Able Seaman Frederick Charles Rice

Mercantile Marine

Died: Tuesday 26 February 1918 (aged 27)

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Son of Mary Jane Barr (formerly Rice, nee Jones), of 12, Baldwin St., Newport, Mon., and the late Stephen Alfred Rice.
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United Kingdom

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Oral history

British seaman served as torpedoman aboard HMS Hardy, 2nd Destroyer Flotilla in Mediterranean, South Atlantic, GB coastal waters and Norway 9/1939-4/1940 including sinking in Ototfjord, 10/4/1940; evaded capture in Norway, 4/1940
REEL 1 Background in Salford, GB, 1918-1936: family; education; reasons for enlistment in Royal Navy, 1936. Aspects of operations as seaman aboard HMS Hardy, 2nd Destroyer Flotilla in Mediterranean, South Atlantic and GB coastal waters, 9/1939-4/1940: attitude towards naval discipline; declaration …

Oral history

British petty officer served with 700 Naval Air Sqdn, Fleet Air Arm aboard HMS Warspite in Norway and Mediterranean, 4/1940-4/1941
REEL 1 Aspects of enlistment and training with Royal Navy and Fleet Air Arm, 1932-1939: reasons for enlistment in Royal Navy, 1932; opinion of training at HMS Ganges, Shotley; transfer to Fleet Air Arm, 1938; sketch of flying training; reaction to outbreak of Second World War, 3/9/1939. …

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Name recorded:
Rice, F C
Wood Green (WMR 11986)
Wood Green, Greater London

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Private J Rice
22 Feb 1918
2 DIVISION: 17 Battalion Middlesex Regiment (page 256)