Egyptian Labour Corps

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Second Lieutenant Cobb Egyptian Labour Corps15/12/1920
Labourer Muhammad Abdullah 5507Egyptian Labour Corps22/11/1917
Nafar (Private) Abrahim Mohammed Ahd S/443Egyptian Labour Corps02/08/1917
Labourer Hassan Mohamed 159404Egyptian Labour Corps28/02/1920
Labourer Ismail Abol 9096Egyptian Labour Corps09/02/1920
Labourer Muhammad Ahmad Abdulla 74543Egyptian Labour Corps28/01/1919
Labourer Abdul Morganhohd 158106Egyptian Labour Corps13/02/1920
Labourer Mohamed Hassan Basyemal 182832Egyptian Labour Corps11/11/1920
Labourer Ali Abdel Zahir Gabin 15098Egyptian Labour Corps27/11/1918
Labourer Ibrahim Salim El Rakshi 148253Egyptian Labour Corps05/10/1919
Labourer Moharib Ibrahim Said 6510Egyptian Labour Corps03/08/1917
Labourer Mohamed Bakir Bakir 4481Egyptian Labour Corps12/06/1917
Labourer Sultan Abdul Kader 1576Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Abdel Qadir Shafi 26602Egyptian Labour Corps31/12/1918
Shawish (Serjeant) Raionbi Hassan Egyptian Labour Corps03/11/1918
Serjeant Casvenir 224Egyptian Labour Corps11/04/1917
Labourer Abu Eid Mohamed 4130Egyptian Labour Corps21/09/1917
Labourer Hammouda Handalla 6849Egyptian Labour Corps01/09/1917
Labourer Muhammad Mustafa El Masri 16638Egyptian Labour Corps30/11/1918
Labourer Raysis Zaki Mustafa Malakenni 137221Egyptian Labour Corps13/07/1919
Serjeant Kalisker 889Egyptian Labour Corps12/02/1919
Nafar (Private) Sayed Mohamed Helmi F/10943Egyptian Labour Corps27/05/1917
Nafar (Private) Mansur Bukizan C16Egyptian Labour Corps10/11/1915
Labourer Abdallah Majid Aly 162286Egyptian Labour Corps12/10/1920
Labourer Soliman Shakir Ibrahim 1543Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Sapper Ayous Mikuiel 4974Egyptian Labour Corps04/08/1914
Labourer Ahmed Sayed 2694Egyptian Labour Corps23/08/1920
Labourer Risk Khadr Hassan 183258Egyptian Labour Corps01/01/1918
Labourer Muhammad Hassan Ahmad 136957Egyptian Labour Corps24/08/1919
Nafar (Private) Hafiz Ali Egyptian Labour Corps02/02/1920
Labourer Hagazi Said Houssein 5428Egyptian Labour Corps16/10/1917
Sowar Mohamed Mabrouk 2274Egyptian Labour Corps28/02/1920
Labourer Abdel Muhammad Baraket 112775Egyptian Labour Corps15/03/1919
Labourer Ahmad Abdul 6241Egyptian Labour Corps11/04/1919
Labourer Ameen Abdel Rahim 1516Egyptian Labour Corps13/09/1917
Labourer Berket Hemeid Neeman 257Egyptian Labour Corps29/03/1917
Labourer Salim Ahmad 8484Egyptian Labour Corps27/10/1917
Labourer Abbas Morgun Egyptian Labour Corps03/03/1920
Labourer Mustafa Beshir 173519Egyptian Labour Corps21/03/1920
Labourer Ahmed Mohamed 24517Egyptian Labour Corps23/11/1917
Labourer Hamid Osman Gaudil 65704Egyptian Labour Corps17/01/1919
Labourer Moh Madgered 182928Egyptian Labour Corps15/02/1921
Labourer Abdel Rahman Sayid 50438Egyptian Labour Corps24/02/1919
Labourer Ibrahim Elmulawy 1851Egyptian Labour Corps26/11/1918
Driver Ali Sayid 13221Egyptian Labour Corps09/11/1918
Labourer Abdalla Masoud Khaili 3973Egyptian Labour Corps29/05/1917
