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Casualty Records

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Sepoy Abdul Beg 4309103rd Mahratta Light Infantry05/12/1918
Follower Abdul Ghafoor 1st Patiala Infantry16/11/1918
Driver Abdul Rahim 61571Indian Royal Artillery30/12/1918
Havildar Abdul Waris 59151st Indian Infantry21/01/1919
Naik Adam Khan 2413117th Mahrattas02/12/1918
Lance Naik Alam Kham 396859th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)07/11/1918
Sepoy Ali Ahmed 2117130th King George's Own Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles)13/11/1918
Lance Naik Alid Din 1557Mule Corps03/01/1920
Bearer Ali Jiwan 668210Army Bearer Corps30/04/1919
Havildar Alla Ditta 313272nd Punjabis12/12/1918
Lance Naik Allah Dad 1188Mule Corps21/01/1920
Driver Allah Ditta 1451Mule Corps05/02/1920
Sepoy Allah Ditta 1787152nd Punjabis14/10/1918
Sepoy Allah Ditta 429320th Duke of Cambridge's Own Infantry (Brownlow's Punjabis)05/12/1918
Colour Havildar Amal Khan 4878Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)13/10/1918
Lascar Anza Kaki Mulla Indian Merchant Service11/12/1918
Wireman Arjun DHR/566Supply and Transport Corps22/12/1919
Syce Ata Muhammad 2829Supply and Transport Corps09/01/1920
Sepoy Babla Tabker 1683109th Indian Infantry02/05/1920
Driver Bachma LKO/35/82Mule Corps14/05/1918
Bearer Badal 889440Army Bearer Corps06/12/1918
Driver Baddah 19506Indian Royal Artillery18/01/1920
Driver Bagh Ali 1211Mule Corps06/10/1918
Driver Bajoo Mohar 5897Mule Corps04/02/1919
Lance Naik Bakhshish Dobula 42883rd Sappers and Miners06/11/1918
Driver Bala Kishen 2845Mule Corps10/01/1919
Sepoy Baldeva Ram 5132107th Indian Pioneers10/10/1920
Gunner Baldoo 73406Indian Royal Artillery20/01/1920
Lance Naik Bal Singh 499227th Punjabis09/02/1919
Shoeing Smith Balu Ram 1750Indian Mountain Artillery25/10/1920
Lance Naik Ba Myine 431870th Burma Rifles, Indian Army06/11/1920
Driver Banslochan 46678Indian Royal Artillery15/12/1918
Sepoy Basant Singh 2303Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)13/11/1918
Driver Battak 43582Indian Royal Artillery18/04/1918
Sapper Bechu Ram 78211st King George's Own Sappers and Miners23/09/1918
Driver Behari 31786Mule Corps05/01/1920
Rifleman Bhikom Singh 429358th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)30/09/1918
Sepoy Bhoma Ram 4506107th Indian Pioneers10/12/1918
Sepoy Bhup Singh 1441Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)10/06/1918
Driver Bidha LKO/34197Mule Corps26/11/1918
Gunner Birakar Singh 41781Indian Royal Artillery26/01/1919
Sowar Bishan Singh 287739th King George's Own Central India Horse31/10/1918
Sepoy Bishan Singh 358751st Sikhs (Frontier Force)15/09/1918
Sepoy Budhi Singh 687152nd Punjabis06/01/1916
Rifleman Challu Singh 4382123rd Outram's Rifles04/12/1918
Sepoy Chanan 4410107th Indian Pioneers06/08/1918
Sepoy Chanan Singh 1598Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)21/08/1918
Driver Chattan LKO/31475Mule Corps01/10/1918
Lance Naik Chet Ram 331038th Dogras28/11/1918
Sepoy Chhanan Shah 490293rd Burma Infantry, Indian Army22/11/1918
Sepoy Chhote Khan 4130Gwalior Infantry19/12/1918
Driver Chidda Dur PB/18344Indian Royal Artillery30/04/1920
Driver Chirag Din 661/1817/0908Mule Corps18/01/1919
Sepoy Chohdhri 274428th Punjabis05/12/1918
Cook Chutta 25773Followers Central Depot07/01/1920
Gunner Dalloo 73902Indian Royal Artillery24/12/1918
