aged 28)
Donkeyman James Fudge Mercantile Marine20/10/1916 (aged 51)
Seaman John Arnold Fulham Mercantile Marine02/11/1917 (aged 30)
Chief Engineer Edward Fullager Mercantile Marine20/03/1915 (aged 35)
Apprentice Claude Stanley Fullam Mercantile Marine17/02/1917 (aged 17)
Third Engineer Lewis William Fullarton Mercantile Marine26/07/1917 (aged 25)
Fireman and Trimmer George Fullbrook Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 40)
Apprentice Frederick Arthur Fuller Mercantile Marine27/02/1917 (aged 15)
Pumpman Fuller Mercantile Marine08/02/1917 (aged 20)
Deck Hand William Fuller Mercantile Marine05/06/1915
First Engineer William Henry Fuller Mercantile Marine26/03/1916 (aged 32)
Second Engineer George Walker Fullerton Mercantile Marine29/04/1918 (aged 36)
Fireman and Trimmer Thomas Fulthorp Mercantile Marine21/02/1918 (aged 19)
Mess Room Steward George Alexander Fulthorpe Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 14)
Second Engineer Joseph Fulthorpe Mercantile Marine12/03/1918 (aged 37)
Ship's Cook Charles William Allison Fulton Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 18)
Steward Charles Clement Furby Mercantile Marine04/04/1917 (aged 28)
Apprentice Joseph Bernard Furlong Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 19)
Able Seaman Furlong Mercantile Marine11/07/1916 (aged 52)
Mess Room Steward William Furness ALIAS20/08/1917
Engineer Robert Futter Mercantile Marine03/11/1914 (aged 31)
Fireman Coffee Fynn Mercantile Marine08/01/1917
Boatswain Gaarde Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 30)
Third Engineer George Henry Gadd Mercantile Marine19/01/1918 (aged 24)
Steward Thomas Patrick Gaffney Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 32)
Boatswain Henry Arthur Albert Gahagan Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 50)
Fireman John Gail Mercantile Marine11/09/1917 (aged 20)
Master George G. Gaine Mercantile Marine23/10/1916
Fireman David Galbraith Mercantile Marine18/12/1916
Able Seaman Joseph Galbraith Mercantile Marine07/03/1917 (aged 22)
Fireman Patrick Galbraith Mercantile Marine21/10/1918 (aged 19)
Second Cook John. Galdes Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 24)
Ordinary Seaman Frank George Gale Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 16)
Donkeyman William Henry Gale Mercantile Marine05/02/1917 (aged 55)
Steward Carmelus Joseph Joannes Galea Mercantile Marine28/05/1917 (aged 30)
Fireman and Trimmer Guiseppe Galea Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 26)
Second Engineer Matthew Gales Mercantile Marine08/09/1915 (aged 48)
Deck Hand William Norrie Gall Mercantile Marine05/02/1917 (aged 33)
Able Seaman Charles Gallagher Mercantile Marine12/09/1917 (aged 47)
Cattleman Francis Gallagher Mercantile Marine23/05/1918 (aged 29)
Fireman George Gallagher Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 19)
Second Engineer James Gallagher Mercantile Marine27/11/1917 (aged 36)
Third Engineer James Gallagher Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 32)
Mess Room Steward Joseph Gallagher Mercantile Marine02/05/1917 (aged 16)
Fireman and Trimmer Mark Gallagher Mercantile Marine14/10/1917 (aged 35)
Fireman Patrick Gallagher Mercantile Marine30/11/1917 (aged 53)
Fireman Juan Gallardo Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 21)
Steward Patrick Gallery Mercantile Marine14/04/1918 (aged 39)
Deck Hand Gallicham Mercantile Marine12/12/1914 (aged 52)
Able Seaman James Galloway Mercantile Marine02/11/1917 (aged 35)
Chief Engineer Nelson Douglas Galloway Mercantile Marine22/08/1918 (aged 35)
Second Engineer William Galloway Mercantile Marine07/07/1918 (aged 29)
Assistant Cook Frederick Hyde Galpin Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 39)
Fisherman Edward G. Gamble Mercantile Marine17/12/1914 (aged 23)
Wireless Operator William Gamble Mercantile Marine23/02/1917 (aged 17)
Assistant Cook William Robert Gambling Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 18)
Fireman Gamo Mercantile Marine08/02/1917 (aged 23)
Able Seaman Franquilano Gan Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 33)
Trimmer Karl Ganait Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 20)
Pilot Charles Purcell Gane Mercantile Marine26/09/1915 (aged 39)
Deck Hand Joshua Gane Mercantile Marine29/09/1919 (aged 59)
Fireman and Trimmer Gannis Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 25)
Donkeyman Christopher Gannon Mercantile Marine13/02/1915 (aged 53)
Boatswain James Gannon Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 44)
Trimmer Thomas William Garbutt Mercantile Marine05/11/1914 (aged 18)
Sailor Garcia Mercantile Marine17/05/1917
Fireman Felipe Garcia Mercantile Marine28/04/1917 (aged 41)
Fireman Francisco Garcia Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 41)
Fireman Garcia Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 27)
Sailor Garcia Mercantile Marine10/01/1918 (aged 33)
Fireman and Trimmer Garcia Mercantile Marine20/04/1917 (aged 26)
Fireman Garcia Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 22)
Fireman Raphael Garcia Mercantile Marine07/05/1917 (aged 26)
Greaser Charles Edward Gard Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 26)
Second Officer Robert Arthur Denton Gardam Mercantile Marine01/02/1918 (aged 27)
Able Seaman Arthur Buckley Gardiner Mercantile Marine14/10/1917 (aged 31)
Wireless Operator Eric William Gardiner Mercantile Marine08/11/1917 (aged 18)
Fireman James Gardiner Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 37)
Trimmer Alfred Gardner Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 20)
Waiter Aubrey Hutton Gardner Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 27)
Fireman David Gardner Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 29)
Able Seaman Henry Gardner Mercantile Marine26/08/1917 (aged 46)
Fireman and Trimmer John Gardner Mercantile Marine22/09/1917 (aged 49)
Fireman John Gardner Mercantile Marine06/02/1918
Wireless Operator Robert Sharp Gardner Mercantile Marine16/08/1917 (aged 24)
Fireman Gareppo Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 34)
Carpenter Garf Mercantile Marine03/09/1917 (aged 43)
Steward Charles Claude Seymour Garland Mercantile Marine21/11/1916 (aged 33)
Fireman and Trimmer John Garland Mercantile Marine17/10/1917 (aged 33)
Fireman and Trimmer Aubee Samuel Lascester Garner Mercantile Marine31/08/1917 (aged 27)
Deck Hand William Harry Garner Mercantile Marine14/09/1914 (aged 18)
Wireless Operator William Garnett Mercantile Marine25/08/1917 (aged 23)
First Mate Charles Garrett Mercantile Marine21/02/1917 (aged 28)
First Mate James Garrett Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 50)
Master Richard Garrett Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 49)
Seaman James Garrick Mercantile Marine22/10/1917 (aged 27)
Fireman Patrick Garrigan Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 33)
Quartermaster Alfred Garrity Mercantile Marine18/06/1918 (aged 28)
Horseman Joseph Garrity Mercantile Marine20/10/1916 (aged 24)
Second Mate Benjamin Garrod Mercantile Marine16/02/1917 (aged 55)
Able Seaman William Charles Edward Garrod Mercantile Marine29/08/1917 (aged 20)
Assistant Surgeon Joseph Garry Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 25)
Master Charles Garstang Mercantile Marine19/08/1917 (aged 39)
Fireman and Trimmer Robert Garthshore Mercantile Marine02/07/1917 (aged 18)
Fireman James Gartland Mercantile Marine13/06/1917 (aged 33)
Winchman Daniel Garvey Mercantile Marine19/12/1916
Apprentice Gaskill Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 16)
Second Hand John Gaskins Mercantile Marine30/07/1915 (aged 35)
Fireman Gaspni Mercantile Marine08/02/1917 (aged 48)
Deck Hand Samuel Gates Mercantile Marine24/02/1915 (aged 63)
Seaman Gathercole Mercantile Marine02/11/1917 (aged 18)
Sailor Guiseppe Gatt Mercantile Marine10/01/1918 (aged 19)
Fireman George Gauci Mercantile Marine28/05/1917 (aged 42)
1st Class Waiter Tomaso Gauci Mercantile Marine20/07/1918 (aged 57)
Greaser Richard Gaul Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 35)
Fireman George Gaunson Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 25)
Fourth Engineer Officer John Whitehead Gaunt Mercantile Marine27/01/1917 (aged 24)
Trimmer Peter Gavan Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 38)
Fireman and Trimmer Luis Gavatz Mercantile Marine13/03/1917 (aged 30)
Second Engineer John Gavin Mercantile Marine08/11/1916 (aged 56)
Seaman Hubert Gay Mercantile Marine05/06/1917 (aged 37)
Ship's Cook Arthur William Gayton Mercantile Marine06/01/1916 (aged 22)
Deck Hand William George Gaze Mercantile Marine28/04/1915 (aged 18)
Second Hand John William Gear Mercantile Marine25/02/1915 (aged 49)
Able Seaman Robert Gear Mercantile Marine12/03/1917 (aged 26)
Fireman and Trimmer Geare Mercantile Marine19/03/1917 (aged 26)
Stewardess Gearle Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 36)
Fireman Maurice Geary Mercantile Marine12/05/1918 (aged 42)
Steward William Mcqueen Geddes Mercantile Marine17/02/1917 (aged 37)
Master Geddes Mercantile Marine05/12/1917
Assistant Cook Gedrych Mercantile Marine17/01/1918 (aged 25)
Fireman Gregory Geerlum Mercantile Marine24/04/1918
Able Seaman Joseph Geldard Mercantile Marine26/08/1917 (aged 34)
Donkeyman Robert John Gelling Mercantile Marine26/05/1918 (aged 44)
Fireman William Gemmell Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 28)
Greaser William George Colston Genley Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 26)
Third Engineer Charles William Gent Mercantile Marine30/06/1917 (aged 29)
Second Cook Amos Harry Gentry Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 21)
Assistant Steward Thomas Philip Gentry Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 23)
Fireman and Trimmer Joseph Geoghegan Mercantile Marine11/06/1918 (aged 35)
4th Class Waiter Constantin Geordamis Mercantile Marine20/07/1918
Carpenter Arthur Reuben George Mercantile Marine24/08/1917 (aged 27)
Sailor Edward George Mercantile Marine13/04/1918 (aged 18)
Steward Edwin Henry George Mercantile Marine22/01/1917 (aged 40)
Carpenter's Mate George Mercantile Marine05/04/1916
Fifth Engineer Officer Harry George Mercantile Marine19/07/1917 (aged 21)
Skipper James George Mercantile Marine14/04/1915
Fireman John George Mercantile Marine09/06/1918 (aged 30)
Fireman and Trimmer King George Mercantile Marine08/12/1917
Scullion Leonard George Mercantile Marine21/11/1916 (aged 15)
First Engineer Robert George Mercantile Marine03/12/1917 (aged 60)
Third Hand Samuel Victor George Mercantile Marine15/08/1919 (aged 22)
Mate Walter John George Mercantile Marine09/10/1917 (aged 38)
Second Hand Walter Robert George Mercantile Marine14/05/1917 (aged 35)
Third Hand William Ernest George Mercantile Marine14/04/1915
Able Seaman Thomas Georgeson Mercantile Marine10/06/1918 (aged 45)
Fireman Georghin Mercantile Marine31/05/1917 (aged 25)
Able Seaman Georgiadis Mercantile Marine28/02/1917 (aged 27)
Fourth Engineer Officer Georgias Mercantile Marine17/09/1916 (aged 40)
Cook George Gerada Mercantile Marine14/04/1917 (aged 23)
Waiter Geraghty Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 38)
Waiter Samuel Henry German Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 30)
Linen Keeper Walter Frederick German Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 36)
Assistant Steward Charles Henry Gerrard Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 16)
Donkeyman Geshim Mercantile Marine03/09/1917 (aged 33)
Able Seaman Getz Mercantile Marine03/09/1917 (aged 23)
Sailor Gherlandi Mercantile Marine28/06/1918 (aged 24)
Fireman Giamolous Mercantile Marine19/11/1917
Fireman Duncan Forbes Gibb Mercantile Marine08/06/1918 (aged 33)
Boatswain George Douglas Patrick Gibb Mercantile Marine20/05/1917 (aged 37)
Seaman William Gibbens Mercantile Marine07/10/1917 (aged 44)
Third Engineer William Mills Gibbins Mercantile Marine27/04/1917 (aged 27)
Third Hand Frederick Gibbons Mercantile Marine04/08/1915 (aged 32)
Fireman John Gibbons ALIAS18/12/1916
Fireman Martin Gibbons Mercantile Marine21/02/1918 (aged 57)
Second Mate Stephen Gibbons Mercantile Marine28/07/1918 (aged 50)
Fireman Thomas Gibbons Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 42)
Able Seaman Ernest Gibbs Mercantile Marine15/04/1917
Trimmer Joseph Samuel Gibbs Mercantile Marine26/03/1915 (aged 42)
Fireman William Edward Gibbs Mercantile Marine09/11/1915
Deck Hand John Gibland Mercantile Marine06/09/1914 (aged 50)
First Engineer Alan Cornfoot Gibson Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 41)
Ordinary Seaman Charles Gibson Mercantile Marine21/10/1915 (aged 16)
Second Engineer Frank Gibson Mercantile Marine14/05/1917 (aged 54)
Chief Engineer George Gibson Mercantile Marine11/07/1916 (aged 47)
First Mate Herbert Edward Gibson Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 33)
Deck Boy James Gibson Mercantile Marine31/01/1917 (aged 16)
Chief Engineer James Bell Gibson Mercantile Marine04/05/1917 (aged 54)
Fireman and Trimmer John Gibson Mercantile Marine25/06/1918 (aged 25)
Fourth Engineer Officer John Beattie Gibson Mercantile Marine23/10/1916 (aged 33)
Fireman and Trimmer John William Gibson Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 35)
Fourth Engineer Officer Lawrence Gibson Mercantile Marine31/05/1917 (aged 21)
Skipper Robert Gibson Mercantile Marine26/03/1915
Second Mate Robert Gibson Mercantile Marine03/10/1917 (aged 29)
Fireman and Trimmer Robert Gibson Mercantile Marine14/09/1918 (aged 27)
Deck Hand Robert Gibson Mercantile Marine22/09/1919 (aged 40)
Third Hand Thomas Gibson Mercantile Marine11/06/1915 (aged 48)
Fireman and Trimmer Thomas Gibson Mercantile Marine16/07/1918 (aged 35)
Fireman Thomas William Gibson Mercantile Marine02/05/1918 (aged 42)
Fireman and Trimmer William Gibson Mercantile Marine25/08/1917 (aged 34)
Able Seaman Gibson ALIAS14/07/1917
Ordinary Seaman Edward Fogg Gifford Mercantile Marine19/11/1917 (aged 15)
Second Engineer Frank Gifford Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 28)
Trimmer Percy Harold Oliver Gigg Mercantile Marine16/07/1918 (aged 27)
Assistant Steward Alfred Gilbert ALIAS26/02/1916
Fireman George Gilbert Mercantile Marine19/10/1917
Apprentice John Handley Gilbert Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 16)
Spare Hand John Robert Gilbert Mercantile Marine15/03/1919 (aged 57)
Sailor Gilbert Mercantile Marine19/09/1918 (aged 42)
Barkeeper Albert Joseph Gilby Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 27)
Steward Charles Gilchrist Mercantile Marine25/03/1917 (aged 43)
Second Mate Donald Gilchrist Mercantile Marine14/12/1917 (aged 37)
First Engineer George Arthur Giles Mercantile Marine03/09/1917 (aged 45)
First Mate Henry Harrison Giles Mercantile Marine05/04/1916 (aged 34)
Second Engineer Thomas Gilfoyle Mercantile Marine31/01/1917 (aged 29)
Boy Albert Edward Gilham Mercantile Marine24/03/1917 (aged 15)
Fireman George Gilimbis Mercantile Marine31/10/1917 (aged 34)
Deck Hand Bartly Gill Mercantile Marine17/12/1917 (aged 47)
