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ImageNameRegimentDate of deathConnection to location
Acting Corporal William Richard Cotter 6707The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)14/03/1916 (aged 33)personal connection
Private Thomas George Reed 201799The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)14/10/1917 (aged 27)personal connection
Private Clayson M2/178164Army Service Corps06/03/1918 (aged 19)personal connection
Leading Seaman William John Windsor Z/6962Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve09/10/1918 (aged 30)personal connection
Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Alfred Brooke Alston Northamptonshire Regiment11/08/1917 (aged 40)personal connection
Lieutenant Astley Ralph Hawkins Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Attentive16/02/1919 (aged 54)personal connection
Driver Richard Albert Golden 33804Royal Horse Artillery28/10/1915 (aged 34)personal connection
Private Erving R. Fairclough 55202Canadian Infantry10/08/1916 (aged 23)personal connection
Serjeant Huckstep 21305Royal Air Force, Reception Depot03/11/1918 (aged 33)personal connection and buried here
Gunner Ernest George Epps 147088Royal Garrison Artillery03/10/1918 (aged 20)personal connection
Stoker 1st Class Frederick Henry Holmes K/17488Royal Navy, HMS Pathfinder05/09/1914 (aged 24)personal connection
Private George J. Jago 36036Gloucestershire Regiment25/08/1918 (aged 19)personal connection
Private Unwin 29939Middlesex Regiment17/11/1916 (aged 31)personal connection
Private George Thomas Pope 44089King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry04/10/1917 (aged 29)personal connection
Private Alfred Edmed 466543Canadian Infantry21/08/1917 (aged 31)personal connection
Private Ernest Fisher 14663Gloucestershire Regiment08/05/1917 (aged 27)personal connection
Second Lieutenant Alfred John Maltby Royal Air Force, 6th Training Sqdn.20/06/1918 (aged 19)personal connection
Private Philpott G/8226The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)03/07/1916 (aged 18)personal connection
Private Robert William Hoile 7140London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)25/01/1917 (aged 32)personal connection
Serjeant Ernest William Huxtable 37566th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers)23/08/1914personal connection
Private George Herbert Stone 17970Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)05/07/1918 (aged 42)personal connection
Private Keith Peterson 3661Australian Infantry, A.I.F.15/04/1921personal connection
Lance Serjeant William Willis Hogben 11053Royal Welsh Fusiliers15/10/1917 (aged 30)personal connection
Able Seaman Thomas Henry Jago 143594Royal Navy, (R.F.R./CH/A/1786) HMS Pembroke26/03/1918 (aged 46)personal connection
Private John Owen Hogben G/21240Royal Fusiliers27/08/1918 (aged 25)personal connection
Able Seaman William Bruce Drayner 205138Royal Navy, (RFR/CH/B/6684). HMS Hogue22/09/1914 (aged 30)personal connection
Private Ernest Cecil Stephen Prior 5298London Regiment (London Scottish)01/07/1916 (aged 20)personal connection
Private William Howland G/4361The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)13/10/1915 (aged 18)personal connection
Private John Isaac Williams 202121King's Shropshire Light Infantry30/11/1917 (aged 36)personal connection
Private Frederick George Crook 57667Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)01/05/1917 (aged 26)personal connection
Petty Officer Stoker William John Dodd Epps 154131Royal Navy, (RFR/CH/A/1834). HMS Cressy22/09/1914 (aged 47)personal connection
Serjeant Albert Edwin Rowe 10852Royal Fusiliers31/12/1914 (aged 26)personal connection
Serjeant Henry Elliott Ruckledge 7449Leicestershire Regiment31/03/1915 (aged 37)personal connection
Sergeant Richard Kennedy 715690Canadian Infantry08/09/1916 (aged 36)buried here
Private Yeo 226191Canadian Reserve Cavalry Regiment25/05/1917buried here
Cadet Claude Vivian Grigson 183204Royal Air Force, 1st Cadet Wing15/10/1918 (aged 18)buried here
Gunner Ernest William Bayes 86503Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 23)buried here
Cadet Reginald Allison 184690Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing08/11/1918 (aged 18)buried here
Lieutenant Mcwha Royal Flying Corps05/01/1917buried here
Lieutenant Mclachlin Canadian Artillery19/08/1917buried here
Private Mcalpine 193116Canadian Infantry16/11/1916buried here
Nursing Sister Victoria Belle Hennan Canadian Army Medical Corps23/10/1918 (aged 31)buried here
Private Chambers 451068Canadian Infantry05/07/1916 (aged 17)buried here
Labourer Yang Chi Chun 72367Chinese Labour Corps30/04/1918buried here
Labourer Wang Chin T'ien 109761Chinese Labour Corps04/04/1918buried here
Labourer Niu Yun Huai 24640Chinese Labour Corps02/07/1917buried here
Labourer Liu Ching I 37614Chinese Labour Corps01/01/1918buried here
Labourer Ch'en Te Hsuan 11916Chinese Labour Corps30/08/1917buried here
Labourer Chiao Pi Ch'eng 105994Chinese Labour Corps13/04/1918buried here
Lance Corporal White G/67The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)12/01/1915buried here
Private Vey 41184Canadian Army Medical Corps15/11/1918buried here
Private Frank Taylor 510525Canadian Army Service Corps15/04/1916 (aged 23)buried here
Private Stretch 3393Leinster Regiment01/04/1915buried here
Member Ethel Maud Lilian Richards Women's Royal Air Force02/10/1918 (aged 26)buried here
