Royal Indian Marine

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Stoker Gibrail Tohiara Royal Indian Marine05/01/1920
Stoker Wazire Din 125Royal Indian Marine18/12/1920
Stoker Sher Alum Royal Indian Marine25/08/1915
Lascar Ismail Jan Muhammad Royal Indian Marine22/06/1918
Lascar Jafarullah Muhammad Royal Indian Marine04/11/1916
Lascar Kasim Ali Royal Indian Marine02/01/1918
Lascar Nassibullah Royal Indian Marine13/11/1918
Lascar Rohamagullah Royal Indian Marine06/10/1917
Lascar Sardar Ali Royal Indian Marine19/08/1918
Lascar Shamsuddin Sona Royal Indian Marine14/01/1918
Serang Sheikh Hussain Royal Indian Marine02/11/1917
Lascar Sheikh Nurudin Bawa Sahib Royal Indian Marine14/06/1918
Lascar Sujudi Khan Ghairada Khan Royal Indian Marine20/08/1918
Lascar Torik Ullah Royal Indian Marine09/07/1918
Gunner Edgecombe 4502Royal Indian Marine27/09/1917
Gunner Daniel Morris Royal Indian Marine10/04/1920 (aged 26)
Sub-Lieutenant Courtenay Douglas Back Royal Indian Marine16/06/1916
Engineer George Henry Biggs Royal Indian Marine29/06/1916 (aged 50)
Lieutenant Ernest Edwin Bowden Smith Royal Indian Marine26/06/1916
Lieutenant Laurence William Christie Royal Indian Marine07/05/1917 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Collins Royal Indian Marine25/03/1917 (aged 37)
Lieutenant Douglas Corlett Royal Indian Marine09/10/1916 (aged 36)
Lieutenant Charles Exley Royal Indian Marine11/10/1915 (aged 25)
Gunner Higgins Royal Indian Marine02/08/1916
Gunner Johnstone Royal Indian Marine16/02/1918
Gunner Berriman Royal Indian Marine17/07/1916
Chief Engineer Chambers Royal Indian Marine19/06/1917
Engineer Lieutenant Alexander Peter Maclennan Keil Royal Indian Marine11/10/1916 (aged 27)
Mechanician Lakin Royal Indian Marine27/09/1916
Wireman Rebello 2302Royal Indian Marine13/12/1916
Gunner Tackney Royal Indian Marine18/08/1917
Servant Mashal Mascerenhas 2632Royal Indian Marine27/12/1917
Engineer Lieutenant Francis William Nairn Royal Indian Marine09/11/1916 (aged 24)
Gunner Randlesome Royal Indian Marine30/11/1916
Gunner Robinson Royal Indian Marine24/05/1916
Lieutenant William Skinner Royal Indian Marine21/06/1916 (aged 38)
Assistant Baker Collasco 6512Royal Indian Marine27/03/1918
Servant Collasco 6512Royal Indian Marine28/10/1917
Clerk Lopez Royal Indian Marine11/05/1916
Carpenter Nichol 334Royal Indian Marine02/08/1916
Mess Servant David John B/2629Royal Indian Marine08/01/1918
Gunner Jones Royal Indian Marine18/05/1919 (aged 31)
Gunner Alfred George Hawken Royal Indian Marine08/11/1920 (aged 28)
Commander Taylor Royal Indian Marine29/07/1918
Lieutenant John Granshields Clarke Royal Indian Marine26/03/1916
Engineer Captain Thomas Henry Knight Royal Indian Marine18/10/1918
Lieutenant John Allen Mcghie Royal Indian Marine18/10/1916
Sub-Conductor Vint Royal Indian Marine24/09/1920
Engineer Sub-Lieutenant James Stewart Belfield Royal Indian Marine24/04/1919 (aged 29)
Commander Francis Vavasour De Burgh Royal Indian Marine07/12/1918
Lieutenant Horace Vernon Fowler Royal Indian Marine15/07/1917 (aged 27)
Gunner Leonard Garraway Royal Indian Marine30/12/1918 (aged 36)
Lieutenant Thomasin Royal Indian Marine31/12/1917
Commander Charles Alexander Lee Royal Indian Marine06/02/1918 (aged 63)
Lascar Abdul 4509Royal Indian Marine12/10/1916
Lascar Abdul Ali C/987Royal Indian Marine09/03/1917
Lascar Abdul Aziz C/396Royal Indian Marine24/07/1916
Lascar Abdul Aziz 680Royal Indian Marine27/03/1916
Coal Runner Abdul Aziz RIM/10206Royal Indian Marine24/10/1918
Stoker Abdul Aziz Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Stoker Abdul Aziz Royal Indian Marine02/10/1916
Stoker Abdul Baba 3947Royal Indian Marine03/07/1918