Labourer Abdel Aal Mohamed 12150Egyptian Labour Corps15/09/1917
Nafar (Private) Mishan Zalamyan 2058Egyptian Labour Corps11/12/1915
Labourer Abdel Mayid El Sayid 51839Egyptian Labour Corps17/12/1918
Labourer Ibrahim Mimatalla 26607Egyptian Labour Corps01/12/1918
Labourer Ahmad Muhammad Hamid 5090Egyptian Labour Corps10/11/1918
Labourer Tumering Egyptian Labour Corps23/10/1918
Labourer Mohamed Ibrahim El Sayed 10447Egyptian Labour Corps06/01/1918
Labourer Mohamed Ahmed Aly 3435Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Yussef Abdallah 179Egyptian Labour Corps28/02/1920
Labourer Ali Farig 140389Egyptian Labour Corps15/07/1918
Labourer Abdel Al Mohamedien 1606Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Sayed Mohamed Senary 12439Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Mahmoud Ramadan 184770Egyptian Labour Corps02/11/1920
Labourer Rais Mansour Hassan Mansour 1118Egyptian Labour Corps11/09/1917
Labourer Adib Aly Ahmed Egyptian Labour Corps16/01/1921
Labourer Abdel Al Ali 11464Egyptian Labour Corps31/05/1917
Captain Simon Cohen Egyptian Labour Corps22/11/1919 (aged 34)
Nafar (Private) Tintawi Zeidan Youssif 4943Egyptian Labour Corps16/07/1917
Labourer Abdel Mawgood Salama 2613Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Suleiman Gowaa 126642Egyptian Labour Corps07/10/1920
Labourer Tbr Abbasa 18812Egyptian Labour Corps25/10/1920
Labourer Abdullah Ahmed 21757Egyptian Labour Corps24/11/1917
Labourer Ahmad Raysis Hassan Havedi 41151Egyptian Labour Corps10/02/1919
Labourer Ali Mustafa Mimnin 61371Egyptian Labour Corps11/03/1919
Labourer Ali Salim Mohamed 7639Egyptian Labour Corps01/11/1917
Labourer Geladioss Habeeb 2046Egyptian Labour Corps20/12/1916
Labourer Abdul Mohdi 184152Egyptian Labour Corps01/01/1918
Labourer Aboul Monsif Khalil 188069Egyptian Labour Corps13/02/1921
Labourer Mustafa Abdel Karim 13559Egyptian Labour Corps28/11/1918
Labourer Awad Abdel Rehim 12333Egyptian Labour Corps11/09/1917
Labourer Marbouli Mohamed 11088Egyptian Labour Corps11/09/1917
Labourer Zedan Osman Hefedi 1563Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer G. De Bishi Karawallis 471Egyptian Labour Corps31/08/1920
Labourer Ibrahim Mohamed Egyptian Labour Corps27/04/1920
Labourer Mohammed Miksem Moed 114921Egyptian Labour Corps30/09/1920
Labourer Ali Muhammad El Rawas Egyptian Labour Corps10/12/1918
Labourer Muhammad Sayid Ahmad 134076Egyptian Labour Corps15/04/1919
Labourer Aly Abdel Rahim 1607Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Houssein Ibrahim Omar 8989Egyptian Labour Corps13/10/1917
Labourer Ali Suleiman 167771Egyptian Labour Corps19/04/1920
Labourer Mohamed Abd Rabs 7937Egyptian Labour Corps03/03/1920
Labourer Mohamed Hassan Saad 5073Egyptian Labour Corps27/08/1917
Labourer Ali Salamat 69Egyptian Labour Corps14/10/1917
Labourer Gomer Hassan 43591Egyptian Labour Corps01/03/1919
Labourer Ibrahim Muntalib Ibrahim 107350Egyptian Labour Corps20/03/1919
Labourer Masud Ibrahim Bekhit 13930Egyptian Labour Corps27/11/1918
