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Casualty Records

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Leutnant Werner Georg Gebhardt German Army05/11/1918
Krankentraeger Gerd Wacken German Army18/08/1918
Internierter Ludwig Oehmke German Civilian24/04/1917
Obermaat Gustav Matthes German Navy21/04/1917
Musketier Theodor Ballhausen German Army07/09/1916
Leutnant Heinrich Karl Berleung German Army03/03/1919
Internierter Adolf Bohm Austrian Civilian12/08/1916
Vizefeldwebel Paul Lux German Army25/02/1919
Landsturmmann Karl Friedrich Abe German Army25/01/1919
Unteroffizier Willy Hugo Adam German Army18/12/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Gustav Adler German Army20/11/1918
Kanonier Paul Otto Adler German Army19/10/1918
Soldat Joseph Adrian German Army23/08/1918
Soldat Carl Ahner German Army23/03/1919
Gefreiter Heinrich Ahrens German Army06/10/1918
Musketier Heinrich Friedrich Ahrens German Army17/09/1918
Soldat Christoph Albrecht German Army11/05/1917
Unteroffizier Ernst Arthur Albrecht German Army13/11/1918
Musketier Johannes Peter Albrecht German Army21/11/1918
Gefreiter Josef Alex German Army27/11/1918
Gefreiter Richard Alexander German Army01/03/1919
Musketier Heinrich Alfke German Army20/06/1917
Musketier Hermann Almes German Army05/12/1918
Gefreiter Johann Alstadt German Army19/06/1917
Soldat Peter Althausen German Army28/08/1917
Musketier Ernst Altmann German Army25/12/1918
Leutnant Ferdinand Anacker German Army08/11/1918
Schuetze Friedrich Andreisek German Army06/11/1918
Musketier Adam Ankele German Army22/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Andreas Angstl German Army07/11/1918
Musketier Albert Apel German Army28/02/1919
Infanterist Eugen Appel German Army29/11/1918
Musketier Joseph Appeltrat German Army07/11/1918
Gefreiter Emil Arndt German Army25/03/1918
Gefreiter Emil Arndt German Army17/11/1918
Gefreiter Richard Daniel Asbach German Army09/02/1918
Musketier Anton Aschenbrenner German Army13/12/1918
Schuetze Wilhelm Friedrich Assenheimer German Army21/11/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Aufdermauer German Army02/09/1918
Gefreiter Gustav Baake German Army23/11/1918
Unteroffizier Gustav Baade German Army05/05/1917
Infanterist Valentin Bach German Army22/02/1919
Musketier Richard Bahld German Army27/08/1918
Gefreiter Jean Bailleul German Army09/11/1918
Soldat Stanislaus Bajon German Army08/12/1918
Infanterist Karl Ballinger German Army20/11/1918
Jaeger Alfred Paul Alwin Balzke German Army13/11/1918
Wehrmann Franz Bankow German Army14/11/1918
Musketier Karl Heinrich Friedrich Barmwater German Army26/07/1919
Fuesilier Otto Barteck German Army29/10/1918
Musketier Emil Karl Bartel German Army07/02/1918
Gefreiter Otto Barthel German Army01/10/1916
Gefreiter Johann Bartl German Army28/11/1917
Sergeant Hermann Max Baruth German Army24/11/1918
Landsturmmann Walter Karl August Baerwald German Army29/08/1918
Musketier Paul Wilhelm Batz German Army24/12/1918
Grenadier Jakob Bauer German Army23/11/1918
Infanterist Johann Bauer German Army04/05/1917
Musketier Karl Bauer German Army17/05/1917
Infanterist Max Bauer German Army08/10/1918
Infanterist Sebastian Bauer German Army25/11/1918
Soldat Wolfgang Bauer German Army25/05/1917
Landsturmmann Georg Friedrich Baeuerlein German Army23/11/1918
Wehrmann Paul Baum German Army16/11/1918
Pionier Eugen Georg Baumann German Army19/03/1917
Wehrmann Xaver Baumann German Army25/11/1918
Landsturmmann August Baumgarten German Army30/11/1918
Grenadier Bernhard Baur German Army29/09/1918
Musketier Friedrich Wilhelm Bauschulze German Army16/01/1916
Musketier Wilhelm Bechtold German Army24/12/1916
Unteroffizier Karl Beck German Army03/11/1918
Musketier Karl Beck German Army22/11/1918
Gefreiter Karl Eduard Beck German Army17/11/1918
Gefreiter Paul Richard Beck German Army05/11/1914
Musketier Carl Becker German Army07/04/1917
Grenadier Diedrich Becker German Army22/11/1918
Infanterist Friedrich Becker German Army13/05/1917
Landsturmmann Paul Heinrich Max Becker German Army27/05/1918
Musketier Valentin Becker German Army07/08/1919
Offizierstellvertreter Anton Bedorf German Army16/11/1918
Gefreiter Franz Behrendt German Army07/09/1918
Musketier Paul Behrendt German Army23/02/1919
Musketier Karl Beitz German Army08/07/1917
Soldat Thomas Bekaan German Army29/11/1918
Musketier Stanislaus Bendzmerowski German Army09/10/1918
Musketier Johann Benjamins German Army25/09/1918
Freiwilliger Emil Berg German Army09/02/1919
Soldat Alfred Berger German Army28/02/1919
Landwehrmann August Berger German Army23/11/1918
Musketier Bruno Berger German Army14/10/1918
Pionier Karl Hermann Berger German Army24/01/1919
Unteroffizier Otto Franz Bergmann German Army27/11/1918
Soldat Felix Berndt German Army20/08/1918
Soldat Hermann Berndt German Army16/11/1918
Leutnant Friedrich Wilhelm Bernstein German Army04/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Fritz Bertholdt German Army11/11/1918
Soldat Karl Besekau German Army23/11/1916
Landsturmmann Bernard Besseler German Army29/11/1918
Musketier Julius Best German Army08/02/1919
Gefreiter Walter Bette German Army11/02/1919
Musketier Adalbert Betzoldt German Army31/08/1919
Schuetze Ludwig Beumer German Army29/10/1918
Kanonier Georg Hubert Beyam German Army13/04/1919
Musketier Karl Beyrow German Army15/02/1919
Infanterist Sebastian Bichler German Army22/06/1919
Grenadier August Bieleit German Army12/12/1918
Musketier Robert Biermann German Army12/04/1916
Landsturmmann Heinrich Bille German Army08/06/1919
Soldat Karl Birkenmeyer German Army02/11/1916
Soldat August Birnbaum German Army18/08/1917
Soldat Oswald Birnbaum German Army28/06/1917
Ersatz-Reservist Oskar Bischofberger German Army03/11/1917
Soldat Lorenz Ludwig Bischoff German Army02/11/1918
Soldat Johannes Bitzer German Army10/07/1916
Gefreiter Fritz Richard Emil Blanke German Army06/12/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Franz Bernhard Blankefort German Army14/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Otto Blankenburg German Army29/10/1916
Ersatz-Reservist August Bleil German Army25/08/1918
Kriegsfreiwilliger Franz Johannes Gerhard Bliese German Army13/11/1916
Musketier Ernst Blocher German Army10/07/1917
Soldat Georg Blum German Army16/02/1917
Musketier Max Blum German Army17/11/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Blum German Army13/05/1919
Gefreiter Adolf Bluthmann German Army26/11/1918
Musketier Hellmuth Boelow German Army10/11/1918
Soldat Franz Bogocz German Army21/12/1916
Internierter Johann Boheim German Civilian01/12/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Friedrich Boehly German Army27/11/1918
Vizefeldwebel Gustav Boehm German Army12/01/1919
Landsturmrekrut Max Boehm German Army30/07/1918
Soldat Johannes Max Boehme German Army28/11/1918
Leutnant Karl Otto Oskar Boehme German Army02/03/1919
Unteroffizier Karl Boehringer German Army14/09/1918
Gefreiter Vinzent Bomba German Army24/11/1918
Soldat Johann Bongards German Army02/10/1916
Musketier Karl Borchers German Army17/10/1916
Ersatz-Reservist Richard Borchert German Army21/11/1918
Musketier Heinrich Johann Borgemeister German Army18/10/1918
Gefreiter Josef Borghardt German Army08/10/1918
Leutnant der Reserve Johannes Jodokus Borghoff German Army06/11/1918 (aged 28)
Grenadier August Borgwardt German Army28/02/1919
Sergeant Gustav Bruder German Army07/12/1918
Soldat Friedrich Borutta German Army14/10/1916
Ersatz-Reservist Wilhelm Boesche German Army17/10/1918
Leutnant Arthur Bostelmann German Army01/03/1919
Gefreiter Hermann Paul Boettcher German Army24/10/1919
Sergeant Albert Boettger German Army17/09/1918
Soldat Georg Konrad Botthof German Army27/07/1919
Infanterist Gottlieb Brakmann German Army26/08/1918
Musketier Hermann Bramer German Army08/02/1919
Gefreiter August Karl Ludwig Brandt German Army12/03/1919
Leutnant Wilhelm Brandt German Army14/03/1919
Unteroffizier Willy Brandt German Army29/11/1918
Internierter Hermann Bratz German Civilian27/06/1918
Musketier Heinrich Brauel German Army22/12/1917
Gefreiter Karl Brauer German Army09/11/1918
Landsturmmann Hermann Braun German Army24/11/1918
Unteroffizier Wilhelm Braun German Army05/12/1915
Gefreiter Wilhelm Braun German Army27/01/1919
Ersatz-Reservist Kurt Braeunigen German Army17/11/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Braunsdorf German Army13/02/1917
Musketier Anton Brendle German Army05/09/1918
Sergeant Fritz Brengel German Army25/10/1918
Landsturmmann Josef Breuer German Army09/03/1919
Leutnant Otto Breymayer German Army11/11/1918
Gefreiter Ludwig Brockly German Army18/02/1919
Gefreiter Carsten Brodersen German Army06/12/1918
Vizefeldwebel Joseph Broghammer German Army07/09/1918
Musketier Paul Bromisch German Army12/11/1918
Soldat Julius Broschard German Army10/11/1918
Soldat Alfred Fritz Ernst Brose German Army24/11/1918
Soldat Wilhelm Karl Brosi German Army05/03/1919
Unteroffizier Reinhard Bruchter German Army28/09/1916
Gefreiter Heinrich Bruck German Army22/10/1918
Gefreiter Franz Brudek German Army23/07/1918
Leutnant der Reserve Wilhelm Bruer German Army15/01/1919
Vizefeldwebel Paul Otto Albert Brueggemann German Army22/11/1918
Soldat Karl Bruehl German Army09/11/1918
Sergeant Walter Runge German Army06/05/1918
Grenadier Hermann Bruns German Army25/11/1918
Jaeger Friedrich Bruser German Army11/11/1918
Schuetze Karl Buchgeister German Army14/11/1917
Soldat Paul Karl Buchler German Army01/12/1918
Musketier Heinrich Buechtmann German Army25/09/1917
Gefreiter Lorenz Buchzik German Army13/11/1918
Leutnant Karl Buheller German Army31/10/1919
Fuesilier Albert Buehrig German Army24/06/1917
Musketier Paul Bundschuh German Army11/09/1917
Soldat Otto Bunz German Army11/05/1917
Leutnant Adolf Burgmann German Army24/02/1919
Landsturmmann Karl Burkhardt German Army27/07/1916
Gefreiter Edwin Friedrich Louis Burmann German Army01/12/1918
Soldat Otto Busch German Army19/07/1917
Musketier Waldemar Busch German Army24/02/1918
Unteroffizier Wilhelm Busch German Army23/12/1918
Gefreiter Theodor Buschhoff German Army12/12/1918
Gefreiter Albert Buschlepp German Army19/10/1918
Kanonier Franz Bueser German Army21/12/1918
Musketier Johann Buskamp German Army21/04/1919
Krankentraeger Heinrich Busse German Army20/11/1918
Gefreiter Hugo Campe German Army10/11/1918
Unteroffizier Jakob Caspari German Army19/09/1918
Fuesilier Artur Chlosta German Army29/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Franz Chmielniak German Army15/11/1918
Musketier Georg Christian German Army03/02/1919
Gefreiter Otto Claus German Army06/09/1918
Unteroffizier Lorenz Clausen German Army06/11/1918
Soldat Salomon Cohn German Army18/07/1916
Landsturmmann Gustav Cohrs German Army11/06/1918
Musketier Gustav Heinrich Adolf Corvey German Army04/11/1918
Musketier Eduard Cwik German Army04/12/1918
Soldat Julius Czuba German Army22/08/1917
Jaeger Max Karl Heinrich Dade German Army03/02/1919
Unteroffizier Adam Dalkowski German Army26/11/1918
Musketier Paul Dames German Army26/08/1917
Musketier Pius Daniel German Army16/11/1918
Leutnant Wilhelm Danz German Army01/03/1919
Reservist Heinrich Danzer German Army30/11/1918
Gefreiter Theodor Daske German Army15/11/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Daub German Army01/06/1917
Landwehrmann Friedrich Daubenthaler German Army14/11/1918
Landsturmmann Ernst David German Army16/10/1918
Offizierstellvertreter Ernst Dehmel German Army04/06/1918
Infanterist Philipp Delarber German Army02/12/1918
Landsturmmann Wilhelm Delvos German Army07/05/1918
Gefreiter Gustav Denner German Army20/06/1918
Grenadier Damasius Wladislaus Derdowski German Army17/11/1918
Soldat Walter Wilhelm Dettmann German Army25/02/1919
Pionier Anton Deuringer German Army26/11/1918
Soldat Johann Dezewski German Army12/09/1917
Offizierstellvertreter Richard Friedrich Johann Diederich German Army10/10/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Rudolf Heinrich Karl Diercks German Army21/11/1918
Schuetze Paul Dietrich German Army09/09/1918
Landsturmmann Paul Otto Dietrich German Army03/02/1919
Sergeant Georg Adam Johann Dietz German Army13/10/1918
Musketier Philipp Gottlieb Dietz German Army07/01/1919
Soldat Martin Dingenthal German Army28/02/1919
Soldat Andreas Dinkel German Army01/03/1919
Pionier Sebastian Dinzenhofer German Army12/02/1919
Soldat August Ditges German Army10/02/1919
Unteroffizier August Dittrich German Army09/12/1918
Musketier Johannes Ebel German Army09/09/1918
Musketier Otto Ebert German Army08/08/1916
Soldat Karl Bruno Eck German Army19/11/1918
Landsturmrekrut Peter Eckert German Army27/10/1916
Landwehrmann Joseph Eder German Army16/11/1918
Soldat Paul Edelmann German Army14/08/1917
Leutnant Emil Egenolf German Army09/11/1918
Musketier Josef Egger German Army06/05/1917
Ersatz-Reservist Xaver Eglmeier German Army24/06/1919
Wehrmann Christian Ehresmann German Army06/11/1918
Musketier Michael Ehret German Army26/11/1918
Unteroffizier Joseph Ehses German Army18/09/1918
Gefreiter Franz Eickmann German Army30/05/1918
Sergeant Johann Eisenburger German Army22/12/1919
Unteroffizier Franz Eisenhuth German Army20/11/1918
Gefreiter Christian Eisenmann German Army02/07/1917
Soldat Karl Eissler German Army28/11/1918
Soldat Anton Dlugosch German Army24/10/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Otto Dombrowski German Army06/12/1918
Fuesilier Ewald Doering German Army09/01/1918
Gefreiter Eduard Dornack German Army10/09/1918
Reservist Michael Dorsch German Army06/03/1919
Musketier Heinrich Paul Simon Drave German Army22/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Fritz Drees German Army12/11/1915
Musketier Anton Dresdzen German Army11/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Emil Dresel German Army28/02/1919
Gefreiter Heinrich Drews German Army07/11/1915