Carpenter Frederick Gill Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 54)
Sailor George Gill Mercantile Marine18/10/1917 (aged 24)
Greaser James Gill Mercantile Marine16/09/1917 (aged 37)
Second Engineer William Matthew Gill Mercantile Marine25/02/1915 (aged 39)
Steward Michael Gillan Mercantile Marine07/10/1917 (aged 36)
Chief Engineer William Smith Gillanders Mercantile Marine26/05/1918
Deck Hand Arthur William Gillard Mercantile Marine22/05/1915 (aged 16)
Deck Hand Thomas Henry Gilleard Mercantile Marine05/11/1914 (aged 19)
Chief Steward Fulton Gillespie Mercantile Marine13/03/1918 (aged 23)
Trimmer George Gillespie Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 29)
Carpenter John Gillespie Mercantile Marine21/02/1918 (aged 44)
Second Electrician Pownall Gillespie Mercantile Marine21/11/1916 (aged 34)
First Mate Archibald Gillies Mercantile Marine16/12/1917
Sailor Donald Gillies Mercantile Marine15/03/1917 (aged 36)
Deck Storekeeper Hugh Gillies Mercantile Marine05/09/1917 (aged 30)
Boatswain Kenneth Gillies Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 25)
Able Seaman James Walter Gillyon Mercantile Marine23/06/1916 (aged 48)
Second Engineer Daniel Patrick Gilmore Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 43)
Able Seaman David Craigen Gilmore Mercantile Marine21/02/1918 (aged 41)
Fireman Frederick Gilmore Mercantile Marine20/03/1918 (aged 17)
Seaman Patrick Gilmore Mercantile Marine18/06/1918 (aged 21)
Seaman Thomas J. Gilmore Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 32)
Seaman Frederick Ginn Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 20)
Able Seaman Michel Giorgiou Mercantile Marine20/07/1918 (aged 44)
Chef Gioranni Giorgis Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 51)
Sailor Girakanis Mercantile Marine09/04/1917 (aged 35)
Fireman and Trimmer Angel Giraldeg Mercantile Marine22/01/1917 (aged 32)
Fireman Benito Giraldez Mercantile Marine23/03/1918 (aged 20)
Able Seaman Peter John Girard Mercantile Marine05/12/1917 (aged 33)
Able Seaman Alfred Giroux Mercantile Marine14/02/1918 (aged 32)
Second Engineer Harold Gittins Mercantile Marine17/11/1917 (aged 33)
Master Ernest Frederick Gladwell Mercantile Marine10/09/1915
Assistant Steward James Wilson Glancy Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 23)
Fourth Engineer Officer Frederick Henry Glanville Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 23)
Fireman Daniel Glen Mercantile Marine03/09/1917 (aged 45)
Sailmaker Henry Glennie Mercantile Marine28/04/1917 (aged 57)
First Mate Thomas Glennie Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 47)
Third Hand Albert Glenton Mercantile Marine11/05/1915 (aged 42)
Mate Frederick Glenton Mercantile Marine06/11/1915 (aged 53)
Trimmer Harold Bentley Glenton Mercantile Marine14/12/1919 (aged 24)
Second Mate James Joseph Glenton Mercantile Marine23/12/1918 (aged 22)
Skipper Herbert Glentworth Mercantile Marine25/08/1916 (aged 46)
Able Seaman Alexander Glouskofsky Mercantile Marine25/01/1918 (aged 49)
1st Class Waiter George Alfred Glover Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 29)
First Engineer Henry Glover Mercantile Marine29/09/1914 (aged 57)
Fireman and Trimmer William Howard Glover Mercantile Marine31/03/1918 (aged 21)
Third Engineer Arthur William Glozier Mercantile Marine10/06/1920 (aged 25)
Fireman Stephen David Glue Mercantile Marine01/05/1917 (aged 43)
Steward Glunn Mercantile Marine13/02/1917 (aged 47)
Boatswain Glynn Mercantile Marine17/02/1917 (aged 31)
Donkeyman John Goddard Mercantile Marine23/08/1917 (aged 34)
Sailor Kenneth John Thomas Goddard Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 17)
Able Seaman Albert Henry Allen Godden Mercantile Marine09/12/1916
Second Engineer Marshall Godfrey Mercantile Marine29/03/1918 (aged 36)
Sailor Thomas William Godfrey Mercantile Marine09/11/1917
Fireman Edmund Joseph Godman Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 22)
Fireman William Albert Godman Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 18)
Fireman George William Godwin Mercantile Marine21/11/1916 (aged 28)
Deck Boy Walter Godwin Mercantile Marine19/03/1917 (aged 14)
Sailor Gogondouts Mercantile Marine14/05/1918 (aged 21)
Fireman Alfred Gold Mercantile Marine09/04/1917 (aged 32)
Assistant Steward Gold Mercantile Marine26/02/1916 (aged 19)
Steward Lewis Goldencrown Mercantile Marine13/02/1915 (aged 57)
Assistant Steward Golding Mercantile Marine13/08/1915
Trimmer Bernard Golding Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 29)
Greaser Thomas Henry Golding Mercantile Marine22/03/1919 (aged 48)
Seaman Lawrence Goldner Mercantile Marine09/11/1917 (aged 26)
Troop Baker Stanley Gordon Goldsack Mercantile Marine30/01/1918 (aged 27)
Trimmer Albert Edward Goldsmith Mercantile Marine06/11/1915 (aged 20)
Second Engineer Alexander Nobel Goldsmith Mercantile Marine06/05/1918 (aged 40)
Fireman Frederick William Goldsmith Mercantile Marine01/08/1917 (aged 27)
Fireman John Golightly Mercantile Marine13/06/1917 (aged 38)
Third Engineer Matthew Golightly Mercantile Marine24/08/1917 (aged 26)
First Mate William Meadley Golightly Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 33)
Fireman Francois G. Gomes Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 28)
Fireman Joseph Albert Gomes Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 25)
Fireman and Trimmer Gomes Mercantile Marine30/09/1917 (aged 47)
Ship's Cook and Baker Nicholas Gomes ALIAS16/04/1917
Fireman Gomez Mercantile Marine13/10/1917 (aged 34)
Seaman Gomez Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 42)
Able Seaman Jacine Gomez Mercantile Marine24/12/1917 (aged 35)
Sailor Joaquim Carlos Gomez Mercantile Marine11/03/1917 (aged 23)
Fireman Manuel Gomez Mercantile Marine13/06/1917 (aged 24)
Fireman Pedro Gomez Mercantile Marine17/02/1917 (aged 25)
Fireman Urbano Gomez Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 29)
Ship's Cook Gregorio Da Silva Goncalvas Mercantile Marine18/08/1917 (aged 57)
Fireman Gongalez Mercantile Marine04/10/1918 (aged 23)
Fireman John Goniotakis Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 20)
Seaman Gonsalez Mercantile Marine05/01/1918 (aged 32)
Seaman Jose Gonzales Mercantile Marine15/05/1917 (aged 58)
Sailor Federico Gonzalez Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 23)
Fireman Jose Gonzalez Mercantile Marine13/03/1917 (aged 23)
Fireman and Trimmer Jurenal Gonzalez Mercantile Marine06/06/1918 (aged 31)
Fireman Pedro Gonzalez Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 32)
Sailor Teodomiro Gonzalez Mercantile Marine04/10/1918 (aged 34)
Deck Hand Charles George Gooch Mercantile Marine24/11/1919 (aged 32)
Pantryman Alfred Ernest Good Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 25)
Fireman George William Good Mercantile Marine10/06/1920 (aged 39)
Deck Hand John Good Mercantile Marine30/09/1919 (aged 56)
Able Seaman John Jeremiah Good Mercantile Marine02/03/1918 (aged 21)
Quartermaster Good Mercantile Marine13/11/1917 (aged 53)
Third Engineer Alfred Goodall Mercantile Marine24/11/1917 (aged 24)
Assistant Steward Arie Alfred Goodall Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 18)
Assistant Cook Goodall Mercantile Marine27/03/1917 (aged 38)
Sailor William Goodall Mercantile Marine24/08/1917 (aged 62)
Able Seaman William Bramwell Goode Mercantile Marine06/02/1917 (aged 27)
Fireman Edward Goodey Mercantile Marine12/02/1916 (aged 32)
Sailor Edward James Leonard Goodfellow Mercantile Marine26/04/1917 (aged 20)
Seaman Frederick Gooding Mercantile Marine15/03/1915
Seaman Frederick Reg. C. Gooding Mercantile Marine07/09/1917
Mess Room Steward Victor George Vine Goodley Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 16)
Sailor James Goodman Mercantile Marine10/02/1918 (aged 22)
Deck Hand Archie E. Goodwin Mercantile Marine04/06/1915 (aged 17)
Boatswain James Murray Goodwin Mercantile Marine18/09/1917 (aged 46)
Waiter William Goodwin Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 39)
Horseman Polydos Goossens Mercantile Marine12/08/1915 (aged 48)
Master Alexander Gordon Mercantile Marine12/01/1918 (aged 48)
Boatswain Gordon Mercantile Marine28/02/1917 (aged 25)
Wireless Operator Gordon Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 17)
Fireman Fred W. Gordon Mercantile Marine20/04/1917 (aged 56)
Able Seaman James Gordon Mercantile Marine09/07/1917 (aged 18)
Third Mate James Begg Gordon Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 25)
Second Engineer James Thom Gordon Mercantile Marine20/08/1917 (aged 27)
Mate John Gordon Mercantile Marine30/05/1919 (aged 58)
Muleteer Ralph Gordon Mercantile Marine14/12/1916 (aged 22)
Printer Sidney William Gordon Mercantile Marine30/12/1917 (aged 35)
Seaman Charles Gorfin Mercantile Marine02/11/1917 (aged 19)
Sailor Anton Gorgensen Mercantile Marine04/03/1915 (aged 24)
Fireman William Goring ALIAS16/03/1917
Fourth Hand Charles Raca Gorrod Mercantile Marine09/11/1914
1st Class Waiter Frederick William Gorst Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 28)
First Engineer James Goscomb Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 47)
Assistant Steward William George Gosling Mercantile Marine26/08/1917 (aged 16)
Trimmer Thomas Henry Gosney Mercantile Marine30/03/1917 (aged 16)
Cook Edouard Gosset Mercantile Marine04/03/1917 (aged 49)
Third Mate John Sawyer Gostling Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 20)
Ship's Cook Gough Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 30)
Trimmer John Gough ALIAS15/04/1917
Sailor J. Michael Gough Mercantile Marine30/07/1917 (aged 26)
Master Kenneth Gough Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 38)
Able Seaman Francois Gould Mercantile Marine14/04/1917 (aged 34)
Carpenter Harold Gould Mercantile Marine13/11/1915 (aged 27)
Senior Boilermaker Richard Gould Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 33)
Trimmer Arthur Goulding ALIAS07/09/1917
Storekeeper Frank Goulding Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 37)
Waiter Gowan Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 32)
Skipper George Alfred Gower Mercantile Marine03/11/1914
Deck Hand James Henry Gower Mercantile Marine26/01/1920 (aged 18)
Fisherman Wilfred Gower Mercantile Marine03/11/1914 (aged 17)
Seaman James William Gower Mercantile Marine07/10/1917 (aged 27)
Donkeyman Wilfred Gowing Mercantile Marine14/10/1915 (aged 24)
Seaman Grace Mercantile Marine30/01/1915
Trimmer Alexander Graham Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 33)
Second Mate Byron John Squire Graham Mercantile Marine19/09/1917 (aged 28)
Boatswain Edward Graham Mercantile Marine21/08/1918 (aged 39)
Sailor George Keedy Graham Mercantile Marine04/03/1915 (aged 21)
6th Engineer John Mcintosh Graham Mercantile Marine29/05/1917
Third Engineer Lyon Graham Mercantile Marine18/05/1918 (aged 27)
Seaman Graham Mercantile Marine30/12/1915
Deck Boy Robert Graham Mercantile Marine02/08/1918 (aged 17)
Fireman William Graham Mercantile Marine25/12/1914
Fireman William Graham Mercantile Marine24/09/1917 (aged 53)
Waiter William Graham Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 18)
Fireman and Trimmer William John Graham Mercantile Marine31/03/1918 (aged 58)
Fourth Engineer Officer Francis Grainger Mercantile Marine06/11/1916 (aged 27)
Fireman and Trimmer Grainger Mercantile Marine01/09/1916 (aged 21)
Donkeyman Thomas Grainger Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 50)
Fireman and Trimmer Gramaticopulos Mercantile Marine24/07/1917 (aged 29)
Assistant Foreman Granberry Mercantile Marine28/06/1915
Carpenter Vaino Konrad Granfos Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 31)
First Engineer John Thomas Granger Mercantile Marine22/12/1917 (aged 61)
Surgeon Robert Fawcitt Granger Mercantile Marine26/01/1917 (aged 50)
First Engineer Albert Edward Grant Mercantile Marine08/03/1918 (aged 35)
Boatswain Alexander Grant ALIAS19/03/1917
Assistant Steward Alexander George Allan Grant Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 15)
Third Hand Alfred Grant Mercantile Marine02/09/1914 (aged 25)
Assistant Storekeeper Arthur Thomas Grant Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 25)
Steward Charles Grant Mercantile Marine15/02/1915 (aged 46)
Skipper Edward Grant Mercantile Marine02/09/1914
Able Seaman Felix Grant Mercantile Marine14/10/1917 (aged 25)
Carpenter Fritz Grant Mercantile Marine14/02/1917 (aged 54)
Quartermaster Geoffrey Joseph Grant Mercantile Marine02/03/1918 (aged 58)
Galley Boy George Hill Grant Mercantile Marine16/06/1918 (aged 16)
Steward Grant Mercantile Marine10/09/1920 (aged 43)
Master John Grant Mercantile Marine07/01/1917
Refrigerator Greaser John Grant Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 55)
Cattleman Keirnan Grant Mercantile Marine18/12/1917 (aged 17)
Sailor Grant Mercantile Marine28/01/1917 (aged 21)
Seaman Malcolm Grant Mercantile Marine02/11/1917 (aged 17)
Fireman Michael Grant Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 36)
Second Mate Neil Grant Mercantile Marine26/12/1915 (aged 62)
Greaser Patrick Grant Mercantile Marine27/03/1917 (aged 55)
Fireman Percy Grant Mercantile Marine19/07/1918 (aged 23)
Fireman Thomas Grant Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 28)
Steward Ernest Norman Grantham Mercantile Marine31/10/1917 (aged 28)
Sailor Gratton Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 25)
Fireman Graves Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 30)
Second Mate George Gray Mercantile Marine28/04/1918 (aged 35)
Third Hand George Gray Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 40)
Donkeyman Henry Peter Gray ALIAS07/09/1918
Wireless Operator Gray Mercantile Marine28/02/1917 (aged 15)
Third Engineer John Gray Mercantile Marine23/10/1916 (aged 28)
Stoker John Smith Gray Mercantile Marine27/08/1914 (aged 33)
Fireman Joseph Gray Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 27)
Master Gray Mercantile Marine17/11/1916
Mess Room Steward Lorraine Griffen Gray Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 16)
Boatswain Percy John March Gray Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 34)
Master Peter Hawick Gray Mercantile Marine17/05/1918 (aged 46)
Fireman Robert Gray Mercantile Marine09/09/1917 (aged 59)
Ordinary Seaman Thomas Gray Mercantile Marine15/03/1915 (aged 19)
Fireman Gray Mercantile Marine15/02/1916 (aged 42)
Fireman William Gray Mercantile Marine11/07/1916 (aged 47)
Mess Room Steward William Gray Mercantile Marine16/12/1914 (aged 23)
Steward William Frederick Gray Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 50)
Steward Gray Mercantile Marine05/11/1914 (aged 53)
Able Seaman John Major Grayling Mercantile Marine27/10/1917 (aged 48)
Steward Edgar Greaves Mercantile Marine26/06/1918 (aged 26)
Fireman James Greaves Mercantile Marine01/12/1918 (aged 37)
Winchman Alex Green Mercantile Marine19/07/1917
Mess Room Steward Ernest Green Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 16)
Fireman Eustace Green Mercantile Marine08/03/1917 (aged 36)
