Bulgarian Army

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Private Kolebv BK/748Bulgarian Army08/11/1918
Private Petr Kolev BK/12340Bulgarian Army02/10/1919
Private Dimitar Stoitchevitch Bulgarian Army11/10/1918
Private Khalil Aliev BK/20063Bulgarian Army08/11/1919
Private Sali Al Aliev Bulgarian Army11/11/1918
Private M Ivanov Alinkov BK/10699Bulgarian Army16/02/1920
Private Marko K Andreev Bulgarian Army21/09/1918
Private Andreev Bulgarian Army18/11/1918
Private Pencho Angelov Bulgarian Army03/12/1918
Private Stanoiko T Angelov Bulgarian Army09/02/1920
Private Todnor N Angelov Bulgarian Army29/12/1919
Private Prvo M Ankushev Bulgarian Army19/07/1919
Private Kosta St Arnautski Bulgarian Army22/03/1917
Private Atanas T Atanasov Bulgarian Army29/08/1919
Private Nikola Iv Atanasov Bulgarian Army17/01/1919
Private Stoyan Atanasov Bulgarian Army29/05/1918
Lance Corporal Stoil G Atanasov Bulgarian Army05/05/1918
Private Aliov K Aziov Bulgarian Army24/10/1919
Private Metodi Iv Bakurov Bulgarian Army09/12/1918
Private Balov Bulgarian Army08/06/1919
Private Yurdan Z Belichinov Bulgarian Army28/08/1917
Private Stefcho N Bliznashki Bulgarian Army05/07/1919
Private Boirgonsi Bulgarian Army02/10/1918
Private Atanas T Botev Bulgarian Army24/05/1919
Private Tvetko Iv Brschachov Bulgarian Army08/10/1916
Private Stotan M Burtov Bulgarian Army24/07/1919
Private Tsvetko S Dokov Bulgarian Army07/06/1917
Warrant Officer Vlcho R Danchev Bulgarian Army03/08/1919
Private Stoyan Ts Denchev Bulgarian Army20/01/1919
Private Zulaka Demirov Bulgarian Army17/10/1917
Private Georgi K Dichev Bulgarian Army02/10/1919
Private N Marin Dimitrov Bulgarian Army03/10/1916
Private Dimov Bulgarian Army07/11/1918
Private Angel P Dinolov Bulgarian Army30/09/1919
Private Stoiko St Dragnev Bulgarian Army21/10/1918
Private Nikola At Dyulgerski Bulgarian Army24/09/1917
Non-Commissioned Officer Miloslav M Dzhambazov Bulgarian Army02/01/1920
Lance Corporal Sande N Dzhambazki Bulgarian Army28/07/1917
Private Peyu Vlev Elkin Bulgarian Army20/09/1918
Private Ergeledzhiev Bulgarian Army16/02/1919
Private Geno I Gaidarski Bulgarian Army17/07/1919
Private Dimitr Garvanov Bulgarian Army30/12/1916
Private Dimitr S Gatev Bulgarian Army12/10/1919
Private Petr N Genov Bulgarian Army17/06/1917
Private Dimitr K Georgenliev Bulgarian Army21/09/1918
Private Gheneff Bulgarian Army22/10/1918
Private Nikola I Gogov Bulgarian Army29/05/1917
Private Delcho An Grigorov Bulgarian Army23/10/1917
Private Aban Sh Ibishev Bulgarian Army18/09/1918
Private Envali E Brayamov Bulgarian Army18/08/1919
Private Ivan T Iliev Bulgarian Army28/09/1917
Soldier R Petsev Iliev Bulgarian Army17/11/1919
Private Dimitr G Ingiliiski Bulgarian Army31/08/1918
Private Kharambi St Ionchikov Bulgarian Army27/05/1919
Private Petr Z Iovev Bulgarian Army02/09/1918
Private Zare V Ivanchev Bulgarian Army04/12/1917
Private Mekhamed Ismailov Bulgarian Army21/12/1919
Private Gencho G Ivanov Bulgarian Army30/08/1919
Private Ivan Gr Ivanov Bulgarian Army23/10/1919
Private Todor S Ivanov Bulgarian Army18/10/1919
Private Atanas St Kalaidzhiev Bulgarian Army16/12/1918
Private Panaiot Khr Kalauskov Bulgarian Army04/12/1918
Private Yurdan P Kalibonski Bulgarian Army15/10/1919