Musketier Emil Adolf Drygalla German Army09/06/1916
Soldat Johann Duemig German Army26/11/1918
Infanterist Fritz Duemler German Army22/11/1918
Soldat Karl Dunemann German Army09/02/1919
Infanterist Andreas Duering German Army27/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Andreas Duesseldorf German Army02/01/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Ernst Dziallas German Army24/11/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Elbers German Army18/11/1917
Infanterist Johann Wilhelm Elmers German Army14/08/1916
Landwehrmann Johann Elsaesser German Army21/10/1918
Wehrmann Eduard Maximilian Elsner German Army09/08/1916
Oberleutnant Alwin Wilhelm Heinrich Encke German Army01/03/1919
Musketier Anton Engel German Army06/10/1916
Gefreiter Carl Ernst Engelbart German Army30/08/1918
Soldat Karl Engelbrecht German Army29/12/1918
Unteroffizier Karl Engelhardt German Army25/11/1916
Musketier Willy Enghardt German Army08/07/1917
Soldat Carl Erdmann German Army29/10/1918
Jaeger Hermann Erfkamp German Army19/10/1918
Musketier Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Erfurt German Army12/08/1919
Musketier Johann Erfurth German Army18/11/1918
Musketier Adam Ernst German Army04/02/1918
Gefreiter Friedrich Eschstruth German Army24/01/1919
Feldwebel Friedrich Esser German Army13/11/1918
Gefreiter Peter Ewald German Army26/11/1918
Musketier Franz Ewert German Army19/11/1918
Soldat Nikolaus Fehr German Army16/09/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Wilhelm Klaus Heinrich Fehsenfeld German Army09/01/1919
Soldat Wilhelm Feickert German Army20/12/1914
Landwehrmann Valentin Feider German Army09/09/1917
Musketier Bernhard Feldmann German Army23/11/1918
Gefreiter Konrad Feldmann German Army15/09/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Gustav Franz Feldmann German Army11/05/1918
Vizefeldwebel Erich Fester German Army04/03/1919
Sergeant Otto Fertl German Army10/11/1918
Soldat Ludwig Fichter German Army20/05/1917
Leutnant Wilhelm Georg Heinrich Conrad Fiedler German Army01/03/1919
Landsturmmann Julius Figgle German Army27/07/1916
Unteroffizier Ewald Fingerhut German Army05/01/1915
Wehrmann Karl Eduard Wilhelm Fink German Army12/11/1918
Reservist Alois Fisch German Army06/11/1919
Infanterist Georg Fischer German Army23/11/1918
Grenadier Johann Fischer German Army14/06/1917
Musketier Otto Fischer German Army12/11/1918
Schuetze Reinhold Fischer German Army25/11/1918
Musketier Robert Fischer German Army29/10/1919
Garde-Fuesilier Wilhelm August Fischer German Army28/07/1916
Musketier Heinrich Fischhoefer German Army11/09/1918
Gefreiter Josef Fislage German Army26/11/1918
Gefreiter Kurt Fleck German Army16/09/1918
Reservist Andreas Flegel German Army23/11/1918
Soldat Otto Flemming German Army26/04/1916
Gefreiter Paul Formanski German Army27/11/1918
Landsturmmann Paul Fornel German Army01/06/1918
Leutnant Johannes Herbert Foerster German Army28/02/1919
Infanterist Sebastian Forster German Army10/11/1918
Musketier Werner Ernst Foerster German Army24/11/1918
Musketier Rudolf Fortmueller German Army10/09/1918
Infanterist Ludwig Fossler German Army08/04/1917
Soldat Julius Gustav Frank German Army31/07/1916
Musketier Hugo Franke German Army06/09/1917
Musketier Richard Franke German Army20/11/1918
Soldat Eugen Franz German Army12/12/1918
Soldat Fritz Franzke German Army04/12/1918
Musketier Max Franzke German Army31/10/1918
Landsturmmann Johannes Freckmann German Army09/02/1919
Oberjaeger Hermann Freiwald German Army02/05/1919
Gefreiter Adolph Frey German Army20/04/1917
Soldat Arthur Freytag German Army13/12/1917
Soldat Otto Friedrich Fricke German Army11/10/1914
Soldat Wilhelm Friedinger German Army20/08/1918
Vizefeldwebel Michael Friedl German Army09/11/1916
Musketier Arthur Rudolf Friedrich German Army02/12/1918
Leutnant Walter Gustav Robert Friedrichs German Army17/11/1918
Infanterist Martin Fries German Army31/12/1918
Gefreiter Fritz Friese German Army20/10/1918
Soldat Froehlich German Army26/10/1918
Gefreiter Theodor Funke German Army03/10/1918
Infanterist Andreas Fuernrohr German Army13/05/1919
Gefreiter Matthias Fuerstenhofer German Army08/11/1918
Soldat Paul Fylla German Army11/07/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Johannes Gaa German Army17/05/1919
Unteroffizier Walter Gafert German Army09/10/1918
Grenadier Karl Gaiselmann German Army18/12/1918
Musketier Hipolit Galuszewski German Army29/08/1918
Musketier Karl Ganse German Army11/11/1918
Soldat Lambert Ganter German Army28/07/1916
Gefreiter Ernst Karl Friedrich Garling German Army11/11/1918
Gefreiter Bruno August Friedrich Hugo Goerner German Army16/11/1918
Landsturmmann Paul Gassan German Army24/09/1916
Musketier Emanuel Gatza German Army16/10/1918
Gefreiter Fritz Erich Arthur Gebert German Army03/11/1918
Gefreiter Otto Gehrhardt German Army04/12/1918
Soldat Karl Gehse German Army03/10/1917
Musketier Robert Gehse German Army10/05/1918
Garde-Fuesilier Leo Geier German Army21/11/1918
Grenadier Friedrich Geiger German Army11/11/1918
Leutnant Richard Julius Geiler German Army14/11/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Geiseler German Army01/08/1916
Gefreiter Karl Geissler German Army02/11/1918
Soldat Friedrich Wilhelm August Georgi German Army20/05/1917
Leutnant der Reserve Martin Georgi German Army11/10/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Germann German Army25/10/1918
Sergeant Georg Gerstenlauer German Army29/09/1918
Landsturmmann Max Geyer German Army25/07/1918
Soldat Richard Paul Giebel German Army23/02/1919
Soldat Viktor Giera German Army17/03/1919
Landwehrmann Josef Gilles German Army16/10/1914
Ersatz-Reservist Albert Gimbern German Army24/11/1918
Landsturmmann Emil Glaas German Army10/09/1918
Musketier Richard Glaeser German Army27/08/1918
Fuesilier Paul Goetzke German Army08/12/1918
Faehnrich Otto Gerdes Goldenstein German Army04/09/1918
Soldat Wilhelm Golla German Army16/07/1916
Gefreiter Georg Paul Gollditz German Army15/10/1918
Soldat Joseph Gotte German Army21/10/1916
Leutnant Herbert Gottlieb German Army20/12/1918
Gefreiter Theodor Grabbert German Army09/09/1917
Unteroffizier Georg Graf German Army08/09/1918
Musketier Max Grafmoeller German Army28/11/1918
Landsturmmann Friedrich Gustav Grammel German Army14/09/1918
Soldat Karl Grasedieck German Army18/10/1918
Infanterist Joseph Grassl German Army14/09/1918
Jaeger Arthur Grassoff German Army15/11/1918
Soldat Max Graetz German Army10/05/1917
Infanterist Karl Grau German Army05/12/1918
Unteroffizier Kurt Graul German Army17/09/1918
Landsturmmann Friedrich Graumann German Army08/04/1918
Leutnant Max Wilhelm Ludwig Grebe German Army04/11/1918
Infanterist Wilhelm Greif German Army11/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Felix Grimm German Army03/02/1919
Gefreiter Wilhelm Grimm German Army22/11/1918
Musketier Fritz Friedrich Heinrich Gronow German Army01/10/1916
Musketier August Gronwald German Army04/03/1918
Leutnant der Reserve Helmuth Oskar Gross German Army04/11/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Gross German Army26/08/1916
Musketier Heinrich Grube German Army15/02/1919
Vizefeldwebel Adolf Gustav Conrad Graumann German Army21/12/1917
Musketier Walter Grumpelt German Army04/10/1918
Gefreiter Bruno Gruenberg German Army31/10/1918
Soldat Friedrich Gruenhage German Army31/10/1918
Hornist Rochus Laurentius Crzone German Army10/12/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Grzoska German Army25/11/1918
Vizefeldwebel Heinrich Gude German Army20/08/1918
Soldat Ernst Guentert German Army16/12/1918
Gefreiter Ernst Willy Guenther German Army15/10/1919
Musketier Johann Guenther German Army18/03/1919
Kriegsfreiwilliger Otto Adolf Friedrich Guenther German Army07/10/1916
Musketier Wilhelm Gymnisch German Army29/05/1917
Unteroffizier Heinrich Karl August Haake German Army18/11/1918
Soldat Heinrich Haaren German Army16/01/1915
Musketier Friedrich Habicht German Army24/04/1917
Feldwebel Heinrich Hackenbroich German Army01/10/1917
Leutnant Kurt Hackmann German Army16/01/1919
Wehrmann Eduard Kaula German Army11/11/1918
Unteroffizier Bernhard Hadow German Army03/03/1919
Ersatz-Reservist Jakob Haffner German Army23/11/1918
Soldat Michael Hagel German Army01/08/1916
Soldat Georg Haegele German Army31/08/1916
Grenadier Wilhelm Hagenloch German Army08/12/1918
Offizierstellvertreter Ernst Alfred Hager German Army25/06/1917
Gefreiter Otto Hager German Army16/12/1918
Landsturmmann Carl Hahn German Army16/09/1918
Musketier Josef Hahn German Army05/11/1918
Pionier Friedrich Martin August Hake German Army17/11/1917
Leutnant Rudolf Haller German Army09/11/1918
Garde-Fuesilier Ludwig Hamm German Army31/07/1916
Gefreiter Paul Hammer German Army26/02/1918
Soldat Paul Willy Hammer German Army27/08/1916
Jaeger Arthur Hermann Hampe German Army09/11/1918
Musketier Aloisius Jania German Army27/05/1918
Musketier August Hansen German Army20/12/1918
Soldat Jakob Hansen German Army23/04/1918
Musketier Ernst Happach German Army30/01/1919
Soldat Heinrich Harkoetter German Army22/10/1918
Unteroffizier Max Haerlein German Army24/10/1917
Landsturmmann Johannes Harms German Army12/02/1917
Musketier Richard Otto Heinrich Hartmann German Army15/01/1918
Schuetze Max Bruno Hartmann German Army29/09/1918
Leutnant Emil Harter German Army02/03/1919
Grenadier Heinrich Hauel German Army01/12/1918
Schuetze Peter Haupt German Army14/08/1917
Unteroffizier Fritz Haus German Army23/09/1918
Gefreiter Johannes Haussler German Army17/10/1918
Gefreiter Johann Hecker German Army28/09/1918
Gefreiter Hermann Heermann German Army03/11/1918
Wehrmann Christian Heggemann German Army05/10/1915
Fuesilier Franz Albert Heimann German Army19/09/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Friedrich Heineck German Army04/04/1919
Soldat Paul Gustav Heinrich German Army27/09/1916
Soldat Karl Heinrich German Army25/08/1917
Musketier Otto Heins German Army23/11/1918
Soldat Karl Heitmann German Army13/11/1918
Musketier Hermann Heitzmann German Army08/07/1918
Pionier Fridolin Helmer German Army22/02/1919
Soldat Heinrich Hellermann German Army24/02/1919
Soldat Wilhelm Hellmich German Army14/01/1918
Gefreiter August Hellwig German Army20/08/1918
Musketier Heinrich Hellweg German Army03/12/1918
Leutnant Wilhelm Johannes Friedrich Helmuth German Army09/11/1918
Soldat Otto Hempel German Army26/11/1918
Musketier Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig Henniges German Army17/08/1918
Vizefeldwebel Friedrich August Henning German Army02/09/1918
Internierter Arthur Henningsen German Civilian22/09/1917
Musketier Bernhard Theodor Herbst German Army05/08/1918
Infanterist Johann Herbst German Army01/05/1917
Infanterist Jakob Herbst German Army03/08/1917
Landsturmmann Johann Herbst German Army21/09/1916
Gefreiter Fritz Herfort German Army26/08/1918
Wehrmann Heinrich Herken German Army25/09/1917
Sergeant Wilhelm Herold German Army16/11/1918
Landsturmmann Johann Hermann German Army04/09/1918
Jaeger Rudolf Hermann German Army26/03/1918
Soldat Friedrich Carl Herrmann German Army12/03/1918
Gefreiter Johann Leonard Hertlein German Army29/11/1918
Soldat Albert Herzog German Army15/11/1919
Unteroffizier Friedrich Hesse German Army11/07/1918
Leutnant Wolfgang Hesselbarth German Army04/11/1918
Kanonier Hans Hesser German Army13/04/1918
Infanterist Hermann Hetzelt German Army08/12/1918
Gefreiter Friedrich Johann Hetzer German Army23/11/1918
Kriegsfreiwilliger Adolf Heinrich Ludwig Heuer German Army07/12/1918
Musketier Diedrich Heuer German Army30/10/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Heuer German Army07/07/1919
Leutnant Ernst Theodor Heydenreich German Army05/03/1919
Gefreiter Arno Paul Heyne German Army09/10/1915
Musketier Ernst Heyser German Army03/01/1917
Musketier Richard Adolf Hilbisch German Army29/11/1918
Leutnant Paul Hildebrand German Army04/04/1919
Pionier Ernst Gunther Hildebrandt German Army18/11/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Hildebrandt German Army18/10/1916
Wehrmann Joseph Hillenbrand German Army20/12/1918
Musketier Ludwig Hiller German Army17/10/1918
Landsturmmann Rudolf Heinrich Otto Hillmann German Army19/11/1918
Infanterist Martin Hilsberg German Army25/10/1918
Soldat Gustav Hinke German Army21/04/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Hirschberger German Army24/10/1918
Grenadier Georg Hintze German Army02/08/1916
Jaeger Carl Ludwig Hinz German Army09/11/1918
Soldat August Hobert German Army03/11/1918
Jaeger Paul Hochreiter German Army08/01/1919
Soldat Alois Hodrius German Army04/05/1917
Jaeger Karl Hoell German Army06/11/1918
Jaeger Edmund Otto Hoffmann German Army16/11/1918
Kanonier Konrad Hoffmann German Army07/12/1918
Grenadier Kurt Hoffmann German Army04/08/1916
Landsturmmann Heinrich Hofhaus German Army12/10/1918
Gefreiter August Hofmann German Army01/11/1918
Musketier Friedrich Wilhelm Hofmann German Army04/11/1918
Soldat Hermann Hofmann German Army27/10/1918
Infanterist Paul Hofmann German Army27/11/1918
Infanterist Wilhelm Hofmann German Army28/02/1919
Unteroffizier Wilhelm Paul Hofschild German Army26/10/1915
Unteroffizier Heinrich Hohmann German Army08/12/1918
Vizefeldwebel Hans Hollender German Army18/12/1918
Landsturmmann Heinrich Hollien German Army22/10/1918
Leutnant Josef August Hollmann German Army22/10/1918
Soldat Adolf Holmey German Army05/05/1915
Fuesilier Ernst Holst German Army05/05/1917
Musketier Johannes Joachim Heinrich Holste German Army18/03/1917
Grenadier Wilhelm August Heinrich Holtgrefe German Army12/12/1918
Musketier August Homann German Army04/05/1919
Unteroffizier Ferdinand Homann German Army18/05/1917
Landsturmmann Gustav Richard Emil Honigmann German Army17/06/1918
Soldat Adolf Hopf German Army13/07/1916
Musketier Johann Hoepfl German Army15/01/1919
Soldat Robert Hopftner German Army19/09/1916