Deck Hand Francis Green Mercantile Marine22/01/1915 (aged 22)
Master Geo Green Mercantile Marine10/02/1918
Able Seaman George Green Mercantile Marine11/08/1916 (aged 62)
Ship's Cook George Green Mercantile Marine19/03/1918 (aged 47)
Storekeeper George Samuel. Green Mercantile Marine28/07/1918 (aged 35)
Fireman James Henry Green Mercantile Marine16/09/1915 (aged 35)
Second Engineer John Green Mercantile Marine20/03/1915 (aged 58)
Able Seaman John Green Mercantile Marine02/12/1917 (aged 62)
Boat Hand John R. Green Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917
Fireman John Thomas Green Mercantile Marine18/10/1917 (aged 46)
Matron Mary Ann Green Mercantile Marine04/09/1915 (aged 35)
Third Engineer Peter Green Mercantile Marine19/05/1917 (aged 25)
Ordinary Seaman Peter Green Mercantile Marine27/06/1917 (aged 17)
Second Hand William John Green Mercantile Marine21/03/1917 (aged 29)
Fourth Engineer Officer Green Mercantile Marine13/02/1917 (aged 33)
Third Hand Job Greenacre Mercantile Marine14/03/1916 (aged 59)
Sailor Lawrence Greene Mercantile Marine25/04/1917 (aged 35)
Cabin Boy Reginald Victor Greenfield Mercantile Marine19/09/1918 (aged 17)
Donkeyman William Thomas Greenfield Mercantile Marine19/04/1917 (aged 54)
Third Engineer Albert Greenhalgh Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 22)
Skipper John Henry Greenhill Mercantile Marine14/12/1919 (aged 48)
Fireman Greenidge Mercantile Marine09/07/1917 (aged 29)
Spare Hand Alfred Collin Greening Mercantile Marine28/02/1915 (aged 26)
Wireless Operator John Henry Greenway Mercantile Marine06/10/1917 (aged 25)
Boatswain Thomas Greenway Mercantile Marine24/12/1917 (aged 47)
Fourth Hand George Greenwood Mercantile Marine14/01/1916 (aged 34)
Able Seaman John Greenwood Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 24)
Chief Steward Greenwood Mercantile Marine10/04/1915 (aged 59)
Spare Hand Greenwood Mercantile Marine19/02/1917 (aged 41)
Fourth Engineer Officer George Felix Greer Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 25)
2nd Steward Arthur Louden Gregor Mercantile Marine11/02/1918 (aged 27)
Deck Hand George Arthur Gregorious Mercantile Marine07/04/1915 (aged 54)
Fireman and Trimmer Charles Gregory Mercantile Marine14/12/1916 (aged 50)
Master Edward Gregory Mercantile Marine17/10/1917 (aged 46)
Deck Boy Gregory Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 16)
Master John Gregory Mercantile Marine24/03/1917
Third Mate John Gregory Mercantile Marine28/04/1917 (aged 39)
Fireman John Henry Gregory Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 20)
First Engineer Joseph Glasson Gregory Mercantile Marine24/03/1916 (aged 41)
Fisherman William Arthur Gregory Mercantile Marine12/04/1917 (aged 38)
Third Engineer Robert William Greig Mercantile Marine28/02/1916 (aged 22)
Master Frederick John Grenfell Mercantile Marine26/02/1917
Fireman and Trimmer Mike Gretch Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 24)
Sailor Grets Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 20)
Boatswain Charles Herbert Grewer Mercantile Marine21/06/1918 (aged 47)
Fisherman Alexander Grey Mercantile Marine19/11/1914 (aged 19)
Fireman and Trimmer Edward James Grey Mercantile Marine24/08/1917 (aged 55)
Assistant Steward Francis Morris Grey Mercantile Marine13/10/1917 (aged 15)
Greaser James Grey Mercantile Marine22/03/1918 (aged 46)
Fireman Robert Grey Mercantile Marine25/08/1917
Second Mate William Andrew Grey Mercantile Marine20/02/1917 (aged 28)
Donkeyman Alfred George Grice Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 44)
Third Hand Charles Arthur Grice Mercantile Marine07/04/1915 (aged 38)
Fireman Thomas Cubitt Grice Mercantile Marine09/12/1916 (aged 57)
First Engineer John Grieve Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 56)
First Engineman John. Grieve Mercantile Marine24/11/1919 (aged 47)
Mess Room Steward John Mearns Grieve Mercantile Marine22/01/1917 (aged 16)
Chief Engineer Charles Grieveson Mercantile Marine03/09/1915 (aged 45)
Boatswain Griffin Mercantile Marine17/05/1915 (aged 20)
Fireman and Trimmer Griffin Mercantile Marine11/11/1915 (aged 26)
Chief Steward David Griffin Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 35)
Fireman and Trimmer Maurice Griffin Mercantile Marine19/04/1917 (aged 53)
Able Seaman Thomas Griffin Mercantile Marine18/12/1917 (aged 42)
Fireman and Trimmer William Griffin Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 23)
Steward Charles Griffith Mercantile Marine30/12/1917 (aged 47)
Carpenter Humphrey Griffith Mercantile Marine01/08/1917 (aged 37)
Master Richard Griffith Mercantile Marine14/10/1917 (aged 37)
Sailor Richard David Griffith Mercantile Marine24/10/1916 (aged 17)
Fireman Walter Griffith Mercantile Marine09/10/1917 (aged 42)
First Mate William Griffith Mercantile Marine20/08/1917 (aged 51)
First Mate Griffiths Mercantile Marine06/01/1916 (aged 38)
Fourth Engineer Officer Frank Ewart Griffiths Mercantile Marine18/09/1917 (aged 24)
Fireman and Trimmer Griffith Griffiths Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 31)
Able Seaman Hugh Griffiths Mercantile Marine05/12/1917 (aged 19)
Carpenter Hy Griffiths Mercantile Marine13/11/1917 (aged 35)
Third Engineer John Joseph Griffiths Mercantile Marine30/07/1917 (aged 25)
Fireman and Trimmer John Griffiths Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 29)
Chief Engineer Owen Griffiths Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 43)
Trimmer Samuel Griffiths Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 51)
Second Engineer Theophilus Griffiths Mercantile Marine06/10/1917 (aged 29)
Fireman and Trimmer William Griffiths Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 31)
Refrigerator Greaser William Henry Griffiths Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 56)
Trimmer Percy Harold Oliver Griggs ALIAS16/07/1918
Trimmer Angelo Grima Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 22)
Fireman and Trimmer Michele Grima Mercantile Marine23/10/1916 (aged 31)
Seaman Charles Joseph Grimes Mercantile Marine31/08/1917 (aged 20)
Fireman Michael Grimes Mercantile Marine31/05/1917 (aged 48)
Mess Room Boy William Thomas Grimshaw Mercantile Marine21/09/1918 (aged 17)
Boatswain William Henry Grist Mercantile Marine18/02/1917 (aged 50)
Fireman Manuel Gritenez Mercantile Marine04/08/1917 (aged 29)
Able Seaman and Quartermaster Henry Grogan Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 68)
Ship's Cook William Thomas Grogan Mercantile Marine27/11/1917 (aged 64)
Fisherman Charles Frederick Grosneck Mercantile Marine12/04/1917 (aged 21)
Mate John Gross Mercantile Marine29/06/1918 (aged 61)
Able Seaman Grow Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 23)
Fireman Grunde Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 24)
Scullion Andrew Grundy Mercantile Marine31/03/1918 (aged 17)
Sailor Grunstein Mercantile Marine05/04/1916
Second Hand Gudegon Mercantile Marine02/09/1914
Muleteer William Guernsey Mercantile Marine14/12/1916 (aged 30)
First Engineer Frederick Mason Guest Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 43)
Fireman Francis John Guidrey Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 35)
Third Hand Charles John Frederick Guillion Mercantile Marine08/11/1915 (aged 50)
Able Seaman Norman Reginald Guilmant Mercantile Marine29/12/1916 (aged 24)
Mess Room Steward Ernest Gulwell Mercantile Marine24/12/1917 (aged 17)
Donkeyman Joseph Gumbs Mercantile Marine03/09/1917 (aged 33)
First Mate Harold John Gunn Mercantile Marine11/09/1917 (aged 31)
Fisherman James Gunn Mercantile Marine05/09/1917 (aged 56)
Steward Walter William Gunn Mercantile Marine16/02/1917 (aged 52)
Skipper William Gunn Mercantile Marine05/09/1917
Donkeyman Robert Henry Gunther Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 40)
Mess Room Steward Gunton Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 18)
Fireman and Trimmer Guramo Mercantile Marine05/04/1918 (aged 20)
Carpenter Hugo Gustafson Mercantile Marine03/03/1918 (aged 42)
Assistant Steward Joseph Gustavino Mercantile Marine14/07/1917 (aged 19)
Donkeyman Charles George Gustavson Mercantile Marine24/10/1916 (aged 49)
Third Engineer Thomas William Pole Guthrie Mercantile Marine24/12/1917 (aged 32)
First Engineer William Guthrie Mercantile Marine15/02/1915 (aged 34)
Smokeroom Steward William Stewart Guthrie Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 29)
Fireman Luis Gutierrez Mercantile Marine04/02/1918
Fireman and Trimmer Robert Gutierrez Mercantile Marine20/02/1917 (aged 27)
Chief Engineer William Guy Mercantile Marine28/11/1917 (aged 51)
Fourth Hand Ernest James Guymer Mercantile Marine11/12/1914 (aged 40)
Second Engineer Alfred John Gwynne Mercantile Marine24/03/1916 (aged 29)
Ship's Cook John Francis Gwynne Mercantile Marine22/09/1917 (aged 35)
Able Seaman Harold Gylling Mercantile Marine18/10/1917 (aged 25)
Seaman Haapanen Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 21)
First Engineer Hack Mercantile Marine09/04/1917 (aged 30)
Third Engineer Christopher Joseph Hackett Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 25)
Fourth Engineer Officer George Patrick Hackett Mercantile Marine30/08/1917 (aged 18)
Fireman William Hackett Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 40)
Fireman Tom Haddinott Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 45)
Able Seaman Arthur Haddock Mercantile Marine23/03/1917 (aged 22)
Boatswain Hadjeluka Mercantile Marine29/01/1918 (aged 45)
Third Hand George Haffenden Mercantile Marine28/10/1914 (aged 40)
Sailor William John Haffey Mercantile Marine19/09/1918 (aged 18)
Sailor Hagan Mercantile Marine08/04/1916 (aged 31)
Able Seaman James Hagan Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 40)
Fireman Thomas Hagan Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 30)
Assistant Steward Thomas Hagan Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 59)
Boatswain and Lamps Charles Haggblom Mercantile Marine14/04/1918 (aged 52)
Sailor William Eliel Haggblom Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 25)
Fireman Haggerston Mercantile Marine08/03/1917 (aged 37)
Able Seaman and Lamps Hagstrom Mercantile Marine12/01/1918 (aged 54)
Second Mate Ernest Hague Mercantile Marine12/02/1916 (aged 39)
Muleteer Charles Hahn Mercantile Marine14/12/1916
Second Engineer Matthew Errington Hails Mercantile Marine03/01/1918 (aged 49)
Fourth Engineer Officer Joseph Robert Haines Mercantile Marine10/08/1918 (aged 25)
Skipper Walter Haines Mercantile Marine25/03/1915
Fireman and Trimmer Robert Hair Mercantile Marine15/05/1917 (aged 41)
Able Seaman John Thomas Haire Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 37)
Carpenter Haiti Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 55)
Seaman Hakker Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 19)
Third Engineer Fred Halbert Mercantile Marine23/05/1918 (aged 22)
Leading Stoker Peter Halbert Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 45)
Cook Haldenby Mercantile Marine08/01/1915 (aged 43)
Fireman Alfred Hale Mercantile Marine26/09/1917 (aged 23)
Third Engineer Frederick Carl Haley Mercantile Marine21/06/1918 (aged 29)
Sailor Thomas Jeremiah Haley Mercantile Marine05/10/1917 (aged 20)
Seaman William Haley Mercantile Marine18/09/1917 (aged 25)
Fireman James Halford Mercantile Marine29/01/1918 (aged 49)
Fireman Joseph Halfpenny Mercantile Marine14/10/1918 (aged 38)
Fireman Charles Henty Hall Mercantile Marine21/03/1917 (aged 28)
Second Engineer C. William Hall Mercantile Marine18/11/1915 (aged 29)
Sailor Daniel Hall Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 47)
Fireman Edward Hall Mercantile Marine24/09/1917 (aged 30)
Mess Room Steward Eric Edmund Hall Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 17)
Donkeyman Ernest Hall Mercantile Marine17/08/1915
Chief Engineer George William Hall Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 59)
First Engineer James Hall Mercantile Marine30/05/1919 (aged 60)
Second Hand James Hall Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 64)
Able Seaman John Hall Mercantile Marine17/02/1917 (aged 54)
Fireman John Joseph Hall Mercantile Marine27/10/1917 (aged 50)
3rd Steward Joseph Hall Mercantile Marine22/08/1915 (aged 16)
Able Seaman Thomas Hall Mercantile Marine17/03/1917 (aged 26)
Third Hand Hall Mercantile Marine05/11/1915 (aged 42)
First Engineer Walter Joseph Hall Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 43)
First Engineer William Hall Mercantile Marine10/08/1918 (aged 41)
Trimmer William Hall Mercantile Marine11/06/1915 (aged 52)
Master Hall Mercantile Marine30/12/1915
Able Seaman Claude Henry Hallam Mercantile Marine28/06/1918 (aged 37)
Third Engineer David Halliday Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 40)
Able Seaman William Halliday Mercantile Marine25/01/1918 (aged 27)
Fireman Michael Halloway Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 24)
Seaman Fritz Hallstrom Mercantile Marine30/12/1915
Deck Hand Frederick William Halman Mercantile Marine08/02/1915 (aged 30)
Fireman and Trimmer Avril Halmertz Mercantile Marine19/09/1917 (aged 25)
Able Seaman Patrick Halpin Mercantile Marine27/12/1917 (aged 28)
Third Engineer Thomas Edward Halsall Mercantile Marine19/09/1918 (aged 24)
Able Seaman Halvorsen Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 37)
Sailor Halvorsen Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 26)
Fireman Nils Halvorsen Mercantile Marine01/12/1917 (aged 36)
Chief Steward Alfred Arthur Ham Mercantile Marine05/10/1918 (aged 28)
Able Seaman Hambley Mercantile Marine27/01/1917 (aged 26)
Able Seaman Alfred John Hamblin Mercantile Marine13/06/1917 (aged 43)
Trimmer George James Hamel Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 30)
Boatswain Alexander Hamilton Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 33)
Fireman and Trimmer David Hamilton Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 48)
Trimmer Edward Hamilton Mercantile Marine17/07/1918 (aged 18)
Fourth Engineer Officer George Samuel Hamilton Mercantile Marine26/01/1917 (aged 24)
Third Hand Hamilton Mercantile Marine20/05/1915 (aged 34)
Able Seaman James Hamilton Mercantile Marine24/03/1917 (aged 50)
Able Seaman James Hamilton Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 31)
Electrician James Kennedy Hamilton Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 22)
Second Mate James Smith Hamilton Mercantile Marine15/07/1917 (aged 55)
Second Engineer James Thomas Hamilton Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 44)
First Engineer John Hamilton Mercantile Marine22/03/1918 (aged 50)
Able Seaman Hamilton Mercantile Marine28/05/1917 (aged 42)
Able Seaman Hamilton Mercantile Marine07/04/1918
Assistant Steward Robert John Hamilton Mercantile Marine26/06/1916 (aged 16)
First Engineer Thomas Hamilton Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 38)
Master William Francis Hamilton Mercantile Marine26/12/1914 (aged 34)
Boatswain Hamilton Mercantile Marine18/05/1917 (aged 27)
Cook and Steward Thomas Hamlet Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 36)