Lascar Abdul Baba Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Abdul Baba Royal Indian Marine02/09/1916
Lascar Abdul Bari 8231Royal Indian Marine02/03/1918
Seacunny Abdul Bari Hamid Ali 6373Royal Indian Marine12/01/1917
Stoker Abdullah Faqir Royal Indian Marine29/11/1915
Lascar Abdul Ghafur 688Royal Indian Marine12/03/1917
Lascar Abdul Ghani B/145Royal Indian Marine28/11/1916
Lascar Abdul Ghani RIM/7667Royal Indian Marine02/10/1918
Lascar Abdul Ghani 7968Royal Indian Marine24/01/1917
Lascar Abdul Ghani 8070Royal Indian Marine10/03/1918
Bhandary Abdul Ghani 8965Royal Indian Marine26/07/1917
Lascar Abdul Ghani Royal Indian Marine20/04/1916
Seacunny Abdul Ghani Royal Indian Marine28/11/1916
Seacunny Abdul Ghani Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Abdul Ghani Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Abdul Hakim 376Royal Indian Marine19/05/1917
Lascar Abdul Hakim C/1114Royal Indian Marine03/05/1916
Stoker Abdul Hakim 5621Royal Indian Marine13/01/1918
Lascar Abdul Hakim 7174Royal Indian Marine02/04/1917
Lascar Abdul Hakim 8597Royal Indian Marine20/04/1917
Stoker Abdul Hakim Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Fireman Abdul Hamid 283Royal Indian Marine14/06/1915
Lascar Abdul Hamid 427Royal Indian Marine20/07/1916
Seacunny Abdul Haq 1574Royal Indian Marine13/07/1916
Lascar Abdul Husain 6533Royal Indian Marine25/02/1917
Lascar Abdul Jalil C/482Royal Indian Marine14/06/1916
Tindal Abdul Karim C/1226Royal Indian Marine05/11/1917
Lascar Abdul Karim RP/2592Royal Indian Marine16/11/1918
Seacunny Abdul Karim 4395Royal Indian Marine03/03/1917
Serang Abdul Karim Husain 8621Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Khalasi Abdul Khaliq 260Royal Indian Marine25/07/1916
Lascar Abdullah Karim 7106Royal Indian Marine15/12/1916
Lascar Abdul Majid 8479Royal Indian Marine21/02/1917
Lascar Abdul Majid Royal Indian Marine10/07/1916
Stoker Abdul Majid Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Khalasi Abdul Muhammad 3405Royal Indian Marine12/09/1916
Lascar Abdul Muhammad Royal Indian Marine03/01/1920
Lascar Abdul Qadir 275Royal Indian Marine08/03/1915
Stoker Abdul Qadir Qutbuddin 150Royal Indian Marine07/06/1921
Lascar Abdul Qasim Royal Indian Marine28/02/1916
Seedie Abdul Rahim Royal Indian Marine31/01/1918
Lascar Abdul Wahid C/858Royal Indian Marine24/03/1917
Seacunny Abdun Nabi RIM/10417Royal Indian Marine24/10/1918
Engine Driver Abdur Rahim 2070Royal Indian Marine15/08/1916
Lascar Abdur Rahim RIM/6283Royal Indian Marine30/07/1918
Stoker Abdur Rahman 67Royal Indian Marine04/07/1916
Lascar Abdur Rahman 286Royal Indian Marine15/09/1916
Lascar Abdur Rahman 806Royal Indian Marine31/07/1916
Stoker Abdur Rahman 943Royal Indian Marine19/04/1916
Serang Abdur Rahman 7313Royal Indian Marine07/01/1917
Serang Abdur Rahman 8587Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Stoker Abdur Rahman 10028Royal Indian Marine09/08/1917
Lascar Abdur Rahman Royal Indian Marine05/07/1916
Lascar Abdur Rahman Din Muhammad 6008Royal Indian Marine22/07/1918
Fireman Abdur Rashid 141Royal Indian Marine26/11/1916
Seacunny Abdur Rashid 9584Royal Indian Marine07/04/1918
Fireman Abdus Salam 176Royal Indian Marine01/07/1916
Coolie Abdus Subhan 1396Royal Indian Marine12/02/1917
Carpenter Abraham Isaac 359Royal Indian Marine24/06/1916
Stoker Adam Sarfaraz RP/10196Royal Indian Marine02/01/1919
Lascar Ahmad Ali C/414Royal Indian Marine26/06/1916
Lascar Ahmad Bashir 292Royal Indian Marine26/05/1916
Lascar Ahmad Husain RP/10010Royal Indian Marine25/11/1918
Serang Ahmad Muhammad 8584Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Ainuddin 7726Royal Indian Marine07/01/1918