Musketier Albert Hoppe German Army04/11/1918
Soldat Friedrich Horn German Army21/07/1916
Infanterist Johann Hans Hornis German Army01/12/1918
Pionier Erich Hornung German Army23/11/1916
Unteroffizier Willy Hornung German Army03/09/1918
Landsturmmann Richard Bruno Horschig German Army17/08/1918
Jaeger Otto Horst German Army08/11/1918
Musketier Joseph Horwedel German Army08/02/1915
Reservist Willy Klaus August Horwege German Army15/11/1918
Gefreiter Johann Hoetten German Army28/11/1918
Infanterist Willy Hoyer German Army27/02/1919
Gefreiter Josef Huber German Army12/12/1918
Musketier Bruno Huebner German Army11/12/1918
Soldat Wilhelm Huebner German Army22/07/1916
Musketier Robert Huehner German Army20/10/1918
Soldat Willy Max Hueller German Army20/10/1918
Soldat Wilhelm Huelsmeier German Army07/08/1916
Soldat Alfred Jacob Konrad Hummel German Army11/03/1916
Ersatz-Reservist Heinrich Hustedt German Army26/09/1918
Musketier Otto Friedrich Ide German Army17/11/1918
Soldat Konrad Illing German Army29/11/1918
Musketier Leonhard Imschloss German Army01/11/1918
Soldat Josef Ingerl German Army05/06/1917
Musketier Alfons Freud German Army04/10/1918
Soldat Holger Iversen German Army23/10/1918
Gefreiter Fritz Iwers German Army02/04/1919
Soldat Stanislaus Jackowski German Army23/11/1918
Musketier Friedrich Ludwig Jacobi German Army24/11/1918
Schuetze August Jacoby German Army15/10/1916
Soldat Josef Jagos German Army23/09/1918
Schuetze Karl Ernst Jahnert German Army13/03/1919
Musketier Wilhelm Janissek German Army01/05/1917
Musketier Wilhelm Jannaber German Army24/11/1916
Unteroffizier Hermann Luitjen Janssen German Army29/11/1918
Unteroffizier Jaraczewski German Army25/07/1916
Musketier Michael Jaskolski German Army27/11/1918
Musketier Emil Jaster German Army30/05/1919
Soldat Gottlob Jaudes German Army16/02/1919
Husar Gabor Jazina German Army20/01/1919
Gefreiter Paul Jemlich German Army29/09/1918
Gefreiter Joseph Jendryka German Army28/11/1918
Gefreiter Gustav Adolf Jendreck German Army05/09/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Jergla German Army16/09/1919
Infanterist Johannes Jochimsen German Army07/12/1918
Unteroffizier Rudolf Jockschat German Army10/10/1918
Soldat Johannes Engelbert German Army25/04/1917
Unteroffizier Friedrich Johnk German Army01/09/1917
Grenadier Karl Joos German Army02/11/1918
Leutnant Alexander Emil Willy Joost German Army26/02/1919
Soldat Hermann Jordan German Army19/05/1917
Musketier Ignatz Jordan German Army14/11/1918
Soldat Wilhelm Jost German Army01/07/1917
Ersatz-Reservist Gustav Jung German Army26/02/1919
Krankentraeger Max Otto Jungerberg German Army04/08/1918
Krankentraeger Johannes Junghans German Army05/10/1919
Musketier Paul Junghaus German Army14/12/1918
Unteroffizier Martin Jungwirt German Army08/05/1917
Soldat Wilhelm Juentgen German Army27/11/1918
Gefreiter Georg Juettner German Army25/07/1919
Krankentraeger August Kabus German Army01/01/1919
Musketier Stefan Stanislaus Kaczor German Army07/11/1918
Musketier Hermann Kaesten German Army14/01/1919
Soldat Georg Kagerer German Army17/05/1917
Gefreiter August Kaiser German Army28/03/1919
Soldat Valentin Kaiser German Army13/07/1917
Musketier Fritz Kalinowski German Army13/11/1918
Soldat Heinrich Kallage German Army24/10/1918
Krankentraeger Johann Kaltenberger German Army23/12/1917
Sergeant Josef Kaltenbrunn German Army09/09/1918
Gefreiter Franz Kaminski German Army06/12/1918
Gefreiter Paul Kaminsky German Army21/11/1918
Reservist Johann Kaemmer German Army07/12/1918
Soldat Ernst Kampfer German Army02/12/1918
Leutnant Fritz Kamutzky German Army02/03/1919
Gefreiter Christian Kappes German Army06/11/1918
Musketier Paul Otto Karig German Army19/09/1918
Infanterist Thomas Karl German Army27/11/1918
Gefreiter Rudolf Karsch German Army21/05/1919
Gefreiter Paul Karzin German Army16/11/1918
Musketier Werner Kasten German Army27/08/1918
Musketier Reinhold Kastner German Army28/10/1918
Infanterist Karl Kath German Army27/02/1919
Gefreiter Walter Kaufmann German Army19/11/1918
Faehnrich Erich Kaun German Army03/06/1919
Fuesilier Hermann Gustav Kaussmann German Army17/11/1918
Musketier Hugo Kaymer German Army06/12/1918
Leutnant der Reserve Erwin Kazenmaier German Army31/10/1918
Musketier Eberhardt Keffert German Army24/10/1916
Infanterist Karl Rudolf Kehl German Army14/10/1917
Vizefeldwebel Ewald Paul Keil German Army12/12/1918
Musketier Johann Keller German Army06/06/1917
Vizefeldwebel Ludwig Keller German Army22/05/1917
Musketier Richard Keller German Army07/03/1919
Musketier Michael Kellner German Army26/10/1918
Infanterist Peter Kemmer German Army10/11/1918
Soldat Paul Albert Kemnitz German Army11/08/1916
Musketier Ernst Kempe German Army14/11/1918
Pionier Wilhelm Kempers German Army19/11/1918
Gefreiter Michael Kendzierski German Army05/03/1918
Gefreiter Richard Heinrich Theodor Kenning German Army07/10/1917
Vizefeldwebel Karl Kerling German Army26/09/1918
Musketier Emil Kessler German Army24/11/1918
Unteroffizier Joseph Kessler German Army07/11/1918
Soldat Nikolaus Kessler German Army18/04/1918
Internierter Joseph Ketterer German Civilian18/10/1917
Internierter Georg Karl Ketterer German Civilian17/02/1917
Soldat Karl Kiesow German Army07/11/1918
Gefreiter Carl Ludwig Kiesewetter German Army05/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Johann Kilian German Army28/03/1919
Landsturmmann Wilhelm Kilper German Army10/05/1919
Musketier Michael Kind German Army10/03/1919
Feldwebel Ludwig Kirchgaessner German Army04/08/1916
Soldat Gustav Kirchhoff German Army16/05/1918
Soldat Paul Kirchler German Army29/11/1918
Schuetze Wilhelm Kirchhoff German Army03/11/1918
Leutnant Hans Alexander Wilhelm Kisker German Army02/03/1919
Leutnant Heinrich Klein German Army28/02/1919
Musketier Johann Klein German Army27/09/1918
Unteroffizier Johannes Klein German Army19/12/1914
Gefreiter Richard Paul Klein German Army17/12/1918
Musketier Christian Kleiner German Army25/10/1918
Unteroffizier Johann Kleiner German Army18/10/1916
Gefreiter Dominik Klimes German Army16/08/1918
Soldat Jakob Klinge German Army26/11/1915
Soldat Johann Klinke German Army01/11/1915
Schuetze Hermann Klocke German Army05/10/1917
Gefreiter Jakob Klody German Army09/11/1918
Gefreiter Marian Klonowski German Army08/11/1918
Soldat August Klug German Army12/07/1916
Musketier Josef Klumpp German Army28/10/1918
Leutnant der Reserve Willy Klumpp German Army07/01/1918
Musketier Paul Kluth German Army28/04/1918
Unteroffizier Gerhard Klus German Army17/02/1919
Steuermann Wilhelm Knappe German Navy21/06/1917
Musketier Ernst Johann Philipp Heinrich Knaup German Army16/02/1919
Musketier Johann Kneppel German Army19/04/1917
Soldat Wilhelm Knobloch German Army03/07/1918
Leutnant Hermann Knocke German Army01/03/1919
Infanterist Joseph Kohler German Army01/01/1919
Infanterist Wilhelm Koehler German Army25/05/1917
Unteroffizier Otto Kohlhaas German Army10/10/1917
Musketier Richard Kohlhagen German Army09/08/1918
Infanterist Fritz Carl Gustav Kohn German Army06/01/1918
Soldat Otto Kohnert German Army19/01/1918
Reservist Wilhelm Kobus German Army04/05/1917
Musketier Anton Koch German Army17/07/1916
Gefreiter Ludwig Koch German Army24/11/1918
Soldat Walter Hermann Koch German Army01/12/1918
Dragoner Willy Koch German Army29/11/1918
Unteroffizier Baptist Kolb German Army30/09/1918
Landsturmmann Josef Konander German Army01/03/1919
Musketier Johann Konarek German Army26/03/1919
Grenadier Rudolf Koeneke German Army17/11/1918
Musketier Erwin Koenig German Army03/09/1918
Musketier Eduard Kompa German Army27/09/1916
Landsturmmann Richard Koennicke German Army11/10/1916
Gefreiter Alfred Konrad German Army02/11/1918
Musketier Martin Konrad German Army20/10/1918
Soldat Christian Koopmann German Army24/08/1919
Musketier Stanislaus Koperniak German Army02/04/1919
Soldat Berthold Kopf German Army31/07/1916
Gefreiter Rudolf Kopp German Army06/09/1918
Gefreiter Philipp Koerbel German Army19/11/1918
Kanonier Ernst Koertner German Army08/11/1918
Unteroffizier Gustav Kortwig German Army21/12/1917
Gefreiter Heinrich Koschinsky German Army13/11/1918
Pionier Hermann Koschke German Army18/10/1918
Musketier Franz Kosmalski German Army05/12/1918
Reservist Robert Kostka German Army05/03/1919
Schuetze August Koth German Army27/11/1918
Leutnant Heinrich Carl Kotte German Army01/11/1918
Leutnant Hermann Karl Koetter German Army05/03/1919
Leutnant Max Ernst Kotzsche German Army06/11/1918
Gefreiter Gustav Kownatzki German Army24/11/1918
Musketier Friedrich Kozitzki German Army07/08/1917
Musketier Franz Kozub German Army07/12/1918
Soldat Max Krahl German Army28/09/1917
Sergeant Arthur Krajewski German Army22/09/1918
Fuesilier Albert Kraemer German Army22/06/1917
Musketier Paul Walther Kraenzke German Army10/11/1917
Vizefeldwebel Georg Kratzenstein German Army12/09/1917
Musketier Friedrich Krause German Army12/07/1918
Krankentraeger Georg Krauter German Army17/12/1918
Jaeger Michael Krebs German Army29/10/1918
Schuetze Theodor Krein German Army30/11/1918
Hauptmann Karl Kembs German Army12/10/1917
Oberleutnant der Reserve Bruno Kremer German Army01/10/1918
Reservist Nikolaus Kremer German Army18/11/1918
Landsturmmann Wilhelm Heinrich Kremer German Army26/09/1918
Leutnant Ernst Kress German Army11/11/1918
Unteroffizier Hermann Robert Kretzschmar German Army07/01/1915
Musketier Johann Mathias Kreuser German Army25/11/1918
Musketier Heinrich Kreutzer German Army02/10/1918
Soldat Johannes Krickow German Army29/07/1916
Soldat Franz Hermann Krieck German Army08/12/1918
Unteroffizier Wilhelm Krieg German Army25/04/1917
Infanterist Adolf Krieger German Army10/11/1918
Kriegsfreiwilliger Siegfried Paul Krieger German Army16/05/1916
Musketier Heinrich Max Krinn German Army18/11/1918
Musketier Josef Kristen German Army08/12/1918
Musketier Gustav Kromat German Army03/12/1918
Soldat Reinhard Bernhard Kromer German Army18/08/1916
Landsturmmann Konrad Kromm German Army24/01/1919
Soldat Fritz Karl Johannes Kronberg German Army22/10/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Peter Heinrich Kronbuegel German Army25/11/1918
Musketier Friedrich Kronemeyer German Army12/06/1919
Soldat Albert Oskar Kroener German Army07/01/1919
Gefreiter Maximilian Kropidlowski German Army21/11/1918
Infanterist Lorenz Krug German Army29/11/1918
Soldat Arthur Krueger German Army29/09/1918
Unteroffizier Friedrich Wilhelm Kruger German Army13/09/1917
Ersatz-Reservist Gotthelf Krueger German Army28/06/1917
Infanterist Xaver Kruis German Army05/11/1916
Musketier Friedrich Wilhelm Krumm German Army09/03/1917
Musketier Wladislaus Franz Krupski German Army21/11/1918
Musketier Wenzel Kubina German Army16/08/1919
Soldat Vinzenz Kuczera German Army14/10/1915
Unteroffizier Fritz Kuhle German Army10/09/1919
Soldat Heinrich Christian Kuhlmann German Army03/10/1916
Musketier Gustav Kuhn German Army02/12/1918
Musketier Heinrich Kuhn German Army24/05/1919
Infanterist Michael Kuhn German Army05/12/1918
Gefreiter Otto Kuhn German Army23/04/1918
Kanonier Kurt Kuhne German Army30/04/1919
Infanterist Adolf Kuehner German Army03/01/1919
Krankentraeger Paul Kuhnt German Army06/12/1918
Reservist Johann Kukofka German Army22/11/1918
Gefreiter Max Kummerow German Army08/12/1918
Musketier Johann Kuendinger German Army21/09/1919
Pionier Max Kunradi German Army05/06/1919
Krankentraeger Rudolf Kunzig German Army16/05/1917
Infanterist Josef Kuerner German Army01/05/1917
Gefreiter Wilhelm Kuerten German Army19/12/1916
Wehrmann Franz Kurzhals German Army28/02/1919
Infanterist August Kusserow German Army26/07/1916
Soldat Hermann Kuesters German Army05/06/1917
Soldat Gustav Kuttkun German Army13/06/1917
Soldat Friedrich Laemmler German Army06/01/1917
Ersatz-Reservist Wilhelm Heinrich Landefeld German Army06/12/1918
Fuesilier Wilhelm Landmeier German Army31/07/1918
Krankentraeger Bernhard Lang German Army16/10/1918
Infanterist Georg Lang German Army06/11/1919
Musketier Friedrich Lang German Army11/12/1918
Reservist Alfred Karl John Lange German Army11/11/1918
Soldat Johann Lange German Army14/09/1918
Krankentraeger Willy Lange German Army21/08/1918
Soldat Willy Lange German Army18/07/1918
Musketier Wolfgang Langen German Army23/08/1918
Musketier Hubert Langenberg German Army01/03/1916
Leutnant Edmund Langes German Army08/09/1918
Leutnant Fritz Lanz German Army01/03/1919
Gefreiter Rudolf Laser German Army27/11/1918
Grenadier Friedrich Lassow German Army22/07/1916
Musketier Kurt Lattauschke German Army28/11/1918
Pionier Richard Lattner German Army02/09/1918
Vizefeldwebel Friedrich Karl Martin Lau German Army28/10/1918
Leutnant Arno Laue German Army01/03/1919
Musketier Thomas Ledwon German Army05/11/1916
Infanterist Georg Leha German Army26/09/1916
Musketier Bruno Lehmann German Army15/10/1918
Landsturmmann Eduard Lehmann German Army07/11/1918
Infanterist Hermann Lehmann German Army20/11/1918
Soldat Johann Lehmann German Army31/07/1916
Musketier Richard Lehmann German Army12/11/1918
Soldat Theodor Lehmann German Army24/11/1914
Leutnant Walter Konrad Leib German Army04/11/1918
Musketier Nickolaus Leichz German Army13/10/1916
Musketier Josef Leja German Army26/09/1916
Garde-Fuesilier Wilhelm Lelonek German Army07/09/1919
Jaeger Otto Lemnitz German Army31/01/1919
Soldat Karl Lennhardt German Army20/10/1918
Soldat Christoph Lenz German Army12/11/1918
Unteroffizier Rudolf Leonhard German Army29/11/1918
Garde-Fuesilier Walter Lerche German Army23/11/1918
Grenadier Johann Leschik German Army03/04/1919
Oberleutnant Helmuth Leschinsky German Army21/12/1918
Fuesilier Otto Lesk German Army30/03/1919
Leutnant Wilhelm August Max Leutloff German Army16/11/1918
Musketier Juergen Ley German Army12/11/1918
Soldat Johann Leyh German Army21/07/1916
Gefreiter Erwin Leymann German Army27/10/1918
Landsturmmann Bruno Liborius German Army31/05/1918
