Nigeria Carrier Corps

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Carrier Jebbo Gallidama 591Nigeria Carrier Corps26/12/1915
Carrier Okwa Ali 2421Nigeria Carrier Corps15/12/1918
Private Hodo Amehimo 2880Nigeria Carrier Corps02/03/1919
Carrier Auya Egu 2832Nigeria Carrier Corps21/12/1918
Carrier Jibu Gabulo 1588Nigeria Carrier Corps23/01/1918
Carrier Awdu Garai 1498Nigeria Carrier Corps16/12/1918
Carrier Lambo 2960Nigeria Carrier Corps21/12/1918
Carrier Agoma Lefen 771Nigeria Carrier Corps08/03/1919
Carrier Ukia Omaka 2306Nigeria Carrier Corps06/01/1919
Carrier Momo Orumu 633Nigeria Carrier Corps18/12/1918
Carrier Sasson 2793Nigeria Carrier Corps23/12/1918
Carrier Dogon Yaro 918Nigeria Carrier Corps27/12/1918
Carrier Abasi K 5947Nigeria Carrier Corps07/06/1917
Carrier Alu Eze 5896Nigeria Carrier Corps06/06/1917
Carrier Asonime 322Nigeria Carrier Corps05/07/1917
Carrier Eurele 303Nigeria Carrier Corps05/07/1917
Carrier Iria Fidon 352Nigeria Carrier Corps07/07/1917
Carrier Irnebgene 3740Nigeria Carrier Corps07/01/1918
Carrier Kadwa 2906Nigeria Carrier Corps11/02/1918
Carrier Manumeri 447Nigeria Carrier Corps08/07/1917
Carrier Minsha 11502Nigeria Carrier Corps07/03/1918
Carrier Ofibu 4111Nigeria Carrier Corps11/02/1918
Carrier Ume Oza 9050Nigeria Carrier Corps07/06/1917
Carrier Yakubu 84Nigeria Carrier Corps11/05/1917
Carrier Abi 1881Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1917
Headman Johnson 3015Nigeria Carrier Corps30/07/1917
Carrier Abagwa 3460Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Abaka Demda Musa Kano 88Nigeria Carrier Corps23/12/1915
Carrier Abandon Gongo 497Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1917
Carrier Abara 3557Nigeria Carrier Corps29/01/1918
Carrier Abarashi 497Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1917
Carrier Abari Adoki 2468Nigeria Carrier Corps03/12/1917
Carrier Abasbu 3366Nigeria Carrier Corps18/12/1917
Carrier Abasi 3804Nigeria Carrier Corps10/02/1918
Carrier Abba Baruba 247Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1917
Carrier Abdu Zaberina 869Nigeria Carrier Corps08/11/1917
Carrier Abiakidji 3150Nigeria Carrier Corps01/10/1917
Carrier Abibu Nigeria Carrier Corps08/06/1916
Carrier Abokor 3937Nigeria Carrier Corps13/10/1917
Carrier Abokwin 3256Nigeria Carrier Corps05/11/1917
Carrier Abu 2602Nigeria Carrier Corps31/01/1918
Carrier Abudu 770Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1914
Carrier Achilliki 3510Nigeria Carrier Corps12/10/1917
Carrier Adaiya Agem 1712Nigeria Carrier Corps17/01/1916
Carrier Adam Chaum 139Nigeria Carrier Corps17/12/1917
Carrier Adam Jire 1756Nigeria Carrier Corps18/11/1917
Carrier Adam Okorie 2212Nigeria Carrier Corps10/10/1917
Carrier Adamu Adisima 1932Nigeria Carrier Corps04/11/1914
Carrier Adamu Kunchi 504Nigeria Carrier Corps03/06/1917
Carrier Adan Zakina 130Nigeria Carrier Corps20/01/1918
Carrier Adegun Salami 1631Nigeria Carrier Corps29/11/1914
Carrier Adesima Audi 9146Nigeria Carrier Corps26/11/1915
Carrier Adigwe 3759Nigeria Carrier Corps28/10/1917
Carrier Adigwe 3789Nigeria Carrier Corps25/11/1917
Carrier Adioye Audi 9112Nigeria Carrier Corps09/10/1915
Carrier Ado 2568Nigeria Carrier Corps25/05/1917
Carrier Adoki Obassi 2470Nigeria Carrier Corps25/08/1917
Carrier Adoybibo Andi 9143Nigeria Carrier Corps06/01/1916
Carrier Aforum 3312Nigeria Carrier Corps12/10/1917
Carrier Aga 2591Nigeria Carrier Corps14/09/1917
Carrier Agabajor Major 2673Nigeria Carrier Corps27/09/1917
Carrier Again 3447Nigeria Carrier Corps06/09/1917
Carrier Agama Lafia Moma Kano 1244Nigeria Carrier Corps27/03/1916
Carrier Aga Ogugu 2196Nigeria Carrier Corps01/08/1917
Carrier Aga Oko 2026Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Agba 2598Nigeria Carrier Corps12/12/1917
Carrier Agboma 3819Nigeria Carrier Corps11/10/1917
Carrier Agbuben 3920Nigeria Carrier Corps27/08/1917
Carrier Aghohen 3731Nigeria Carrier Corps25/11/1917
Carrier Agosimbana 3513Nigeria Carrier Corps23/08/1917
Carrier Agu Alu 2316Nigeria Carrier Corps08/02/1918
Carrier Agu Badara 2242Nigeria Carrier Corps27/11/1917
Carrier Aguhahowa 3696Nigeria Carrier Corps19/10/1917
Carrier Ahekoba Okeke 1042Nigeria Carrier Corps22/02/1916
Carrier Ahem 3278Nigeria Carrier Corps14/11/1917
Carrier Ahira 3227Nigeria Carrier Corps26/10/1917
Carrier Ahnozie 3195Nigeria Carrier Corps28/04/1918
Carrier Aigbedion 3610Nigeria Carrier Corps04/12/1917
Carrier Aigbomion 3953Nigeria Carrier Corps10/10/1917
Headman Aiki 3039Nigeria Carrier Corps22/10/1917
Carrier Aiwore 3603Nigeria Carrier Corps02/03/1918
Carrier Aja Agbo 2665Nigeria Carrier Corps13/08/1917
Carrier Ajaaibe 2843Nigeria Carrier Corps18/01/1918
Carrier Ajai 1292Nigeria Carrier Corps04/08/1917
Carrier Aja Omaka 2042Nigeria Carrier Corps12/06/1917
Carrier Ajari 3690Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Ajiero 3535Nigeria Carrier Corps09/11/1917
Carrier Ajika 3597Nigeria Carrier Corps10/12/1917
Carrier Ajuawo Larewuga 9682Nigeria Carrier Corps23/12/1915
Carrier Ajuku 3541Nigeria Carrier Corps17/12/1917
Carrier Akadura 3332Nigeria Carrier Corps29/10/1917
Carrier Akapau 2334Nigeria Carrier Corps09/12/1917
Carrier Akarele Ajani 1778Nigeria Carrier Corps07/08/1915
Carrier Ake 3598Nigeria Carrier Corps30/03/1918
Carrier Akemaye 3642Nigeria Carrier Corps21/10/1917
Carrier Akindele Amadu 9842Nigeria Carrier Corps14/02/1916
Carrier Akpa 2616Nigeria Carrier Corps09/11/1917
Carrier Akpa Eze 2046Nigeria Carrier Corps27/05/1918
Carrier Akpama 2722Nigeria Carrier Corps13/03/1918
Carrier Akparam 3212Nigeria Carrier Corps05/02/1918
Carrier Akpukpo 3467Nigeria Carrier Corps03/05/1918
Carrier Akpuu Iteri 2372Nigeria Carrier Corps25/09/1917
Carrier Akshi 3389Nigeria Carrier Corps05/09/1917
Carrier Aku Erim 2451Nigeria Carrier Corps02/02/1918
Carrier Akujeronye 3067Nigeria Carrier Corps01/11/1917
Carrier Akunaha 3176Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1917
Carrier Akunwa 3799Nigeria Carrier Corps19/09/1917
Carrier Akujebi 3289Nigeria Carrier Corps19/01/1918
Carrier Akusidi 3768Nigeria Carrier Corps10/11/1917
Carrier Alabi Alabi 9107Nigeria Carrier Corps02/01/1916
Carrier Ala Ebein Ude 2146Nigeria Carrier Corps09/09/1917
Carrier Alagu Amos 979Nigeria Carrier Corps20/01/1916
Carrier Alamai 1447Nigeria Carrier Corps23/06/1918
Carrier Alang 2612Nigeria Carrier Corps23/08/1917
Carrier Alhaik 1835Nigeria Carrier Corps25/12/1917
Carrier Alhamdu 1819Nigeria Carrier Corps15/10/1918
Carrier Alhamdu Rigan 401Nigeria Carrier Corps02/10/1918
Carrier Alhandu Sard 1664Nigeria Carrier Corps30/03/1918
Carrier Aliaro 3136Nigeria Carrier Corps27/10/1917
Carrier Ali Wokoro 2215Nigeria Carrier Corps18/06/1917
Carrier Allah 1940Nigeria Carrier Corps04/11/1914
Carrier Allah 2587Nigeria Carrier Corps08/02/1918
Carrier Alli Sokoto 290Nigeria Carrier Corps13/04/1918
Carrier Almadu Duggen 477Nigeria Carrier Corps16/10/1917
Carrier Alo Fanami 1689Nigeria Carrier Corps17/06/1918
Carrier Alowo Lawani 1677Nigeria Carrier Corps01/01/1915
Carrier Alu Akpai 2126Nigeria Carrier Corps03/07/1917
Carrier Alu Ike 2331Nigeria Carrier Corps19/06/1917
Carrier Alu Voka 2449Nigeria Carrier Corps26/09/1917
Carrier Ama 2343Nigeria Carrier Corps06/08/1918
Carrier Amade 3410Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Amadi 3303Nigeria Carrier Corps13/10/1917
Carrier Amadi 3659Nigeria Carrier Corps09/12/1917
Carrier Amadi Owerri 3304Nigeria Carrier Corps12/12/1917
Carrier Amadipha 2799Nigeria Carrier Corps02/09/1917
Carrier Amadorie Ekonye 333Nigeria Carrier Corps28/12/1915
Carrier Amadu Kano 151Nigeria Carrier Corps06/11/1917
Carrier Amadu Zaria 258Nigeria Carrier Corps26/11/1917
Carrier Ama Ibiam 2150Nigeria Carrier Corps28/08/1917
Carrier Amaka Obiali 2021Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Ama Ndukwa 2089Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1917
Carrier Ama Olugu 2129Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Amati 3459Nigeria Carrier Corps12/11/1917