Stoker Alah Bakhsh 5626Royal Indian Marine05/06/1917
Stoker Alauddin Rajab Ali 2663Royal Indian Marine03/04/1917
Engineer Ali Ahmad Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Stoker Ali Ahmad Irfan Ali C/1160Royal Indian Marine20/06/1916
Lascar Ali Husain 1957Royal Indian Marine31/07/1916
Lascar Ali Husain 8325Royal Indian Marine07/09/1917
Lascar Ali Husain 9044Royal Indian Marine04/11/1918
Khalasi Ali Imam 1606Royal Indian Marine02/07/1916
Lascar Ali Miyan 1055Royal Indian Marine25/07/1916
Seedie Ali Muhammad Royal Indian Marine18/07/1917
Serang Almeida Joaquim 8642Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Amanat Ali Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Amanat Ali Royal Indian Marine02/09/1916
Hammerman Amin 1079Royal Indian Marine19/05/1916
Lascar Amin Sharif 5763Royal Indian Marine29/10/1917
Lascar Aminulla C/2106Royal Indian Marine24/08/1916
Lascar Aminullah 3915Royal Indian Marine23/05/1917
Seacunny Aminullah RIM/7344Royal Indian Marine13/10/1918
Lascar Aminullah Alaya 107Royal Indian Marine21/04/1919
Mistri Amir Ali 3675Royal Indian Marine03/02/1917
Lascar Amjad Ali 2153Royal Indian Marine24/08/1916
Lascar Amjad Ali 5086Royal Indian Marine16/09/1917
Tindal Amrullah Ali Jani RIM/6374Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Fitter Anand Mangal 951Royal Indian Marine17/10/1916
Lascar Anil Suman RIM/10074Royal Indian Marine09/10/1918
Fitter Anukul Das 5305Royal Indian Marine07/09/1917
Serang Anwar Ali 2338Royal Indian Marine23/08/1916
Serang Anwar Ali Royal Indian Marine10/06/1917
Seacunny Anwar Bakhsh 2131Royal Indian Marine02/09/1916
Sailmaker Appala Swami 5883Royal Indian Marine21/01/1917
Bhandary Aqil Ali 8438Royal Indian Marine24/02/1918
Trimmer Asghar Ali 5119Royal Indian Marine06/09/1917
Cassab Ashiq Ali Muhammad 8748Royal Indian Marine18/02/1917
Lascar Ashrafuddin 4158Royal Indian Marine29/09/1917
Lascar Aziz Akbar 495Royal Indian Marine06/07/1916
Stoker Azmatullah Royal Indian Marine12/09/1916
Khalasi Baba Miyan Shihabuddin 106Royal Indian Marine12/07/1916
Cook Babulal 297Royal Indian Marine16/06/1916
Topass Babu Mahadeo C/326Royal Indian Marine22/04/1917
Lascar Babu Shahrao RIM/5019Royal Indian Marine12/10/1918
Trimmer Bachchu Miyan 5150Royal Indian Marine29/08/1916
Driver Badshah Miyan Royal Indian Marine18/03/1916
Stoker Baghe Ali Maula Royal Indian Marine27/04/1916
Serang Bahauddin Bawa 8582Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Stoker Bahauddin Bhola Miyan 143Royal Indian Marine29/10/1920
Seaman Balai Chhotu 534Royal Indian Marine04/01/1917
Lascar Bapuji Champsi RIM/8858Royal Indian Marine10/08/1918
Lascar Basharat Ali 7543Royal Indian Marine20/01/1917
Lascar Bashir Mubarak 3755Royal Indian Marine04/06/1917
Stoker Bashiruddin Mulla 1051Royal Indian Marine02/10/1917
Waiter Basit Miyan 4812Royal Indian Marine09/07/1917
Stoker Bawa Miyan Shihabuddin 106Royal Indian Marine12/07/1916
Lascar Bhagee Bihari 5497Royal Indian Marine04/01/1917
Khalasi Bhuban 880Royal Indian Marine09/09/1916
Rivetter Bhushandas Royal Indian Marine18/04/1916
Stoker Bilan Anjeer 4576Royal Indian Marine09/09/1916
Mess Servant Castanho 4087Royal Indian Marine24/10/1916
Lascar Chandu Apoo 4983Royal Indian Marine27/09/1916
Seacunny Channu Miyan 2541Royal Indian Marine09/07/1918
Masalchi Cherry Sarassy C/213Royal Indian Marine25/07/1916
Carpenter Chuda Subaman 6Royal Indian Marine12/06/1916
Lascar Dabiruddin 4410Royal Indian Marine28/04/1917
Artisan Dada Dhanji Kawan 412Royal Indian Marine28/04/1917
Stoker Darwesh Ali 8978Royal Indian Marine18/11/1917
Seacunny Daud Shaikh Yusuf 1666Royal Indian Marine08/06/1916
Khalasi Deosingh Ramsingh 5503Royal Indian Marine10/12/1916