Musketier Oswald Liebe German Army02/01/1918
Musketier Gustav Wilhelm Liermann German Army05/03/1919
Garde-Fuesilier Otto Limbach German Army25/07/1916
Gefreiter Wilhelm Otto Andreas Lindau German Army06/12/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Linde German Army23/12/1918
Musketier Paul Josef Lindenthal German Army09/10/1918
Musketier Jakob Link German Army29/05/1915
Soldat Paul Bernhard Linke German Army04/12/1918
Wehrmann Carl Linke German Army28/02/1919
Soldat Friedrich Lindner German Army09/01/1919
Leutnant Eugen Linse German Army26/02/1919
Gefreiter Walter Lippelt German Army07/05/1917
Unteroffizier Oskar Lisz German Army10/07/1917
Musketier Franz Loch German Army19/11/1918
Landsturmmann Johann Loch German Army23/11/1918
Reservist Wilhelm Lochmann German Army19/11/1918
Soldat Hermann Loeffel German Army05/12/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Loges German Army15/11/1918
Unteroffizier Norbert Lohmiller German Army23/07/1916
Soldat Christoph Loos German Army15/10/1915
Soldat Bernhard Loth German Army09/11/1918
Musketier Adolf Luebpert German Army23/10/1917
Soldat Hermann Lueder German Army19/10/1918
Soldat Josef Ludescher German Army16/09/1918
Landsturmmann Karl Georg Ludwig German Army24/07/1918
Infanterist Arthur Robert Lukas German Army18/10/1918
Unteroffizier Hugo Oswald Lusche German Army12/10/1918
Schuetze Max Lusewitz German Army13/11/1918
Unteroffizier Paul Luethe German Army15/10/1917
Ersatz-Reservist Karl Lux German Army23/04/1918
Infanterist Leonhard Maubach German Army11/11/1918
Soldat Willy Maass German Army27/04/1916
Gefreiter Stanislaus Maciak German Army21/11/1918
Gefreiter Paul Mackelday German Army24/08/1917
Infanterist Joseph Mahl German Army25/02/1919
Unteroffizier Otto Albert Mainz German Army25/10/1916
Ersatz-Reservist Anton Maisch German Army31/07/1916
Gefreiter Franz Makowski German Army25/11/1918
Musketier Karl Maletz German Army31/10/1918
Fuesilier Stanislaus Maletzki German Army11/11/1917
Musketier Adolf Mally German Army25/04/1917
Gefreiter Egbert Maltzann German Army27/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Otto Manger German Army22/12/1917
Krankentraeger Josef Mann German Army22/11/1918
Soldat Anton Marciniak German Army29/11/1918
Soldat Lorenz Marciniak German Army08/12/1918
Garde-Fuesilier Gerhard Marquard German Army11/10/1917
Sergeant Robert Marquardt German Army02/02/1919
Infanterist Theobald Marker German Army21/11/1918
Gefreiter Ernst Marten German Army12/06/1918
Gefreiter Alfred Maruska German Army22/10/1918
Jaeger Ottomar Marx German Army05/06/1915
Musketier Paul Massny German Army27/08/1918
Leutnant Anton Mastaller German Army09/11/1918
Infanterist Vincenz Matella German Army05/12/1918
Landsturmmann Ernst Erdmann Matthes German Army07/08/1918
Vizefeldwebel Willy Max Matthias German Army27/10/1918
Unteroffizier Stanislaus Matuszak German Army12/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Friedrich Nauerth German Army26/09/1916
Soldat Karl Maus German Army19/05/1919
Unteroffizier Karl May German Army10/08/1916
Sergeant Friedrich Mayer German Army27/04/1918
Grenadier Casper Mayer German Army03/11/1916
Gefreiter Gustav Mechler German Army26/10/1918
Reserveoffizier-Aspirant Bruno Meder German Army27/10/1916
Vizefeldwebel Fritz Mehlhorn German Army07/11/1918
Unteroffizier Bernhard Mehringskotter German Army13/12/1918
Wehrmann Franz Meid German Army10/03/1919
Pionier Johann Meier German Army06/12/1919
Kriegsfreiwilliger Rudolf Max Heinrich Meier German Army23/11/1918
Musketier Ferdinand Meier German Army06/11/1917
Sergeant Arthur Meiler German Army26/10/1918
Wehrmann Amandus Meine German Army04/03/1919
Landsturmmann Heinrich Meinicke German Army14/05/1917
Husar Nicolaus Johann Meiser German Army17/01/1915
Infanterist Georg Meissner German Army29/10/1916
Soldat Joseph Meixelsberger German Army25/11/1918
Vizefeldwebel Eugen Georg Menge German Army09/10/1919
Musketier Eduard Mengel German Army20/11/1918
Infanterist Josef Ferdinand Menig German Army06/12/1918
Reservist Hermann Menz German Army05/04/1917
Unteroffizier Heinrich Merkel German Army11/06/1919
Schuetze Ernst Heinrich Merkle German Army13/11/1918
Gefreiter Erwin Mestchen German Army24/07/1916
Musketier Karl Metzmacher German Army26/10/1918
Leutnant Otto Metzler German Army22/11/1918
Gefreiter Adolf Metzner German Army27/02/1919
Gefreiter Hermann Meyer German Army13/12/1918
Jaeger Hermann Rudolf Heinz Meyer German Army06/08/1916
Schuetze Johann Meyer German Army26/09/1916
Musketier Theodor Meyer German Army23/11/1916
Soldat Johann Meytrott German Army12/07/1916
Sergeant Georg Mezger German Army17/11/1918
Soldat Otto Miara German Army15/12/1918
Jaeger Gustav Franz Michall German Army01/11/1918
Musketier Karl Micheel German Army22/12/1917
Soldat Alfred Mickel German Army12/07/1918
Musketier Willi Mittelstrass German Army25/04/1917
Landsturmmann Otto Moebius German Army26/09/1918
Soldat Oskar Mogwitz German Army16/10/1918
Jaeger Hermann August Mohlmann German Army16/07/1918
Leutnant Carl Fritz Bernhard Hans Moll German Army10/11/1918
Landsturmmann Hermann Moeller German Army30/10/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Christian August Moller German Army28/09/1918
Soldat Heinrich Muellhoff German Army15/03/1919
Wehrmann Hermann Karl Fritz Moering German Army23/11/1918
Gefreiter Joseph Morath German Army22/10/1918
Leutnant Herbert Walter Mory German Army28/02/1919
Leutnant Emil Mosbach German Army04/11/1918
Unteroffizier Max Moser German Army05/11/1918
Gefreiter Otto Moser German Army27/11/1918
Soldat Wolfgang Muhr German Army13/02/1919
Gefreiter Adam Mueller German Army22/11/1918
Unteroffizier Anton Mueller German Army03/11/1918
Soldat Christian Mueller German Army30/11/1918
Gefreiter Erich Max Mueller German Army22/03/1919
Soldat Erwin Mueller German Army16/09/1918
Musketier Hermann Mueller German Army15/10/1916
Jaeger Hermann Mueller German Army20/11/1918
Leutnant Heinrich Friedrich August Mueller German Army28/02/1919
Musketier Hugo Mueller German Army22/06/1918
Soldat Johann Mueller German Army27/10/1918
Wehrmann Johann Mueller German Army23/02/1919
Gefreiter Karl Wilhelm Rudolf Mueller German Army05/10/1916
Musketier Martin Karl Mueller German Army24/12/1918
Jaeger Max Mueller German Army27/09/1914
Musketier Max Mueller German Army29/07/1916
Soldat Peter Mueller German Army17/11/1916
Schuetze Peter Mueller German Army07/12/1918
Fuesilier Wilhelm Mueller German Army30/12/1918
Musketier Willy Mueller German Army13/07/1917
Vizefeldwebel Carl Ernst Mummert German Army17/11/1918
Musketier Gabriel Munch German Army17/02/1919
Krankentraeger Siebelt Munkenwarf German Army16/11/1918
Landsturmmann Albert Munster German Army26/02/1919
Pionier Wladislaus Muszynski German Army15/12/1918
Musketier Albert Mutter German Army07/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Josef Muetter German Army19/11/1918
Soldat Fritz Nagel German Army27/02/1919
Infanterist Friedrich Nagel German Army23/02/1919
Vizefeldwebel Paul Nagel German Army26/06/1919
Gefreiter Arnold Nahstaedt German Army26/10/1918
Gefreiter Johann Namislo German Army18/11/1918
Wehrmann Ladislaus Napiralski German Army21/08/1916
Schuetze Fritz Naujoks German Army01/01/1919
Unteroffizier Alwin Richard Naumann German Army03/11/1916
Soldat Franz Nowatzki German Army12/02/1919
Landsturmmann Ludwig Nehring German Army26/11/1918
Unteroffizier Paul Nehring German Army23/09/1918
Musketier Otto Neidt German Army27/11/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Karl Johann Nekel German Army07/11/1918
Landsturmmann Oskar Nemetschek German Army08/11/1918
Soldat Georg Neubauer German Army15/08/1918
Soldat Karl Neubeck German Army07/10/1916
Gefreiter Max Willy Neubert German Army25/01/1919
Musketier Walter Neuenfeld German Army11/09/1918
Jaeger August Neumann German Army11/10/1918
Musketier Friedrich Neumann German Army17/12/1918
Wehrmann Hermann Neumann German Army27/10/1918
Gefreiter Josef Neumann German Army16/08/1918
Gefreiter Oskar Neumann German Army25/12/1918
Jaeger Gottlieb Nichciol German Army03/07/1917
Unteroffizier Karl Niederstrasser German Army07/03/1919
Infanterist Lauritz Nielsen German Army11/11/1918
Husar Hermann Franziskus Lieske German Army16/03/1919
Musketier Otto Niess German Army10/07/1917
Infanterist Johann Niewiadomski German Army09/06/1917
Musketier Joseph Nikisch German Army20/10/1918
Krankentraeger Ernst Arthur Johannes Nilius German Army03/10/1918
Vizefeldwebel Paul Nimmler German Army10/11/1918
Unteroffizier Ernst Nocker German Army07/10/1917
Soldat Peter Noras German Army10/04/1919
Infanterist Theodor Nordhaus German Army16/11/1918
Garde-Fuesilier Josef Nyms German Army07/10/1918
Soldat Anton Oberdorfer German Army07/12/1918
Musketier Johannes Reinhold Oberlander German Army28/02/1919
Gefreiter Friedrich Wilhelm Obermeier German Army20/11/1918
Unteroffizier Bernhard Obermeyer German Army18/11/1918
Infanterist Josef Paul Obert German Army28/11/1918
Landsturmmann Ludwig Ochmann German Army13/09/1916
Gefreiter Jakob Oeffler German Army24/10/1919
Gefreiter Oskar Oehler German Army07/05/1917
Musketier Peter Oehlers German Army30/11/1918
Gefreiter Max Christian Oelkers German Army09/11/1918
Musketier Johannes Oellrich German Army22/11/1918
Grenadier Karl Oesterle German Army17/07/1916
Gefreiter Albert Oldag German Army07/12/1918
Wehrmann Franz Wilhelm Friedrich Olhoff German Army15/11/1918
Husar Wilhelm Crczey German Army08/11/1918
Soldat Georg Orth German Army22/07/1916
Soldat Hermann Ortmann German Army30/07/1916
Soldat Franz Ortmeier German Army24/04/1917
Soldat Otto Osang German Army04/08/1918
Unteroffizier Otto Johannes Oschmann German Army02/12/1916
Musketier Willy Oster German Army12/07/1919
Schuetze Christian Karl Oswald German Army09/09/1918
Soldat Arthur Otte German Army11/10/1914
Ersatz-Reservist August Otten German Army28/11/1916
Musketier Willi Robert Otto German Army12/12/1917
Musketier Franz Pabel German Army08/11/1918
Krankentraeger Wendelin Pabst German Army14/07/1919
Ersatz-Reservist Theodor Pahl German Army11/05/1918
Unteroffizier Friedrich Paetsch German Army27/11/1918
Gefreiter Hermann Pape German Army23/06/1919
Infanterist Otto Pasch German Army06/12/1918
Soldat Otto Patzlaff German Army18/07/1918
Fuesilier Wilhelm Pauley German Army29/11/1918
Musketier Anton Paulsen German Army16/11/1918
Landsturmmann Alexander Paulus German Army21/07/1916
Reservist Georg Albert Patella German Army25/10/1918
Soldat Kasimir Pawlaczyk German Army04/12/1918
Musketier Karl Kristof Georg Peemueller German Army15/01/1918
Musketier Max Wilhelm Pellander German Army30/08/1919
Ersatz-Reservist Bernhard Pengel German Army08/03/1919
Grenadier August Penopp German Army14/09/1918
Sergeant Thomas Peplinski German Army15/09/1918
Unteroffizier Adam Johann Peter German Army31/10/1916
Gefreiter Karl Peter German Army14/11/1918
Sergeant Gustav Gotthelf Petermann German Army15/09/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Peters German Army24/12/1918
Musketier August Martin Petersen German Army22/11/1918
Musketier Franz Heinrich Hugo Martin Petersen German Army20/11/1918
Sergeant Willy Petersen German Army28/10/1918
Musketier Karl Petsch German Army23/12/1916
Musketier Friedrich Pfaff German Army27/02/1919
Pionier Wilhelm Julius Erich Pfau German Army28/11/1918
Gefreiter Emil Oskar Pfeiffer German Army03/03/1918
Ulan Joseph Pfeiffer German Army20/10/1918
Unteroffizier Theobald Pfundmaier German Army25/11/1918
Vizefeldwebel Max Pfuetzner German Army08/12/1918
Gefreiter Martin Edwin Pichel German Army09/12/1918
Unteroffizier Otto Pichotzke German Army20/06/1917
Infanterist Georg Pickel German Army14/11/1918
Jaeger Hellmuth Piehl German Army16/03/1919
Musketier Paul Pieperczyk German Army16/10/1918
Landsturmmann Max Pilz German Army02/04/1918
Wehrmann Max Pilz German Army13/10/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Reinhold Pinkos German Army12/11/1918
Infanterist Walter Platz German Army22/11/1918
Gefreiter Albert Pluta German Army05/12/1918
Vizefeldwebel Karl Walter Waldemar Pliefke German Army20/08/1918
Schuetze Walter Plisch German Army02/09/1918
Musketier Gustav Poch German Army14/05/1916
Leutnant Gerhard Pohl German Army17/08/1918
Gefreiter Peter Pohla German Army24/10/1918
Soldat Arthur Pohlig German Army19/11/1918
Musketier Heinrich Pohlmeyer German Army26/10/1919
Reservist Stanislaus Polczynski German Army10/11/1918
Infanterist Johann Pollok German Army21/10/1918
Infanterist Georg Pongratz German Army08/11/1918
Schuetze Friedrich Popp German Army30/10/1918
Musketier Heinrich Poppen German Army28/09/1916
Faehnrich Johannes Pracht German Army09/11/1918
Musketier Otto Karl Pretzsch German Army07/12/1918
Musketier Waldemar Karl Albert Preuss German Army16/12/1918
Leutnant Ernst Otto Ferdinand Priebe German Army26/02/1919
Soldat Heinrich Pries German Army25/02/1919
Sergeant Otto Wilhelm Albert Prophete German Army22/12/1918
Gefreiter Emanuel Prudlo German Army23/10/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Fritz Pruefer German Army24/11/1918
Unteroffizier Paul Pruessmann German Army14/12/1918
Schuetze Wladislaus Przybylski German Army20/05/1919
Musketier Wilhelm Puls German Army20/12/1917
Musketier Julius Puetz German Army02/03/1918
Soldat Valentin Quanz German Army29/11/1918
Musketier Gustav Quedenfeld German Army03/11/1918
Gefreiter Hans Querfurth German Army05/02/1917
Musketier Friedrich Quindt German Army12/10/1918
Kriegsfreiwilliger Ernst Heinrich Rabbow German Army12/03/1916
Musketier Ernst Wilhelm Heinrich Rabe German Army13/02/1918
Landsturmmann Paul Bernhard Rabe German Army17/11/1918
Infanterist Willy Radke German Army29/08/1918
Musketier Franz Radojewski German Army17/05/1919
Soldat Albert Raile German Army26/07/1916
Soldat Karl Rakowski German Army01/05/1919
