Northern Rhodesia Police

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Captain Charles Cooper Hornsby Northern Rhodesia Police12/05/1917 (aged 31)
Serjeant James Finerty Simpson A/225Northern Rhodesia Police25/01/1917 (aged 21)
Lieutenant Henry William Tarbutt Northern Rhodesia Police09/08/1917 (aged 26)
Lieutenant Leonard John Champion Northern Rhodesia Police04/10/1918 (aged 34)
Scout Norman Sinclair Northern Rhodesia Police09/05/1915
Company Sergeant Major Charles William Sell 176Northern Rhodesia Police29/05/1918 (aged 41)
Private Bacon Northern Rhodesia Police17/03/1915
Captain Alastair Bruce Bremner Northern Rhodesia Police01/01/1918 (aged 33)
Lieutenant Maurice Daffarn Northern Rhodesia Police24/04/1915 (aged 27)
Lieutenant Kenneth Ferguson Northern Rhodesia Police19/10/1918 (aged 37)
Captain William Husbands Northern Rhodesia Police24/12/1918 (aged 31)
Lieutenant Edward Lucian Ingpen Northern Rhodesia Police10/06/1916 (aged 25)
Second Lieutenant Bertram Harper Northern Rhodesia Police26/10/1918
Private Benjamin 209Northern Rhodesia Police26/12/1916
Private Bulanda S/228Northern Rhodesia Police10/12/1917
Private Buleya 559Northern Rhodesia Police28/06/1915
Private Bwanali 074Northern Rhodesia Police27/01/1915
Private Bwana-Makoa 1201Northern Rhodesia Police22/10/1915
Private Chambesi S/96Northern Rhodesia Police09/09/1916
Lance Corporal Chaponda 1057Northern Rhodesia Police26/05/1917
Private Chasesa 0112Northern Rhodesia Police09/09/1914
Private Chazingwa 071Northern Rhodesia Police13/01/1919
Serjeant Cheoko 888Northern Rhodesia Police13/08/1916
Private Cheswenga 1489Northern Rhodesia Police03/02/1917
Private Chikowi 1601Northern Rhodesia Police02/08/1918
Private Chimai 0287Northern Rhodesia Police20/10/1917
Private Chinthona 420Northern Rhodesia Police03/11/1918
Private Chipalamwazani 377Northern Rhodesia Police09/03/1918
Private Chipandi 0416Northern Rhodesia Police30/08/1917
Private Chitindi 0318Northern Rhodesia Police04/08/1914
Private Chiwaya 428Northern Rhodesia Police10/10/1916
Private Choma 1890Northern Rhodesia Police18/02/1918
Private Dulani 1984Northern Rhodesia Police28/12/1918
Private Folomani 861Northern Rhodesia Police16/12/1917
Private Fungulu 1117Northern Rhodesia Police24/04/1915
Lance Corporal Gabrial 551Northern Rhodesia Police16/11/1915
Serjeant Gwiranipakamwa 367Northern Rhodesia Police23/03/1917
Private Jeremani S/55Northern Rhodesia Police30/03/1917
Bugler Johnny 641Northern Rhodesia Police22/01/1917
Private Jonasi 070Northern Rhodesia Police11/06/1916
Private Kachaz 1128Northern Rhodesia Police31/03/1917
Private Kachikumba 1199Northern Rhodesia Police09/11/1917
Private Kaliza 397Northern Rhodesia Police24/10/1918
Private Kalungu 1380Northern Rhodesia Police09/08/1917
Private Kambowe 0399Northern Rhodesia Police21/05/1915
Private Kambuwi 1510Northern Rhodesia Police13/02/1917
Corporal Kangombe 1077Northern Rhodesia Police07/10/1915
Private Kasanta 1573Northern Rhodesia Police23/09/1916
Private Katako S/104Northern Rhodesia Police09/08/1917
Private Kawaleza 1171Northern Rhodesia Police30/08/1917
Serjeant Koza 1017Northern Rhodesia Police16/09/1917
Private Kuleya 1421Northern Rhodesia Police30/08/1917
Private Kundangwi 1203Northern Rhodesia Police31/03/1917
Private Kundikeru 2063Northern Rhodesia Police24/12/1918
Private Kuuma 535Northern Rhodesia Police01/01/1917
Private Kwatiwani 518Northern Rhodesia Police24/11/1918
Private Lafwaedi 576Northern Rhodesia Police27/12/1916
Private Lemberani 717Northern Rhodesia Police29/07/1916
Private Libebe 1902Northern Rhodesia Police19/11/1917
Private Lijonyo 1462Northern Rhodesia Police22/01/1917