Wireman De Souza Royal Indian Marine21/04/1916
Topass De Souza 1602Royal Indian Marine30/07/1916
Mess Servant Francisco Xavier De Souza RIM/6563Royal Indian Marine21/08/1918
Fitter Silvestre De Souza Royal Indian Marine11/10/1916
Carpenter Dhana 10909Royal Indian Marine19/04/1920
Serang Dharmu Nuruddin 8576Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Private Dholi Ram Charan Royal Indian Marine02/02/1917
Lascar Din Muhammad Sulaiman 290Royal Indian Marine02/10/1916
Lascar Din Muhammad Sulaiman 890Royal Indian Marine02/10/1916
Lascar Ditta Ilm Din 2248Royal Indian Marine15/09/1916
Fireman Ditta Ilm Din Royal Indian Marine18/09/1916
Fireman Ditta Ilm Din Royal Indian Marine25/09/1916
Turner Dosabhai Nanabhai Royal Indian Marine27/10/1917
Writer Max D'souza Royal Indian Marine17/06/1916
Stoker Ehsanullah 4422Royal Indian Marine10/09/1917
Topass Eknath 6443Royal Indian Marine24/11/1916
Stoker Faqira Abdulla 2275Royal Indian Marine16/09/1916
Serang Faqir Baba Din 8591Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Faqir Jaafar 1619Royal Indian Marine16/06/1916
Carpenter Fateh Muhammad 3713Royal Indian Marine09/04/1917
Fireman Fateh Muhammad Royal Indian Marine26/11/1916
Stoker Fazluddin 3704Royal Indian Marine27/10/1916
Lascar Fazlur Rahman 1916Royal Indian Marine02/01/1917
Lascar Fazlur Rahman Royal Indian Marine02/01/1917
Cook Francis Fernandes 32078Royal Indian Marine25/07/1916
Serang Fernandes 8082Royal Indian Marine16/05/1917
Butler Joseph R. Gama 4094Royal Indian Marine25/01/1917
Cook Gavrichand Royal Indian Marine06/09/1916
Fitter Gavri Mohan Parmarker 970Royal Indian Marine18/12/1916
Carpenter Ghela Karsan 688Royal Indian Marine20/08/1916
Coolie Ghulam 433Royal Indian Marine02/01/1917
Stoker Ghulam Mohyuddin P/6Royal Indian Marine26/07/1916
Winchman Ghulam Nabi Ditta Royal Indian Marine24/11/1916
Lascar Ghulam Rahman 5083Royal Indian Marine08/12/1916
Carpenter J. Nicholas Gonsalves 334Royal Indian Marine02/08/1916
Fitter Gopiram 877Royal Indian Marine16/12/1916
Lascar Haji Usman 2862Royal Indian Marine07/11/1917
Lascar Haji Yaqub 481Royal Indian Marine02/05/1917
Lascar Hakim 37Royal Indian Marine19/06/1916
Tindal Halimullah 61Royal Indian Marine23/06/1916
Lascar Hamid Ali 8033Royal Indian Marine03/02/1917
Lascar Hasan Miyan Bahram 1404Royal Indian Marine08/08/1916
Lascar Hashim M Haji Yaqub 481Royal Indian Marine02/05/1917
Lascar Hazari Deva 5274Royal Indian Marine15/12/1916
Stoker Himmat Ali 5056Royal Indian Marine20/10/1916
Serang Huda 4456Royal Indian Marine14/04/1917
Stoker Husain Chand Royal Indian Marine20/07/1916
Tindal Husain Mohyuddin 8459Royal Indian Marine11/06/1918
Lascar Husain Yusuf 4505Royal Indian Marine08/10/1919
Turner Rao Royal Indian Marine25/06/1916
Stoker Ibrahim Abdul Malik C/288Royal Indian Marine14/06/1916
Lascar Ibrahim Ishaq 198Royal Indian Marine23/06/1916
Topass Ibrahim Muhammad 2294Royal Indian Marine24/10/1916
Serang Ibrahim Nuruddin 8620Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Ibrahim Shaikh Husain 421Royal Indian Marine30/04/1917
Stoker Imam Din Fazil 7228Royal Indian Marine13/01/1918
Lascar Imam Shah 5652Royal Indian Marine06/11/1917
Motor Boatman Isaacs Royal Indian Marine27/06/1916
Stoker Isa Khuda Bakhsh 7723Royal Indian Marine18/12/1917
Lascar Ishaq Bawa Ishaq Baba 10102Royal Indian Marine12/07/1918
Seaman Ismail 7747Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Ismail Muhammad 8636Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Ismail Yusuf 4970Royal Indian Marine24/05/1917
Lascar Ismail Zainuddin 2926Royal Indian Marine28/04/1917
Engineer Ismat Ali Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Tindal Itr Ali 5044Royal Indian Marine24/07/1917