Gunner Charles Gordon Peterkin 86676Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 27)buried here
Private Charles Robert Mullenger 16051Suffolk Regiment31/01/1915 (aged 21)buried here
Private John Joshua Wallace King 470511Canadian Infantry27/04/1917 (aged 22)buried here
Company Quartermaster Sergeant Jenner 273124Canadian Infantry25/05/1917 (aged 26)buried here
Private James 29578Royal Defence Corps29/12/1916buried here
Serjeant Henry George Gardiner 26675Royal Flying Corps08/09/1917 (aged 38)buried here
Private Fenwick 104739Canadian Infantry11/01/1916 (aged 18)buried here
Gunner Jules Benjamin Alfred Desaleux 1250216Canadian Field Artillery25/05/1917 (aged 29)buried here
Private Edmond Patrick Burke 527393Canadian Army Medical Corps12/10/1918buried here
Private Hedley Benjamin Adams 1000710Canadian Infantry13/03/1917 (aged 23)buried here
Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey Campbell Scarr Royal Air Force, No. 1 Observer School of Aerial Gunnery18/11/1918buried here
Sapper Gyatt 502511Canadian Engineers22/05/1916buried here
Gunner Louis Joseph Foster Wade 44055Canadian Field Artillery20/07/1916 (aged 24)buried here
Private Samuel Beckerleg Hall 267099Kent Cyclist Battalion26/04/1919 (aged 29)buried here
Private Frank Milton Walker 2293737Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)09/07/1918 (aged 21)buried here
Private Hall 9970Devonshire Regiment30/06/1915 (aged 19)buried here
Private Walker 463846Canadian Infantry17/04/1916buried here
Corporal William Robert Hallam 14520Royal Garrison Artillery03/11/1919 (aged 35)buried here
Private Joseph Walker 104728Canadian Infantry04/01/1916 (aged 20)buried here
Private James Hamilton 488700Canadian Infantry14/10/1916buried here
Leading Boatman Walker 204453HM Coastguard28/11/1920buried here
Private Hamilton 63408ALIAS13/10/1915buried here
Private Walker 288598Canadian Infantry20/06/1917buried here
Private Hammond M2/147186Army Service Corps26/09/1916buried here
Corporal Arthur Edward Walter 838960Canadian Infantry13/04/1917 (aged 25)buried here
Private Charles Johan Hanson 913249Canadian Infantry23/02/1917buried here
Private Arthur Ernest Wambolt 471012Canadian Infantry20/05/1916 (aged 32)buried here
Private William Hanson 404106Canadian Infantry22/10/1917 (aged 23)buried here
Sapper Albert Edward William Ward 14482Australian Engineers13/02/1919 (aged 36)buried here
Private Harris 527578Canadian Army Medical Corps16/01/1917buried here
Private Ward 443103Canadian Infantry22/12/1915buried here
Gunner Wilfred George Harris 86658Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 30)buried here
Private Wardle 187788Canadian Infantry25/08/1916 (aged 25)buried here
Sapper Harrison 505172Canadian Engineers15/10/1916buried here
Private Warner 454592Canadian Infantry08/01/1916buried here
Sergeant Francis William Hartridge 45287Canadian Engineers10/04/1916 (aged 32)buried here
Private Waterhouse 28588Bedfordshire Regiment10/11/1918 (aged 32)buried here
Private Harvey 61974Canadian Infantry29/07/1915 (aged 24)buried here
Cadet Weir 183670Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing28/10/1918 (aged 18)buried here
Private Hawkins 602797Canadian Infantry01/02/1918buried here
Private John Welbon 1066136Canadian Infantry16/11/1917 (aged 34)buried here
Soldaat 2 kl Vrijwilliger Armand Marie Auguste Flerand Belgian Army23/03/1917buried here
Private William Philip Hays 898387Canadian Infantry21/11/1916 (aged 17)buried here
Cadet Wells 182104Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing05/10/1918 (aged 23)buried here
Private Heal 690The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)16/03/1915buried here
Driver West 40729Canadian Field Artillery03/04/1915 (aged 48)buried here
Private Whalen 788907Canadian Infantry04/10/1917buried here
Private Albert Arthur Hewson 1093904th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion16/04/1917 (aged 21)buried here
Private George Wheeler 507Canadian Infantry25/10/1915 (aged 45)buried here
Private Hicks 661060Canadian Infantry15/10/1917buried here
Private Wheeler 140222Canadian Infantry30/12/1915 (aged 45)buried here
Private Edward Hiscock 478518Royal Canadian Regiment28/12/1915 (aged 21)buried here
Private Wheetman 19378Yorkshire Regiment14/04/1915buried here
Private Hoffman 425561Canadian Infantry23/10/1916buried here
Corporal Arthur Samuel Whetstone 100220Canadian Infantry19/02/1918 (aged 34)buried here
Private David Edward Hogue 432786Canadian Infantry06/10/1915 (aged 40)buried here
Private Isaac George Whitcomb 790899Canadian Infantry19/12/1916 (aged 50)buried here
Serjeant Hopkins 55Royal Garrison Artillery26/05/1915buried here
Gunner Henry Adrian Horn 86777Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 19)buried here
Private Sidney John White 19932Canadian Infantry15/12/1915 (aged 28)buried here
Private Hoskins 475109Canadian Infantry24/09/1915buried here
Private White GS/7046Royal Fusiliers11/12/1914buried here
Driver Hough 64071Royal Field Artillery05/03/1915buried here
Private Robert Whitehead 769391Canadian Infantry17/07/1916 (aged 20)buried here
Driver Housden T2/10987Army Service Corps22/10/1914buried here
Serjeant Williams 17304Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)20/01/1920buried here
Private Cecil Edwin Howard 4562Australian Infantry, A.I.F.02/10/1916 (aged 24)buried here
