South African Labour Corps

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Sergeant Butler 5866South African Labour Corps14/03/1919
Sergeant James Dick Couper 12296South African Labour Corps28/11/1918 (aged 49)
Private Piet Malinge 15099South African Labour Corps03/02/1918
Sergeant Lancelot De La Penha Garcia 1003South African Labour Corps03/10/1918 (aged 32)
Ganger Edgar Smart NL/38South African Labour Corps13/12/1916 (aged 58)
Labourer Andrews South African Labour Corps15/05/1917
Labourer Petrus Chwantsi 112South African Labour Corps08/06/1915
Labourer Solomon Segadi 284South African Labour Corps26/04/1915
Labourer Jim Kafu 433South African Labour Corps23/07/1915
Labourer Damon Taai 513South African Labour Corps09/02/1915
Labourer Hans Spandill 545South African Labour Corps19/07/1915
Labourer Damera 578South African Labour Corps22/03/1915
Labourer George Ramutloa 999South African Labour Corps19/07/1915
Labourer Witbooi 1020South African Labour Corps20/05/1915
Labourer Jim Makledji 1267South African Labour Corps13/04/1915
Labourer William 1477South African Labour Corps10/08/1915
Labourer Pony Mgoduka 1604South African Labour Corps10/04/1915
Labourer James Stoffel 1847South African Labour Corps08/09/1915
Labourer Andrew Swartz 1958South African Labour Corps25/06/1915
Labourer Johannes Tshirako 1958South African Labour Corps06/09/1915
Labourer James Williams 2076South African Labour Corps12/06/1915
Labourer Jacob Kydie 2229South African Labour Corps09/05/1915
Labourer Simon Mahabela 2237South African Labour Corps07/10/1915
Labourer Solomon Bukhaba 2759South African Labour Corps14/03/1915
Labourer Charles Samuels 2903South African Labour Corps02/04/1915
Labourer Walter Bailey 2966South African Labour Corps05/02/1915
Driver Walter Damonds 3110South African Labour Corps16/07/1915
Labourer George Williams 3290South African Labour Corps04/08/1915
Labourer Stephen Bogana 3683South African Labour Corps29/06/1915
Labourer Hendrik Madoor 3707South African Labour Corps14/07/1915
Labourer Josiah Madalambane 3903South African Labour Corps27/04/1915
Labourer James Masingevini 4405South African Labour Corps20/02/1916
Labourer Zacharias Isaac 4468South African Labour Corps25/09/1915
Labourer Henry Galant 5115South African Labour Corps09/01/1915
Labourer Tom Kgarume South African Labour Corps06/03/1915
Labourer Gunstruck Charlie 6340South African Labour Corps09/03/1915
Labourer Xakikele Silo 6369South African Labour Corps27/07/1915
Labourer Jack Ramushu 6443South African Labour Corps28/04/1915
Cape Boy Consol 6539South African Labour Corps31/08/1915
Labourer Kohako Gotlip 6635South African Labour Corps06/09/1915
Labourer Gajeni Emoya 6730South African Labour Corps11/04/1915
Labourer Anton 6898South African Labour Corps26/06/1915
Labourer Willem 7090South African Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer John Crowder 7393South African Labour Corps13/04/1915
Labourer Charlie Kosodisas 7850South African Labour Corps08/03/1915
Labourer Jack Maisela 7859South African Labour Corps20/06/1915
Labourer John Momeahila 8002South African Labour Corps22/03/1915
Labourer Jack Kapitoa 8116South African Labour Corps17/09/1915
Labourer Kleinbooi Mamalena 8885South African Labour Corps11/07/1915
Labourer John Damster 9684South African Labour Corps03/02/1916
Labourer Klaas Smit 10277South African Labour Corps22/02/1915
Labourer John Fredericks 11017South African Labour Corps08/05/1915
Labourer Sam Segatla 11053South African Labour Corps03/07/1915
Labourer Hans Khobethi 11542South African Labour Corps07/08/1915
Labourer Carl Van Wyk 11622South African Labour Corps17/06/1915
Labourer Molife Pakani 11735South African Labour Corps12/07/1915
Labourer Fred Beyers 12434South African Labour Corps13/11/1915
Labourer Franz Kumalo 12807South African Labour Corps11/05/1915
Labourer Fred Julius 12836South African Labour Corps05/07/1915
Labourer Abram Hawana 13447South African Labour Corps19/07/1915
