20th Deccan Horse

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Captain James Stewart Mceuen 20th Deccan Horse21/12/1914 (aged 38)
Captain Charles Alexander Chandos Mackenzie 20th Deccan Horse21/12/1914 (aged 30)
Sowar Kanhiya 169620th Deccan Horse11/08/1918
Sowar Siddi Ali Kamar 101420th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Major Cecil Jarvis 20th Deccan Horse18/03/1919 (aged 36)
Lance Daffadar Afzal Shah Khan 108020th Deccan Horse03/01/1920
Driver Karam Dad 2013820th Deccan Horse04/08/1917
Daffadar Bal Ram 100820th Deccan Horse14/08/1918
Sowar Ali Sher Khan 60120th Deccan Horse11/06/1916
Sowar Mir Imad Ali 128920th Deccan Horse03/08/1917
Lance Daffadar Mohammad Umar Khan 342120th Deccan Horse25/10/1917
Risaldar Mahbub Khan Ii 58820th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Hira Singh 128420th Deccan Horse14/06/1917
Sowar Jag Lal 114620th Deccan Horse10/06/1916
Sowar Kishn Lal 127120th Deccan Horse14/06/1917
Sowar Rup Chand 114120th Deccan Horse14/06/1917
Sowar Sukh Lal 112920th Deccan Horse14/06/1917
Risaldar Mahbub Khan 20th Deccan Horse11/12/1914
Lance Daffadar Nand Ram 92420th Deccan Horse13/06/1917
Follower Bal Kishan 20th Deccan Horse16/06/1915
Sowar Chanda Singh 87220th Deccan Horse12/11/1914
Sowar Hasanuddin Khan 117020th Deccan Horse26/05/1915
Captain Wynford Barrow 20th Deccan Horse01/03/1920
Sowar Chandan Singh 112120th Deccan Horse25/06/1917
Sowar Chhotoo 148420th Deccan Horse10/04/1917
Sowar Dani Ram 125720th Deccan Horse21/07/1917
Sowar Harnam Singh 145920th Deccan Horse23/11/1917
Sowar Kala Singh 179020th Deccan Horse06/06/1918
Lance Daffadar Nader Singh 20620th Deccan Horse06/06/1917
Sowar Raghunath Rao 28420th Deccan Horse13/07/1917
Sowar Rati Ram 120920th Deccan Horse20/11/1915
Sowar Sheikh Muhammad Ali 141620th Deccan Horse24/08/1917
Major Orr 20th Deccan Horse10/02/1918
Major Claud Fitzroy Clarke 20th Deccan Horse30/06/1918 (aged 35)
Daffadar Sajan Singh 70320th Deccan Horse17/11/1914
Sowar Chunni 144220th Deccan Horse06/08/1916
Acting Lance Daffadar Dayaram 148920th Deccan Horse05/09/1916
Sowar Dharam Singh 137820th Deccan Horse31/08/1916
Sowar Gokal Sing 136220th Deccan Horse25/10/1918
Lance Daffadar Basath Singh 164120th Deccan Horse04/11/1919
Jemadar Dalip Singh 20th Deccan Horse04/11/1919
Sowar Harphool 188720th Deccan Horse04/11/1919
Sowar Man Gath 184820th Deccan Horse11/10/1918
Lance Daffadar Prithi Singh 150620th Deccan Horse11/04/1920
Sowar Abdullah Beg 75120th Deccan Horse01/10/1918
Sowar Bhanjan Singh 154920th Deccan Horse20/08/1919
Sowar Faqira 139820th Deccan Horse02/04/1918
Risaldar Ganga Bishn 20th Deccan Horse06/05/1920
Sowar Harphul 168720th Deccan Horse04/11/1919
Lance Daffadar Jag Ram 133820th Deccan Horse30/09/1918
Warrant Officer Kundan Singh 166820th Deccan Horse08/07/1918
Sowar Lal Singh 130620th Deccan Horse24/06/1918
Sowar Nadir Singh 169420th Deccan Horse24/06/1918
Sowar Naushahr Khan 172220th Deccan Horse16/11/1918
Sowar Ramji Lal 96720th Deccan Horse10/07/1918
Sowar Ram Sarup 174020th Deccan Horse21/10/1918
Sowar Sri Chand 123620th Deccan Horse09/06/1919
Sowar Sri Ram 133320th Deccan Horse27/06/1919
Sowar Ude Ram 95820th Deccan Horse22/08/1918
Acting Lance Daffadar Nand Singh 92820th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Nasib Khan 75920th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Nur Khan 99220th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Daffadar Prag Singh 27320th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Ratan Singh 834120th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Sada Ram 105320th Deccan Horse14/06/1917