Gunner Williams 302748Canadian Field Artillery06/01/1917 (aged 25)buried here
Private Howard 789Middlesex Regiment29/10/1914buried here
Private Williams 5417Cheshire Regiment10/11/1917buried here
Private Howard 74308Canadian Infantry01/10/1915buried here
Private Williams 2703Australian Infantry, A.I.F.06/10/1916buried here
Serjeant Williams 535615ALIAS12/09/1916buried here
Lance Corporal Humphreys 12565Essex Regiment27/12/1914buried here
Private Harvey Franklin Willis 529063Canadian Army Medical Corps26/09/1917 (aged 18)buried here
Chaplain 4th Class The Rev. P N Hunter Royal Army Chaplains' Department14/03/1919buried here
Private Valentine Christopher Wilman 408986Canadian Infantry02/04/1916 (aged 24)buried here
Private Iliff 2379542Canadian Infantry16/03/1918 (aged 21)buried here
Driver Alfred Wilson 75063Royal Field Artillery28/08/1914buried here
Private Ernest Ingalls 445763Canadian Infantry11/10/1916 (aged 20)buried here
Second Lieutenant Cecil Kidd Wilson Royal Air Force01/04/1918 (aged 22)buried here
Soldaat 2 kl mil Georges Joseph Guyaux Belgian Army13/11/1914buried here
Battery Quartermaster Serjeant Jacklin 5Royal Horse Artillery05/06/1919buried here
Private Winter 24659Canadian Infantry07/11/1918 (aged 26)buried here
Sapper Woolley 235794Royal Engineers09/04/1917 (aged 24)buried here
Private Jefferson T1/5194Army Service Corps11/06/1915 (aged 20)buried here
Private Wright 127378Canadian Infantry28/12/1915buried here
Serjeant Johnson 57002Royal Engineers21/08/1916 (aged 47)buried here
Private Busack Mvinjelwa 11735South African Native Labour Corps03/06/1918 (aged 52)buried here
Soldaat 2 Joseph Corneel Hendrickx Belgian Army24/10/1914buried here
Gunner Johnson 85198Canadian Field Artillery13/03/1915buried here
Soldaat 2 kl mil Constant Houdart Belgian Army25/05/1917buried here
Gunner Douglas Routledge Johnston 400004Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 25)buried here
Private Arthur Edward Jones 420180Canadian Infantry16/08/1915 (aged 39)buried here
Private Ponsford 57662Canadian Infantry08/09/1915 (aged 31)buried here
Acting Bombardier Frederick Joyner 87110Canadian Field Artillery31/05/1916 (aged 35)buried here
Sapper Karonovich 279815Canadian Railway Troops24/11/1918buried here
Private Alfred Louis Kelly 461093Canadian Army Medical Corps13/10/1917 (aged 31)buried here
Private Kennedy 1003Canadian Army Service Corps28/09/1917buried here
Private Sidney Kerry 12026Suffolk Regiment24/02/1915 (aged 16)buried here
Sapper Kimberley 233389Royal Engineers17/02/1917 (aged 30)buried here
Corporal King 51026Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)10/04/1915 (aged 29)buried here
Soldaat 2 kl mil Augustin Julien Adhemar Albert Louis Jourdain Belgian Army09/11/1914buried here
Private King 2591228Canadian Army Service Corps20/02/1918 (aged 23)buried here
Private Charles Knowlman 187089Canadian Infantry09/12/1916 (aged 47)buried here
Private Joseph Laberge 416389Canadian Infantry13/05/1916buried here
Private Lamothe 61268Canadian Infantry27/07/1916buried here
Serjeant Joseph Henry Lanagan 3/9295Yorkshire Regiment11/05/1915 (aged 60)buried here
Gunner Sydney George Lane 86436Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 23)buried here
Private Langridge 3529Canadian Army Service Corps12/11/1918buried here
Private Larime 1103065th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion10/12/1918buried here
Private Moses Larocque 144750Canadian Infantry04/02/1916 (aged 17)buried here
Private Leach 486683Canadian Infantry19/03/1916buried here
Corporal William Norman Legge 880Royal Canadian Dragoons06/07/1917 (aged 29)buried here
Private Lewis G/28217The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)07/11/1919buried here
Private George Littlewood 669833Canadian Infantry21/05/1917 (aged 29)buried here
Sergeant Robert Livesey 433095Canadian Infantry13/09/1917 (aged 31)buried here
Private Andrew Forsyth Livingstone 862798Canadian Infantry25/02/1917buried here
Private Percy Mcdonald Lockhart 733003Canadian Labour Corps07/07/1918 (aged 22)buried here
Sergeant Harold Lofthouse 427729Canadian Infantry01/05/1917 (aged 42)buried here
Private William Logan 21276Canadian Infantry01/04/1916buried here
Private Arthur Long 513518Canadian Army Service Corps26/10/1918 (aged 41)buried here
Cadet Lucas 180864Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing01/10/1918 (aged 18)buried here
Private Luck S3/030604Army Service Corps09/06/1917buried here
Private Walter Lynch 283064Canadian Infantry20/08/1917 (aged 25)buried here
Private Mcarthur 922562Canadian Infantry25/05/1917buried here
Private John Mcbain 464039Canadian Infantry24/05/1916 (aged 30)buried here
Private Mcbean 709840Canadian Infantry14/07/1916 (aged 20)buried here
Private Leslie Peter Mccormack 526546Canadian Army Medical Corps31/05/1916 (aged 26)buried here
Private Macdonald 111538Canadian Mounted Rifles30/07/1915 (aged 20)buried here
Sapper John Roderick Macdonald 258946Canadian Railway Troops15/09/1918 (aged 18)buried here
Private Macdonald 922836Canadian Infantry25/05/1917 (aged 19)buried here
Private Mcdonough 351449Durham Light Infantry03/12/1917 (aged 33)buried here
Private Mcdougall 445132Canadian Infantry25/02/1916buried here
Private Bertram Adamson 524501Canadian Army Medical Corps10/05/1916 (aged 32)buried here
Private Mcelhiney 69677Canadian Infantry13/03/1916buried here