Rifleman Dalman Sunwar 465011th Gurkha Rifles23/11/1918
Sepoy Damodar 269720th Duke of Cambridge's Own Infantry (Brownlow's Punjabis)04/11/1918
Bearer Dasri Gadu 666646Army Bearer Corps06/12/1918
Sepoy Dave Narain 2813Alwar Infantry30/10/1918
Bhisty Dazadin MT/4712Followers Central Depot03/11/1918
Sowar Deva Rao Bhonsla 18Mysore Lancers22/12/1919
Sepoy Dewa Singh 5601st Patiala Infantry29/10/1918
Langri Dina Nath R/363Followers Central Depot06/01/1919
Lance Naik Dula 1426Mule Corps05/01/1920
Gunner Duli 73374Indian Royal Artillery31/12/1918
Naik Durga 313791st Punjabis (Light Infantry)19/12/1918
Bearer Durjan 7115Army Bearer Corps25/10/1918
Driver Dyal Singh PA/18870Indian Royal Artillery27/08/1916
Syce Enayat Khan RP/30Indian Royal Artillery02/01/1919
Lance Naik Faiz Jallab 1277123rd Outram's Rifles15/03/1919
Sepoy Fakir Hussain 102759th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)11/03/1920
Driver Fateh Ali 3092Mule Corps28/12/1919
Lance Naik Fateh Muhammad 1663rd Sappers and Miners31/12/1919
Driver Fateh Muhammad 665Indian Mountain Artillery04/02/1920
Sepoy Fateh Muhammad 179653rd Sikhs (Frontier Force)29/12/1919
Sepoy Fateh Muhammad 229127th Punjabis01/10/1918
Driver Fazal Din 250Indian Mountain Artillery07/11/1918
Sepoy Fazal Ilahi 873152nd Punjabis24/12/1918
Sowar Gafur Ali Khan 400533rd Queen Victoria's Own Light Cavalry29/12/1919
Syce Gagan Nath 1151Syce Corps05/11/1918
Driver Gajayyan 46831Indian Royal Artillery17/12/1918
Rifleman Ganga Ram 3271123rd Outram's Rifles16/01/1919
Follower Ganga Sahai MSCD/10065Followers Central Depot23/05/1918
Driver Ganpat 62051Indian Royal Artillery09/12/1918
Driver Gauiga Ram IPA/18272Indian Royal Artillery27/10/1918
Follower Geyani 1616Mule Corps01/12/1918
Syce Ghainda 288Syce Corps07/10/1918
Follower Ghasita 13128Followers Central Depot05/01/1920
Sapper Ghulab Singh 36661st King George's Own Sappers and Miners08/01/1920
Havildar Ghulam Muhammad 24153rd Punjabis13/02/1919
Sepoy Ghulam Rasul 373156th Punjabi Rifles (Frontier Force)07/11/1918
Bearer Girand 777555Army Bearer Corps20/11/1918
Sepoy Girdhari 70142nd Deoli Regiment14/11/1918
Rifleman Gobinde Thapa 33971st King George's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun Regiment)04/10/1918
Sepoy Gudar Singh 0202Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)27/09/1918
Gunner Gopal 74292Indian Royal Artillery10/02/1919
Sapper Gopal Chorge 60533rd Sappers and Miners19/11/1918
Driver Gunu LKO/33677Mule Corps20/08/1918
Sepoy Habin Khan 1924101st Indian Grenadiers13/10/1918
Sepoy Hakim 259328th Punjabis20/08/1918
Hammerman Ahmad MT/8076Indian Royal Artillery10/01/1919
Sepoy Harnam Singh 5161st Patiala Infantry20/12/1918
Syce Harsaha 686Syce Corps19/12/1918
Driver Hayat Muhammad 2235Mule Corps21/01/1920
Driver Het Ram 44834Indian Royal Artillery08/02/1919
Sepoy Himta Rawat 3486122nd Rajputana Infantry22/10/1918
Daffadar Hira 19362nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse)10/10/1918
Driver Hira M/5813Mule Corps18/10/1918
Lance Naik Hirasing Rana 29361st King George's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun Regiment)01/11/1918
Driver Hornam Singh 3226Mule Corps03/02/1919
Lance Daffadar Hushyar Singh 20555th Indian Cavalry24/06/1918
Naik Hussain Khan 1001Mule Corps18/01/1920
Lance Naik Imam Din 1675Mule Corps11/01/1920
Driver Imam Din M/2273Mule Corps19/01/1920