Carrier Amavguram 3217Nigeria Carrier Corps03/01/1918
Carrier Amavie 3618Nigeria Carrier Corps03/12/1917
Carrier Amawa 2811Nigeria Carrier Corps11/10/1917
Carrier Amike 1136Nigeria Carrier Corps16/07/1917
Carrier Amiobi 3758Nigeria Carrier Corps23/11/1917
Carrier Amo Iyoke 2461Nigeria Carrier Corps19/09/1917
Carrier Amu 3850Nigeria Carrier Corps29/10/1917
Carrier Anabor 3944Nigeria Carrier Corps29/07/1917
Carrier Andu Damagaram 4029Nigeria Carrier Corps17/12/1917
Carrier Andu Zaria 917Nigeria Carrier Corps08/11/1917
Carrier Angwena 2828Nigeria Carrier Corps26/12/1917
Carrier Anhanebi 3101Nigeria Carrier Corps13/09/1917
Carrier Aniebu 3570Nigeria Carrier Corps10/11/1917
Carrier Ankukan 2531Nigeria Carrier Corps10/06/1917
Carrier Anny 2625Nigeria Carrier Corps22/09/1917
Carrier Anodu 3188Nigeria Carrier Corps29/10/1917
Carrier Anohan 3693Nigeria Carrier Corps08/10/1917
Carrier Anoruo 2763Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1917
Carrier Anosie 3083Nigeria Carrier Corps02/12/1917
Carrier Anyan 3828Nigeria Carrier Corps29/11/1917
Carrier Anya Oje 2107Nigeria Carrier Corps23/05/1917
Carrier Anyawa 3523Nigeria Carrier Corps15/08/1917
Carrier Anyawa 3549Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1917
Carrier Anyawu Chuku 3081Nigeria Carrier Corps03/11/1917
Carrier Anyemon 3363Nigeria Carrier Corps12/10/1917
Carrier Apranozie 3218Nigeria Carrier Corps08/04/1918
Carrier Arakwana 2823Nigeria Carrier Corps17/06/1917
Carrier Arhewa 3943Nigeria Carrier Corps22/10/1917
Carrier Arusi Ama 2186Nigeria Carrier Corps09/06/1917
Carrier Aru Ocha 2068Nigeria Carrier Corps01/09/1917
Carrier Asagbo 3593Nigeria Carrier Corps18/09/1917
Carrier Asemeta 3656Nigeria Carrier Corps25/04/1918
Carrier Asen 3734Nigeria Carrier Corps30/12/1917
Carrier Ashaiwu 3186Nigeria Carrier Corps25/10/1917
Carrier Ashi Zabo 2693Nigeria Carrier Corps11/10/1917
Carrier Asomime Ii 3877Nigeria Carrier Corps05/07/1917
Carrier Assazuwa 3913Nigeria Carrier Corps31/08/1917
Carrier Atairu 6976Nigeria Carrier Corps04/12/1917
Carrier Atanyu 1327Nigeria Carrier Corps13/01/1916
Carrier Atchuru 2696Nigeria Carrier Corps06/02/1918
Carrier Audu 1410Nigeria Carrier Corps18/03/1918
Carrier Audu Adamu 1213Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1914
Carrier Audu Garuba 997Nigeria Carrier Corps22/10/1914
Carrier Audu Kano 1125Nigeria Carrier Corps25/06/1917
Carrier Audu Kano I 881Nigeria Carrier Corps01/10/1917
Carrier Audu Katsena 761Nigeria Carrier Corps11/11/1917
Carrier Audu Kurya 3979Nigeria Carrier Corps08/04/1918
Carrier Audu Lokoja 25Nigeria Carrier Corps30/10/1914
Carrier Audu Mamafoshi 380Nigeria Carrier Corps18/06/1917
Carrier Audu Masajari Sokoto 952Nigeria Carrier Corps19/11/1914
Carrier Auta 1390Nigeria Carrier Corps10/03/1918
Carrier Auta Wali 589Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1914
Carrier Auto Kano 393Nigeria Carrier Corps08/12/1917
Carrier Autu Dosa 1646Nigeria Carrier Corps22/02/1918
Carrier Awa 2995Nigeria Carrier Corps19/11/1918
Carrier Awabuobu 3808Nigeria Carrier Corps03/03/1918
Carrier Awam 2700Nigeria Carrier Corps11/09/1917
Carrier Awudu Nafuta 2953Nigeria Carrier Corps26/07/1917
Carrier Awnbame 3701Nigeria Carrier Corps23/11/1917
Carrier Awola 3589Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1917
Carrier Ayacha 3165Nigeria Carrier Corps26/11/1917
Carrier Ayanwa 3288Nigeria Carrier Corps13/10/1917
Carrier Aynenogie 3896Nigeria Carrier Corps24/07/1917
Carrier Aze 3760Nigeria Carrier Corps13/01/1918
Carrier Azochugu 2948Nigeria Carrier Corps18/08/1917
Carrier Azokuru 2860Nigeria Carrier Corps15/09/1917
Carrier Babeli Reno 1562Nigeria Carrier Corps11/07/1918
Carrier Bakinde 1413Nigeria Carrier Corps07/07/1917
Carrier Bako Giwa 668Nigeria Carrier Corps19/12/1914
Carrier Bala Maisaryi 1704Nigeria Carrier Corps24/10/1914
Carrier Balogun 909Nigeria Carrier Corps04/03/1918
Carrier Banoa 2913Nigeria Carrier Corps24/11/1917
Carrier Barongu 2530Nigeria Carrier Corps29/11/1917
Carrier Bawa Rara 1479Nigeria Carrier Corps22/09/1917
Carrier Bel Arabi 726Nigeria Carrier Corps30/07/1918
Carrier Belo 1281Nigeria Carrier Corps22/09/1917
Carrier Belo 3733Nigeria Carrier Corps10/11/1917
Carrier Belo Ijebu Ode 5795Nigeria Carrier Corps08/12/1917
Carrier Belo Ijesha 4046Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1917
Carrier Belo Katsena 4028Nigeria Carrier Corps02/03/1918
Carrier Belo Mafara 1196Nigeria Carrier Corps21/08/1917
Carrier Benyego 3811Nigeria Carrier Corps22/10/1917
Carrier Bidda 1867Nigeria Carrier Corps29/08/1917
Carrier Biga Daura 682Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Bigga Kadaguma 327Nigeria Carrier Corps16/10/1917
Carrier Bokar 3614Nigeria Carrier Corps20/11/1917
Carrier Boni Tanka 1502Nigeria Carrier Corps18/08/1917
Carrier Boulama Imaru Ii 1164Nigeria Carrier Corps22/11/1914
Carrier Bramage 3572Nigeria Carrier Corps02/10/1917
Carrier Buba Digo 1065Nigeria Carrier Corps13/07/1917
Carrier Bukar Pusami 1722Nigeria Carrier Corps09/01/1918
Carrier Burra Lafiami 1744Nigeria Carrier Corps30/07/1917
Carrier Cabide 3476Nigeria Carrier Corps11/09/1917
Carrier Chequeri 3210Nigeria Carrier Corps28/10/1917
Carrier Chibogu 3826Nigeria Carrier Corps13/03/1918
Carrier Chikwanye 3800Nigeria Carrier Corps31/07/1917
Carrier Chima Ama 2197Nigeria Carrier Corps21/07/1917
Headman Chima Oje 2143Nigeria Carrier Corps14/03/1918
Carrier Chimaze 3208Nigeria Carrier Corps17/12/1917
Carrier Cotta Uduebo 2058Nigeria Carrier Corps16/01/1916
Carrier Dabo Yelwa 1147Nigeria Carrier Corps23/08/1917
Carrier Dada 3697Nigeria Carrier Corps06/10/1917
Carrier Dandadi Zaria 386Nigeria Carrier Corps04/05/1918
Carrier Dan Fulani 1067Nigeria Carrier Corps05/05/1918
Carrier Dan Fulani 1134Nigeria Carrier Corps06/09/1918
Carrier Dan Giwa 828Nigeria Carrier Corps20/11/1917
Carrier Dania 3737Nigeria Carrier Corps08/11/1917
Carrier Daniel Okedima 3834Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1917
Carrier Dan Kano 1871Nigeria Carrier Corps26/11/1917
Carrier Dan Mangeni Zungeru 30Nigeria Carrier Corps03/02/1918
Carrier Dike Orie 2054Nigeria Carrier Corps04/12/1917
Carrier Dina 3163Nigeria Carrier Corps29/09/1917
Carrier Dodo Kaza 696Nigeria Carrier Corps14/01/1916
Carrier Dodo Tasawa 4019Nigeria Carrier Corps12/10/1917
Carrier Dogo 1332Nigeria Carrier Corps05/03/1918
Carrier Dogon Yaro 173Nigeria Carrier Corps29/12/1917
Carrier Dogon Yaro 825Nigeria Carrier Corps18/09/1917
Carrier Doko 2679Nigeria Carrier Corps16/07/1917
Carrier Dumubili 3788Nigeria Carrier Corps05/09/1917
Carrier Dundin Gas Zakari Zaria 240Nigeria Carrier Corps21/01/1915
Carrier Duru 3154Nigeria Carrier Corps08/11/1917
Carrier Eaeji 2803Nigeria Carrier Corps04/08/1917
Carrier Ebbe 3477Nigeria Carrier Corps28/10/1917
Carrier Ebia 3816Nigeria Carrier Corps01/08/1917
Carrier Ebialah 2989Nigeria Carrier Corps04/11/1917
Carrier Ebo 3219Nigeria Carrier Corps26/07/1917
Carrier Ebosos 3364Nigeria Carrier Corps24/08/1917
Carrier Echebu 2783Nigeria Carrier Corps22/10/1917
Carrier Edeka 2487Nigeria Carrier Corps11/10/1917
Carrier Edgemargo 3357Nigeria Carrier Corps21/12/1917
Carrier Edioagbeiya 3622Nigeria Carrier Corps09/01/1918
Carrier Edun 1782Nigeria Carrier Corps07/12/1914
Headman Egaharcoba 3025Nigeria Carrier Corps12/11/1917
Carrier Egbana 3844Nigeria Carrier Corps06/11/1917
Carrier Egbe 2844Nigeria Carrier Corps12/10/1917
Carrier Egbeaba 3955Nigeria Carrier Corps28/08/1917
Carrier Egbobo Nguta 2467Nigeria Carrier Corps25/12/1917
Carrier Egen Rita 2770Nigeria Carrier Corps13/09/1917
Carrier Egiefe 2998Nigeria Carrier Corps05/12/1917
Carrier Egn Edn 2117Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Egn Onya 2298Nigeria Carrier Corps19/10/1917
Carrier Ego 2847Nigeria Carrier Corps24/12/1917
Carrier Ego Nuachi 2380Nigeria Carrier Corps10/08/1917
Carrier Egu Ama 2048Nigeria Carrier Corps07/08/1917
Carrier Egu Elem 2204Nigeria Carrier Corps30/11/1917