Fireman and Trimmer Hammar Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 41)
Able Seaman Hammer Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 48)
Second Engineer Hammerton Mercantile Marine02/09/1914 (aged 47)
Fireman and Trimmer Robert Hammett Mercantile Marine08/06/1918 (aged 21)
Fireman Arthur R. Hammond Mercantile Marine05/03/1917 (aged 56)
Carpenter Arthur William Hammond Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 32)
Second Hand Edward Hammond Mercantile Marine29/09/1919 (aged 54)
Able Seaman Thomas Hammond Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 30)
Cook William Hammond Mercantile Marine26/01/1915 (aged 53)
Second Mate Alfred De Gruchy Hamon Mercantile Marine23/03/1916 (aged 48)
Apprentice John Robert Hamp Mercantile Marine01/04/1917 (aged 16)
Printer Hampson Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 45)
Mess Room Steward Archie Herbert Hampston Mercantile Marine05/06/1917 (aged 17)
Junior Fourth Engineer Officer Adam Stanley Hampton Mercantile Marine01/09/1918 (aged 26)
First Officer David Hampton Mercantile Marine18/05/1917 (aged 48)
Able Seaman Richard Hampton Mercantile Marine05/06/1917 (aged 50)
Skipper Hancock Mercantile Marine09/04/1917
Fireman and Trimmer Hudson Handford Mercantile Marine26/02/1918
Fireman and Trimmer Thomas Handley Mercantile Marine05/04/1916
2nd Cabin Bedroom Steward David Cowell Handlin Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 45)
Mate Michael Hands Mercantile Marine27/04/1918 (aged 20)
Ship's Cook James Kerr Handyside Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 40)
Donkeyman Pablo Hanes ALIAS04/02/1917
Fireman Hangstrat Mercantile Marine23/12/1918 (aged 23)
Greaser James Hanigan Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 63)
First Mate Daniel Marsh Hankin Mercantile Marine19/11/1917 (aged 59)
Second Engineer George Frederick Hankin Mercantile Marine22/01/1915 (aged 46)
Second Mate Andrew Clifford Hankins Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 25)
Sailor Hankins Mercantile Marine16/07/1918
Fifth Engineer Officer Hanks Mercantile Marine19/03/1917 (aged 24)
Fireman Andrew Hanlon Mercantile Marine20/09/1917 (aged 25)
Second Mate James Hanlon Mercantile Marine14/03/1917 (aged 29)
Trimmer Patrick Hanlon Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 19)
Able Seaman Ernest George Hanmarstrom Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 63)
First Engineer Andrew Walter Hann Mercantile Marine24/09/1917 (aged 39)
First Engineer George Hann Mercantile Marine18/07/1915 (aged 52)
Second Engineer John Clendinning Hanna Mercantile Marine16/11/1917 (aged 25)
Master Charles F. Hannaford Mercantile Marine30/12/1915
Master Frederick William Hannah Mercantile Marine15/09/1918 (aged 45)
Engineer Hugh Hannah Mercantile Marine18/12/1916 (aged 47)
Skipper Robert Henry Hannah Mercantile Marine01/01/1920
Apprentice Sydney George Hannam Mercantile Marine10/02/1918 (aged 17)
Cook James Hannant Mercantile Marine05/11/1915 (aged 58)
Steward John Hannay Mercantile Marine15/07/1917 (aged 47)
Trimmer Frederick Charles Hanneman Mercantile Marine08/09/1915 (aged 19)
Carpenter James Hannon Mercantile Marine27/01/1917 (aged 30)
Mate John Hanrahan Mercantile Marine10/06/1917
Sailor Hanratty Mercantile Marine21/06/1918 (aged 24)
First Mate Robert Ernest Hansell Mercantile Marine20/12/1916 (aged 26)
Able Seaman Hansen Mercantile Marine26/07/1917 (aged 33)
Sailor Hansen Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 21)
Fourth Mate Eric Vernon Dobson Hansen Mercantile Marine04/08/1918 (aged 23)
Boatswain Hansen Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 26)
Seaman Hans Peter Hansen Mercantile Marine25/03/1915 (aged 55)
Sailor Hermand Hansen Mercantile Marine22/01/1917 (aged 27)
Able Seaman Hansen Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 53)
Fireman Jens Peter Hansen Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 52)
Sailor Johan Hansen Mercantile Marine31/10/1917 (aged 46)
Cook Johan Gustav Berg Hansen Mercantile Marine07/05/1918
Third Hand John William Hansen Mercantile Marine22/04/1915 (aged 31)
Sailor Hansen Mercantile Marine21/09/1918 (aged 57)
Carpenter Louis Hansen Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 51)
Donkeyman Martin Hansen Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 27)
Fireman Martin Hansen Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 23)
Able Seaman Martin Hansen Mercantile Marine03/12/1917 (aged 32)
Fireman Niels Hansen Mercantile Marine14/06/1917 (aged 22)
Fireman and Trimmer Rolf Hansen Mercantile Marine18/03/1917 (aged 18)
Boatswain William Rudolph Hansen Mercantile Marine24/11/1917 (aged 37)
Able Seaman Hansen Mercantile Marine29/01/1918 (aged 51)
Mess Room Steward Albert Hanson Mercantile Marine17/10/1917 (aged 16)
Steward Francis Hanson Mercantile Marine04/07/1917 (aged 42)
Assistant Steward Frederick Alfred Hanson Mercantile Marine25/10/1917 (aged 17)
Third Engineer Leonard Edward Hanson Mercantile Marine08/02/1917 (aged 24)
Trimmer Chris Harboard Mercantile Marine30/07/1915 (aged 50)
Spare Hand Albert Victor Harbord Mercantile Marine18/11/1915 (aged 23)
Second Mate Harry Britain Harbord Mercantile Marine29/03/1917 (aged 31)
Able Seaman Gustaf Hardberg Mercantile Marine15/11/1916 (aged 45)
Fourth Hand John William (Morris J.) Harden Mercantile Marine05/11/1915 (aged 30)
Second Mate Albert Hardey Mercantile Marine06/05/1918 (aged 43)
Fireman James Hardie Mercantile Marine13/10/1917 (aged 28)
Able Seaman Walter Hardie Mercantile Marine31/10/1917 (aged 52)
Second Engineer William Robert Hardiment Mercantile Marine01/03/1919 (aged 37)
Trimmer Alex Harding Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 20)
Trimmer George Charles Harding Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 21)
Second Hand Harding Mercantile Marine29/07/1919 (aged 60)
Fireman Joe Harding Mercantile Marine05/04/1918 (aged 23)
Fireman and Trimmer Harding Mercantile Marine14/11/1915 (aged 26)
Donkeyman Matthew Harding Mercantile Marine28/05/1917 (aged 33)
Fireman and Trimmer Tom Harding Mercantile Marine05/04/1918 (aged 25)
Master George H. Hardley Mercantile Marine10/03/1917
Second Mate Charles Hardy Mercantile Marine24/10/1916 (aged 25)
Fireman James White Hardy Mercantile Marine12/04/1917 (aged 46)
Fireman Joseph Edward Hardy Mercantile Marine12/04/1917 (aged 29)
Sailor Wilfred C. Hardy Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 23)
Wireless Operator Leonard Charles Hare Mercantile Marine30/07/1917 (aged 50)
Boy Patrick Harford Mercantile Marine30/03/1918 (aged 17)
Third Engineer Thomas Lewis Hargest Mercantile Marine29/03/1918 (aged 46)
Boatswain and Lamps James William Hargrave Mercantile Marine30/01/1915 (aged 43)
Steward Richard Parry Hargreaves Mercantile Marine02/09/1915 (aged 30)
Second Mate George Hunter Harland Mercantile Marine18/04/1918 (aged 20)
Mate Henry Harland Mercantile Marine19/02/1917 (aged 43)
Sailor William Sowerby Harland Mercantile Marine24/08/1917 (aged 24)
Skipper Fred Harlow Mercantile Marine20/03/1915
Second Hand William Harman Mercantile Marine15/03/1916 (aged 55)
Able Seaman James Harney Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 28)
Fireman Harper Mercantile Marine28/10/1916 (aged 24)
Second Engineer William David Harper Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 31)
Trimmer Benjamin Harries Mercantile Marine08/11/1915 (aged 18)
First Mate David James Harries Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 39)
Boat Hand Eric C. Harries Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917
Waiter George Edward Harries Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 30)
Third Engineer William Reginald Harries Mercantile Marine20/04/1917 (aged 22)
Fireman George Harrigan Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 26)
Lamp Trimmer Michael Harrigan Mercantile Marine03/08/1917 (aged 48)
Able Seaman George Herbert Harrington Mercantile Marine12/02/1916 (aged 26)
Fireman John Harrington Mercantile Marine12/05/1918 (aged 48)
Fireman William Henry Harrington Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 30)
Spare Hand Alfred Charles Harris Mercantile Marine14/11/1919 (aged 18)
Chief Engineer Andrew Harris Mercantile Marine10/07/1917 (aged 56)
Chief Cook Benjamin Frederick Harris Mercantile Marine01/04/1917 (aged 49)
Baker Clifford Edward Halliday Harris Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 24)
Trimmer Edward James Harris Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 19)
First Engineer Francis Harris Mercantile Marine14/09/1918 (aged 55)
Able Seaman George William Gibson Harris Mercantile Marine14/07/1917 (aged 43)
Fireman Isaac Harris Mercantile Marine09/11/1917 (aged 42)
Fireman James Harris Mercantile Marine12/05/1918 (aged 36)
Fireman Joe Harris Mercantile Marine04/02/1917 (aged 36)
Assistant Purser John Harris Mercantile Marine18/06/1918 (aged 31)
First Engineer John Harris Mercantile Marine25/03/1917 (aged 35)
Fireman and Trimmer John Harris Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 61)
Second Engineer John George Edward Harris Mercantile Marine26/04/1918 (aged 26)
Assistant Butcher John Lewis Harris Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 28)
Second Mate John Rundle Harris Mercantile Marine02/02/1918 (aged 24)
Skipper Joseph Harris Mercantile Marine22/09/1914
Trimmer Robert Harris Mercantile Marine06/05/1918 (aged 32)
Donkeyman Thomas Harris Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 33)
Master Thomas Harris Mercantile Marine02/08/1918
Steward Victor Harris Mercantile Marine03/08/1918 (aged 30)
Fireman William Harris Mercantile Marine04/08/1917 (aged 18)
Cook W. Giles Harris Mercantile Marine11/06/1915 (aged 43)
Able Seaman Arthur Harrison Mercantile Marine11/06/1917 (aged 29)
Fireman and Trimmer Harrison Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 23)
Second Engineer Charles Ernest Harrison Mercantile Marine17/05/1918 (aged 33)
Assistant Steward Ernest Moreland Harrison Mercantile Marine19/04/1917 (aged 17)
Boatswain Frederick Heaton Harrison Mercantile Marine03/09/1916 (aged 40)
Cook and Steward Frederick William Harrison Mercantile Marine22/02/1916 (aged 20)
Cook George Harrison Mercantile Marine08/09/1917 (aged 35)
Seaman Herbert Harrison Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 28)
First Mate James Harrison Mercantile Marine13/10/1917 (aged 48)
Mate James Harrison Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 40)
Fireman James Harrison Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 39)
2nd Steward James Harrison Mercantile Marine26/06/1918 (aged 30)
Apprentice James Grainger Harrison Mercantile Marine24/08/1917 (aged 16)
Seaman James Henry Harrison Mercantile Marine18/06/1918 (aged 28)
Able Seaman James William Harrison Mercantile Marine04/03/1915 (aged 28)
Mess Room Steward Joseph Harrison Mercantile Marine07/05/1917 (aged 20)
Fireman Harrison Mercantile Marine13/08/1917 (aged 22)
Surgeon Richard Harrison Mercantile Marine09/11/1917 (aged 58)
Second Engineer Thomas Harrison Mercantile Marine04/07/1917 (aged 32)
Seaman Thomas Harrison Mercantile Marine05/06/1917
Able Seaman Thomas Robson Harrison Mercantile Marine09/06/1915 (aged 28)
Steward Walter Harrison Mercantile Marine24/10/1916 (aged 33)
Master Walter Tell Harrison Mercantile Marine22/01/1917 (aged 52)
Second Hand Harrison Mercantile Marine27/05/1915 (aged 44)
Spare Hand Harrison Mercantile Marine03/11/1916 (aged 36)
Second Mate George James Harrisson Mercantile Marine10/06/1920 (aged 53)
Storekeeper Bernard Farrell ALIAS17/02/1917
Muleteer Frobey Mercantile Marine28/06/1915
Muleteer Le Roy Harris Mercantile Marine28/06/1915
Fireman and Trimmer John George Swaddle Mercantile Marine21/02/1918 (aged 19)
Carpenter Reuben Frank Swain Mercantile Marine30/01/1915 (aged 50)
Trimmer Abraham Swainston Mercantile Marine24/08/1919 (aged 27)
First Mate William H. Swale Mercantile Marine31/10/1916 (aged 60)
Second Engineer John Nicholl Swan Mercantile Marine28/03/1917 (aged 39)
2nd Steward Sidney Swan Mercantile Marine23/02/1917 (aged 23)
Fireman Leo Swanberg Mercantile Marine11/07/1916 (aged 31)
Able Seaman David Swanson Mercantile Marine28/02/1917 (aged 49)
First Mate James Swanson Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 27)
Seaman William Swanson Mercantile Marine14/10/1915 (aged 57)
Third Engineer John Swapp Mercantile Marine28/04/1917 (aged 30)
Able Seaman Charles Sweeney Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 17)
Fireman Daniel Sweeney Mercantile Marine10/07/1917 (aged 23)
Trimmer David Sweeney Mercantile Marine13/08/1915
Trimmer Edward Sweeney Mercantile Marine28/10/1916 (aged 26)
Fireman Jeremiah Sweeney Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 23)
Trimmer Thomas Sweet Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 18)
Cook Sweetingham Mercantile Marine16/03/1918 (aged 67)
Wireless Operator James Francis Sweetnam Mercantile Marine19/07/1917 (aged 18)
Third Cook Edward Swift Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 21)
Skipper Frederick Swinborne Mercantile Marine07/12/1915
Deck Hand Albert Edward Allen Swinton Mercantile Marine07/12/1915 (aged 27)
Second Hand Frederick Isaac Swinton Mercantile Marine07/12/1915 (aged 53)
Master Andrew Sword Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 50)
Mate Joseph Edward Swords Mercantile Marine14/12/1917 (aged 37)
Fireman Peter Sylan Mercantile Marine09/11/1917
2nd Steward Alexander Symon Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 40)
First Mate William Pyper Symon Mercantile Marine30/12/1917 (aged 68)
Trimmer Edmund George Symonds Mercantile Marine24/11/1919 (aged 19)
Skipper George Symonds Mercantile Marine03/11/1914
Fourth Hand Symonds Mercantile Marine03/01/1916 (aged 32)
Whalesman William Robertson Symonds Mercantile Marine03/11/1914 (aged 32)
Assistant Cook Jean Synefias Mercantile Marine20/07/1918 (aged 60)
Fireman Evangelos Anastasian Sytzioukis Mercantile Marine17/06/1917
Able Seaman Sigur Syvertsen Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 35)
Fireman and Trimmer Miguel Tabares Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 27)
Able Seaman William Henry Tabb Mercantile Marine06/02/1918 (aged 19)
Deck Hand Taber Mercantile Marine21/03/1917 (aged 52)
Sailor Salvatore Elias Elisens Tabone Mercantile Marine30/07/1917 (aged 26)
Stoker Patrick John Taggart Mercantile Marine05/12/1917 (aged 56)
Chief Engineer Thomas Henry Taggart Mercantile Marine09/09/1917 (aged 40)
Fireman Prince Tago Mercantile Marine16/11/1916 (aged 27)
Fireman and Trimmer Thomas Bancole Tago Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 23)
Carpenter Andrew Tait Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 41)
Ordinary Seaman Charles Tait Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 23)
Able Seaman David Tait Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 24)
Ordinary Seaman John Moffat Tait Mercantile Marine16/08/1917 (aged 16)
Able Seaman Magnus T. Tait Mercantile Marine12/08/1915 (aged 27)