Khalasi Jagdamlal 518Royal Indian Marine08/08/1916
Hammerman Jaichand Royal Indian Marine30/08/1916
Serang Jairam Nattiu 705Royal Indian Marine05/09/1916
Seaman Jaisingh Royal Indian Marine17/09/1916
Boilermaker Jeram Hirji 636Royal Indian Marine30/08/1916
Stoker Jibril Tahir Ali Royal Indian Marine05/01/1920
Mess Servant Jivan Morar 6004Royal Indian Marine08/06/1917
Serang Jiwan Yaqub 4469Royal Indian Marine11/11/1917
Lascar Junaid Ali 7680Royal Indian Marine29/12/1917
Serang Juratullah 1863Royal Indian Marine19/05/1917
Lascar Kala Miyan C/1045Royal Indian Marine19/10/1916
Engine Driver Kala Miyan 7571Royal Indian Marine05/04/1917
Khalasi Kala Miyan Sarang Royal Indian Marine08/03/1916
Fitter Kali Charan Samanto 462Royal Indian Marine21/07/1916
Lascar Kalimuddin 8145Royal Indian Marine04/07/1917
Lascar Kanaiya 8421Royal Indian Marine24/06/1919
Lascar Karim Bakhsh RIM/7959Royal Indian Marine15/10/1918
Lascar Karim Rashawati 5256Royal Indian Marine07/12/1916
Plater Karnam Singh 1207Royal Indian Marine22/09/1916
Blacksmith Kesha Vithal 620Royal Indian Marine28/08/1916
Lascar Khalil Rahman Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Stoker Khushi Muhammad Faqir B/3034Royal Indian Marine16/02/1918
Lascar Lakha Parbhu 6537Royal Indian Marine29/04/1917
Lascar Latie Khan 760Royal Indian Marine05/06/1916
Carpenter Mahadeo Singh 9843Royal Indian Marine23/06/1918
Lascar Mahbub Ramazan 532Royal Indian Marine31/07/1916
Seedie Mahmud Yusuf Royal Indian Marine31/12/1917
Fireman Manbahan Royal Indian Marine03/10/1916
Carpenter Manga Ramayya RIM/4840Royal Indian Marine19/08/1918
Lascar Manji Bhula 6070Royal Indian Marine12/10/1916
Stoker Mansur Ali 5047Royal Indian Marine21/01/1918
Lascar Maqbul Ahmad 6Royal Indian Marine14/09/1916
Serang Maqbul Ali 2144Royal Indian Marine30/08/1916
Topass Marrimmady 6413Royal Indian Marine09/07/1918
Stoker Masud Muhammad Royal Indian Marine09/10/1915
Seedie Mauladad Royal Indian Marine09/11/1917
Carpenter Medeira 213Royal Indian Marine15/07/1916
Hammerman Mehr Bakhsh Royal Indian Marine24/06/1916
Stoker Mirasuddin Nizamuddin 7706Royal Indian Marine22/01/1917
Lascar Momin 5075Royal Indian Marine05/03/1917
Lascar Moni Inia Royal Indian Marine21/04/1916
Khalasi Morarwala Royal Indian Marine11/01/1917
Carpenter Moses David Royal Indian Marine11/07/1916
Cassab Mubarak Ali 7063Royal Indian Marine23/05/1917
Lascar Mubarak Ali 9060Royal Indian Marine07/08/1917
Lascar Muhammad 4253Royal Indian Marine12/09/1916
Serang Muhammad 8586Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Muhammad Ahmad 10107Royal Indian Marine06/01/1917
Seacunny Muhammad Baba 48Royal Indian Marine17/05/1916
Lascar Muhammad Faiz C/1286Royal Indian Marine16/12/1916
Heater Muhammad Gul 9195Royal Indian Marine06/06/1917
Lascar Muhammad Husain 648Royal Indian Marine14/04/1918
Gunner Muhammad Husain 1241Royal Indian Marine28/06/1916
Serang Muhammad Husain 8377Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Muhammad Ibrahim 1005Royal Indian Marine28/12/1916
Serang Muhammad Ishaq 8581Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Khalasi Muhammad Ismail 4495Royal Indian Marine10/09/1916
Lascar Muhammad Khuda Bakhsh 751Royal Indian Marine31/10/1916
Lascar Muhammad Muhyuddin 1496Royal Indian Marine21/08/1916
Lascar Muhammad Nazir 748Royal Indian Marine11/02/1917
Lascar Muhammad Nur RP/10100Royal Indian Marine06/01/1919
Stoker Muhammad Qasim 328Royal Indian Marine14/05/1916
Lascar Muhammad Sharfuddin Royal Indian Marine30/11/1920
Lascar Muhammad Yusuf B/2915Royal Indian Marine20/07/1917
Seaman Muhammad Zaman 4488Royal Indian Marine02/10/1916
Lascar Muharram Ali 1143Royal Indian Marine17/09/1916