Sepoy Indar Singh 2032nd Sikh Pioneers22/08/1918
Driver Ishur 45104Indian Royal Artillery05/01/1920
Driver Jagarnath 15277Indian Royal Artillery03/01/1919
Bearer Jai Lall 55196Army Bearer Corps30/12/1918
Bearer Jai Singh 889815Army Bearer Corps01/02/1919
Sepoy Jalla Rain 198674th Punjabis17/11/1920
Sepoy Jan Muhammad Khan 298617th Indian Infantry (Loyal Regiment)19/12/1918
Sepoy Japal Ram 3129123rd Outram's Rifles15/10/1918
Sepoy Jawala Singh 407334th Sikh Pioneers14/04/1920
Sepoy Jelal Din 38121st Punjabis26/10/1918
Rifleman Jit Bahadur 10053rd Kashmir Rifles (Raghunath Regiment)24/11/1918
Rifleman Tit Bahadur Rai 375110th Gurkha Rifles02/11/1918
Sepoy Jiwan Lall 3125Gwalior Infantry01/11/1918
Lance Naik Jodha 2013Mule Corps07/01/1920
Bhisty Jumman 2299Followers Central Depot10/01/1920
Naik Kaim Din 1326Mule Corps28/01/1920
Kot Daffadar Kala 577Mule Corps30/12/1919
Driver Kalida Parshad 45570Indian Royal Artillery22/08/1920
Lance Naik Kalu 3616Mule Corps08/01/1920
Sepoy Kamal Din 473391st Punjabis (Light Infantry)10/01/1919
Driver Kamar Din 33239th Hodson's Horse07/05/1919
Sepoy Kamdar Khan 5831st Patiala Infantry04/11/1918
Driver Kamla Pershad 45681Indian Royal Artillery06/12/1918
Sepoy Karam Singh 195846th Punjabis12/10/1918
Sepoy Kehar Singh 238528th Punjabis18/01/1919
Rifleman Kehhnabahadur Rai 29047th Gurkha Rifles17/12/1918
Follower Khachru 3997th Deccan Infantry10/12/1918
Driver Khair Shah 56Indian Mountain Artillery21/10/1918
Sepoy Khusal Khan 301021st Punjabis11/03/1920
Follower Kirpa 53rd Sikhs (Frontier Force)03/09/1918
Sepoy Kirpal Singh 8011st Patiala Infantry30/12/1918
Sepoy Kishan Singh 6142nd Deoli Regiment15/11/1918
Lance Naik Kubhi Ram 1896Mule Corps24/04/1918
Bearer Kulab Khan 668043Army Bearer Corps30/04/1919
Follower Labh Singh 233Followers Central Depot07/12/1918
Bearer Lahman 77869Army Bearer Corps24/12/1919
Driver Ladha 710Mule Corps14/01/1920
Rifleman Lahore Singh 4743125th Napier's Rifles19/12/1918
Jemadar Lakha Singh 81720th Duke of Cambridge's Own Infantry (Brownlow's Punjabis)27/12/1919
Rifleman Lakhmi Singh 253125th Napier's Rifles30/11/1918
Bearer Lalley 16818Army Bearer Corps12/08/1918
Driver Lall Hussain 5517Indian Royal Artillery21/01/1920
Follower Lalli 2659th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)16/07/1918
Sepoy Lehna Singh 4071st Patiala Infantry31/08/1918
Lance Naik Mahwali Khan 27853rd Sikhs (Frontier Force)21/12/1919
Havildar Manga Khan 267454th Sikhs (Frontier Force)16/11/1918
Havildar Mangal Singh 92146th Punjabis30/08/1918
Sepoy Mangta Singh 93132nd Sikh Pioneers12/01/1919
Rifleman Mania Baksh 463358th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)19/12/1918
Sepoy Manji 1893Alwar Infantry14/12/1918
Sepoy Maruti Salunke 2871109th Indian Infantry05/11/1918
Sepoy Mata Badal Missir 45943rd Brahmans17/02/1919
Driver Mata Din 2124Mule Corps10/10/1920
Rifleman Maung Powon 171770th Burma Rifles, Indian Army08/06/1918
Rifleman Mauza Khan 484458th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)11/02/1919
Sepoy Mazzafar Khan 199728th Punjabis09/12/1919
Driver Mehar Din 1618Mule Corps25/01/1920
Lance Naik Mehar Singh 301172nd Punjabis14/12/1918
Lance Naik Mehrab Khan 912155th Indian Pioneers01/01/1920
Sowar Mehrab Singh 1735Jodhpur (Imperial Service) Lancers06/01/1920
Sowar Mehirat Khan 1647Jodhpur (Imperial Service) Lancers16/05/1919
Sepoy Mehr Singh 1515Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)11/07/1918
