Macedonian Mule Corps

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Muleteer Panayotis 6282Macedonian Mule Corps20/10/1918
Muleteer Joannis Achilleos 13684Macedonian Mule Corps29/12/1919
Muleteer Andonis 10398Macedonian Mule Corps31/12/1918
Muleteer Chiprios 12097Macedonian Mule Corps11/11/1918
Muleteer Chrysostomos Ierides 12103Macedonian Mule Corps02/11/1918
Muleteer Eridogitos 1022Macedonian Mule Corps05/12/1918
Muleteer Joannis 9027Macedonian Mule Corps23/01/1919
Muleteer Kyprianou 9542Macedonian Mule Corps08/02/1920
Muleteer Polidoros 11040Macedonian Mule Corps07/12/1918
Muleteer Savas 10360Macedonian Mule Corps05/12/1918
Muleteer Sotoris 8362Macedonian Mule Corps26/11/1918
Muleteer Yenouchous 7595Macedonian Mule Corps14/12/1918
Muleteer Paraskeva 14264Macedonian Mule Corps09/09/1919
Muleteer Miroclish 9969Macedonian Mule Corps17/12/1918
Muleteer Nemit Neasny 11013Macedonian Mule Corps18/12/1918
Muleteer Michael Solomon 10385Macedonian Mule Corps28/12/1918
Muleteer Thisteoi C. Kiracho 10947Macedonian Mule Corps17/12/1918
Muleteer Zelimaks 10631Macedonian Mule Corps12/12/1918
Muleteer Constantino Macedonian Mule Corps21/06/1919
Muleteer Polydiros 14167Macedonian Mule Corps16/07/1919
Muleteer Stosis Panoyoti 13261Macedonian Mule Corps04/07/1919
Muleteer Yanakow 13139Macedonian Mule Corps21/09/1919
Muleteer Dimitri 6283Macedonian Mule Corps23/09/1918
Muleteer Costis Vaseli 11596Macedonian Mule Corps22/09/1918
Muleteer Costas 10607Macedonian Mule Corps13/05/1918
Muleteer Lucas Macedonian Mule Corps06/01/1917
Muleteer Kieracho 8665Macedonian Mule Corps23/12/1918
Muleteer Themistoilis 10180Macedonian Mule Corps31/12/1918
Muleteer Kierackos 7223Macedonian Mule Corps16/03/1917
Muleteer Farackos 693Macedonian Mule Corps07/09/1916
Muleteer Serkis Yianon 7945Macedonian Mule Corps26/10/1917
Muleteer Kranvi 4778Macedonian Mule Corps23/12/1918
Muleteer Chikarli 7664Macedonian Mule Corps29/03/1918
Muleteer Costas Kemidakis 1473Macedonian Mule Corps06/08/1918
Muleteer Savas Theochari 9404Macedonian Mule Corps16/08/1918
Muleteer Nicholas 8971Macedonian Mule Corps28/12/1917
Muleteer Andonis Yianni 11676Macedonian Mule Corps07/09/1918
Foreman Aristodimos 7271Macedonian Mule Corps24/11/1917
Muleteer Hagi Antonis Grigorious 7006Macedonian Mule Corps30/07/1917
Muleteer Joanis Antonis 6402Macedonian Mule Corps11/07/1917
Muleteer Christofi Esilas 9803Macedonian Mule Corps19/09/1918
Muleteer Costa 7987Macedonian Mule Corps02/10/1918
Muleteer Ioannou Themistoklis 6556Macedonian Mule Corps16/07/1917
Driver Lazarethis Christo 556Macedonian Mule Corps26/10/1916
Muleteer Prothromus Poth 333Macedonian Mule Corps17/09/1918
Muleteer Kyriakon Savas 10263Macedonian Mule Corps19/09/1918
Muleteer Dimitri 7761Macedonian Mule Corps18/10/1917
Foreman Christofi Arestides 4534Macedonian Mule Corps31/08/1917
Muleteer Loizos P. Hji Loizi 11755Macedonian Mule Corps21/11/1918
Muleteer Pesim Mali 6071Macedonian Mule Corps23/12/1917
Muleteer Ioannis Anamis 8266Macedonian Mule Corps26/10/1918
Muleteer Ioannis Andoni 11860Macedonian Mule Corps29/08/1918
Muleteer George Antonio 1964Macedonian Mule Corps31/10/1919
Muleteer Constandinos Avram 9951Macedonian Mule Corps05/09/1918
Muleteer Costas Avraam 10607Macedonian Mule Corps13/05/1918