Seaman Muharram Ali Royal Indian Marine14/09/1916
Lascar Mumtaz 3174Royal Indian Marine16/09/1916
Lascar Mumtazuddin 3268Royal Indian Marine05/10/1917
Seacunny Munawwar Ali 1027Royal Indian Marine06/07/1916
Serang Munawwar Ali 1814Royal Indian Marine10/06/1916
Fireman Munnun Miyan 3640Royal Indian Marine07/10/1916
Seacunny Musa Abdulla 2645Royal Indian Marine02/11/1917
Lascar Mutia-Ur-Rahman 8888Royal Indian Marine05/07/1917
Seaman Nagaria Sukha 1710Royal Indian Marine02/08/1916
Serang Nasimuddin Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Serang Nasimuddin Royal Indian Marine22/05/1917
Lascar Nasiruddin Imamuddin 3428Royal Indian Marine11/03/1917
Stoker Nazir Miyan RP/8981Royal Indian Marine04/12/1918
Lascar Nazr Ali C/1454Royal Indian Marine04/09/1916
Fireman Niaz Ali Miyan Royal Indian Marine18/08/1917
Lascar Nizamuddin 3908Royal Indian Marine12/05/1917
Seacunny Nur Al RIM/8374Royal Indian Marine24/07/1918
Stoker Nur Husain 3708Royal Indian Marine13/01/1918
Stoker Nur Jan Ilahi Bakhsh 1085Royal Indian Marine28/06/1916
Cook Nur Muhammad C/924Royal Indian Marine24/07/1916
Rivetter Nur Muhammad 5409Royal Indian Marine06/10/1916
Stoker Nur Muhammad 8572Royal Indian Marine14/01/1917
Bhandary Nur Muhammad Bachchu Kha Royal Indian Marine24/07/1916
Sailmaker Pankia 707Royal Indian Marine25/07/1916
Wireman Patel 288Royal Indian Marine04/07/1916
Clerk Patel 9426Royal Indian Marine04/07/1918
Masalchi Antonio Pereira 1703Royal Indian Marine25/07/1916
Cook Gabriel Pereira 1598Royal Indian Marine15/09/1916
Stoker Pereira 2092Royal Indian Marine06/07/1916
Boy Antonio Pereira Royal Indian Marine01/09/1917
Cook's Mate Pereira Natividade 225Royal Indian Marine09/03/1921
Sailmaker Pympia 1226Royal Indian Marine09/10/1916
Trimmer Qadam Khan 5527Royal Indian Marine15/07/1917
Seacunny Qadir Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Qadir Mujawar 169Royal Indian Marine12/08/1917
Stoker Qasim 7365Royal Indian Marine04/02/1918
Boy Qasim Ahmad 90Royal Indian Marine01/01/1921
Lascar Qasim Baqir 1017Royal Indian Marine18/02/1917
Lascar Qasimuddin 8085Royal Indian Marine17/02/1918
Lascar Qazi Karim Qazi 4264Royal Indian Marine14/10/1916
Fireman Qurban All 1783Royal Indian Marine08/07/1916
Serang Qutbuddin Sirajuddin 8580Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Rafiullah Afzal Muhammad C/31Royal Indian Marine12/08/1917
Seacunny Raghbat Ali RIM/7350Royal Indian Marine04/08/1918
Lascar Rahim Bakhsh 3194Royal Indian Marine11/06/1917
Serang Rahimuddin 1444Royal Indian Marine26/09/1916
Driver Rahmat Ali Royal Indian Marine04/05/1916
Trimmer Ramazan Ali 6199Royal Indian Marine12/01/1917
Clerk Ram Chand 77014Royal Indian Marine20/04/1920
Hammerman Ram Dullar 630Royal Indian Marine28/07/1916
Driver Leslie Vas Ramos 9288Royal Indian Marine09/04/1917
Lascar Rasul Ali 8439Royal Indian Marine18/07/1917
Serang Riyasat Ali RIM/8602Royal Indian Marine21/09/1918
Servant Rodriques 82Royal Indian Marine01/08/1916
Khalasi Saadat Mulla Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Engine Driver Sadruddin Royal Indian Marine17/06/1915
Lascar Safir Ali 6547Royal Indian Marine18/06/1918
Lascar Saiyed Rahman C/20Royal Indian Marine10/03/1916
Lascar Saiyed Yaqub Husain RP/5368Royal Indian Marine30/10/1918
Waiter Sajan Balu Royal Indian Marine17/07/1917
Stoker Salahuddin Hayatullah 4285Royal Indian Marine27/12/1916
Lascar Salim Sulaiman Royal Indian Marine14/03/1916
Seedie Samanda Farah Royal Indian Marine24/08/1917
Carpenter Samuel Benjamin 375Royal Indian Marine23/07/1916
Masalchi Sarfaraz Ali Khan Royal Indian Marine20/06/1916
Coolie Saudagar RP/1274Royal Indian Marine26/10/1918
Waiter Serrao Baptista Royal Indian Marine17/11/1916