Private Addison 22704Canadian Infantry07/08/1915buried here
Private George Loftus Macfaddin 4834Irish Guards03/06/1915 (aged 18)buried here
Soldaat 2 kl mil Oscar Edouard Vincent Mayeur Belgian Army01/11/1914buried here
Air Mechanic 2nd Class Alderman 46584Royal Flying Corps21/10/1916buried here
Sapper Stormont Mcintyre 500805Canadian Engineers09/07/1916 (aged 40)buried here
Private Robert Aadren James Allan 850368Canadian Infantry15/07/1917 (aged 24)buried here
Private Alexander Mackay 433100Canadian Infantry01/03/1916 (aged 34)buried here
Corporal Henry Harold Allen 157118Canadian Infantry15/06/1916 (aged 36)buried here
Driver Samuel Mckay 86552Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 19)buried here
Private Charles Mackenzie 859557Canadian Infantry08/01/1917 (aged 34)buried here
Private Carl Christian Andersen 3998Australian Infantry, A.I.F.31/07/1916 (aged 29)buried here
Private Neil Charles Mckenzie 167125Canadian Pioneers06/09/1916 (aged 40)buried here
Private Anderson 908228Canadian Infantry26/12/1916buried here
Captain Walter Wake Mckenzie Canadian Army Medical Corps19/02/1917 (aged 25)buried here
Private George Alexander Anderson 11549Canadian Infantry15/10/1915 (aged 23)buried here
Private Mckinnon 709603Canadian Infantry02/11/1916buried here
Sapper Anderson WR/506498Royal Engineers24/10/1918buried here
Private Anderson 513212Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)14/06/1918buried here
Private Mclean 111369Canadian Mounted Rifles03/09/1915buried here
Private Andrews 26049Canadian Infantry31/10/1918buried here
Private Mcnair 922225Canadian Infantry25/05/1917buried here
Private Angus 460014Canadian Infantry06/04/1916buried here
Private Mcneal 47019Canadian Infantry08/07/1916buried here
Air Mechanic 2nd Class William Apted 30470Royal Flying Corps25/11/1916 (aged 38)buried here
Gunner Mcnulty 1251128Canadian Field Artillery25/05/1917 (aged 25)buried here
Gunner Bert Arbuckle 2085324Canadian Field Artillery26/05/1917 (aged 38)buried here
Lieutenant George Wheeler Armstrong Royal Air Force02/09/1918 (aged 21)buried here
Private Makewell 12339Essex Regiment22/01/1915buried here
Lance Sergeant Vernon Alexander Ashbaugh 55779Canadian Infantry09/11/1916 (aged 25)buried here
Private Piet Malinge 15099South African Labour Corps03/02/1918buried here
Korporaal BV Jules Emiel Oosterlinck Belgian Army24/11/1914buried here
Private Ellison Preston Atkinson 2260442nd Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion30/05/1916 (aged 16)buried here
Second Lieutenant Manley Royal Flying Corps02/03/1917buried here
Private John Joseph Aylward 713200Canadian Infantry12/10/1916 (aged 18)buried here
Private Charles Marshall 875420Canadian Infantry26/05/1917buried here
Gunner Bailey 84009Canadian Field Artillery11/03/1916buried here
Private Marshall 293210Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10/11/1918buried here
Private Baker 712Canadian Machine Gun Corps04/03/1919 (aged 35)buried here
Private Martin 712823Canadian Infantry22/10/1916buried here
Private Baker 331158Royal Warwickshire Regiment16/11/1918buried here
Private James Martin 123065Canadian Infantry13/07/1916 (aged 39)buried here
Private Baker G/78845Middlesex Regiment29/09/1917buried here
Private Joseph Martin 73386Canadian Infantry15/08/1915buried here
Private Oswald H. Baker 189775Canadian Infantry23/08/1916 (aged 18)buried here
Private Martin 1063123Canadian Infantry10/06/1917 (aged 20)buried here
Private Bannerman 22015Canadian Infantry04/05/1915 (aged 24)buried here
Private Mason 13516Yorkshire Regiment31/05/1917 (aged 47)buried here
Private Giovanni Barruzini 63147Canadian Infantry11/04/1915buried here
Private Mason 681498Canadian Infantry30/04/1917buried here
Lance Sergeant Lorne Bertram Bassett 636039Canadian Infantry26/07/1917 (aged 18)buried here
Private Matthews 026169Army Ordnance Corps23/11/1918buried here
Private George Bates 75527Canadian Infantry31/08/1915 (aged 32)buried here
Private William Meehan 84018Canadian Infantry17/08/1915 (aged 35)buried here
Private Archie Baxter 285074Canadian Infantry31/05/1917 (aged 18)buried here
Private George Melbourne 629Australian Infantry, A.I.F.02/09/1917 (aged 20)buried here
Private Merchant 875090Canadian Infantry25/05/1917buried here
Private Bazley 916912Canadian Infantry21/11/1918 (aged 31)buried here
Driver Evelyn Rice Meredith 87208Canadian Field Artillery06/01/1916 (aged 30)buried here
Pioneer Beasley 98710Royal Engineers02/08/1917buried here
Private Meunier 448170Canadian Infantry31/10/1915buried here
Private Bedford 76316Middlesex Regiment27/07/1917buried here
Corporal James Stuart Miller 446397Canadian Infantry24/10/1915 (aged 24)buried here
Private Bennett 6994Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry29/03/1916 (aged 33)buried here
Private John Miller 202316South Lancashire Regiment25/05/1917 (aged 41)buried here
Sapper Bergin WR/347840Royal Engineers03/11/1918buried here
Lieutenant Mills Canadian Army Service Corps25/03/1916 (aged 42)buried here
Private Berks 7388Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)12/09/1919 (aged 22)buried here
Private Mingay 12430Suffolk Regiment29/12/1914 (aged 17)buried here
Private Omer Berthiaume 55572Canadian Infantry15/01/1916 (aged 40)buried here
Private Edward Thomas Minshull 424287Canadian Infantry14/10/1915 (aged 23)buried here