Oberleutnant Werner Rammelt German Army16/10/1918
Sergeant Willy Rannenburg German Army15/11/1918
Gefreiter Christian Rasmussen German Army05/12/1918
Schuetze Anton Ratajczak German Army27/10/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Rathgeber German Army22/07/1917
Gefreiter Heinrich Rau German Army14/12/1918
Leutnant Walter Rausche German Army27/02/1919
Ersatz-Reservist Ernst Rehm German Army06/12/1918
Musketier Lorenz Reiff German Army16/11/1918
Gefreiter Arno Reimann German Army16/11/1918
Landsturmmann Emil Reimann German Army24/04/1917
Schuetze Karl Reinhardt German Army02/04/1919
Soldat Karl Reinhold German Army20/11/1918
Unteroffizier Jakob Reis German Army12/10/1917
Soldat Max Reise German Army14/11/1918
Infanterist Michael Reitinger German Army13/11/1916
Musketier Walter Remmin German Army07/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Ferdinand Renneis German Army05/12/1918
Musketier Heinrich Renneis German Army30/11/1918
Sergeant Heinrich Resch German Army06/01/1919
Garde-Fuesilier Karl Reviol German Army07/09/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Felix Rhein German Army09/11/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Richert German Army17/11/1918
Unteroffizier August Richter German Army17/03/1919
Unteroffizier Friedrich Richter German Army24/06/1917
Soldat Kurt Richter German Army15/08/1916
Fuesilier Julius Heinrich Rickel German Army22/09/1916
Wehrmann Joseph Ricken German Army20/11/1918
Jaeger Erich Ricklefs German Army18/06/1919
Soldat Walter Riebe German Army17/10/1918
Gefreiter Rudolf Christoph Oskar Wilhelm Riechel German Army17/11/1918
Unteroffizier Julius Hermann Rieck German Army05/03/1918
Gefreiter Friedrich Riefenach German Army28/11/1918
Musketier J A Magnus Rieger German Army09/10/1918
Tambour Karl Rieker German Army16/07/1917
Schuetze Friedrich Riemann German Army18/11/1918
Musketier Paul Riemer German Army25/11/1918
Musketier Gustav Riepe German Army06/02/1919
Musketier Johann Riesberg German Army12/08/1916
Infanterist Hermann Johann Rindsfuesser German Army04/11/1918
Grenadier Wilhelm Rittsteiger German Army05/05/1917
Gefreiter Karl Rockel German Army13/11/1918
Gefreiter Karl Rode German Army15/09/1918
Reservist Willy Rodeck German Army08/07/1918
Soldat Robert Rodelbronn German Army12/02/1919
Musketier Georg Heinrich Roediger German Army27/09/1918
Garde-Fuesilier Karl Rogatz German Army30/11/1918
Musketier Paul Rogosch German Army31/12/1918
Pionier Fritz Rogowski German Army09/10/1918
Musketier Julius Georg Rohn German Army25/10/1918
Landsturmmann Oskar Adolf Rohnstock German Army12/11/1918
Musketier Johann Robert Rohraff German Army05/12/1918
Gefreiter Joseph Roehrig German Army05/09/1918
Soldat Albert Ronchen German Army24/01/1918
Grenadier Gregor Roosmann German Army18/10/1918
Musketier Alois Rosch German Army14/02/1919
Musketier Hans Roescheisen German Army20/09/1918
Unteroffizier Paul Rose German Army06/12/1918
Musketier Albert Rosenloecher German Army10/10/1918
Leutnant der Reserve Martin Friedrich Rosenow German Army18/09/1918
Vizefeldwebel Richard Rosner German Army06/02/1919
Husar Otto Karl Roesnick German Army11/11/1918
Pionier Johann Rosskopf German Army14/11/1918
Unterzahlmeister Erich Rothe German Army27/10/1918
Musketier Johann Rothenbucher German Army22/12/1918
Leutnant der Reserve Werner Erich Fritz Rother German Army04/03/1919
Musketier Friedrich Rotermund German Army30/11/1918
Soldat Bernhard Roette German Army14/11/1918
Infanterist Heinrich Gerhard Ruebertus German Army17/08/1916
Musketier Wilhelm Ruecker German Army19/10/1918
Soldat Johann Rueckert German Army17/07/1918
Offizierstellvertreter Karl Rueckert German Army04/01/1915
Schuetze Ernst Emil Rueckheim German Army26/10/1918
Soldat Ernst Rudel German Army04/10/1915
Musketier Alfred Paul Rudloff German Army13/11/1918
Sergeant Eduard Rudat German Army11/10/1918
Musketier Leonhard Rupprecht German Army16/08/1919
Soldat Walter Engelbert Rutzenhoff German Army20/11/1918
Soldat Friedrich Rybarsch German Army26/05/1917
Infanterist Georg Rutzmoser German Army30/11/1918
Fuesilier Gustav Seeger German Army28/04/1918
Landsturmmann Jakob Seeger German Army03/05/1918
Soldat Karl Seeger German Army29/10/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Seeger German Army25/10/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Johann Philipp Seemann German Army22/11/1918
Gefreiter Willy Martin Seidel German Army02/11/1918
Musketier Franz Senn German Army04/03/1918
Garde-Fuesilier Alfred Erich Sense German Army22/11/1918
Musketier Paul Serwotka German Army14/07/1919
Unteroffizier Carl Schillinger German Army12/05/1917
Musketier Karl Emil Siebenhuehner German Army09/08/1919
Soldat Wilhelm Siegeler German Army18/09/1916
Soldat Fritz Siemers German Army29/11/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Sievert German Army01/08/1916
Unteroffizier Johann Baptist Sigl German Army05/07/1917
Vizefeldwebel Karl Simon German Army15/09/1918
Krankentraeger Paul Friedrich Singer German Army24/12/1918
Musketier Albert Sinke German Army21/12/1917
Wehrmann Johann Sladeczek German Army18/10/1915
Musketier Robert Sliwik German Army06/11/1918
Musketier Leo Slupkowski German Army06/08/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Smeetz German Army28/11/1918
Soldat August Smuda German Army04/10/1918
Soldat Robert Smyczek German Army28/11/1918
Gefreiter Paul Sobotta German Army27/10/1918
Gefreiter Karl Sonnenschein German Army31/07/1916
Landsturmmann Paul Sosinka German Army28/12/1916
Gefreiter Karl Sowa German Army16/11/1918
Grenadier Viktor Sowa German Army16/11/1918
Unteroffizier Hans Spaethelf German Army18/10/1918
Soldat Joseph Spenger German Army16/11/1916
Musketier Otto Sperling German Army17/12/1918
Soldat Franz Spiekermann German Army10/10/1916
Musketier Albert Spielmann German Army14/03/1918
Musketier Hermann Spott German Army02/09/1918
Landsturmmann Bruno Franz Josef Sprotte German Army13/11/1918
Schuetze Max Staecker German Army07/11/1918
Musketier Karl Stage German Army10/12/1918
Musketier Julius Stamp German Army17/10/1918
Gefreiter Gustav Franz Stanetzki German Army24/01/1919
Musketier Heinrich Stange German Army20/11/1918
Grenadier Stanislaus Stanislawski German Army12/05/1919
Unteroffizier Georg Staas German Army26/07/1917
Gefreiter Adolf Stauch German Army04/08/1919
Fuesilier Valentin Stebel German Army13/08/1917
Pionier Paul Steffen German Army21/01/1919
Gefreiter Karl Steib German Army31/10/1918
Wehrmann Joseph Steiert German Army28/11/1918
Infanterist Andreas Stein German Army24/06/1917
Infanterist Stephan Stein German Army26/10/1918
Gefreiter Johann Steindl German Army01/05/1918
Soldat Ernst Stemmler German Army28/11/1918
Leutnant Theodor Stengel German Army01/07/1918
Leutnant Friedrich Stephan German Army30/05/1917
Tambour Paul Ernst Friedrich Sternberg German Army07/11/1918
Gefreiter Georg Stetter German Army23/10/1918
Musketier Albert Stettner German Army08/09/1918
Musketier Richard Heinrich Steuck German Army15/11/1918
Musketier Theodor Stevens German Army23/08/1918
Soldat August Stielicke German Army30/08/1919
Infanterist Ernst Emil Stier German Army15/08/1918
Soldat Friedrich Stobbe German Army21/11/1918
Schuetze Christian Stoberer German Army22/10/1918
Gefreiter Franz Stockbauer German Army30/11/1918
Soldat August Stocker German Army22/07/1916
Landwehrmann August Stocker German Army20/07/1918
Gefreiter Xaver Stoger German Army08/10/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Stolley German Army10/12/1914
Soldat Moritz Stolte German Army30/09/1919
Soldat Erich Stolz German Army29/11/1918
Gefreiter Franz Strachotta German Army05/09/1918
Grenadier Paul Stracke German Army08/07/1917
Landsturmmann Karl Friedrich August Strassburg German Army11/09/1918
Infanterist Karl Strauss German Army15/04/1919
Gefreiter Josef Streicher German Army22/11/1918
Musketier Walter Strempel German Army21/02/1918
Soldat Franz Strickfaden German Army23/11/1918
Offizierstellvertreter Karl Striebeck German Army02/02/1915
Ersatz-Reservist Hermann Strobel German Army17/11/1918
Freiwilliger Joseph Stroer German Army25/11/1918
Sergeant Emil Strohbeck German Army13/12/1918
Soldat Otto Struebing German Army02/10/1916
Musketier Johann Strugalla German Army27/11/1918
Unteroffizier Klaus Struve German Army25/11/1915
Wehrmann Emil Stuckl German Army08/05/1917
Infanterist Karl Stuht German Army24/11/1918
Unteroffizier Karl Stumpfler German Army07/12/1918
Unteroffizier Martin Stutz German Army01/11/1918
Landsturmmann Vinzenz Suchanek German Army05/05/1917
Fuesilier Paul Suchantke German Army26/05/1917
Musketier Heinrich Martin Sulenberg German Army22/11/1918
Unteroffizier August Sulimma German Army01/12/1918
Soldat Alfred Suesskind German Army24/06/1918
Soldat Konrad Sussner German Army30/08/1916
Sergeant Johann Szarszewski German Army25/12/1918
Reservist Paul Szczepanek German Army15/12/1918
Fuesilier Josef Szydlak German Army12/11/1918
Musketier Wladislaus Szymandera German Army11/08/1918
Landsturmmann Anton Szymura German Army04/12/1918
Gefreiter Otto Sackmann German Army17/08/1919
Unteroffizier Kurt Saland German Army14/09/1918
Jaeger Adolf Salewski German Army14/01/1919
Infanterist Ludwig Sandtner German Army28/04/1919
Musketier Gustav Sartorius German Army03/12/1918
Vizefeldwebel Karl Satzinger German Army25/09/1918
Soldat Adolph Sauer German Army14/10/1916
Gefreiter Wilhelm Sauer German Army21/11/1919
Musketier Martin Sauermann German Army13/11/1917
Musketier Karl Schaaf German Army08/08/1916
Soldat Franz Schader German Army07/10/1916
Unteroffizier August Josef Schaefer German Army09/03/1919
Schuetze Gustav Adolf Schaeffer German Army20/10/1918
Musketier Michael Georg Schaefer German Army16/12/1918
Infanterist Karl Schambeck German Army05/11/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Schank German Army16/01/1919
Reservist Georg Schaeth German Army12/11/1918
Musketier Jakob Schatz German Army22/02/1919
Landsturmmann Peter Schauss German Army13/03/1919
Infanterist Gottlob Scheible German Army21/05/1917
Infanterist Alois Schieder German Army23/11/1918
Gefreiter Theodor Scheiderich German Army17/11/1918
Grenadier Walter Schellscheidt German Army20/01/1919
Leutnant Paul Otto Albin Schenke German Army01/03/1919
Krankentraeger Meinrad Schaffmaier German Army04/02/1919
Ulan Lorenz Schichel German Army03/01/1919
Pionier Albert August Schickedanz German Army11/11/1918
Soldat Hans Schierz German Army23/04/1917
Sergeant Hugo Johann Schiffmann German Army16/09/1918
Gefreiter Otto Schiffmann German Army17/03/1918
Musketier Johann Schigulla German Army18/03/1919
Soldat Paul Schiller German Army01/05/1917
Pionier Arno Hermann Schilling German Army24/11/1918
Landsturmmann Emil Schilling German Army12/02/1919
Fuesilier Peter Schilling German Army09/12/1918
Soldat Friedrich Schindele German Army15/11/1918
Leutnant der Reserve Hans Schindlbeck German Army13/01/1917
Soldat August Schippmann German Army16/08/1916
Soldat Alfred Schirmer German Army28/11/1918
Musketier Hugo Willi Theodor Schlagmann German Army24/12/1918
Unteroffizier Wilhelm Gerhardt Schlangen German Army23/01/1919
Vizefeldwebel Johannes Schlichting German Army09/10/1918
Vizefeldwebel Konrad Schlicker German Army07/11/1918
Musketier Ernst Schliewe German Army25/05/1917
Kriegsfreiwilliger Alfred Edward Schlittig German Army07/09/1918
Leutnant Erich Alfred Wilhelm Schloesser German Army28/02/1919
Schuetze Franz Schlosser German Army30/06/1917
Gefreiter Gottfried Schmalz German Army12/06/1918
Gefreiter Reinhold Schmeil German Army22/11/1918
Grenadier Joseph Schmich German Army17/03/1919
Musketier Hermann Schmid German Army24/12/1914
Infanterist Leo Schmid German Army01/04/1919
Infanterist Alfred Schmidt German Army23/11/1918
Musketier Bruno Schmidtke German Army20/02/1919
Soldat Bruno Schmidt German Army09/09/1916
Fuesilier Wilhelm Karl Friedrich Schmidt German Army31/05/1915
Soldat Gottlieb Schmidt German Army30/05/1917
Gefreiter Walther Schmidt German Army20/11/1918
Infanterist Wilhelm Schmidt German Army12/09/1918
Soldat Wilhelm Schmidt German Army26/09/1916
Musketier Wilhelm Schmidt German Army06/08/1918
Soldat Lorenz Schmitter German Army27/09/1916
Unteroffizier Albert Schmilorz German Army10/11/1917
Musketier Joseph Schmitt German Army25/11/1918
Gefreiter August Theodor Schmudderich German Army21/10/1918
Musketier Franz Schnide German Army03/09/1918
Feldwebel August Friedrich Ludwig Schmuetz German Army26/06/1918
Soldat Bernhard Albin Schneider German Army30/08/1915
Soldat Clement Oskar Schneider German Army07/08/1916
Musketier Ernst Schneider German Army15/04/1919
Soldat Georg Schneider German Army28/12/1918
Musketier Heinrich Schneider German Army07/10/1917
Reservist Heinrich Karl Bernhard Schneider German Army10/02/1916
Ersatz-Reservist Kurt Gustav Schneider German Army15/11/1918
Ulan Paul Karl Reinhold Schneider German Army16/11/1918
Soldat Peter Schneider German Army30/11/1918
Soldat Joseph Schneiders German Army03/01/1919
Soldat Wilhelm Schneips German Army12/11/1914
Soldat Albert Schink German Army08/11/1918
Landsturmmann Max Schnorr German Army01/03/1919
Musketier Eduard Ernst Fritz Schumann German Army08/05/1918
Soldat Franz Schoch German Army06/01/1919
Gefreiter Richard Gustav Scholz German Army15/01/1919
Gefreiter Hermann Rudolf Scholz German Army17/02/1919
Fuesilier Gustav Adolf Oswald Schomann German Army27/11/1918
Musketier Otto Schoenefeldt German Army30/12/1918
Freiwilliger Wilhelm Schoenert German Army31/03/1919
Leutnant Emil Schoenewolff German Army15/08/1917
Soldat Otto Schoenherr German Army28/08/1917
Musketier Wilhelm Schoofs German Army02/06/1917
Gefreiter Daniel Schoppe German Army23/08/1918
Soldat Karl Schottler German Army18/08/1917
Infanterist Joseph Schraufstetter German Army06/11/1918
Soldat Johann Schrauner German Army27/05/1917