Muleteer Haji Andonis Christodulou 4673Macedonian Mule Corps16/03/1917
Muleteer Georghios Christodulou 5237Macedonian Mule Corps06/04/1917
Muleteer Hadji Sava Christodoulou 8192Macedonian Mule Corps29/11/1917
Muleteer Andreas Christodoulou 10849Macedonian Mule Corps17/09/1918
Muleteer Vassilios Christodulou 11187Macedonian Mule Corps26/11/1918
Muleteer Panayis Christodulou 12130Macedonian Mule Corps23/01/1919
Muleteer Manolis Christofi 7728Macedonian Mule Corps26/09/1918
Muleteer Georghis Christoforou 6455Macedonian Mule Corps04/10/1918
Muleteer Kleopas Christoforou 9713Macedonian Mule Corps03/10/1918
Muleteer Nicolas Christou 11751Macedonian Mule Corps09/05/1919
Muleteer Georghios Constandinou 11041Macedonian Mule Corps20/11/1918
Muleteer Loizos Costa 8608Macedonian Mule Corps06/01/1919
Muleteer Argyros Costandi 6046Macedonian Mule Corps26/12/1917
Muleteer Ioannis Costi 3986Macedonian Mule Corps27/03/1917
Muleteer Ioannis Demetri 4975Macedonian Mule Corps15/08/1917
Muleteer Nicolas Demetri 7661Macedonian Mule Corps18/10/1917
Muleteer Christodulos I Demetriadis 12099Macedonian Mule Corps16/10/1918
Muleteer Petros Demetri 9256Macedonian Mule Corps30/09/1918
Muleteer Ioannis Dimosthenis 9294Macedonian Mule Corps04/10/1918
Muleteer Apostolos Domanos 7274Macedonian Mule Corps02/09/1918
Muleteer Savvas Eleftherio 6350Macedonian Mule Corps13/02/1917
Muleteer Stavros Eleftheriou 11142Macedonian Mule Corps23/10/1918
Muleteer Vassilis Elia 10800Macedonian Mule Corps19/01/1919
Muleteer Athos Filippou 12075Macedonian Mule Corps12/11/1918
Muleteer Nicolas Gavriel 8237Macedonian Mule Corps14/01/1919
Muleteer Erotokritos Georgi 10022Macedonian Mule Corps05/12/1918
Muleteer Evangelos Georgiou 6798Macedonian Mule Corps06/10/1918
Muleteer Charalambos Georghios 7863Macedonian Mule Corps13/04/1918
Muleteer Christodoulos Georgiou 9008Macedonian Mule Corps16/02/1918
Muleteer Kyriakos Georgiou 10229Macedonian Mule Corps14/03/1918
Muleteer Michael Georghi 10639Macedonian Mule Corps24/10/1918
Muleteer Loizos Georghi 10776Macedonian Mule Corps19/11/1918
Muleteer Chrisostomos Georghiou 11398Macedonian Mule Corps03/01/1918
Muleteer Costis Gregori 12735Macedonian Mule Corps14/11/1918
Muleteer Kleanthis Hji Andoni 11426Macedonian Mule Corps09/10/1918
Muleteer Yiannis Hji Christofi 11384Macedonian Mule Corps24/10/1918
Muleteer Ahmed Hadji Emir 9038Macedonian Mule Corps18/09/1918
Muleteer Yenados Hadji Francesco 8160Macedonian Mule Corps17/09/1918
Muleteer Kyriakos Hadji Georgi 10044Macedonian Mule Corps06/11/1918
Muleteer Christofis Hj Kyriako 2822Macedonian Mule Corps12/09/1918
Muleteer Ioannis Hadji Loizou 9105Macedonian Mule Corps07/08/1918
Muleteer Yankos Hadji Louka 13624Macedonian Mule Corps31/10/1919
Muleteer Hadji Christodoulou Hadji Marcou 8211Macedonian Mule Corps05/03/1918
Muleteer Hadji Kyriakos Hadji Mina 9272Macedonian Mule Corps26/06/1918
Muleteer Georghis Hj Philippou 5624Macedonian Mule Corps05/12/1917
Muleteer Costas Hj Georghi 5114Macedonian Mule Corps10/11/1916
Muleteer Kyriacos Charalambou 2928Macedonian Mule Corps03/02/1917
Muleteer Kypris Charalambou 8184Macedonian Mule Corps10/03/1918
Muleteer Christos Haralambou 9784Macedonian Mule Corps15/01/1919
Muleteer Panayis Haralambou 12633Macedonian Mule Corps29/09/1918
