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Casualty Records

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Labourer Badam Singh 1142Indian Labour Corps01/01/1918
Labourer Benedict Barla 1997Indian Labour Corps21/02/1918
Labourer Bhaggan 1882Indian Labour Corps02/12/1917
Driver Bhim Sing 10678Royal Horse and Field Artillery, Indian Army12/03/1918
Labourer Bikram 1676Indian Labour Corps07/01/1918
Labourer Buddha 1799Indian Labour Corps30/10/1917
Labourer Budhi Kachna 406Indian Labour Corps29/01/1918
Labourer Durga Besra 36Indian Labour Corps12/09/1917
Lance Naik Fattan 30763Royal Horse and Field Artillery, Indian Army24/09/1918
Driver Gulab Singh 27529Indian Royal Artillery03/10/1918
Labourer Jai Singh 1552Indian Labour Corps04/11/1917
Labourer Jalla 1850Indian Labour Corps02/12/1917
Driver Kallu 24716Indian Royal Artillery25/08/1918
Labourer Khamman R/370Indian Labour Corps20/12/1917
Labourer Kilol 2457Indian Labour Corps25/01/1918
Labourer Kishn Chand 1176Indian Labour Corps14/01/1918
Labourer Liapawnga 1000Indian Labour Corps28/07/1917
Labourer Lodbhir Kachua 771Indian Labour Corps05/02/1918
Labourer Lodo Benjamin 457/RIndian Labour Corps27/02/1918
Driver Mathura Tewari 30961Indian Royal Artillery25/08/1918
Labourer Mian Khan 241Indian Labour Corps28/12/1917
Labourer Munand Singh 935Indian Labour Corps04/01/1918
Labourer Ngah Suaka 1820Indian Labour Corps05/12/1917
Labourer Ng Kan Tun 3284Indian Labour Corps01/03/1918
Labourer Palu Mardi 728Indian Labour Corps30/11/1917
Labourer Paruwati 2257Indian Labour Corps15/12/1917
Labourer Premnath Murma 1574Indian Labour Corps14/01/1918
Labourer Prem Singh 1494Indian Labour Corps09/01/1918
Jemadar Ram Singh 39th King George's Own Central India Horse01/12/1917
Labourer Rangkhum 949Indian Labour Corps31/07/1917
Labourer Rathnua Chanial 1031Indian Labour Corps25/12/1917
Labourer Shekhu 596Indian Labour Corps18/01/1918
Labourer Sukhram Francis 226Indian Labour Corps05/02/1918
Sowar Sundar Singh 227239th King George's Own Central India Horse01/12/1917
Labourer Thatchina 1319Indian Labour Corps21/07/1917
Labourer Liu Shun Ch'ing 75039Chinese Labour Corps09/03/1919
Labourer Chang Chen Pang 36638Chinese Labour Corps17/06/1919
Labourer Tsung Hua Li 36361Chinese Labour Corps02/09/1919
Labourer Wang Ch'i Fa 36334Chinese Labour Corps03/09/1919
Labourer Hu Yuan Ling 132397Chinese Labour Corps22/11/1918
Labourer Liu Wen Hsing 30301Chinese Labour Corps21/08/1919
Labourer Li Hsu T'ang 5174Chinese Labour Corps25/10/1918
Labourer Liu P'an Ch'in 133794Chinese Labour Corps04/12/1918
Labourer Ho Yu Chou 43572Chinese Labour Corps13/04/1919
Labourer Liu Hsin T'ien 133447Chinese Labour Corps04/11/1918
Labourer Sung Tao Hang 108687Chinese Labour Corps17/12/1919
Labourer Han Szu I 130671Chinese Labour Corps07/10/1918
Labourer Liu Ch'ing Chung 72896Chinese Labour Corps25/07/1919
Labourer Hsu Shou K'un 94392Chinese Labour Corps07/04/1919
Labourer Chang Ch'ing Ch'ih 109731Chinese Labour Corps21/02/1919
Labourer Chou Fu T'ien 109680Chinese Labour Corps23/02/1919
Labourer Su Shou Ch'uan 28686Chinese Labour Corps28/06/1919
Labourer Wang Chin T'ang 35012Chinese Labour Corps24/06/1919
Labourer T'ien Hsiao Tsung 39826Chinese Labour Corps03/05/1919
Labourer Liu Yuan Ch'ang 94263Chinese Labour Corps25/03/1919
Labourer Chang Feng Hai 99941Chinese Labour Corps10/04/1919
Labourer Chu Yen Wu 48949Chinese Labour Corps12/03/1919
Labourer Chao Feng T'ien 48971Chinese Labour Corps12/03/1919
Labourer Liu Szu Hui 67351Chinese Labour Corps25/09/1918
Labourer Liu Ch'uan Sheng 48752Chinese Labour Corps07/03/1919
Labourer Liu Tzu Yu 47739Chinese Labour Corps22/03/1918
Labourer Li Shih K'uei 48954Chinese Labour Corps28/04/1919
Labourer Ke Ch'ang Hai 47024Chinese Labour Corps30/05/1919
Infanterist Henrich Vodisch German Army03/04/1918