Private Lusale 1804Northern Rhodesia Police06/12/1918
Private Madi 0190Northern Rhodesia Police09/09/1914
Corporal Makonda 0346Northern Rhodesia Police22/01/1917
Private Makunta 1395Northern Rhodesia Police20/07/1918
Private Malamboka 1318Northern Rhodesia Police08/12/1916
Private Malidadi 838Northern Rhodesia Police22/01/1917
Private Malizani 1185Northern Rhodesia Police29/07/1915
Private Mamadi S/119Northern Rhodesia Police12/05/1917
Corporal Mashonga 443Northern Rhodesia Police29/07/1917
Private Masikini 1331Northern Rhodesia Police08/03/1918
Private Minangu 1211Northern Rhodesia Police10/06/1917
Private Mipando 761Northern Rhodesia Police10/11/1916
Colour Serjeant Mitimingi 0329Northern Rhodesia Police30/08/1917
Lance Corporal Mpata 0322Northern Rhodesia Police16/12/1918
Private Msapenda 1184Northern Rhodesia Police28/06/1915
Private Mulundi 842Northern Rhodesia Police28/06/1915
Private Mumbwe 1248Northern Rhodesia Police23/03/1916
Lance Corporal Mundala S/89Northern Rhodesia Police04/08/1914
Private Mundati 948Northern Rhodesia Police18/10/1916
Private Muwango 0410Northern Rhodesia Police31/03/1917
Private Muwita 1544Northern Rhodesia Police09/08/1917
Private Mwanawamba S/33Northern Rhodesia Police04/10/1918
Private Mwapi 1220Northern Rhodesia Police22/04/1918
Private Ndandalika 2026Northern Rhodesia Police25/10/1918
Private Ndarama 102Northern Rhodesia Police06/12/1914
Private Ndawani 824Northern Rhodesia Police15/10/1917
Corporal Ngungu 1068Northern Rhodesia Police23/12/1918
Private Ngungu 1537Northern Rhodesia Police26/01/1917
Private Pandavipa 1365Northern Rhodesia Police06/09/1916
Private Pensulo S/111Northern Rhodesia Police24/01/1917
Private Pondani 1571Northern Rhodesia Police20/03/1917
Corporal Potani 0300Northern Rhodesia Police28/03/1918
Private Salimu S/118Northern Rhodesia Police31/03/1917
Private Sambo 1101Northern Rhodesia Police15/04/1917
Private Shamonga 1623Northern Rhodesia Police31/03/1917
Private Shimatandawala 1308Northern Rhodesia Police24/07/1917
Private Siansingu 1227Northern Rhodesia Police08/05/1917
Private Siyeya 1699Northern Rhodesia Police04/10/1918
Private Solomon S/99Northern Rhodesia Police30/08/1917
Private Subuni 953Northern Rhodesia Police13/02/1917
Private Takamwendo 1856Northern Rhodesia Police17/12/1917
Private Tebulo 1539Northern Rhodesia Police06/09/1916
Private Tereka 251Northern Rhodesia Police14/12/1918
Private Thomas 0269Northern Rhodesia Police05/08/1916
Private Tonana 1832Northern Rhodesia Police18/09/1917
Lance Corporal Ulaya 566Northern Rhodesia Police23/03/1917
Private Uleya 0382Northern Rhodesia Police25/01/1917
Serjeant Wasavila 808Northern Rhodesia Police20/12/1918
Private Wazia 603Northern Rhodesia Police07/06/1916
Private Wazia 1198Northern Rhodesia Police09/08/1917
Private Whale 1841Northern Rhodesia Police29/11/1918
Private Zakaria 530Northern Rhodesia Police15/01/1917
Private Zalila 1474Northern Rhodesia Police25/10/1917
Private Zingani 0377Northern Rhodesia Police31/03/1917
Private Zuzi 514Northern Rhodesia Police18/07/1917
Private Malamula 167Northern Rhodesia Police25/09/1914
Lance Corporal Chikalula 1230Northern Rhodesia Police15/12/1918
Private William 1009Northern Rhodesia Police21/12/1918
Private Bulaya 219Northern Rhodesia Police28/06/1915
Private Nyoncani 1410Northern Rhodesia Police15/12/1915
Corporal Eliya 472Northern Rhodesia Police07/05/1916
Sergeant Paisha 199Northern Rhodesia Police30/06/1916
Private Zidana 304Northern Rhodesia Police17/07/1916
Private Masoli 1279Northern Rhodesia Police15/09/1916
Private Kasama 1672Northern Rhodesia Police05/10/1916
Corporal Shemunza 439Northern Rhodesia Police11/02/1917