Second Engineer Robert Tait Mercantile Marine08/02/1917 (aged 42)
Wireless Operator Sydney Tait Mercantile Marine27/01/1917 (aged 20)
Pumpman William Tait Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 60)
Fourth Engineer Officer William Johnson Tait Mercantile Marine11/02/1918 (aged 26)
Seaman Matsuzo Tajima Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 25)
Ship's Cook Togo S. Takahashi Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 29)
Fireman and Trimmer Genji Takaishi Mercantile Marine11/11/1915 (aged 26)
Fireman Takamoto Mercantile Marine11/12/1917 (aged 34)
Fireman and Trimmer Takeda Mercantile Marine10/01/1918 (aged 34)
Fireman and Trimmer Taki Mercantile Marine11/07/1917 (aged 27)
Engineer's Steward Alfred William Talbot Mercantile Marine07/06/1917 (aged 22)
Apprentice Frederick Arthur Talbot Mercantile Marine25/04/1917 (aged 17)
Trimmer Sidney Talbot Mercantile Marine07/03/1917 (aged 35)
Fireman William Tallentire Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 27)
Carpenter Tamm Mercantile Marine21/06/1918 (aged 30)
Donkeyman Tamura Mercantile Marine02/11/1917 (aged 28)
Able Seaman Tamura Mercantile Marine26/02/1918
Sailor Tanaka Mercantile Marine08/02/1917 (aged 21)
Second Mate Kuyemon Tanaka Mercantile Marine02/10/1918 (aged 30)
Fireman and Trimmer Tanko Mercantile Marine08/06/1917 (aged 23)
Fourth Engineer Officer Samuel Tanner Mercantile Marine11/06/1917 (aged 22)
Boatswain Charles Bertram Tapping Mercantile Marine01/10/1916 (aged 37)
Trimmer Samuel Tarpey Mercantile Marine01/03/1917 (aged 22)
Mess Room Steward John Charles Tarry Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 20)
Donkeyman John Tasker Mercantile Marine29/03/1917 (aged 52)
Fourth Engineer Officer Henry William Frederick Tate Mercantile Marine25/12/1917 (aged 27)
Fireman Tatewafi Mercantile Marine15/02/1918 (aged 19)
Fireman Joseph Tattersall Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 36)
Fireman and Trimmer Richard Tattersall Mercantile Marine15/02/1915 (aged 34)
First Engineer Tattersfield Mercantile Marine17/05/1915 (aged 26)
Chief Mate Charles August Percy Taubman Mercantile Marine28/11/1917 (aged 35)
Ordinary Seaman Albert Edward Taylor Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 15)
Fireman Alexander Taylor Mercantile Marine18/06/1918 (aged 21)
Master Alfred Taylor Mercantile Marine04/02/1918
Greaser and Fireman Benjamin Taylor Mercantile Marine24/06/1917 (aged 49)
Fourth Engineer Officer Charles Taylor Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 24)
Fireman Charles Taylor Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 34)
Able Seaman Charles Taylor Mercantile Marine03/10/1914 (aged 52)
Trimmer Charles Edward Taylor Mercantile Marine07/09/1917 (aged 14)
First Mate David Taylor Mercantile Marine09/06/1917 (aged 38)
Wireless Operator Edwin Lough Taylor Mercantile Marine16/11/1917 (aged 22)
Muleteer Enoch Taylor Mercantile Marine14/12/1916 (aged 20)
Ordinary Seaman Taylor Mercantile Marine19/05/1917 (aged 18)
Fireman George Taylor Mercantile Marine09/11/1917 (aged 35)
Fireman George Taylor Mercantile Marine25/07/1918 (aged 27)
Second Engineer George Albert Victor Taylor Mercantile Marine05/06/1917 (aged 28)
Third Hand George Alfred Taylor Mercantile Marine25/08/1916 (aged 23)
Able Seaman George Henry Taylor Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 21)
Fireman and Trimmer Guy Harry Taylor Mercantile Marine15/02/1915 (aged 26)
Fireman and Trimmer Taylor Mercantile Marine02/12/1917 (aged 34)
Trimmer Henry George Taylor Mercantile Marine26/05/1917 (aged 17)
Able Seaman Henry Nicholas Taylor Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 25)
Apprentice Herbert Henry Taylor Mercantile Marine01/03/1918 (aged 17)
Second Engineer Isaac Taylor Mercantile Marine04/09/1920 (aged 44)
Second Cook Jack Taylor Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 25)
Deck Hand James Taylor Mercantile Marine05/06/1915 (aged 22)
Second Engineer John Taylor Mercantile Marine26/01/1915 (aged 46)
Fireman John Taylor Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 48)
Mate John Mctaggart Taylor Mercantile Marine12/03/1917 (aged 36)
Chief Engineer John Thomas Taylor Mercantile Marine20/03/1915 (aged 50)
Sailor John Walker Shields Taylor Mercantile Marine04/10/1918 (aged 18)
Boatswain John William Taylor Mercantile Marine25/06/1917 (aged 26)
Able Seaman John William Taylor Mercantile Marine11/07/1916 (aged 26)
Donkeyman Joseph Cromwell Taylor Mercantile Marine30/06/1918 (aged 36)
Fireman and Trimmer Taylor Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 24)
Assistant Steward Malcolm Jardine Taylor Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 30)
Steward Minor Taylor Mercantile Marine27/07/1918 (aged 34)
Fifth Engineer Officer Murray Christopher Taylor Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 28)
Wardroom Attendant Percival John Taylor Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 21)
Able Seaman Robert Taylor Mercantile Marine21/02/1918 (aged 57)
Second Engineer Thomas Taylor Mercantile Marine24/08/1919 (aged 23)
Trimmer Thomas Taylor Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 25)
Assistant Cook Thomas Taylor ALIAS21/11/1916
Master Thomas Cook Taylor Mercantile Marine14/05/1918 (aged 45)
Able Seaman Thomas Henry Taylor Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 58)
Winchman Thomas John Taylor Mercantile Marine23/06/1917 (aged 31)
Wireless Operator William Taylor Mercantile Marine14/10/1917 (aged 21)
Sailor William George Taylor Mercantile Marine09/03/1915 (aged 25)
Greaser William Taylor Mercantile Marine28/11/1917 (aged 59)
Trimmer Joseph Edward Tear Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 23)
Chief Steward Herbert William Tebble Mercantile Marine23/10/1916 (aged 43)
Fireman Gaigitsu Tei Mercantile Marine19/07/1918 (aged 39)
Master Telford Mercantile Marine26/06/1916
Steward Thomas Butterwicke Telford Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 32)
Apprentice Frederick E. Temlett Mercantile Marine03/09/1917 (aged 16)
Trimmer John William Temple Mercantile Marine01/01/1920 (aged 19)
Fisherman John W. Temple Mercantile Marine19/11/1914 (aged 39)
Fireman William Temple Mercantile Marine09/12/1916 (aged 44)
Boatswain George Templeton Mercantile Marine27/01/1917 (aged 45)
Master Templeton Mercantile Marine17/03/1917
Able Seaman Thomas Templeton Mercantile Marine13/09/1918 (aged 62)
Assistant Steward William George James Tennant Mercantile Marine16/05/1917 (aged 16)
Donkeyman George Teodono Mercantile Marine26/06/1917 (aged 28)
Boatswain Tepsich Mercantile Marine15/01/1918 (aged 30)
Able Seaman Edward Terkman Mercantile Marine06/08/1918 (aged 40)
Fireman Terreyra Mercantile Marine10/12/1917
Apprentice Walter Joseph Terry Mercantile Marine01/05/1917 (aged 18)
Steward Emanuel Tester Mercantile Marine22/02/1917 (aged 61)
Second Mate Douglas Milne Tether Mercantile Marine12/04/1917 (aged 25)
Foreman Ernest Tetreault Mercantile Marine26/02/1917 (aged 38)
Seaman Frederick William Teviotdale Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 20)
Fourth Engineer Officer Alan Harwood Thatcher Mercantile Marine17/11/1916 (aged 21)
Fireman Walter Edward Thaxter Mercantile Marine26/02/1916 (aged 32)
Steward Alexander Theaker Mercantile Marine14/09/1914 (aged 54)
Sailor Dimitrios Theokaris Mercantile Marine03/08/1917 (aged 24)
Sailor George Theotheris Mercantile Marine08/03/1916 (aged 24)
Able Seaman Joseph Edward Edmund Theriault Mercantile Marine28/04/1918 (aged 32)
Fireman Peter Johan Thijsen Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 23)
Master Alfred Frederick Thistlethwaite Mercantile Marine22/07/1917
Greaser and Fireman John Thobinson ALIAS11/04/1918
Second Engineer William Thom Mercantile Marine21/08/1915 (aged 50)
Deck Hand Alfred Thomas Mercantile Marine15/03/1916 (aged 29)
Second Engineer Alfred William Thomas Mercantile Marine12/03/1917 (aged 29)
Donkeyman Dan Thomas Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 59)
Second Mate Daniel Thomas Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 26)
Horseman Daniel P. Thomas Mercantile Marine28/10/1916 (aged 34)
Lamps and Able Seaman David Thomas Mercantile Marine07/04/1918 (aged 68)
Apprentice David Archibald Thomas Mercantile Marine09/04/1917 (aged 19)
Fourth Engineer Officer Edward Thomas Mercantile Marine07/01/1918 (aged 21)
Sailor Edward Thomas Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 21)
Pilot Edward William Thomas Mercantile Marine21/09/1918 (aged 56)
Able Seaman Ethelbert Thomas Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 35)
First Mate Evan Lewis Thomas Mercantile Marine31/03/1918 (aged 32)
Mate Francis Gerald Thomas Mercantile Marine08/06/1918 (aged 38)
Trimmer George Thomas Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 18)
Fireman and Trimmer George Thomas Mercantile Marine10/06/1917 (aged 49)
Trimmer George Thomas Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 29)
Assistant Officers' Steward George Henry Thomas Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 21)
Fireman George Lavina Thomas Mercantile Marine06/02/1917 (aged 18)
Second Mate Griffith Henry Thomas Mercantile Marine05/06/1917 (aged 34)
Second Mate Harold Fred Thomas Mercantile Marine09/11/1915 (aged 28)
Able Seaman Henry Thomas Mercantile Marine11/06/1918 (aged 19)
Able Seaman Henry Lewis Thomas Mercantile Marine22/05/1918 (aged 40)
Carpenter Hugh Thomas Mercantile Marine17/11/1916 (aged 19)
Fireman Thomas Mercantile Marine13/08/1915
Third Engineer Idris Percy Thomas Mercantile Marine12/05/1917 (aged 27)
Ship's Cook James Thomas Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 53)
Steward James Bird Thomas Mercantile Marine06/08/1918 (aged 50)
First Mate James Parry Thomas Mercantile Marine08/02/1917 (aged 43)
Able Seaman Joe Thomas Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 33)
Fireman John Thomas Mercantile Marine23/03/1917 (aged 25)
Master John Newton Thomas Mercantile Marine28/02/1917 (aged 34)
Carpenter Johnnie Owen Thomas Mercantile Marine29/04/1918 (aged 20)
Ship's Cook Joseph Thomas Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 45)
Fireman and Trimmer Thomas Mercantile Marine05/04/1918 (aged 27)
Able Seaman Kenneth Albert Thomas Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 21)
Fireman Leonard Thomas Mercantile Marine09/06/1917 (aged 36)
Stoker Owen Thomas Mercantile Marine17/11/1915 (aged 55)
Sailor Richard Thomas Mercantile Marine22/03/1918
Deck Boy Richard Thomas Mercantile Marine17/11/1915 (aged 16)
Boatswain Robert Thomas Mercantile Marine27/11/1917 (aged 48)
Greaser Robert Thomas Mercantile Marine10/10/1918 (aged 35)
Fireman Robert Thomas Mercantile Marine23/03/1917 (aged 51)
Third Engineer Robert Pendrill Thomas Mercantile Marine30/07/1918 (aged 30)
Trimmer Simon Henry Thomas Mercantile Marine22/09/1914 (aged 46)
Chief Engineer Thomas Charles Thomas Mercantile Marine16/07/1918
Engineer Thomas Owen Thomas Mercantile Marine02/04/1918 (aged 28)
Second Mate Titus James Thomas Mercantile Marine20/10/1916 (aged 26)
Fireman Tom Thomas Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 22)
Second Engineer Walter Thomas Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 55)
Boatswain William Thomas Mercantile Marine17/11/1916 (aged 50)
First Engineer William Thomas Mercantile Marine20/07/1917 (aged 36)
Fireman William Thomas Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 26)
Mess Room Steward William Thomas Mercantile Marine18/04/1917 (aged 16)
Assistant Steward William Thomas ALIAS16/05/1917
Storekeeper William Thomas Mercantile Marine24/05/1917 (aged 33)
Waiter William Henry Thomas Mercantile Marine27/03/1917 (aged 27)
Ordinary Seaman William John Thomas Mercantile Marine21/09/1918 (aged 17)
Second Mate William Richard Thomas Mercantile Marine24/08/1917 (aged 33)
Fireman Albert Sydney Thompson Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 30)
Seaman Alexander Thompson Mercantile Marine26/12/1914 (aged 31)
Apprentice Alwin Thompson Mercantile Marine26/12/1914 (aged 20)
Able Seaman Charles Thompson Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 59)
Fourth Engineer Officer Charles Hall Thompson Mercantile Marine10/12/1917 (aged 20)
Carpenter Charles Herbert Thompson Mercantile Marine05/04/1916 (aged 27)
Deck Hand Charles William Thompson Mercantile Marine28/04/1915 (aged 27)
Able Seaman Thompson Mercantile Marine16/04/1915 (aged 45)
Master Fred W. Thompson Mercantile Marine20/10/1916 (aged 31)
Master Thompson Mercantile Marine04/08/1917
Trimmer George Thompson Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 16)
Assistant Steward George Edward Thompson Mercantile Marine28/11/1917 (aged 15)
Cook and Steward George James Thompson Mercantile Marine15/04/1915 (aged 36)
Third Engineer George Jefferson Thompson Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 25)
First Engineer George Rennie Thompson Mercantile Marine21/05/1917 (aged 31)
Ordinary Seaman Harold Edwin Thompson Mercantile Marine26/07/1917 (aged 16)
Master Harry Thompson Mercantile Marine09/01/1919 (aged 32)
Seaman Harry W. Thompson Mercantile Marine03/01/1918 (aged 25)
Fireman Henry Thompson Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 29)
Chief Engineer James Thompson Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 71)
Greaser James Thompson Mercantile Marine05/04/1916 (aged 55)
Cook James Thompson Mercantile Marine01/03/1919 (aged 41)
Trimmer John Thompson Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 23)
Donkeyman John Thompson Mercantile Marine26/06/1917 (aged 33)
Able Seaman John Thompson Mercantile Marine09/09/1918 (aged 17)
Second Engineer John Banks Thompson Mercantile Marine01/01/1920 (aged 24)
Third Hand John William Thompson Mercantile Marine29/09/1914 (aged 31)
Second Engineer Johnson Cyril Thompson Mercantile Marine08/06/1918 (aged 34)
Ship's Cook Jos Thompson Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 56)
Able Seaman Joseph George Thompson Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 36)
Able Seaman Thompson Mercantile Marine26/12/1914 (aged 34)
2nd Steward Thompson Mercantile Marine28/01/1917
Second Engineer Thompson Mercantile Marine04/03/1915 (aged 50)
First Engineer Leonard Dobson Thompson Mercantile Marine12/11/1915 (aged 46)
Trimmer Michael Thompson Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 20)
Deck Hand Richard Henry Thompson Mercantile Marine06/11/1915 (aged 38)
Greaser and Fireman Sam Thompson Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 32)
Third Engineer Samuel Armstrong Thompson Mercantile Marine14/06/1917 (aged 52)
Boatswain's Mate Thomas Thompson Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 40)
Fireman Thomas Thompson Mercantile Marine13/03/1917 (aged 24)
Cook Thomas Edward Thompson Mercantile Marine06/05/1915 (aged 49)
Second Engineer Thomas Rowland Thompson Mercantile Marine09/10/1917 (aged 60)
Boatswain Walter Thompson Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 51)
Chief Engineer Walter Thompson Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 56)
