Private Cyril Gordon Martin

Royal Army Service Corps

Died: Saturday 19 March 1921

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Plot A. Grave 60
United Kingdom

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Colt New Service (commercial post-1905)

This Colt New Service (see FIR 11511) was damaged on 12 March 1915, in the course of an action in which Lieutenant C G Martin won the Victoria Cross. Martin, a Royal Engineer (56th Field Company), volunteered to lead a bombing attack with men of the 3rd Worcestershire Regiment to clear a German …
Colt New Service (commercial post-1905); relic condition, front and back straps deformed and broken.

Oral history

British officer served on secondment with Egyptian Army in Sudan, Egypt and Palestine, 1916-1921
REEL 1 Recollections of period as officer on secondment with Egyptian Army in Sudan, Egypt and Palestine, 1916-1921: military service prior to secondment to Egyptian Army, 1915; degree of preparations for posting; voyage from GB to Port Said; posting to Khartoum, Sudan; duties as engineer officer; …

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