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Casualty Records

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ImageNameRegimentDate of death
Driver Abas Ali 388Mule Corps31/01/1919
Sowar Abas Ali 310933rd Queen Victoria's Own Light Cavalry24/10/1917
Packer Abdullah 146Supply and Transport Corps10/12/1915
Driver Abdullah 2040Mule Corps10/09/1915
Driver Abdul Majid 881Mule Corps22/01/1916
Follower Abdul Sadik 142149th Hodson's Horse07/02/1920
Lance Daffadar Afzal Shah Khan 108020th Deccan Horse03/01/1920
Lance Naik Ahmed 595Mule Corps28/09/1915
Sepoy Akbar Khan 54930th Punjabis26/12/1918
Sepoy Akbar Shah 199129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis23/08/1915
Driver Ali Bakhsh 25516Indian Royal Artillery25/06/1918
Sepoy Allah Ditta 409489th Punjabis27/08/1919
Labourer Ashan Ali 2032Indian Labour Corps01/06/1918
Sepoy Bahadur 690991st Punjabis (Light Infantry)19/12/1918
Sowar Balai Khan 324438th King George's Own Central India Horse05/08/1917
Havildar Banat Khan 231358th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)11/12/1915
Lance Naik Budhoo 1261Mule Corps04/01/1916
Naik Chadrin Khan 349272nd Punjabis20/10/1918
Sepoy Chiragh Din 93330th Punjabis27/12/1918
Driver Choragh Din Mule Corps16/06/1919
Sepoy Fakir Shah 430872nd Punjabis04/01/1918
Sapper Fateh Ali 2631st King George's Own Sappers and Miners12/08/1915
Driver Fateh Din 1919Mule Corps11/08/1915
Sepoy Fateh Khan 138384th Punjabis20/06/1919
Lance Naik Fazal Dad 31737Indian Royal Artillery11/12/1918
Sepoy Fazal Din 420672nd Punjabis30/09/1919
Sepoy Fazali Lahi 59230th Punjabis25/12/1918
Sepoy Ghulam Ali 229962nd Punjabis03/02/1920
Sowar Ghulam Haidar 334634th Prince Albert Victor's Own Poona Horse12/09/1917
Sowar Ghulam Hussein 335618th King George's Own Lancers01/08/1917
Sepoy Ghulam Muhammad 2979130th King George's Own Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles)10/10/1919
Naik Haider Khan 234756th Punjabi Rifles (Frontier Force)06/01/1920
Follower Hasan Khan KRK/S/41Followers Central Depot19/11/1918
Sowar Husain Uddin 112322nd Sam Browne's Cavalry (Frontier Force)30/10/1917
Driver Hyder Ali 1305Mule Corps15/08/1915
Sarwan Jalal Supply and Transport Corps24/11/1918
Lance Daffadar Jan Muhammad 35777th Hariana Lancers09/10/1917
Driver Kaim Din 1333Mule Corps04/11/1915
Ward Servant Kaloo 7239Indian Army Medical Corps01/08/1915
Driver Kanihiya 88Bharatpur (Imperial Service) Transport Corps12/02/1916
Driver Karam Dad 2013820th Deccan Horse04/08/1917
Sepoy Karam Din 215153rd Punjabis26/02/1919
Driver Karim Din 151Mule Corps14/11/1915
Driver Karim Din 1317Mule Corps19/12/1915
Lance Naik Karm Ilahi 1539Mule Corps19/04/1915
Daffadar Kasim Khan 320236th Jacob's Horse16/08/1917
Driver Keroo Khan 664Mule Corps12/10/1915
Sowar Khudayar Khan 218728th Indian Light Cavalry05/04/1918
Gangman Lagan Turak 266Palestine Railway Construction Company19/12/1918
Gunner Mahibullah 41983Indian Royal Artillery04/05/1920
Lascar Makbool Royal Navy, HMS Buglin Caro08/10/1915
Driver Mangha Khan 142Mule Corps14/03/1915
Labourer Maung-Pohla 3687Indian Labour Corps26/05/1918
Sepoy Mehe Khan 1491130th King George's Own Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles)19/12/1918
Sowar Mehr Khan 291636th Jacob's Horse15/08/1917
Fireman Mir Ali Indian Merchant Service26/04/1916
Lance Daffadar Muhammad Habib 369234th Prince Albert Victor's Own Poona Horse03/10/1917
Driver Muhammad Hussain 19842Indian Royal Artillery20/05/1918
Sepoy Muhammad Khan 1858Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)01/12/1920
Driver Muhammad Khan 31380Indian Royal Artillery13/05/1918
Sowar Muhammad Yunus Khan 16073rd Lancers (Skinner's Horse)08/09/1916
Sepoy Muzaffar Khan 224555th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)19/04/1915
Lance Naik Natha 33121st Indian Pioneers15/10/1919
Sepoy Nathu Khan 41530th Punjabis30/12/1918
Sepoy Nawab Khan 143892nd Punjabis05/11/1919
Sepoy Niaz Muhammad Khan 423217th Indian Infantry (Loyal Regiment)17/01/1919