Labourer Yussuf Ahmed Egyptian Labour Corps21/02/1920
Labourer Muhammad Rotb Rhettab 103505Egyptian Labour Corps06/07/1919
Labourer Ramadan Egyptian Labour Corps02/08/1917
Labourer Abdel Mobdi Abdel 184752Egyptian Labour Corps01/01/1918
Labourer Mohammed Zehhar Egyptian Labour Corps28/08/1920
Corporal Ahmad Rafat Egyptian Labour Corps02/01/1919
Labourer Rais Darwesh Mustapha Mahas 134229Egyptian Labour Corps15/09/1919
Labourer Sayid Ali Komsan 136037Egyptian Labour Corps30/08/1919
Labourer Moursy M. Kassim 7233Egyptian Labour Corps22/10/1917
Labourer Nasr Ali 12334Egyptian Labour Corps11/09/1917
Labourer Indarwis Beshara 1038Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Hjssein Gad El Karim 2827Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Second Lieutenant Chambers Egyptian Labour Corps26/03/1917
Labourer Abdel Khan Ibrahim 461Egyptian Labour Corps11/08/1920
Labourer Osman Badin Abdallah 180926Egyptian Labour Corps02/02/1921
Labourer Mohamed Bacavi 12641Egyptian Labour Corps13/12/1917
Labourer Hanna Girgis Abdel Mesih 7861Egyptian Labour Corps07/08/1917
Labourer Gassim Egyptian Labour Corps20/06/1917
Labourer Hamada Farag 1692Egyptian Labour Corps25/05/1917
Labourer Saleh Ali Salam 3981Egyptian Labour Corps30/09/1917
Labourer Abdel Ghami Mustafa 330Egyptian Labour Corps30/11/1918
Labourer Muhammad Abdel Wahab Yusuf 148138Egyptian Labour Corps10/12/1919
Labourer Muhammad Salur 1619Egyptian Labour Corps14/11/1918
Labourer Mustapha Sayed Mahomed 8764Egyptian Labour Corps01/11/1917
Labourer Ahmed Rageb Mohamed 6311Egyptian Labour Corps02/10/1917
Labourer Mohamed Jabis Abdallah 17856Egyptian Labour Corps13/09/1920
Labourer Said Hassan 176589Egyptian Labour Corps21/03/1920
Labourer Shibly Shibly Mohammed Egyptian Labour Corps24/02/1920
Labourer Brahim Mohamed Sultan 8038Egyptian Labour Corps28/11/1917
Labourer Mohamed Ahmed Moustafa 6019Egyptian Labour Corps16/09/1917
Labourer Malad Mahran 4190Egyptian Labour Corps30/06/1917
Labourer Ibrahim Mohamed El Morsi 4473Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Nafar (Private) Mitwalli Ibrahim F/11371Egyptian Labour Corps27/05/1917
Labourer Ahmad El Sayid Attar 103508Egyptian Labour Corps23/04/1919
Labourer El Sayid Aminouch 99055Egyptian Labour Corps05/01/1919
Serjeant Adem 04566Egyptian Labour Corps13/06/1917
Labourer Nafar Kara Girgis 6580Egyptian Labour Corps05/09/1919
Labourer Muhammad Khalil El Gayawi 66855Egyptian Labour Corps26/01/1919
Nafar (Private) Sabit Harun Mohamed 8267Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Ahmed Houssein Ahmed 3737Egyptian Labour Corps17/07/1917
Labourer Muhammad Yunus 2533Egyptian Labour Corps29/11/1917
Serjeant Jacques Guzel KL/1061Egyptian Labour Corps18/10/1918 (aged 55)
Labourer Ibrahim Mussa Egyptian Labour Corps20/02/1920
Labourer Nasar Manaur Abdalla 1819Egyptian Labour Corps01/01/1918
Labourer Gaballa Musa Shalbe 13438Egyptian Labour Corps05/03/1919
Labourer Ali Abdel Rahim 6446Egyptian Labour Corps29/10/1917