Carrier Egu Ewa 2071Nigeria Carrier Corps31/07/1917
Carrier Egu Okoro 2213Nigeria Carrier Corps17/09/1917
Carrier Egu Uro 2433Nigeria Carrier Corps21/06/1917
Carrier Egwe Alegu 2440Nigeria Carrier Corps20/08/1917
Carrier Egwu 2485Nigeria Carrier Corps09/06/1917
Carrier Ehidie 3672Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1917
Carrier Ehim 3155Nigeria Carrier Corps16/12/1917
Carrier Ehizogie 3940Nigeria Carrier Corps28/10/1917
Carrier Ejenwago 3765Nigeria Carrier Corps29/08/1917
Carrier Eje Uwa 2025Nigeria Carrier Corps08/09/1917
Carrier Ekaow 2651Nigeria Carrier Corps24/12/1917
Carrier Eke 3232Nigeria Carrier Corps25/09/1917
Carrier Eke 3248Nigeria Carrier Corps28/01/1918
Carrier Eke 3264Nigeria Carrier Corps01/11/1917
Carrier Eke 3270Nigeria Carrier Corps29/11/1917
Carrier Eke Aja 2249Nigeria Carrier Corps28/11/1917
Carrier Eke Egu 2309Nigeria Carrier Corps19/07/1917
Carrier Eke Okoro 2233Nigeria Carrier Corps10/12/1917
Carrier Ekeriki Ogo 2252Nigeria Carrier Corps12/10/1917
Carrier Ekke 3374Nigeria Carrier Corps16/11/1917
Carrier Ekke 3484Nigeria Carrier Corps14/12/1917
Carrier Eko 3643Nigeria Carrier Corps16/12/1917
Carrier Ekoria 3885Nigeria Carrier Corps26/09/1917
Carrier Ekpai 3965Nigeria Carrier Corps17/09/1917
Carrier Ektchukoo Ndokotcho 2000Nigeria Carrier Corps03/03/1916
Carrier Ekuma Udi 2273Nigeria Carrier Corps17/07/1917
Carrier Ekwa Ndukwe 2498Nigeria Carrier Corps01/07/1917
Carrier Elaiho 3963Nigeria Carrier Corps14/10/1917
Carrier Elem Azu 2266Nigeria Carrier Corps12/12/1917
Carrier Elem Mboto 2458Nigeria Carrier Corps20/01/1918
Carrier Elike 3106Nigeria Carrier Corps20/02/1918
Carrier Elimegbe 3947Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1917
Carrier Elimieli 3873Nigeria Carrier Corps26/10/1917
Carrier Ellebium 3306Nigeria Carrier Corps24/12/1917
Carrier Emafile 3648Nigeria Carrier Corps15/10/1917
Carrier Emele 3334Nigeria Carrier Corps05/07/1917
Carrier Emokoro 3691Nigeria Carrier Corps18/08/1917
Carrier Eni Irem 2028Nigeria Carrier Corps23/08/1917
Carrier Enwemeba 3771Nigeria Carrier Corps27/11/1917
Carrier Enyewiwi 3114Nigeria Carrier Corps20/11/1917
Carrier Eobogie 3637Nigeria Carrier Corps15/09/1917
Carrier Equatcha Ii 3481Nigeria Carrier Corps28/11/1917
Carrier Eresa 3704Nigeria Carrier Corps09/11/1917
Carrier Erumuse 3744Nigeria Carrier Corps15/10/1917
Carrier Erunnusse 3900Nigeria Carrier Corps28/08/1917
Carrier Eruoban 3131Nigeria Carrier Corps30/08/1917
Carrier Erusi Azu 2508Nigeria Carrier Corps10/03/1918
Carrier Eseambe 2854Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Esenenaa 3792Nigeria Carrier Corps08/10/1917
Carrier Eseni Udo 2164Nigeria Carrier Corps13/07/1917
Carrier Eseni Uwa 2413Nigeria Carrier Corps27/03/1918
Carrier Esununtua 3798Nigeria Carrier Corps15/09/1917
Carrier Eteweba 2927Nigeria Carrier Corps28/08/1918
Carrier Etitte 3517Nigeria Carrier Corps09/10/1917
Carrier Ewa Ugu 2312Nigeria Carrier Corps18/08/1917
Carrier Eweneke 3386Nigeria Carrier Corps06/09/1917
Carrier Eworoki 2835Nigeria Carrier Corps09/09/1917
Carrier Eza Alu 2414Nigeria Carrier Corps06/06/1917
Carrier Eze Egu 2224Nigeria Carrier Corps07/04/1918
Carrier Ezequa 3313Nigeria Carrier Corps14/10/1917
Carrier Eze Ukini 2163Nigeria Carrier Corps17/09/1917
Carrier Eze Ukpai 2503Nigeria Carrier Corps25/07/1917
Carrier Ezie 3204Nigeria Carrier Corps27/11/1917
Carrier Exijum 1999Nigeria Carrier Corps08/11/1917
Carrier Fa 1142Nigeria Carrier Corps03/03/1918
Carrier Fadiro Faleye 9608Nigeria Carrier Corps03/12/1915
Carrier Fornayon Adaywala 1184Nigeria Carrier Corps20/12/1915
Carrier From 3271Nigeria Carrier Corps01/11/1917
Carrier Frosher 3328Nigeria Carrier Corps10/12/1917
Carrier Gabriel 3059Nigeria Carrier Corps07/11/1917
Carrier Gajere 1117Nigeria Carrier Corps13/08/1917
Headman Galadima 1732Nigeria Carrier Corps04/02/1915
Carrier Gambo Biso 1760Nigeria Carrier Corps08/03/1918
Carrier Gamezie 2804Nigeria Carrier Corps24/11/1917
Carrier Garba Damagaram 273Nigeria Carrier Corps09/10/1917
Carrier Garba Garja 599Nigeria Carrier Corps15/10/1917
Carrier Garba Leman 2986Nigeria Carrier Corps08/05/1918
Carrier Garba Zaria 1856Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1918
Carrier Garuba Amos 102Nigeria Carrier Corps02/06/1917
Carrier Garuba Bebeji 483Nigeria Carrier Corps14/04/1918
Carrier Garuba Dan Damogaia 1762Nigeria Carrier Corps20/10/1914
Carrier Garuba Dan Fulani 118Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1914
Carrier Garuba Dan Sokoto 448Nigeria Carrier Corps19/10/1914
Carrier Garuba Giddan 40Nigeria Carrier Corps07/11/1917
Carrier Garuba Giddan 62Nigeria Carrier Corps24/11/1917
Carrier Garuba Kakama 558Nigeria Carrier Corps20/10/1917
Carrier Garuba Kassaki 555Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Garuba Mallam Idi 704Nigeria Carrier Corps03/05/1915
Carrier Garuba Mosapari Sokoto 958Nigeria Carrier Corps19/10/1914
Carrier Garuba Sokoto 545Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1917
Carrier Garuba Yola 342Nigeria Carrier Corps05/04/1917
Carrier Garuba Zaria 495Nigeria Carrier Corps10/05/1918
Carrier Gbadamosi Hitu 9878Nigeria Carrier Corps24/10/1915
Carrier Gbinogbun Osunde 2177Nigeria Carrier Corps15/01/1916
Carrier Gbinovia 3629Nigeria Carrier Corps20/10/1917
Carrier Gbonoide 3967Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier German Idi Kano Mallam Idi 705Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1914
Carrier Ghangaka 3450Nigeria Carrier Corps01/10/1917
Carrier Giali 3225Nigeria Carrier Corps28/03/1918
Headman Gibbo 1767Nigeria Carrier Corps27/10/1914
Carrier Goge Ali 166Nigeria Carrier Corps17/01/1916
Carrier Gojere Maitoribi 370Nigeria Carrier Corps04/11/1915
Carrier Hamagato 1321Nigeria Carrier Corps22/08/1917
Carrier Hamal 1285Nigeria Carrier Corps06/08/1918
Carrier Haruna 349Nigeria Carrier Corps16/05/1917
Carrier Haruna Kaza 704Nigeria Carrier Corps04/11/1915
Carrier Hassan 808Nigeria Carrier Corps31/12/1917
Carrier Hassan 946Nigeria Carrier Corps13/09/1917
Carrier Hassan 1406Nigeria Carrier Corps17/03/1918
Carrier Ibahusi 3293Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Ibaijngo 3339Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Ibe Ikoro 2349Nigeria Carrier Corps02/06/1917
Carrier Ibe Uken 2053Nigeria Carrier Corps01/08/1917
Carrier Ibiam 2852Nigeria Carrier Corps06/09/1917
Carrier Ibiamdigo 2853Nigeria Carrier Corps28/09/1917
Carrier Ibo Oboko 2241Nigeria Carrier Corps21/12/1917
Carrier Ibrahim 1910Nigeria Carrier Corps20/09/1918
Carrier Ibrahim Baduko 21Nigeria Carrier Corps10/05/1918
Carrier Ibrahim Maifoni 1501Nigeria Carrier Corps06/12/1917
Headman Ibrechobe 3018Nigeria Carrier Corps30/11/1917
Carrier Ichevi 3385Nigeria Carrier Corps17/07/1918
Carrier Idagbosa Uduebo 2020Nigeria Carrier Corps06/12/1915
Carrier Idam Ejem 2257Nigeria Carrier Corps19/12/1917
Carrier Idi Bebeji 1989Nigeria Carrier Corps01/09/1917
Carrier Idohoza 3578Nigeria Carrier Corps10/01/1918
Carrier Idoki Igwonyi 2469Nigeria Carrier Corps17/08/1917
Carrier Idoki Wegv 2222Nigeria Carrier Corps06/08/1917
Carrier Idrisa Timbucktoo 461Nigeria Carrier Corps13/03/1918
Carrier Idunu 3843Nigeria Carrier Corps19/12/1917
Carrier Ifearalam 2775Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1917
Carrier Igbe 3202Nigeria Carrier Corps15/05/1918
Carrier Igbinolia I 4102Nigeria Carrier Corps01/05/1918
Carrier Igboaba 3954Nigeria Carrier Corps31/12/1917
Carrier Igboratu 3138Nigeria Carrier Corps06/12/1917
Carrier Ighaitor 3623Nigeria Carrier Corps10/01/1918
Carrier Igom 2702Nigeria Carrier Corps21/06/1917
Carrier Igu 2931Nigeria Carrier Corps13/09/1917
Carrier Igwebike 3806Nigeria Carrier Corps02/08/1917
Carrier Ihawoko 3233Nigeria Carrier Corps20/10/1917
Carrier Ihebun 3262Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Ihejriiku 3084Nigeria Carrier Corps21/10/1917
Carrier Ihenacho 3296Nigeria Carrier Corps06/10/1917
Carrier Ihiaro 3884Nigeria Carrier Corps30/10/1917