Private Yendani 2058Northern Rhodesia Police23/09/1918
Driver Milumbe Northern Rhodesia Police19/10/1918
Private Shauluka 1854Northern Rhodesia Police20/10/1918
Corporal Nculube 1249Northern Rhodesia Police21/10/1918
Private Kamoto 752Northern Rhodesia Police23/10/1918
Private Chandasongola 2124Northern Rhodesia Police31/10/1918
Private Kalube 1250Northern Rhodesia Police01/11/1918
Private Athindwa 10Northern Rhodesia Police30/05/1916
Private Eliya 427Northern Rhodesia Police04/08/1914
Private Chiwaye 428Northern Rhodesia Police04/08/1914
Private Gabriel 552Northern Rhodesia Police04/08/1914
Private Chakala 750Northern Rhodesia Police04/08/1914
Private Malidadi 832Northern Rhodesia Police04/08/1914
Private Ndarama 1101Northern Rhodesia Police04/08/1914
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Tuesday 4 August 1914800
Wednesday 9 September 1914200
Friday 25 September 1914100
Sunday 6 December 1914100
Wednesday 27 January 1915100
Wednesday 17 March 1915100
Saturday 24 April 1915210
Sunday 9 May 1915100
Friday 21 May 1915100
Monday 28 June 1915400
Thursday 29 July 1915100
Thursday 7 October 1915100
Friday 22 October 1915100
Tuesday 16 November 1915100
Wednesday 15 December 1915100
Thursday 23 March 1916100
Sunday 7 May 1916100
Tuesday 30 May 1916100
Wednesday 7 June 1916100
Saturday 10 June 1916110
Sunday 11 June 1916100
Friday 30 June 1916100
Monday 17 July 1916100
Saturday 29 July 1916100
Saturday 5 August 1916100
Sunday 13 August 1916100
Wednesday 6 September 1916200
Saturday 9 September 1916100
Friday 15 September 1916100
Saturday 23 September 1916100
Thursday 5 October 1916100
Tuesday 10 October 1916100
Wednesday 18 October 1916100
Friday 10 November 1916100
Friday 8 December 1916100
Tuesday 26 December 1916100
Wednesday 27 December 1916100
Monday 1 January 1917100
Monday 15 January 1917100
Monday 22 January 1917400
Wednesday 24 January 1917100
Thursday 25 January 1917200
Friday 26 January 1917100
Saturday 3 February 1917100
Sunday 11 February 1917100
Tuesday 13 February 1917200
Tuesday 20 March 1917100
Friday 23 March 1917200
Friday 30 March 1917100
Saturday 31 March 1917600
Sunday 15 April 1917100
Tuesday 8 May 1917100
Saturday 12 May 1917200
Saturday 26 May 1917110
Sunday 10 June 1917100
Wednesday 18 July 1917100
Tuesday 24 July 1917100
Sunday 29 July 1917100
Thursday 9 August 1917500
Thursday 30 August 1917500
Sunday 16 September 1917100
Tuesday 18 September 1917100
Monday 15 October 1917100
Saturday 20 October 1917100
Thursday 25 October 1917100
Friday 9 November 1917100
Monday 19 November 1917100
Monday 10 December 1917100
Sunday 16 December 1917100
Monday 17 December 1917100
Tuesday 1 January 1918110
Monday 18 February 1918100
Friday 8 March 1918100
Saturday 9 March 1918100
Thursday 28 March 1918100
Monday 22 April 1918100
Wednesday 29 May 1918100
Saturday 20 July 1918100
Friday 2 August 1918100
Monday 23 September 1918100
Friday 4 October 1918300
Saturday 19 October 1918200
Sunday 20 October 1918100
Monday 21 October 1918100
Wednesday 23 October 1918100
Thursday 24 October 1918100
Friday 25 October 1918100
Saturday 26 October 1918100
Thursday 31 October 1918100
Friday 1 November 1918100
Sunday 3 November 1918100
Sunday 24 November 1918100
Friday 29 November 1918100
Friday 6 December 1918100
Saturday 14 December 1918100
Sunday 15 December 1918100
Monday 16 December 1918100
Friday 20 December 1918100
Saturday 21 December 1918100
Monday 23 December 1918100
Tuesday 24 December 1918210
Saturday 28 December 1918100
Monday 13 January 1919100
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ParishDioceseCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Burnham-on-Sea and HighbridgeSedgemoor100