Lascar Shabban 304Royal Indian Marine14/03/1916
Khalasi Shafiullah 1038Royal Indian Marine16/09/1916
Stoker Shah Vali Abdul 7255Royal Indian Marine11/11/1916
Bhandary Shaikh Abbas RP/10223Royal Indian Marine06/12/1918
Lascar Shaikh Abbas Ismail Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Shaikh Abbas Shaikh Ismail Royal Indian Marine11/11/1915
Lascar Shaikh Adam Shaikh Usman Royal Indian Marine06/03/1916
Stoker Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Qadir 83Royal Indian Marine18/07/1916
Signalman Shaikh Ahmad Shaikh Husain Royal Indian Marine13/03/1921
Tindal Shaikh Ali Royal Indian Marine12/11/1920
Lascar Shaikh Ali Amin 1756Royal Indian Marine21/05/1916
Storekeeper Shaikh Ali Ghulam Husain Royal Indian Marine29/11/1920
Serang Shaikh Ali Musa 8588Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Serang Shaikh Ali Qutbuddin 8645Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Seacunny Shaikh Ali Shaikh Zainu Royal Indian Marine26/12/1920
Serang Shaikh Baba Shaikh Ali 8587Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Tindal Shaikh Bahauddin 41Royal Indian Marine16/03/1921
Lascar Shaikh Chand Shaikh Karim 4919Royal Indian Marine28/11/1916
Serang Shaikh Daud 8578Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Stoker Shaikh Daud Baba 172Royal Indian Marine02/11/1915
Lascar Shaikh Vaud Shaikh Ismail C/2189Royal Indian Marine14/08/1916
Tindal Shaikh Ghulam Husain 18Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Khalasi Shaikh Husain 2922Royal Indian Marine28/09/1916
Serang Shaikh Husain 8579Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Fireman Shaikh Husain Royal Indian Marine05/08/1916
Serang Shaikh Husain Baba 8590Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Shalkh Ibrahim 19Royal Indian Marine10/11/1920
Lascar Shaikh Ibrahim Ghulam Royal Indian Marine29/02/1920
Seacunny Shaikh Ibrahim Junaid RIM/5602Royal Indian Marine29/05/1918
Stoker Shaikh Ibrahim Qamruddin 2770Royal Indian Marine22/09/1916
Stoker Shaikh Ibrahim Shaikh Ali RIM/10368Royal Indian Marine21/10/1918
Stoker Shaikh Ibrahim Shaikh Daud 2027Royal Indian Marine31/07/1916
Stoker Shaikh Idrus Shaikh Adam Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Seacunny Shaikh Ishaq Jamaluddin 1664Royal Indian Marine12/05/1917
Khalasi Shaikh Ismail 422Royal Indian Marine09/08/1916
Seacunny Shaikh Kala Bawa RP/10155Royal Indian Marine31/10/1918
Stoker Shaikh Kallu 4773Royal Indian Marine26/07/1917
Stoker Shaikh Lalla 603Royal Indian Marine14/03/1916
Serang Shaikh Latif 8623Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Serang Shaikh Muhammad Royal Indian Marine12/05/1917
Lascar Shaikh Muhammad 4200Royal Indian Marine10/11/1916
Lascar Shaikh Muhammad Ghiyasuddin 8739Royal Indian Marine06/06/1917
Stoker Shaikh Muhammad Shaikh Ibrahim 65Royal Indian Marine19/06/1916
Fitter Shaikh Nabi 5301Royal Indian Marine10/12/1916
Stoker Shaikh Nura Miyan Jan Royal Indian Marine14/03/1916
Lascar Shaikh Qadir Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Stoker Shaikh Umar Bandu Miyan Royal Indian Marine19/03/1916
Serang Shaikh Umar Shaikh Muhamma 8574Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Tindal Shaikh Yunus 1557Royal Indian Marine05/08/1917
Sailmaker Shaikh Yusuf 4639Royal Indian Marine26/05/1917
Lascar Shaikh Yusuf Muhyuddin Royal Indian Marine25/07/1921
Serang Shaikh Yusuf Shaikh Amin 8587Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lascar Shama Miyan 7551Royal Indian Marine03/04/1917
Lascar Shamshir 7461Royal Indian Marine05/08/1917
Stoker Shambhir Ali Sardar RIM/2667Royal Indian Marine24/08/1918
Lascar Shamshir Sulaiman Royal Indian Marine17/06/1916