Kot Daffadar Sagir Muhammad Khan 55120th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Santa Singh 103220th Deccan Horse12/11/1917
Sowar Sant Narayan Singh 151420th Deccan Horse06/02/1917
Acting Lance Daffadar Sardar Singh 73520th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Sawan Singh 116820th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Acting Lance Daffadar Sham Singh 98520th Deccan Horse02/05/1918
Sowar Sheikh Baba 188820th Deccan Horse12/12/1917
Lance Daffadar Shekh Muhammad Akbar 47220th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Shekh Shahabuddin 45420th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Shera 141920th Deccan Horse21/11/1917
Acting Lance Daffadar Sher Singh 97420th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Sogar Singh 8620th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Sohan Pal 181020th Deccan Horse05/01/1918
Sowar Sri Chand 152420th Deccan Horse31/08/1916
Sowar Waryam Singh 112020th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Yasin Khan 118820th Deccan Horse14/07/1916
Sowar Zurawar Khan 74920th Deccan Horse29/11/1914
Sowar Harnam Singh 20th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Harnam Singh 170020th Deccan Horse05/01/1918
Sowar Inayat Khan 82120th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Indar Singh 134820th Deccan Horse14/02/1918
Daffadar Jai Lal 71320th Deccan Horse23/07/1918
Sowar Jaman Singh 116420th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Risaldar Major Jharmal Singh 20th Deccan Horse20/12/1914
Sowar Khushi Ram 132820th Deccan Horse03/02/1917
Lance Daffadar Kishn Singh 79020th Deccan Horse13/06/1917
Sowar Lal Singh 119820th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Risaldar Mahbub Khan 20th Deccan Horse16/12/1914
Daffadar Mansab Ali Khan 32920th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Mansa Singh 109020th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Lance Daffadar Mewa Singh 290220th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Mir Fayaz Ali 103020th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Risaldar Mir Hidayat Ali 20th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Daffadar Mirza Munawar Ali Beg 82520th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Muhammad Hanif 111220th Deccan Horse14/07/1916
Acting Lance Daffadar Munsha Singh 14620th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Lance Daffadar Mustafa Khan 93120th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Mustafa Khan 115720th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Abbas Ali Khan 113220th Deccan Horse14/07/1916
Sowar Abbhe Ram 170520th Deccan Horse02/08/1918
Acting Lance Daffadar Amar Singh 104020th Deccan Horse13/06/1917
Follower Ambrose 11320th Deccan Horse15/03/1916
Sowar Arjan Singh 72120th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Atar Singh 179920th Deccan Horse20/12/1917
Sowar Azizuddin Khan 64920th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Badloo Ram 84220th Deccan Horse02/12/1917
Sowar Bir Singh 107820th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Chhailu 154220th Deccan Horse25/07/1917
Sowar Chur Singh 5520th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Sowar Dangal Singh 143920th Deccan Horse12/03/1918
Sowar Dhira Singh 110420th Deccan Horse21/12/1914
Lance Daffadar Didar Singh 110620th Deccan Horse14/07/1916
Sowar Gokul Singh 138120th Deccan Horse13/06/1917
Sowar Gurbha Singh 119920th Deccan Horse31/05/1919
Follower Naranian Singh 116220th Deccan Horse18/12/1918
Sowar Soorju 20720th Deccan Horse14/01/1917
Lance Daffadar Kishn Singh 790420th Deccan Horse27/12/1917
Sowar Kude 150920th Deccan Horse17/01/1917