Private Spiridon St Kanev Bulgarian Army04/01/1919
Private Tsenko K Kamenov Bulgarian Army12/10/1916
Private Khristo Karabashki Bulgarian Army19/06/1918
Private Stefan K Karakanev Bulgarian Army21/02/1919
Private Mikhail Khr Karagyulev Bulgarian Army01/10/1918
Private Karaneshov Bulgarian Army16/07/1919
Private L Mitrov Karatomov Bulgarian Army27/01/1920
Soldier Yurdan Bulgarian Army03/10/1918
Private Khyusein Khasanov Bulgarian Army18/09/1919
Private Khyusein M Khasanov Bulgarian Army14/04/1919
Lance Corporal Mikhal Vuch Kertov Bulgarian Army04/11/1918
Private Bogdan M Khristov Bulgarian Army10/09/1919
Private Lyubo S Khristov Bulgarian Army25/05/1919
Private Petko Khristov Bulgarian Army19/12/1918
Private Petr Khristov Bulgarian Army15/10/1916
Private Vasil Khristov Bulgarian Army09/10/1916
Private Akhmed M Khyuseinov Bulgarian Army18/09/1919
Private Mekhmed M Khyuseinov Bulgarian Army08/09/1919
Private Mekhmed M Khyuseinov Bulgarian Army05/10/1919
Private Vitan G Kitanov Bulgarian Army17/12/1918
Private Georgi M Klincharski Bulgarian Army22/11/1918
Private Tsvetan M Knchev Bulgarian Army07/12/1918
Private Vasil M Kolishkov Bulgarian Army24/11/1916
Private Krstyu Konstantinov Bulgarian Army30/11/1919
Private Konstatin Ya Konstantinov Bulgarian Army17/01/1919
Private Nikola G Kochev Bulgarian Army19/10/1917
Private Tsvetan M Kopiv Bulgarian Army07/12/1918
Private Nikola Krstev Bulgarian Army31/12/1918
Private Trnte K Kurtov Bulgarian Army25/05/1919
Private Nikola K Kuzov Bulgarian Army11/10/1918
Private Stefan Lazarov Bulgarian Army26/07/1917
Private Lazar Khr Lazarov Bulgarian Army19/10/1919
Corporal Stoyan T Lazarov Bulgarian Army16/04/1917
Private Georgi R Lazov Bulgarian Army04/11/1916
Private Petr Bl Leychinov Bulgarian Army24/11/1917
Private Grigor Iv Lilov Bulgarian Army16/01/1919
Private Bozhil G Lilkov Bulgarian Army16/09/1919
Private Vaso M Lipchov Bulgarian Army01/12/1918
Private Moncho St Magarev Bulgarian Army02/12/1916
Private Zhem Semo Mairamov Bulgarian Army23/09/1918
Private Shaban S Makhmudov Bulgarian Army29/08/1919
Private Stoiko D Malinov Bulgarian Army06/10/1916
Private Stanko Manchov Bulgarian Army28/11/1916
Private Georgi Ya Manolov Bulgarian Army04/06/1919
Sergeant Major Dimitr A Manov Bulgarian Army20/09/1918
Lance Corporal Iotso Khristov Marinov Bulgarian Army21/10/1919
Private Martin P Marinov Bulgarian Army04/08/1919
Private Dimitr Marinov Bulgarian Army20/11/1918
Private Ivan Marinov Bulgarian Army05/10/1916
Private Georgi St Mavrov Bulgarian Army24/10/1918
Private Dimcho Medalkov Bulgarian Army05/09/1916
Private Akhmed I Mekhmedov Bulgarian Army02/10/1919
Private Mevorakh Bulgarian Army02/01/1919
Private S Dimitrov Mikhailov Bulgarian Army02/11/1919
Private F Penchev Miladinov Bulgarian Army18/11/1919
Private Petr K Miloshev Bulgarian Army25/09/1919
Private Ivan P Minkov Bulgarian Army19/11/1919
2nd Lieutenant Minko Khr Minkov Bulgarian Army12/04/1918
Private Khristo I Mitetski Bulgarian Army21/07/1919
Private Petko T Mitranov Bulgarian Army07/12/1918
Lance Corporal Ivan Tr Mladenov Bulgarian Army22/09/1916
Private Milko I Monev Bulgarian Army07/10/1918
Private Boris P Monchev Bulgarian Army20/12/1917
Private Misho G Motev Bulgarian Army12/06/1919