Labourer Abram Van Wyk 14410South African Labour Corps27/06/1915
Labourer George 15125South African Labour Corps10/06/1915
Labourer John Henry 15323South African Labour Corps24/08/1915
Labourer Peter Mattee 16261South African Labour Corps20/07/1915
Labourer Transkei Ndema 16882South African Labour Corps17/05/1915
Labourer Petros Matlange 16966South African Labour Corps31/08/1915
Driver John Fani 17094South African Labour Corps15/08/1915
Labourer Jafta Louw 17238South African Labour Corps19/06/1915
Labourer Christian Pampier 17271South African Labour Corps11/03/1915
Labourer Krisa Ndishe 18134South African Labour Corps29/05/1915
Labourer Piet Kgasi 18138South African Labour Corps02/09/1915
Labourer William Matzizi 18447South African Labour Corps09/02/1916
Labourer Ben Molife 18915South African Labour Corps10/06/1915
Labourer Ben Neni 19044South African Labour Corps25/01/1916
Labourer Nathaniel Lediga Kwenade 19339South African Labour Corps17/07/1915
Labourer Franz Mutowane 19922South African Labour Corps18/07/1915
Labourer Petrus Phokoye 20264South African Labour Corps06/07/1915
Labourer Smile Nkantsa 20432South African Labour Corps08/12/1915
Labourer Frans Paliva 20465South African Labour Corps14/07/1915
Labourer Johannes Mukanya 20491South African Labour Corps21/05/1915
Labourer Enoch Sebothe 23145South African Labour Corps22/07/1915
Labourer Hendrick Siloane 23596South African Labour Corps23/02/1916
Labourer Jack Kandi 23606South African Labour Corps12/11/1915
Labourer Jack Tsetana 23620South African Labour Corps10/10/1915
Labourer Peaha Oudbooi 23621South African Labour Corps17/10/1915
Labourer France Frans 23779South African Labour Corps08/09/1915
Labourer Nicodemus Lepolisa 23829South African Labour Corps14/09/1915
Labourer Willie Spongo 24265South African Labour Corps20/08/1915
Labourer Johannes Marcelo 24366South African Labour Corps15/07/1915
Labourer Cornelius Irish 24898South African Labour Corps24/10/1915
Labourer Willie Munyedzi 25056South African Labour Corps06/09/1915
Labourer Bimibia Mohambe 25172South African Labour Corps11/06/1915
Labourer Jim Malisela 25302South African Labour Corps11/12/1915
Labourer Jim Mabso 25420South African Labour Corps25/08/1915
Labourer Kleinbooi Modisan 26342South African Labour Corps15/11/1915
Labourer Andries Kabasanga 26371South African Labour Corps01/11/1915
Labourer Jim Mafiga 26568South African Labour Corps26/07/1915
Labourer John Potela 26574South African Labour Corps29/11/1915
Labourer Kleinbooi Spatane 26836South African Labour Corps24/10/1915
Labourer John Roberts 26880South African Labour Corps17/11/1915
Labourer Simon Rapleng 27700South African Labour Corps21/08/1915
Labourer Agante Majala 28253South African Labour Corps30/06/1915
Labourer Fish Malebeletshe 28347South African Labour Corps15/10/1915
Labourer Edmund Spaad 28748South African Labour Corps13/07/1915
Labourer Ben Lowani 28834South African Labour Corps18/10/1915
Labourer Stephen Sikondele 29212South African Labour Corps03/11/1915
Labourer John Goodman 29393South African Labour Corps31/10/1915
Labourer Bye And Bye Makado 29532South African Labour Corps08/07/1915
Labourer Jim Mokukwe 29543South African Labour Corps10/07/1915
Labourer Jan Mgwenga 29918South African Labour Corps22/10/1915
Labourer Thomson Ndlela 30234South African Labour Corps22/12/1915
Labourer Lesebana Libelo 30281South African Labour Corps17/08/1915
Labourer Piet Lekumbe 30497South African Labour Corps24/07/1915
Labourer Jim Reshibengalulu 30531South African Labour Corps18/10/1915
Labourer Jack Mapyanya 30623South African Labour Corps07/08/1915
Labourer Andries Mononetsi 30665South African Labour Corps12/02/1916
Labourer Jack Madolo 30785South African Labour Corps10/09/1915
Labourer Jan Smouse 31049South African Labour Corps17/07/1915
Labourer Abraham Muller K/70South African Labour Corps25/04/1915
Labourer Andries Magena M/1564 (447)South African Labour Corps10/06/1915