Havildar Mihan Singh 559103rd Mahratta Light Infantry06/07/1918
Lance Naik Mirza 1472Mule Corps19/01/1920
Sepoy Mirza Khan 2874152nd Punjabis17/12/1918
Follower Misser Ali 8723Followers Central Depot26/12/1918
Driver Mit Singh 5596Indian Engineers15/08/1918
Follower Moghool LKO/8552Followers Central Depot17/09/1918
Sepoy Mohamed Khan 3296104th Wellesley's Rifles19/12/1918
Follower Moti 47Followers Central Depot10/12/1918
Driver Moti Ahmed 1718Mule Corps01/01/1920
Lance Naik Mucutrao Mane 3962105th Mahratta Light Infantry05/01/1919
Storekeeper Muhammad Ali 1412Indian Medical Service06/09/1919
Havildar Muhammad Amir 80351st Sikhs (Frontier Force)25/02/1919
Head Cook Muhammad Din AMR/CD/40Followers Central Depot09/03/1920
Naik Mukh Ram 7Indian Coast Artillery21/10/1918
Naik Naibahadur Khan 28759th Gurkha Rifles10/10/1918
Driver Narain 2214Mule Corps09/01/1920
Sepoy Narain Singh 128432nd Sikh Pioneers14/11/1918
Havildar Narayan Singh 904152nd Punjabis01/10/1918
Sepoy Narayan Singh 2127145th Alwar Infantry09/11/1918
Lance Naik Nar Bahadur Limbu 17257th Gurkha Rifles08/02/1919
Sepoy Natha Singh 306972nd Punjabis12/12/1918
Sepoy Nawab Khan O/1347Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)03/02/1920
Ward Orderly Nawab Khan 386982nd Punjabis09/03/1918
Sepoy Nawab Khan 456191st Punjabis (Light Infantry)27/10/1918
Sepoy Nawais Ali 2396152nd Punjabis22/10/1918
Sepoy Nazir Shah 5294127th Queen Mary's Own Baluch Light Infantry28/11/1918
Sepoy Nikka Singh 120532nd Sikh Pioneers28/11/1918
Lance Naik Nur Khan 447530th Punjabis07/11/1918
Sepoy Padam Thapa 190Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)10/11/1918
Sepoy Pahalad Ram 376125th Napier's Rifles02/02/1919
Driver Pari Khan 14976Indian Royal Artillery02/01/1920
Rifleman Partab Singh 3323123rd Outram's Rifles12/12/1918
Naik Pairtab Singh 9090Indian Royal Artillery13/12/1919
Bearer Perum Puilli Muhammad 99187Army Bearer Corps28/01/1920
Driver Punnu Ram 3380Mule Corps14/10/1920
Bearer Puran 333425Army Bearer Corps26/01/1919
Rifleman Puran Singh 173959th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)24/10/1918
Sapper Rahmat 2487Sappers and Miners, Indian States Forces23/07/1919
Lance Naik Rahmat Khan 3285Mule Corps14/01/1920
Sepoy Rajman Ghale 0/1514Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)03/11/1918
Follower Rama Koda 351Indian Postal and Telegraph Department23/10/1918
Sepoy Ramdayal Singh 162797th Deccan Infantry31/12/1919
Driver Ram Janam 93869Mule Corps04/02/1919
Driver Ramji Lall 2200Mule Corps06/01/1920
Driver Ram Lakhan M/094414Mule Corps08/01/1920
Follower Ram Pall 9732Followers Central Depot27/12/1919
Sowar Ram Parshad 288329th Lancers (Deccan Horse)18/10/1920
Sepoy Ram Sahai 482154th Indian Infantry09/11/1918
Bearer Ram Saoop 17413Army Bearer Corps02/01/1920
Sowar Ram Sarup 22932nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse)02/05/1920
Sepoy Ram Singh 636154th Indian Infantry30/12/1918
Driver Ram Singh 5592Indian Engineers15/08/1918
Lance Naik Ranpal Singh 10197th Deccan Infantry24/11/1916
Rifleman Rasila 68658th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)24/12/1918
Driver Rasila 3224Mule Corps07/01/1920
Driver Ratia 7262Indian Royal Artillery20/11/1918
Driver Rauji SO/5262Mule Corps14/12/1918
Sweeper Resul KO/13170Followers Central Depot21/01/1919
Bearer Risal Singh 771442Army Bearer Corps16/01/1920