Private Miltiad Naidenov Bulgarian Army19/04/1918
Private Yurdan M Nedelchev Bulgarian Army03/01/1919
Private Vasil Nakov Bulgarian Army07/02/1918
Private Kotse S Nenov Bulgarian Army14/11/1919
Lance Corporal Neshev Bulgarian Army17/08/1919
Private Nikola An Nikolov Bulgarian Army15/10/1918
Private Vasil K Nikolov Bulgarian Army31/10/1918
Private Obren Al Nikolov Bulgarian Army12/10/1917
Private Evgenii Niste Bulgarian Army20/09/1918
Private Doncho R Pankov Bulgarian Army05/09/1918
Private P Gatev Pankov Bulgarian Army19/10/1919
Lance Corporal Ivan G Pavlov Bulgarian Army03/01/1919
Private Psho K Pashov Bulgarian Army03/09/1918
Private K Denchev Penchev Bulgarian Army05/11/1919
Private Penyu P Penev Bulgarian Army07/01/1919
Private Ivanov Perfanov Bulgarian Army12/01/1920
Private Aleksandr M Peshov Bulgarian Army02/02/1918
Soldier Floro A Petev Bulgarian Army24/10/1919
Private Atanas Ii Petkov Bulgarian Army29/10/1917
Private Petkov Bulgarian Army05/10/1918
Private Zlati L Petkov Bulgarian Army09/10/1918
Private Mitr Khr Petrin Bulgarian Army28/08/1917
Private Nikola P Petrov Bulgarian Army14/10/1916
Private Nikola Petrov Bulgarian Army03/10/1916
Private Georgi Petrov Bulgarian Army05/10/1918
Private Georgi Petrov Bulgarian Army06/10/1918
Private Todor D Petrov Bulgarian Army20/11/1918
Private Kostadin S Pramatarov Bulgarian Army31/05/1919
Private Tsvetko K Radulov Bulgarian Army02/10/1916
Private Todor D Ranev Bulgarian Army05/01/1919
Private K Khristov Rayanski Bulgarian Army06/11/1918
Private Osman Al Redzhebov Bulgarian Army23/12/1918
Private Osman E Redzhebov Bulgarian Army07/10/1919
Private Serafim St Rizov Bulgarian Army15/04/1917
Private Apostol Yanev Bulgarian Army28/11/1918
Private Khyusein S Saliev Bulgarian Army30/11/1919
Private Vani Stoyanoff Shanov Bulgarian Army11/10/1919
Private Krstyu S Shanov Bulgarian Army05/11/1916
Private Petr P Shanov Bulgarian Army08/10/1916
Private Nikola Khr Shavkov Bulgarian Army30/12/1917
Private S Yurdanov Simeonov Bulgarian Army21/10/1919
Private G Kr Spasov Bulgarian Army09/10/1918
Private Vasil Spirov Bulgarian Army01/12/1916
2nd Lieutenant Iosif Z Stalichevski Bulgarian Army14/12/1916
Private Pande L Stamenov Bulgarian Army24/11/1918
Private Zakhari N Stamenov Bulgarian Army07/12/1918
Private G Stoichev Stankov Bulgarian Army18/01/1920
Private Petr I Stankov Bulgarian Army19/10/1919
Private Anton Stivavov Bulgarian Army02/01/1920
Private Stoikov Bulgarian Army26/11/1918
Private Stoicho At Stoikov Bulgarian Army12/10/1916
Private Soyan Stoilchov Bulgarian Army20/04/1919
Private Khristo M Stoimirov Bulgarian Army05/12/1918
Private Yurdan P Szhbchev Bulgarian Army05/01/1919
Private Tankov Bulgarian Army04/11/1918
Private Tasho A Tashev Bulgarian Army30/09/1919
Private Tano M Tashkov Bulgarian Army07/08/1918
Private Georgi K Tashkov Bulgarian Army08/11/1918
Private Stotan P Tashov Bulgarian Army17/09/1918
Private Nikola Ii Terziiski Bulgarian Army23/11/1918
Private Ivan Todorov Bulgarian Army28/10/1917
Private Benyu Todorov Bulgarian Army10/10/1918
Private Yanko D Todorov Bulgarian Army07/10/1918
Private Stancho P To Lakov Bulgarian Army03/10/1918
Private Stefan K Tomov Bulgarian Army30/01/1920
Private Ion N Toparanov Bulgarian Army30/08/1919