Labourer Johnnie Abrams V/60South African Labour Corps20/05/1915
Labourer Chickongo South African Labour Corps10/10/1915
Labourer Jack Conradie South African Labour Corps25/06/1915
Labourer Gert Devere South African Labour Corps11/03/1915
Labourer David Jacobus South African Labour Corps04/06/1915
Labourer Sam Kafa South African Labour Corps23/07/1915
Labourer Kamboude South African Labour Corps08/10/1915
Labourer Jacob Lembo South African Labour Corps04/10/1915
Labourer John Lengo South African Labour Corps23/02/1916
Labourer John Machalo South African Labour Corps22/07/1915
Labourer Zulu Madhliwa South African Labour Corps23/01/1915
Labourer Paul Mpamoce South African Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jan Newfeldt South African Labour Corps05/01/1916
Labourer Morris October South African Labour Corps15/06/1915
Driver John Swartz South African Labour Corps29/03/1915
Labourer John Tim Tuka South African Labour Corps20/05/1915
Labourer Petrus 873South African Labour Corps09/06/1915
Labourer Henry 877South African Labour Corps22/03/1915
Labourer Booyse Tiger 3684South African Labour Corps12/09/1915
Labourer Andries South African Labour Corps09/10/1915
Labourer Ben South African Labour Corps20/08/1915
Cape Boy Frederick Frieslaar South African Labour Corps02/06/1915
Driver Gordon 31South African Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Japie Collins 200South African Labour Corps17/05/1915
Labourer David 291South African Labour Corps11/07/1915
Labourer Jack Key 601South African Labour Corps04/01/1915
Labourer William Sepanya 730South African Labour Corps25/04/1915
Labourer Marcus Samuel 996South African Labour Corps03/05/1915
Labourer Marikukuma Masoja 1486South African Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Jan Makuman 1683South African Labour Corps16/04/1915
Labourer Alpheus Mahlapisi 1705South African Labour Corps20/05/1915
Labourer David Mobo 1730South African Labour Corps08/03/1915
Labourer Leo Maboze 2102South African Labour Corps19/05/1915
Labourer Johnson 2639South African Labour Corps29/04/1915
Labourer Philip Nicostor 4007South African Labour Corps06/01/1915
Labourer Jan Magaduka 4099South African Labour Corps19/07/1915
Labourer Isaac Jacobs 5293South African Labour Corps16/03/1915
Labourer Johannes Marma 6154South African Labour Corps27/08/1915
Labourer Charlie Mokhino 6340South African Labour Corps07/02/1915
Labourer Johannes Zizake 6621South African Labour Corps03/05/1915
Labourer Andrew Fleures 7727South African Labour Corps26/04/1916
Labourer Johannes Swartz 9571South African Labour Corps05/05/1915
Labourer Loyiso Mpofu 9836South African Labour Corps31/05/1915
Labourer Festus Moshome 11078South African Labour Corps12/05/1915
Labourer Adam Adams 13730South African Labour Corps06/06/1915
Labourer Jan Olivier 14730South African Labour Corps14/08/1915
Labourer Joseph Wongana 15028South African Labour Corps11/07/1915
Labourer Leonard Adams 15249South African Labour Corps18/07/1916
Labourer Beef Shinga 17019South African Labour Corps25/05/1915
Labourer John Swartz 22424South African Labour Corps10/08/1915
Labourer Jim Mhloba 24373South African Labour Corps11/06/1915
Labourer Petiros Moshabele 25949South African Labour Corps19/06/1915
Labourer Tlagati Molemi 25993South African Labour Corps03/06/1915
Labourer Alfred Mack Sopaga 28920South African Labour Corps19/10/1915
Labourer Marcus Khatedi Sidinia 27/111South African Labour Corps16/05/1915
Labourer Adam Kukwane D/439South African Labour Corps19/03/1915
Labourer Jacob Magrimo D/62South African Labour Corps31/05/1915
Cape Boy Klaas Swartz G/269South African Labour Corps11/04/1915
Labourer April Mathuse K/972South African Labour Corps12/06/1916
Labourer Tom Jani K/976South African Labour Corps11/05/1915
Labourer John Richards M/1792South African Labour Corps01/05/1915
Driver Antonie M/1801South African Labour Corps17/05/1915
Labourer Frans Stephans M/4436South African Labour Corps08/03/1915