Sepoy Roda Khan 299151st Indian Infantry31/07/1918
Driver Rupai 91048Mule Corps06/02/1919
Rifleman Rup Narain Thapa 25767th Gurkha Rifles26/11/1918
Follower Saak Khan 2382Followers Central Depot03/11/1919
Follower Sain F/16823rd Sikh Pioneers10/02/1919
Lance Naik Sajja Khan 455Mule Corps18/01/1920
Sepoy Samundar Khan 414851st Sikhs (Frontier Force)09/01/1920
Sepoy Sant Singh 185155th Indian Pioneers07/01/1920
Naik Sat Ram 31595Indian Royal Artillery13/12/1919
Sepoy Saunde Khan 493218th Indian Infantry02/09/1918
Naik Shah Wali Khan 625Mule Corps22/01/1920
Sepoy Shaikh Mahibub Ali 3466105th Mahratta Light Infantry05/01/1920
Bhisty Shamsher Khan 6123rd Outram's Rifles12/02/1919
Havildar Shankar Kadam 184110th Mahratta Light Infantry07/11/1918
Follower Shanker 23553Followers Central Depot10/01/1919
Sepoy Sharif Khan 2957124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry10/11/1918
Syce Sheak Haso Mtun 746Supply and Transport Corps01/01/1920
Sepoy Sher Baz 01149Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)02/01/1920
Jemadar Sher Khan 125th Napier's Rifles23/12/1918
Rifleman Sher Khan 445858th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)23/01/1919
Driver Shubrati 30993Mule Corps27/02/1920
Driver Simrat Singh 744Indian Machine Gun Corps20/12/1918
Bearer Sital 555134Army Bearer Corps13/01/1919
Driver Sohan Lal 41800Indian Royal Artillery14/01/1919
Follower Sohnu F/1523rd Sikh Pioneers07/02/1919
Sepoy Sucha Singh 460693rd Burma Infantry, Indian Army21/10/1918
Follower Sujan 4891st King George's Own Sappers and Miners28/12/1919
Follower Sukha M/1229Mule Corps13/08/1918
Follower Sulakham Singh 8551Followers Central Depot18/11/1918
Sepoy Sultan Ahmed 160954th Sikhs (Frontier Force)08/10/1918
Sowar Sultan Muhammad 362936th Jacob's Horse04/12/1919
Sowar Sultan Singh 27592nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse)31/05/1918
Sepoy Sunda Ram 814154th Indian Infantry11/11/1918
Driver Sundairam 34348Mule Corps02/01/1919
Sowar Surat Singh 244229th Lancers (Deccan Horse)27/10/1918
Lance Naik Tejpal Singh 4351125th Napier's Rifles16/10/1918
Sowar Tej Singh 349629th Lancers (Deccan Horse)14/01/1919
Sepoy Tika Ram 3501Gwalior Infantry04/12/1918
Sepoy Tokh Ram 4867121st Indian Pioneers09/10/1918
Carpenter Tormhesan 441Palestine Railway Construction Company23/08/1918
Driver Tota 19483Indian Royal Artillery02/11/1918
Follower Tulsi Ram 9287Followers Central Depot24/12/1919
Lance Naik Wadhawa Singh 13632nd Sikh Pioneers18/01/1919
Sepoy Wadhawa Singh 404035th Sikhs22/11/1918
Driver Wagir Khan 3215Mule Corps11/01/1920
Sowar Wash Deo 29512nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse)07/01/1919
Follower Yusof 351st King George's Own Sappers and Miners04/01/1920
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Mule Corps46
Indian Royal Artillery28
Followers Central Depot17
Army Bearer Corps15
Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)10
152nd Punjabis6
1st Patiala Infantry6
123rd Outram's Rifles6
58th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)5
125th Napier's Rifles5
32nd Sikh Pioneers5
1st King George's Own Sappers and Miners4
2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse)4
Indian Mountain Artillery4
59th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)4
28th Punjabis4
29th Lancers (Deccan Horse)3
7th Gurkha Rifles3
20th Duke of Cambridge's Own Infantry (Brownlow's Punjabis)3