Private Betraun 491190Canadian Infantry01/01/1917 (aged 52)buried here
Lieutenant Moore Royal Air Force05/03/1919buried here
Lance Corporal Betts 894Canadian Army Service Corps20/06/1915buried here
Private Earl Brandon Morris 444331Canadian Infantry29/06/1916 (aged 30)buried here
Private Bevan M/271406Army Service Corps19/09/1918buried here
Private Hugh Morris 434891Canadian Infantry09/03/1916 (aged 23)buried here
Private Arthur John Bicknell 438906Canadian Infantry15/02/1916 (aged 20)buried here
Private Morris 453086Canadian Infantry30/04/1916buried here
Cadet Willie Stanley Bishop 180344Royal Air Force, 6th Cadet Wing11/10/1918 (aged 19)buried here
Private Muir 63598Canadian Infantry09/11/1915 (aged 35)buried here
Cadet Harry Hutton Blake 181853Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing01/10/1918 (aged 29)buried here
Soldier Carlos Acurcio 179Portuguese Army20/02/1918buried here
Driver Charles George Blogg 142349Royal Garrison Artillery08/01/1917 (aged 37)buried here
Sergeant James Randall Munshaw 865583Canadian Infantry22/02/1919 (aged 36)buried here
Private George Henry Bloodworth G/78071Middlesex Regiment25/05/1917 (aged 19)buried here
Private Murray 151831Canadian Infantry05/11/1916 (aged 49)buried here
Cadet Boardman 182130Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing29/09/1918 (aged 20)buried here
Private Malcolm Murray 1505Canadian Infantry24/06/1916 (aged 40)buried here
Private Boettcher 657983Canadian Infantry16/01/1917buried here
Driver Nancarrow 348842Royal Canadian Horse Artillery30/10/1916 (aged 26)buried here
Driver Charles Boeyckens 86396Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 27)buried here
Sapper George Nastich 2497514Canadian Railway Troops04/03/1919buried here
Gunner Samuel Walter Booth 2045042Canadian Field Artillery16/06/1917 (aged 24)buried here
Gunner Alfred Thomas Nichols 248634Canadian Artillery05/05/1918 (aged 18)buried here
Lieutenant Leslie John Boswood Royal Air Force, No. 1 Observer School of Aerial Gunnery03/09/1918 (aged 21)buried here
Private Norris 29514Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry06/12/1918buried here
Corporal Bottom 53271Royal Defence Corps04/11/1918 (aged 34)buried here
Private North 154161Canadian Pioneers01/03/1916buried here
Private Bottomley 126068Canadian Infantry23/01/1916 (aged 52)buried here
Sergeant Chester Arthur O'connell 454189Canadian Infantry31/01/1916buried here
Lance Corporal Fred Boulton 9794York and Lancaster Regiment17/09/1915 (aged 23)buried here
Bombardier John Charles O'keefe 43947Canadian Field Artillery14/03/1919 (aged 27)buried here
Private Boyd 721927Canadian Infantry22/04/1917buried here
Quartermaster Sergeant Orr 159Canadian Army Medical Corps29/11/1918buried here
Cadet Roland Latimer Bradshaw 184232Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing28/10/1918 (aged 20)buried here
Private Jons Jonsson Ostlund 913013Canadian Infantry17/03/1917 (aged 41)buried here
Private Sidney Bright 700074Canadian Infantry08/01/1917buried here
Private Outhwaite 663442Canadian Infantry21/07/1918buried here
Private Walter Brightmore 266098Somerset Light Infantry29/04/1917 (aged 19)buried here
Private Padley 922556Canadian Infantry25/05/1917 (aged 24)buried here
Private Brooks 14733Somerset Light Infantry11/06/1916buried here
Private Paling 4562ALIAS02/10/1916buried here
Private John Brown 3111Canadian Army Service Corps03/05/1915 (aged 44)buried here
Corporal Henry George Pargiter CH/17152Royal Marine Light Infantry06/11/1917 (aged 26)buried here
Private Brown 35348Canadian Army Service Corps24/08/1915buried here
Private Frederick George Parke 3107055Canadian Infantry01/04/1918 (aged 37)buried here
Private Brown 669051Canadian Infantry11/11/1916 (aged 21)buried here
Lieutenant Oscar Parkhouse Devonshire Regiment18/11/1918 (aged 32)buried here
Gunner Brown 342862Canadian Field Artillery25/05/1917buried here
Private Pear 195184Canadian Infantry12/12/1916 (aged 40)buried here
Gunner James Alexander Bruce 2085320Canadian Field Artillery25/05/1917 (aged 21)buried here
Private Pelluet 922514Canadian Infantry25/05/1917buried here
Driver Bryenton 513496Canadian Army Service Corps11/06/1917buried here
Private Lyle Rowland Pennicott 3106940Canadian Infantry22/03/1918 (aged 24)buried here
Private Bunnage 477126Royal Canadian Regiment06/10/1916buried here
Bombardier Edward Penny 84798Royal Field Artillery26/10/1918 (aged 23)buried here
Private Arthur Burbidge 34588Canadian Army Medical Corps15/02/1916 (aged 20)buried here
Second Lieutenant Ernest Russel Percival Royal Air Force13/03/1919 (aged 21)buried here
Private Burns 3035147Canadian Infantry05/02/1919buried here
Private Carl Melvin Peterson 737091Canadian Infantry14/11/1916 (aged 22)buried here
Private Byron 862402Canadian Infantry13/02/1917buried here
Corporal Peterson 475179Canadian Infantry26/03/1917buried here
Private John Thomas Calvert 291443rd (King's Own) Hussars14/01/1915 (aged 39)buried here
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Phillipps Royal Garrison Artillery10/01/1919buried here
Private Canavan 9223Royal Dublin Fusiliers28/08/1914 (aged 26)buried here
Bombardier David John Phillips 86372Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 24)buried here
Private Stephen Carr 171051Canadian Infantry04/03/1916buried here
Corporal Phillips 1241Canadian Army Service Corps05/09/1916buried here