Fourth Engineer Officer William Ernest Thompson Mercantile Marine06/07/1915 (aged 21)
Fourth Hand William Lionel Thompson Mercantile Marine23/02/1916
Fourth Engineer Officer William Softley Thompson Mercantile Marine01/03/1918 (aged 19)
Able Seaman Thompson Mercantile Marine21/02/1918
Third Mate Alexander Thomson Mercantile Marine28/10/1916 (aged 28)
Able Seaman Alexander John Thomson Mercantile Marine29/09/1918 (aged 22)
Ordinary Seaman Archibald Mclean Thomson Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 16)
Skipper Charles Thomson Mercantile Marine05/02/1917 (aged 35)
Fireman and Trimmer Charles Thomson Mercantile Marine17/09/1918 (aged 42)
Apprentice Clifford Hampson Thomson Mercantile Marine01/02/1918 (aged 18)
Chief Engineer David Thomson Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 52)
Assistant Steward David Thomson Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 24)
Second Engineer James Thomson Mercantile Marine24/04/1918 (aged 62)
Third Engineer John Young Thomson Mercantile Marine01/09/1918 (aged 25)
First Engineer Oswald Thomson Mercantile Marine30/01/1915 (aged 51)
Able Seaman Robert Greig Thomson Mercantile Marine23/10/1916 (aged 23)
Ordinary Seaman Thomas Thomson Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 21)
Able Seaman Thomas Thomson Mercantile Marine25/08/1917 (aged 64)
Third Hand Tom Hoy Thomson Mercantile Marine30/11/1915 (aged 55)
Apprentice William Thomson Mercantile Marine09/10/1916 (aged 18)
Ship's Cook William Thomson Mercantile Marine09/06/1918 (aged 29)
Chief Refrigerator Engineer Samuel Thorburn Mercantile Marine22/08/1917 (aged 23)
Deck Hand Chris Thorgrimsen Mercantile Marine10/09/1920 (aged 36)
Carpenter Thomas Andrea Thorkildsen Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 43)
1st Class Waiter Alfred Richard Thorn Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 49)
Fireman Thorn Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 31)
Cook George Henry Thorn Mercantile Marine09/07/1917 (aged 54)
Able Seaman Archibald George Thorne Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 29)
Mess Room Steward William George Thorne Mercantile Marine02/02/1918 (aged 17)
Fireman Prince Albert Thornhill Mercantile Marine18/02/1917 (aged 39)
Bed Steward William Gabbert Thornhill Mercantile Marine18/06/1918 (aged 33)
Fireman Thomas Thornsen Mercantile Marine23/12/1915
Sailor Albert Thornton Mercantile Marine17/09/1918 (aged 28)
Deck Hand Arthur J. Thornton Mercantile Marine01/02/1915 (aged 23)
First Engineer James Foulder Thornton Mercantile Marine17/10/1915 (aged 33)
Third Engineer Richard Thornton Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 24)
Able Seaman Robert Thornton Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 45)
Second Engineer John Thorp Mercantile Marine26/12/1914 (aged 51)
Mate Matthew John Thorp Mercantile Marine25/03/1915 (aged 57)
Sailor Edward Henry Thorrington Mercantile Marine24/03/1916 (aged 30)
Fireman Thomas Threlfall Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 31)
Skipper Ernest Stookes Thrower Mercantile Marine26/01/1915 (aged 42)
Steward Carl Ludwig Thulin Mercantile Marine25/08/1917 (aged 61)
Ordinary Seaman William James Thundow Mercantile Marine13/06/1917 (aged 17)
First Mate Thomas Anthony Thwaite Mercantile Marine26/06/1918 (aged 36)
Apprentice Joseph Nott Thwaites Mercantile Marine05/04/1918 (aged 17)
Sailor Peter John Tibbo Mercantile Marine30/04/1917 (aged 19)
Fireman and Trimmer Richard Tibbo Mercantile Marine09/09/1915 (aged 34)
Fireman Cornelis Tiele Mercantile Marine21/05/1917 (aged 20)
Able Seaman Michael Tiernan Mercantile Marine11/12/1915 (aged 32)
Apprentice Ed Brendon Tierney Mercantile Marine13/06/1917
Fireman and Trimmer Thomas Charles Tierney Mercantile Marine11/06/1918 (aged 19)
General Servant John William Valentine Tilby Mercantile Marine09/11/1917 (aged 19)
Fireman Francis Tildsley Mercantile Marine26/06/1918
Second Mate John Edward Tilley Mercantile Marine29/01/1918 (aged 65)
Ship's Cook Percival Arthur Tilling Mercantile Marine01/08/1917 (aged 39)
Deck Hand John Edward Tillson Mercantile Marine22/09/1914 (aged 19)
Able Seaman John Matson Tillti Mercantile Marine02/10/1918 (aged 58)
First Mate Hugh Tilsley Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 43)
Deck Hand Edward Timby Mercantile Marine10/09/1920 (aged 17)
Skipper Edward Besford Timby Mercantile Marine10/09/1920
Skipper Timmath Mercantile Marine16/10/1915
Fireman Timmerman Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 41)
Trimmer Emmanuel Timothy Mercantile Marine05/03/1918 (aged 21)
Fireman Tinchin Mercantile Marine23/12/1918 (aged 32)
Third Hand John Tindale Mercantile Marine22/05/1915 (aged 37)
Second Fisherman Frank Tindall Mercantile Marine15/12/1918 (aged 34)
Sailor John William Tindall Mercantile Marine02/04/1917 (aged 27)
Fireman Dominik Tineich Mercantile Marine01/09/1918 (aged 35)
Mate Robert Tinmouth Mercantile Marine31/01/1917 (aged 56)
Second Engineer James Tinn Mercantile Marine04/08/1917 (aged 49)
Craneman James Tinney Mercantile Marine06/09/1917 (aged 41)
First Engineer Albert Tippet Mercantile Marine07/06/1917 (aged 49)
Able Seaman Tmai Mercantile Marine10/01/1918 (aged 24)
Second Cook George M. Tobin Mercantile Marine22/08/1915 (aged 24)
Able Seaman Michael Tobin Mercantile Marine13/11/1917 (aged 55)
Fireman Sam Toby Mercantile Marine09/07/1917 (aged 26)
Fireman and Trimmer Tom Toby Mercantile Marine08/11/1916 (aged 28)
Fireman Tom Toby Mercantile Marine23/05/1918 (aged 29)
Fireman and Trimmer Tom Toby Mercantile Marine22/04/1918 (aged 24)
Mess Room Steward Alfonso Todd Mercantile Marine19/03/1918 (aged 16)
Second Hand Charles Cornelius Todd Mercantile Marine08/07/1919 (aged 43)
First Engineer George Herbert Todd Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 34)
Ordinary Seaman John Todd Mercantile Marine26/12/1914 (aged 17)
First Engineer Robert Fraser Todd Mercantile Marine07/07/1918 (aged 62)
Fireman and Trimmer Thomas Mcquilty Todd Mercantile Marine14/03/1917 (aged 31)
First Engineer William Kearsley Todd Mercantile Marine09/12/1916 (aged 48)
Second Mate Nelson Victor Todman Mercantile Marine30/01/1915 (aged 27)
Able Seaman Toft Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 25)
Boatswain Tokunaga Mercantile Marine10/01/1918 (aged 25)
Fireman John Tollo Mercantile Marine14/06/1917
Fireman Joseph William Tolmey Mercantile Marine16/08/1917 (aged 28)
Steward James Tolmie Mercantile Marine08/05/1917 (aged 26)
Fireman Tom Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 30)
Fireman and Trimmer James Patrick Toman Mercantile Marine14/10/1917 (aged 24)
Sailor John Tamby Mercantile Marine04/12/1917 (aged 25)
Able Seaman George Tomlinson Mercantile Marine03/03/1918 (aged 19)
Fireman Henry Sylvester Tomlinson Mercantile Marine29/09/1917 (aged 23)
Apprentice Cecil William Toms Mercantile Marine14/04/1918 (aged 19)
Trimmer Frank Herbert Toms Mercantile Marine26/02/1918 (aged 17)
Steward Thomas Alfred Toner Mercantile Marine19/07/1917 (aged 24)
Carpenter William Toner Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 64)
Carpenter Tongi Mercantile Marine13/02/1917 (aged 29)
Fireman Tonkies Mercantile Marine27/01/1917 (aged 21)
Fireman Francis Tonna Mercantile Marine19/08/1917 (aged 27)
Steward Thomas Tonnison Mercantile Marine25/02/1916 (aged 53)
Boatswain Charles Toogood Mercantile Marine26/03/1916 (aged 49)
First Mate Francis Edward Toogood Mercantile Marine05/04/1918 (aged 23)
Steward Henry James Toogood Mercantile Marine21/11/1916 (aged 48)
Second Engineer James Toomath Mercantile Marine06/05/1918 (aged 29)
Mess Room Steward Thomas Henry Toose ALIAS24/10/1916
Fireman Topas Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 24)
Donkeyman James Topp Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 48)
Second Mate Leonard Richard John Topp Mercantile Marine24/03/1916 (aged 20)
Deck Hand George Topple Mercantile Marine17/10/1915 (aged 35)
Fireman Otto Torbensen Mercantile Marine20/01/1917 (aged 27)
Assistant Cook Sam Torborh Mercantile Marine28/11/1917 (aged 27)
Greaser John Torbotoh Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 27)
Greaser Toriello Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 26)
First Mate Laurens Torkildson Mercantile Marine16/09/1917 (aged 30)
Master James Clement Torkilson Mercantile Marine22/02/1918 (aged 42)
Greaser John Touliatos Mercantile Marine23/10/1916 (aged 33)
Donkeyman Frederick Toulson Mercantile Marine28/04/1918 (aged 42)
Fireman Tow Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 26)
First Engineer Louis Ormston Toward Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 43)
Cook John Alexander Towers Mercantile Marine13/03/1918 (aged 35)
Wireless Operator Thomas Towler Mercantile Marine29/03/1918 (aged 27)
Boatswain Charles William Townend Mercantile Marine27/03/1917 (aged 50)
Assistant Cook Albert Edward Townrow Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 18)
Fourth Engineer Officer Harry Townsend Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 18)
Boatswain Townsend Mercantile Marine14/04/1917 (aged 54)
Cadet Townsend Mercantile Marine19/11/1917
Able Seaman John Toye Mercantile Marine29/09/1917 (aged 52)
Quartermaster Arthur Toynbee Mercantile Marine28/11/1917 (aged 23)
Able Seaman William Tozer Mercantile Marine15/07/1917 (aged 53)
Skipper William Henry Tozer Mercantile Marine18/07/1915
Steward George William Tracey Mercantile Marine29/12/1916 (aged 44)
Master Tracey Mercantile Marine07/10/1917
Fireman Michael Tracy Mercantile Marine13/03/1917 (aged 35)
First Engineer James Trafford Mercantile Marine07/12/1915 (aged 55)
Fireman Dominico Constantine Trapanese Mercantile Marine19/04/1917 (aged 21)
Fireman Trapanese Mercantile Marine13/08/1915
Able Seaman Richard Henry Trapnell Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 22)
Able Seaman Francis Travers Mercantile Marine03/12/1917 (aged 38)
Second Engineer Jonas Travers Mercantile Marine06/02/1917 (aged 27)
Master John Travis Mercantile Marine05/05/1917
Fireman and Trimmer Traynor Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 29)
Assistant Steward Edward Traynor Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 52)
Trimmer Phillip Henry Traynor Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 28)
Fireman and Trimmer Thomas Traynor Mercantile Marine12/12/1916 (aged 53)
Steward Hugh Treacy Mercantile Marine18/12/1917 (aged 46)
Chief Engineer William Bruce Treasurer Mercantile Marine12/11/1915 (aged 45)
Steward Eli Trenchard Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 31)
Greaser William Treston Mercantile Marine20/02/1918 (aged 48)
Third Mate Alfred Norman Trevor Mercantile Marine15/11/1916 (aged 23)
Steward John Bell Trewren Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 31)
Fireman and Trimmer Tribe Mercantile Marine23/03/1917 (aged 33)
Steward Tricker Mercantile Marine09/11/1915
Fireman and Trimmer Dennis Trodden Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 36)
Chief Engineer Daniel Troland Mercantile Marine20/02/1916 (aged 40)
Fireman James Troland Mercantile Marine20/02/1916 (aged 18)
Waiter Edgar Robert Henry Troon Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 41)
Ordinary Seaman Trott Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 16)
Deck Hand Harry Trotter Mercantile Marine04/09/1920 (aged 23)
Chief Engineer Alexander G. Troup Mercantile Marine11/02/1917 (aged 48)
Fireman and Trimmer Troy Mercantile Marine30/04/1917
Apprentice Ronald Howard Trubshaw Mercantile Marine06/05/1918 (aged 15)
Skipper John William Truefitt Mercantile Marine21/11/1914 (aged 41)
Wireless Operator Arthur Charles Truman Mercantile Marine07/09/1917 (aged 31)
Able Seaman John Tsantaius Mercantile Marine13/03/1918 (aged 21)
Quartermaster N. Samali Tsumagari Mercantile Marine09/05/1917 (aged 23)
Carpenter Tuaminen Mercantile Marine17/02/1917 (aged 26)
Skipper Albert Henry Tucker Mercantile Marine13/02/1917 (aged 42)
Fireman and Trimmer James Tucker Mercantile Marine30/08/1917 (aged 35)
Fireman Joe Tucker Mercantile Marine28/03/1915 (aged 25)
Second Mate John Henry Tucker Mercantile Marine20/10/1917 (aged 33)
Muleteer Otis Tucker Mercantile Marine14/12/1916
Able Seaman Richard Tucker Mercantile Marine23/05/1917 (aged 32)
Fireman Tommy Tucker Mercantile Marine13/03/1917 (aged 25)
Fireman Vincent Berryman Tucker Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 32)
Chief Steward John Tudor Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 53)
Fireman William Henry Tudor Mercantile Marine17/03/1917 (aged 40)
Donkeyman Thomas Tuite Mercantile Marine14/10/1918 (aged 21)
Second Officer Henry Alfred Tuke Mercantile Marine05/03/1918 (aged 25)
Assistant Steward James Tulley Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 17)
Second Engineer Edwin Tully Mercantile Marine13/02/1917 (aged 44)
Steward Thomas Francis Tully Mercantile Marine21/11/1916 (aged 38)
Cook Arthur Elijah Tungate Mercantile Marine20/05/1915 (aged 54)
Assistant Steward Victor George Tunks-Clarke Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 33)
Deck Boy William Tunstall Mercantile Marine05/04/1916 (aged 15)
Donkeyman Michael Tuohy Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 54)
Fireman and Trimmer Edward Tuomi Mercantile Marine24/10/1916 (aged 36)
Master Tupman Mercantile Marine09/07/1917
Cattleman Albert Turkington Mercantile Marine12/08/1915 (aged 22)
Fourth Engineer Officer George Turnbull Mercantile Marine24/05/1917 (aged 21)
Fireman and Trimmer George Turnbull Mercantile Marine25/12/1914 (aged 47)
First Engineer James Luther Turnbull Mercantile Marine05/04/1917 (aged 29)
Second Engineer John Turnbull Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 33)
Third Engineer William Turnbull Mercantile Marine04/09/1918 (aged 24)
Master William Turnbull Mercantile Marine19/09/1917 (aged 43)
Able Seaman Albert Turner Mercantile Marine15/06/1915 (aged 21)
Able Seaman Albert Levy Turner Mercantile Marine23/06/1916 (aged 36)
7th Engineer Albert Victor Turner Mercantile Marine08/06/1917 (aged 18)
Second Officer Alfred Edward Turner Mercantile Marine19/04/1917 (aged 30)
Apprentice Arthur Glendenning Turner Mercantile Marine27/04/1917 (aged 17)
Third Mate Benjamin Harold Turner Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 40)
Fireman and Trimmer Emmanuel Salvator Turner Mercantile Marine28/01/1917 (aged 21)
First Engineer George Turner Mercantile Marine15/08/1919 (aged 30)
Second Engineer Harold Ernest Turner Mercantile Marine30/12/1915 (aged 43)
Deck Hand James William Turner Mercantile Marine14/09/1914 (aged 31)
Fireman John Turner Mercantile Marine02/03/1918 (aged 27)
Trimmer Joseph Turner Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 17)
Trimmer Miller Turner Mercantile Marine05/09/1914 (aged 39)
Third Hand Robert Arthur Turner Mercantile Marine10/09/1914 (aged 28)
Third Engineer Roderick George Clunis Turner Mercantile Marine04/08/1917 (aged 21)
Trimmer Samuel John Turner Mercantile Marine19/07/1918 (aged 15)
Second Engineer William Turner Lighthouse and Pilotage Authorities28/12/1917