Carrier Ihihia Alu 2112Nigeria Carrier Corps08/11/1917
Carrier Ihokhain 3968Nigeria Carrier Corps20/09/1917
Carrier Ihvoma 3565Nigeria Carrier Corps16/12/1917
Carrier Ijaybi 3425Nigeria Carrier Corps05/05/1918
Carrier Ije Ibo 2238Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Ikawu 2589Nigeria Carrier Corps12/09/1917
Carrier Ike 3402Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Ikekuam 3526Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Ikewu 3889Nigeria Carrier Corps12/09/1917
Carrier Ikile 3960Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Ikota Udu 2381Nigeria Carrier Corps11/08/1917
Carrier Ikpe 3479Nigeria Carrier Corps17/01/1918
Carrier Ikpo Iseni 2049Nigeria Carrier Corps04/06/1917
Carrier Iku 2920Nigeria Carrier Corps05/09/1917
Carrier Ikubor 3632Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1917
Carrier Ikumeni 3170Nigeria Carrier Corps21/12/1917
Carrier Illogwera 3330Nigeria Carrier Corps06/10/1917
Carrier Imadi 3585Nigeria Carrier Corps14/08/1917
Carrier Imadi 3705Nigeria Carrier Corps19/08/1917
Carrier Imafidon 3639Nigeria Carrier Corps21/09/1917
Carrier Imoru Dan Fulani 105Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1914
Carrier Imoru Ig Imoru 903Nigeria Carrier Corps06/02/1916
Carrier Imoru Mmalam Zungeru 1856Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1914
Carrier Imoru Waifara 488Nigeria Carrier Corps16/10/1917
Carrier Imuzie 3959Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1917
Carrier Inguata 3331Nigeria Carrier Corps27/11/1917
Carrier Inorbo 3870Nigeria Carrier Corps19/10/1917
Carrier Inya 2611Nigeria Carrier Corps27/09/1917
Carrier Inya Ogeri 2261Nigeria Carrier Corps10/11/1917
Carrier Irebu 2764Nigeria Carrier Corps12/09/1917
Carrier Iriafidom 3906Nigeria Carrier Corps07/07/1917
Carrier Iriwogba 3886Nigeria Carrier Corps03/02/1918
Carrier Isaac 3815Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Isabor 3721Nigeria Carrier Corps07/10/1917
Carrier Isa Shamako 670Nigeria Carrier Corps03/12/1917
Carrier Isiaka 1397Nigeria Carrier Corps11/12/1917
Carrier Isibo 3587Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1917
Carrier Isichai 3769Nigeria Carrier Corps31/12/1917
Carrier Isitor 3763Nigeria Carrier Corps01/01/1917
Carrier Issa 1309Nigeria Carrier Corps01/09/1917
Carrier Isuman Dan Fulani 102Nigeria Carrier Corps11/12/1914
Carrier Itiri Uroro 2379Nigeria Carrier Corps30/10/1917
Carrier Iwochuru 2785Nigeria Carrier Corps15/12/1917
Carrier Iwoha 3467Nigeria Carrier Corps11/01/1918
Carrier Iwuno 3754Nigeria Carrier Corps02/01/1918
Carrier Iyaneke 3259Nigeria Carrier Corps25/12/1917
Carrier Iyoha 2900Nigeria Carrier Corps31/01/1918
Carrier Izekor 3710Nigeria Carrier Corps02/12/1917
Carrier Izu Ogeri 2023Nigeria Carrier Corps31/01/1918
Carrier James 3223Nigeria Carrier Corps27/10/1917
Carrier Jato 1354Nigeria Carrier Corps09/02/1918
Carrier Jebunde 3046Nigeria Carrier Corps02/11/1917
Carrier Jegali 2731Nigeria Carrier Corps26/10/1917
Carrier Jemamji 3187Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Jerege Bogoberi Kaffa 7323Nigeria Carrier Corps10/08/1915
Carrier Jibbo 154Nigeria Carrier Corps23/05/1918
Carrier Jidda Ii 1841Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1917
Carrier Jideri 1448Nigeria Carrier Corps28/07/1918
Carrier Jimifor 3253Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1917
Carrier Jokko Ii 3489Nigeria Carrier Corps07/11/1917
Carrier Kabadi 3812Nigeria Carrier Corps26/12/1917
Carrier Kaderi Isa Bauchi 831Nigeria Carrier Corps01/11/1915
Carrier Kajong 2613Nigeria Carrier Corps04/12/1917
Carrier Kalu Eni 2333Nigeria Carrier Corps08/07/1917
Carrier Kama Mulgale 1754Nigeria Carrier Corps30/12/1917
Carrier Kankora Kano 224Nigeria Carrier Corps12/06/1918
Carrier Kari Tibberu 546Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1914
Carrier Keya 2899Nigeria Carrier Corps20/07/1918
Carrier Kworn Momo Messan 60Nigeria Carrier Corps25/09/1914
Carrier Labarow Keffi 207Nigeria Carrier Corps16/11/1917
Carrier Lakeri Giddan 595Nigeria Carrier Corps01/08/1917
Carrier Lamalo 1875Nigeria Carrier Corps15/10/1917
Carrier Larumai 1946Nigeria Carrier Corps10/02/1918
Carrier Lemoha 3298Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1917
Carrier Logo Fasumi 1944Nigeria Carrier Corps04/11/1914
Carrier Maberi 3275Nigeria Carrier Corps01/01/1918
Carrier Maboracha 3234Nigeria Carrier Corps15/09/1917
Carrier Madugu Garuba 337Nigeria Carrier Corps15/12/1914
Carrier Madume 3501Nigeria Carrier Corps08/07/1917
Carrier Mai 2544Nigeria Carrier Corps09/09/1917
Carrier Maidamissa 1894Nigeria Carrier Corps19/11/1914
Carrier Maikandalla 1206Nigeria Carrier Corps14/06/1917
Carrier Maikandalla Biu 1179Nigeria Carrier Corps18/07/1917
Carrier Mai Riga Isa 601Nigeria Carrier Corps31/01/1918
Carrier Mai Shamimastoni 395Nigeria Carrier Corps13/08/1917
Carrier Maitaba Audu Jebba 153Nigeria Carrier Corps10/10/1914
Carrier Majama 2704Nigeria Carrier Corps04/08/1917
Carrier Mali 160Nigeria Carrier Corps06/12/1917
Carrier Malu Hassan 1200Nigeria Carrier Corps26/10/1914
Carrier Mamadi Jema Buba 805Nigeria Carrier Corps24/01/1915
Carrier Mamadu Dama 1028Nigeria Carrier Corps14/01/1915
Carrier Manai 2543Nigeria Carrier Corps11/06/1918
Carrier Marako 1878Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Masoi 1936Nigeria Carrier Corps02/09/1917
Carrier Maunde 1843Nigeria Carrier Corps07/08/1917
Carrier Mayonobi 3512Nigeria Carrier Corps14/09/1917
Carrier Mba Nachi 2202Nigeria Carrier Corps03/08/1917
Carrier Mbe Uchi 2407Nigeria Carrier Corps08/08/1917
Carrier Meke 3558Nigeria Carrier Corps08/09/1917
Carrier Meli Ngumbua 188Nigeria Carrier Corps05/06/1918
Carrier Mengwa 3341Nigeria Carrier Corps27/10/1917
Carrier Metu 3431Nigeria Carrier Corps13/09/1917
Carrier Miko 663Nigeria Carrier Corps24/08/1917
Carrier Mila 3335Nigeria Carrier Corps28/11/1917
Carrier Mogrebu 3519Nigeria Carrier Corps05/09/1917
Carrier Mohamma Mesau 3992Nigeria Carrier Corps18/11/1917
Carrier Mohoman Udo Udo 628Nigeria Carrier Corps14/01/1916
Carrier Moloka 3784Nigeria Carrier Corps25/08/1917
Carrier Moma 1893Nigeria Carrier Corps24/10/1914
Carrier Moma Babusai Isa Sakwore 59Nigeria Carrier Corps21/03/1916
Carrier Moma Buba 817Nigeria Carrier Corps09/10/1914
Carrier Moma Dan Kakudi 791Nigeria Carrier Corps10/11/1915
Carrier Momadu 1320Nigeria Carrier Corps30/10/1917
Carrier Momadu Bornu 1121Nigeria Carrier Corps14/06/1917
Carrier Moma Ilorin 979Nigeria Carrier Corps08/08/1915
Carrier Moma Kambazu 450Nigeria Carrier Corps12/09/1917
Carrier Moma Lagos 352Nigeria Carrier Corps17/11/1917
Carrier Momar Danginge 221Nigeria Carrier Corps19/05/1917
Carrier Momma Adamu Damagheran 118Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1915
Carrier Momma Keffi 111Nigeria Carrier Corps02/03/1916
Carrier Momodu Ngualimi 2977Nigeria Carrier Corps05/05/1918
Carrier Momo Kano 373Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Momom Easalch 1750Nigeria Carrier Corps24/10/1917
Carrier Momo Sali 202Nigeria Carrier Corps27/11/1914
Carrier Morman Barba 600Nigeria Carrier Corps25/08/1917
Carrier Mormon Gerki 900Nigeria Carrier Corps10/10/1917
Carrier Mormon Gogori 617Nigeria Carrier Corps16/07/1917
Carrier Mormon Yola 1008Nigeria Carrier Corps02/12/1917
Carrier Mormor Damagaram 676Nigeria Carrier Corps07/11/1917
Carrier Mormor Kerei 400Nigeria Carrier Corps06/08/1917
Carrier Mormor Zaria 1911Nigeria Carrier Corps11/08/1917
Carrier Musa 990Nigeria Carrier Corps21/02/1918
Carrier Musa 1426Nigeria Carrier Corps02/12/1917
Carrier Musa Kukawa 304Nigeria Carrier Corps27/04/1917
Carrier Musalokoja Dan Iere 1260Nigeria Carrier Corps27/12/1914
Carrier Musa Momadu 603Nigeria Carrier Corps20/10/1914
Carrier Musa Niki 481Nigeria Carrier Corps16/02/1918
Carrier Musa Yarawa 678Nigeria Carrier Corps29/05/1918
Carrier Mustafa Ngumabe 1778Nigeria Carrier Corps30/07/1918
Carrier Mwajei Ii 3591Nigeria Carrier Corps28/01/1918