Labourer Mohamed Ahmed Moustafa 4850Egyptian Labour Corps25/05/1917
Labourer Abdel Sid Said Sudani 2799Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Ahmed Soliman Abdella 1051Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Nicolas Takidi Egyptian Labour Corps07/07/1920
Labourer Abdel Hamid Abd Eisa 91611Egyptian Labour Corps08/05/1919
Labourer Mahmud Sazid El Shukri 43836Egyptian Labour Corps12/12/1918
Labourer Aly Abdulla Omar 8119Egyptian Labour Corps21/09/1917
Labourer Ibrahim Mohamed Dessouki 12118Egyptian Labour Corps16/09/1917
Labourer Mahmoud Ali Amer 4828Egyptian Labour Corps26/07/1917
Labourer Ali Amir 3704Egyptian Labour Corps10/12/1917
Labourer Hassan Ahmed Egyptian Labour Corps26/11/1920
Labourer Khalia Khalil 16085Egyptian Labour Corps13/02/1920
Labourer Abdulla Abdelel Ghani 63327Egyptian Labour Corps25/01/1919
Labourer Hanna Salim Tadros 14671Egyptian Labour Corps09/03/1919
Labourer Sayid Habib 71860Egyptian Labour Corps22/01/1919
Labourer Boutros Garras 1772Egyptian Labour Corps02/12/1916
Labourer Hasan Mohamed Ali Egyptian Labour Corps01/01/1918
Second Lieutenant James Short Egyptian Labour Corps08/04/1919 (aged 42)
Nafar (Private) Sadik Khalil 388Egyptian Labour Corps17/07/1915
Labourer Mahmud Ali Sid Ahmad 61423Egyptian Labour Corps19/12/1918
Labourer Muhammad Hassan Ali 17013Egyptian Labour Corps07/12/1918
Labourer Wassef Ghobrial Abdu 10365Egyptian Labour Corps27/12/1917
Labourer Hassen Sheikhon Ismail 1784Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Mustafa Hassan Egyptian Labour Corps08/01/1919
Labourer Ramadan Shehata Muhammad 14240Egyptian Labour Corps11/03/1919
Labourer Younis Mohamed Soliman 5346Egyptian Labour Corps03/12/1917
Nafar (Private) Mohamed Abdel Genaidi F/10995Egyptian Labour Corps27/05/1917
Labourer Mohammed Yussef Egyptian Labour Corps30/01/1920
Labourer Mansour Houssein Serour 3830Egyptian Labour Corps13/08/1917
Labourer Moh Ali Abdallah Egyptian Labour Corps05/02/1920
Labourer Mohammed Darwish 35005Egyptian Labour Corps22/11/1917
Labourer Muhammad Abdul Hamid Abu Easha 50444Egyptian Labour Corps30/01/1919
Labourer Mohamed Ahmed Mahrous 1125Egyptian Labour Corps08/10/1917
Labourer Shaker Barsoum 164983Egyptian Labour Corps10/12/1920
Labourer Hussain Muhammad Suliman 99017Egyptian Labour Corps08/02/1919
Labourer Sayid Muhammad Ghizaur 39615Egyptian Labour Corps04/12/1918
Labourer Fadel Ibrahim 173921Egyptian Labour Corps05/05/1920
Labourer Bayome Ahmed Helowam 156400Egyptian Labour Corps11/12/1919
Labourer Hussain Hassan Khanes 112260Egyptian Labour Corps21/03/1919
Labourer Rashwen Suliman 6840Egyptian Labour Corps29/01/1919
Labourer Admi Selim 920Egyptian Labour Corps11/03/1920
Labourer Gomma 11516Egyptian Labour Corps21/09/1917
Labourer Abdel Salem Abdalla Hussein 1747Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Abbas Ismail Abideal 71007Egyptian Labour Corps03/04/1919
Labourer Sharabt Girgis 183524Egyptian Labour Corps09/03/1921
Serjeant Loubasko 174Egyptian Labour Corps28/11/1918