Muleteer Mehmed Hussein 9645Macedonian Mule Corps05/12/1918
Muleteer Kyriakos Ioannou 4670Macedonian Mule Corps31/05/1917
Muleteer Christodoulos Ioannou 5808Macedonian Mule Corps22/10/1918
Muleteer Charalampos Ioannou 6239Macedonian Mule Corps16/07/1917
Muleteer Michael Ioannou 8199Macedonian Mule Corps20/09/1918
Muleteer Christofis Ioannou 8239Macedonian Mule Corps24/02/1918
Muleteer Costis Ioannou 8759Macedonian Mule Corps09/07/1918
Muleteer Georgio Ioannou 9631Macedonian Mule Corps13/10/1918
Muleteer Toglis Tserghali 9531Macedonian Mule Corps12/01/1918
Muleteer Ioannis Josif 4003Macedonian Mule Corps16/12/1917
Muleteer Kyriacos Kalli Kalli 13787Macedonian Mule Corps31/10/1919
Foreman Costis Kavazi 8151Macedonian Mule Corps22/10/1918
Muleteer Ahmed Kiamil 9446Macedonian Mule Corps19/09/1918
Muleteer Costis Cleanthis 8666Macedonian Mule Corps11/12/1918
Muleteer Petros Nicola Koullourou 4526Macedonian Mule Corps17/02/1918
Muleteer Christos Ktori Or Klori 3173Macedonian Mule Corps26/02/1917
Muleteer Georghios Kyprianou 11644Macedonian Mule Corps27/11/1918
Muleteer Markos Kyriakou 4695Macedonian Mule Corps09/03/1917
Muleteer Ioannis Kyriakou 10151Macedonian Mule Corps18/01/1919
Muleteer Christos Kyriakou 12804Macedonian Mule Corps14/05/1919
Muleteer Stavros Lanitis 6484Macedonian Mule Corps27/10/1918
Muleteer Costis Lazarou 9045Macedonian Mule Corps05/10/1918
Muleteer Paraskevas Loizi 10281Macedonian Mule Corps26/02/1919
Muleteer Christofis Markou 2853Macedonian Mule Corps14/05/1917
Muleteer Seidali Mehmet 10466Macedonian Mule Corps05/11/1918
Muleteer Vrionis Michail 4822Macedonian Mule Corps08/01/1917
Muleteer Christoforos Michael 7190Macedonian Mule Corps14/03/1917
Muleteer Christos Michael 8060Macedonian Mule Corps06/10/1918
Muleteer Dervish Moustafa 9954Macedonian Mule Corps13/06/1918
Muleteer Ismail Mussa 11902Macedonian Mule Corps11/06/1918
Muleteer Toghlis N. Mezerak 12071Macedonian Mule Corps02/11/1918
Muleteer Soderis Neofydou 12422Macedonian Mule Corps11/09/1918
Muleteer Kyriakos Neokli 12129Macedonian Mule Corps28/05/1919
Muleteer Evangelis Nicola 4833Macedonian Mule Corps10/03/1917
Muleteer Georgios Nicola 6305Macedonian Mule Corps19/07/1917
Muleteer Panayiodis Nicola 6787Macedonian Mule Corps13/06/1917
Muleteer Georghis Nicola 6996Macedonian Mule Corps02/04/1917
Muleteer Christofis Nicola 8966Macedonian Mule Corps26/11/1917
Muleteer Yiannis Nicola 10393Macedonian Mule Corps01/11/1918
Muleteer Andonis Nicola 10308Macedonian Mule Corps31/12/1918
Muleteer Arestidis Nicolaou 10740Macedonian Mule Corps22/10/1918
Muleteer Aghathokis Nicolaou 11887Macedonian Mule Corps26/08/1918
Muleteer Michail Nicolaou 11941Macedonian Mule Corps10/11/1918
Muleteer Elias Nicolaou 12874Macedonian Mule Corps06/04/1919
Muleteer Salih Omer 9723Macedonian Mule Corps23/10/1918
Muleteer Trifonis Panayi 8409Macedonian Mule Corps15/09/1918
Muleteer Yiannis N. Panayiodidis 12930Macedonian Mule Corps14/06/1919
Muleteer Polycarpos Panagi 3088Macedonian Mule Corps09/07/1917
Muleteer Stassis Panayiodi 13201Macedonian Mule Corps04/07/1919
Muleteer Stavros Papa Georgi 9275Macedonian Mule Corps16/11/1918
Muleteer Kioris Papa Ioannou 5258Macedonian Mule Corps24/02/1917