Carrier Naanka 1930Nigeria Carrier Corps19/09/1917
Carrier Nabora 3451Nigeria Carrier Corps29/10/1917
Carrier Nachi Uka 2039Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1917
Carrier Nade 3247Nigeria Carrier Corps23/12/1917
Carrier Nadi 3445Nigeria Carrier Corps11/01/1918
Carrier Nadjie 3455Nigeria Carrier Corps05/06/1918
Carrier Najilola 3533Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1917
Carrier Natchiku 3340Nigeria Carrier Corps10/12/1917
Carrier Natchuku 337Nigeria Carrier Corps07/09/1917
Carrier Nauatcha Ii 3369Nigeria Carrier Corps06/09/1917
Carrier Ndunechuba 3098Nigeria Carrier Corps19/10/1917
Carrier Negbetta 3951Nigeria Carrier Corps04/08/1917
Carrier N'garman Kambura 1587Nigeria Carrier Corps10/10/1917
Carrier Ngbalnonye 3786Nigeria Carrier Corps01/10/1917
Carrier Njoko 3063Nigeria Carrier Corps03/03/1918
Carrier Nkama Egu 2507Nigeria Carrier Corps12/01/1918
Carrier Nkamaka 2842Nigeria Carrier Corps28/12/1917
Carrier Nkama Nachi 2045Nigeria Carrier Corps13/08/1917
Carrier Nkawa Obasi 2090Nigeria Carrier Corps07/06/1917
Carrier Nkuma Oje 2100Nigeria Carrier Corps24/06/1917
Carrier Nkwotcha 3121Nigeria Carrier Corps07/12/1917
Carrier Nkwuji 3492Nigeria Carrier Corps11/10/1917
Carrier Nnachi 2305Nigeria Carrier Corps14/10/1918
Carrier Nnadi 2805Nigeria Carrier Corps11/11/1917
Carrier Nneji 3561Nigeria Carrier Corps04/09/1917
Carrier Noddi 3384Nigeria Carrier Corps23/09/1917
Carrier Node 3099Nigeria Carrier Corps15/02/1918
Carrier Nodim 3453Nigeria Carrier Corps19/09/1917
Carrier Nosiki 3239Nigeria Carrier Corps11/12/1917
Carrier Nozo 3383Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Nquatcha 3361Nigeria Carrier Corps04/11/1917
Carrier Nroga 2924Nigeria Carrier Corps07/10/1917
Carrier Nsi Imo 2193Nigeria Carrier Corps14/10/1917
Carrier Ntemaze 2966Nigeria Carrier Corps17/09/1917
Carrier Ntewondo John 2725Nigeria Carrier Corps14/03/1916
Carrier Nuade Fenure 1318Nigeria Carrier Corps13/01/1916
Carrier Nuzeka 3310Nigeria Carrier Corps22/10/1917
Carrier Nwagwaba 3681Nigeria Carrier Corps11/09/1917
Carrier Nwajei I 3588Nigeria Carrier Corps27/11/1917
Carrier Nwaka 3790Nigeria Carrier Corps26/11/1917
Carrier Nwanze 3762Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Newlugo 3783Nigeria Carrier Corps08/12/1917
Carrier Nwemyine 3752Nigeria Carrier Corps23/12/1917
Carrier Nwerachie 3818Nigeria Carrier Corps30/10/1917
Carrier Nwoholi Ekkonye 343Nigeria Carrier Corps27/12/1915
Carrier Nwokolo 3748Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Nwokolo 3764Nigeria Carrier Corps20/04/1918
Carrier N'yarotoma 1864Nigeria Carrier Corps23/11/1917
Carrier Nydeh 2923Nigeria Carrier Corps03/01/1918
Carrier Nzaren 2801Nigeria Carrier Corps12/05/1918
Carrier Nzewata 3531Nigeria Carrier Corps26/09/1917
Carrier John Oatchukoo 807Nigeria Carrier Corps19/01/1916
Carrier Obaka 3125Nigeria Carrier Corps27/08/1917
Carrier Obakpolo Uwugaren 2017Nigeria Carrier Corps23/01/1916
Carrier Obanyon 3435Nigeria Carrier Corps20/09/1917
Carrier Obi 3268Nigeria Carrier Corps16/12/1917
Carrier Obilo Ii 3544Nigeria Carrier Corps26/07/1917
Carrier Obioghe 3891Nigeria Carrier Corps20/11/1917
Carrier Obochi 2792Nigeria Carrier Corps30/08/1917
Carrier Oboha 3412Nigeria Carrier Corps23/01/1918
Carrier Oborwike 3184Nigeria Carrier Corps20/10/1917
Carrier Obucherri 3436Nigeria Carrier Corps18/01/1918
Carrier Obu Nkana 2079Nigeria Carrier Corps19/11/1917
Carrier Odagi Otike 2744Nigeria Carrier Corps25/11/1917
Carrier Odansi 3318Nigeria Carrier Corps07/10/1917
Carrier Odemidiya 3625Nigeria Carrier Corps23/01/1918
Carrier Ode Oko 2673Nigeria Carrier Corps10/09/1917
Carrier Odijie 3616Nigeria Carrier Corps05/11/1917
Carrier Odionye 3127Nigeria Carrier Corps30/07/1917
Carrier Odom 3074Nigeria Carrier Corps08/10/1917
Carrier Odomere 3552Nigeria Carrier Corps02/09/1917
Carrier Odonachi 2822Nigeria Carrier Corps05/08/1917
Carrier Odunjie 3185Nigeria Carrier Corps18/11/1917
Carrier Ofia Egu 2351Nigeria Carrier Corps25/06/1918
Carrier Ofime 3852Nigeria Carrier Corps17/11/1917
Carrier Ofo 3794Nigeria Carrier Corps10/09/1917
Carrier Oga Alu 2326Nigeria Carrier Corps06/08/1917
Carrier Oga Garumba Unitcha 962Nigeria Carrier Corps26/01/1916
Carrier Ogan 2659Nigeria Carrier Corps21/09/1917
Carrier Ogbabi 3300Nigeria Carrier Corps14/12/1917
Carrier Ogbebiai 3882Nigeria Carrier Corps28/10/1917
Carrier Ogbede 3620Nigeria Carrier Corps06/11/1917
Carrier Ogbefan 3624Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Ogbeshi 3775Nigeria Carrier Corps28/10/1917
Carrier Ogbonu 3849Nigeria Carrier Corps07/12/1917
Carrier Ogbonyi Obassi 2462Nigeria Carrier Corps29/09/1917
Carrier Ogbudokun Allowya 8069Nigeria Carrier Corps08/11/1915
Carrier Ogo 3569Nigeria Carrier Corps04/09/1917
Carrier Ogoo Williams 784Nigeria Carrier Corps03/03/1916
Carrier Ogorgor 3497Nigeria Carrier Corps23/12/1917
Carrier Ogrinia 2882Nigeria Carrier Corps06/01/1918
Carrier Oguji 3156Nigeria Carrier Corps03/12/1917
Carrier Ogunyomi Oguntole 8039Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1915
Carrier Oguochama 3126Nigeria Carrier Corps26/10/1917
Carrier Ogwogho 3728Nigeria Carrier Corps26/11/1917
Carrier Ohanyene Nade 1861Nigeria Carrier Corps05/03/1916
Carrier Ohehen 2969Nigeria Carrier Corps23/09/1917
Carrier Oja 2654Nigeria Carrier Corps22/08/1917
Carrier Oje Uta 2142Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1917
Carrier Ojo 3680Nigeria Carrier Corps24/08/1917
Carrier Oka 2968Nigeria Carrier Corps15/12/1917
Carrier Oka 3611Nigeria Carrier Corps06/09/1917
Carrier Oka Ada 2264Nigeria Carrier Corps08/12/1917
Carrier Oke 2692Nigeria Carrier Corps16/08/1917
Carrier Okechuku 3075Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1917
Carrier Oke Eze 2153Nigeria Carrier Corps08/03/1918
Carrier Okelli 3387Nigeria Carrier Corps06/09/1917
Carrier Okenyi 3777Nigeria Carrier Corps20/11/1917
Carrier Okerafa 3352Nigeria Carrier Corps13/09/1918
Carrier Okeragbo 3480Nigeria Carrier Corps16/01/1918
Carrier Okerahu 3324Nigeria Carrier Corps15/12/1917
Carrier Okereke 2806Nigeria Carrier Corps12/12/1917
Carrier Okereo 3354Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Okerinkwo 3285Nigeria Carrier Corps14/12/1917
Carrier Okeya 2595Nigeria Carrier Corps17/07/1917
Carrier Okilu 3914Nigeria Carrier Corps15/01/1918
Carrier Oko 2708Nigeria Carrier Corps12/10/1917
Carrier Oko 3945Nigeria Carrier Corps07/09/1917
Carrier Oko I 3635Nigeria Carrier Corps16/10/1917
Carrier Oko Iii 3650Nigeria Carrier Corps11/09/1917
Carrier Oko Aka 2432Nigeria Carrier Corps13/09/1917
Carrier Oko Akpo 2004Nigeria Carrier Corps03/08/1917
Carrier Oko Ali 2430Nigeria Carrier Corps02/12/1917
Carrier Oko Alu 2006Nigeria Carrier Corps26/09/1917
Carrier Oko Alua 2330Nigeria Carrier Corps06/12/1917
Carrier Okocha Ewu 2345Nigeria Carrier Corps03/06/1918
Carrier Oko Ekuma 2730Nigeria Carrier Corps04/08/1917
Carrier Oko Eze 2376Nigeria Carrier Corps14/06/1917
Carrier Oko Idam 2360Nigeria Carrier Corps21/08/1917
Carrier Okokete 3925Nigeria Carrier Corps10/02/1918
Carrier Okolo 3782Nigeria Carrier Corps28/06/1918
Carrier Okolofwa 3942Nigeria Carrier Corps02/11/1917
Carrier Oko Ogeri 2384Nigeria Carrier Corps07/11/1917
Carrier Oko Olugo 2140Nigeria Carrier Corps16/10/1917
Carrier Oko Onwosi 2005Nigeria Carrier Corps03/09/1917
Carrier Okoria Eze 2346Nigeria Carrier Corps22/09/1917
Carrier Okoro 3521Nigeria Carrier Corps11/02/1918
Carrier Okorocha 3292Nigeria Carrier Corps27/12/1917
Carrier Okoro Edu 2216Nigeria Carrier Corps14/08/1917
Carrier Okoro Etude 2276Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Okoro Idam 2475Nigeria Carrier Corps26/05/1917
Carrier Okoronkwo Onu 2051Nigeria Carrier Corps19/12/1917
Carrier Okota Okoba 2492Nigeria Carrier Corps22/12/1917
Carrier Oko Udu 2103Nigeria Carrier Corps18/08/1917
Carrier Oko Udu 2122Nigeria Carrier Corps26/08/1917
Carrier Oko Ugu 2296Nigeria Carrier Corps22/09/1917