Labourer Mahmoud Ahmed Abbas 132492Egyptian Labour Corps01/01/1918
Labourer Rizk Kodr Egyptian Labour Corps30/10/1920
Second Lieutenant Daniel Morgan Thomas Egyptian Labour Corps17/11/1919 (aged 36)
Labourer Mohamed Ibrahim 115500Egyptian Labour Corps02/10/1920
Labourer Sayid Muhammad Sangab 84066Egyptian Labour Corps15/03/1919
Labourer Badr Ibrahim Ali 7430Egyptian Labour Corps14/09/1917
Labourer Ismail Abol Imy 149096Egyptian Labour Corps11/02/1920
Labourer Ahmad Abdul Mahsur 51423Egyptian Labour Corps06/04/1919
Labourer Seif Abdel Shahid Abdel Basit 9114Egyptian Labour Corps29/08/1917
Labourer Mahmoud Mahomed Ahmed 385Egyptian Labour Corps10/10/1917
Labourer Mahmoud Hussein Sayed 7123Egyptian Labour Corps04/10/1917
Labourer Diab Abdel Rahman 2685Egyptian Labour Corps01/08/1917
Labourer Amer Skematin Egyptian Labour Corps07/10/1920
Labourer Sabra M. Youssef 10293Egyptian Labour Corps26/07/1917
Labourer Hamman Shehata Ahmed 1571Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Ali Ali El Shahui 54408Egyptian Labour Corps19/04/1919
Labourer Houssein Ali Heikal 167293Egyptian Labour Corps18/04/1920
Labourer Muhammad Hassan Hassanen 59102Egyptian Labour Corps07/03/1919
Captain Rowden Egyptian Labour Corps01/02/1921
Labourer Ibrahim Mohammed Egyptian Labour Corps19/02/1920
Labourer Seyed Mohammed El Jamel 179684Egyptian Labour Corps17/09/1920
Labourer Abdel Rahman Hassan 1385Egyptian Labour Corps12/02/1919
Labourer Mohamed Gaberab Abdel Gayed 9962Egyptian Labour Corps10/09/1917
Labourer Ismail Mohamed Osman 12585Egyptian Labour Corps12/09/1917
Labourer Abdul Asyne Abdel Karim 112776Egyptian Labour Corps01/04/1919
Labourer Goda Gindu 41168Egyptian Labour Corps31/01/1919
Labourer Muhammad Sayid El Dahy 140999Egyptian Labour Corps10/12/1919
Labourer Muhammad Endile 145563Egyptian Labour Corps17/11/1918
Labourer Abdul Gaward Farag Ali F7867Egyptian Labour Corps02/07/1917
Lance Corporal Cattan 792Egyptian Labour Corps17/08/1918
Nafar (Private) Tadros Kolta F/11393Egyptian Labour Corps30/05/1917
Labourer Semmain Khalifa 164613Egyptian Labour Corps26/12/1920
Labourer Ali Abu Emsa Egyptian Labour Corps05/12/1918
Labourer Abdalla Osman Amara 112304Egyptian Labour Corps28/03/1919
Labourer Ibrahim Ali Attalla 11529Egyptian Labour Corps20/08/1917
Labourer Muhammad Ali Abdulla 45439Egyptian Labour Corps02/12/1918
Labourer Meawad Nessim 2023Egyptian Labour Corps20/12/1916
Labourer Aly Ahmed El Deramally Egyptian Labour Corps02/10/1920
Labourer Abdel Hamid Sayid Egyptian Labour Corps24/01/1919
Labourer Ali Ali Eluseimy 12324Egyptian Labour Corps26/11/1918
Labourer Sayid Ayad 99009Egyptian Labour Corps22/01/1919
Labourer Younis Ahmed Hussein 5198Egyptian Labour Corps06/12/1917
Labourer Mohamed Ahmed El Hussein Egyptian Labour Corps13/01/1921
Labourer Mahmod Disokialy 183315Egyptian Labour Corps15/11/1920
Labourer Hassan Moustafa 11031Egyptian Labour Corps11/09/1917
Labourer Malato Gobrian 129BMEgyptian Labour Corps26/05/1917