Muleteer Charalampos Papa Georghiou 10894Macedonian Mule Corps20/12/1918
Muleteer Michalis Pavlou 8903Macedonian Mule Corps10/09/1918
Muleteer Michealis Peppou 13083Macedonian Mule Corps13/02/1919
Muleteer Michaelis Petri 9986Macedonian Mule Corps20/12/1918
Muleteer Koumis Petrou 7505Macedonian Mule Corps20/09/1918
Muleteer Christodulos Petrou 12078Macedonian Mule Corps03/11/1918
Muleteer Petros Petrou 12145Macedonian Mule Corps29/11/1918
Muleteer Costis P. Petxa 5076Macedonian Mule Corps25/03/1917
Muleteer Kyriakos Filippou 12087Macedonian Mule Corps02/11/1918
Muleteer Loukas Savva 5802Macedonian Mule Corps06/01/1917
Muleteer Georgios Sava 8264Macedonian Mule Corps31/08/1918
Muleteer Nicolas K. Sava 8410Macedonian Mule Corps24/09/1918
Muleteer Yiannis Sava 10036Macedonian Mule Corps08/12/1918
Muleteer Lefteris Georghi Sivili 4057Macedonian Mule Corps11/03/1917
Muleteer Kyriakos Soderi 9207Macedonian Mule Corps02/10/1918
Muleteer Christos Stavrou 4234Macedonian Mule Corps01/09/1917
Muleteer Charalambo Stefani 3760Macedonian Mule Corps27/07/1917
Muleteer Sophoclis Stylianou 4905Macedonian Mule Corps20/11/1916
Muleteer Kyriakos Stylianou 13288Macedonian Mule Corps17/12/1918
Muleteer Dimitris Stilli 9812Macedonian Mule Corps27/03/1918
Muleteer Georgios Symeoni 12911Macedonian Mule Corps31/10/1919
Muleteer Christodulos Symeou 12062Macedonian Mule Corps02/11/1918
Muleteer Angelis G. Tessera 8053Macedonian Mule Corps26/01/1918
Muleteer Savvas Theodorou 10316Macedonian Mule Corps05/12/1918
Muleteer Nicos Theodoulou 10245Macedonian Mule Corps31/12/1918
Muleteer Haralambos Tofi 12121Macedonian Mule Corps06/11/1918
Muleteer Panayis Tooulis 9040Macedonian Mule Corps19/11/1918
Muleteer Costis Vasili 10073Macedonian Mule Corps24/02/1919
Muleteer Joanis Vasiliades 7279Macedonian Mule Corps25/08/1918
Muleteer Thomas Vassili 5573Macedonian Mule Corps27/05/1917
Muleteer Christos Vassiliou 12094Macedonian Mule Corps30/04/1919
Muleteer Ioannis Xenous 11563Macedonian Mule Corps25/05/1919
Muleteer Ahmet Yakoub 10994Macedonian Mule Corps29/12/1918
Muleteer Georghios Yiakoumi 10730Macedonian Mule Corps26/09/1918
Muleteer Georgis Yiannis 8758Macedonian Mule Corps18/11/1918
Muleteer Savvas Haralambou 5623Macedonian Mule Corps10/03/1917
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CHANAK CONSULAR CEMETERYTurkey (including Gallipoli)100
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Thursday 7 September 1916100
Thursday 26 October 1916100
Friday 10 November 1916100
Monday 20 November 1916100
Saturday 6 January 1917200
Monday 8 January 1917100
Saturday 3 February 1917100
Tuesday 13 February 1917100
Saturday 24 February 1917100
Monday 26 February 1917100
Friday 9 March 1917100
Saturday 10 March 1917200
Sunday 11 March 1917100
Wednesday 14 March 1917100
Friday 16 March 1917200
Sunday 25 March 1917100
Tuesday 27 March 1917100
Monday 2 April 1917100
Friday 6 April 1917100
Monday 14 May 1917100
Sunday 27 May 1917100
Thursday 31 May 1917100
Wednesday 13 June 1917100
Monday 9 July 1917100
Wednesday 11 July 1917100
Monday 16 July 1917200
Thursday 19 July 1917100
Friday 27 July 1917100
Monday 30 July 1917100
Wednesday 15 August 1917100
Friday 31 August 1917100
Saturday 1 September 1917100
Thursday 18 October 1917200