Driver Nihal Ahmed 24454Indian Royal Artillery08/05/1920
Sepoy Nizam Din 360992nd Punjabis21/06/1919
Kneader Nouch 381Supply and Transport Corps10/12/1915
Sepoy Nur Alum 331457th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)15/10/1915
Driver Nur Din 1485Mule Corps19/05/1915
Sepoy Nur Muhammad 52430th Punjabis21/01/1919
Sowar Nur Muhammad 317632nd Lancers26/06/1916
Sowar Nur Muhammad Khan 261439th King George's Own Central India Horse25/10/1918
Driver Piran Ditta 51472Indian Royal Artillery18/06/1919
Driver Piran Ditta 67908Mule Corps12/05/1919
Naik Primu Khan MO/190033Mule Corps27/09/1919
Naik Purdil 5620Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)04/05/1920
Follower Rahim Ali 6123Followers Central Depot15/03/1918
Lance Daffadar Rahim Ali Khan 259229th Lancers (Deccan Horse)21/10/1918
Sepoy Rajwali 444040th Pathans09/02/1916
Sowar Said Afzal 309836th Jacob's Horse15/08/1917
Sowar Said Akhbar Khan 273810th Duke of Cambridge's Own Lancers (Hodson's Horse)13/04/1916
Sepoy Said Gul 234129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis05/02/1915
Sepoy Said Muhammad 94153rd Rifles08/03/1919
Gunner Said Muhammad 679Indian Mountain Artillery09/05/1915
Sepoy Sargand Khan 278759th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)03/06/1916
Sepoy Satar Baksh 424892nd Punjabis29/08/1919
Sowar Sayad Missa 148834th Prince Albert Victor's Own Poona Horse01/08/1917
Follower Sheikh Mithoo 14th King George's Own Ferozepore Sikhs23/06/1915
Stoker Sher Alum Royal Indian Marine25/08/1915
Sepoy Sher Muhammad 2389129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis09/03/1915
Sepoy Shob Din 27825th Punjabis02/08/1919
Lance Naik Sultan Muhammad 1217Mule Corps24/10/1918
Sapper Sultan Muhammad 30611st King George's Own Sappers and Miners18/12/1919
Sepoy Sumund Khan 346657th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)09/03/1915
Driver Syed Suleman 816Mule Corps30/05/1915
Driver Umar Dray 1420Mule Corps20/06/1915
Sowar Walli Khan 306636th Jacob's Horse15/11/1918
Labourer Wazir Ali 190Indian Labour Corps14/04/1918
Lance Naik Zaman Ali 42151st Indian Infantry28/08/1918
Sepoy Zar Mir 154129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis20/08/1915
Driver Girgis Gabriel 886East African Transport Corps26/02/1920
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Mule Corps20
Indian Royal Artillery7
30th Punjabis5
129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis4
36th Jacob's Horse4
Supply and Transport Corps3
Indian Labour Corps3
92nd Punjabis3
34th Prince Albert Victor's Own Poona Horse3
72nd Punjabis3
Followers Central Depot2
20th Deccan Horse2
57th Wilde's Rifles (Frontier Force)2
130th King George's Own Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles)2
Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides Infantry (F.F.) (Lumsden's)2
1st King George's Own Sappers and Miners2
39th King George's Own Central India Horse1
89th Punjabis1
55th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force)1
14th King George's Own Ferozepore Sikhs1
84th Punjabis1
28th Indian Light Cavalry1
29th Lancers (Deccan Horse)1
22nd Sam Browne's Cavalry (Frontier Force)1
121st Indian Pioneers1
9th Hodson's Horse1
Royal Indian Marine1
62nd Punjabis1
Palestine Railway Construction Company1
40th Pathans1
91st Punjabis (Light Infantry)1
7th Hariana Lancers1
25th Punjabis1
Royal Navy, HMS Buglin Caro1
10th Duke of Cambridge's Own Lancers (Hodson's Horse)1
38th King George's Own Central India Horse1
Indian Army Medical Corps1
17th Indian Infantry (Loyal Regiment)1
151st Indian Infantry1
18th King George's Own Lancers1
Indian Merchant Service1
153rd Rifles1
58th Vaughan's Rifles (Frontier Force)1
Bharatpur (Imperial Service) Transport Corps1
East African Transport Corps1
Indian Mountain Artillery1
153rd Punjabis1
32nd Lancers1
56th Punjabi Rifles (Frontier Force)1
3rd Lancers (Skinner's Horse)1
33rd Queen Victoria's Own Light Cavalry1
59th Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force)1