Labourer Hassan El Sayid Hassan 16073Egyptian Labour Corps13/04/1919
Labourer Oraba Mohamed Osman 6538Egyptian Labour Corps25/08/1917
Labourer Ardel Al Mohamed Ali 2808Egyptian Labour Corps05/05/1917
Labourer Mustafa Abdel Higaz 177Egyptian Labour Corps14/04/1920
Labourer Hamad El Sayid Darwesh 101321Egyptian Labour Corps15/04/1919
Labourer Ibrahim Giladishakir F/4372Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Farag Nasir 1431Egyptian Labour Corps27/11/1917
Labourer Said Ahmed Said 173532Egyptian Labour Corps22/04/1920
Labourer Ahmed Abu Zed Farrah 7250Egyptian Labour Corps28/08/1917
Labourer Mohamed Ali Houssein 4581Egyptian Labour Corps27/08/1917
Labourer Attia Husseun Mowad F/4046Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Corporal Hadji Keghkegian 424Egyptian Labour Corps26/08/1917
Labourer Ali Abdallah Osman 156177Egyptian Labour Corps09/02/1921
Labourer Abdel Salib Hanna 2767Egyptian Labour Corps05/05/1917
Labourer Ahmed Axabs 8760Egyptian Labour Corps23/02/1920
Labourer Mohammed Said Ahed 7216Egyptian Labour Corps16/04/1920
Labourer Ibrahim Musad 84062Egyptian Labour Corps29/12/1918
Labourer Muhammad Abdulla Abdel Herion 2902Egyptian Labour Corps14/12/1918
Labourer Ali Ahmed El Zahir 11584Egyptian Labour Corps11/09/1917
Labourer Abbas Mohamed Egyptian Labour Corps05/12/1920
Labourer Abbass Mohamed 11496Egyptian Labour Corps27/05/1917
Labourer Mohammed Shihate Egyptian Labour Corps31/01/1921
Labourer Hassan Fargali Hassan 116207Egyptian Labour Corps25/03/1919
Labourer Mahbradi Hassan Aly 15740Egyptian Labour Corps26/08/1920
Labourer Ibrahim Chehata 33317Egyptian Labour Corps22/11/1917
Labourer Abdel Rahman Ali 14591Egyptian Labour Corps11/02/1919
Labourer Awad Muhammad El Sherbanni 76515Egyptian Labour Corps10/04/1919
Labourer Muhammad Ali Ramadan 65699Egyptian Labour Corps27/03/1919
Labourer Zaki Khalil F/1271Egyptian Labour Corps09/10/1917
Labourer Hassan Ahmed Habash 6197Egyptian Labour Corps04/08/1917
Labourer Mohamed Ali Salama 12264Egyptian Labour Corps11/09/1917
Labourer Mohamed Aly Yussef 2813Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Sayed Ahmed Omar 397Egyptian Labour Corps10/09/1917
Labourer Abdel Rahim Sharif Egyptian Labour Corps18/01/1919
Labourer Muhammad Helal Ali 13801Egyptian Labour Corps14/02/1919
Labourer Armed Aly Hamza 2792Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Gad El Rab Deif 2606Egyptian Labour Corps12/06/1917
Labourer Mohamed Mahmud Khalil 1114Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Mursi Hassan Aly 1487Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Tarya Awad El Sayed 2214Egyptian Labour Corps06/09/1917
Labourer Moursi Sarhan Ibraim 1017Egyptian Labour Corps07/09/1917
Labourer Faraz Abdul Halim 134244Egyptian Labour Corps15/09/1919
Labourer Muhammad Haudi Egyptian Labour Corps11/02/1919
Labourer Hassab Ali Attia 6495Egyptian Labour Corps04/08/1917
Labourer Ahmed Omer Moursi 4205Egyptian Labour Corps14/05/1917
Labourer Abid Kerim Damed Egyptian Labour Corps03/05/1920
