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Casualty Records

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Native Constable Agutambgwe 5391British South Africa Police23/10/1918
Private Aiedi M/1830Rhodesia Native Regiment14/11/1917
Corporal Alicki M/151Rhodesia Native Regiment23/10/1918
Native Constable Andrika 6046British South Africa Police27/10/1918
Private Bendi M/832Rhodesia Native Regiment31/05/1917
Native Constable Chakauyaya 5889British South Africa Police31/10/1918
Private Chesayi M/2262Rhodesia Native Regiment30/10/1918
Private Chimanga M/1483Rhodesia Native Regiment21/04/1917
Private Chimsoto N/2192Rhodesia Native Regiment02/06/1918
Private Chiwa M/2220Rhodesia Native Regiment23/10/1918
Private Danda M/2234Rhodesia Native Regiment07/11/1918
Native Constable Deweke 3303British South Africa Police05/02/1915
Native Constable Fatazi 3623British South Africa Police22/11/1918
Native Leader Francis 1605British South Africa Police24/10/1918
Native Constable Giyo 3763British South Africa Police11/11/1918
Native Constable Gogo 5513British South Africa Police19/10/1918
Native Leader Goliath 1340British South Africa Police07/11/1918
Native Constable Goti 5930British South Africa Police29/10/1918
Native Constable Hlabano 5141British South Africa Police18/10/1918
Private Johnathan M/2009Rhodesia Native Regiment28/10/1918
Private Kasonda M/1995Rhodesia Native Regiment22/10/1918
Native Constable Kawa 5627British South Africa Police28/03/1918
Corporal Komani M/341Rhodesia Native Regiment07/03/1918
Private Konde M/2212Rhodesia Native Regiment11/04/1918
Private Kongoshora M/2083Rhodesia Native Regiment21/10/1918
Private Kuzwarera M/2242Rhodesia Native Regiment29/10/1918
Native Constable Lazarus 4345British South Africa Police30/08/1914
Native Constable Mabfumbi 6170British South Africa Police24/10/1918
Native Constable Makairo 4754British South Africa Police25/10/1918
Native Detective Mamenzi 3084British South Africa Police20/10/1918
Native Constable Mancitshana 5238British South Africa Police31/10/1918
Native Constable Mandengwe 2007British South Africa Police24/10/1918
Private Manja M/1984Rhodesia Native Regiment26/10/1918
Lance Corporal Mantandi M/2006Rhodesia Native Regiment23/10/1918
Native Constable Mantiwana 5325British South Africa Police07/11/1918
Private Maoko M/314Rhodesia Native Regiment01/10/1918
Native Constable Mataweda 5058British South Africa Police10/03/1918
Native Constable Mate 5341British South Africa Police11/10/1918
Lance Corporal Mbulawa 3015British South Africa Police06/11/1918
Lance Corporal Mdarambi 3138British South Africa Police21/10/1918
Native Constable Memberi 5934British South Africa Police29/10/1918
Native Constable Mkuba 5721British South Africa Police21/10/1918
Private Mrewa M/2155Rhodesia Native Regiment25/10/1918
Private Msindo M/991Rhodesia Native Regiment02/08/1917
Native Constable Muchapaiwa 5815British South Africa Police29/10/1918
Native Constable Muchaziba 6169British South Africa Police28/10/1918
Native Constable Musingale 6188British South Africa Police03/11/1918
Native Constable Namunah 118British South Africa Police30/05/1918
Native Constable Ndenga 4133British South Africa Police01/12/1915
Native Constable Ndutshugelwa 4302British South Africa Police26/10/1918
Private Njube M/2277Rhodesia Native Regiment30/10/1918
Native Constable Nyagona 3876British South Africa Police24/10/1918
Private Perange M/1060Rhodesia Native Regiment26/10/1917
Private Salanda M/497Rhodesia Native Regiment29/10/1918
Private Samlinda M/581Rhodesia Native Regiment25/05/1917
Native Constable Sangomeya 6043British South Africa Police17/10/1918
Private Sitampa M/2077Rhodesia Native Regiment22/12/1917
Private Tawulo M/158Rhodesia Native Regiment05/06/1916
Native Constable Thulu 6091British South Africa Police14/10/1918
Native Constable Tshoto 4342British South Africa Police27/10/1918
Sergeant Umsapakesa 31British South Africa Police19/10/1918
Native Constable Xalisili 5395British South Africa Police05/11/1917
Interpreter Johannes Zamisa 5240British South Africa Police13/10/1918
Private Zanda M/2091Rhodesia Native Regiment28/10/1918
Private Ziyayi M/2286Rhodesia Native Regiment23/10/1918
Lance Corporal Zuwa M/2034Rhodesia Native Regiment22/10/1918
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British South Africa Police38
Rhodesia Native Regiment28