3rd Sappers and Miners3
107th Indian Pioneers3
154th Indian Infantry3
53rd Sikhs (Frontier Force)3
72nd Punjabis3
91st Punjabis (Light Infantry)3
Gwalior Infantry3
Supply and Transport Corps3
51st Sikhs (Frontier Force)3
Syce Corps3
97th Deccan Infantry3
Indian Engineers2
1st King George's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun Regiment)2
105th Mahratta Light Infantry2
Alwar Infantry2
46th Punjabis2
21st Punjabis2
42nd Deoli Regiment2
109th Indian Infantry2
155th Indian Pioneers2
23rd Sikh Pioneers2
54th Sikhs (Frontier Force)2
93rd Burma Infantry, Indian Army2
27th Punjabis2
103rd Mahratta Light Infantry2
151st Indian Infantry2
Jodhpur (Imperial Service) Lancers2
70th Burma Rifles, Indian Army2
Indian Medical Service1
3rd Brahmans1
104th Wellesley's Rifles1
9th Hodson's Horse1
74th Punjabis1
121st Indian Pioneers1
Indian Machine Gun Corps1
3rd Kashmir Rifles (Raghunath Regiment)1
110th Mahratta Light Infantry1
153rd Punjabis1
122nd Rajputana Infantry1
Mysore Lancers1
124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry1
Indian Merchant Service1
35th Sikhs1
Palestine Railway Construction Company1
30th Punjabis1
82nd Punjabis1
9th Gurkha Rifles1
Sappers and Miners, Indian States Forces1
36th Jacob's Horse1
130th King George's Own Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles)1
101st Indian Grenadiers1
Indian Postal and Telegraph Department1
56th Punjabi Rifles (Frontier Force)1
10th Gurkha Rifles1
17th Indian Infantry (Loyal Regiment)1
38th Dogras1
145th Alwar Infantry1
33rd Queen Victoria's Own Light Cavalry1
127th Queen Mary's Own Baluch Light Infantry1
5th Indian Cavalry1
117th Mahrattas1
Indian Coast Artillery1
18th Indian Infantry1
39th King George's Own Central India Horse1
34th Sikh Pioneers1
11th Gurkha Rifles1
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Thursday 6 January 1916100
Sunday 27 August 1916100
Friday 24 November 1916100
Saturday 9 March 1918100
Thursday 18 April 1918100
Wednesday 24 April 1918100
Tuesday 14 May 1918100
Thursday 23 May 1918100
Friday 31 May 1918100
Saturday 8 June 1918100
Monday 10 June 1918100
Monday 24 June 1918100
Saturday 6 July 1918100
Thursday 11 July 1918100
Tuesday 16 July 1918100
Wednesday 31 July 1918100
Tuesday 6 August 1918100
Monday 12 August 1918100
Tuesday 13 August 1918100
Thursday 15 August 1918200
Tuesday 20 August 1918200
Wednesday 21 August 1918100
Thursday 22 August 1918100
Friday 23 August 1918100
Friday 30 August 1918100
Saturday 31 August 1918100
Monday 2 September 1918100
Tuesday 3 September 1918100
Sunday 15 September 1918100
Tuesday 17 September 1918100
Monday 23 September 1918100
Friday 27 September 1918100
Monday 30 September 1918100
Tuesday 1 October 1918300
Friday 4 October 1918100
Sunday 6 October 1918100
Monday 7 October 1918100
Tuesday 8 October 1918100
Wednesday 9 October 1918100
Thursday 10 October 1918200
Saturday 12 October 1918100
Sunday 13 October 1918200
Monday 14 October 1918100
Tuesday 15 October 1918100
Wednesday 16 October 1918100
Friday 18 October 1918100
Monday 21 October 1918300
Tuesday 22 October 1918200
Wednesday 23 October 1918100
Thursday 24 October 1918100
Friday 25 October 1918100
Saturday 26 October 1918100
Sunday 27 October 1918300
Tuesday 29 October 1918100
Wednesday 30 October 1918100
Thursday 31 October 1918100
Friday 1 November 1918200
Saturday 2 November 1918200