Fireman William Turner Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 31)
Steward William Thomas Turner Mercantile Marine24/08/1918 (aged 27)
Able Seaman Joseph Turnley Mercantile Marine15/03/1917
Donkeyman Turpie Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 56)
Cook Turrell Mercantile Marine13/02/1917
Seaman Thomas William Turvey Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 20)
Spare Hand John Tutcher Mercantile Marine01/06/1918 (aged 50)
Skipper William John Tuttle Mercantile Marine09/11/1914
Able Seaman Alfred George Twaits Mercantile Marine29/12/1916 (aged 25)
Master Tweedie Mercantile Marine16/07/1917
Greaser and Fireman Robert Tweedley Mercantile Marine22/08/1918 (aged 29)
Second Mate Thomas Tweedy Mercantile Marine03/03/1919 (aged 48)
Fireman John Twomey Mercantile Marine13/11/1917 (aged 53)
Steward Patrick Twomey Mercantile Marine13/11/1917 (aged 33)
Donkeyman Timothy Twomey Mercantile Marine13/11/1917 (aged 70)
Fireman Timothy Twomey Mercantile Marine13/11/1917 (aged 34)
Able Seaman Thomas Twyford Mercantile Marine13/03/1918 (aged 32)
Chief Engineer Tyler Mercantile Marine16/04/1918 (aged 32)
Boatswain Edward Ernest Albert Tyler Mercantile Marine15/03/1917 (aged 31)
Boatswain and Lamps Frederick Tyler Mercantile Marine30/05/1919 (aged 34)
Steward Walter Tyler Mercantile Marine14/03/1916 (aged 37)
Scullion John Henry Tyrie Mercantile Marine09/11/1917 (aged 16)
Able Seaman Charles Tyrrell Mercantile Marine09/10/1916 (aged 27)
Boy George Tyrrell Mercantile Marine10/11/1917 (aged 18)
Able Seaman Axel Tysell Mercantile Marine24/04/1918
Able Seaman Mankichi Uchida Mercantile Marine24/09/1917
Fireman Uchida Mercantile Marine11/12/1917 (aged 23)
Seaman Schachi Uchida Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 19)
Fireman and Trimmer Uchimira Mercantile Marine10/01/1918 (aged 26)
First Engineer Robert Udall Mercantile Marine05/02/1917 (aged 43)
Donkeyman Arthur Ullathorne Mercantile Marine02/04/1916 (aged 47)
Able Seaman James Robert Umphray Mercantile Marine25/12/1914 (aged 25)
Boatswain Albert Edward Underwood Mercantile Marine14/12/1919 (aged 48)
Able Seaman Undu Mercantile Marine15/11/1916 (aged 33)
Steward Charles William Upcraft Mercantile Marine09/04/1917 (aged 62)
Carpenter Wilhelm Upman Mercantile Marine11/11/1915 (aged 23)
Sailor Charles Frederick Upton Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 19)
Second Mate Ura Mercantile Marine28/07/1915 (aged 29)
Quartermaster Alexander Ure Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 32)
Fireman and Trimmer Angel Uria Mercantile Marine04/04/1915 (aged 44)
Able Seaman Patrick Uriel Mercantile Marine18/09/1917 (aged 22)
Able Seaman Alexander Urquhart Mercantile Marine29/06/1915 (aged 25)
Able Seaman and Boatswain Arthur Urquhart Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 52)
Fireman James Urquhart Mercantile Marine16/08/1917 (aged 35)
Pilot Thomas Edward Urquhart Mercantile Marine26/09/1915 (aged 57)
Fireman and Trimmer Lucio Angelo Urresti Mercantile Marine18/05/1917 (aged 30)
Steward Usher Mercantile Marine19/03/1917 (aged 15)
Assistant Steward James Nevil Usher Mercantile Marine13/08/1915
Wireless Operator William Joseph Edgenton Usher Mercantile Marine26/01/1917 (aged 21)
Fireman and Trimmer Robay Uski Mercantile Marine20/04/1917 (aged 25)
Sailor Frederick Uta Mercantile Marine24/06/1918 (aged 24)
Mate Albert Utting Mercantile Marine19/11/1914 (aged 32)
Fourth Hand Austin Harold Hammond Utting Mercantile Marine26/01/1915 (aged 31)
Able Seaman George Uwins Mercantile Marine22/02/1917 (aged 35)
Able Seaman Maritsune Uyeda Mercantile Marine17/01/1918 (aged 23)
Sailor Johan Vaagbo Mercantile Marine24/08/1919 (aged 17)
Fireman and Trimmer Frank Valentine Mercantile Marine04/02/1917 (aged 35)
Master John Valentine Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 49)
Able Seaman Rees Valentine Mercantile Marine27/03/1917 (aged 48)
3rd Steward Henry Valks Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 18)
Fireman James Valledy Mercantile Marine02/12/1917 (aged 27)
Able Seaman Valliano Mercantile Marine04/08/1917 (aged 53)
Master Thomas Vallint Mercantile Marine22/02/1917 (aged 41)
Donkeyman Vallos Mercantile Marine15/11/1916
Seaman Van Aalst Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 50)
Donkeyman Van Briggin Mercantile Marine19/11/1917 (aged 31)
Able Seaman Alexander Vance Mercantile Marine05/04/1918 (aged 24)
Assistant Storekeeper Walter French Vance Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 24)
Able Seaman Van Cleef Mercantile Marine29/11/1915 (aged 34)
Assistant Steward Reginald Stanley Van De Groot Mercantile Marine26/06/1918 (aged 18)
Fireman and Trimmer Van Den Buelcke Mercantile Marine13/02/1917 (aged 34)
Horseman Vandenheuval Mercantile Marine12/08/1915 (aged 55)
Horseman Jean Vandenheuval Mercantile Marine12/08/1915 (aged 26)
Fireman Van De Put Mercantile Marine03/10/1918 (aged 28)
Fireman and Trimmer William Van Der Donker Mercantile Marine10/06/1918 (aged 31)
Fireman and Trimmer Arie Van Der Harst Mercantile Marine28/02/1916 (aged 34)
Seaman Van Der Heyden Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 25)
Fireman and Trimmer Gysbertus Van Der Jagt Mercantile Marine23/08/1917 (aged 30)
Seaman Hendrik Van Der Linden Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 19)
Ship's Cook Hans Van Der Meir Mercantile Marine21/06/1918 (aged 28)
Fireman Arie Van Der Neut Mercantile Marine03/10/1918 (aged 24)
Seaman Johannes Cornelis Van Der Pluym Mercantile Marine07/06/1917
Mate Johannes Van Der Wiele Mercantile Marine29/09/1914 (aged 28)
Fireman George Vangelete Mercantile Marine12/06/1917 (aged 26)
Third Baker Anton Van Gijtenbeek Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 21)
Able Seaman Van Herman Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 19)
Fireman Peter I. Van Klanders Mercantile Marine31/07/1917 (aged 26)
Ship's Chief Cook Nicolaus Comelio Van Munnekrede Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 33)
Steward Augustine Antonio Antonette Van Noey Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 27)
Sailor Van Rossen Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 56)
Fireman and Trimmer Van Shelven Mercantile Marine14/06/1917 (aged 34)
Storekeeper Gysbertus Hendrikus Van Teeffelen Mercantile Marine05/06/1917 (aged 24)
Fireman Franck Van Tichelt Mercantile Marine03/09/1917 (aged 32)
Able Seaman Stanley Vantier Mercantile Marine11/12/1917 (aged 38)
Carpenter Jan Van Vliet Mercantile Marine24/03/1916 (aged 32)
Fireman and Trimmer Aart Van Weelde Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 22)
Fireman Van Wingerden Mercantile Marine29/11/1915 (aged 47)
Greaser Van Zante Mercantile Marine19/09/1917 (aged 47)
Able Seaman Johannes W. Van Zijl Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 19)
Sailor Varia Mercantile Marine05/04/1916
Steward Thomas Henry Varley Mercantile Marine04/02/1918 (aged 46)
Able Seaman Thomas Edmund Varney Mercantile Marine21/04/1917 (aged 24)
Fireman and Trimmer Georgios Vasilion Mercantile Marine29/01/1918 (aged 45)
Fireman Jose Vasquez Mercantile Marine21/10/1915 (aged 30)
Fireman Dimitrio Vassilion Mercantile Marine01/06/1915 (aged 20)
Able Seaman Georgio Vasulez Mercantile Marine06/12/1917
Fireman Lazarus Vathis Mercantile Marine09/04/1917 (aged 39)
Seaman James Henry Vaughan Mercantile Marine08/11/1916 (aged 36)
2nd Steward Vaughan Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 32)
Master Thomas Stephen Veail Mercantile Marine24/03/1916 (aged 60)
Fireman's Boy Vivian Roy Veale Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 15)
Purser Archibald Veall Mercantile Marine19/09/1918 (aged 41)
Apprentice Arthur William Vear Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 18)
Seaman Charles Veasey Mercantile Marine08/11/1916 (aged 18)
Sailor Velasquez Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 21)
Steward Paolo Vella Mercantile Marine06/02/1918 (aged 46)
Second Engineer Alfred Thomas Veness Mercantile Marine10/08/1918 (aged 43)
Fireman and Trimmer Ventoso Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 28)
Fireman Jose Vera Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 42)
Fireman Jose Morata Vera Mercantile Marine04/04/1917
Second Cook Jan Willem Verburg Mercantile Marine24/02/1917 (aged 21)
Apprentice Harry Reginald Vercoe Mercantile Marine15/09/1918 (aged 19)
Sculleryman Francis Verdin Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 24)
Deck Hand James Vereker Mercantile Marine07/07/1915 (aged 21)
Chief Steward Henry Verge Mercantile Marine26/06/1918 (aged 49)
Fireman Cornelis Verhagen Mercantile Marine21/05/1917 (aged 21)
Able Seaman Pieter Verheuvel Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 25)
Able Seaman Ferdinand Chares Verlent Mercantile Marine13/02/1917 (aged 30)
Second Engineer Daniel Vernal Mercantile Marine21/10/1918 (aged 25)
Third Cook James Vernon Mercantile Marine30/05/1918 (aged 26)
Ship's Cook Francois Ferdinand Verrept Mercantile Marine17/03/1917 (aged 34)
Assistant Steward Christopher Thomas Verrinder Mercantile Marine13/07/1918 (aged 18)
Fireman Verrydt Mercantile Marine13/02/1917 (aged 33)
Greaser Henry Verschaeren Mercantile Marine01/05/1917 (aged 45)
Donkeyman Robert Versey Mercantile Marine18/07/1915 (aged 55)
Able Seaman Versmall Mercantile Marine13/02/1917 (aged 40)
Donkeyman Alphonse Vicario Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 48)
Fireman Anthony Vickers Mercantile Marine24/11/1917 (aged 25)
Apprentice George Alexander Vickerstaff Mercantile Marine26/08/1917 (aged 16)
Steward Edgar George Vickery Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 53)
Ship's Cook David Victor Mercantile Marine17/05/1917 (aged 30)
Fireman Eugene Victor Mercantile Marine20/04/1917 (aged 18)
Deck Hand Victorias Mercantile Marine06/08/1918
Fireman Louis Victoriski Mercantile Marine20/04/1917 (aged 46)
Donkeyman Emmanuele Vidolich Mercantile Marine01/02/1916 (aged 42)
Fireman John James Viggor ALIAS01/03/1917
Fireman Henry Vile Mercantile Marine04/09/1918 (aged 29)
Fireman and Trimmer William Charles Vile Mercantile Marine14/12/1916 (aged 32)
Sailor Marcelo Vilvar Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 25)
Mess Room Steward Albert Benjamin Vincent Mercantile Marine18/05/1917 (aged 17)
Third Hand Harold Vincent Mercantile Marine07/07/1915 (aged 20)
Engineer's Steward Harry Vincent Mercantile Marine16/04/1915 (aged 19)
Fireman John Owen Charles Vincent Mercantile Marine16/07/1917 (aged 28)
Officer's Steward 1st Class Walter Henry Vincent Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 17)
Fourth Engineer Officer Bertrand Spencer Vine Mercantile Marine05/04/1916 (aged 31)
Mate Frederick William Vine Mercantile Marine07/01/1917 (aged 32)
Mess Room Steward Vine ALIAS11/04/1917
Fireman and Trimmer James Viney Mercantile Marine28/02/1916 (aged 31)
2nd Steward Hubert Francis Vingoe Mercantile Marine23/10/1915 (aged 37)
Fireman and Trimmer Viniegra Mercantile Marine20/02/1917 (aged 35)
Ship's Cook Adrianus Vink Mercantile Marine04/10/1918 (aged 33)
Carpenter Vinton Mercantile Marine30/09/1917 (aged 56)
Fireman Virrugido ALIAS13/02/1917
First Engineer Oliver Virtue Mercantile Marine26/07/1917 (aged 31)
Mess Room Steward Arthur Thomas Vittle Mercantile Marine16/09/1918 (aged 18)
Surgeon Vivo Mercantile Marine28/06/1915
Greaser Nickolas Vladesco Mercantile Marine05/10/1918 (aged 42)
3rd Class Waiter Minas Vlasto Mercantile Marine20/07/1918 (aged 22)
Mess Room Steward Samuel Vogan Mercantile Marine05/10/1917 (aged 17)
Spare Hand George O. Von Dix Mercantile Marine23/12/1914 (aged 36)
Deck Hand Cuno Von Gfug Mercantile Marine08/11/1915 (aged 18)
Boatswain Francis Edward Alexander Nicoleff Morreno Von Kursacoff Mercantile Marine11/10/1917 (aged 43)
Ship's Cook Vos Mercantile Marine19/09/1918 (aged 31)
Trimmer James Vose Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 44)
Able Seaman William Voyle Mercantile Marine14/04/1918 (aged 66)
Sailor Wada Mercantile Marine17/11/1917 (aged 23)
Mess Room Steward John William Wade Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 23)
Greaser and Fireman John William Wadsworth Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 44)
Able Seaman John Wafer Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 24)
Able Seaman Wager Mercantile Marine21/06/1918 (aged 33)
Apprentice Arthur Archibald Waite Mercantile Marine25/08/1916 (aged 18)
Wireless Operator Waite Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 26)
Mess Room Steward Thomas Henry Waite Mercantile Marine24/10/1916 (aged 17)
Second Engineer William Wake Mercantile Marine14/02/1918 (aged 54)
Fourth Engineer Officer Wilmont E. Wakefield Mercantile Marine29/05/1918
Second Engineer Wakerley Mercantile Marine05/11/1915 (aged 23)
Donkeyman Joseph Wakerley Mercantile Marine27/05/1917 (aged 23)
Fireman Benjamin Henry Walden Mercantile Marine18/04/1918 (aged 32)
Second Mate Harold Eugene Montague Walden Mercantile Marine17/10/1916 (aged 29)
Seaman Waldes Mercantile Marine26/08/1917 (aged 36)
Second Hand Alfred Frederick Wales Mercantile Marine01/12/1918 (aged 34)
Steward George Ross Heron Wales Mercantile Marine01/12/1917 (aged 25)
Donkeyman Edward Charles Walford Mercantile Marine30/01/1915 (aged 35)
Greaser William Walford Mercantile Marine08/06/1917 (aged 54)
Second Mate Walkeden Mercantile Marine28/01/1917 (aged 26)
Fireman Albert Walker Mercantile Marine08/10/1917 (aged 41)
Boatswain Albert Edward Walker Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 40)
Sailor Andrew Walker Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 18)
Fireman Andrew Walker Mercantile Marine09/04/1916 (aged 39)
Galley Boy Christopher Fawcett Walker Mercantile Marine10/06/1918 (aged 17)
Third Engineer David Walker Mercantile Marine20/04/1916 (aged 26)
Fireman David Walker Mercantile Marine21/02/1917 (aged 37)
Second Cook Denis Walker Mercantile Marine27/02/1917 (aged 32)
Donkeyman Eli Walker Mercantile Marine03/12/1917 (aged 54)
First Engineer Walker Mercantile Marine14/10/1915 (aged 50)
Third Engineer Henry Walker Mercantile Marine17/11/1917 (aged 59)
Skipper James Walker Mercantile Marine04/09/1920
Steward James Walker Mercantile Marine19/08/1915 (aged 50)
Second Engineer James Carlow Walker Mercantile Marine15/08/1917 (aged 30)
Boatswain John Walker Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 44)
Mess Room Boy John Walker Mercantile Marine06/12/1917 (aged 21)
Fourth Engineer Officer John Maxwell Walker Mercantile Marine14/02/1918 (aged 25)
Fireman and Trimmer Walker Mercantile Marine11/11/1915 (aged 21)
Second Engineer Robert Walker Mercantile Marine13/10/1917 (aged 32)
Third Engineer Robert Walker Mercantile Marine14/10/1915 (aged 24)
Fireman Sam Walker Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 28)
Fireman Thomas Walker Mercantile Marine31/01/1917 (aged 47)
Trimmer Thomas Walker Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 21)
Trimmer Thomas William Walker Mercantile Marine29/09/1919 (aged 16)