Soldat Gotthold Karl Schreiber German Army29/10/1918
Soldat Max Alfred Schreiber German Army15/11/1918
Grenadier Fritz Ernst Otto Schroeder German Army11/02/1917
Gefreiter Karl Heinrich Schroeder German Army18/01/1918
Fuesilier Wilhelm Schroder German Army18/11/1918
Grenadier Wilhelm Schroeder German Army23/07/1918
Leutnant Botho Albert Schroeter German Army03/03/1919
Unteroffizier Hugo Paul Schroeter German Army09/04/1915
Musketier Emil Karl Schubert German Army04/03/1919
Musketier Claus Schubert German Army13/09/1917
Jaeger Heinrich Schucher German Army05/11/1918
Leutnant Max Schueler German Army05/03/1919
Leutnant Franz Robert Schulte German Army02/03/1919
Gefreiter Otto Schulte German Army22/05/1919
Soldat Boleslaus Schulz German Army10/07/1917
Grenadier Ernst Schulz German Army06/03/1919
Grenadier Erich Schulz German Army29/09/1918
Infanterist Otto Schulz German Army25/11/1918
Unteroffizier Walter Schulz German Army19/11/1918
Unteroffizier Paul Schulz German Army06/11/1918
Infanterist Fritz Friedrich Schulze German Army26/10/1917
Jaeger Hermann Schulze German Army27/02/1919
Jaeger Otto Schulze German Army12/11/1918
Gefreiter Paul Schulze German Army22/11/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Willi Schulze German Army18/11/1918
Landsturmmann Ferdinand Schumacher German Army10/04/1919
Infanterist Johann Schuetz German Army19/06/1919
Soldat Josef Schwab German Army31/07/1916
Gefreiter Vinzenz Schwab German Army28/02/1919
Landsturmmann Georg Schwalbach German Army31/07/1916
Musketier Ferdinand Schwarz German Army01/12/1916
Soldat Gustav Hermann Schwarz German Army01/11/1918
Musketier Paul Schwarz German Army28/03/1919
Grenadier Johannes Heinrich Schwarze German Army02/10/1917
Schuetze Willy Schwendler German Army12/11/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Schwenke German Army12/12/1918
Gefreiter Hermann Schwerin German Army13/07/1918
Musketier Jakob Schwickert German Army25/10/1918
Soldat Ernst Fritz Robert Schwieger German Army12/03/1919
Gefreiter Albert Schwinkendorf German Army10/10/1919
Pionier Johann Schwoch German Army24/11/1918
Soldat Josef Sczyrba German Army28/11/1918
Infanterist Karl Tangelmann German Army17/12/1918
Ersatz-Reservist August Tangermann German Army12/11/1918
Vizefeldwebel Rudolf Tannenberg German Army31/10/1917
Soldat Johann Tebart German Army16/04/1919
Soldat Ernst Teichmann German Army17/03/1919
Unteroffizier Wilhelm Teleiter German Army31/01/1919
Ersatz-Reservist Franz Hans Tenzer German Army02/12/1918
Soldat Wilhelm Tepe German Army08/11/1916
Gefreiter Wilhelm Eilert Tessmann German Army14/11/1918
Musketier Otto Theidel German Army27/08/1918
Soldat Josef Theisen German Army12/10/1918
Musketier Johann Theodor German Army05/11/1916
Musketier Alfred Thiele German Army30/03/1918
Soldat Paul Thieme German Army08/10/1917
Musketier Friedrich Thier German Army05/10/1916
Musketier Hermann Thieroff German Army30/11/1918
Fuesilier Friedrich Thies German Army06/11/1918
Wehrmann Josef Thimel German Army27/11/1918
Gefreiter Johann Thorwesten German Army12/11/1918
Musketier Karl Thunert German Army19/11/1918
Musketier Willy Tietz German Army21/02/1919
Fuesilier Fritz Timm German Army07/12/1918
Soldat Karl Max Tippner German Army23/11/1918
Infanterist August Wilhelm Toepelt German Army27/03/1919
Infanterist Friedrich Tornede German Army17/11/1918
Schuetze Konrad Traute German Army01/03/1919
Gefreiter Hermann Otto Treptoff German Army15/03/1917
Vizefeldwebel Julius Triebold German Army20/05/1917
Landsturmmann Heinrich Trippe German Army13/09/1918
Musketier Otto Trommer German Army02/12/1918
Reservist Hermann Ernst Paul Trottnow German Army16/04/1919
Gefreiter Ludwig Tujek German Army15/10/1918
Musketier Anton Tyczynski German Army11/08/1916
Unteroffizier Franz Uden German Army02/12/1918
Gefreiter Hermann Richard Udhardt German Army11/12/1918
Soldat Paul Alfred Ulbrich German Army15/11/1918
Musketier Eugen Ulmer German Army27/07/1916
Soldat Salifer Ulrich German Army01/05/1917
Soldat Willi Ulrich German Army25/10/1918
Wehrmann Otto Utz German Army01/12/1918
Soldat Walter Vahle German Army27/11/1918
Soldat Otto Vargel German Army12/03/1918
Unteroffizier Paul Velleuer German Army27/07/1918
Wehrmann Karl Viehofer German Army09/03/1918
Wehrmann Otto Villmow German Army22/08/1918
Wehrmann Kornel Vogelbacher German Army24/10/1919
Vizefeldwebel August Albert Vogelmann German Army27/09/1918
Unteroffizier Hermann Vogt German Army30/09/1916
Landsturmmann Otto Vogt German Army01/09/1919
Musketier Vohskuhler German Army14/07/1916
Gefreiter Carl Voelker German Army17/06/1919
Kanonier Arthur Paul Georg Volkmann German Army02/11/1918
Unteroffizier Franz Volkmann German Army11/06/1917
Musketier Bruno Heinrich Vollert German Army01/09/1919
Pionier Emil Vollmer German Army26/09/1918
Musketier Robert Karl Gustav Vollrath German Army20/11/1918
Landwehrmann Hermann Von Den Steinen German Army19/08/1917
Soldat Peter Van Der Heyden German Army23/01/1918
Gefreiter Maximilian Von Der Hoehe German Army12/12/1918
Hauptmann Hans-Christoph Von Rauchhaupt German Army13/10/1917
Musketier Otto Voss German Army18/05/1918
Soldat Bruno Wagener German Army09/02/1919
Gefreiter August Wagner German Army01/11/1918
Landsturmmann Heinrich Wagner German Army29/04/1918
Unteroffizier Oskar Hugo Hilmer Wagner German Army09/08/1916
Infanterist Joseph Wagner German Army22/04/1918
Soldat Friedrich Wahl German Army20/05/1917
Krankentraeger Julius Waldvogel German Army17/02/1919
Kanonier Wilhelm Hermann Heinrich Walkenhorst German Army26/08/1918
Fuesilier Anton Walkowiak German Army17/11/1918
Vizefeldwebel Erich Waligorski German Army09/08/1917
Soldat Franz Hermann Wallenhorst German Army10/05/1917
Gefreiter Franz Wallies German Army27/10/1918
Gefreiter Emil Walter German Army25/04/1917
Soldat Gustav Walter German Army07/06/1917
Leutnant zur See Joachim Thomsen German Navy03/11/1918 (aged 22)
Soldat Friedrich Walz German Army18/08/1916
Soldat Max Wangerow German Army22/06/1917
Gefreiter Eduard Wannemacher German Army27/10/1918
Musketier Karl Friedrich Martin Ludwig Warnick German Army04/07/1918
Landsturmmann Martin Warot German Army19/06/1919
Unteroffizier Mathias Warten German Navy23/12/1918
Musketier Rudolf Theodor Waschkowitz German Army07/12/1918
Gefreiter Alois Weber German Army09/11/1918
Musketier Ernst Weber German Army02/08/1916
Leutnant Fritz Weber German Army05/11/1918
Offizierstellvertreter Otto Weber German Army18/05/1919
Gefreiter Wilhelm Weber German Army03/12/1918
Soldat Johann Wegelein German Army05/11/1916
Ersatz-Reservist Heinrich Wegerle German Army18/04/1919
Unteroffizier Paul Wehlack German Army03/12/1918
Gefreiter Erich Wehrmann German Army10/11/1917
Leutnant der Reserve Gustav Wehrmann German Army14/11/1918
Jaeger Johann Weicher German Army02/11/1914
Gefreiter Ernst Weierstall German Army30/10/1918
Unteroffizier Theobald Weigel German Navy02/11/1916
Musketier Richard Weigelt German Army21/10/1916
Soldat Hermann Weilert German Army09/11/1917
Vizefeldwebel Georg Weinmann German Army05/11/1918
Leutnant Paul Weiser German Army10/03/1919
Soldat Johann Weiss German Army16/11/1918
Gefreiter Franz Weissbrich German Army03/01/1917
Gefreiter Richard Weissenborn German Army22/10/1918
Musketier Max Weitz German Army24/03/1918
Musketier Karl Weller German Army28/10/1918
Soldat Lothar Wender German Army05/08/1916
Jaeger Fritz Georg Wilhelm Wengel German Army04/12/1918
Landsturmmann Friedrich Wenz German Army18/12/1918
Gefreiter Karl Wenz German Army25/10/1918
Musketier Otto Wenzel German Army15/07/1918
Infanterist Ernst Werner German Army28/12/1918
Soldat Max Werner German Army15/10/1918
Landsturmmann Wilhelm Werner German Army13/02/1919
Musketier Theodor Wessel German Army25/01/1919
Musketier Kurt Westius German Army21/09/1918
Musketier Rudolf Friedrich Westphal German Army20/11/1918
Unteroffizier Kurt Wetzel German Army19/11/1918
Reservist Bernhard Wibbels German Army01/04/1919
Feldhilfsarzt Wilhelm Wick German Army20/11/1918
Soldat Michel Wiedemann German Army27/04/1917
Soldat Paul Wiedemann German Army18/07/1916
Musketier Richard Wieland German Army04/10/1917
Musketier Martin Wienchol German Army18/01/1918
Musketier Bernhard Wienstroer German Army28/09/1918
Musketier Anton Wiersbitzky German Army05/06/1915
Vizefeldwebel Herbert Wiese German Army23/05/1917
Gefreiter Hermann Wiese German Army13/11/1918
Soldat Albert Wieser German Army21/10/1918
Fuesilier Johann Wiesler German Army23/12/1917
Musketier Karl Wilhelm German Army18/11/1918
Musketier Wilhelm Willms German Army30/10/1918
Gefreiter Heinrich Willner German Army25/10/1918
Soldat Fritz Wilner German Army26/09/1917
Landwehrmann Paul Wilpert German Army05/09/1918
Schuetze Erhard Wimmer German Army29/10/1918
Sergeant Karl Wimmer German Army01/12/1918
Unteroffizier Paul Windisch German Army25/10/1918
Soldat Ludwig Wingert German Army15/01/1918
Vizefeldwebel Wilhelm Winkel German Army09/12/1918
Soldat Artur Paul Winkler German Army05/12/1918
Musketier Hermann Winter German Army27/02/1917
Musketier Johann Heinrich Adolf Winter German Army23/10/1918
Gefreiter Josef Winter German Army11/12/1918
Soldat Xaver Winter German Army07/12/1918
Unteroffizier Otto Wirth German Army21/12/1918
Musketier Friedrich Wisler German Army30/04/1917
Oberleutnant Hans Otto Ludwig Wisseler German Army10/08/1918
Infanterist Joseph Wissmann German Army19/11/1918
Soldat Karl Wiststock German Army06/05/1917
Soldat Alois Witsch German Army29/04/1917
Musketier Bernhard Peter Witt German Army04/11/1918
Gefreiter Theofil Witta German Army13/07/1918
Musketier Felix Wloczyk German Army08/11/1918
Musketier Paul Albert Ernst Wohlers German Army18/11/1918
Unteroffizier Hermann Woitkowski German Army01/11/1917
Grenadier Stefan Wojciechowski German Army16/11/1918
Musketier Josef Wojtkowiak German Army02/12/1918
Soldat Georg Wokittel German Army26/11/1918
Internierter Wilhelm Karl Wolff German Civilian15/06/1919
Grenadier Adam Wolfinger German Army07/11/1918
Gefreiter Karl Wolky German Army26/02/1919
Soldat Gustav Wolter German Army11/08/1916
Leutnant Emil Wommer German Army02/03/1919
Pionier Reinhold Wopp German Army06/07/1918
Soldat Michael Wornalkiewietz German Army20/10/1918
Gefreiter Franz Wozniak German Army16/04/1918
Soldat Hermann Friedrich Heinrich Wulff German Army18/12/1918
Kriegsfreiwilliger Wilhelm Fritz Wunram German Army18/12/1918
Grenadier Wilhelm Wunsch German Army21/01/1919
Infanterist Georg Wunschel German Army08/12/1918
Musketier August Wunstel German Army20/11/1918
Soldat Hermann Wuerfel German Army06/05/1918
Gefreiter Hermann Wurff German Army02/02/1919
Gefreiter Franz Wybranczik German Army31/10/1918
Gefreiter Martin Wygrala German Army28/11/1918
Soldat Wilhelm Zachmann German Army23/02/1919
Gefreiter Gottfried Zapf German Army14/11/1917
Gefreiter Albert Zahn German Army18/11/1918
Gefreiter Simon Zehetmaier German Army14/10/1917
Unteroffizier Rudolf Eugen Zepf German Army19/02/1919
Landsturmmann Albert Ziegler German Army09/09/1918
Fuesilier Willy Ziegler German Army09/09/1918
Ersatz-Reservist Johann Zielazny German Army21/06/1918
Musketier Franz Zielinski German Army17/04/1919
Landsturmmann Karl Zielonka German Army08/11/1918
Jaeger Arno Edwin Zimmermann German Army15/12/1918
Gefreiter Christian Zimmermann German Army16/04/1919
Grenadier Ernst Zimmermann German Army02/01/1919
Soldat Paul Zimmermann German Army17/12/1916
Soldat Paul Zimmermann German Army09/11/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Zimmermann German Army07/02/1919
Reservist Paul Max Robert Zippel German Army14/11/1918
Unteroffizier Paul Robert Zschau German Army15/01/1918
Obermaat Robert Adler German Navy03/09/1914
Obermaat Heinrich Ahrens German Navy17/06/1917
Obermaschinist Jakob Baumann German Navy03/09/1916
Heizer Johann Beck German Navy24/01/1920
Maat Wilhelm Betz German Navy17/06/1917
Maat Adolf Willy Bley German Navy24/09/1916
Leutnant Heinrich Bock German Navy20/10/1918
Maat Albin Ernst Bocksch German Navy24/09/1916
Matrose Ernst Borsum German Navy02/11/1915
Obermaat Karl Bortscheller German Navy24/09/1916
Maat Eugen Boudange German Navy02/10/1916
Oberheizer Wilhelm Otto Brockhaus German Navy24/09/1916
Leutnant zur See Karl Friedrich Oswald Brodrueck German Navy24/09/1916
Matrose Karl Brueggemann German Navy26/02/1919
Heizer Eduard Bruhn German Navy14/11/1918
Obermatrose Nikolaus Buchta German Navy25/01/1915
Bootsmannsmaat Arthur Hermann Fritz Budwitz German Navy02/10/1916
Obermatrose Richard Degner German Navy21/04/1917
Marine-Ingenieur Fritz Friedrich Albert Otto Dietrich German Navy05/03/1919
Maat Walter Dippmann German Navy17/06/1917
Matrose August Doll German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Paul Dorfmueller German Navy24/09/1916
Obermatrose Karl Johann Dornbusch German Navy02/10/1916
Heizer Hermann Eckert German Navy21/04/1917
Oberleutnant zur See Otto Ehrentraut German Navy09/02/1917
Kapitaenleutnant Franz Eichler German Navy17/06/1917
Matrose Ludwig Eichsteller German Navy21/04/1917
Fregattenkapitaen Alexander Erdmann German Navy15/02/1915
Leutnant zur See Guenther Ewest German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Richard Hermann Fankhanel German Navy24/09/1916
Heizer Heinrich Frank German Navy21/04/1917
Heizer Otto Gabriel German Navy23/02/1917
Leutnant Hans Geitel German Navy03/09/1916
Maat Wilhelm Glueckel German Navy17/06/1917
Vizefeldwebel Rudolf Goltz German Navy03/09/1916
Oberheizer Wilhelm Karl Emil Gorski German Navy10/04/1917
Heizer Viktor Gottschling German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Georg Hagedorn German Navy24/09/1916
Telegraphist Rudolf Haehnel German Navy21/04/1917
Matrose Ernst Hammer German Navy20/10/1918
Bootsmannsmaat Paul Hannemann German Navy17/06/1917
Feldwebelleutnant Karl Paul Hassenmueller German Navy03/09/1916