Private Carroll 19390Royal Irish Fusiliers03/04/1917buried here
Private Phillips 436240Canadian Infantry11/01/1918buried here
Corporal Carter 472343Canadian Infantry12/11/1918buried here
Private Pinkney 624223Canadian Infantry27/10/1916buried here
Private Pitman 628138Canadian Army Medical Corps25/11/1918 (aged 29)buried here
Private Chantler 643001Canadian Infantry13/08/1917buried here
Private Fredrick Stephen Pitts 473168Canadian Infantry01/03/1916 (aged 51)buried here
Private Reuben Chatfield 461437Canadian Infantry01/07/1917 (aged 36)buried here
Private Plumridge 6947Canadian Infantry22/12/1915 (aged 33)buried here
Private William John Cheese 55979Canadian Infantry17/09/1915 (aged 17)buried here
Private Jones 57662ALIAS08/09/1915buried here
Private Arthur Willoughby Chesnut 475462Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)05/09/1916 (aged 26)buried here
Sergeant John Richardson Poole 428Australian Infantry, A.I.F.05/11/1916 (aged 30)buried here
Private Kirktown 838315Canadian Infantry20/07/1917buried here
Private Cheverie 713178Canadian Infantry12/03/1918buried here
Private Bert Nelson Post 1134884th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion09/09/1917 (aged 19)buried here
Coastguardsman James Mcdermott 283038HM Coastguard28/11/1920buried here
Captain Frederick Percy Clark 3rd (King's Own) Hussars08/10/1918buried here
Lance Corporal Potter 550085Royal Canadian Dragoons27/03/1916buried here
Private George William Clark 739356Canadian Infantry18/12/1916 (aged 19)buried here
Private Powlesland 425215Canadian Infantry03/05/1916 (aged 29)buried here
Private Clark 291113rd (King's Own) Hussars20/12/1915 (aged 35)buried here
Private Pratt S/10485The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)26/04/1915buried here
Sergeant William Ringrose Clarke 473027Canadian Infantry23/10/1915 (aged 56)buried here
Private Charles Price 814106Canadian Army Medical Corps18/09/1919 (aged 39)buried here
Private Cleaver 448055Canadian Infantry02/08/1918 (aged 44)buried here
Private Henry Gordon Prince 33169Northamptonshire Regiment26/04/1917 (aged 40)buried here
Private Colleaux 2178304Canadian Infantry07/05/1918buried here
Trooper Henry John Chauvel Prior 2293534Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)04/08/1918 (aged 40)buried here
Private Willoughby Seymour Conrad 552965Canadian Army Medical Corps21/01/1918buried here
Private Quinn 3/8764West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)30/03/1915buried here
Private Cooke 65209Canadian Infantry12/10/1916buried here
Private John Lucious Ramsdell 438923Canadian Infantry26/11/1915 (aged 31)buried here
Private Cooper 301615Canadian Field Artillery26/12/1915 (aged 49)buried here
Private Rawlings 428560Canadian Infantry07/05/1916 (aged 36)buried here
Sapper Costley 231001Canadian Railway Troops13/08/1918buried here
Private Read 445017Canadian Infantry09/03/1916buried here
Driver Coulter 324903Canadian Field Artillery11/08/1917buried here
Private Reid 52682Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)19/03/1918buried here
Wachtmeester 1 kl Florent Van De Ven Belgian Army29/10/1914buried here
Private Court 412971Canadian Infantry05/11/1915buried here
Private Rennolds 235876Royal Engineers08/05/1917buried here
Driver William Court 300207Canadian Field Artillery19/05/1917 (aged 19)buried here
Private Reynolds 6914Royal Fusiliers02/12/1914buried here
Private Robert Coventry 28466Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers03/07/1917 (aged 19)buried here
Private Donald Rheaume 35527Canadian Army Service Corps01/10/1918 (aged 23)buried here
Cadet Cox 183071Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing09/10/1918buried here
Private Crawford 14775Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)23/12/1916buried here
Second Lieutenant Henry Stokes Richards Royal Air Force01/08/1918 (aged 24)buried here
Soldaat 2 kl Alfred Paul Noel Bourdouxhe Belgian Army07/10/1918buried here
Gunner George Franklin Croly 339424Canadian Field Artillery05/03/1917 (aged 26)buried here
Sapper Richards 101958Royal Engineers07/01/1918buried here
Private Leslie Ernest Croysdill 65230Canadian Infantry30/03/1918 (aged 24)buried here
Private Frank Ricketts 234708Canadian Infantry14/09/1917 (aged 26)buried here
Driver Alfred Walter Crump 2051Canadian Engineers17/02/1916 (aged 25)buried here
Private William Alfred Ridgewell G/17652The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)28/01/1917 (aged 39)buried here
Corporal Dagger 663Canadian Army Service Corps12/06/1917 (aged 34)buried here
Private Walter Ridley 160314Canadian Infantry21/06/1916 (aged 43)buried here
Rifleman Daley 311Royal Irish Rifles30/04/1917buried here
Rifleman Oliver David Roberts 1957London Regiment (The Rangers)20/02/1916 (aged 26)buried here
Private Dashwood 203067Essex Regiment21/10/1919buried here
Private Edward Robinson 986Australian Infantry, A.I.F.11/09/1918 (aged 28)buried here
Private George Courtney Davis 101345Canadian Infantry23/05/1916 (aged 22)buried here
Lance Corporal Robinson 16453East Lancashire Regiment01/12/1916buried here
Lance Sergeant William James Stephen Dawe 650Royal Canadian Dragoons13/10/1918 (aged 28)buried here
Second Lieutenant Arthur Forbes Rogers Royal Air Force16/07/1918 (aged 19)buried here
Private Day G/563The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)16/02/1915 (aged 36)buried here