Labourer Richard Johnson M/8944South African Labour Corps03/11/1915
Labourer Dolly Jenniker South African Labour Corps23/01/1915
Labourer David Molale M/985South African Labour Corps07/05/1915 (aged 17)
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PUGU ROAD 1914-1918 MEMORIALTanzania100
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Tuesday 4 August 1914400
Monday 4 January 1915100
Wednesday 6 January 1915100
Saturday 9 January 1915100
Saturday 23 January 1915200
Friday 5 February 1915100
Sunday 7 February 1915100
Tuesday 9 February 1915100
Monday 22 February 1915100
Saturday 6 March 1915100
Monday 8 March 1915300
Tuesday 9 March 1915100
Thursday 11 March 1915200
Sunday 14 March 1915100
Tuesday 16 March 1915100
Friday 19 March 1915100
Monday 22 March 1915300
Monday 29 March 1915100
Friday 2 April 1915100
Saturday 10 April 1915100
Sunday 11 April 1915200
Tuesday 13 April 1915200
Friday 16 April 1915100
Sunday 25 April 1915200
Monday 26 April 1915100
Tuesday 27 April 1915100
Wednesday 28 April 1915100
Thursday 29 April 1915100
Saturday 1 May 1915100
Monday 3 May 1915200
Wednesday 5 May 1915100
Friday 7 May 1915100
Saturday 8 May 1915100
Sunday 9 May 1915100
Tuesday 11 May 1915200
Wednesday 12 May 1915100
Sunday 16 May 1915100
Monday 17 May 1915300
Wednesday 19 May 1915100
Thursday 20 May 1915400
Friday 21 May 1915100
Tuesday 25 May 1915100
Saturday 29 May 1915100
Monday 31 May 1915200
Wednesday 2 June 1915100
Thursday 3 June 1915100
Friday 4 June 1915100
Sunday 6 June 1915100
Tuesday 8 June 1915100
Wednesday 9 June 1915100
Thursday 10 June 1915300
Friday 11 June 1915200
Saturday 12 June 1915100
Tuesday 15 June 1915100
Thursday 17 June 1915100
Saturday 19 June 1915200
Sunday 20 June 1915100
Friday 25 June 1915200
Saturday 26 June 1915100
Sunday 27 June 1915100
Tuesday 29 June 1915100
Wednesday 30 June 1915100
Saturday 3 July 1915100
Monday 5 July 1915100
Tuesday 6 July 1915100
Thursday 8 July 1915100
Saturday 10 July 1915100
Sunday 11 July 1915300
Monday 12 July 1915100
Tuesday 13 July 1915100
Wednesday 14 July 1915200
Thursday 15 July 1915100
Friday 16 July 1915100
Saturday 17 July 1915200
Sunday 18 July 1915100
Monday 19 July 1915400
Tuesday 20 July 1915100
Thursday 22 July 1915200
Friday 23 July 1915200
Saturday 24 July 1915100
Monday 26 July 1915100
Tuesday 27 July 1915100
Wednesday 4 August 1915100
Saturday 7 August 1915200
Tuesday 10 August 1915200
Saturday 14 August 1915100
Sunday 15 August 1915100
Tuesday 17 August 1915100
Friday 20 August 1915200
Saturday 21 August 1915100
Tuesday 24 August 1915100
Wednesday 25 August 1915100
Friday 27 August 1915100
Tuesday 31 August 1915200
Thursday 2 September 1915100
Monday 6 September 1915300
Wednesday 8 September 1915200
Friday 10 September 1915100
Sunday 12 September 1915100
Tuesday 14 September 1915100
Friday 17 September 1915100
Saturday 25 September 1915100
Monday 4 October 1915100
Thursday 7 October 1915100
Friday 8 October 1915100
Saturday 9 October 1915100
Sunday 10 October 1915200
Friday 15 October 1915100
Sunday 17 October 1915100
Monday 18 October 1915200
Tuesday 19 October 1915100
Friday 22 October 1915100
Sunday 24 October 1915200
Sunday 31 October 1915100
Monday 1 November 1915100
Wednesday 3 November 1915200
Friday 12 November 1915100
Saturday 13 November 1915100
Monday 15 November 1915100
Wednesday 17 November 1915100
Monday 29 November 1915100
Wednesday 8 December 1915100
Saturday 11 December 1915100
Wednesday 22 December 1915100
Wednesday 5 January 1916100
Tuesday 25 January 1916100
Thursday 3 February 1916100
Wednesday 9 February 1916100
Saturday 12 February 1916100
Sunday 20 February 1916100
Wednesday 23 February 1916200
Wednesday 26 April 1916100
Monday 12 June 1916100
Tuesday 18 July 1916100
Wednesday 13 December 1916100
Tuesday 15 May 1917100
Sunday 3 February 1918100
Thursday 3 October 1918100
Thursday 28 November 1918100
Friday 14 March 1919100
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