Oberbootsmannsmaat Friedrich Heider German Navy24/09/1916
Heizer Kurt Heintze German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Nikolaus Willibald Hemmerling German Navy02/10/1916
Maat Heinrich Herbst German Navy17/06/1917
Oberleutnant zur See Karl Alfred Hespe German Navy23/06/1919
Unteroffizier Franz Hettlage German Navy04/10/1919
Obermaschinist Friedrich Hindrischedt German Navy01/03/1916
Obermaschinist Karl Jean Bernhard Hiort German Navy02/10/1916
Obermatrose Hans Franz Holmquist German Navy21/02/1915
Gefreiter Bernhard Jeziorski German Navy03/09/1916
Maschinist Fritz Jourdan German Navy03/09/1916
Maschinist Karl Kaechele German Navy03/09/1916
Sturmmann Wilhelm Kaehler German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Ernst Willy Paul Kaiser German Navy02/10/1916
Matrose Max R W Kasch German Navy23/02/1917
Maschinenwarter Willi Katt German Navy02/12/1916
Heizer Robert Kautzke German Navy28/08/1914
Matrose Josef Anton Kiebler German Navy02/09/1919
Telegraphist Ernst Stephan Klee German Navy02/10/1916
Sturmmann Heinrich Klein German Navy23/11/1918
Obermatrose Karl Klein German Navy19/09/1915
Telegraphist Robert H Klisch German Navy24/09/1916
Maat Heinrich Kohse German Navy11/02/1917
Obermatrose Nikolaus Koch German Navy30/11/1918
Bootsmannsmaat Franz Koenig German Navy17/06/1917
Obersteuermann Fritz Kopischke German Navy03/09/1916
Steuermann Siegfried Johannes Herbert Koerber German Navy02/10/1916
Kapitaenleutnant zur See Guenther Krech German Navy07/03/1919
Obermaschinist Ernst Johannes Krueger German Navy03/11/1918
Matrose Otto Krull German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Gustav Karl Wilhelm Kunisch German Navy02/10/1916
Heizer Wilhelm Kuelpmann German Navy28/08/1914
Maat Hermann Friedrich Kunze German Navy28/11/1918
Matrose Paul Kurzke German Navy04/03/1919
Maat Josef Lassonczyk German Navy21/04/1917
Bootsmannsmaat Erich Lohmann German Navy21/04/1917
Matrose Friedrich Luhmann German Navy21/04/1917
Obermaschinist Hermann Franz Oswald Maegdlfrau German Navy24/09/1916
Heizer Erich Massow German Navy21/04/1917
Kapitaenleutnant Heinrich Ferdinand Friedrich Mathy German Navy02/10/1916
Bootsmannsmaat Rudolf Mayrhofer German Navy29/08/1914
Heizer Paul Mellenthin German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Mensing German Navy02/10/1916
Obermatrose Hermann Meschke German Navy06/03/1916
Maat Wilhelm Meyer German Navy17/06/1917
Maat Karl Milich German Navy17/06/1917
Obermaschinist Friedrich Moedinger German Navy03/09/1916
Obersegelmachersgast Bernhard Johannes Mohr German Navy24/09/1916
Bootsmannsmaat Fritz Moldenhauer German Navy21/04/1917
Matrose August Mueller German Navy24/09/1916
Bootsmannsmaat Bruno Mrozek German Navy21/04/1917
Obermatrose Anton Nadolski German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Michael Neunzig German Navy17/06/1917
Maat Friedrich Paul Pasche German Navy24/09/1916
Matrose Hugo Pauloweit German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Karl Hermann Paust German Navy24/09/1916
Obersteuermannsmaat Friedrich Johann Peters German Navy02/10/1916
Maat Julius Wilhelm August Petitjean German Navy28/11/1916
Obermatrose Heinrich Phillipp German Navy02/10/1916
Maat Ewald Johann Heinrich Picard German Navy24/09/1916
Obermatrose Karl Ploeger German Navy17/06/1917
Maat Walter Pruess German Navy24/09/1916
Obermaschinist Reinhold Porath German Navy03/09/1916
Maschinist Paul Rohnspiess German Navy22/04/1918
Maat Friedrich Karl Christian Rohr German Navy02/10/1916
Maat Alfred Rueger German Navy28/11/1916
Matrose Jakob Reimers German Navy21/04/1917
Maat Wilhelm August Johannes Schade German Navy06/06/1916
Obermatrose Paul Rudolf Schiering German Navy24/09/1916
Unteroffizier Heinrich Schlichting German Navy03/09/1916
Oberheizer Wilhelm Schmelzer German Navy27/09/1918
Maat Karl Schmidt German Navy21/04/1917
Oberleutnant zur See Walter Eduard Alexander Schmitz German Navy07/03/1919
Hauptmann Wilhelm Schramm German Navy03/09/1916
Steuermann Bernhard Johann Schreibmueller German Navy24/09/1916
Maat Paul Schulz German Navy21/04/1917
Korvettenkapitaen Viktor Schuetze German Navy17/06/1917
Obermaat Paul Seidenfaden German Navy24/11/1917
Obersteuermann Rudolf Sendzik German Navy03/09/1916
Obermatrose Johann Sikorski German Navy08/11/1915
Matrose Karl Wilhelm Gustav Sorge German Navy14/11/1918
Maat Hubert Karl Ernst Armin Stender German Navy02/10/1916
Maschinistenanwarter Fritz Adolf Struck German Navy18/09/1914
Obermatrose Paul Suchlich German Navy17/06/1917
Matrose Peter Szymanski German Navy07/07/1917
Obermatrose Paul Salewski German Navy25/12/1915
Unteroffizier Anton Tristram German Navy03/09/1916
Oberheizer Hermann Thulen German Navy01/01/1919
Oberleutnant Wilhelm Vohdin German Navy03/09/1916
Maat Karl Johann Peter Volker German Navy24/09/1916
Kapitaenleutnant zur See Bernhard Von Arnim German Navy21/04/1917
Oberleutnant zur See Vicco Von Der Luehe German Navy01/03/1919
Oberleutnant zur See Werner Gustav Iwan Peterson German Navy24/09/1916
Maat Hermann Van Stockum German Navy17/06/1917
Maat Theodor Wawretzko German Navy21/04/1917
Maschinist Joseph Friedrich Wegener German Navy02/10/1916
Leutnant zur See Jochen Julius Otto Hubertus Werner German Navy02/10/1916
Steuermann Paul Westphal German Navy17/06/1917
Heizer Alfred Winguth German Navy21/04/1917
Maschinist Hans Winkler German Navy03/09/1916
Obermaat Peter Wirth German Navy01/05/1917
Bootsmannsmaat Heinrich Witthoeft German Navy02/10/1916
Maat Victor Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Woellert German Navy02/10/1916
Heizer Albert Wachter German Navy24/11/1917
Matrose Michael J Zahn German Navy23/02/1917
Bootsmannsmaat Karl Zolemann German Navy21/04/1917
Oberbootsmannsmaat Alfred Robert Johannes Zoepel German Navy24/09/1916
Oberleutnant zur See Axel Carl Ludwig Von Schoenermarck German Navy29/01/1915
Sergeant Joseph Arnold German Air Force20/05/1918
Leutnant Rudolf Bartikowski German Air Force19/05/1918
Vizefeldwebel Friedrich Bloch German Air Force19/05/1918
Leutnant Joachim Flothow German Air Force19/05/1918
Leutnant Hans Franke German Air Force06/06/1917
Unteroffizier Walter Heiden German Air Force28/01/1918 (aged 22)
Vizefeldwebel Heiligers German Air Force19/05/1918
Vizefeldwebel Erich Kluck German Air Force05/06/1917
Leutnant der Reserve Wilhelm Friedrich Rist German Air Force19/05/1918
Vizefeldwebel Albrecht Sachter German Air Force19/05/1918
Gefreiter Wilhelm Schulte German Air Force20/05/1918
Unteroffizier Paul Sopkowiak German Air Force20/05/1918
Leutnant Paul Strang German Air Force01/03/1919
Vizefeldwebel Hans Tiedke German Air Force20/05/1918
Leutnant Friedrich Von Thomsen German Air Force28/01/1918 (aged 24)
Unteroffizier Karl Ziegler German Air Force28/01/1918 (aged 19)
Internierter August Albroscheit German Civilian28/10/1917
Internierter Gustav Adolf Arendt German Civilian29/10/1915
Internierter Joseph Aumann German Civilian15/05/1917
Internierter Georg Baackh German Civilian19/12/1915
Internierter Wilhelm Bache German Civilian19/07/1918
Internierter Johann Bamberg German Civilian13/11/1918
Internierter Robert August Bartsch German Civilian15/12/1916
Internierter Emil Hermann Bassiner German Civilian30/03/1917
Gefreiter Hugo Baetje German Army13/04/1919
Internierter Karl Gustav Bauck German Civilian21/11/1916
Internierter Ludwig Bauer German Civilian19/11/1914
Internierter Heinrich Bechtel German Civilian21/05/1916
Internierter Clemens Becker German Civilian13/03/1917
Internierter Friedrich Heinrich Christian Becker German Civilian26/12/1915
Internierter Richard Becker German Civilian28/11/1917
Internierter Gerhardt Beig German Civilian08/01/1919
Internierter Henry Biermann German Civilian11/11/1917
Internierter Heinrich Belmare German Civilian10/12/1918
Internierter Emil Johannes August Benning German Civilian02/12/1918
Internierter Hans Berger German Civilian03/12/1916
Internierter Christian Bickel German Civilian19/11/1914
Internierter Albert Bierkamp German Civilian28/01/1916
Internierter Fritz Biermann German Civilian02/01/1918
Internierter Paul Boettcher German Civilian25/01/1916
Internierter Emil Bohrisch German Civilian15/06/1919
Internierter Heinrich Bolinius German Civilian06/02/1916
Internierter Theodor Boennemann German Civilian14/10/1915
Internierter Karl Bringmann German Civilian30/08/1918
Internierter Johann Brinkmann German Civilian14/12/1916
Internierter William Brown German Civilian02/08/1916
Internierter Paul Ernst Bruckner German Civilian01/10/1916
Internierter Reinhold Bruckner German Civilian15/12/1914
Internierter Johann Burkhardt German Civilian08/04/1917
Internierter Gustav Hermann Philipp Burmeister German Civilian24/10/1918
Internierter Friedrich Busch German Civilian02/01/1919
Internierter Friedrich Gottlieb Ernst Bueschking German Civilian11/08/1915
Internierter August Bussmann German Civilian15/11/1918
Internierter Bernhard Carstens German Civilian07/11/1918
Internierter Wilhelm Cazzini German Civilian27/02/1916
Internierter Richard Walter Conrad German Civilian01/02/1916
Internierter John Cors German Civilian12/06/1916
Internierter Hermann Johann Corssen German Civilian07/03/1915
Internierter Bernhard Dammann German Civilian11/07/1917
Internierter Johannes Robert Ernst Deistel German Civilian20/03/1916
Internierter Fritz Dell German Civilian17/01/1919
Internierter Henry Denker German Civilian11/03/1917
Internierter Johann Dicke German Civilian22/04/1917
Internierter Heinrich August Dierks German Civilian27/11/1918
Internierter Max Dokl German Civilian18/12/1916
Internierter Wolfgang Arthur Doerffel German Civilian29/01/1917
Internierter Walter Adolph Drautz German Civilian25/07/1918
Internierter Adolf Dreher German Civilian14/11/1918
Internierter Gunther Dressell German Civilian06/06/1916
Internierter Wilhelm Duksen German Civilian11/03/1918
Internierter Egbert Duttmann German Civilian13/01/1915
Internierter Harry Edmunds German Civilian04/12/1917
Internierter Ernst Eichendorf German Civilian17/12/1917
Internierter Karl Endres German Civilian18/12/1916
Internierter Friedrich Ernest German Civilian14/08/1919
Internierter Johann Evers German Civilian21/11/1916
Internierter Wilhelm Ewert German Civilian11/10/1917
Internierter Max Fanghaenel German Civilian15/02/1918
Internierter Karl Feldmeth German Civilian22/12/1918
Internierter Heinrich Felkin German Civilian14/02/1918
Internierter Otto Ferst German Civilian31/03/1915
Internierter Karl Johannes Fett German Civilian26/12/1918
Internierter Alfred Fischer German Civilian22/12/1918
Internierter Johann Franck German Civilian26/06/1918
Internierter Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Franke German Civilian27/04/1917
Internierter Friedrich August Karl Franzius German Civilian02/06/1917
Internierter Georg Eduard Hermann Freiwaldt German Civilian17/11/1917
Internierter Gustav Hermann Fritz German Civilian09/10/1915
Internierter Johann Leonhard Fuchs German Civilian04/11/1915
Internierter Bernhard Fugmann German Civilian25/06/1917
Internierter Richard Fuss German Civilian19/11/1914
Internierter Robert Wilhelm Fueller German Civilian12/01/1918
Internierter Hans August Karl Fuerth German Civilian20/10/1915
Internierter Friedrich Wilhelm Gehring German Civilian26/09/1916
Internierter Dr Walter Gellhorn German Civilian12/06/1916
Internierter Karl Gerischer German Civilian19/07/1916
Internierter August Gerlach German Civilian22/07/1918
Internierter Philipp Gildy German Civilian13/12/1916
Internierter Jacob Gottfried German Civilian28/05/1917
Internierter Kurt Paul Goetze German Civilian25/10/1918
Internierter Hermann Ludwig Grabowski German Civilian01/02/1917
Internierter Friedrich Graf German Civilian18/08/1916
Internierter Max Heinrich Martin Gruenberg German Civilian01/11/1918
Internierter Christian Gruetz German Civilian04/08/1917
Internierter Emil Gumpert German Civilian28/01/1916
Internierter Otto Gunther German Civilian05/01/1915
Internierter Robert Hermann Guenther German Civilian06/06/1917
Internierter Friedrich Karl Habel German Civilian27/07/1918
Internierter Willy Wolfgang Hager German Civilian19/12/1918
Internierter Louis Haider German Civilian21/02/1918
Internierter Friedrich Hanning German Civilian21/02/1917
Internierter Heinrich Hans German Civilian16/04/1919
Internierter Friedrich Hartmann German Civilian04/03/1916
Internierter Friedrich Heinrich Karl Hartmann German Civilian03/12/1918
Internierter C H Julius Hase German Civilian28/06/1917
Internierter Heinrich Hasselfeldt German Civilian31/07/1916
Internierter Heinrich Karl Hauser German Civilian05/12/1914
Internierter Hans Heuring German Civilian10/03/1916
Internierter Paul Max Heiner German Civilian01/12/1914
Internierter Fritz Bernhard Heining German Civilian23/09/1917
Internierter Paul Helbing German Civilian17/05/1915
Internierter Wilhelm Hellmund German Civilian01/04/1916
Internierter Ernst Christoph Hepperle German Civilian29/04/1917
Internierter Karl Hess German Civilian11/06/1919
Internierter Otto Hess German Civilian16/06/1919
Internierter Wilhelm Hoyer German Civilian29/06/1918
Internierter Hermann Hochstein German Civilian11/05/1918
Internierter Heinrich Hoffmann German Civilian02/09/1915
Internierter Walter Hoffsommer German Civilian11/01/1919
Internierter Karl Hubert Hofmann German Civilian29/11/1918
Internierter Hugo Hollenz German Civilian03/05/1917
Internierter William Howard German Civilian10/08/1916
Internierter Georg Ihringer German Civilian10/01/1916
Internierter Otto Illig German Civilian06/12/1918
Internierter Fritz Jaeger German Civilian29/03/1919
Internierter Richard Lammert Heinrich Janssen German Civilian19/07/1917
Internierter Oskar Ernst Adolf Jensen German Civilian24/11/1918
Internierter Rudolf W Johannsen German Civilian23/08/1917
Internierter Johannes Heinrich Albert Jueckstock German Civilian02/01/1917