Carrier Oko Usi 2115Nigeria Carrier Corps20/07/1917
Carrier Okpara Egu 2957Nigeria Carrier Corps31/08/1917
Carrier Okpara Odu 2082Nigeria Carrier Corps22/10/1917
Carrier Okpelegbe 3915Nigeria Carrier Corps21/07/1917
Carrier Okpiti Egu 2258Nigeria Carrier Corps28/09/1917
Carrier Okporio Obassi 2036Nigeria Carrier Corps19/09/1917
Carrier Okputu Chuku 2253Nigeria Carrier Corps02/05/1918
Carrier Okrafo 3343Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Okueghai 3720Nigeria Carrier Corps09/04/1918
Carrier Okuku 3898Nigeria Carrier Corps09/03/1918
Carrier Okuma Alum 2139Nigeria Carrier Corps26/12/1917
Carrier Okumbor 3615Nigeria Carrier Corps18/01/1918
Carrier Okumgbor 3595Nigeria Carrier Corps28/12/1917
Carrier Okunakwe 3174Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Okwafo 3753Nigeria Carrier Corps19/10/1917
Carrier Okwaja 2697Nigeria Carrier Corps05/07/1917
Carrier Okwakwa 3935Nigeria Carrier Corps05/08/1917
Carrier Okwama 3308Nigeria Carrier Corps22/10/1917
Carrier Okwarobbo Idemudia 2694Nigeria Carrier Corps08/01/1916
Carrier Okwile Aja 2336Nigeria Carrier Corps23/06/1917
Carrier Okwosa 3864Nigeria Carrier Corps10/11/1917
Carrier Olah 2926Nigeria Carrier Corps07/12/1917
Carrier Olakpo 3198Nigeria Carrier Corps16/10/1917
Carrier Ole 2867Nigeria Carrier Corps07/10/1917
Carrier Olisadumebele Okokwo 2033Nigeria Carrier Corps16/01/1916
Carrier Olisie 3291Nigeria Carrier Corps20/11/1917
Carrier Oliwonya 3837Nigeria Carrier Corps31/03/1918
Carrier Ologo Uchie 2214Nigeria Carrier Corps21/10/1917
Carrier Ololo 3499Nigeria Carrier Corps28/09/1917
Carrier Olugu Ufien 2093Nigeria Carrier Corps04/06/1917
Carrier Olugo Ukama 2170Nigeria Carrier Corps08/08/1917
Carrier Olugu Ukpori 2065Nigeria Carrier Corps26/07/1917
Carrier Oma 2802Nigeria Carrier Corps22/11/1917
Carrier Omaghase 3722Nigeria Carrier Corps05/09/1917
Carrier Omahiwo 3317Nigeria Carrier Corps12/09/1917
Carrier Omaka Oye 2158Nigeria Carrier Corps16/08/1917
Carrier Omasho 3855Nigeria Carrier Corps03/01/1918
Carrier Omogbai 3966Nigeria Carrier Corps13/01/1918
Carrier Omoha 3356Nigeria Carrier Corps10/12/1917
Carrier Omokawa 3932Nigeria Carrier Corps05/04/1918
Carrier Omokora 2040Nigeria Carrier Corps10/07/1917
Carrier Omologbe 3923Nigeria Carrier Corps16/01/1918
Carrier Omorogoma 3600Nigeria Carrier Corps25/10/1917
Carrier Omoze 3950Nigeria Carrier Corps01/10/1917
Carrier Omugu 3838Nigeria Carrier Corps09/11/1917
Carrier Onene Amos 970Nigeria Carrier Corps11/01/1916
Carrier Onesu 3097Nigeria Carrier Corps11/11/1917
Carrier Oni 1625Nigeria Carrier Corps07/12/1914
Carrier Oni 3689Nigeria Carrier Corps15/11/1917
Carrier Onifade Wetoki 9172Nigeria Carrier Corps20/01/1916
Carrier Oni Ojo Dibi 7868Nigeria Carrier Corps13/11/1915
Carrier Onkwe 4099Nigeria Carrier Corps26/12/1917
Carrier Onnoha 2773Nigeria Carrier Corps10/08/1917
Carrier Onnora Nwakwesili 1082Nigeria Carrier Corps31/01/1916
Carrier Onochie 3866Nigeria Carrier Corps22/01/1918
Carrier Onokazie 3220Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Onomesjie 3299Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Ononeke 3333Nigeria Carrier Corps31/01/1918
Carrier Onuchh 3524Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Onwakwe 2794Nigeria Carrier Corps16/02/1918
Carrier Onwalaka 3072Nigeria Carrier Corps04/11/1917
Carrier Onwuemena 3863Nigeria Carrier Corps11/12/1917
Carrier Onyawe Ochi 3516Nigeria Carrier Corps25/09/1917
Carrier Onyeabu 3109Nigeria Carrier Corps27/10/1917
Carrier Onyeaka 3283Nigeria Carrier Corps06/12/1917
Carrier Onyebara 3556Nigeria Carrier Corps30/08/1917
Carrier Onye Jele 3276Nigeria Carrier Corps27/02/1918
Carrier Onyema 3536Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Onyemabuli 3576Nigeria Carrier Corps20/01/1918
Carrier Onyemardu 3525Nigeria Carrier Corps29/09/1917
Carrier Onyemoforo 3413Nigeria Carrier Corps30/12/1917
Carrier Onyesa 3321Nigeria Carrier Corps17/01/1918
Carrier Onyonmain 3254Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Onysu 3327Nigeria Carrier Corps22/09/1917
Carrier Onyucha 3539Nigeria Carrier Corps25/09/1917
Carrier Onyuchie 2788Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Ookola 3770Nigeria Carrier Corps30/01/1918
Carrier Opaba 3161Nigeria Carrier Corps07/12/1917
Carrier Opara 2779Nigeria Carrier Corps10/09/1917
Carrier Opara Obekje 1641Nigeria Carrier Corps03/03/1916
Carrier Operatcha 3573Nigeria Carrier Corps31/08/1917
Carrier Oporago 3543Nigeria Carrier Corps05/09/1917
Carrier Oporoicha Okere Ameara 1795Nigeria Carrier Corps22/03/1916
Carrier Oporonka 3348Nigeria Carrier Corps11/02/1918
Carrier Oprenyon 3325Nigeria Carrier Corps24/11/1917
Carrier Ora Tom Okotie 1333Nigeria Carrier Corps15/01/1916
Carrier Oriabude 3912Nigeria Carrier Corps20/07/1917
Carrier Orihewa 3905Nigeria Carrier Corps15/11/1917
Carrier Orong 2695Nigeria Carrier Corps10/12/1917
Carrier Osagie 3956Nigeria Carrier Corps12/09/1917
Carrier Osago Ejekuko 1300Nigeria Carrier Corps30/12/1915
Carrier Osakusa 3655Nigeria Carrier Corps14/01/1918
Carrier Osayame Osunde 2535Nigeria Carrier Corps10/12/1915
Carrier Oseni 1288Nigeria Carrier Corps22/09/1917
Carrier Oshi Okobo 2497Nigeria Carrier Corps17/12/1917
Carrier Oshi Okoro Ii 2505Nigeria Carrier Corps12/09/1917
Carrier Oshyafu 2540Nigeria Carrier Corps21/08/1917
Carrier Osifo 3742Nigeria Carrier Corps29/09/1917
Carrier Osile 4211Nigeria Carrier Corps16/02/1918
Carrier Osoti Amadi 3490Nigeria Carrier Corps23/12/1917
Carrier Osuchuka 3071Nigeria Carrier Corps25/10/1917
Carrier Osuji 3119Nigeria Carrier Corps29/10/1917
Carrier Osujie 3263Nigeria Carrier Corps01/01/1918
Carrier Osujie 3441Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Osuwi 3112Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1917
Carrier Oteh 2871Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1918
Carrier Otiku 3707Nigeria Carrier Corps16/12/1917
Carrier Otoefu 3881Nigeria Carrier Corps12/11/1917
Carrier Otogo 2873Nigeria Carrier Corps03/09/1917
Carrier Otu Akpa 2230Nigeria Carrier Corps27/07/1917
Carrier Otu Egu 2017Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Oweyan 3703Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1917
Carrier Owie 3581Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1917
Carrier Owie 3664Nigeria Carrier Corps01/11/1917
Carrier Owie 3726Nigeria Carrier Corps10/12/1917
Carrier Owo 2690Nigeria Carrier Corps20/10/1917
Carrier Ovia 3883Nigeria Carrier Corps29/09/1917
Carrier Oyo Orie 2220Nigeria Carrier Corps25/07/1917
Carrier Oze Eze 2135Nigeria Carrier Corps13/09/1917
Carrier Pembaga 3081Nigeria Carrier Corps04/02/1918
Carrier Poni 3803Nigeria Carrier Corps08/04/1918
Carrier Ragbomagere 3878Nigeria Carrier Corps29/08/1917
Carrier Risqu 1826Nigeria Carrier Corps21/12/1917
Carrier Risqu 1840Nigeria Carrier Corps04/07/1917
Carrier Sali 1361Nigeria Carrier Corps23/07/1917
Carrier Salifu 104Nigeria Carrier Corps14/07/1917
Carrier Sali Kano 1991Nigeria Carrier Corps09/08/1917
Carrier Shagam 1863Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1917
Carrier Sibi Kwali 352Nigeria Carrier Corps30/12/1914
Carrier Simaila 1095Nigeria Carrier Corps28/12/1917
Carrier Sinabola 1950Nigeria Carrier Corps04/11/1914
Carrier Snaku Doro 316Nigeria Carrier Corps25/07/1918
Carrier Solomon Omezi 3813Nigeria Carrier Corps28/10/1917
Carrier Sullay 6960Nigeria Carrier Corps10/08/1915
Carrier Sumalia 981Nigeria Carrier Corps07/03/1918
Carrier Tata 2683Nigeria Carrier Corps09/07/1917
Carrier Telba Mafia 768Nigeria Carrier Corps04/01/1918
Carrier Thomas Obi 3791Nigeria Carrier Corps05/12/1917
Carrier Tom 3515Nigeria Carrier Corps30/11/1917
Carrier Tsehewundu 3146Nigeria Carrier Corps18/10/1917
Carrier Ubaga 2714Nigeria Carrier Corps03/02/1918
Carrier Uche Otu 2024Nigeria Carrier Corps30/07/1917
Carrier Udebeke 2813Nigeria Carrier Corps14/01/1918
Carrier Udogie 3901Nigeria Carrier Corps09/02/1918
Carrier Uduchai 3741Nigeria Carrier Corps05/09/1917
Carrier Udu Nkama 2195Nigeria Carrier Corps20/09/1917
