Austrian Civilian

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Internierter Adolf Bohm Austrian Civilian12/08/1916
Civilian Mike Andruszka Austrian Civilian13/11/1918
Civilian Barta Austrian Civilian21/04/1915
Internierter Karl Leopold Bauer Austrian Civilian24/04/1916
Internierter Pawlo Bileckyi Austrian Civilian22/06/1917
Civilian Stefan Bloder Austrian Civilian12/11/1918
Internierter Pius Brandstetter Austrian Civilian22/05/1916
Civilian Gustav Breitenfeld Austrian Civilian04/08/1916
Civilian Johann Brumbauer Austrian Civilian28/07/1919
Civilian Nick Burtnyk Austrian Civilian04/10/1915
Civilian Georg Campo Austrian Civilian05/05/1915
Internierter Stefan Czoly Austrian Civilian12/05/1916
Civilian Wasyl Czyczuk Austrian Civilian03/05/1917
Internierter Adolf Rudolf Dorflinger Austrian Civilian30/11/1914
Civilian Maria Fausta Austrian Civilian25/02/1915
Internierter Paul Fedaszczuk Austrian Civilian13/04/1918
Internierter Alexander Ferstl Austrian Civilian09/08/1917
Internierter August Wilhelm Gerzabek Austrian Civilian28/02/1917
Internierter Nikolas Nykola Gierula Austrian Civilian12/09/1916
Civilian Macif Matias Gnus Austrian Civilian29/01/1916
Civilian Gramada Austrian Civilian27/09/1916
Civilian Andrew Grapko Austrian Civilian18/06/1915
Internierter Frank Hartmann Austrian Civilian01/06/1915
Civilian John Harvath Austrian Civilian01/10/1915
Civilian Mike Hecimovitch Austrian Civilian17/02/1917
Internierter Georg Hix Austrian Civilian23/10/1917
Civilian Pete Hrenchuk Austrian Civilian11/01/1916
Civilian Ivan Jugo Austrian Civilian12/03/1917
Internierter Michael Kapger Austrian Civilian31/07/1915
Civilian Mike Katalinic Austrian Civilian01/07/1918
Civilian Kladar Austrian Civilian22/06/1918
Internierter Karl Kletzenbauer Austrian Civilian30/11/1918
Internierter Matthias Kollar Austrian Civilian31/07/1918
Civilian Ilko Komisark Austrian Civilian01/09/1915
Civilian Timoti Korejczuk Austrian Civilian15/09/1919
Civilian V Nykola Kowcz Austrian Civilian25/05/1919
Civilian Jukin A Joachin Kushner Austrian Civilian31/03/1916
Internierter Wasyl Lagusta Austrian Civilian25/08/1917
Internierter Vasili Magura Austrian Civilian02/09/1915
Civilian Anton Maliuk Austrian Civilian08/12/1915
Civilian Andrew Melnyk Austrian Civilian20/11/1918
Civilian Virgilio Mengotti Austrian Civilian29/04/1915
Internierter Elimir Meszaros Austrian Civilian09/11/1918
Civilian Andreas Moritsky Austrian Civilian24/02/1916
Internierter Alois Moser Austrian Civilian08/11/1917
Intendant Frank Moss Austrian Civilian08/02/1917
Internierter Milko Myszczyszyn Austrian Civilian17/11/1917
Internierter Alexander Nagy Austrian Civilian25/11/1918
Internierter Ivan Oleksiuk Austrian Civilian23/02/1917
Internierter Thomas Oreskovic Austrian Civilian22/08/1917
Civilian Ortynski Austrian Civilian01/07/1917
Civilian Eugene Perensky Austrian Civilian04/03/1916
Civilian Steve Peskovich Austrian Civilian11/12/1916
Internierter Petco Raicoff Austrian Civilian16/03/1918
Internierter Gergely Rosta Austrian Civilian29/11/1917
Internierter Wasyl Saemeiuk Austrian Civilian21/08/1917
Civilian Steve Sapich Austrian Civilian21/05/1917
Internierter Stefan Sawka Austrian Civilian04/12/1915
Internierter Fritz Friedrich Schaufus Austrian Civilian18/07/1918
Internierter Michael Scherbaum Austrian Civilian04/04/1916
Internierter Johann Janos Schuller Austrian Civilian23/09/1919
Civilian Wasyl Shapka Austrian Civilian10/12/1918
Civilian Isak Serez Shimatnik Austrian Civilian28/09/1918
Internierter Fritz Skribe Austrian Civilian24/08/1916
Civilian Harry Smerchanski Hrynke Austrian Civilian30/03/1917
Civilian Egizo Sopranich Austrian Civilian06/10/1918
Internierter Otto Paul Starn Austrian Civilian20/01/1919
Civilian Niklo Stefanuk Austrian Civilian24/05/1915
Internierter Michel Stenewick Stemerwicz Austrian Civilian08/02/1917
Civilian Tuloozka Austrian Civilian07/04/1917
Civilian Josef Vokaca Austrian Civilian22/06/1918
Civilian Voytovitsh Austrian Civilian09/11/1918
Civilian George Vukop Austrian Civilian30/08/1916
Civilian Samuel Vulovich Austrian Civilian02/12/1918
Internierter Joseph Woelfe Austrian Civilian13/04/1917
Civilian John Woloski Austrian Civilian03/03/1916
Internierter Frank Wosna Austrian Civilian17/06/1917
Internierter Josef Zak Austrian Civilian24/05/1916
Civilian Carlo Zigon Austrian Civilian14/07/1919
Civilian Anton Otter Macela Austrian Civilian06/11/1915