Friday 26 October 1917100
Saturday 24 November 1917100
Monday 26 November 1917100
Thursday 29 November 1917100
Wednesday 5 December 1917100
Sunday 16 December 1917100
Sunday 23 December 1917100
Wednesday 26 December 1917100
Friday 28 December 1917100
Thursday 3 January 1918100
Saturday 12 January 1918100
Saturday 26 January 1918100
Saturday 16 February 1918100
Sunday 17 February 1918100
Sunday 24 February 1918100
Tuesday 5 March 1918100
Sunday 10 March 1918100
Thursday 14 March 1918100
Wednesday 27 March 1918100
Friday 29 March 1918100
Saturday 13 April 1918100
Monday 13 May 1918200
Tuesday 11 June 1918100
Thursday 13 June 1918100
Wednesday 26 June 1918100
Tuesday 9 July 1918100
Tuesday 6 August 1918100
Wednesday 7 August 1918100
Friday 16 August 1918100
Sunday 25 August 1918100
Monday 26 August 1918100
Thursday 29 August 1918100
Saturday 31 August 1918100
Monday 2 September 1918100
Thursday 5 September 1918100
Saturday 7 September 1918100
Tuesday 10 September 1918100
Wednesday 11 September 1918100
Thursday 12 September 1918100
Sunday 15 September 1918100
Tuesday 17 September 1918300
Wednesday 18 September 1918100
Thursday 19 September 1918300
Friday 20 September 1918200
Sunday 22 September 1918100
Monday 23 September 1918100
Tuesday 24 September 1918100
Thursday 26 September 1918200
Sunday 29 September 1918100
Monday 30 September 1918100
Wednesday 2 October 1918200
Thursday 3 October 1918100
Friday 4 October 1918200
Saturday 5 October 1918100
Sunday 6 October 1918200
Wednesday 9 October 1918100
Sunday 13 October 1918100
Wednesday 16 October 1918100
Sunday 20 October 1918100
Tuesday 22 October 1918300
Wednesday 23 October 1918200
Thursday 24 October 1918200
Saturday 26 October 1918100
Sunday 27 October 1918100
Friday 1 November 1918100
Saturday 2 November 1918400
Sunday 3 November 1918100
Tuesday 5 November 1918100
Wednesday 6 November 1918200
Sunday 10 November 1918100
Monday 11 November 1918100
Tuesday 12 November 1918100
Thursday 14 November 1918100
Saturday 16 November 1918100
Monday 18 November 1918100
Tuesday 19 November 1918200
Wednesday 20 November 1918100
Thursday 21 November 1918100
Tuesday 26 November 1918200
Wednesday 27 November 1918100
Friday 29 November 1918100
Thursday 5 December 1918500
Saturday 7 December 1918100
Sunday 8 December 1918100
Wednesday 11 December 1918100
Thursday 12 December 1918100
Saturday 14 December 1918100
Tuesday 17 December 1918300
Wednesday 18 December 1918100
Friday 20 December 1918200
Monday 23 December 1918200
Saturday 28 December 1918100
Sunday 29 December 1918100
Tuesday 31 December 1918400
Monday 6 January 1919100
Tuesday 14 January 1919100
Wednesday 15 January 1919100
Saturday 18 January 1919100
Sunday 19 January 1919100
Thursday 23 January 1919200
Thursday 13 February 1919100
Monday 24 February 1919100
Wednesday 26 February 1919100
Sunday 6 April 1919100
Wednesday 30 April 1919100
Friday 9 May 1919100
Wednesday 14 May 1919100
Sunday 25 May 1919100
Wednesday 28 May 1919100
Saturday 14 June 1919100
Saturday 21 June 1919100
Friday 4 July 1919200
Wednesday 16 July 1919100
Tuesday 9 September 1919100
Sunday 21 September 1919100
Friday 31 October 1919400
Monday 29 December 1919100
Sunday 8 February 1920100
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