Carrier Udu Nta 2205Nigeria Carrier Corps19/07/1917
Carrier Udu Okpara 2092Nigeria Carrier Corps26/06/1917
Carrier Ufao 3904Nigeria Carrier Corps26/10/1917
Carrier Ufiem Aku 2199Nigeria Carrier Corps02/02/1918
Carrier Ufiem Egu 2176Nigeria Carrier Corps08/12/1917
Carrier Ufiem Ibiam 2159Nigeria Carrier Corps03/06/1917
Carrier Ufile 3821Nigeria Carrier Corps26/08/1917
Carrier Ugbebor 3692Nigeria Carrier Corps11/12/1917
Carrier Uguamidi 3079Nigeria Carrier Corps28/02/1918
Carrier Uka Ejebu 2179Nigeria Carrier Corps12/02/1918
Carrier Uke 315rNigeria Carrier Corps15/12/1917
Carrier Ukemzie 3772Nigeria Carrier Corps03/10/1917
Carrier Uko Ogeri 2259Nigeria Carrier Corps28/09/1917
Carrier Ukpai Abai 2200Nigeria Carrier Corps11/08/1917
Carrier Ukpai Alum 2418Nigeria Carrier Corps10/01/1918
Carrier Ukpuma Ezaka 2443Nigeria Carrier Corps25/01/1918
Carrier Uluhuise 3840Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1917
Carrier Uma 3316Nigeria Carrier Corps05/11/1917
Carrier Umaakwe 3065Nigeria Carrier Corps16/12/1917
Carrier Umechi Uzu 2012Nigeria Carrier Corps25/07/1917
Carrier Umeke Udu 2377Nigeria Carrier Corps06/11/1917
Carrier Umemeka 3778Nigeria Carrier Corps25/08/1917
Carrier Umi Aja 2342Nigeria Carrier Corps06/06/1917
Carrier Umodiagbe 3893Nigeria Carrier Corps09/10/1917
Carrier Umoru Marua 1474Nigeria Carrier Corps30/04/1918
Carrier Umuani 2687Nigeria Carrier Corps13/07/1917
Carrier Umweni Ii 3724Nigeria Carrier Corps17/12/1917
Carrier Une Bako 3554Nigeria Carrier Corps18/01/1918
Carrier Ungu Gwai 2550Nigeria Carrier Corps15/01/1918
Carrier Unyo 2615Nigeria Carrier Corps21/09/1917
Carrier Uondiamose 3880Nigeria Carrier Corps28/12/1917
Carrier Urewauchuku Ujina 2282Nigeria Carrier Corps07/10/1918
Carrier Ushe 2724Nigeria Carrier Corps11/11/1917
Carrier Usim 3302Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1917
Carrier Usuman Danbarta 562Nigeria Carrier Corps21/05/1918
Carrier Usuman Shinkaffi 1193Nigeria Carrier Corps05/12/1917
Carrier Ute 3841Nigeria Carrier Corps20/11/1917
Carrier Utoma 2685Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Utubuaku 3750Nigeria Carrier Corps13/10/1917
Carrier Uwagu 3835Nigeria Carrier Corps18/09/1917
Carrier Uweghiren I 3674Nigeria Carrier Corps12/09/1917
Carrier Uwey Ruya 3706Nigeria Carrier Corps02/10/1917
Carrier Uwu 3888Nigeria Carrier Corps04/09/1917
Carrier Uyanwanne 3807Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Uzebar 2999Nigeria Carrier Corps17/10/1917
Carrier Uzuru 3797Nigeria Carrier Corps28/12/1917
Carrier Wachorn Ii 3080Nigeria Carrier Corps23/10/1917
Carrier Wachuknohe 3120Nigeria Carrier Corps30/12/1917
Carrier Wada Dugbo 2750Nigeria Carrier Corps22/04/1918
Carrier Wafo 3470Nigeria Carrier Corps01/11/1917
Carrier Wago 3044Nigeria Carrier Corps13/10/1917
Carrier Wajugu 3443Nigeria Carrier Corps22/12/1917
Carrier Walabala 1392Nigeria Carrier Corps11/05/1918
Carrier Wama 3537Nigeria Carrier Corps10/02/1918
Carrier Wamadi 3408Nigeria Carrier Corps13/02/1918
Carrier Wamadi 3478Nigeria Carrier Corps05/09/1917
Carrier Wandawa 196Nigeria Carrier Corps05/10/1918
Carrier Wandike 3149Nigeria Carrier Corps12/10/1917
Carrier Wanjoke 3178Nigeria Carrier Corps21/10/1917
Carrier Wankwo 3415Nigeria Carrier Corps31/10/1917
Carrier Wanyanahu 3197Nigeria Carrier Corps02/12/1917
Carrier Wanyawn 2787Nigeria Carrier Corps25/09/1917
Carrier Waocha Aga Udu 2272Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1917
Carrier Waochi Okorio 2175Nigeria Carrier Corps03/07/1918
Carrier Washuka Ocha 3068Nigeria Carrier Corps26/09/1917
Carrier Watcher 3269Nigeria Carrier Corps16/10/1917
Carrier Waybubu 3427Nigeria Carrier Corps26/12/1917
Carrier Weokpo 3946Nigeria Carrier Corps15/10/1917
Carrier Woemene 3076Nigeria Carrier Corps29/04/1918
Carrier Wogeji Ama 2438Nigeria Carrier Corps25/06/1917
Carrier Wogu 3098Nigeria Carrier Corps09/10/1917
Carrier Wokacha 3211Nigeria Carrier Corps07/10/1917
Carrier Wokuru 3152Nigeria Carrier Corps18/02/1918
Carrier Wongo 3266Nigeria Carrier Corps16/10/1917
Carrier Worda 3373Nigeria Carrier Corps14/10/1917
Carrier Worgu 3078Nigeria Carrier Corps13/10/1917
Carrier Worgu 3082Nigeria Carrier Corps06/05/1918
Carrier Worgu 3454Nigeria Carrier Corps26/05/1918
Carrier Wosoabu 3077Nigeria Carrier Corps09/07/1917
Carrier Wosu 3107Nigeria Carrier Corps13/03/1918
Carrier Wosu 3221Nigeria Carrier Corps23/03/1918
Carrier Yakubu Kano 416Nigeria Carrier Corps10/08/1917
Headman Yarhuebbe 3026Nigeria Carrier Corps30/01/1918
Carrier Yaro Nigeria Carrier Corps07/06/1915
Carrier Yesufu Nigeria Carrier Corps01/12/1915
Carrier Yola Kano 710Nigeria Carrier Corps20/11/1917
Carrier Yoro Yola 525Nigeria Carrier Corps15/06/1918
Carrier Zakarra Garga 631Nigeria Carrier Corps30/09/1914
Carrier Zegga 3465Nigeria Carrier Corps28/11/1917
Servant Alabi Nigeria Carrier Corps02/12/1916
Headman Owudu Goran 1/A/20Nigeria Carrier Corps23/08/1917
Carrier Ofile 7/234Nigeria Carrier Corps26/08/1917
Carrier Awudu Nigeria Carrier Corps04/08/1914
Carrier Dan Munshi Nigeria Carrier Corps04/08/1914
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Tuesday 4 August 1914200
Friday 25 September 1914100
Wednesday 30 September 1914300
Saturday 3 October 1914100
Monday 5 October 1914100
Friday 9 October 1914100
Saturday 10 October 1914100
Saturday 17 October 1914100
Monday 19 October 1914200
Tuesday 20 October 1914200
Thursday 22 October 1914100
Friday 23 October 1914100
Saturday 24 October 1914200
Monday 26 October 1914100
Tuesday 27 October 1914100
Friday 30 October 1914100
Saturday 31 October 1914200
Wednesday 4 November 1914400
Thursday 19 November 1914200
Sunday 22 November 1914100
Friday 27 November 1914100
Sunday 29 November 1914100
Monday 7 December 1914200
Friday 11 December 1914100
Tuesday 15 December 1914100
Saturday 19 December 1914100
Sunday 27 December 1914100
Wednesday 30 December 1914100
Friday 1 January 1915100
Thursday 14 January 1915100
Thursday 21 January 1915100
Sunday 24 January 1915100
Thursday 4 February 1915100
Monday 3 May 1915100
Monday 7 June 1915100
Saturday 7 August 1915100
Sunday 8 August 1915100
Tuesday 10 August 1915200
Sunday 3 October 1915100
Saturday 9 October 1915100
Sunday 24 October 1915100
Monday 1 November 1915100
Thursday 4 November 1915200
Monday 8 November 1915100
Wednesday 10 November 1915100
Saturday 13 November 1915100
Friday 26 November 1915100
Wednesday 1 December 1915200
Friday 3 December 1915100
Monday 6 December 1915100
Friday 10 December 1915100
Monday 20 December 1915100
Thursday 23 December 1915200
Sunday 26 December 1915111
Monday 27 December 1915100
Tuesday 28 December 1915100
Thursday 30 December 1915100
Sunday 2 January 1916100
Thursday 6 January 1916100
Saturday 8 January 1916100
Tuesday 11 January 1916100
Thursday 13 January 1916200
Friday 14 January 1916200
Saturday 15 January 1916200
Sunday 16 January 1916200
Monday 17 January 1916200
Wednesday 19 January 1916100
Thursday 20 January 1916200
Sunday 23 January 1916100
Wednesday 26 January 1916100
Monday 31 January 1916100
Sunday 6 February 1916100
Monday 14 February 1916100
Tuesday 22 February 1916100
Thursday 2 March 1916100
Friday 3 March 1916300
Sunday 5 March 1916100
Tuesday 14 March 1916100
Tuesday 21 March 1916100
Wednesday 22 March 1916100
Monday 27 March 1916100
Thursday 8 June 1916100
Saturday 2 December 1916100
Monday 1 January 1917100
Thursday 5 April 1917100
Friday 27 April 1917100
Friday 11 May 1917100
Wednesday 16 May 1917100
Saturday 19 May 1917100
Wednesday 23 May 1917100
Friday 25 May 1917100
Saturday 26 May 1917100
Saturday 2 June 1917200
Sunday 3 June 1917200
Monday 4 June 1917200
Wednesday 6 June 1917300
Thursday 7 June 1917300
Saturday 9 June 1917200
Sunday 10 June 1917100
Tuesday 12 June 1917100
Thursday 14 June 1917300
Sunday 17 June 1917100
Monday 18 June 1917200
Tuesday 19 June 1917100
Thursday 21 June 1917200
Saturday 23 June 1917100
Sunday 24 June 1917100