Second Engineer William Dunn Walker Mercantile Marine14/10/1917 (aged 42)
Trimmer William Walker Mercantile Marine28/01/1917
Storekeeper William Salmon Walker Mercantile Marine16/09/1917 (aged 27)
Seaman Walker Mercantile Marine09/11/1915
Cook Alfred Walkington Mercantile Marine12/12/1917 (aged 41)
General Servant Arthur Stockwell Wall Mercantile Marine30/12/1915 (aged 21)
Master Christopher Wall Mercantile Marine29/03/1917 (aged 22)
Master Christopher Wall Mercantile Marine05/06/1917 (aged 62)
Muleteer Wall Mercantile Marine28/06/1915
Fireman James Wall Mercantile Marine18/12/1917 (aged 42)
Third Hand John Thomas Wall Mercantile Marine29/07/1919 (aged 37)
Fireman Patrick Wall Mercantile Marine18/12/1917
Steward Alfred Wallace Mercantile Marine17/11/1915 (aged 31)
Assistant Steward John Wallace Mercantile Marine13/03/1917 (aged 17)
Able Seaman Richard Wallace Mercantile Marine03/02/1917 (aged 49)
Fireman Simpson Longstaff Wallace Mercantile Marine28/03/1917 (aged 35)
Quartermaster William Wallace Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 37)
Sailor William Wallace Mercantile Marine14/04/1917 (aged 34)
Fireman and Trimmer William Wallace Mercantile Marine25/08/1917 (aged 35)
Able Seaman Edward Wallbank Mercantile Marine04/09/1915 (aged 24)
Seaman Wallgren Mercantile Marine21/07/1917 (aged 34)
Boatswain George Henry Wallington Mercantile Marine26/07/1917 (aged 47)
Steward Joseph Walmsley Mercantile Marine19/07/1917 (aged 23)
Ordinary Seaman Silas Walmsley Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 15)
Wireless Operator Tom Ernest Walmsley Mercantile Marine21/01/1918 (aged 24)
Carpenter John Edward Walroos Mercantile Marine31/03/1918 (aged 67)
Fireman Alfonsus Walsh Mercantile Marine07/03/1917 (aged 18)
Donkeyman Andrew Walsh Mercantile Marine28/12/1917 (aged 44)
Fireman Charles Walsh Mercantile Marine14/12/1917 (aged 37)
Seaman Walsh Mercantile Marine30/05/1918
Able Seaman Walsh Mercantile Marine08/02/1917 (aged 33)
Trimmer Francis Charles Walsh Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 16)
Chief Cook James Walsh Mercantile Marine26/03/1917 (aged 28)
Fireman Joe Walsh Mercantile Marine13/11/1917 (aged 33)
Fireman John Walsh Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 41)
Fireman John Walsh Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 42)
Cook John Walsh Mercantile Marine29/03/1917 (aged 17)
Sailor Martin Walsh Mercantile Marine01/03/1918 (aged 21)
Able Seaman Patrick Walsh Mercantile Marine18/12/1917 (aged 48)
Boy Patrick Walsh Mercantile Marine17/12/1917 (aged 15)
Skipper William Walsh Mercantile Marine17/12/1917
Able Seaman Walsh Mercantile Marine14/04/1917 (aged 50)
Mate Frank Edward Walters Mercantile Marine30/03/1916
Second Engineer James Walters Mercantile Marine03/03/1917 (aged 43)
Donkeyman Milward Walters Mercantile Marine13/04/1917 (aged 35)
Signal Boy Stephen Maitland Walters Mercantile Marine19/03/1918 (aged 16)
Deck Boy Thomas Robinson Walters Mercantile Marine25/07/1918 (aged 15)
Master Alexander Frederic Walton Mercantile Marine19/04/1917 (aged 54)
Second Saloon Chef George Edward Walton Mercantile Marine30/12/1915 (aged 36)
Fireman John Walton Mercantile Marine09/11/1917 (aged 27)
Second Engineer William Walton Mercantile Marine14/06/1917 (aged 53)
Second Engineer William Walton Mercantile Marine16/03/1917 (aged 29)
Pantry Steward Alexander Mcbride Wanless Mercantile Marine26/01/1917 (aged 26)
Master Wanless Mercantile Marine07/06/1917
Apprentice Robert Wanless Mercantile Marine18/05/1917 (aged 16)
Fireman Joseph Oliver Wann Mercantile Marine25/01/1918 (aged 32)
Fireman and Trimmer Claudius Barthelomens Wapenaar Mercantile Marine28/02/1916 (aged 31)
Fireman Nelson Napier Warans Mercantile Marine23/03/1916 (aged 25)
Mess Room Steward Hector Warburton Mercantile Marine18/04/1918 (aged 15)
Fireman Albert Edward Ward Mercantile Marine11/03/1917 (aged 39)
Able Seaman Alfred George Ward Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 28)
Driver I Alfred William Ward Mercantile Marine26/09/1915 (aged 41)
Apprentice Andrew Ward Mercantile Marine24/07/1915
Deck Hand James Devan Ward Mercantile Marine20/03/1915 (aged 48)
Seaman John Ward Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 20)
Fireman John Joseph Ward Mercantile Marine01/01/1917 (aged 32)
First Mate John Valentine Ward Mercantile Marine20/02/1918 (aged 55)
Second Engineer Joseph Ward Mercantile Marine16/07/1918 (aged 35)
Fireman Mich Ward Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 28)
Fireman Patrick Ward Mercantile Marine07/02/1917 (aged 48)
Master Sydney Stevens Ward Mercantile Marine18/05/1918 (aged 40)
Able Seaman Thomas Henry Ward Mercantile Marine27/10/1917 (aged 29)
Third Hand William Ward Mercantile Marine28/10/1914 (aged 16)
Second Hand Robert William Wardell Mercantile Marine05/11/1915 (aged 37)
Second Engineer John William Wardle Mercantile Marine10/04/1917 (aged 46)
Wireless Operator John Wardrop Mercantile Marine20/02/1918 (aged 19)
Second Engineer William Wards Mercantile Marine28/04/1918 (aged 36)
Deck Hand George Ware Mercantile Marine14/12/1919 (aged 18)
Fireman Ware Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 42)
Second Mate Percy Ware Mercantile Marine15/02/1915 (aged 26)
Second Engineer Walter Ware Mercantile Marine10/09/1914 (aged 27)
Fireman Richard Wareing Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 52)
Sailor John Wares Mercantile Marine23/10/1916 (aged 47)
Deck Hand Alfred Edgar Warman Mercantile Marine01/03/1919 (aged 31)
Able Seaman Walter Warman Mercantile Marine06/02/1918 (aged 38)
Seaman Frank H. Warner Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 18)
Second Engineer George Warner Mercantile Marine10/09/1920 (aged 45)
Mess Room Steward George Warner Mercantile Marine22/07/1917 (aged 24)
Cook James Edward Warner Mercantile Marine10/12/1917 (aged 51)
Deck Hand John Warr Mercantile Marine18/07/1915 (aged 48)
Second Engineer Arthur Herbert Warren Mercantile Marine26/10/1914 (aged 32)
Ordinary Seaman Daniel Warren Mercantile Marine04/10/1916 (aged 18)
Mess Room Steward David Stewart Warren Mercantile Marine20/12/1916 (aged 17)
Troop Cook Herbert Ernest Warren Mercantile Marine23/10/1915 (aged 45)
Fireman John Warren Mercantile Marine12/09/1917 (aged 45)
Fireman and Greaser Joseph Warren Mercantile Marine19/07/1917 (aged 31)
Fourth Engineer Officer Thomas James Warren Mercantile Marine26/05/1917 (aged 25)
3rd Steward William Warren Mercantile Marine10/10/1918 (aged 35)
Fireman and Trimmer Matter Warsama Mercantile Marine01/03/1918 (aged 27)
Carpenter Warstram Mercantile Marine11/03/1917 (aged 43)
Second Engineer John Warwick Mercantile Marine23/02/1920 (aged 43)
Fireman and Trimmer George Washington Mercantile Marine04/02/1917 (aged 32)
Trimmer George Washington Mercantile Marine23/05/1918
Fireman George Washington Mercantile Marine12/03/1917 (aged 29)
Fireman George Washington Mercantile Marine27/06/1917
Steward Cyril Waterfall Mercantile Marine18/08/1917 (aged 66)
Spare Hand John Thomas Waterman Mercantile Marine03/11/1916 (aged 24)
Ship's Cook Waters Mercantile Marine06/05/1917 (aged 33)
Third Hand George Waters Mercantile Marine03/10/1917
Muleteer Lloyd S. Waters Mercantile Marine14/12/1916 (aged 22)
Fireman Michael Waters Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 34)
Fireman and Trimmer Reginald Waters Mercantile Marine17/03/1917 (aged 42)
Wireless Operator Reginald Percy Waters Mercantile Marine19/11/1917 (aged 18)
Hawserman William Waters Mercantile Marine03/11/1914 (aged 36)
Greaser Jean Baptiste Wathy Mercantile Marine02/09/1915 (aged 49)
Steward Evan Herbert Watkin Mercantile Marine01/02/1915 (aged 49)
Fireman Thomas Watkin Mercantile Marine19/02/1918 (aged 36)
Mess Room Steward Watkins Mercantile Marine07/07/1918 (aged 17)
Chief Engineer Edgar John Watkins Mercantile Marine11/12/1917 (aged 36)
Ordinary Seaman Edwin Boradale Watkins Mercantile Marine22/01/1917 (aged 17)
Laundry Man John Watkins Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 36)
Mate Watkins Mercantile Marine02/10/1918
Donkeyman William Arthur Watkins Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 43)
Mess Room Steward William George Watkins Mercantile Marine04/08/1917 (aged 18)
Seaman Watkinson ALIAS17/10/1916
Second Hand James Robert Watkinson Mercantile Marine26/03/1916 (aged 41)
Third Engineer Albert Sidney Watson Mercantile Marine18/09/1917 (aged 39)
Leading Fireman Charles Watson Mercantile Marine13/08/1915 (aged 38)
Mate David Muir Watson Mercantile Marine13/10/1917 (aged 43)
Spare Hand Enoch Watson Mercantile Marine03/10/1914 (aged 23)
Third Hand Ernest Elijah Watson Mercantile Marine21/03/1917 (aged 26)
Sailor Frederick Watson Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 57)
Deck Hand Frederick James Watson Mercantile Marine28/06/1916 (aged 57)
Deck Hand George Watson Mercantile Marine24/07/1915 (aged 20)
Fireman and Trimmer George Watson Mercantile Marine07/09/1918 (aged 45)
Ship's Cook George Watson Mercantile Marine26/10/1914 (aged 37)
Fireman James Frederick Watson Mercantile Marine27/06/1916 (aged 38)
Fireman John Watson Mercantile Marine17/04/1917 (aged 34)
Fourth Hand John Albert Watson Mercantile Marine14/11/1919 (aged 25)
Second Engineman John George Watson Mercantile Marine01/12/1918 (aged 23)
First Engineer John Henry Watson Mercantile Marine27/03/1917 (aged 57)
Mate Joseph Watson Mercantile Marine21/08/1918 (aged 46)
Master Watson Mercantile Marine09/10/1917
Galley Boy Robert Watson Mercantile Marine21/04/1918 (aged 17)
Third Officer Robert Patrick Watson Mercantile Marine19/12/1917 (aged 21)
Sailor Thomas Henry Watson Mercantile Marine19/04/1917 (aged 31)
Able Seaman Watson Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 44)
Able Seaman Andrew Watt Mercantile Marine06/11/1915 (aged 53)
Trimmer David Watt Mercantile Marine19/07/1918 (aged 18)
Carpenter Jas Watt Mercantile Marine22/08/1918 (aged 63)
Boatswain Peter Watt Mercantile Marine29/03/1917 (aged 45)
Second Mate Thomas John Watt Mercantile Marine17/09/1918 (aged 61)
Ordinary Seaman William Watt Mercantile Marine26/01/1918 (aged 16)
Able Seaman William Watt Mercantile Marine05/05/1917 (aged 36)
Boatswain James Davison Watters Mercantile Marine12/02/1916 (aged 45)
Second Engineer William John Watters Mercantile Marine04/04/1915 (aged 51)
Lamps Henry Watterson Mercantile Marine26/05/1918 (aged 53)
Able Seaman Jas Henry Watterson Mercantile Marine07/05/1918 (aged 38)
Sailor John Henry Watterson Mercantile Marine05/04/1916 (aged 45)
Able Seaman Robert Watterson Mercantile Marine19/11/1917 (aged 26)
Able Seaman Watterson Mercantile Marine10/03/1917 (aged 16)
Fireman Thomas Wattleworth Mercantile Marine19/10/1917 (aged 36)
Cook Watton Mercantile Marine19/02/1917 (aged 29)
Apprentice Bertram Watts Mercantile Marine20/02/1917 (aged 18)
Ordinary Seaman Cyril Ernest Watts Mercantile Marine27/05/1917 (aged 16)
Fireman Edward John Watts Mercantile Marine30/12/1917 (aged 34)
Trimmer Herbert William Watts Mercantile Marine03/10/1914 (aged 20)
Third Engineer John Reginald Virgo Watts Mercantile Marine08/05/1916 (aged 32)
Spare Hand William Watts Mercantile Marine09/05/1917 (aged 45)
Second Hand William Jacob Watts Mercantile Marine14/09/1914
Fireman Andrew Waugh Mercantile Marine06/04/1917 (aged 43)
Steward Wallace Helier Waugh Mercantile Marine25/01/1918 (aged 45)
Fireman Theophile Wauters Mercantile Marine14/06/1917 (aged 28)
Master Frank Wawn Mercantile Marine10/04/1915 (aged 62)
Master Arthur Way Mercantile Marine28/07/1918 (aged 40)
Wardroom Attendant Arthur Way Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 23)
Second Mate Joseph Read Way Mercantile Marine13/06/1917 (aged 57)
First Mate Thomas Davie Wayman Mercantile Marine17/09/1918 (aged 68)
Master Daniel Weadock Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 52)
Mate Michael Weadock Mercantile Marine30/04/1918 (aged 17)
Fireman and Trimmer Charles Weaffer Mercantile Marine02/06/1917 (aged 34)
Apprentice Arthur Weakner ALIAS24/02/1918
Second Engineer Chas Weatherhogg Mercantile Marine15/03/1916 (aged 33)
Able Seaman James Weatherill Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 39)
Deck Hand Henry Frank Herbert Weatherly Mercantile Marine24/02/1915 (aged 18)
Cook Weaver Mercantile Marine05/11/1920 (aged 44)
Second Engineer Thomas Henry Weaver Mercantile Marine05/11/1920 (aged 31)
Apprentice Arthur Leonard Webb Mercantile Marine24/04/1917 (aged 19)
Skipper Charles Webb Mercantile Marine14/04/1917
Mate Charles Webb Mercantile Marine05/11/1914 (aged 56)
Boatswain Frank Webb ALIAS02/11/1917
Trimmer James Webb Mercantile Marine07/05/1915 (aged 27)
Mess Room Steward Walter George Webb Mercantile Marine30/08/1917 (aged 17)
Mess Room Steward William Webb Mercantile Marine02/02/1918 (aged 36)
First Engineer William Edward Webb Mercantile Marine10/09/1914 (aged 42)
Fireman and Trimmer Webb Mercantile Marine11/04/1917 (aged 44)
Fireman and Trimmer Webb Mercantile Marine12/06/1917 (aged 24)
Second Mate Josiah Arthur Webbe Mercantile Marine20/04/1916 (aged 52)
Able Seaman Abel Webber Mercantile Marine02/02/1918 (aged 66)
Second Engineer Charles Webber Mercantile Marine07/01/1918 (aged 40)
Apprentice Frederick Chas Webber Mercantile Marine10/02/1918 (aged 15)
Second Hand Harold Webber Mercantile Marine08/06/1918 (aged 40)
Chief Officer Harry Webber Mercantile Marine14/12/1916 (aged 47)
Steward Richard Arthur Webber Mercantile Marine06/05/1918 (aged 47)
Ship's Cook Stanley Harold Webber Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 26)
Engineer Alexander Webster Mercantile Marine05/02/1917 (aged 50)
Chief Engineer Webster Mercantile Marine23/12/1914 (aged 41)
Wireless Operator Laurence Sidney Webster Mercantile Marine20/12/1917 (aged 17)
Leading Fireman Thomas Webster Mercantile Marine25/06/1918 (aged 28)
Third Hand William Henry Webster Mercantile Marine24/07/1915 (aged 30)
Steward Julius Charles Wedderkopp Mercantile Marine26/12/1914 (aged 44)
Seaman Joseph Weddick ALIAS11/02/1918
Apprentice Hubert George Weeden Mercantile Marine25/03/1917 (aged 18)
Assistant Bed Steward Thomas Weedon Mercantile Marine27/06/1918 (aged 38)
Fireman John William Weekes Mercantile Marine15/06/1917 (aged 20)
Troop Cook Thomas Henry Weeks Mercantile Marine23/10/1915 (aged 18)
Second Engineer Thomas Shadrick Weeks Mercantile Marine23/03/1917 (aged 36)
Scullion Joseph Irwin Weightman Mercantile Marine15/04/1917 (aged 44)
Boilermaker Matthew Weir Mercantile Marine23/03/1916 (aged 26)
Steward George Albert Welch Mercantile Marine24/08/1917 (aged 28)
Third Engineer George Richardson Welch Mercantile Marine01/07/1917 (aged 38)
Able Seaman James William Welch Mercantile Marine16/12/1917 (aged 52)
First Engineer Welch Mercantile Marine11/12/1914 (aged 47)
Fourth Hand Percy Welch Mercantile Marine12/05/1916 (aged 16)
Ordinary Seaman Robert Welch Mercantile Marine27/03/1917 (aged 17)
Third Engineer Wilfred Ewart Welch Mercantile Marine17/06/1917 (aged 25)
Second Engineer William Foster Welch Mercantile Marine24/11/1917 (aged 24)
Mess Room Steward William James Welch Mercantile Marine18/05/1917 (aged 22)