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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Sergeant Fredrick Bertrand Vogel 703035Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 30)
Private Dobbie 706961Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 18)
Private Henry Kirkham 706627Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 36)
Lance Corporal Campbell 687036Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Aish 645266Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 16)
Private Ames 220245Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private Bareham 760657Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Beck 184203Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Biddulph 252010Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Blanchette 252600Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Booth 761221Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 32)
Private Boyle 180794Canadian Infantry11/04/1917
Private Bronquest 1346Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)09/04/1917
Private Richard F. Brown 645808Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private Caddell 706996Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private James Robert Chalmers 645033Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 24)
Private Chamberlain 925440Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Colquitt 707024Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private James Campbell Currie 908194Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 27)
Private Davies 161272Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 31)
Private Mark Lorne Delong 931212Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private De Tonkey 657143Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private William Rapheal Dillon 907724Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 22)
Private Mathew Doolin 252055Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Durand 736922Canadian Infantry10/04/1917
Private Edwards 805510Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Emmitt 163318Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 20)
Private Denton Boyne Ferguson 925452Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 18)
Private Joseph Fleming 706901Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 33)
Sergeant Forbes 703866Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Corporal Arthur Burdett Francis 442378Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 36)
Private Geer 688300Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 22)
Private Godchere 199199Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Grech 177833Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Green 760125Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 37)
Private Gunn 253040Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Robert Gordon Hadden 253130Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private Herbert Hailstone 657319Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 25)
Private Frederick Eugene Hall 712100Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 20)
Private Roy Howard Hanson 645818Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 20)
Private Harris 645521Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Frederick Arthur Hayward 222079Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 21)
Private Henson 646170Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Hoffman 688227Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Howe 474059Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Frederick Henry Hulbig 252567Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 29)
Sergeant David Ainslie Hunter 911777Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 26)
Private James Mcnab Jackson 252871Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Arthur Ewart Jacobs 907177Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 27)
Private Johnson 931027Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Johnston 252553Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 31)
Lance Corporal Joseph 442697Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private John Kerr 907753Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 29)
Lance Corporal Walter Kidd 628098Canadian Infantry13/04/1917
Private Kilpatrick 760716Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Earl Vernon Kirby 703757Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 22)
Private Knowles 219014Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Lance Corporal Knowles 219949Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private John Kurso 760555Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Andrew Cameron Landieth 442418Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 24)
Private Albert James Lawrence 253110Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 17)
Private William Henry Lloyd 687387Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Loewen 443513Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 23)
Private Lovell 907573Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 33)
Private Fred Luxon 163387Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 24)
Lance Sergeant Mckay 703620Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 32)
Private Mckenzie 907512Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 32)
Private Mckinnell 703226Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Duncan Macpherson 447485Canadian Machine Gun Corps11/04/1917 (aged 25)
Private Marriette 760741Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Marrison 703816Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Herbert Lory Marsh 210586Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 38)
Private Marsland 760988Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Meagher 622884Canadian Machine Gun Corps10/04/1917
Private Andrew Paterson Melrose 442593Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 37)
Private William Harold Muldrew 183757Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 19)
Private John J. Napier 645177Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Lance Corporal Neily 645977Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Newth 907351Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Northrup 907446Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Osborne 925559Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Pallett 908185Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Frederick George Pearce 706580Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 28)
Private Daniel Phillips 706053Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 27)
Private Reid 442470Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Rosa 252889Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Eli Rossiter 770067Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)09/04/1917 (aged 32)
Private Saniger 761220Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Scarlett 253113Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Sheehan 902014Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Smith 211235Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 32)
Private Stanley Cecil Smith 760148Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 18)
Private South 703304Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 24)
Private Streeter 706273Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 26)
Private Symonds 703037Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Taylor 252880Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 31)
Sergeant Thacker 426356Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private William Edward Horace Thorne 645971Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 18)
Private Tierney 760260Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 27)
Private Todd 907701Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 27)
Private Tones 730364Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Waters 760832Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Watson 761221ALIAS09/04/1917
Corporal William George White 434115Canadian Machine Gun Corps11/04/1917 (aged 33)
Private Joseph Whitham 907376Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 30)
Private Whitton 760432Canadian Infantry09/04/1917
Private Henry Havelock Williamson 704149Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 34)
Sergeant Winslow 443906Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 23)
Private Zazzarino 706744Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 35)
Private Nick Zindich 703175Canadian Infantry09/04/1917 (aged 32)
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Date of deathCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
Monday 9 April 19171041437
Tuesday 10 April 1917220
Wednesday 11 April 1917330
Friday 13 April 1917110
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ParishDioceseCasualtiesWith Life Story linksWith images
TivertonMid Devon110
Fala and Soutra110
Kirkby IrelethSouth Lakeland110
CornforthCounty Durham110
Walls and Flotta110
SpeenWest Berkshire110
Horninglow and EtonEast Staffordshire110
WithernseaEast Riding of Yorkshire110
Old Kilpatrick111