Monday 25 June 1917200
Tuesday 26 June 1917100
Sunday 1 July 1917100
Tuesday 3 July 1917100
Wednesday 4 July 1917100
Thursday 5 July 1917500
Saturday 7 July 1917300
Sunday 8 July 1917300
Monday 9 July 1917200
Tuesday 10 July 1917100
Friday 13 July 1917300
Saturday 14 July 1917100
Monday 16 July 1917300
Tuesday 17 July 1917200
Wednesday 18 July 1917100
Thursday 19 July 1917200
Friday 20 July 1917200
Saturday 21 July 1917200
Monday 23 July 1917100
Tuesday 24 July 1917100
Wednesday 25 July 1917300
Thursday 26 July 1917400
Friday 27 July 1917100
Sunday 29 July 1917100
Monday 30 July 1917400
Tuesday 31 July 1917200
Wednesday 1 August 1917400
Thursday 2 August 1917100
Friday 3 August 1917200
Saturday 4 August 1917500
Sunday 5 August 1917200
Monday 6 August 1917300
Tuesday 7 August 1917200
Wednesday 8 August 1917200
Thursday 9 August 1917100
Friday 10 August 1917300
Saturday 11 August 1917300
Monday 13 August 1917400
Tuesday 14 August 1917200
Wednesday 15 August 1917100
Thursday 16 August 1917200
Friday 17 August 1917100
Saturday 18 August 1917500
Sunday 19 August 1917100
Monday 20 August 1917100
Tuesday 21 August 1917300
Wednesday 22 August 1917200
Thursday 23 August 1917500
Friday 24 August 1917300
Saturday 25 August 1917400
Sunday 26 August 1917300
Monday 27 August 1917200
Tuesday 28 August 1917300
Wednesday 29 August 1917300
Thursday 30 August 1917300
Friday 31 August 1917300
Saturday 1 September 1917300
Sunday 2 September 1917300
Monday 3 September 1917200
Tuesday 4 September 1917300
Wednesday 5 September 1917800
Thursday 6 September 1917600
Friday 7 September 1917200
Saturday 8 September 1917200
Sunday 9 September 1917300
Monday 10 September 1917300
Tuesday 11 September 1917400
Wednesday 12 September 1917800
Thursday 13 September 1917700
Friday 14 September 1917200
Saturday 15 September 1917400
Monday 17 September 1917400
Tuesday 18 September 1917300
Wednesday 19 September 1917500
Thursday 20 September 1917300
Friday 21 September 1917300
Saturday 22 September 1917700
Sunday 23 September 1917200
Tuesday 25 September 1917500
Wednesday 26 September 1917500
Thursday 27 September 1917200
Friday 28 September 1917400
Saturday 29 September 1917500
Sunday 30 September 1917900
Monday 1 October 1917500
Tuesday 2 October 1917200
Wednesday 3 October 1917800
Friday 5 October 1917800
Saturday 6 October 1917300
Sunday 7 October 1917500
Monday 8 October 1917300
Tuesday 9 October 1917400
Wednesday 10 October 1917400
Thursday 11 October 1917500
Friday 12 October 1917800
Saturday 13 October 1917600
Sunday 14 October 1917400
Monday 15 October 1917500
Tuesday 16 October 1917800
Wednesday 17 October 19171200
Thursday 18 October 19171000
Friday 19 October 1917500
Saturday 20 October 1917500
Sunday 21 October 1917400
Monday 22 October 1917700
Tuesday 23 October 19171200
Wednesday 24 October 1917100
Thursday 25 October 1917300
Friday 26 October 1917500
Saturday 27 October 1917400
Sunday 28 October 1917700
Monday 29 October 1917500
Tuesday 30 October 1917400
Wednesday 31 October 1917800
Thursday 1 November 1917500
Friday 2 November 1917200
Saturday 3 November 1917100
Sunday 4 November 1917300
Monday 5 November 1917300
Tuesday 6 November 1917400
Wednesday 7 November 1917500
Thursday 8 November 1917600
Friday 9 November 1917400
Saturday 10 November 1917500
Sunday 11 November 1917400
Monday 12 November 1917300
Wednesday 14 November 1917100
Thursday 15 November 1917200
Friday 16 November 1917200
Saturday 17 November 1917200
Sunday 18 November 1917300
Monday 19 November 1917100
Tuesday 20 November 1917800
Thursday 22 November 1917100
Friday 23 November 1917300
Saturday 24 November 1917400
Sunday 25 November 1917300
Monday 26 November 1917500
Tuesday 27 November 1917500
Wednesday 28 November 1917400
Thursday 29 November 1917300
Friday 30 November 1917300
Saturday 1 December 19171000
Sunday 2 December 1917600
Monday 3 December 1917400
Tuesday 4 December 1917410
Wednesday 5 December 1917300
Thursday 6 December 1917500
Friday 7 December 1917400
Saturday 8 December 1917500
Sunday 9 December 1917200
Monday 10 December 1917700
Tuesday 11 December 1917400
Wednesday 12 December 1917400
Friday 14 December 1917300
Saturday 15 December 1917400
Sunday 16 December 1917600
Monday 17 December 1917600
Tuesday 18 December 1917100
Wednesday 19 December 1917300
Friday 21 December 1917400
Saturday 22 December 1917200
Sunday 23 December 1917400
Monday 24 December 1917300
Tuesday 25 December 1917300
Wednesday 26 December 1917500
Thursday 27 December 1917100
Friday 28 December 1917500
Saturday 29 December 1917100
Sunday 30 December 1917400
Monday 31 December 1917300
Tuesday 1 January 1918200
Wednesday 2 January 1918100
Thursday 3 January 1918300
Friday 4 January 1918100
Sunday 6 January 1918100
Monday 7 January 1918100
Wednesday 9 January 1918200
Thursday 10 January 1918300
Friday 11 January 1918200
Saturday 12 January 1918100
Sunday 13 January 1918200
Monday 14 January 1918200
Tuesday 15 January 1918200
Wednesday 16 January 1918200
Thursday 17 January 1918200
Friday 18 January 1918400
Saturday 19 January 1918100
Sunday 20 January 1918300
Tuesday 22 January 1918100
Wednesday 23 January 1918300
Friday 25 January 1918100
Monday 28 January 1918200
Tuesday 29 January 1918100
Wednesday 30 January 1918200
Thursday 31 January 1918500
Saturday 2 February 1918200
Sunday 3 February 1918300
Monday 4 February 1918100
Tuesday 5 February 1918100
Wednesday 6 February 1918100
Friday 8 February 1918200
Saturday 9 February 1918200
Sunday 10 February 1918400
Monday 11 February 1918400
Tuesday 12 February 1918100
Wednesday 13 February 1918100
Friday 15 February 1918100
Saturday 16 February 1918300
Monday 18 February 1918100
Wednesday 20 February 1918100
Thursday 21 February 1918100
Friday 22 February 1918100
Wednesday 27 February 1918100
Thursday 28 February 1918100
Saturday 2 March 1918200
Sunday 3 March 1918300
Monday 4 March 1918100
Tuesday 5 March 1918100
Thursday 7 March 1918200
Friday 8 March 1918200
Saturday 9 March 1918100
Sunday 10 March 1918200
Wednesday 13 March 1918400
Thursday 14 March 1918100
Sunday 17 March 1918100
Monday 18 March 1918100
Saturday 23 March 1918100
Wednesday 27 March 1918100
Thursday 28 March 1918100
Saturday 30 March 1918200
Sunday 31 March 1918100
Friday 5 April 1918100
Sunday 7 April 1918100
Monday 8 April 1918300
Tuesday 9 April 1918100
Saturday 13 April 1918100
Sunday 14 April 1918100
Saturday 20 April 1918100
Monday 22 April 1918100
Thursday 25 April 1918100
Sunday 28 April 1918100
Monday 29 April 1918100
Tuesday 30 April 1918100
Wednesday 1 May 1918100
Thursday 2 May 1918100
Friday 3 May 1918100
Saturday 4 May 1918100
Sunday 5 May 1918300
Monday 6 May 1918100
Wednesday 8 May 1918100
Friday 10 May 1918200
Saturday 11 May 1918100
Sunday 12 May 1918100
Wednesday 15 May 1918100
Tuesday 21 May 1918100
Thursday 23 May 1918100
Sunday 26 May 1918100
Monday 27 May 1918100
Wednesday 29 May 1918100
Monday 3 June 1918100
Wednesday 5 June 1918200
Tuesday 11 June 1918100
Wednesday 12 June 1918100
Saturday 15 June 1918100
Monday 17 June 1918100
Sunday 23 June 1918100
Tuesday 25 June 1918100
Friday 28 June 1918100
Wednesday 3 July 1918100
Thursday 11 July 1918100
Wednesday 17 July 1918100
Saturday 20 July 1918100
Thursday 25 July 1918100
Sunday 28 July 1918100
Tuesday 30 July 1918200
Tuesday 6 August 1918200
Wednesday 28 August 1918100
Friday 6 September 1918100
Friday 13 September 1918100
Friday 20 September 1918100
Wednesday 2 October 1918100
Thursday 3 October 1918100
Saturday 5 October 1918100
Monday 7 October 1918100
Monday 14 October 1918100
Tuesday 15 October 1918100
Thursday 17 October 1918100
Tuesday 19 November 1918100
Sunday 15 December 1918100
Monday 16 December 1918100
Wednesday 18 December 1918100
Saturday 21 December 1918200
Monday 23 December 1918100
Friday 27 December 1918100
Monday 6 January 1919100
Sunday 2 March 1919100
Saturday 8 March 1919100
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