Private Stoyan B Totev Bulgarian Army04/12/1919
Private Georgi Ya Trizilski Bulgarian Army16/11/1918
Private M Marinov Trnalov Bulgarian Army29/12/1919
Private Mladen N Tsanov Bulgarian Army23/11/1918
Interpreter Tselekides Bulgarian Army14/11/1918
Private Ivan V Tsekov Bulgarian Army30/11/1919
Private Stefan M Tsonfv Bulgarian Army21/09/1918
Private Petko N Tsvetkov Bulgarian Army02/06/1919
Private Tytutyunov Bulgarian Army10/02/1918
Private Stoyan T Vanev Bulgarian Army03/08/1919
Private Ivan N Vapirov Bulgarian Army02/11/1918
Private Vasil G Vasilev Bulgarian Army05/09/1917
Private Nikola St Vatakhov Bulgarian Army25/08/1917
Private Alexsandr Velichlov Bulgarian Army04/10/1919
Private Ali N Veliev Bulgarian Army21/05/1919
Private M Milov Velikov Bulgarian Army19/01/1920
Private Vichev Bulgarian Army30/11/1918
Private Antas K Vlchanov Bulgarian Army19/02/1919
Private Prvan Khr Vlchev Bulgarian Army30/11/1919
Private Atanas P Vo Denicharski Bulgarian Army28/11/1918
Private Sotir S Vodenicharski Bulgarian Army27/06/1919
Sergeant Major Atanas Volvov Bulgarian Army07/10/1918
Private V Petkov Vuchev Bulgarian Army15/11/1919
Private Zlati P Vukov Bulgarian Army01/07/1917
Private Ivan M Yakobarski Bulgarian Army29/08/1918
Private Martin I Yanov Bulgarian Army20/03/1919
Private Yakim G Yanev Bulgarian Army13/09/1918
Private Todor Yaskov Bulgarian Army08/10/1918
Soldier Yakim A Yoynov Bulgarian Army12/10/1917
Private Ko Stadin Zhilkov Bulgarian Army28/11/1918
Private Manasi D Zlatanovich Bulgarian Army09/01/1919
Soldier George Neikof Bulgarian Army12/12/1916
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Tuesday 5 September 1916100
Friday 22 September 1916100
Monday 2 October 1916100
Tuesday 3 October 1916200
Thursday 5 October 1916100
Friday 6 October 1916100
Sunday 8 October 1916200
Monday 9 October 1916100
Thursday 12 October 1916200
Saturday 14 October 1916100
Sunday 15 October 1916100
Saturday 4 November 1916100
Sunday 5 November 1916100
Friday 24 November 1916100
Tuesday 28 November 1916100
Friday 1 December 1916100
Saturday 2 December 1916100
Tuesday 12 December 1916100
Thursday 14 December 1916100
Saturday 30 December 1916100
Thursday 22 March 1917100
Sunday 15 April 1917100
Monday 16 April 1917100
Tuesday 29 May 1917100
Thursday 7 June 1917100
Sunday 17 June 1917100
Sunday 1 July 1917100
Thursday 26 July 1917100
Saturday 28 July 1917100
Saturday 25 August 1917100
Tuesday 28 August 1917200
Wednesday 5 September 1917100
Monday 24 September 1917100
Friday 28 September 1917100
Friday 12 October 1917200
Wednesday 17 October 1917100
Friday 19 October 1917100
Tuesday 23 October 1917100
Sunday 28 October 1917100
Monday 29 October 1917100
Saturday 24 November 1917100
Tuesday 4 December 1917100
Thursday 20 December 1917100
Sunday 30 December 1917100
Saturday 2 February 1918100
Thursday 7 February 1918100
Sunday 10 February 1918100
Friday 12 April 1918100
Friday 19 April 1918100
Sunday 5 May 1918100
Wednesday 29 May 1918100
Wednesday 19 June 1918100
Wednesday 7 August 1918100
Thursday 29 August 1918100
Saturday 31 August 1918100
Monday 2 September 1918100
Tuesday 3 September 1918100
Thursday 5 September 1918100
Friday 13 September 1918100
Tuesday 17 September 1918100
Wednesday 18 September 1918100