Sunday 3 November 1918200
Monday 4 November 1918200
Tuesday 5 November 1918200
Wednesday 6 November 1918100
Thursday 7 November 1918500
Saturday 9 November 1918200
Sunday 10 November 1918200
Monday 11 November 1918100
Wednesday 13 November 1918210
Thursday 14 November 1918200
Friday 15 November 1918100
Saturday 16 November 1918200
Monday 18 November 1918100
Tuesday 19 November 1918100
Wednesday 20 November 1918200
Friday 22 November 1918200
Saturday 23 November 1918100
Sunday 24 November 1918100
Tuesday 26 November 1918200
Thursday 28 November 1918300
Saturday 30 November 1918100
Sunday 1 December 1918100
Monday 2 December 1918100
Wednesday 4 December 1918200
Thursday 5 December 1918300
Friday 6 December 1918300
Saturday 7 December 1918100
Monday 9 December 1918100
Tuesday 10 December 1918300
Wednesday 11 December 1918100
Thursday 12 December 1918300
Saturday 14 December 1918300
Sunday 15 December 1918100
Tuesday 17 December 1918300
Thursday 19 December 1918700
Friday 20 December 1918200
Monday 23 December 1918100
Tuesday 24 December 1918300
Thursday 26 December 1918100
Monday 30 December 1918400
Tuesday 31 December 1918100
Thursday 2 January 1919200
Friday 3 January 1919100
Sunday 5 January 1919100
Monday 6 January 1919100
Tuesday 7 January 1919100
Friday 10 January 1919400
Sunday 12 January 1919100
Monday 13 January 1919100
Tuesday 14 January 1919200
Thursday 16 January 1919100
Saturday 18 January 1919300
Tuesday 21 January 1919200
Thursday 23 January 1919100
Sunday 26 January 1919200
Saturday 1 February 1919100
Sunday 2 February 1919100
Monday 3 February 1919100
Tuesday 4 February 1919200
Thursday 6 February 1919100
Friday 7 February 1919100
Saturday 8 February 1919200
Sunday 9 February 1919100
Monday 10 February 1919200
Tuesday 11 February 1919100
Wednesday 12 February 1919100
Thursday 13 February 1919100
Monday 17 February 1919100
Tuesday 25 February 1919100
Saturday 15 March 1919100
Wednesday 30 April 1919200
Wednesday 7 May 1919100
Friday 16 May 1919100
Wednesday 23 July 1919100
Saturday 6 September 1919100
Monday 3 November 1919100
Thursday 4 December 1919100
Tuesday 9 December 1919100
Saturday 13 December 1919200
Sunday 21 December 1919100
Monday 22 December 1919200
Wednesday 24 December 1919200
Saturday 27 December 1919200
Sunday 28 December 1919200
Monday 29 December 1919200
Tuesday 30 December 1919100
Wednesday 31 December 1919200
Thursday 1 January 1920300
Friday 2 January 1920300
Saturday 3 January 1920100
Sunday 4 January 1920100
Monday 5 January 1920500
Tuesday 6 January 1920200
Wednesday 7 January 1920400
Thursday 8 January 1920300
Friday 9 January 1920300
Saturday 10 January 1920100
Sunday 11 January 1920200
Wednesday 14 January 1920200
Friday 16 January 1920100
Sunday 18 January 1920300
Monday 19 January 1920200
Tuesday 20 January 1920100
Wednesday 21 January 1920300
Thursday 22 January 1920100
Sunday 25 January 1920100
Wednesday 28 January 1920200
Tuesday 3 February 1920100
Wednesday 4 February 1920100
Thursday 5 February 1920100
Friday 27 February 1920100
Tuesday 9 March 1920100
Thursday 11 March 1920200
Wednesday 14 April 1920100
Friday 30 April 1920100
Sunday 2 May 1920200
Sunday 22 August 1920100
Sunday 10 October 1920200
Thursday 14 October 1920100
Monday 18 October 1920100
Monday 25 October 1920100
Saturday 6 November 1920100
Wednesday 17 November 1920100
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