Private Rupert Rolfe 2498092Canadian Forestry Corps04/04/1918 (aged 55)buried here
Private Howard Frederick Rose 461909Canadian Infantry22/06/1916 (aged 27)buried here
Lance Corporal Dickman S/2681Gordon Highlanders10/11/1915 (aged 19)buried here
Sergeant Ross 718004Canadian Infantry16/01/1918buried here
Driver Thomas Dickson 86791Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 34)buried here
Private Clarence Walter Rothwell 1084249Canadian Infantry20/01/1918 (aged 19)buried here
Lance Corporal Arthur Doig 922065Canadian Infantry25/05/1917 (aged 24)buried here
Captain Rounding Canadian Infantry16/05/1916buried here
Cadet Arthur James Douglas 182273Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing29/09/1918 (aged 30)buried here
Private Harry Thomas John Rowe 6363064th Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion15/12/1917 (aged 22)buried here
Private Drolet 61584Canadian Infantry22/07/1915buried here
Lance Corporal Rudolph 14689Canadian Infantry08/11/1915buried here
Private Drury S/9810The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)27/09/1918 (aged 27)buried here
Pioneer Russell 98710ALIAS02/08/1917buried here
Cadet Wilfred Douglas Duke 182133Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing02/10/1918 (aged 22)buried here
Lance Corporal Rutledge 769253Canadian Engineers26/02/1919 (aged 25)buried here
Soldaat 2 kl mil c.s. Leon Gommaar Van Maase Belgian Army08/12/1916buried here
Air Mechanic 2nd Class Charles Henry Dutchman 91448Royal Air Force, 8th Aircraft Acceptance Park07/08/1918 (aged 32)buried here
Private Ryan 3369Leinster Regiment04/05/1915 (aged 28)buried here
Private Wilfred Roy Eaton 437952Canadian Infantry14/04/1917 (aged 29)buried here
Serjeant Francis John Sando 1001Rifle Brigade25/10/1918 (aged 34)buried here
Cadet Edwardes 181906Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing15/10/1918 (aged 18)buried here
Private Saunders 6678Royal Fusiliers20/06/1916buried here
Private Wilfred John Ranson L/12404The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)10/10/1919buried here
Private Savatard 460355Canadian Infantry26/04/1917buried here
Private Elder 6954Seaforth Highlanders04/09/1914buried here
Private Scott 401380Canadian Infantry22/04/1916buried here
Private Ennis 4757Canadian Infantry30/07/1916buried here
Private Selwyn 2498092ALIAS04/04/1918buried here
Private Harry Estles 477279Royal Canadian Regiment19/01/1916buried here
Private Sharpe 300666Fort Garry Horse15/11/1918buried here
Private Everett 24Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)05/09/1916buried here
Private Sharpe 425310Canadian Infantry14/04/1916buried here
Private Albert Charles Farmer 266660Kent Cyclist Battalion13/04/1918 (aged 42)buried here
Private Alfred Frederick Shaw 79604Canadian Infantry11/09/1915 (aged 21)buried here
Serjeant Farrer 47549Wiltshire Regiment27/10/1918 (aged 42)buried here
Private John Shaw 454699Canadian Infantry29/01/1916buried here
Private Tom Spink Feirn 603197Canadian Infantry03/06/1916 (aged 40)buried here
Private Sheppard 26869Royal Welsh Fusiliers27/09/1916 (aged 20)buried here
Gunner Richard Dyer Simpson 86463Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 34)buried here
Sapper Charles William Fitch 475472Canadian Engineers21/04/1916 (aged 21)buried here
Private Slatter 37998Middlesex Regiment02/10/1917buried here
Sergeant Thomas William Flemming 535615Canadian Army Dental Corps12/09/1916 (aged 32)buried here
Private James Smith 151914Canadian Infantry16/02/1918buried here
Private Edgar Norman Flynn 121353Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry)01/04/1920 (aged 26)buried here
Private Smith 805200Canadian Infantry08/12/1917buried here
Gunner Carl Edward Fogg 199994Royal Field Artillery22/10/1917 (aged 37)buried here
Private William Fishburn Donkin Smith 112131Canadian Mounted Rifles29/08/1915 (aged 26)buried here
Flight Cadet John James Forrest-Dunlop 181870Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing29/09/1918 (aged 31)buried here
Private William George Smith 10569Canadian Infantry28/06/1916 (aged 38)buried here
Private Joseph Fortnum 32875Canadian Army Medical Corps04/05/1915 (aged 23)buried here
Private William Hamilton Ackman Smith 63408Canadian Infantry13/10/1915 (aged 32)buried here
Corporal Foster 409515Canadian Infantry27/04/1917buried here
Private Frank Solkiewiez 877611Canadian Infantry14/05/1917buried here
Captain Francklyn Canadian Army Service Corps07/12/1915buried here
Cadet David Victor Spain 182119Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing28/09/1918 (aged 20)buried here
Soldaat 2 kl OV Hippolyte Verschueren Belgian Army25/05/1917buried here
Sapper Free WR/314839Royal Engineers23/02/1918 (aged 31)buried here
Private Speed 21229Reserve Cavalry Regiment02/03/1915 (aged 19)buried here
Private Frost 195303Canadian Infantry21/09/1916 (aged 30)buried here
Private William Spencer 126476Canadian Infantry17/02/1916 (aged 37)buried here
Private Froud 590Australian Infantry, A.I.F.13/07/1917 (aged 36)buried here
Lieutenant Spong Royal Air Force30/10/1918buried here
Sergeant William Gordon Fry 3081Canadian Army Service Corps10/05/1915buried here
Quartermaster Sergeant William Steven 301896Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1917buried here
Private Furnival 100484Canadian Infantry27/05/1916buried here
Lance Corporal Frank Stevens 12845Devonshire Regiment24/03/1917 (aged 21)buried here