Friday 20 September 1918300
Saturday 21 September 1918300
Monday 23 September 1918100
Tuesday 1 October 1918100
Wednesday 2 October 1918100
Thursday 3 October 1918200
Saturday 5 October 1918200
Sunday 6 October 1918100
Monday 7 October 1918300
Tuesday 8 October 1918100
Wednesday 9 October 1918200
Thursday 10 October 1918100
Friday 11 October 1918200
Tuesday 15 October 1918100
Monday 21 October 1918100
Tuesday 22 October 1918100
Thursday 24 October 1918100
Thursday 31 October 1918100
Saturday 2 November 1918100
Monday 4 November 1918200
Wednesday 6 November 1918100
Thursday 7 November 1918100
Friday 8 November 1918200
Monday 11 November 1918100
Thursday 14 November 1918100
Saturday 16 November 1918100
Monday 18 November 1918100
Wednesday 20 November 1918200
Friday 22 November 1918100
Saturday 23 November 1918200
Sunday 24 November 1918100
Tuesday 26 November 1918100
Thursday 28 November 1918300
Saturday 30 November 1918100
Sunday 1 December 1918100
Tuesday 3 December 1918100
Wednesday 4 December 1918100
Thursday 5 December 1918100
Saturday 7 December 1918400
Monday 9 December 1918100
Monday 16 December 1918100
Tuesday 17 December 1918100
Thursday 19 December 1918100
Monday 23 December 1918100
Tuesday 31 December 1918100
Thursday 2 January 1919100
Friday 3 January 1919200
Saturday 4 January 1919100
Sunday 5 January 1919200
Tuesday 7 January 1919100
Thursday 9 January 1919100
Thursday 16 January 1919100
Friday 17 January 1919200
Monday 20 January 1919100
Sunday 16 February 1919100
Wednesday 19 February 1919100
Friday 21 February 1919100
Thursday 20 March 1919100
Monday 14 April 1919100
Sunday 20 April 1919100
Wednesday 21 May 1919100
Saturday 24 May 1919100
Sunday 25 May 1919200
Tuesday 27 May 1919100
Saturday 31 May 1919100
Monday 2 June 1919100
Wednesday 4 June 1919100
Sunday 8 June 1919100
Thursday 12 June 1919100
Friday 27 June 1919100
Saturday 5 July 1919100
Wednesday 16 July 1919100
Thursday 17 July 1919100
Saturday 19 July 1919100
Monday 21 July 1919100
Thursday 24 July 1919100
Sunday 3 August 1919200
Monday 4 August 1919100
Sunday 17 August 1919100
Monday 18 August 1919100
Friday 29 August 1919200
Saturday 30 August 1919200
Monday 8 September 1919100
Wednesday 10 September 1919100
Tuesday 16 September 1919100
Thursday 18 September 1919200
Thursday 25 September 1919100
Tuesday 30 September 1919200
Thursday 2 October 1919300
Saturday 4 October 1919100
Sunday 5 October 1919100
Tuesday 7 October 1919100
Saturday 11 October 1919100
Sunday 12 October 1919100
Wednesday 15 October 1919100
Saturday 18 October 1919100
Sunday 19 October 1919300
Tuesday 21 October 1919200
Thursday 23 October 1919100
Friday 24 October 1919200
Sunday 2 November 1919100
Wednesday 5 November 1919100
Saturday 8 November 1919100
Friday 14 November 1919100
Saturday 15 November 1919100
Monday 17 November 1919100
Tuesday 18 November 1919100
Wednesday 19 November 1919100
Sunday 30 November 1919400
Thursday 4 December 1919100
Sunday 21 December 1919100
Monday 29 December 1919200
Friday 2 January 1920200
Monday 12 January 1920100
Sunday 18 January 1920100
Monday 19 January 1920100
Tuesday 27 January 1920100
Friday 30 January 1920100
Monday 9 February 1920100
Monday 16 February 1920100
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