Lascar Sharfuddin Riyaz Ali 3823Royal Indian Marine05/12/1916
Lascar Shihabuddin Lnayatullah C/859Royal Indian Marine22/05/1917
Masalchi Shripad Royal Indian Marine24/07/1916
Lascar Sikandar Ali Karim 6503Royal Indian Marine21/02/1918
Trimmer Sikandar Maqbul Ali 8213Royal Indian Marine22/12/1916
Cook Simon Joseph C/303Royal Indian Marine05/05/1917
Cook Siqueira Pedro 1540Royal Indian Marine22/07/1916
Lascar Siraj Ahmad Miyan Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Stoker Siraj Beg 99503Royal Indian Marine05/04/1920
Carpenter Solomon Moses 375Royal Indian Marine27/08/1916
Lascar Suhrab Ali RIM/7544Royal Indian Marine22/07/1918
Driver Sukami Tamil Lublin 889Royal Indian Marine21/05/1916
Fireman Sumari 6009Royal Indian Marine08/10/1916
Moulder Sundar 437Royal Indian Marine18/08/1916
Trimmer Sunit Rao RIM/6246Royal Indian Marine18/09/1918
Sailmaker Swami Shrinivas 6641Royal Indian Marine06/04/1917
Stoker Tamizuddin 1653Royal Indian Marine18/12/1916
Moulder Teeka Ram 436Royal Indian Marine02/12/1916
Lascar Topan Amma Bakhtawar 1077Royal Indian Marine09/04/1916
Moulder Tukaram Yesu 436Royal Indian Marine28/08/1916
Carpenter Tulsi Charan 4296Royal Indian Marine24/03/1917
Rivetter Tunda Miyan 745Royal Indian Marine14/01/1917
Stoker Turab Ali 66Royal Indian Marine27/09/1916
Tindal Turab Ali C/787Royal Indian Marine21/09/1917
Lascar Turab Ali Royal Indian Marine29/09/1916
Stoker Ubaidullah Shah Zada 3059Royal Indian Marine24/11/1916
Khalasi Umar Miyan Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Tindal Umar Miyan 8949Royal Indian Marine26/05/1918
Steward Vaz Royal Indian Marine02/10/1916
Butler Vaz 2435Royal Indian Marine24/09/1916
Cook Venkataswami 8872Royal Indian Marine30/04/1919
Lascar Visram Deva Royal Indian Marine15/06/1915
Lascar Waliullah Afsaruddin 508Royal Indian Marine17/07/1916
Fireman Waz Husain 59Royal Indian Marine27/06/1916
Stoker Wazir Ali 6450Royal Indian Marine18/11/1916
Mussuljer Wazir Raghnath 435Royal Indian Marine07/08/1916
Tindal Wazuddin Shaikh Husain 125Royal Indian Marine18/12/1920
Seedie Yahya Muhammad Royal Indian Marine19/07/1917
Lascar Yaqub Shihabuddin 879Royal Indian Marine11/06/1916
Boilermaker Yusuf 105Royal Indian Marine08/09/1916
Lascar Yusuf Abdush Shakir 931Royal Indian Marine11/05/1916
Serang Yusuf Ali C/2Royal Indian Marine18/01/1917
Lascar Yusuf Muhammad 3202Royal Indian Marine23/12/1918
Lascar Yusuf Muhammad B/3203Royal Indian Marine23/12/1917
Lascar Yusuf Qadir 1489Royal Indian Marine27/07/1916
Lascar Zafar 5647Royal Indian Marine18/06/1918
Serang Zainuddin 8622Royal Indian Marine04/08/1914
Lieutenant Armstrong Royal Indian Marine28/03/1917
Commander Douglas Royal Indian Marine28/06/1919
Lieutenant Keeling Royal Indian Marine19/03/1916
Engineer Commander Pickard Royal Indian Marine30/12/1915
Lieutenant Sinclair Royal Indian Marine18/03/1916
Artisan Ah Aong Hai Siv 6321Royal Indian Marine18/07/1918
Artisan Ah Kum 262Royal Indian Marine18/10/1916
Artisan An Ah Kee 5184Royal Indian Marine02/10/1916
Artisan Chang Wing 9558Royal Indian Marine05/07/1917
Artisan Chung Cheung 6691Royal Indian Marine23/07/1917
Artisan Kang Sheung 6814Royal Indian Marine03/08/1917
Cook Leung Fuk 6858Royal Indian Marine08/12/1916
Artisan Loo Ni Chi 9215Royal Indian Marine06/04/1917
Artisan Ping Wong 9102Royal Indian Marine17/06/1917
Artisan Sam Po Ko 6620Royal Indian Marine24/04/1917
Artisan Wah Seng 5183Royal Indian Marine16/07/1917
Artisan Yung San Royal Indian Marine16/07/1916
Labourer Kun Fuk 6970Royal Indian Marine02/06/1917
Artisan Lee See Chong 7024Royal Indian Marine28/06/1917
Lascar Khamis Muhammad 453Royal Indian Marine28/07/1916
Gunner Patullo Royal Indian Marine20/10/1917