Private Gallant 70167Canadian Infantry16/11/1916 (aged 32)buried here
Private David Stewart 737179Canadian Infantry23/11/1916 (aged 36)buried here
Private Galley 3084910Canadian Infantry28/11/1918buried here
Bombardier Stickells 120367Royal Garrison Artillery28/02/1920buried here
Private John Gilchrist Galloway 341279Northumberland Fusiliers19/07/1917 (aged 37)buried here
Private Stockwell 46772Essex Regiment14/02/1919 (aged 19)buried here
Soldaat 2 kl mil Leopold Delahaye Belgian Army21/10/1914buried here
Lance Corporal Strangeway 173927Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)04/12/1919buried here
Cadet Gardiner 132566Royal Air Force, 5th Cadet Wing12/11/1918buried here
Lance Corporal Gareau 226572Canadian Reserve Cavalry Regiment10/10/1918buried here
Sapper Summersides 201989Canadian Engineers26/10/1916 (aged 19)buried here
Private Geddes 712410Canadian Infantry01/10/1916 (aged 19)buried here
Gunner Luther Sunderland 85541Canadian Field Artillery11/11/1915 (aged 35)buried here
Soldier Rene De Lodder Belgian Army18/12/1914buried here
Private Gemmell 3150Australian Infantry, A.I.F.17/04/1918buried here
Private Jack Sutherland 922299Canadian Infantry25/05/1917 (aged 31)buried here
Private Albert William George G/713Royal Sussex Regiment28/01/1915 (aged 33)buried here
Private Samuel Herbert Symes 512807Canadian Army Service Corps27/11/1916 (aged 25)buried here
Private Gibson 908098Canadian Infantry27/06/1917 (aged 24)buried here
Captain Arthur George Symons Middlesex Regiment23/10/1918 (aged 28)buried here
Adjudant OV Andre Eugene Marie De Meester De Betzenbroeck Belgian Army12/10/1918buried here
Corporal Gibson 360Canadian Army Medical Corps15/11/1917 (aged 42)buried here
Private Tait 437831Canadian Infantry15/12/1916 (aged 22)buried here
Serjeant Gilbertson 15694Royal Defence Corps29/12/1916 (aged 46)buried here
Sapper James Tarvit 198505Royal Engineers20/06/1917 (aged 27)buried here
Private Gingell 451222Canadian Infantry19/12/1916buried here
Private Taylor 70100Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)01/11/1916buried here
Private Ottawa Thomas Gladman 3106142Canadian Machine Gun Corps04/05/1918 (aged 24)buried here
Soldier Pierre Paul Joseph De Mey Belgian Army29/10/1914buried here
Private Herbert Bodwell Glidden 126614Canadian Infantry31/12/1915 (aged 21)buried here
Guardsman Taylor 18439Coldstream Guards13/05/1919buried here
Private Godbout 624353Canadian Infantry31/12/1917 (aged 23)buried here
Private Teague T2/11657Army Service Corps30/01/1915buried here
Private Godin 408560Canadian Pioneers20/04/1916buried here
Private Ernest Tennyson 922331Canadian Infantry25/05/1917buried here
Private Goodwin 408088Canadian Infantry12/06/1918buried here
Private Thickett R/4097Canadian Mounted Rifles17/09/1915buried here
Private Gordon 3406Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers10/08/1915 (aged 19)buried here
Cadet John Eric Thomson 182223Royal Air Force, 8th Cadet Wing05/10/1918 (aged 26)buried here
Lance Corporal Gordon 445424Canadian Infantry23/02/1916buried here
Private Thomson 154089Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)26/07/1919 (aged 20)buried here
Luitenant Rene Victor Alphonse De Schepper Belgian Army01/11/1914buried here
Private Gorman 74332Canadian Infantry05/07/1915 (aged 38)buried here
Private Frederick Thorne 41803rd (King's Own) Hussars19/02/1915 (aged 25)buried here
Private Gough 444705Canadian Infantry28/02/1916buried here
Lieutenant Stephen Osborne Thorne Canadian Infantry09/02/1916 (aged 21)buried here
Private Graham 140086Canadian Infantry13/12/1915 (aged 20)buried here
Private Thornton 69965Canadian Infantry25/04/1916buried here
Private Graham 8285Canadian Infantry07/10/1915buried here
Private Tickner 607The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)28/01/1915buried here
Soldier Remi De Thaey Belgian Army05/10/1915buried here
Private Graham 2173391Canadian Infantry07/12/1917buried here
Sapper Tiltman 265726Royal Engineers03/04/1917 (aged 19)buried here
Private Edwards L/12404ALIAS10/10/1919buried here
Private Graves 28527Bedfordshire Regiment02/11/1918 (aged 30)buried here
Private Charles Walter Titterson 219151Canadian Infantry17/07/1917 (aged 25)buried here
Private David Gray 124644Canadian Infantry23/11/1916buried here
Private Edward John Tribe 198694Canadian Infantry28/04/1917buried here
Private Gray 887042Canadian Infantry04/03/1917 (aged 33)buried here
Corporal Troup 503146Canadian Engineers06/07/1916buried here
Private Gregoire 23146Canadian Infantry11/02/1916buried here
Gunner Richard Stewart Truscott 86474Canadian Field Artillery13/10/1915 (aged 19)buried here
Soldaat 2 kl mil Remi De Villaer Belgian Army28/10/1914buried here
Private Gregson 26128th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars01/09/1919buried here
Private Turner 466903Canadian Infantry13/10/1916 (aged 38)buried here
Private Griffin 3107090Canadian Infantry22/03/1918buried here
Lieutenant Underhill Royal Air Force22/02/1919buried here

The following war memorials are recorded for this parish in the War Memorials Register on the Imperial War Museums website

Sandgate - WW1 and WW2
  • On the junction of Military Road and High Street, Military Road, Sandgate, Shepway, Kent, CT20 3BD, England
L/Cpl W Cotter
  • Chichester Hall, High St, Sandgate, Shepway, Kent, CT20 3AR, England