Labourer Bislu Karrawlla 860Egyptian Labour Corps31/08/1920
Labourer Hussein Ahmed Egyptian Labour Corps20/02/1920
Labourer Hassan Adam Muhammad 501192Egyptian Labour Corps02/10/1919
Labourer Hassan Attike Muhammad 5794Egyptian Labour Corps25/12/1918
Labourer Ibrahim Sid Ahmad 10322Egyptian Labour Corps02/12/1918
Labourer Mohamed Ahmed Khalifa 5240Egyptian Labour Corps03/09/1917
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Tuesday 4 August 1914100
Saturday 17 July 1915100
Wednesday 10 November 1915100
Saturday 11 December 1915100
Saturday 2 December 1916100
Wednesday 20 December 1916200
Monday 26 March 1917100
Thursday 29 March 1917100
Wednesday 11 April 1917100
Saturday 5 May 1917200
Monday 14 May 1917100
Friday 25 May 1917200
Saturday 26 May 1917100
Sunday 27 May 1917400
Tuesday 29 May 1917100
Wednesday 30 May 1917100
Thursday 31 May 1917100
Tuesday 12 June 1917200
Wednesday 13 June 1917100
Wednesday 20 June 1917100
Saturday 30 June 1917100
Monday 2 July 1917100
Monday 16 July 1917100
Tuesday 17 July 1917100
Thursday 26 July 1917200
Wednesday 1 August 1917100
Thursday 2 August 1917200
Friday 3 August 1917100
Saturday 4 August 1917200
Tuesday 7 August 1917100
Monday 13 August 1917100
Monday 20 August 1917100
Saturday 25 August 1917100
Sunday 26 August 1917100
Monday 27 August 1917200
Tuesday 28 August 1917100
Wednesday 29 August 1917100
Saturday 1 September 1917100
Monday 3 September 1917100
Thursday 6 September 19172400
Friday 7 September 1917100
Monday 10 September 1917200
Tuesday 11 September 1917700
Wednesday 12 September 1917100
Thursday 13 September 1917100
Friday 14 September 1917100
Saturday 15 September 1917100
Sunday 16 September 1917200
Friday 21 September 1917300
Sunday 30 September 1917100
Tuesday 2 October 1917100
Thursday 4 October 1917100
Monday 8 October 1917100
Tuesday 9 October 1917100
Wednesday 10 October 1917100
Saturday 13 October 1917100
Sunday 14 October 1917100
Tuesday 16 October 1917100
Monday 22 October 1917100
Saturday 27 October 1917100
Monday 29 October 1917100
Thursday 1 November 1917200
Thursday 22 November 1917300
Friday 23 November 1917100
Saturday 24 November 1917100
Tuesday 27 November 1917100
Wednesday 28 November 1917100
Thursday 29 November 1917100
Monday 3 December 1917100
Thursday 6 December 1917100
Monday 10 December 1917100
Thursday 13 December 1917100
Thursday 27 December 1917100
Tuesday 1 January 1918600
Sunday 6 January 1918100
Monday 15 July 1918100
Saturday 17 August 1918100
Friday 18 October 1918100
Wednesday 23 October 1918100
Sunday 3 November 1918100
Saturday 9 November 1918100
Sunday 10 November 1918100
Thursday 14 November 1918100
Sunday 17 November 1918100
Tuesday 26 November 1918200
Wednesday 27 November 1918200
Thursday 28 November 1918200
Saturday 30 November 1918200
Sunday 1 December 1918100
Monday 2 December 1918200
Wednesday 4 December 1918100
Thursday 5 December 1918100
Saturday 7 December 1918100
Tuesday 10 December 1918100
Thursday 12 December 1918100
Saturday 14 December 1918100
Tuesday 17 December 1918100