Internierter Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Kaffschinsky German Civilian17/05/1917
Internierter Engelbert Keller German Civilian11/10/1917
Internierter Hubert Kertscher German Civilian12/04/1916
Internierter Georg Kiefer German Civilian02/10/1916
Internierter Harry King German Civilian19/11/1917
Internierter Eduard Wilhelm Klein German Civilian06/05/1915
Internierter Frank Von Klinge German Civilian24/10/1916
Internierter Karl Kling German Civilian18/09/1917
Internierter Max Karl Ludwig Kloeker German Civilian07/12/1915
Internierter Gottfried Koehn German Civilian07/11/1917
Internierter Rudolf Johann Koerner German Civilian14/06/1919
Internierter Karl Kohl German Civilian05/04/1915
Soldat Karl Koehler German Army12/11/1916
Internierter Karl Wilhelm Kohler German Civilian29/11/1915
Internierter Otto August Kohnke German Civilian07/08/1918
Internierter Henry Karl Gustav Koll German Civilian05/08/1917
Internierter Johann Friedrich Koenig German Civilian03/05/1918
Internierter Adam Koenigsfeld German Civilian06/03/1917
Internierter Albert Friedrich Wilhelm Konow German Civilian30/11/1918
Internierter Karl Melchior Theodor Egon Koerner German Civilian14/01/1917
Internierter Erich Gregor Walter Kosleck German Civilian15/05/1917
Internierter August Eduard Krause German Civilian06/05/1916
Internierter Eduard August Wilhelm Krause German Civilian21/12/1917
Internierter Heinrich Kremerskothen German Civilian10/08/1916
Internierter Friedrich Kretzer German Civilian07/11/1918
Internierter Friedrich Krueger German Civilian20/11/1918
Internierter Johann Anton Gerhard Kracke German Civilian29/12/1917
Internierter Hermann Kueng German Civilian02/10/1917
Internierter Peter Kupfer German Civilian05/08/1915
Internierter Wilhelm Ernst Karl Erich Kuester German Civilian23/01/1917
Internierter Martin Lausch German Civilian15/11/1918
Internierter Eduard W Lehndorff German Civilian21/09/1916
Internierter Waldemar Paul Otto Leistritz German Civilian09/09/1918
Internierter Ludwig Friedrich Lembke German Civilian28/08/1915
Internierter Oskar Ulrich Fritz Lemke German Civilian13/03/1917
Internierter Friedrich Christian Herm Lindner German Civilian26/11/1918
Internierter Franz Linich German Civilian06/06/1916
Internierter Peter Linnebacher German Civilian09/07/1916
Internierter Isidor Loewing German Civilian02/10/1919
Internierter Willy Lucke German Civilian02/03/1917
Internierter Emil Luedecke German Civilian03/07/1917
Internierter Otto Karl Luehe German Civilian25/10/1918
Internierter Emil Luithardt German Civilian03/08/1918
Internierter Franz K Maehl-Larsson German Civilian20/01/1917
Internierter Johann Leonhard Marquard German Civilian07/01/1917
Kapitaen Heinrich Carl Louis Martens German Merchant Navy28/01/1917
Internierter Richard Hermann Mathias German Civilian19/11/1914
Internierter Karl H A Mattfeldt German Civilian24/03/1917
Internierter Johannes Maurer German Civilian20/07/1916
Internierter Ernst Meerwald German Civilian07/09/1915
Internierter Ernst Ewald Meyer German Civilian19/08/1918
Internierter Karl Michel German Civilian18/12/1917
Krankentraeger Richard Otto Hans Heinrich Millahn German Army05/09/1918
Internierter Harry Miller German Civilian24/11/1915
Internierter Ferdinand Molitor German Civilian07/12/1915
Internierter Karl Moeller German Civilian05/08/1915
Internierter Arthur Karl Otto Mook German Civilian10/10/1918
Internierter Emil Hugo Moritz German Civilian25/12/1916
Internierter Jakob Heinrich Muehlhaus German Civilian30/12/1917
Internierter Camillo Mueller German Civilian12/08/1918
Internierter Fritz Mueller German Civilian12/01/1915
Internierter Heinrich Mueller German Civilian16/05/1918
Internierter Christian Mueller German Civilian21/11/1918
Internierter Max Alfred Mueller German Civilian15/07/1918
Internierter Wilhelm Paul Neppe German Civilian14/06/1917
Internierter Carl Neumann German Civilian07/08/1917
Internierter Paul Neutsch German Civilian22/11/1918
Internierter Heinrich Nolding German Civilian25/07/1917
Internierter Charles Novak German Civilian03/09/1916
Internierter Philipp Orlopp German Civilian27/04/1917
Internierter Georg Johann Oehler German Civilian09/03/1918
Internierter Frank Parker German Civilian14/04/1916
Internierter Joergen A Paulsen German Civilian29/03/1918
Internierter Egon Peltz German Civilian27/02/1918
Internierter Robert Peltzer German Civilian07/06/1917
Internierter Wilhelm Christof Johannes Permien German Civilian29/02/1916
Internierter Karl Nicolaus Persson German Civilian14/01/1916
Internierter Albert Petter German Civilian25/11/1916
Internierter Ferdinand Gust Karl Fritz Pingel German Civilian07/06/1918
Internierter Erich Gustav Piotrowski German Civilian25/03/1916
Internierter Fritz F W Poelckow German Civilian12/12/1916
Internierter Peter Franz Popoff German Civilian02/03/1919
Kapitaen Emil Karl Friedrich Prager German Merchant Navy29/01/1918
Internierter Rudolf Simon Pullich German Civilian11/03/1919
Internierter Ernst Radomsky German Civilian15/09/1916
Internierter Wilhelm Rambow German Civilian04/11/1917
Internierter Hermann Ramm German Civilian28/11/1918
Internierter Hans Karl Ratzesberger German Civilian04/12/1915
Internierter Hermann Hugo Karl Rebentisch German Civilian22/02/1917
Internierter Anton Roesch German Civilian26/12/1915
Internierter Otto Paul K Roesch German Civilian21/10/1916
Internierter Walter Rothbart German Civilian06/10/1918
Internierter Ernst Paul Rother German Civilian10/04/1915
Internierter John Ruhl German Civilian14/06/1919
Internierter Georg Adolf Eduard Sandig German Civilian21/01/1917
Internierter Philipp Schaaf German Civilian21/01/1917
Internierter Wilhelm Christian Schale German Civilian30/10/1915
Internierter Wilhelm Paul Karl Schefferling German Civilian17/11/1918
Internierter Eduard Albert Schellin German Civilian09/08/1917
Internierter Johann Heinrich Schiffer German Civilian03/12/1918
Internierter Hans Schlag German Civilian05/12/1918
Internierter Hugo Hans Schlesinger German Civilian05/08/1918
Internierter Karl Schmeberger German Civilian09/02/1918
Internierter Hermann Albert Schmid German Civilian15/11/1917
Internierter Heinrich G Schmidt German Civilian09/10/1916
Internierter Josef Schmidt German Civilian11/04/1918
Internierter Max Rudolph Robert Schmidt German Civilian29/01/1917
Internierter Otto Eugen Schmidt German Civilian18/12/1918
Internierter Albert Schmitt German Civilian21/11/1917
Internierter Julius Anton Schneider German Civilian11/02/1915
Internierter Martin Schoene German Civilian02/12/1918
Internierter Oskar Schornberg German Civilian24/06/1918
Internierter Richard Schramm German Civilian02/12/1917
Internierter Franz Otto Schreiber German Civilian10/12/1917
Internierter Alexander Max Schrick German Civilian09/04/1917
Internierter Johann Schulz German Civilian31/01/1918
Internierter Theodor Schultz German Civilian02/05/1916
Internierter Harry Schulze German Civilian05/03/1919
Internierter Ernst Robert Schumann German Civilian16/09/1917
Internierter Max H Schumann German Civilian02/04/1917
Internierter Lothar Johannes Schuster German Civilian11/07/1916
Internierter Johann Friedrich Schuetz German Civilian03/01/1916
Internierter Otto Emil Schuette German Civilian25/07/1918
Internierter Paul Schwarz German Civilian14/02/1918
Internierter Karl Adam Schweitzer German Civilian05/03/1916
Internierter Julius Schwerin German Civilian27/02/1919
Internierter Wilhelm Fritz Seefels German Civilian19/12/1915
Internierter Louis Seel German Civilian16/01/1917
Internierter Heinrich Otto Seifert German Civilian26/09/1915
Internierter Arnold Skorzewski German Civilian05/10/1915
Internierter Fritz Skrandies German Civilian17/07/1918
Internierter Peter Soltys German Civilian04/08/1915
Internierter Fritz Spickermann German Civilian05/05/1917
Internierter Georg Staller German Civilian04/03/1916
Internierter Peter Wilhelm Henry Theodor Steffahn German Civilian03/01/1919
Internierter Franz Steigerwald German Civilian18/05/1918
Internierter Carl Robert Steiner German Civilian09/02/1916
Internierter Justus Steller German Civilian06/10/1915
Internierter Ewald K W Stelter German Civilian26/12/1914
Internierter Walter Sthamer German Civilian31/01/1920
Internierter Conrad Stich German Civilian10/03/1919
Internierter Alexander Stiddig German Civilian28/11/1915
Internierter Conrad Bruno Stiller German Civilian08/12/1917
Internierter Jacob Gerhard Stuercke German Civilian16/05/1916
Internierter Jacob Taylor German Civilian14/02/1918
Internierter Wilhelm Friedrich Theodor Thoms German Civilian01/08/1917
Internierter Johannes Tietgen German Civilian17/10/1916
Internierter Berthold Tillmanns German Civilian25/11/1918
Internierter Hermann Chr Tomaschewski German Civilian14/07/1917
Internierter Max Alfred Troglauer German Civilian24/01/1918
Internierter Karl Alexander Trommer German Civilian20/12/1915
Internierter Hans Edmund Max Tuphorn German Civilian18/04/1916
Internierter Karl Franz Ueberholz German Civilian24/03/1916
Internierter Otto Volley German Civilian27/05/1915
Internierter Heinrich Von Bargen German Civilian26/05/1919
Internierter Adolph Van Der Straeten German Civilian23/11/1918
Internierter Wilhelm Vorthmann German Civilian01/03/1915
Internierter Fritz Wagner German Civilian14/11/1918
Internierter Paul Walbert German Civilian04/05/1915
Internierter Friedrich Waldmann German Civilian15/07/1918
Internierter Karl Waldmann German Civilian23/07/1919
Internierter Friedrich Walter German Civilian13/03/1917
Internierter Gustav Wanke German Civilian11/03/1918
Internierter Bernhard Warning German Civilian19/11/1914
Internierter Johann Warnken German Civilian06/11/1918
Internierter Albert Nikolaus Weichel German Civilian08/07/1916
Internierter Albert Gustav Weiss German Civilian21/11/1917
Internierter Karl Weiss German Civilian21/10/1916
Internierter Fritz Wilhelm Weissgerber German Civilian26/01/1915
Internierter Albert Welte German Civilian25/06/1917
Internierter Karl Werner German Civilian11/05/1918
Internierter Georg Werpekat German Civilian14/04/1916
Internierter Ferdinand Wettmer German Civilian27/02/1919
Internierter August Wezel German Civilian30/11/1915
Internierter Friedrich Wickmann German Civilian12/01/1915
Internierter Karl Wiedemann German Civilian13/05/1915
Internierter Paul Wiese German Civilian09/03/1915
Internierter Josef Wighard German Civilian23/09/1915
Internierter Friedrich Wilhelm German Civilian11/09/1916
Internierter Ernst Richard Wilhelms German Civilian07/12/1918
Internierter Johann Willmann German Civilian02/06/1916
Internierter Robert Wilms German Civilian10/03/1917
Internierter Johann Winnig German Civilian24/02/1919
Internierter Hermann Winter German Civilian16/11/1915
Internierter Ernst Konrad Wilhelm Wissmar German Civilian25/12/1918
Internierter Franz Witte German Civilian01/12/1918
Internierter Hugo Wittmer German Civilian02/08/1917
Internierter Mathias Wolber German Civilian25/11/1915
Internierter Willy Worsdorfer German Civilian21/06/1915
Internierter Emil Georg Wuebbenhorst German Civilian05/10/1916
Internierter Erich Wutke German Civilian16/01/1918
Internierter William Jance German Civilian26/02/1919
Internierter Friedrich Wilhelm Zeigenhagen German Civilian22/03/1915
Internierter Bernhard Zeller German Civilian08/11/1917
Infanterist Franz Pal Austrian Army30/11/1918
Infanterist Onofry Olijnyk Austrian Army16/11/1918
Infanterist Vazul Marzsinean Austrian Army03/02/1919
Infanterist Peter Bursac Austrian Army23/11/1918
Internierter Karl Leopold Bauer Austrian Civilian24/04/1916
Internierter Pawlo Bileckyi Austrian Civilian22/06/1917
Internierter Pius Brandstetter Austrian Civilian22/05/1916
Internierter Stefan Czoly Austrian Civilian12/05/1916
Internierter Adolf Rudolf Dorflinger Austrian Civilian30/11/1914
Internierter Paul Fedaszczuk Austrian Civilian13/04/1918
Internierter Alexander Ferstl Austrian Civilian09/08/1917
Internierter August Wilhelm Gerzabek Austrian Civilian28/02/1917
Internierter Nikolas Nykola Gierula Austrian Civilian12/09/1916
Internierter Frank Hartmann Austrian Civilian01/06/1915
Internierter Georg Hix Austrian Civilian23/10/1917
Internierter Michael Kapger Austrian Civilian31/07/1915
Internierter Karl Kletzenbauer Austrian Civilian30/11/1918
Internierter Matthias Kollar Austrian Civilian31/07/1918
Internierter Wasyl Lagusta Austrian Civilian25/08/1917
Internierter Vasili Magura Austrian Civilian02/09/1915
Internierter Elimir Meszaros Austrian Civilian09/11/1918
Internierter Alois Moser Austrian Civilian08/11/1917
Intendant Frank Moss Austrian Civilian08/02/1917
Internierter Milko Myszczyszyn Austrian Civilian17/11/1917
Internierter Alexander Nagy Austrian Civilian25/11/1918
Internierter Ivan Oleksiuk Austrian Civilian23/02/1917
Internierter Thomas Oreskovic Austrian Civilian22/08/1917
Internierter Petco Raicoff Austrian Civilian16/03/1918
Internierter Gergely Rosta Austrian Civilian29/11/1917
Internierter Wasyl Saemeiuk Austrian Civilian21/08/1917
Internierter Stefan Sawka Austrian Civilian04/12/1915
Internierter Fritz Friedrich Schaufus Austrian Civilian18/07/1918
Internierter Michael Scherbaum Austrian Civilian04/04/1916
Internierter Johann Janos Schuller Austrian Civilian23/09/1919
Internierter Fritz Skribe Austrian Civilian24/08/1916
Internierter Otto Paul Starn Austrian Civilian20/01/1919
Internierter Michel Stenewick Stemerwicz Austrian Civilian08/02/1917
Internierter Joseph Woelfe Austrian Civilian13/04/1917
Internierter Frank Wosna Austrian Civilian17/06/1917
Internierter Josef Zak Austrian Civilian24/05/1916
Soldat Ludwig Killner German Army26/09/1916
Unteroffizier Eugen Hepfer German Navy11/05/1918
Internierter Karl Kemmer German Civilian09/06/1918
Matrose Emil Nikodem German Navy25/10/1918
Schuetze Wilhelm Heil German Army19/10/1918
Internierter Moritz Kristel German Civilian13/09/1916