19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Captain Blane 19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)31/10/1914
Sowar Mehr Khan 258719th Lancers (Fane's Horse)24/10/1915
Lieutenant John Herbert Paterson 19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)21/06/1918 (aged 25)
Sowar Salahuddin 200819th Lancers (Fane's Horse)12/03/1918
Lance Daffadar Sayid Husain 200019th Lancers (Fane's Horse)09/04/1918
Sowar Narain Singh 381419th Lancers (Fane's Horse)12/09/1916
Sowar Juma Khan 403819th Lancers (Fane's Horse)21/10/1918
Lance Daffadar Dost Mohamad 339519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)10/04/1917
Lance Daffadar Chanan Khan 287119th Lancers (Fane's Horse)08/07/1917
Sowar Dost Muhammad 341519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)04/03/1915
Sowar Alghias Khan 384519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)05/02/1918
Sowar Said Ahmad 411619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)05/02/1918
Sowar Yaqub Khan 345519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)05/02/1918
Sowar Karm Khan 309019th Lancers (Fane's Horse)24/07/1917
Sowar Muhammad Sarwar 359119th Lancers (Fane's Horse)19/06/1915
Sowar Thakar Singh 334719th Lancers (Fane's Horse)13/08/1915
Sowar Burhan Ali 364519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)15/06/1917
Sowar Kesar Singh 392319th Lancers (Fane's Horse)28/07/1917
Sowar Mukarrab Khan 361519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)15/06/1917
Sowar Sayid Gul 259719th Lancers (Fane's Horse)18/07/1917
Follower Sita Ram 19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)26/11/1917
Daffadar Shah Murad 302919th Lancers (Fane's Horse)19/10/1918
Sowar Maqsudan Singh 449319th Lancers (Fane's Horse)22/12/1919
Lance Daffadar Kapura Ram 330119th Lancers (Fane's Horse)25/10/1918
Sowar Ranjit Singh 379519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)25/10/1918
Sowar Sahib Singh 411519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)24/10/1918
Daffadar Allah Dad 323419th Lancers (Fane's Horse)19/10/1918
Lance Daffadar Bhuri Singh 386319th Lancers (Fane's Horse)18/10/1918
Lance Daffadar Bishn Singh 214419th Lancers (Fane's Horse)19/10/1918
Sowar Ghulam Jillani 380319th Lancers (Fane's Horse)21/10/1918
Sowar Gulab Khan 377419th Lancers (Fane's Horse)22/10/1918
Sowar Gurbaksh Singh 370019th Lancers (Fane's Horse)17/10/1918
Sowar Harnam Singh 25019th Lancers (Fane's Horse)19/10/1918
Lance Daffadar Jit Singh 359719th Lancers (Fane's Horse)21/10/1918
Sowar Mawaz Khan 350919th Lancers (Fane's Horse)22/10/1918
Lance Daffadar Shib Ram 340019th Lancers (Fane's Horse)18/10/1918
Sowar Surain Singh 430419th Lancers (Fane's Horse)20/10/1918
Sowar Thakur Singh 409919th Lancers (Fane's Horse)21/10/1918
Lance Daffadar Waris Muhammad 362519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)21/10/1918
Lance Daffadar Atma Singh 355619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)19/10/1918
Sowar Bakka Khan 409019th Lancers (Fane's Horse)20/06/1918
Sowar Mal Singh 365519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)22/10/1918
Sowar Ranga Khan 305619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)04/08/1914
Lance Daffadar Bathu Singh 326619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)23/10/1918
Sowar Dewa Singh 399119th Lancers (Fane's Horse)08/05/1918
Sowar Gajjan Singh 344619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)19/10/1918
Sowar Gul Khan 355819th Lancers (Fane's Horse)18/09/1918
Daffadar Kesar Singh 317919th Lancers (Fane's Horse)13/08/1917
Daffadar Muhammad Khan 313319th Lancers (Fane's Horse)01/06/1920
Sowar Muhammad Khan 354519th Lancers (Fane's Horse)21/06/1918
Sowar Sardar Khan 376919th Lancers (Fane's Horse)23/10/1918
Sowar Surkha Khan 401719th Lancers (Fane's Horse)08/05/1918
Lance Daffadar Upar Singh 363719th Lancers (Fane's Horse)01/06/1920
Lance Daffadar Wadhawa Singh 310619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)04/08/1914
Lance Daffadar Naushad Khan 280219th Lancers (Fane's Horse)26/09/1916
Sowar Rang Khan 385619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)11/12/1917
Sowar Sewa Singh 356819th Lancers (Fane's Horse)07/12/1914
Sowar Shah Dad 270719th Lancers (Fane's Horse)26/09/1916
Sowar Sundar Singh 322819th Lancers (Fane's Horse)29/10/1916
Acting Lance Daffadar Surain Singh 317619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)29/10/1916
Daffadar Wadhawa Singh 310619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)13/09/1918
Sowar Ishar Singh 404119th Lancers (Fane's Horse)15/08/1917
Sowar Mehnga Singh 371219th Lancers (Fane's Horse)20/02/1918
Sowar Mehr Singh 339619th Lancers (Fane's Horse)10/06/1917
Daffadar Mohan Singh 278019th Lancers (Fane's Horse)08/07/1917
Sowar Achhar Singh 400119th Lancers (Fane's Horse)10/09/1916
Sowar Dasaundhe Khan 372719th Lancers (Fane's Horse)04/11/1917
Follower Gul Muhammad 19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)07/11/1915
Captain Frederick William Hunt 19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)31/10/1914 (aged 33)
Sowar Kartar Singh 460119th Lancers (Fane's Horse)13/12/1919
Major Charles Robertson 19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)10/02/1915 (aged 40)