Thursday 19 December 1918100
Wednesday 25 December 1918100
Sunday 29 December 1918100
Tuesday 31 December 1918100
Thursday 2 January 1919100
Sunday 5 January 1919100
Wednesday 8 January 1919100
Friday 17 January 1919100
Saturday 18 January 1919100
Wednesday 22 January 1919200
Friday 24 January 1919100
Saturday 25 January 1919100
Sunday 26 January 1919100
Tuesday 28 January 1919100
Wednesday 29 January 1919100
Thursday 30 January 1919100
Friday 31 January 1919100
Saturday 8 February 1919100
Monday 10 February 1919100
Tuesday 11 February 1919200
Wednesday 12 February 1919200
Friday 14 February 1919100
Monday 24 February 1919100
Saturday 1 March 1919100
Wednesday 5 March 1919100
Friday 7 March 1919100
Sunday 9 March 1919100
Tuesday 11 March 1919200
Saturday 15 March 1919200
Thursday 20 March 1919100
Friday 21 March 1919100
Tuesday 25 March 1919100
Thursday 27 March 1919100
Friday 28 March 1919100
Tuesday 1 April 1919100
Thursday 3 April 1919100
Sunday 6 April 1919100
Tuesday 8 April 1919110
Thursday 10 April 1919100
Friday 11 April 1919100
Sunday 13 April 1919100
Tuesday 15 April 1919200
Saturday 19 April 1919100
Wednesday 23 April 1919100
Thursday 8 May 1919100
Sunday 6 July 1919100
Sunday 13 July 1919100
Sunday 24 August 1919100
Saturday 30 August 1919100
Friday 5 September 1919100
Monday 15 September 1919200
Thursday 2 October 1919100
Sunday 5 October 1919100
Monday 17 November 1919100
Saturday 22 November 1919110
Wednesday 10 December 1919200
Thursday 11 December 1919100
Friday 30 January 1920100
Monday 2 February 1920100
Thursday 5 February 1920100
Monday 9 February 1920100
Wednesday 11 February 1920100
Friday 13 February 1920200
Thursday 19 February 1920100
Friday 20 February 1920200
Saturday 21 February 1920100
Monday 23 February 1920100
Tuesday 24 February 1920100
Saturday 28 February 1920300
Wednesday 3 March 1920200
Thursday 11 March 1920100
Sunday 21 March 1920200
Wednesday 14 April 1920100
Friday 16 April 1920100
Sunday 18 April 1920100
Monday 19 April 1920100
Thursday 22 April 1920100
Tuesday 27 April 1920100
Monday 3 May 1920100
Wednesday 5 May 1920100
Wednesday 7 July 1920100
Wednesday 11 August 1920100
Monday 23 August 1920100
Thursday 26 August 1920100
Saturday 28 August 1920100
Tuesday 31 August 1920200
Monday 13 September 1920100
Friday 17 September 1920100
Thursday 30 September 1920100
Saturday 2 October 1920200
Thursday 7 October 1920200
Tuesday 12 October 1920100
Monday 25 October 1920100
Saturday 30 October 1920100
Tuesday 2 November 1920100
Thursday 11 November 1920100
Monday 15 November 1920100
Friday 26 November 1920100
Sunday 5 December 1920100
Friday 10 December 1920100
Wednesday 15 December 1920111
Sunday 26 December 1920100
Thursday 13 January 1921100
Sunday 16 January 1921100
Monday 31 January 1921100
Tuesday 1 February 1921100
Wednesday 2 February 1921100
Wednesday 9 February 1921100
Sunday 13 February 1921100
Tuesday 15 February 1921100
Wednesday 9 March 1921100
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